Top 50 Badass Anime Characters Of All Time

top 50 badass anime characters of all time


Anime is filled with a ton of characters. Some are cool, some are hot. Some are weak, and some are strong.


There are plenty of ways for fans to categorize their favourite beings. And one of the most loved categories of anime characters is Badass.


You know, the smug, savage-looking individuals who always manage to hold their own against anyone with a smile?


Yeah, they are loved by everyone. And therefore, We have decided to list down the best of them.


This list will be filled with intimidation and toughness so We hope you are prepared.


So grab your favourite sword, lay back on your couch, and let’s dive deep into the realm of the badass.




1. Madara Uchiha (Naruto)


madara uchiha (naruto)


Madara has always been a groundbreaking character in the Naruto franchise. Right from his appearance, all the way to his climax, he has always been a dominating beast who can’t be compared to anyone.


He fought an army and won, he fought the Kages and won, he fought our main cast, blinded, and won.


And all this time, he didn’t even break a sweat. And that’s why Madara Uchiha is on our list.




2. Gojo Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen)


gojo satoru (jujutsu kaisen)


Gojo is one of the main characters in Jujutsu Kaisen and he is quite a mess.


Unlike many characters, he is someone who not only accepts that he is the strongest but also boasts about it.


Which makes him stand out so much more. Add it to the fact that Gojo is strong enough to alter reality and you will find an overpowered monster who is luckily on our side.


His presence is enough to scare curses and his skills can shatter anyone. With all these factors in his favour and a strong personality in hand, Gojo Satoru stands as one of the most badass characters in recent times.




3. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)


itachi uchiha (naruto)


Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s take a look at Itachi.


Now we all know what this Uchiha has been through and how remarkable his life has been.


However, if we talk about his badass nature, it all boils down to his attitude.


Despite having a disease and old age in front of him, Itachi always fights with utmost confidence and pride.


And that’s what makes him shine as a character. For what this man had done, he deserves a lot more love and recognition.


And that’s why he is here.




4. Guts (Berserk)


guts (berserk)


Guts! A character who witnessed hell in his childhood. However, his experience was far worse than what we have known before.


Just to give an idea, he is said to be born from his mother’s corpse.


Now imagine that! Yup, that’s how miserable his life has been.


However, despite all of that pain and suffering, he managed to survive, living amongst mercenaries and then becoming one.


But soon, he realizes that this dark world has a brighter side. And his attempt to chase that brighter side is what makes him the badass character in his show.



5. Levi (Attack On Titan)


levi (attack on titan)


Levi Ackerman is one of the lead characters in Attack On Titan and everybody knows how potent he is.


I mean, how else would he be known as Humanity’s Strongest Soldier? His badass nature comes from his excellence and skills which are on some completely new levels.


And with his ODM gear on, he can destroy anyone and everyone with razor-sharp precision.


With these qualities in hand, there’s no surprise that this man pulls so many girls.



6. Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Roy Mustang


If asked, who is the most badass character in all of Fullmetal Alchemist, there’s no other answer than Roy Mustang.


Because this guy is a force to be reckoned with. He is one of the lead characters in the show.


And in the grand scheme of things, he isn’t all that savage or ruthless. However, all of that changes once you touch any of his loved ones.


Because if you did so, he will roast you so much that your ashes will be off into thin air in an instant.


With his flame alchemy, he can barbeque any of his opponents. And when he does so fighting two different Sins, he becomes the most badass character the franchise has to offer.



7. Thorfinn (Vinland Saga)


thorfinn (vinland saga)


A man who went through hell when he was a child. That’s who Thorfinn is.


That’s why he is here. Thorfinn is the main character of the Vinland Saga series.


And while other characters had a decent past with a few hurdles, this man had misery all along.


His father died right in front of his eyes and he lost his family at a young age.


That’s when he decided to take revenge. And it was his thirst for revenge that made him the savage he is.


There’s no denying that Thorfinn has the potential to be one of the finest beasts in the anime industry.



8. Zoro Roronoa (One Piece)


Zoro Roronoa


Talk about directions, he is a dumbo. Talk about swordsmanship, he is a monster. That’s who Roronoa Zoro is.


This green-headed guy might seem cheerful at first. However, his badass nature will make you his fan for sure.


I mean, remember when he fought an army on his own and then stood still, bathed in blood, and yet said “Nothing”, when he was asked what happened?


That entire scene is more than enough to tell anyone how badass Zoro is. That was an insane moment and thanks to our boy Zoro, we get to see more of them in the later parts of the show.



