Top 50 Most Hated Anime Characters Of All Time

top 50 most hated anime characters of all time


It is always said that every character defines something in their own way. Whether it is related to them being loved, liked, disliked, or them being hated, everyone has their way of describing their personality.


Talking in particular related to the most hated one then a lot of people don’t even give them proper recognition as they lack something.


But if you are wondering about this rare characterization then we have the most hated anime characters presented to you.




1. Shou Tucker (Fullmetal Alchemist)


shou tucker (fullmetal alchemist)


Shou is a soft-spoken person who is not social. He always prefers to keep himself alone rather than spend time with others.


Whenever he has a guest, he puts on a kind and polite persona and is gentle.


But in real life, he is quite selfish. He is the one who is lacking in confidence and is very desperate.


He is a manipulative man. He is ready to sacrifice his life for his family and also ready to take life.


He does not at all have any kind of sympathy or empathy towards the feelings of other people and never understands their perspectives.


The only thing he cares about is himself and a bit of his family. This man is a monster. And he is so horrible that literally no one in the entire world likes him. What he has done in the story is something that will break you from the inside.


And so, make sure that you don’t let this innocent-looking man fool you and your expectations. 




2. Dino Golzine (Banana Fish)


Dino Golzine (Banana Fish)


Dino is considered the main villain who is very brutal than one can think. He has a very brutal taste for young boys and has sexually abused a lot of characters.


He is a very cold-hearted, ambitious, and calculating person who is also very sadistic. He is also the one who is aware of a situation and power and that is the reason why he never hesitates to abuse or bully someone.


He is extremely hungry for power and uses deadly force to keep his position safe and under his control.


He is very intelligent and most of the time he uses it for his power.


He is obsessed with Ash because he thinks of him as a successor and that is the reason why he uses him sexually and personally.




3. Akito Sohma (Fruits Basket)


Akito Sohma (Fruits Basket)


Akito is the main villain of Fruits Basket who is the head of her family.


Coming to her personality then she carries a bad temper most of the time, but always pretends to be nice and gentle.


She appears to be very mysterious and at the same time, very composed as a woman.


In actual life, she is very scared and not as social as one thinks. She also carries a cruel personality and it can be seen through some of the events where she becomes secure and lonely.


She is also the one who is terrified of being alone and unloved. Despite having all this behaviour, she is very self-conscious and regretful because of her past mistakes.




4. Spandam (One Piece)


Spandam (One Piece)


Served as chief of CP6 and CP5CP5, and he also served at CP0. Talking about his personality then he is very clumsy and short-tempered.


Most of the time he does a lot of villainous things that make him lose his head.


He is a great believer in Absolute Justice. He is a very proud person who always shows himself as the greatest hero in the world.


He is also the one who is very much interested in reputation and prestige and that is the reason why he is hungry for power.


His outlook is very cowardly but in reality, he is very strong. He is confident and safe but when it comes to his strength then it lacks sometimes.



5. Kuradeel (Sword Art Online)


Kuradeel (Sword Art Online)


Kuradeel is one of the scariest villains ever presented in the world of animation and that is the reason why he is the most hated anime character existing.


He appears to be very masculine and stoic and also the one who oversteps his bounds.


Kuradeel is very prideful and at the same time very emotionally related to some things.


At first, he was portrayed as normal but later on, he was revealed as a sadistic killer.


He loves the enjoyment of killing someone. He has a dark personality that is hidden from most of the characters in the anime.



6. Hiromi Shiota (Assassination Classroom)


hiromi shiota (assassination classroom)


She is a wife and a mother. She has portrayed the role of a villain from the beginning of the series.


Hiromi has always tried to control the life of her child whose name is Nagisa.


She always wanted a daughter but unfortunately, she got a son and that is the reason why she always forces him to keep long hair.


She always makes his son wear female clothes, even if he hates them the most.


Whenever she was disliked or not accepted by others then she burst and yelled angrily at other characters.


Later on in the series, she became quite okay with her son when he saved her life. 


Nagisa happened to experience misery and pain all because of this one woman. And that’s why fans are heavily against her character.


Moreover, anyone who is a fan of Assassination Classroom, knows how significant her actions were for the audience and the characters within the story. 



7. Yukiteru Amano (Future Diary)


Yukiteru Amano (Future Diary)


Yukiteru Amano is the male centre character of the Future Diary series. He is not well known among other characters and most of the time shown as distressed.


