Top 50 Most Popular ENTP Characters

top 50 most popular entp characters


ENTPs are some of the most intriguing and charismatic individuals who are known to be confident debaters and are almost always game for a challenge. Not only are they some of the most open-minded people out of all the Myers Briggs personalities but they are also ultimate daredevils who stop at nothing until they achieve what they want.


Apart from their outspoken nature and waywardness, what adds to their personality in a big way is the fact that they are arguably the most hilarious. Needless to say, with an ENTP around, you will seldom have to withstand monotony.


With that being said, we are now going to introduce you to some of the most popular and well-sketched characters who most accurately embody the ENTP personality type. Since fictional ENTPs are hugely entertaining to read and watch, they can serve as great examples of what real-life ENTPs can be like.




1. Joker (The Dark Knight)


Joker (The Dark Knight)


The Joker is the ultimate ENTP villain who has proven to be a nightmare for Batman over the years. He sees possibilities and creative ideas everywhere around him and is smart, original, confident, and impulsive – all in equal measure.


Even though his intuition mainly generates grotesque and terrifying ideas, one simply can’t deny that there’s a certain ingenuity to his methods; some of which compel him to break all the rules in the book and, in fact, make some of his own.


His sharp brain allows him to not only think outside of the box but also in sensing what’s going on behind the scenes. It is not surprising then that Joker, with his internal set of logical principles in place, can read people and their motivations well.


The master manipulator’s chaotic energy and irresistible aura allow him to talk his way into – or out of – anything. While his whole ethos is really about testing people, one has to understand that, like most ENTPs, Joker is a natural-born rebel who is always looking for an opportunity to stir things up.




2. Tony Stark (Iron Man)


Tony Stark (Iron Man)


Popularly known as Iron Man, Tony Stark is an ENTP who is brilliant, quick-witted, and in possession of a mind that is always buzzing with possibilities and ideas to improve the future.


Most ENTPs are known for their absurdity and ability to see possibilities where others see problems. The same stands true for Stark, whose ingenious inventions and innovative thinking set him apart.


However, he is someone who seems to always be ready with a snarky comment, even, perhaps, in the most foreboding scenarios. A lot of many ENTPs find that they get their best ideas under pressure.


Needless to say, this charismatic man thinks even more creatively when he’s trapped or pressurized. Stark has an affinity for debates and humor and can be quite persuasive or sarcastic when he wishes to be.




3. Simba (The Lion King)


simba (the lion king)


Who will ever deny that Simba is our favorite animated lion? Also, one has to acknowledge that he seems to embody a bunch of traits from the ENTP personality type.


Regardless of whether he’s a baby cub or a full-grown lion, Simba has always seen the jungle as a giant playground for him to cause mischief. Always playful and inquisitive, he often goes against the command of Zazu who desires order above all else.


Simba is cool, calm, collected, and as daring as one can be at his age. Needless to mention, the young prankster is willing to take any challenge head-on and make us believe that he could also be an important member of the “debater” squad.


That being said, he can be quite impressionable at times. However, what’s most impressive about him is the fact that he admires his father like every son should.


His ENTP personality is brought to light when we find him spending much of his time learning the ways of the king. Indeed, he seems to want to succeed his father as the proud ruler of the land.




4. Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)


Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes)


One of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time, Bugs Bunny is an ENTP who is intelligent and uniquely inquisitive. While he certainly is talented enough to come up with original and innovative ideas, he can also be seen seeking other people’s opinions on various topics, particularly those he is passionate about.


Since ENTPs prefer to spend a fair amount of time thinking about their ideas, it tends to make them a bit more adaptable, and the case is no different with Bugs Bunny.


While he is charming and knows how to work a room, he doesn’t value tradition unless it makes logical sense to him. Add to that the fact that he is comfortable being the center of attention and loves sharing his views with the world.



5. Captain Jack Sparrow (The Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise)


Captain Jack Sparrow (The Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise)


Captain Jack Sparrow is as ENTP as one can get. This quick-witted and innovative individual follows incredibly difficult paths, such as getting back the Black Pearl or seeking the Fountain of Youth.