9. Garou (One Punch Man)


garou (one punch man)


Garou is among the characters who aren’t exactly a villain or hero. However, there’s one thing for sure, he is incredibly strong.


You can say that the entire second season of One Punch Man was based on Garou.


That’s how impressive he was. And with his outlook on society, fans have had nothing to appreciate him for, more than his savage personality.


His fighting skills are refined to the highest degree and have far surpassed human limitations.


And with his idea of appreciating evil, he has become a notable personality for everyone within the anime and outside of it.


Therefore, Garou is a badass who deserves to be on this list.



10. Sano Manjiro (Tokyo Revengers)


sano manjiro (tokyo revengers)


Known as Mikey, Sano Manjiro plays a pivotal role as the founding member and former leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang.


Despite his shorter stature, Mikey gains the nickname ‘Invincible Mikey’ for his exceptional strength.


The carefree teenager enjoys lighthearted moments, sharing jokes and pranks with close friends while passionately safeguarding their honour.


When leading Toman, Mikey undergoes a remarkable transformation, emanating authority and earning both respect and a degree of fear from members.


Despite his authoritative role, Mikey’s inner child surfaces through playful tendencies and a fondness for impromptu naps.


His charismatic leadership and formidable combat skills solidify his status as an absolute badass.



11. Akabane Karma (Assassination Classroom)


akabane karma (assassination classroom)


Karma Akabane is one of the main characters in Assassination Classroom.


And despite being a kid, he is menacing as an assassin. His fighting skills are just too good for his age and his intelligence is also remarkable.


However, with his devil-like attitude and cold-killer nature, this man manages to make any fan fall in love with him.


His badass personality is just so captivating that fans can’t believe he is part of Class 3 E.


But he has had his way through life as well.



12. Hyakkimaru (Dororo)




When down in life, people tend to feel that things can’t get any worse and they give up.


However, that was not my mentality for Hyakkimaru. Because he was an animal in his show.


An absolute beast. Hyakkimaru is the main character of the Dororo series. And oh boy, he was born with nothing.


All of his body parts were with Demons and he had nothing to hold as his own.


However, he decided to take back what belongs to him. And so, this man began on his venture to fight for what he doesn’t have.


And that mentality is what made him a badass for everyone.



13. Chrollo (Hunter x Hunter)




This guy looks like a badass from the start. And there’s no denying that as well. His looks and his body language are enough to tell the viewers that this character is capable of changing the story. 


However, his actions and attitudes in the anime are even more captivating for fans. Chrollo is one of the lead characters in Hunter x Hunter.


And his fighting prowess is just insane. He is said to be one of the strongest characters in the entire series and the way he battles his opponents make him look more like the main character than the main character.


All in all, a freak of nature who entertained all of Hunter x Hunter fans with his capabilities and skills.



14. Joutarou Kuujou (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures)


joutarou kuujou (jojo's bizarre adventures)


Coming in from the JoJo series, we have Joutarou Kuujou. There’s no denying that the entire JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures series has a ton of savage characters who manage to capture fans’ attention.


However, being the protagonist, Joutarou has had his share of excellence for sure. His methods of battling the bad guy and taking care of business are just so captivating yet entertaining, making him look like a freak in the show.


Moreover, his calm nature amplifies his skills, and soon enough, we end up enjoying a badass beast.



15. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)


Spike Spiegel


Spike is one of the coolest characters in anime. And that’s because of his attitude.


Have you heard the quote, “Whatever Happens Happens”? If yes then it was all thanks to this man that you came across it.


Spike is said to be one of the best bounty hunters in the anime Cowboy Bebop and that’s why people love him so much.


As a character, he fits very well with the mature themes that the anime has to tackle and that’s why Spike is standing here on our list.


When he has his cigarettes out, he is the most badass person in the room.


An absolute Savage.



16. Sinbad (Magi: Adventure of Sinbad)




Sinbad isn’t a badass all the time. In the grand scheme of things, he is just a normal adventurer.


However, he is a blessed man and so, whenever trouble summons up in front of him, he manages to take care of it like a boss.


He is quite overpowered as well in his show. However, that doesn’t mean that he never struggles.


It just means that he dares to overcome all the struggles he witnesses.


And that’s what makes him so badass. If you haven’t watched the Magi series yet, he shall be your motivation to do so.



17. Sukuna Ryoumen (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Sukuna Ryoumen


This man is pure evil. However, fans still love him for some reason. That’s an impressive feat in itself.


