Top 42 Most Popular Fire Force Characters

top 42 most popular fire force characters


Fire Force is a Japanese anime series based on the manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ohkubo. Its manga name is En’en no Shōbōtai, which means Blazing Fire Brigade.


The series has been telecast for two seasons since 2018, and the third season was announced in May 2022.


So what is the anime about? Fire Force is set in a post-apocalyptic world that was destroyed due to a mysterious and hitherto unknown fire calamity.


It is called The Great Cataclysm, which destroyed most of humanity and created a new condition whereby people spontaneously combust from within.


The condition was called spontaneous internal combustion, and those affected were referred to as Infernals. When this condition became too prevalent, the Tokyo Emperor, Raffles I, collaborated with the Holy Church of Sol to create a special fire brigade that combats these incidents and researches the cause and effects of it.


Many years down the line, the world has achieved a modicum of peace, and the special fire brigade, The Fire Force, is still fighting to save people.


The firefighters have evolved into special individuals with pyrokinetic powers who form the Special Fire Force Companies 1 to 8.


While these Special Fire Force Companies work to help people, there are other players like Tokyo Empire, Hajime Industries, The White-Clad, etc., who are stakeholders in these fights, but their role is unclear.


The firefighters of Special Fire Force Company 8 are tasked with investigating the true wheelers and dealers in this ongoing struggle.


The series depicts their investigation and what they discover. To find out more about the Fire Force series, let us have a look at all the key characters of Fire Force and who they are.


ENTOIN has curated a list of the popular Fire Force Characters to watch.




1. The Evangelist


The Evangelist


The Evangelist is a mysterious and enigmatic character who is the leader of the White-Clad organization. She is the main antagonist who has many superhuman abilities.


Her true nature remains a mystery. She approached Sumire Sugita in the 21st Century, convincing her of the necessity of the Great Cataclysm.


However, despite their preparations, the destruction of humanity was not successful. Following the Cataclysm, the Evangelist emerged from the Tear in Space.


She transformed Tempe into a Demon Infernal in response to his plea for happiness after losing everything. The Evangelist revealed crucial information to the White-Clads about Spontaneous Human Combustion, Bugs, the Adolla Burst, and the Flame of Destruction.


She also orchestrated the kidnapping and testing of children to acquire the Adolla Burst, including Haumea as the Second Pillar.


Throughout history, she appeared to Five-Two, Leonard Burns, and Mari Kusakabe, causing them to endure physical and emotional consequences.




2. Shinra Kusakabe


Shinra Kusakabe


Shinra Kusakabe is a former Third and Fourth Generation pyrokinetic in Special Fire Force Company 8. His goal is to become a hero, save people from Spontaneous Human Combustion, and uncover the truth about his family’s death.


Shinra is brave, intelligent, and confident, always willing to help others. Despite his nervous laughter, a result of witnessing his mother’s death, he fights to be recognized as a hero.


He respects his captain, Akitaru Ōbi, and has high standards for the Special Fire Force. Shinra values his teammates and sees them as treasured friends.


He is determined to bring his brother, Sho, back and shows joy even in confrontations with him.


While not perverted, Shinra can end up in awkward situations with women but always strives to respect them.


During a period when his body was taken over by his Adolla doppelgänger, he became aggressive and villainous, exhibiting behavior completely opposite to his usual self.




3. Haumea




Haumea is a negative character in Fire Force. She is the Second Pillar in the White-Clad organization that was set up by The Evangelist.


She is one of the most powerful members of The White-Clad organization and a direct subordinate of The Evangelist with many years of experience in the group.


Haumea is known for her cruel and sadistic means of handling the job, which was developed over the years of listening to human wickedness.


She has the Adolla Burst ability and has mastered the use of it. However, she finds it a little uncomfortable to use despite the long experience.


Haumea has unparalleled pyrokinetic and Adolla Burst powers. She takes great joy in making her schemes extra cruel and works closely with Charon on most of her missions.


However, she hates to prepare reports and transfer the status reports of the mission to Charon. She gets annoyed when questioned about her missions.


She often appears childish and immature while grumbling and grunting about the work.