What accompanies his indomitable spirit and chaotic energy is the fact that he is also resourceful and impulsive in equal measure. However, he doesn’t have any loyalty to anyone other than himself.


As selfish as he may be, Jack has also surprised one and all by putting his acts of heroism and selflessness on display. The quick-thinking and adaptable man is also quite charming and persuasive, which, of course, makes him a true-blue ENTP.


That said, one can also trust our favorite pirate to be as whimsical and weird as possible. All a part of the charm, you see.



6. Robin Hood (Robin Hood)


Robin Hood (Robin Hood)


The sly, charming, and cunning Robin Hood from the 1973 Disney classic of the same title has the potential to captivate people with his daring personality. However, it is also a fact that the thief is constantly outsmarting the people (or animals) around him.


Even though we might initially want to chastise Robin Hood for stealing, his intentions are usually good. This is because he takes money from the affluent and provides it to the needy.


While his way of thinking is certainly unconventional, it also goes on to underscore that he likes to go against the system and do what feels right to him. Needless to mention, he is an ENTP personality type.



7. Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)


Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)


Tyrion Lannister is arguably the most challenging ENTP character to make it to our story. Considered to be an outcast by his own family, he has had to deal with a lot of hardships in his life.


Ridiculed since he was a child, Tyrion is defined by his nonconformity and has come to develop a thick skin over the years. While he uses his sharp wit and sarcasm as weapons against the people who are most cruel to him, his intelligence and creative problem-solving skills come to the fore when he plans to take his enemies head-on.


All thanks to his unending appetite to survive, he can stay alive and stay ahead in the incredibly dangerous world of King’s Landing. However, he is not just resilient, he is also extremely cunning.


Even though Tyrion’s antics heighten the conflict with his family members, he wears his controversies like a badge of honor.



8. Willy Wonka (Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory)


Willy Wonka (Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory)


Innovative, intelligent, and driven by possibilities, Willy Wonka is the quintessential ENTP. He thrives on his highly creative mindset and knows how to stay aligned with his vision. Not only that but he is also quite aware that he needs to find a creative soul with integrity to ensure that his factory functions properly.


Wonka has a unique way of seeing the world, which permits him to never limit his ideas. While he can come across as eccentric at times, his face is worth looking at when he ends up creating something entirely original.


The man is blessed with an independent spirit and can be pretty much be seen following his own set of rules; even though some may scoff at his creations at times.



9. Chandler Bing (Friends)


Chandler Bing (Friends)


Since Chandler Bing is an integral part of one of the most popular sitcoms in television history, it’s only obvious that he is continually cracking jokes. Needless to say, his quick wit is a core part of his charming personality.


However, what makes him a true ENTP is that he uses jokes, which are often dry and sarcastic, in awkward and uneasy situations. Since ENTPs are best known for their flexibility and openness to change, Chandler is always willing to try new things, even if they happen to be out of his comfort zone.


A natural problem-solver and highly resourceful, he is quick to adapt to changes, which works well for him when he gets into advertising.



10. Kevin McCallister (Home Alone)


Kevin McCallister (Home Alone)


Macaulay Culkin’s character projection of Kevin McCallister made him arguably the most popular child actor of the time. Kevin won hearts the world over with the onset of the 1990s all thanks to his ability to think on his feet in sticky situations and having a unique way of coming up with original and creative solutions when his house is attacked by thieves.


ENTPs are known for their quick wit and silver tongues, and Kevin, who is always ready with a witty come-back and has a talent for diffusing tense situations with humor, is no exception.


Even though he is very young, he has displayed the potential of being a natural leader. He is resourceful, adaptable, and has utilized his inventive solutions to get himself out of trouble.


His energy and sharp mind keep him several steps ahead of his opponents. Also, the fact that he has been left behind by his family barely seems to trouble him; thus, providing a solid illustration of his fearlessness.



11. Alice (Alice in Wonderland)


Alice (Alice in Wonderland)


Alice from 1951’s Alice in Wonderland is an extremely creative young lady who craves a life that is far out of reach. Like most ENTPs we know, she seems to be having trouble concentrating on the mundane aspects of everyday life.