Anyway, Sukuna Ryoumen is the main antagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. However, it is said that he is also the strongest being in the series as well.


Other than Gojo Satoru of course. His attitude is very close to that of a ruthless King and he doesn’t negotiate for what he wants.


His nature is just as horrible as you would expect and be one of the strongest curses has given him an advantage over those around him.


With all these qualities in his favor, Sukuna is a badass everyone would admire.



18. Hisoka Morow (Hunter x Hunter)


Hisoka Morow


Hisoka. A questionable man, to say the least. However, he is also a badass for sure.


Hisoka is one of the lead characters in the Hunter x Hunter series. And his personality is unique.


He acts like a Pedophile and tries to pave his way to his targets. However, if you remove that factor, he is quite intense in his battles.


He would fight anyone who is against him and do so with a different style than what we are used to.


And that style is what makes him so memorable in the show. Plus, he is not a proper hero or villain in the anime so it’s even more fun to watch him do his own thing.


Remind me of Deadpool. He can be creepy, hilarious, and mysterious. He has his way of treating people and does not change his mannerisms for anyone. 



19. Izana Kurokawa (Tokyo Revengers)


izana kurokawa (tokyo revengers)


In Tokyo Revengers, Izana Kurokawa stands out as a formidable character, formerly Boss of Tenjiku and leader of the Eighth Generation Black Dragon.


His distinct half-Filipino, half-Japanese heritage is characterized by large purple eyes, a light brown complexion, and straight short white hair.


Despite his average height, Izana’s reputation is built on exceptional fighting prowess.


Originally benevolent, the revelation of his non-blood relation transforms him into a bitter individual, sparking the creation of the ruthless S-62 Generation.


As the leader of Tenjiku, he views his subordinates as disposable tools, employing violence to accomplish objectives.


With ruthless leadership and unwavering determination, Izana commands both respect and fear, solidifying his status as an absolute badass.



20. Thors (Vinland Saga)


Thors (Vinland Saga)


Imagine if 100s of men politely request you to go with them instead of forcing their way in because they know they can’t defeat you. How badass that would be. Well, it did happen with Thors. Thors Snorresson, hailed as the fearsome “Troll of Jom,” commanded the Jomsvikings with unparalleled combat skills.


However, upon the birth of his daughter, he grew weary of the warrior’s life and chose to abandon it.


Thors orchestrated his own death, assuming a new identity and settling down in Iceland. As the son of Snorre and father to Thorfinn and Ylva, Thors was connected to influential figures such as his father-in-law, Sigvaldi, the Jomsvikings’ third Chief.


While Thors was once known for his ruthless and cold nature on the battlefield, his perspective changed after becoming a father. He embraced kindness, humility, and a gentle disposition, nurturing his son Thorfinn and guiding him towards a life focused on peace.



21. Alucard (Hellsing)




Alucard is the main character of Hellsing. And if you have watched Hellsing then you will know how insane he is.


He is a vampire who has been hired by the organization to fight vampires. And his moral grounds are quite impressive.


But what makes him a badass character is his excellence in his art. He is one of the most lethal characters in the entire anime and has the strength to take on an army on his own.


With his evil smirk and confidence in hand, Alucard is an incredible character who deserves to be on this list and impresses people every time they watch him on screen.



22. Giorno Giovanna (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)


Giorno Giovanna


Well, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. A JoJo character in a badass anime list. That’s quite given for sure.


Anyway, let’s take a look at our boy Giorno. He is one of the antagonists in the show and has the power to control entities of will.


This, on its own, might not sound too menacing at first. But when you combine this power with Giorno’s intelligence, you will get a villain whose skills are too good to be true.


And that’s what makes Giorno, a badass in his show. So if you are a fan, then watch him carefully.



23. Izaya Orihara (Durarara)


Izaya Orihara


Izaya Orihara is one of the antagonists of the Durarara series. And oh boy, isn’t he smug.


Just look at his smile, now that’s quite confident. And with his excellence in the series, Izaya has quite a lot to offer to the fans of the show.


The details about him can’t be shared here. Otherwise, they would fall in the spoiler category.


However, all you need to know is that, when he will arrive on the screen, things will take a turn for the better.


And that’s also when his badass attitude will kick in and impress all its viewers.


Be prepared for that to happen.



24. Mugen (Samurai Champloo)




Mugen is one of the main characters in the realm of Samurai Champloo. And fans already know how badass he is.