He has a lot of traumatic situations which break him. And that is the reason why he is afraid of fighting or going into any kind of battle.


He lacks self-confidence or even confidence but at the same time, carries a desire of becoming a God.


Due to this wish, he becomes violent. He is very competitive in anything whether it is about life or game.


He is shown as cunning and ready to kill a person if he wants to.


Due to this villainous look or behaviour, he is not accepted as a gentle or loving character in the world of animation.



8. Umaru Doma (Himouto! Umaru-chan)


Umaru Doma (Himouto! Umaru-chan)


Appearing cute, Umaru is the main protagonist of the series. She has a lot of abilities and can change her mood indoors and outdoors.


Coming to her personality then she behaves like a toddler if she is in an indoor mood.


She is someone who acts differently from other characters and always cares about her clothes.


She is a very childish, lazy person and that is the reason why very boring.


Her anti-social quality made her disliked by the audience. She is not at all interested in anything, whether it is important or not, and has a very messy personality.



9. Gisuke Sasaki (Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin)


Gisuke Sasaki (Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin)


Gisuke or Dr. Sasaki has a very stoic look and appears to be very scary like his personality.


He is a doctor who is in charge of the student and their well-being. He always presented himself as a respectable man to his society and students.


He is quite brutal with the students and it can be seen through a lot of events in the series.


He abuses a lot of students who were under his care. He even took advantage of some of them and tried to rape them.


His brutal nature can be seen when he went with corruption and collaborated with a guard and then, later on, raped some students.



10. Pariston Hill (Hunter x Hunter)


pariston hill (hunter x hunter)


Hill was vice chairman of the Hunter Association and also a member of Zodiacs. Coming to his personality that made him characterized as most hated then it is related to him being uninterested in winning or losing.


One of his annoying habits is destroying the things he loves. He always treated serious situations as games and it can be seen when he was elected as the 13th chairman.


When he got the chairman position then he immediately resigned without taking it seriously. His behaviour tests the temper and patience of other characters in anime.


He always prefers hard punishment rather than keeping his calm for anyone who does him wrong. This man, while not hated after his climax scene, was hated a lot, mainly because of his behaviour throughout the Chairman selection arc.


He played around with people and entertained the audience. However, a lot of people considered his actions to be annoying and inconsiderate. 



11. Yakumo Oomori (Tokyo Ghoul)


yakumo oomori (tokyo ghoul)


Also known as Jason, he is the main villain of Tokyo Ghoul. Before killing his enemies he would like to perform brutal torture on them.


And that is the reason why he is counted as the most ruthless character. He is a cannibal and that is the reason why he tried to consume a ghoul.


He is also the one who was responsible for consuming a lot of other people and attacking them very violently.


He never expressed a simple emotion or kindness toward them and always expressed his aggression through action.


Most of the time he is not in the mood to make a great day for others and that is the reason why a lot of characters hate him.


Being devilish and hated, he is also the one who is despised for his behaviour. Everyone hates him, mainly because of his actions in the last episode of the original Tokyo Ghoul anime.


And let’s just say that he is nothing less than fascinating for the audience. He will make you scream in agony. And he does pay for it very soon. 



12. Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)


Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)


He is the main character of the anime and also the Third Child. He is passive by nature.


He always carries that relaxed nature in himself. He has a great fear of being left behind and it is because of his abandonment in his youth.


Most of the time, he is blaming himself for not being good enough. He is very introverted and disconnected from reality.


Coming to his personality then he is very boring and uncomfortable around party situations. That is the reason why he became hated as a character in animation.


He has tried to take a lot of life just because of saving one life which was indeed an injustice.


In the series, we have seen him shorting out the world.



13. Mahito (Jujutsu Kaisen)


mahito (jujutsu kaisen)


Being an antagonist, Mahito is a cursed spirit of the anime. He and his group’s ultimate goal is to finish humanity from its roots and bring spirits to the world of humans.


He is sadistic, immature, and one who loves to play with the emotions of humans.


He believes that he is born to finish humans, the reason why he has no sympathy for them.


He places humans as little value in his life. He tried to gain all the power and wanted to become supreme.


He is very good at manipulating and interacting with human beings so that he can reach his goal.


He tries to play with their sorrow and insecurity and makes them act the way he wants.


Mahito is a monster on his own. And I think there’s a bit of a dilemma in his case when it comes to how hated he is. He is definitely very hated as a character.