4. Benimaru Shinmon


Benimaru Shinmon


Benimaru Shinmon is the Battalion Commander of Company 7 of the Special Fire Force. He is a hybrid second and third-generation pyrokinetic.


His eyes are different, with one eye having a circular pupil and the other a cross-shaped pupil. Benimaru has an average height with a muscular structure.


His appearance and expression are laconic at most times but he can be short-tempered too. Shinmon Benimaru is a relaxed, nonchalant person who does not care for his seniors or the emperor’s rules.


He is most concerned about his district of Asakusa and his brigade company 7. He can get reckless and fierce when either of them is endangered.


Benimaru Shinmon has very strong firepower and a volatile personality. This makes him challenge any opponent without concern for the power of the opponent.


He once fought the entire 8th company when they hid the reason for the death of Kantarō.



5. Akitaru Obi


Akitaru Obi


Akitaru Obi is the captain of the Special Fire Force Company 8 and is known for his strong sense of justice and his dedication to protecting the people of Tokyo from spontaneous human combustion.


He does not have any pyrokinetic ability, unlike the other members of his company, yet he gives his all when faced with infernals. Akitaru is a senior member who started out as a firefighter in the Fire Defense Academy and fought to protect Tokyo.


Despite not having any special abilities, he relies on his physical strength to stop and hold back infernals. Even though he is endangering his life by doing that, Akitaru cannot hold back his sense of justice and righteousness.


Akitaru is deeply caring and compassionate and is always willing to go out of his way to help those in need.


As the captain of Company 8, Akitaru is responsible for leading his team of firefighters in their mission to combat spontaneous human combustion and protect the people of Tokyo from the Infernals, beings created from people who have spontaneously combusted.


He is a skilled strategist and is respected by his team for his leadership and dedication. He is a strong and courageous leader who is always willing to put his own life on the line to protect others.



6. Shō Kusakabe


Shō Kusakabe


It is difficult to definitively label Shō Kusakabe as a good guy or a bad guy in the anime series Fire Force, as his actions and motivations are complex and nuanced.


Shō is the younger brother of the main protagonist, Shinra Kusakabe, and he is the Commander of the Knights of the Ashen Flame.


Throughout the series, Shō is a fourth-generation pyrokinetic and a skilled fighter with the ability to control and manipulate fire.


As a child, Shō was kidnapped by White-Clad and was raised by The Evangelist, who holds his loyalty and dedication.


With his unparalleled Adolla Burst, Shō is the third pillar representing apathy. While Shō initially seems to forget his childhood with his brother and mother, only remembering his duty to The Evangelist.


After meeting his brother, Shinra, Shō refuses to acknowledge him, but out of curiosity, he starts to dig into his past.


Once his memories return, Shō renounces his post in White-Clad and starts to work with his brother to defeat the Evangelist.



7. Leonard Burns


Leonard Burns


Leonard Burns is the captain of the Special Fire Force Company 1 and is known for his calm and collected demeanor, as well as his exceptional fighting skills and abilities as a pyrokinetic.


He is a third-generation pyrokinetic who encountered The Evangelist and lost his right eye in the event. Despite his wavering faith in the Holy Sol Church, he blindly follows their orders and fights against Company 8.


As the captain of Company 1, Leonard is a highly respected and admired figure within the Special Fire Force.


He is a skilled strategist and is known for his calm and level-headed approach to situations, making him a valuable asset in the fight against spontaneous human combustion and the Infernals, beings created from people who have spontaneously combusted.


In addition to his role as captain of Company 1, Leonard is also shown to have a personal connection to the main protagonist, Shinra Kusakabe, as he was once a close friend of Shinra’s father and is deeply involved in the investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.



8. Charon




In the anime series Fire Force, Charon is a mysterious and enigmatic character who is associated with the Evangelist organization.


He is the guardian of the second pillar Haumea and a loyal follower of the White Clad. Charon is a very tall and slender man with his eyes covered using a blindfold with a red cross symbol.


He is also highly skilled in combat and is shown to be a formidable opponent. Throughout the series, Charon is shown to be working towards the Evangelist’s ultimate goal of creating a “Great Cataclysm” that will wipe out most of humanity and allow the organization to rebuild the world in its own image.


He is shown to be deeply loyal to the Evangelist and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve its goals.