As monotonous as her life may be, her dreams certainly are not for they are primarily about a world with talking flowers and babbling brooks, with a ton of danger, excitement, and adventures to boot.


Since a majority of ENTPs are obsessed with intellectual stimulation and problem-solving, that’s what, more or less, defines Alice as well. While she is constantly curious, it is her inquisitiveness that gets often leads to trouble.


Let’s not forget that she can be heard singing a song about always getting into trouble, which a lot of ENTPs would be able to relate to.



12. Aladdin (Aladdin)


Aladdin (Aladdin)


Aladdin is another excellent example of a character who embodies ENTP personality traits. In his world shown in the 1992 feature of the same title, he is seen as just another thief, when in reality, all he does is wants to somehow survive.


Needless to say, his antics make him come across as a rebellious troublemaker since he is, of course, going against the system by stealing. His classic ENTP move sees him challenging the conventional norms in society as often as possible.


This especially comes to the fore when he ends up falling in love with the feisty Princess Jasmine.



13. Tyler Durden (Fight Club)


Tyler Durden (Fight Club)


Tyler Durden dislikes conforming to social norms and often feels a need to push back, making him your conventional ENTP. However, going against the authority is not his only purpose in life for he is seen greatly opposing societal programming, rampant consumerism, popular culture, and human society in the contemporary world.


The aforementioned reasons are exactly what leads him to start Fight Club, showcasing how ENTPs love to brainstorm to come up with new ideas in order to alter the way things are done.


The witty and charming Tyler uses innovation and charisma to expand Fight Club into an organization wherein people are brainwashed into following his views. Oh, and did I mention that he has a knack for both humor and violence?!



14. Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction)


Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction)


You cannot be the boss of the surprisingly energetic and direct Mia Wallace. One of the most important characters in Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic Pulp Fiction, she likes to enjoy herself and do what she wants, often with little regard for consequences.


Since Mia is an ENTP, she is very impulsive and careless. It is not surprising then that she is easily bored and has trouble focusing on conversations all thanks to her chaotic brain.


She barely ever thinks things through and is, therefore, jumping from one thought to another more often than not. Irrespective of the fact that she does lack decision-making skills, she is, at the end of the day, an interesting and amusing character.



15. Peter Pan (Peter Pan)


Peter Pan (Peter Pan)


The famous titular character from 1953’s Peter Pan makes it very clear early in the story that he is not a fan of the system or anything that’s considered even remotely civil or conventional.


This is one reason why takes the call to move to Neverland so he could be a kid forever. Needless to say, like most ENTPs, he is a tad wayward and has an eternally playful side to him.


It is not in the least bit surprising then that some even feel that he is scatterbrained and aimless. Mostly busy living his life the way most of us only wish we could, Peter doesn’t seem to be afraid of taking daring risks and is someone who thrives on his enviable adventurous spirit.



16. Sirius Black (Harry Potter Franchise)


Sirius Black (The Harry Potter Franchise)


Witty, playful, and sometimes antagonistic, Sirius Black is an ENTP who is open to new experiences and ideas. While he is usually composed and knows what he is talking about, he can even come across as restless at times.


The highly misunderstood and opinionated man has an eye for details and this is apparent when he is seen appreciating Hermione’s intelligence and wisdom. Often in control of his emotions, Sirius has his own distinct ways of being expressive and can be seen sharing most thoughts that seem to be plaguing his mind.



17. Dr. Emmett Brown (Back to the Future Franchise)


Dr. Emmett Brown (The Back to the Future Franchise)


Portrayed by Christopher Lloyd, Dr. Emmett Brown is an iconic ENTP character whose relevance in popular culture has managed to stand the test of time. He’s an extroverted and eccentric scientist who is always coming up with original and innovative ideas.


Also, his witty charm and good heart make him one of the most admirable ENTPs to make it to our story. Brown, who is passionate about creating a time machine, works on the project with unshakable enthusiasm and energy.