However, that’s exactly what makes him a good character overall since he is a villain. And if fans hate a villain, that villain is very well depicted. 



14. Nina Einstein (Code Geass)


Nina Einstein (Code Geass)


Nina is the main character of the whole series who served as a student. She is very timid and that is the reason why she keeps herself away from other characters.


Most of the time she was shown as insecure. She, later on, becomes very outgoing and that is the reason why she became violent.


She always pretends to be the one who helps others but she is very villainous.


She has caused a lot of devastation and destruction in the series and it happened because of her behavior.


She tries to kill Zero and claims that if nobody is going to help her then she is not going to hold it back.



15. Gabi Braun (Attack On Titan)


Gabi Braun (Attack On Titan)


Gabi is a young girl with an athletic build. She is headstrong and always ready to express her emotion without inhibition.


She has confidence in her superiority over the warrior candidate. She is brave and determined and is ready to put her life into her goal.


Due to all these characters, she sometimes becomes overused in the series. This has caused her a lot and that is the reason why she tried to force her opinion upon others.


She tries to take charge of tasks even if she was not asked. She is very friendly with some of the characters and that is the reason why she tried to spend her free time with them.



16. Minoru Mineta (My Hero Academia)


Minoru Mineta (My Hero Academia)


Minoru is someone who appears to be very funny but in reality, he is very irritating and perverted.


Due to this reason, he became one of the most hated anime characters. He peeps into the locker of girls and poked into the eye of one of the characters.


Some of the characters in the series find him a sexual predator who always has eyes on girls.


Those people who don’t care about his perverted behaviour then find him uninteresting and the one who is lacking in characterization.


He always wants to become a hero and gain attention, so that he can become popular among women.


He always ranks in a low position because of his behaviour and personality.



17. Nobuyuki Sugou (Sword Art Online)


Nobuyuki Sugou (Sword Art Online)


Also known as Alberich or Fairy King Oberon, he is the main villain of the story.


He is very cruel and arrogant with a sadistic nature. He is also the one who is very ruthless and lunatic.


He always wants to become God among all living things, whether it is human or digital.


He usually hides beneath his pretensions of being polite and nice. He is very perverted and it can be seen when he was about to rape Asuna, another character in the anime.


He loses his temper easily. He becomes violent, aggressive, and unconscious during fights. Nobuyuki is also manipulative and intelligent at getting people on his side.


He is also a coward who ran from dangerous situations where he felt like losing the battle or fighting.



18. Makoto Itou (School Days)


Makoto Itou (School Days)


Makoto appears to be a very gentle and nice guy, especially around girls but he is very alone in real life.


He is not an outgoing person. He is described as troublesome and depressive by some of his friends.


He is very close to his sister and also the one who is good with children but at the same time, he is very bad at approaching.


He is lazy and most of the time he is shown as unwilling. Makoto can easily fall under the control of any other person which becomes his weakness.


Most of the time he acts very slow towards his relationship or dating any woman.



19. Sweyn Forkbeard (Vinland Saga)


Sweyn Forkbeard (Vinland Saga)


Sweyn is an experienced and old character ever presented in the animation world. Most people think of him as diplomatic but he is not.


When it comes to the reason behind him being the most hated then it is because of his way of punishing traitors.


He is very great at doing politics but sometimes becomes toxic. The best thing about him is having low expectations from everyone and everything.


Most of the people in the series are afraid of him; it can be seen when some of the characters are afraid of taking his name.


He cares very little about the emotions of people, whether it is his enemies or his own family.



20. Tomoko Kuroki (No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular)


Tomoko Kuroki (No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys Fault I'm Not Popular)


Tomoko is shown to be very desperate in the whole series and its seasons. By appearance, she is very dark and gloomy and the same goes with her personality.


Most of the time she is doing daydreams and imagining herself on a motorcycle. She is very dark about life and has a very rude tone.


With the hope of having her world destroyed and replaced, she always lacks consideration. Most of the story is happening in her head through continuous thinking about everyone.


She also behaves very awkwardly to a lot of people and disrespects them. She behaves selfishly at times and appears perverted to many people.


She is also the one who is very ignorant in most of the episodes.



21. Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)


Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)


Being the lead of the anime, she is a student who loves to find aliens.


She is the one who always wants to live an extraordinary life and loves to be the centre of attraction.


She does not like ordinary people and engages in bad activities to entertain herself. She is a blunt person and always expects others to obey her.