Charon is a manipulative and cunning fighter who likes to pick on his opponents’ weaknesses and distract them into believing that he is more powerful than his original second-generation ability.


Although Charon appears to be annoyed with Haumea, he closely follows and protects her at every step.



9. Yūichirō Kurono


Yūichirō Kurono


Yūichirō Kurono is a character in the anime series Fire Force. He is the guardian of the sixth pillar and works at Hajime Industries.


He is known as a cruel, sadistic, and violent man who revels in bullying the weak. Kurono believes that the world should protect and revere the strong while trampling upon the weak.


Yūichirō Kurono always dresses in a dark gray shirt and dark slacks. His right arm is always bandaged due to overheating from the use of his pyrokinetic powers.


He has third-generation abilities and is considered to be the Maddest fighter by Victor Licht. He likes to keep poking at the weakness of his opponent till they are tired.


He has the ability to hide in black smoke and create weapons with this smoke. Yūichirō Kurono is tasked with testing and finding the powerful pyrokinetic among children with abilities.


While testing them, he can be very cruel and sadistic, which earned him the moniker of the reaper.



10. Arthur Boyle


Arthur Boyle


Arthur Boyle is a member of the Special Fire Force Company 8 and is known for his third-generation pyrokinetic abilities.


Arthur is a simple-minded, young boy who seems to live in a medieval world of knights and dragons. He was abandoned as a child by his parents, who always encouraged his imagination of fantasy worlds.


As a result, Arthur thinks that he is a knight and carries an Excalibur-style weapon during his fights. Both Arthur and Shinra constantly bicker and argue with each other over everything, but make a good team when fighting infernals.


Despite his brash and reckless nature, Arthur is deeply loyal to his fellow members of Company 8 and is always ready to jump into action when needed.


As a pyrokinetic, Arthur has the ability to control and manipulate fire. He also has very strong instincts that guide him during his fights and help him a lot.


Haumea thinks Arthur is the guardian of the fourth pillar. As he is the only one who lives in a happy fantasy all the time, he can easily drive away Shinra’s despair and give him hope.



11. Joker




Joker is a pyrokinetic of unknown abilities. He is not a firefighter but assists the Special Fire Force Company 8.


He is also the guardian of the fourth pillar. Joker has a checkered background and is a self-proclaimed anti-hero.


He was abandoned as a child and soon absorbed into the assassin group Holy Sol’s Shadow. Initially, Joker, also called Five-two by the Holy Sol’s Shadow group, had faith in the church of Holy Sol to answer his questions.


However, he soon realized that the Church was a fake organization that was created to bring about destruction and renounced it.


Despite the training from Burns, who took him in as a ward, Joker continues to question the church. Joker’s goal in life is to uncover the truth as only the truth is powerful and supreme.


He can manipulate and use people in a cunning way to meet his goal of finding the truth. He also uses Shinra’s past to instigate him to discover the White-Clad and the truth of the Tokyo empire.



12. Vulcan Joseph


Vulcan Joseph


Vulcan Joseph is the inventor, engineer, and smithy of the Special Fire Force Company 8. He is called the god of fire and smithing for his ability to invent new tools.


He is known for his love of animals and hatred for Hajime Industries. He was averse to joining Fire Force due to his distrust of Hajime Industries but was convinced to join to avenge his family’s demise.


Vulcan Joseph always wears an eerie ram face mask with goggles during his fights. He is a stubborn and determined person who will not give up till he has achieved his goals.


He and his family were betrayed by Dr. Giovanni, who stole his family secret, the Key to Amaterasu, so Vulcan Joseph joined the fire force to keep Dr. Giovanni from succeeding.


He considers Company 8 as his family and would do anything to keep them safe. He is also the only one who can understand Arthur’s fantasies, and he uses these fantasies to keep him safe and find solutions in fights.



13.  Konro Sagamiya


Konro Sagamiya


Konro Sagamiya is the lieutenant of Special Fire Force company 7. He is the second-in-command to Benimaru Shinmon.


He is a loyal, heroic, and brave firefighter of Company 7. He experiences the effects of Tephrosia due to the impact of absorbing the full force from a Demon-type Infernal in a bid to save Benimaru.