And, even though his invention has flaws, he tries to work on them without ever thinking of abandoning his dream project. Even though the over-ambitious Dr. Brown is aided by Marty McFly in most of his endeavors, he is a bit of a lone wolf.


He is barely ever afraid to go against the grain and can often be seen taking authority figures head-on.



18. Fred and George Weasley (The Harry Potter Franchise)


Fred and George Weasley (The Harry Potter Franchise)


Mischievous, clever, and creative, Fred and George Weasely are the ENTPs of the wizarding world. Characterized by their playful spirit and loyalty, the twins are a highly ambitious pair. However, they are more concerned with creating their own business enterprises than receiving perfect grades at Hogwarts.


Since they share an affinity for breaking rules, new ideas, especially if they are wayward, excite them and prompt them to employ their magical spells and pranks to bring them to life.


While they certainly are charming and can win people over with their friendly demeanor, what truly makes them stand out is that they remain optimistic and witty even during cumbersome and life-threatening situations.


We have loved Fred and George in the Harry Potter films and books all thanks to their boundless energy and waywardness.



19. Jim Halpert (The Office)


Jim Halpert (The Office)


One of the most admirable characters on The Office, Jim Halpert is an ENTP who loves to play pranks on his co-workers. In fact, he often goes out of his way to put a lot of effort into them.


Characterized by his laid-back and relaxed attitude, he uses his well-timed sarcasm to deal with his erratic boss and withstand the boredom in his office job. ENTPs are mostly known for their quick wit, love of debate, and charming nature, and Jim can be seen embodying all of these in his personality.


Add to that the fact that he is a great listener who offers good advice to others. That said, he is ready to host and visit house parties and, all thanks to his wonderful sense of humor and intelligence, can also hold his own in a debate.


He is, like most ENTPs, known for his ability to see both sides of an issue and his openness to new ideas.



20. Saul Goodman (Better Call Saul)


Saul Goodman (Better Call Saul)


Saul Goodman is a lawyer who is known for his quick thinking and ability to talk his way out of any situation. However, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that he is also a bit of a con artist; something that helps him fetch clients.


An ENTP who thrives on his wry humor, he is the kind of guy who always has a plan. He’s quick on his feet and can be seen thinking outside of the box.


Not only does the ENTP in him prompt him to come up with abstract solutions but it also helps him in looking for new ways to get ahead. Needless to say, his love of debate and potential arguments help him qualify as both a lawyer and ENTP.



21. Fleabag (Fleabag)


Fleabag (Fleabag)


Those who are familiar with Fleabag would agree that she uses humor as a defense mechanism and cracks sarcastic jokes at the most inappropriate times. Her unshakable confidence allows her to let loose in social situations as she is well aware that things often work themselves out.


Also, she is extroverted. Not only does she like being surrounded by people but she is also quite open to new experiences and adventures. A spontaneous person who lives in the moment, Fleabag can be seen throwing herself headfirst into situations, especially when it comes to her dating experiences.


However, it has to be acknowledged that she is seldom afraid of taking risks.



22. Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer)


Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer)


There’s no denying that Lucifer Morningstar’s devilish charm and use of logic are often the basis for his decisions. They offer a fresh perspective while exploring different ideas and make things a tad exciting for him.


Like a true ENTP, he enjoys challenging authority and takes life as it comes. He is the life of the party and is always ready to crack jokes, no matter what the circumstances.


However, Lucifer is also surprisingly smart. We say so because he can put his mind to use to understand complex concepts and see both sides of any issue. An excellent strategist and equally impulsive with his words and actions, he is always thinking ahead to get the best possible outcome.



23. Dustin Henderson (Stranger Things)


Dustin Henderson (Stranger Things)


All thanks to Netflix’s Stranger Things, Dustin Henderson has gone on to establish himself as a healthy ENTP character who seems to pretty much be in tune with other people’s emotions.


He thinks quickly, is charismatic, and is seldom afraid to argue his point of view in the group; therefore, making him a valuable member of the Hawkins’ AV Club. Even though he is fairly young, Dustin has a thirst for learning and is always up for pushing the boundaries by withstanding several challenges.