She wants a person to submit to her. Those who fail to meet her expectations become the reason for making her angry.


Despite all this behaviour, she is good at making herself one of the great in academics and athletics.


Haruhi also loves to bully people, especially other students by doing some kind of uncomfortable activity.


She is very stubborn and never admits her mistake.



22. Near (Death Note)


Near (Death Note)


Near is the one who does not care about anything and decides by himself what is wrong and what is right.


He is very young with fair skin, has grey eyes, and always wears white. Talking about his character then he is very childish by appearance but when it comes to his personality then he is very wise and brutal.


He has genius ability but at the same time, he is very low when it comes to social knowledge.


He doesn’t like interacting with other people. Near values his duty above everything and it can be seen through a lot of turns in the series.


He is always surrounded by toys because of his childish behaviour. He is at the same time very much confident which at some point in time resulted in him being overconfident.



23. Sakura Haruno (Naruto)


Sakura Haruno (Naruto)


Recognized as one of the greatest medical-nin, she became a shinobi under the training of Sanin Tsunade.


She appears to be very beautiful but in reality, she is very insecure and self-conscious.


Due to some of her behaviour, she became one of the most hated anime characters.


She is self-confident but at some point in time, she becomes overconfident. If something annoys her, especially because of Naruto, then she responds to it through violence.


And if not violence then her reaction is quite unexpected. She is not able to contribute much in battle and is shown as an insufficient one.



24. Gendo Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)


Gendo Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)


Gendo is an antagonist of the anime who is shown as notorious by nature. He is alone and frequently visits a bar and gets drunk.


He claimed himself as great but frequently got involved in the fighting. At first, he was very happy but after the incident of disappearing his wife, he changed into a cold personality.


He became emotionless. He never showed his fear or even passion in battles. He has great strength that makes him brutal.


He has injured a lot of characters in the anime. Coming to his look then he is very straight and stoic in his expression.


He is also the one who is not as kind as he was shown at the beginning of the series.



25. Danzo Shimura (Naruto)


Danzo Shimura (Naruto)


Just like his scary look, Danzo is indeed so. He is a Ninja with a strong desire to prove himself.


He is very masculine and that is the reason why his strength makes other people afraid of him.


He has a very great desire to become great and stronger than other characters in the series.


And that is the reason why he has done a lot of things that can harm other people.


He is shown as opportunistic and romantic rather than becoming kind and lovable. His personality has changed from the very first episode to the last.


He also has a great sense of nobility and dignity in himself but is at the same time very violent.


It can be seen through his look where his eyes are wrapped up in a piece of cloth or band-aid.



26. Moeka Kiryu (Steins;Gate)


Moeka Kiryu (Steins;Gate)


Moeka is an editor who is always on her phone and cannot live without it.


She is very beautiful and wise but most of the time she is quiet and absent-minded.


She is reserved and has a lot of difficulties interacting with people. She fears being very cheerful but at the same time, she doesn’t care about any other things but herself.


Due to her inferiority complex, she was considered boring and expressionless. Most of the time she was shown as lonely and that is the reason why she was never shown as interested.


Sometimes she uses her relationship with others as a base or means of using them.


But she also has a normal relationship and happy life with another person.



27. Squealer (From The New World)


Squealer (From The New World)


Squealer or Yakomaru is a monster in the form of a rat. His appearance is very dramatic as he always wears a fur coat and has armour.


His personality is less dignified than a villain nature. His appearance is very small but when it comes to his power then it is quite scary as it looks.


He always appears as the one who is faithful to humans in the beginning but he was revealed as the one who plans to finish the race of humans.


He always tries to complete his mission, no matter what happens. Due to all this villain behaviour, he ended up dying.


He never believed in love and kindness.



28. Griffith (Berserk)


Griffith (Berserk)


Griffith is yet another central villain of the series who also served as the leader of a group.


His personality is not different from any other villain but when it comes to his cruelties then no one can match it.


According to the words of Griffith, he feels no responsibility related to his mates. He was once a fair person who had that honor and sta straightforward manner but it later on changed into ambitious and opportunistic.


Like any other villain, he is also hungry for power. He has that one side where he is playful and loves to joke about people but some side of him is quite dark.


He is narcissistic and obsessive at some point in the series. Apart from all these things, he is also the one who can manipulate others.


His pitiless, remorseless, and sadistic nature is very much famous.