Konro Sagamiya appears lackadaisical with relaxed and lazy body language. However, when in a fight, he has strong third-generation abilities.


He is also more diplomatic and tactful in dealing with seniors and outsiders. This helps Shinmon Benimaru avoid sticky situations.


Konro has more faith in the ability of his seniors and Shinmon. He is also very capable of teaching recruits his ability of swordsmanship.


This unquestioned faith in the Special Fire Force is reflected in Benimaru as well.



14. Lisa Isaribi


Lisa Isaribi


Lisa Isaribi is a member of White-Clad’s Knights of Ashen Flame. Under their command, she was called Feeler and grew up as a brainwashed and deluded member of the group under the control of Dr. Giovanni. Later, Dr. Giovanni takes her along as a spy to bring back the Key of Amaterasu, and she joins Vulcan’s Workshop.


Lisa uses her alias and gains Vulcan and Vu’s trust but starts to feel a family bond with them. However, Dr. Giovanni has strong mental control over her, and fearing him, Lisa betrays Vulcan for the key and returns to the White-Clad after the mission.


Although Lisa Isaribi works for the Knights of Ashen Flame, she feels a special bond with the fire force team, especially Vulcan and Vu. This causes her to break away from Dr. Giovanni’s control with the help of Akitaru Ōbi.



15. Inca Kasugatani


Inca Kasugatani


Inca Kasugatani is the fifth Pillar and has a special ability to predict the path of fire before she developed pyrokinetic abilities.


She used her ability to manipulate innocent people stuck in fire and deceive them of their valuables. The Special Fire Force has attempted to save her many times, but Inca felt that being safe and protected made for a boring life.


Inca Kasugatani is a thrill-seeker, selfish and narcissistic, who values only her life and no one else’s. In her greed for a luxurious, independent, and free life where she can do what she wants, Inca aligned herself with The Evangelist and worked toward the Second Cataclysm.


Despite all her powers and abilities, Inca Kasugatani is a flirtatious, immature person who straightforwardly does what she wants.


When she felt that The Evangelist could give her what she wanted, she followed the White-Clads. Later, she abandoned their cause too.



16. Maki Oze


Maki Oze


Maki Oze is a member of the Special Fire Force Company 8, a group of firefighters, who are specially trained to combat Infernals, human beings who have been turned into living flames after being possessed by demons.


Maki is a powerful and skilled fighter, possessing a special witch-like ability to control the Iron Owl created by Vulcan.


Maki Oze is the daughter of General Oze and served in the army as a private before she joined the Special Fire Force.


She is a second-generation pyrokinetic, yet she can easily take down powerful third-generation fighters due to her strength and training.


She is a skilled fighter but is also a girly girl who is insecure about her appearance. Maki Oze considers Company 8 as her family and deeply respects Takehisa Hinawa for being a soldier like her.


She is one of the strongest firefighters and proves herself every time.



17. Arrow




Arrow is the vice-commander of the Knights of Ashen Flame and the guardian of Shō Kusakabe. She is a loyal and unquestioning servant of The Evangelist and believed that the world was on the brink of a change that would be great and unprecedented.


She followed orders blindly without distinguishing between right and wrong. After being assigned to Shō Kusakabe as his guardian, Arrow started to change and became more loyal to Shō than to the Evangelist.


She began to believe in Shō’s decisions and decided to follow him out of The White-Clads. She had openly fought with the Fire Force Company 8 but gave them a chance because of Shō Kusakabe and his brother Shinra.


Arrow has a calm and collected facade all the time even in the face of danger. She can separate her thoughts from orders and unflinchingly follow orders from Shō Kusakabe.



18. Yona




Yona is the secondary antagonist and the subordinate of The Evangelist. At the time of the Great Cataclysm, Yona and the bugs crossed over from the world of Adolla and started to work for The Evangelist to create the ideology of The Holy Sol Church.


Yona disguised himself as Raffles I, started the Tokyo Empire, and set up the Holy Sol Church. Yona is a shapeshifter with third-generation abilities.


He has an artificial and robotic appearance as a human. His personality is that of a cruel, power-hungry, sadistic, person.


He revels in destruction and finds pleasure in the cries of distress and agony, yet he is a coward at heart and flees from danger.