There’s no need for an explanation at all. He is a swordsman whose skills are said to be the finest in his era.


However, when he gets into trouble because of his acts in a bar, life takes some new turns for him.


Soon enough, we see this man fighting with various other characters and that is what makes him stand out so much.


His prowess along with his attitude and outlook toward the trouble he is facing is what makes Mugen such a badass.



25. Shinya Kougami (Psycho-Pass)


Shinya Kougami


Shinya Kougami is the main character in the anime Psycho-Pass. And this man is quite interesting on his own.


In the realm of Psycho-Pass, crimes are a major deal. And people living in that realm have some positive outlooks toward them.


However, this man is quite different. And his outlook on his situation will open your eyes as viewers.


As you watch the anime, you will get the details about the same. However, for now, just remember that he is quite badass and the series will convince you of that for sure.



26. Rokurouta Sakuragi (Rainbow Nisha Rokubo no Shichinin)


Rokurouta Sakuragi


This one might come as a surprise to many of you guys. However, those of you who are fans of this series would already know how amazing he is.


Anyway, let’s take a deeper look at him. Rokurouta Sakuragi is one of the main characters in the anime Rainbow Nisha Rokubo no Shichinin.


And this man is a personality of his own. They say that his ideals and his methods of tackling problems are unique.


Moreover, his cellmates call him An-chan as well so that’s another trivial factor about his character.


As you watch the show, you will realize more about this beast.



27. Ban (The Seven Deadly Sins)




Ban’s appearance makes him look like a villain at first. However, soon enough, you will see how interesting he is, as a character.


For those of you who don’t know, Ban is one of the lead characters in The Seven Deadly Sins anime series.


And he is said to be the sin of greed. His physical appearance makes him look like a vampire.


However, his words make him look like a badass. And that’s why Ban is here on our list.


If you are into some fine characters with personality and entertainment then this guy is here to help.



28. Hawks (My Hero Academia)


hawks (my hero academia)


I am Hawks. That’s how this man first introduced himself. And that’s also how people started to love him so much.


He is one of the supporting characters in the anime and happens to have a great personality up his sleeves.


However, his biggest feat is the fact that he managed to fool the League Of Villains.


Yeah, he is an expert in deception as well. With his amazing skills and cheerful yet cunning nature, this man manages to get the work done without any problem.



29. Yami Sukehiro (Black Clover)


Yami Sukehiro


Let’s surpass our limits, right here, right now. Because that’s what Yami would do.


He is one of the main characters in the Black Clover series and happens to be the Captain of the Black Bulls team.


This is the same team of which, our main character Asta, is also a part.


And that is the reason why Yami got the attention in his series. However, that was just a minor push for this character.


Because the sheer determination that this man possesses is just ridiculous. He is willing to give up his life to strive for betterment.


And that’s what makes him super badass.



30. Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)


ken kaneki (tokyo ghoul)


Kaneki Ken is a character who gained recognition thanks to his badass nature. He wasn’t a badass from the start.


Instead, he was a wimp, a simple human during the initial episodes of the anime.


However, as the narrative progressed, that man went through hell and eventually, ended up the way he is in the later parts of the show.


Kaneki Ken is an example of how evil transforms an angel into a devil. And that’s a deep message for many teenagers out there.


Therefore, Kaneki Ken stood out as a badass ghoul to all fans watching the show.



31. Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)


Ichigo Kurosaki


Ichigo was a badass from Day 1. Unlike most main characters, he wasn’t wimpy or frail.


No! He was strong, wise, and cautious right from the get-go and that made him stand out even more.


In the Bleach franchise, he is one of the most attractive males as well and that’s another reason why people like him so much.


However, his true badass nature pops up when he is battling someone. That is the moment when fans get to see a completely new Monster who is named Ichigo.


And that’s also why he is on our list. He will reap any soul instantly.



32. Light Yagami (Death Note)


Light Yagami


Light Yagami was one of the most influential characters of his time. Anyone who started Death Note would look up to Light and there are plenty of reasons for him to do that.


He was attractive, smart, a good scorer, etc. Everything seemed to be working in his favor.


However, that was also the inception of a monster in the series under the name of Kira.


What makes Light Yagami so badass is his ruthless nature. He outsmarts anyone and everyone who is against him and his methods are just as impressive as ever.


And that makes him just as badass as ever. He is always a thousand steps ahead of everyone and always reign supreme over anyone. 



33. Vegeta (Dragon Ball)




The original badass character in anime. Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s have a look at our boy Vegeta here.