29. Kyubey (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)


Kyubey (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)


Kyubey is the main villain of the anime. She appears to be very beautiful and cute and talks like a human but when it comes to her real personality then she is very evil.


Kyubey’s appearance is like a cat who has white fur for 4 ears. She is from an emotionless race that loves to exploit others, especially the emotions of a human.


This creature makes contracts with young girls so that they can turn into magical girls as they can fight with witches.


Coming to more details related to their appearance, she is the mixed race of a cat and a rabbit with red eyes.


She is very cruel, especially towards humans and that is the reason why regarded as one of the most hated anime characters.



30. Malty S. Melromarc (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)


Malty S. Melromarc (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)


Malty is also known as Bitch who served as the main antagonist of the series.


She is a beauty who always pretends to be kind but in reality, she is a monster.


She is an emotionless character who loves to hide in the shadows. She always loves to enjoy the misery of other people and pretends to be kind and gentle.


She loves to mark other people. She was shown as a narcissistic, opportunistic, selfish, and lazy person.


Most of the time, she acts very absent-mindedly and cowardly but she is very much conscious of the grid.


She wants to gain power and can do anything, including abuse for her own needs.


She lives a luxurious life.



31. All For One (My Hero Academia)


All For One (My Hero Academia)


Being an overarching villain in the anime, he is also known as Shigaraki. He is one of the most powerful villains who have the behaviour of sadistic and dark.


He has a very cruel laugh and always makes fun of his enemies. He has a lot of power and confidence which makes him disliked.


It’s not just the audience but also the characters who have hated him, especially All Might who got permanently damaged.


He is also an egomaniac who wants attention and strength. He is very good at checking the fairness of others and that’s what makes him unique.



32. Anti Spiral (Gurren Lagann)


Anti Spiral (Gurren Lagann)


Serving as the main antagonist of the series he is known through his famous dialogue which defines his cruelty along with other members, “We Anti-Spirals were once a Spiral race like yourselves.


But when we learned that the evolution of Spiral Power would lead to the destruction of the universe, we annihilated all those who possessed the power of the Spiral and drove the few surviving life forms to the far corners of the universe.”He talks in a very detached and emotionless manner.


He is cold, arrogant, and one who feels very superior to himself. He always tried to maintain balance on the battlefield but never acted with full God-like power in any of the Battles.



33. Rachel (Tower of God)


Rachel (Tower of God)


Rachel is a very short girl with blonde-coloured hair and eyes. She always wears a pink dress with long sleeves.


Coming to her personality then she is a tomboy girl who loves to play a prank on other characters.


She never describes herself as a pretty one but always as an ordinary one. Coming to her personality for which she became the most hated then it is because of her manipulative nature.


She always thinks that whatever she does is right. She has a very bad obsession with reaching the top by doing anything to achieve her goal.


She never accepts her bad habits or wrongdoing. She is also the one who gets jealous very easily of the beauty of another woman.



34. Takumi Ichinose (Nana)


Takumi Ichinose (Nana)


He is one of the central characters of the series who was shown as down-to-earth.


He was very ambitious as a child and always wanted to do the things that he can only do in the whole world.


Apart from being a workaholic and passionate, he generally admires himself according to the situation.


He has overconfidence in himself and it has caused a lot of problems. Takumi is very straightforward and honest and also the one who is very impressive about things.


He easily gets angry and loses his temper with others. Takumi always behaves as if he is perfect.



35. Kugaha (Noragami)


Kugaha (Noragami)


Kugaha, also known as “Bishamon’s Shinki,” is a character from the anime and manga series Noragami. With his long silver hair and calculating eyes, Kugaha presents himself as a loyal and devoted servant of the war god Bishamon.


However, his true nature is revealed as deceitful and power-hungry. Kugaha manipulates events and undermines Bishamon’s trust, leading to chaos and suffering among the gods. His actions, driven by personal ambition and a desire for control, make him a widely despised character in the series.


Kugaha’s betrayal and manipulation have earned him the disdain of fans who appreciate loyalty and genuine devotion.



36. Marshall D. Teach (One Piece)


Marshall D. Tech (One Piece)


Marshall is also known as Blackbeard who serves as the main villain of the whole series.


He is a captain of the black-beard pirates who have a very distinct laugh. His personality is very strange, insane, and highly intellectual.


He is known for his smart behaviour but at the same time, for his stupidity.


He acts strong but very ridiculous and weak. He always craves power which leads him to become cruel.


He has a very strong belief in destiny and the dreams of men who always take it to heart.