After impersonating Raffles I and starting the Church of Holy Sol, Yona became obsessed with Shinra as he is the hope for the resurgence of mankind and the failure of Adolla’s plan.



19. Amaterasu




Amaterasu, a fiery survivor of the Great Cataclysm, fuels Tokyo with her Adolla Burst, earning the title “First Pillar.” Resembling Iris, she hides a deep hatred for humanity, fueled by centuries of forced servitude as the city’s power source. 


This “Pillar of Madness” manipulates Shinra, seeking to unleash her rage and destroy everything. Absorbed by Haumea, her power becomes the “Light of Madness,” unleashing devastating blasts. 


It allows for devastating explosions even after her death, requiring unique strategies to counter. Though seemingly defeated, her fate remains shrouded in mystery. 



20.  Dragon




Dragon is the leader of the White-Clad’s Destroyers group. He is an immensely powerful fighter with enhanced speed, durability, and strength.


He is a third-generation pyrokinetic who lived for over 200 years. He has supreme confidence in his ability and his power, and he joined the Evangelist only because of boredom from destroying everything aimlessly.


After years of aimless destruction, Dragon joined the White-Clad so that he had a purpose, and with that, he started to target the Special Fire Force team.


He relishes poking fun at his opponents’ weaknesses and even ridicules Charon when he is injured. Despite all his proclamations of being the strongest, Dragon was just tired of aimless killing and wanted to experience mortality.


He always looked for a good fight and thought Arthur Boyle would be the one to fight him.



21.  Sumire




Sumire is a nun in the Holy Sol Church. She is the servant of The Evangelist and is responsible for creating all the Pillars.


She survived for 200 years and became thoroughly convinced that humanity was hopeless and needed to die by the time of the Great Cataclysm.


She willingly followed the Evangelist for this reason. Sumire is a cynic and a sociopath. She was disgusted by humans who were always looking for something new to follow and used the church as a means to end humanity.


She raised sisters like Hibana, Iris, and even Rekka Hoshimiya but did not feel any remorse at watching them die in the fire.


Sumire developed third-generation abilities and used them to locate children with Adolla Burst abilities so that she can recruit them for White-Clad.



22. Iris




Iris is a member of the Special Fire Force Company 8. She is a sister from the Holy Sol Church, and her faith in the religion is unshakeable.


Being a nun, Iris is shy, timid, and not equipped to fight battles. However, she can also stand up to infernals and draw strength from her beliefs in the church and the sun god.


Iris has often proved herself to be young, naive, and immature. She is unable to see through the schemes of the opponents and only believes in helping people in need.


Although she is at a disadvantage, Iris is willing to risk her well-being to save people. Sometimes, Iris is prone to jealousy and can unknowingly push the wrong buttons of people.


Iris is a sister in the Holy Sol Church, and unknowingly, she is the eighth pillar. She is the doppelganger of Amaterasu.



23. Faerie




Faerie is a powerful White-Clad leader obsessed with the coming apocalypse. He can manipulate gravity and people with chilling calmness. Despite his polite demeanour, childish tantrums and arrogance erupt when things go wrong. 


Fueled by Adolla, his powers reach godlike levels, allowing him to control gravity, distort time, and even move the moon. As a member of the Third Generation, he can fly, create illusions, and manipulate gravity at an enhanced level. 


Faerie was very confident about becoming the Guardian of the Third Pillar, Shō Kusakabe, but when Arrow got that role, he felt very frustrated and indignant. While confident in his destruction plans, his emotional outbursts leave him vulnerable.



24. Ritsu




Ritsu is a member of the White-Clad and the guardian of the fifth pillar Inca Kasugatani. She is a member of the Knights of the Purple Smoke and has the ability to reanimate the bodies of dead humans and infernals to attack her opponents.


Her style of fighting is perfectly matching with that of Inca, and they make a great team together. Ritsu is highly confident, scheming, and arrogant.


She has faith in her ability to fight and makes schemes parallel to that of the Inca and the Evangelist.


This often leads to confusion and chaos. However, due to her arrogance, Ritsu never takes help when offered and also insults the person.


