Fun Facts About Films

The films are considered to be a success when they magically elevate the minds of the audience from their personal domain into the ongoings of the film. Across the globe, movies or feature films have been celebrated in more ways than one. Based on imaginary aspects of real-life problems, the movies progress based on a definite plot line.

The procedure of making films is extremely difficult and complicated with lots of emotions, fun, merry-making, fear remaining involved. The product that the audience watch on the silver screen is a result of lots of consistent team effort and dedication. During the course of such an elaborate process, it is no wonder that the team creates multiple unforgettable memories behind the screens some of which are happy, while some aren’t.

Interviews, reviews, reports have been able to bring some of these interesting facts into the light. These sorts of facts will surely not fail to grab the attention of any film lover.

1. Dallas Buyers Club

Source: Netflix

One of the all-time low-budgeted films, Dallas Buyers Club had a make-up budget of just $250. The competent make-up of the unit brought the film an Oscar for Hairstyling and Makeup.

2. Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Source: rotten tomatoes

During the scene of the film when Elizabeth reaches St. Paul’s Cathedral, the place was under construction. The director of the film Shekhar Kapoor decided for some improvisation to bring a realistic touch to the film. The workers were given specific period tools and special costumes to continue with the restoration work. The workers depicted in this scene are real-life construction workers and stonemasons, restoring the monument.

3. Schindler’s List

Source: IMDb

This film had a record extra of 20,000 people. The costume designer of the film published insertions for the requirement of clothes to fulfil the extreme demand of the film. Because of the poor financial condition of Poland, a lot of people were willing to sell off old clothes that belonged to the 1930s and 40s era.

4. Interstellar

Source: IMDb

For the unforgettable cornfield scene of the movie, the director Christopher Nolan decided to make it all the more realistic. He grew five hundred acres of corn that were later sold and even earned a profit.

5. The Terminator

Source: IMDb

During the shooting of the movie, Arnold Schwarzenneger went into a restaurant to have his lunch. It was too late when he realized that he had forgotten to remove his iconic Terminator makeup with a missing eye.

6. The Revenant

Source: IMDb

One of the most memorable films of Leonardo DiCaprio, he considers this to be the hardest role played by him so far. Despite being a vegetarian, he tasted bison’s raw liver, learned to build up a fire, trained himself to shoot a musket with perfection along with learning two native American languages namely, Arikara and Pawnee. He even learned treating techniques under a doctor who specialized in ancient treating methods.

7. Titanic

Source: IMDb

Set in the 1912 era, the entire movie, except for the present-day scenes and credits, has a running time of two hours and forty minutes, the time Titanic took to sink completely. The iceberg collision was reported to last for precisely 37 seconds. The collision scene of the film is 37 seconds long.

8. Rocky IV

Source: IMDb

The principal protagonist of the film played by the famous Sylvester Stallone, wanted his boxing scenes to look realistic. He told his co-star Dolph Lundgren to punch him in real. One such punch landed him in ICU for half a week.

9. Candyman

Source: IMDb

No one can forget the bee scenes of this movie. These bees were specifically bred to meet the needs of the film. It was ensured that the bees were not more than twelve-hours old. This was because in this way the bees will appear matured but their stings won’t be painful.

10. Moulin Rouge

Source: IMDb

The famous necklace worn by Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge was made of platinum and real diamonds. It is one of the most expensive jewelry specially crafted and used so far in any film. The necklace weighed 134 carats and was studded with 1,308 original diamonds.

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