He has a carefree attitude, cheerful, relaxed, but at the same time very evil if the situation requires so.


His overconfident nature is one of his most disliked qualities.



37. Grand Fisher (Bleach)


Grand Fisher (Bleach)


Apart from having a very villainous look, he is also known for his power and abilities.


He has great speed which can be seen through his fight against Ichigo. He also has a spiritual power that gives injuries to others.


He is a giant hamster with bird-like hands. Fisher is very cruel to nature and can do anything to complete his mission.


It can be seen when he returned to the human world just to kill his enemy.


He generally laughs in a serious situations. Talking more about his power then he is very oppressive and at the same time, able to extend his limbs and fur whenever he is going to attack someone.



38. Frieza (Dragon Ball)


Frieza (Dragon Ball)


Frieza is the most important villain of the full series of Dragon Ball. He is known for death and destruction and shows his enjoyment in the destruction of the planet Vegeta.


He is known for his sadistic character and the one who tries to make his enemy suffer before killing them.


Like any other villain in the whole series, he is also very egoistic. Frieza cares about no one but himself but at the same time, he shows his respect toward his father named King Cold.


He has a paranoid attitude and destroyed the planet because of the growing myth related to the existence of Super Saiyan.


He is regarded as one of the best Machiavellians with the ruthless determination of getting as much power as he wants.


He is exactly like his appearance, which is shocking and anarchistic.



39. Zetsu (Naruto)


Zetsu (Naruto)


His full name is White Zetsu because of his white appearance. One can easily guess him as the villain of the series from his look.


He is carefree, playful and one who loves to tease others. Apart from appearing an extremely trusting personality, he is also obedient and loyal.


But when it comes to his duty then he is one of the cruelest characters presented in the animation.


He has a high pitch to his voice. Coming to his appearance, he has grey hair and yellow eyes with unique teeth.


The right half of his body is covered by another character named Black Zetsu. He has a human face but his personality is totally different from any human.



40. Vinsmoke Judge (One Piece)


Vinsmoke Judge (One Piece)


Also known as Garuda, he is the king of the German Kingdom and also a commander of Germa 66.


Just like his giant look which appears to be quite scary, he is the same with his personality.


Judge never hesitates even once to accomplish his goal. And it can be seen through one of the events when he genetically modified his children and changed them into Superhuman and said to his wife that he is going to change their children into monsters.


He cares about nothing but winning the war and he can do anything for it.


He is very brutal in battles and believes that kindness makes people very weak and useless.


He respects strength but at the same time is very hypocritical.



41. Sakazuki (One Piece)


Sakazuki (One Piece)


Sakazuki or Akainu is a fleet admiral of the Marines. He is a very strong character who is capable of great leadership.


He has great power and prestige and is also the one who is categorized as highly dogmatic.


He is a deadly serious and expressionless character who also shows his ruthless personality to others.


He has zero tolerance for anything and feels very proud of himself. He does not know the value of trust and that is the reason why he is ready to deceive his enemy by telling lies.


He finds those people who interfere with him as his biggest obstacle. He is also very good at manipulating people and most of the time he gets success in it.


He is rather obstinate and masculine as a character than becoming kind to others.



42. Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Envy, like his name, is one of the most hated anime characters in the world of animation and it can be seen through his brutality.


He is that one character who always jokes around human misery as it delights him.


He is always pleased by the emotion of his target and takes psychological advantage. His brutality can be seen through his dialogues where he said, ”You have no idea how good that felt!


I ravaged their entire country with a single bullet! I mean talk about invigorating! Oh, and the best part?


The officer I pretended to be, he was actually a moderate who’d always publicly opposed the military’s occupation of Ishval!” Apart from being cruel, he is also very aggressive and jealous of human strength.


Due to this jealousy, he always conventions himself to hate all humans but ended up committing suicide.



43. Marechiyo Ōmaeda (Bleach)


Marechiyo Ōmaeda (Bleach)


Marechiyo is a lieutenant of the Second Division, under the captaincy of Sui Feng. He was shown as an arrogant and dull man who is very cowardly and loud.


He is a snobbish, greedy, and vain character. He comes from a rich family and that is the reason why he carries a very different perspective of the world.


He looks sweet and normal but when it comes to his behaviour then it is not attractive.


He is very protective of his family but when it comes to attacking someone then he doesn’t think twice before doing it.