He is one of the main characters in the Dragon Ball series and is said to be the Prince Of All Saiyans.


Vegeta was a motivation. He was the hardest worker in all of Dragon Ball and that’s how he was able to hold his own against Goku.


He doesn’t have teachers like him, and that’s another reason for fans to feel motivated watching him.


He is all on his own, doing his best to stand strong. And that determination is what makes him the badass that he is.



34. Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach)


Kenpachi Zaraki


You can tell he is a badass just from his appearance. Coming in from one of the big 3, we have Kenpachi Zaraki.


This man is one of the side characters in the anime we know by the name Bleach.


However, don’t dare to underestimate him just because he is a side character. After all, he has done quite a lot of fights for fans to realize how menacing he is.


His design is gorgeous and gives off the troublesome vibes that villains need to be aware of in anime.


And that’s what makes him stand so high on this list.



35. Shinsou Hitoshi (My Hero Academia)


Shinsou Hitoshi (My Hero Academia)


Hitoshi Shinso is a student at U.A. High School, currently enrolled in the General Department’s Class 1-C. As he awaits transfer to the hero course for his second year, Hitoshi stands tall with dishevelled indigo hair and unique purple eyes. His reserved and quiet demeanour belies his ability to skillfully engage in conversation and manipulate others to activate his Quirk.


Hitoshi is known for his stoic nature and straightforward approach, with a keen understanding of how to achieve victory even if it means resorting to underhanded tactics.


Despite his reserved exterior, he possesses a clever mind and strategic thinking, making him a formidable presence in battles.



36. Baki Hanma (Baki)


baki hanma (baki)


Coming in from the Baki series, we have Hanma Baki. He is the main character of the franchise and wishes to be strong enough to defeat his father.


However, his badass nature surfaces when someone he admires gets hurt. That is the moment for him to become an absolute monster and destroy anything and everything in place.


Therefore, Baki Hanma is on our list and also in our hearts as well.



37. Joe (Ashita No Joe)




Joe, the full name Joe Yabuki is the main character of the anime, Ashita No Joe.


And this is another influential fighter in the realm of anime and manga. He had a depressing past with addictions and a horrible lifestyle being a part of him.


However, soon enough, this man finds himself in the zone with gloves in his hands.


And that was when the story of Joe began. He strives to be the strongest fighter there is and in the process, meets a lot of new people, and has fun with them.


That is what makes his journey and him, so badass.



38. Tokita Ohma (Kengan Ashura)


Tokita Ohma


Known to be the man who loves to fight, we have Tokita Ohma. He is the main character of Kengan Ashura and is called the Ashura in the series.


His physique is gorgeous and so are his fighting skills. It’s not that he never loses.


It’s just that, whenever he is on the battlefield, he is an absolute badass.


He gives some of the most excellent moves and performances in all of the fighting anime and that is quite influential on its own.


They say that after watching Kengan Asura, anyone would start fighting aimlessly. That’s how much people love this show and this character.



39. Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate)


Kiritsugu Emiya


Kiritsugu is one of the main characters in the Fate Series. And he is also one of the most loved characters from the series as well.


So you can be certain that this man is quite impressive with his feats in place.


The reason why he is looked upon as a badass is because of his nature on the battlefield.


No matter what happens, he always tries his best to make sure that he is victorious in the end.


And at times, he becomes a monster who would destroy anyone against him. That’s what makes him so impressive and admirable.


That’s what makes him a badass.



40. Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia)


Katsuki Bakugo


Katsuki Bakugo is one of the most aggressive characters in all of anime. And that’s a fact.


However, despite being stubborn and rough, he is also a hard worker who always moves forward and trains to the absolute limit just to be certain.


And that’s the selling quality of that man. It’s not just his excellent physique that makes him attractive.


It’s his dominating nature with determination in mind that makes him the badass that he is.


Hate him or love him, you can’t deny that he deserves all the love he gets.


After all, he worked for it.



41. L Lawliet (Death Note)


L Lawliet


L. The badass nature of this man doesn’t come from insane feats or past portfolios.


His badass nature comes from his excellence portrayed in real-time.


The way he figured out Kira’s location in the initial episodes was so impressive that fans were shocked through and through.


In the anime, he does some of the most insane 900IQ plays you will ever see in his life.


And that’s what gives him the edge over everyone else. He isn’t a badass from the core.


However, in multiple situations, he turns out to be the badass that controls the kingdom. A beast for sure.