Ritsu is calmer, more sensible, and more reasonable compared to Inca Kasugatani. Coupled with her Necro-pyro ability allowing her to reanimate long-dead humans and infernals, Ritsu and Inca make a dangerous team that can cause severe damage.



25. Princess Hibana


Princess Hibana


Princess Hibana is a character who is the leader of the Special Fire Force Company 5. She is a young woman with long, flowing purple hair and is often seen wearing a sleek and elegant outfit.


She was a sister of the Church of Holy Sol as a child but most of her fellow sisters were burnt in the Holy Sol temple fire.


This destroyed her faith in the church. Princess Hibana renounced her faith and dedicated herself to science and research.


Hibana is skilled in chemistry and has researched it since a young age. She used her knowledge to join Hajime Industries and became the captain of Special Fire Force Company 5.


She is also a highly intelligent and strategic thinker and is known for her ability to come up with effective plans and tactics in the face of danger though her battle skills are limited, she can manipulate others to get away from danger.


Princess Hibana appears to be cynical, arrogant, and reckless while researching infernals. She has no compassion for others and is willing to use anyone for her benefit.



26. Viktor Licht


Viktor Licht


Viktor Licht is a scientist who researches the infernals and hopes to discover the truth about the Adolla Burst.


Like Joker, Viktor Licht is in search of the truth and does not have any affiliation with the government or the church.


He joins the Special Fire Force Company 8 to get a chance to research infernals. Viktor Licht lacks the ignition ability just like Akitaru Obi, but he was impressed by Obi’s display of firefighting skills at the Rookie Fire Soldier Games.


After that, he was determined to join company 8 and find the truth. He is a self-proclaimed mad scientist and a weirdo who behaves in a creepy way while researching the Adolla skills of Shinra.


While the rest of the company is unclear about Viktor Licht’s loyalty, he only pursues the truth. It is clear that Licht is a coward in battle, but he can use his knowledge and scheme to get to the truth.



27. Takehisa Hinawa


Takehisa Hinawa


Takehisa Hinawa is a member of the Special Fire Force Company 8. He is a tall and muscular man with short, spiky black hair and a serious demeanor.


He is the Company lieutenant of the Special Fire Force Company 8 and a second-generation pyrokinetic. Hinawa is a skilled fighter and is trained in the use of various weapons and equipment.


He is known for his exceptional physical strength and endurance and is often called upon to take on the most difficult and dangerous missions.


His years of experience in the Tokyo Army gave him great fighting skills and planning skills. Takehisa Hinawa plays a key role in the fight against the Infernals and is fiercely loyal to his team members, and is always willing to put himself in harm’s way in order to protect them.


Hinawa appears stoic, callous, logical, and intimidating when he is talking about business. Takehisa Hinawa can be indifferent to his own safety and life while fighting the White-clad, but he remembers that his team will face hardships without him and becomes cautious.



28. Tamaki Kotatsu


Tamaki Kotatsu


Tamaki Kotatsu is a member of Special Fire Force Company 8. But before this, she served in Company 1 under the leadership of Rekka Hoshimiya.


After the truth about Rekka Hoshimiya was uncovered, she took her punishment and joined company 8 to continue serving the people.


Tamaki Kotatsu is a very clumsy person who often lands in the most intimate or awkward situations, which leads to a lot of embarrassment.


By nature, Tamaki is a friendly, helpful, kind-natured, and loyal person but she can become boastful and loud. She is very proud of her leaders and superiors till she sees the truth of Hoshimiya.


Initially, Kotatsu was insecure about being just a second-generation fighter, but she turned this into anger and improved her skills with constant training.



29. Karim Flam


Karim Flam


Karim Flam is a preacher of the Holy Sol Church who joined the Special Fire Force Company 1. He was the lieutenant of company 1 and a second-generation pyrokinetic.


Flam was a close friend and follower of Rekka Hoshimiya and Huo Yan Li. When Hoshimiya’s betrayal was uncovered, Flam was conflicted and greatly disappointed.


Karim Flam is an arrogant, brash, highly disrespectful person who does not mind insulting strangers. However, he has a deep sense of justice and a desire to protect the innocents; this sense of duty always keeps him in line and respectful of his fellow team members.