Apart from having all kinds of evil personalities, he is very sharp in battles and has enough ability to catch his opponents.



44. Sekai (School Days)


Sekai (School Days)


Sekai Saionji, from the anime series School Days, is a complex and controversial character. Initially portrayed as a kind and helpful friend, Sekai’s actions gradually reveal her manipulative and deceitful nature.


As the story unfolds, her involvement in a love triangle with the protagonist, Makoto, and her best friend, Kotonoha, leads to a series of tragic events. Sekai’s choices and betrayal contribute to the notorious reputation of School Days as a dark and unsettling series.


Her actions, characterized by selfishness and manipulation, have led to her being widely disliked and considered one of anime’s most hated characters.



45. Kabuto Yakushi (Naruto)


Kabuto Yakushi (Naruto)


Kabuto has a very mixed personality in which he was shown as loyal but at the same time difficult to define.


He is very honest and the one who knows how to be helpful to others.


He shows his humour in serious situations. One of his greatest strengths is to play with the minds of enemies and later on use them as their weaknesses.


He is introverted, really doesn’t like attention, and always keeps himself away from things. He is the one who can be cruelly related to any sensitive topics and comment on them with a sarcastic tone.


Apart from having this cruel behaviour, Kahuto is also known for his kindness but in rare circumstances.



46. Arlong (One Piece)


Arlong (One Piece)


Arlong or Arlong the Saw has a very scary look and without a doubt, he also has a scary personality.


It can be seen when he thinks that humans are inferior to him and that is the reason why he behaves very cruelly toward them.


He loves money and behaves cheaply. Arlong never gets frightened by anything and carries great strength with him.


He gets angry very easily and carries a very ill temper from his youth days.


He is not as brutal as he presented through his looks but at the same time, his opinions were shown at the extreme.


He always tries to take revenge upon those who were responsible for it. One of his most hated characteristics or personality is being a hypocrite.



47. Asta (Black Clover)


Asta (Black Clover)


Being an Orphan who was raised under the care of the church, Asta was shown as a very cheerful person.


Asta always used to shout just to express his thoughts about his goal and that is the reason why a lot of people around him get irritated.


He always plays a comedy role or effect during very serious situations. He has the determination to never give up but at the same time is shown as someone who is lacking in magic.


He is very stubborn but at the same time, has a strong sense of Justice that can be seen through some events.


Due to this stubborn nature, he became highlighted by other characters. His early childhood experience made him ignorant of a lot of things and that is the reason why he became quite rude.



48. Boruto Uzumaki (Naruto)


Boruto Uzumaki (Naruto)


Boruto was presented in the whole Naruto series as the one who is very loud, and stubborn, but energetic too.


He is also known for his sarcastic nature and laid-back attitude. He feels very high and carries his opinion about his abilities.


He has a very arrogant nature that makes him have no value in his teamwork but still believes that he can do anything.


He always takes shortcuts to achieve anything and that is the reason why he does a lot of cheating programs.


He never cares about any person. When he was a kid, he was very calm but when he grew up, he became very selfish and the one who loves action.



49. Akira Takaoka (Assassination Classroom)


Akira Takaoka (Assassination Classroom)


The way Akira is presented in the series seems like he was made to be hated.


His dominant behavior toward other characters is the reason why he was hated, not just by the characters but also by the audience.


His ruthless nature can be seen through one of the dialogues in anime where Takaoka reveals to him: “Rule number one: we don’t do “can’t” Rule number two: We’re a family and I’m the dad.


Show a family where dad ain’t in charge and I’ll show you a family in crisis”.


Akira appears to be a very kind and helpful man who has a good sense of humor but when it comes to reality then he doesn’t care about other people.


He never thinks twice before beating anyone, even the students, to show his power.



50. Seryu Ubiquitous (Akame Ga Kill)


Seryu Ubiquitous (Akame Ga Kill)


Seryu was a member of the Imperial Police with a strong impulse toward justice. But when it comes to her being the most hated then it comes from her ruthless and sadistic persona.


Makers have made her unstable and the one who loves to kill those homes she feels like or thinks of as evil.


She takes it as her hobby and that is the reason why she was proven as a psychotic character.


She has a very twisted sense of wrong and right and that is the reason why she carries a black and white view of the world.


And due to all these reasons, she lacks mercy of any type. She thinks that evil deserves no mercy but at the same time, is very hypocritical.


She decided what is right and wrong according to her impulse rather than going with the facts.



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