His fearless attitude, coupled with his passion to grow as a person, is what makes him one of the better ENTP characters to make it to our story today.



24. Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)


Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)


Rick Sanchez sure is intelligent, but he’s also unwilling to listen to anyone because they couldn’t possibly be smarter than him or have more innovative ideas to work on. Since his ego is fragile, he would never admit that he also feels like being in the company of people from time to time.


However, if he does believe that there’s a good chance that someone can make him look incompetent, he can tend to get argumentative. An insecure personality, Sanchez tries too hard to rationalize his actions as a defense mechanism.


But, we can assert that he might be an unhealthy ENTP; mainly because he jumps from idea to idea and doesn’t seem to care about the impact he has on others.


Needless to mention, he is a difficult person to get along with and has an air of arrogance.



25. Eve Polastri (Killing Eve)


Eve Polastri (Killing Eve)


Since ENTPs are known for being all over the place, it can make it difficult for them to focus on one thing at a time. While this may not be common with everyone who shares the personality trait, it is evident in more than a few.


That is precisely why they enjoy working in teams and being around people as it allows them to bounce ideas off of other people and get critical input from different perspectives.


This is where Eve Polastri manages to make an impression. While the quick-witted lady enjoys working with her small team, she is also often driven by her many impulses; something that gets her out of tricky situations and ends up landing her in one.


That said, Eve, who is highly resourceful and unpredictable, likes to be prepared for anything and everything.



26. Elizabeth Bennet (Pride & Prejudice)


Elizabeth Bennet (Pride & Prejudice)


The heroine of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennett is a memorable and relatable character; so much so that many consider her to be an INFJ. While we can certainly see hints of passion, altruism, and sensitivity to criticism common with INFJ personalities in her, it is difficult to negate that she operates like a typical ENTP.


Let’s just start by pointing out that she wishes to break away from the strict norms of Georgian England and can be seen resisting the expectations of the people around her.


Also, she would rather search for love and freedom than settle down in a marriage. Not only does she use her quick wit to outmaneuver her conversational opponents but her fierce and fearless character sometimes even frustrates the people around her.


If she doesn’t come off as an ENTP yet to you, make peace with the fact that she can tend to be impulsive, impractical, and edgy at times.



27. Alex DeLarge (A Clockwork Orange)


Alex DeLarge (A Clockwork Orange)


Well, if ENTPs can be healthy, they certainly can also be dangerous. Make way for Alex DeLarge; someone who speaks about violence in metaphors and is more in tune with his inner world rather than the physical world.


Creative and idea-oriented, he is driven by his impulses which compels him to make rash decisions to satisfy his need for novelty. Also, he has a blatant disregard for authority, which often gets him into trouble.


As resourceful and quick-thinking as he may be, Alex’s ENTP personality type not only makes him dangerous but also far more unpredictable.



28. Princess Merida (Brave)


Princess Merida (Brave)


Princess Merida may have grown up in a world of princesses, knights, witches, and dragons but she is all about breaking with convention and following her own rules. Unlike most Disney Princesses, this heroine from Brave is far from stereotypical.


A bonafide archery champion, she is as assertive, audacious, and adventurous as they come. The fact that she is a brilliant rider makes her a force to be reckoned with.


However, she lets her true ENTP trait come to the fore when she refuses to marry and is tied down by the expectations of her family and her position. Instead, the strong and free-spirited girl in her believes in fighting for what she wants.


Even though Merida is curious and open-minded, she seems to lack patience for people who she believes aren’t on her level.



29. Jake the Dog (Adventure Time)


Jake the Dog (Adventure Time)


Jake the Dog loves a mental sparring session with someone who can challenge him, and that is one important trait that pushes him closer to being an ENTP. He doesn’t do routine, but he does do experience and is often quick to point out what hasn’t worked in the past.


Like most ENTPs discussed, he is outgoing and loves to party; so much so that he goes on to impress the Party God and ends up getting a wish granted in return.