42. Yujiro Hanma (Baki)


Yujiro Hanma


Oh boy, this guy is a threat. An Absolute Threat. It is time to take a look at the Demon, Yujiro Hanma.


He is one of the lead characters in the anime Baki and stands as the strongest character in the show.


However, he is so strong that his skills are at the top of the world.


And his physique is so impressive that he is said to have what is called the Demon’s back.


Now that is a badass name for a badass character. And that’s why this man is here on our list.


Don’t mess with him or else death will be on the horizon for you.



43. Cynthia (Pokémon)


cynthia (pokémon)


This is none other than the beautiful lady Cynthia who did the job.


It is assumed that Tobias went on to fight the elite 4 in the Sinnoh region and then the Champion.


But in the Black and White series, Cynthia was called out to be a Champion.


So guess who is stronger? Yes, the woman who defeated a man with 2 legendaries.


And that’s some insane feats. This is the reason why she made it to this list.


Worthy of more love and recognition.



44. Firo Prochainezo (Baccano)


Firo Prochainezo


Coming in from one of the most fascinating anime of all time, we have Firo.


He is the main character of Baccano who seemed to have a meek nature at first.


However, by the end of the series, this man managed to be the most badass character in the entire series.


The part where he does it is under the spoiler territory so there won’t be a mention of the same under this entry.


However, We can say this for sure, he is one of the finest characters in the medium, and his excellence surfaces as the show progress.


So if you haven’t watched Baccano yet, you have plenty of time and reason to do so.



45. Shoto Todoroki (My Hero Academia)


Shoto Todoroki


Every My Hero Academia fan knows that this guy right here is a man of few words.


Because he doesn’t use his mouth to talk. His fists are enough. Shoto Todoroki is one of the main characters in My Hero Academia and his quirk is half-hot-half-cold.


He doesn’t seem to be all that talkative and outgoing. However, on the battlefield, he does his job so well that he is looked upon as a star by his classmates.


Moreover, it is said that he is potentially the strongest in his class as well.


But despite all these achievements, he is still calm and collected. And that’s what makes him so badass.



46. Naruto (Naruto)


naruto (naruto)


Naruto is a character who isn’t badass all the time. However, whenever he does, he steals the show and your girl.


Naruto is, without a doubt, one of the most loved characters in the entire anime medium.


And that love comes from the fact that he is humble and kind. However, a lot of this love also comes from the fact that he works hard and pushes through difficulties no matter how impossible they may seem.


And that one trait makes him the badass that fans admire to the brim.



47. Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter)


Killua Zoldyck


He falls more into the cute side of things so it didn’t feel right to rank him high.


However, when he is angry, he also happens to be ruthless so it didn’t feel right to not rank him at all.


And that’s why Killua is here. Killua Zoldyck is one of the main characters in the anime Hunter x Hunter.


Now, in the anime, he is a simple boy with a Tsundere nature, nothing fascinating.


However, the moment he gets angry, prepare yourself for some blood. Because if he is in a bad mood, you are screwed.


So don’t mess with this baddie right here. Regrets will knock on the door instantly.



48. Tobias (Pokémon)




Imagine catching a legendary Pokemon. Now imagine catching two legendary Pokemon. Yeah, that’s who Tobias is.


He is one of the side characters in the Sinnoh region. However, in the anime, he presented himself as an absolute badass after he revealed 2 of his Pokemon.


It was assumed that Darkrai was his only legendary Pokemon. However, out of the 6 he had, the second that he ever showed was a Latios.


And that’s what makes him insane. The only reason Ash lost the Sinnoh league was that he was placed against a man who has two legendaries.


That’s how badass Tobias is.



49. Olivier Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)


Olivier Armstrong


Fans still think that she is one of the best female characters in the entire industry.


Why? Because she is independent and strong on some completely different level. Olivier Armstrong is one of the side characters in the anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.


And her standards are just too high for any of us to match. She is not only lethal in her strength but also prideful and courageous.


With such manly qualities under her belt, she stands as one of the most influential characters in the show.


And that’s what makes her so badass.



50. Dabi (My Hero Academia)




His first appearance was so badass, the entire anime industry was taken by storm. Dabi is one of the side characters in My Hero Academia and he is said to be the brother of the main character Shoto Todoroki.


The catch here is that this relationship hasn’t been confirmed. Although, theories always point it out.


Anyway, this guy right here has control over the blue flame and has a very savage character design which makes him just as menacing and badass as you would expect.


No wonder he is one of the most sought-after characters in the anime.



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