After Rekka, Flam joined company 8 with a renewed sense of justice to uncover the truth behind the Evangelist.



30. Foien Li (Huo Yan Li)


Foien Li (Huo Yan Li)


Huo Yan Li is the Captain of the Special Fire Force Company 1. He is also best friends with Rekka Hoshimiya and Karim Flam.


Li is a stickler for rules and etiquette and strictly follows the rules and code of conduct laid down by the Special Fire Force.


By nature, Huo Yan Li is a laid-back and carefree person who does not like to get worked up about anything.


He maintains a calm face in any situation and simply follows protocol. Unlike his good friends Karim Flam and Rekka Hoshimiya, he does not get emotional or caught up in the truth.


Despite knowing about the sham that the Church of Holy Sol is, he still continues to follow it because it brings order and hopes to society.


Huo Yan Li is a third-generation pyrokinetic and has decent fighting abilities. He only believes in following orders and not using his own logic.



31. Rekka Hoshimiya


Rekka Hoshimiya


Rekka Hoshimiya is a lieutenant of the Special Fire Force Company 1. He is a priest of the church of Holy Sol and was raised by Sister Sumire to be a devout servant in the White Clad organization.


He infiltrated the Special Fire Force Company 1 on the orders of The Evangelist and caused a lot of damage and destruction.


Rekka Hoshimiya is a third-generation fighter. While he worked in the Special Fire Force, he was an obedient rule follower and an enthusiastic firefighter.


He would always encourage his teammates in a fight and appear to be positively supporting them. However, he hid a dark, malicious, and sadistic personality that did not care for anyone.


It was witnessed in the way he violently beat up Tamaki and the children. Rekka Hoshimiya was a thoroughly brainwashed and devout White-clad whose mission was to use bugs to create infernals and infect children.



32. Dr. Giovanni


Dr. Giovanni


Dr. Giovanni or simply Giovanni is a scientist and researcher who works for Hajime Industries. Through them, he was appointed to Special Fire Force Company 3 as their captain.


He was an apprentice under the Joseph clan and trained with Vulcan Joseph’s grandfather. He betrayed the Josephs and stole the Key of Amaterasu from them.


Giovanni is a sadistic, cunning, and controlling person who was greedy for knowledge and power. This drove him to join the Hajime Industries and indiscriminately experiment on infernals and children.


He planted Lisa Isaribi in Vulcan Joseph’s workshop to spy on him and betray him when needed. It was later revealed that Giovanni was a White-Clad fighter who had patiently laid his trap to experiment on Shinra and also destroy Vulcan Joseph’s work. His ultimate goal was to bring the Second Cataclysm.



33. Gustav Honda


Gustav Honda


Gustav Honda is the Captain of the Special Fire Force company 2. He has third-generation abilities and he can create fire from his scalp.


This caused his baldness and he became the topic of gossip among his team and the fire force. Yet, Honda is very sensitive about his baldness and does not like to discuss it.


Gustav Honda is a serious and strict man and conducts himself like a general in the army. He is very devoted and loyal to King Raffles III and the Tokyo empire.


He does not suspect or even consider that anything that the king does is a mistake. This blinds him from the truth and creates conflict with Benimaru Shinmon of Company 7.


Despite all this, Honda deeply cares for his team and their safety. He sends them to train with company 1  to improve their skills.



34. Takeru Noto


Takeru Noto


Takeru Noto is a second-class fire soldier from company 2. He was a potato farmer from the Chinese peninsula and after his third-generation abilities surfaced, he joined the Special Fire Force.


In the team, he is called the Juggernaut and has a huge body. Takeru Noto has pyrophobia despite his pyrokinetic abilities.


He can create fire and the fire cannot harm him, yet Noto gets anxious at the sight of fire.


He is also a con-confrontational person who does not like to fight. To overcome his phobia and his nature, Takeru Noto joined the Fire Force and trained with the firefighters.


In a battle, he has a strong sense of protectiveness toward the innocent which guides him to save them and fight the opponents.



35. Sōichirō Hague


Sōichirō Hague


Sōichirō Hague was the captain of Special Fire Force Company 4. He was an elderly man with squinted eyes and three dangerous-looking scars across his face.