Jake, who loves energy, excitement, and people, prefers to express himself through mediums such as art, music, makeup, and cooking.



30. Merry Brandybuck (The Lord of the Rings Franchise)


Merry Brandybuck (The Lord of the Rings Franchise)


Merry Brandybuck and Pippin may primarily be seen as humorous scoundrels in the Lord of the Rings series, but there is another aspect to the former’s personality that makes him come across as pragmatic.


As your typical ENTP, Merry is surprisingly inquisitive and is found to be level-headed in the face of chaos. While he loves having fun and going on rip-roaring adventures, he also acknowledges the actual seriousness of the situation the fellowship is in.


Carefree as he may be, Merry’s novelty-seeking and logical side helps him in staying grounded, especially when the situations require him to.



31. Jane (Tarzan)


Jane (Tarzan)


ENTPs are stimulated by learning about new worlds. They love gathering all the knowledge and intellect they can, and the case seems to be no different with the super-smart and daring Jane.


Actively seeking other people’s opinions, she is someone who thinks outside of the box and is quite content with being in the spotlight. Her enthusiasm to search for new information is coupled with her quick wit and fearlessness.


Since the movie takes place in the Victorian Era, Englishwomen at the time were forbidden from embarking on dangerous adventures in the jungle. Needless to say, Jane’s decision to head to the wilderness shows her going against societal norms.



32. Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


The main protagonist from one of Tim Burton’s most acclaimed features, Jack Skellington is someone whose monotonous life compels him to pursue new ideas and possibilities. Since he has a strong appetite for change, he decides to explore the concept of Christmas and tries to learn most things about the beloved festival to make full sense of it.


Like most ENTPs, he can be seen doing his best to infuse a ton of energy into his life; primarily because he is tired of the tried-and-true way of doing things.


Of course, Jack wants to shake things up and be open to exploring new experiences and perspectives.



33. Summer Finn (500 Days of Summer)


Summer Finn (500 Days of Summer)


A lot of guys out there would have a tough time resonating with Summer Finn, who, despite being rational and logical, is noncommittal when it comes to romance. That said, Tom may have truly adored Summer but he wanted her to be someone she wasn’t, which, eventually, went on to spoil their bond forever.


ENTPs are known for their “Devil’s Advocate” persona and their ability to see both sides of every argument. While the latter part may not be true for Summer, she does exhibit other ENTP personality traits.



34. Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)


Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)


Those who are familiar with The Vampire Diaries would know that at the beginning of the show, Damon Salvatore is the bad guy and Stefan is the good guy. However, it is the former who ends up having a pretty big heart hidden beneath all that snark and toughness.


Like Klaus, Damon is an ENTP. He is straightforward, vigilant, and quite easily bored of the old and usual. While he seems to always be on the lookout for stimulation and entertainment, he gets easily irked if the people around him cease to excite him.


In that case, we can find him going out of his way to make his own fun, which usually involves a murder of some kind.



35. Olive Penderghast (Easy A)


Olive Penderghast (Easy A)


Olive Penderghast is a rare female ENTP character who thrives on her original way of thinking. She is creative and gets a kick out of her bold personality.


Like most ENTPs, she isn’t usually concerned about the backlash she faces and is often willing to go the extra mile to push social norms and traditions to do things her way.


ENTPs can be outgoing, charismatic, and wayward, and, yes, Olive certainly is all of it and more. A rare and rather underappreciated gem among female protagonists, she also displays leadership skills and is someone we should talk about more often while discussing Emma Stone’s career.



36. Klaus Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries)


Klaus Mikaelson (The Vampire Diaries)


Supernatural teen dramas are traditionally known to have featured at least a few bad guys to make a solid impression, and The Vampire Diaries is no different. The show acquaints us with Klaus Mikaelson, who is definitely the “big bad” guy at the start.


But, as the seasons progress, we do realize that there is more to the character than what meets the eye. Klaus, who has had an incomprehensibly long life, is extremely outspoken and great at thinking outside the box.


Also, the fact that he loves adventure and stimulating his mind is a testament to him being an ENTP. Needless to mention, the guy is almost always looking for something unusual and refreshing to pique his interest



37. Amelia Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy)


Amelia Shepherd (Grey's Anatomy)


Funny, confident, and a little chaotic, Amelia Shepherd is one of those ENTPs who are often very good at understanding how things work. That’s precisely why she can be seen analyzing situations and logically thinking about them.


ENTPs are great at coming up with new ideas and seeing the potential in them, and Amelia is no different. She is a confident and curious individual who is always game for challenges and who likes to be in the company of others.


Staying true to her personality trait, she can be seen acting on her impulses, which has sometimes resulted in her getting into tricky situations as seen in the popular series.



38. Gina Linetti (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)


Gina Linetti (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)


The incredibly confident and spontaneous Gina Linetti is the epitome of an ENTP. While she is always up for a good time, she’s the one that keeps everyone on their toes in the 99th precinct.


Even though she believes in living in the moment, one can’t really predict what she’s going to say or do next. The outspoken Gina, who is barely ever seen overthinking her actions, doesn’t let anything hold her back.


She was once heard saying, “Just because you want to do something doesn’t mean you get to do it. Life is chaos; success is completely arbitrary, and confidence is everything.”



39. Nicky Nichols (Orange is the New Black)


Nicky Nichols (Orange is the New Black)


Nicky Nichols is an ENTP who may be humorous and sarcastic on the outside but is quite relaxed and laid back on the inside. She has an air of fearlessness and is not afraid to express her opinions to those around her.


Since she is surrounded by a plethora of passionate characters in Orange is the New Black, she comes across as one herself. The perceptive and intelligent Nicky, like most ENTPs, is known for her ability to see both sides of every issue.


This helps her in mediating arguments between the other girls in prison. It is imperative to mention that she is incredibly loyal to the people that are on her good side.


Add to that the fact that she has a sense of humor and can be seen cracking jokes and making sarcastic remarks, irrespective of what the situation is.



40. Satoru Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)


satoru gojo (jujutsu kaisen)


One of the central characters in the television series Jujutsu Kaisen, Satoru Gojo embodies the ENTP personality type. He is a calm and collected individual who isn’t very interested in making a lot of friends.


However, this doesn’t mean that he is impractical at all. In fact, far from it. We say so because he often puts his analytical thinking on display in the series. While he may not be gregarious or very loquacious, he certainly does care about what other people think of him.


Be that as it may, Satoru is a loner and prefers only to open up to people when truly wants to. Irrespective of his aforementioned traits, he still can come across as playful or lighthearted.


But, make no mistake, he can easily disregard people who he doesn’t seem to care for a lot; especially his foes. What adds to his charm is the fact that he firmly believes that he might just be the best sorcerer to have ever walked the face of the earth.



41. Hades (Hercules)


Hades (Hercules)


Voiced by James Woods, Hades is one of the most captivating characters in Disney’s 1997 feature, Hercules. Despite not being the central character in the screenplay, he continues to appeal to us the most.


While he may be your traditional antagonist, he certainly is the most likable character purely because he’s such a joy to watch. Laden with his ENTP charm, Hades also tends to lose his cool rather easily.


One reason for this could be that he believes that the people around him just can’t seem to keep up with his level of intellect.



42. James Moriarty (Sherlock)


James Moriarty (Sherlock)


James Moriarty from the critically acclaimed series, Sherlock, is as ENTP as one could get. When it comes to being a diabolical mastermind, there are not many who can match his cunning and genius.


Since he is the nemesis of the supremely intelligent Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty is a criminal mastermind who prefers to be one step ahead of everyone else, which, again, goes on to cast a light on his typical ENTP trait.


Known for his spectacular quick wit and sharp intellect, he is also a master manipulator, who can easily talk his way out of any situation and convince others to do his bidding.



43. The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)


The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)


An incarnation of the Doctor and the main protagonist of the BBC science fiction television franchise Doctor Who, The Tenth Doctor has been portrayed diligently by David Tennant. Manic, full of life, and extremely expressive, he is as ENTP as the other characters in our compilation.


A typical ENTP is known for their people skills and love of being around others, which completely aligns with the massive number of cohorts he has had in his later years.


That said, the trilogy of “Turn Left,” “The Stolen Earth,” and “Journey’s End” has gone on and cast a light on most of the Doctor’s ENTP traits. The episodes show how much he values life as the protector of our planet and, therefore, utilizes his communication skills and persuasive personality to do what’s best.



44. Juno MacGuff (Juno)


Juno MacGuff (Juno)


The titular character from 2007’s critically acclaimed feature film Juno places little value on tradition for tradition’s sake and prefers to be a true-blue original and do things her own way.


While she is both outspoken and outgoing, her charm really comes to the fore when she is being sarcastic and rebellious; thus, allowing the ENTP in her to shine through.


MacGuff may come off as weird to some out there, but she never lets go of her confidence. Also, the girl is very loyal to what she considers her principles.



45. Jeff Winger (Community)


Jeff Winger (Community)


Community is a sitcom that follows Jeff Winger through various levels of growth and maturity. The snarky and perceptive guy embodies the troll-ish ENTP who is as smart as he is charming; so much so that he can manage to make the most of life without even adhering to the rules.


The show goes on to exhibit his sarcastic wit and eye for possibilities and opportunities, which, understandably, make him stand out as an ENTP character. While Jeff eventually goes on to become the leader of his study group, his detachment from his feelings causes him to have occasional rifts with the other members and some students at Greendale.



46. Ji-yeong (Squid Game)


Ji-yeong (Squid Game)


Ji-yeong, also known as No. 240, is an ENTP in the popular South Korean series, Squid Game. She always finds herself drawn to people and things that are a bit out of the ordinary.


While most of the people around her seem to be panicking, she stays relatively calm and keeps dreaming of the future. Since ENTPs are especially good at thinking outside of the box and being innovative, these traits tend to help Ji-yeong in the series.


However, the viewers were not able to see her put all her personality traits to use since she was eliminated in Marbles after having sacrificed herself for Sae-byeok’s survival.



47. Klaus Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy)


Klaus Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy)


Number Four, also known as Klaus Hargreeves, is the kind of person who is always up for a good time, irrespective of the circumstances. He is outgoing and extroverted, and he loves to be around people.


His ENTP traits come to the fore when he is seen putting his intelligence and quick wit on display. While he is a witty observer, he is almost always ready with a clever comeback as well.


Since the love ENTPs have for debate is well-known, Hargreeves seems to often be ready to engage in a good argument. The open-minded and unafraid guy prefers to speak his mind and can be a tad opinionated at times.



48. Caractacus Potts (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)


Caractacus Potts (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)


Dick Van Dyke’s Caractacus Potts, like most ENTPs to make it to our story, is driven by his impulses as well. However, his impulses only showcase his desire to explore, experiment, and create a better life for his children.


There is no denying that he thinks outside of the box and can be seen creating ingenious plans for survival using a combination of analytical thinking and innovative perspectives. The man thrives on his easy expressiveness and charm and, yet, doesn’t feel like sharing his feelings readily with everyone.



49. Mushu (Mulan)


Mushu (Mulan)


Mushu from 1998’s critically acclaimed Disney film Mulan is our favorite tiny red dragon to make it to our compilation. Voiced by renowned comedian and actor Eddie Murphey, Mushu is shown to be providing much-needed comic relief in the movie, but he is so much more than that.


While he comes packed with ENTP silliness, he is Mulan’s most loyal confidant and is there with her through thick and thin. In fact, aside from being a pal, he also serves as a perfect guardian figure for her.


Since his character adds something unique to the movie, it’s clear that the animated flick wouldn’t quite be the same without Mushu’s endearing presence.



50. Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph)


Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph)


Voiced by the beautiful and talented Sarah Silverman, Vanellope von Schweetz Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph is a classic ENTP character. Like most people who share her personality traits, she can be seen being hilarious to deal with the mundane aspects of everyday life.


However, what makes Vanellope as memorable as other characters in our piece is the fact that she’s also extremely witty and cunning.



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