Sōichirō Hague speaks very politely and respectfully while on duty, and he is a calm and formal person. He has had a long and distinguished career in firefighting, but he feels guilty for the lives he couldn’t save.


However, two years ago he experienced the Adolla link while on a mission and that changed him forever. He experienced great pain and injury, but he started to become delusional about the power of Adolla.


He wanted to experience it again and started to secretly investigate it. He went down a dangerous obsession that took his life.



36.  Amon Hajiki


Amon Hajiki


Amon Hajiki was a firefighter in the Special fire Force Company 2. He was a third-generation pyrokinetic with strong fighting abilities.


He was also a lively, brave, and loyal firefighter who loved to gossip about his captain’s bald head in Company 2. However, he had a major issue with forgetfulness.


He would forget important details easily. Once he forgot to mention his pyrokinetic abilities when he applied for the Rookie Fire Soldier Games, which led to him fighting under the head of non-pyrokinetic firefighters.


He died at the hands of pyrokinetic Knights of the Purple Smoke.



37. Ogun Montgomery


Ogun Montgomery


Ogun Montgomery is a firefighter from Special Fire Force Company 4. He trained in the academy alongside Arthur Boyle, Shinra Kusakabe, Karin, etc., and has a friendly relationship with everyone.


He is a loyal, empathetic, courageous, and friendly person. He shows maturity when his friends have silly fights like Shinra and Arthur’s rivalry about heroes and knights.


Ogun is a team player and likes to maintain peace with everyone on his team. He is one of the few people who retain trust in Shinra Kusakabe when everyone questions him about his past actions.



38. Pan Ko Paat


Pan Ko Paat


Pan Ko Paat is a trainer at the Special Fire Force Training Academy and a Captain of Special Fire Force Company 4.


He takes over the role after the death of captain Hague, whom he greatly respects. Pan was very disturbed after observing the weird fascination of Captain Hague toward Adolla fires.


Pan ko Paat is a level-headed individual who will ally with any force to ensure the safety of his team and people.


He maintains this secret with himself so that no one lands in trouble on his behalf.



39. Nataku Son


Nataku Son


Nataku Son is a young eleven-year-old boy who was bitten by the bug and develops third-generation abilities. Subsequently, he is picked up by Hajime Industries, where his Adolla abilities are tested, and he is trained to become a pillar.


Sadly, Nataku Son is picked up by Rekka Hoshimiya, who pushes him beyond his limits and continues to taunt him.


The testing of Hoshimiya leaves an indelible mark on the mind of Nataku, who grapples with PTSD. Later, he comes under the care of Yūichirō Kurono, who becomes his guardian.


With careful and gentle mentoring, Kurono helps Nataku recover from the shadow of Hoshimiya.



40. Kayoko Huang


Kayoko Huang


Kayoko Huang is a doctor and the captain of Special Fire Force Company 6. She is a dedicated doctor who treats the wounded and helps with the investigations of other company missions.


She also firefights with her team and uses her third-generation ability like a surgeon in surgery with utmost precision.


Kayoko Huang is a believer in the church of Holy Sol and feels that Company 8 is facing difficulties due to entering the Netherworld which is prohibited by the church.


Nevertheless, she will do her extra bit to help her team and fellow firefighters.



41. Karin Sasaki


Karin Sasaki


Karin Sasaki is a firefighter with Special Fire Force company 4. He is a narrow-minded, arrogant, and rude person.


He is prone to believe anything that the rumor mill tells him and fully believes Shinra Kusakabe is the one who killed his family.


He does not analyze the truth but jumps to conclusions and becomes judgemental. Yet, despite all his flaws, Karin Sasaki is an ideal company 4 man and believes in the motto of ‘never leave a man behind or any innocents’. Living by this motto, he is ready to save Shinra too.



42. Tōru Kishiri


Tōru Kishiri


Tōru Kishiri is a firefighter in Special Fire Force Company 5. He is a boastful, arrogant, brash, and opinionated firefighter.


He lacks respect for others. Tōru Kishiri is proud of his ability as a third-generation pyrokinetic. This makes him insult those with lesser abilities, especially Akitaru Obi.


Although he can control fire, his dedication is not toward firefighting but toward finding girls. This makes him a forgettable person without any memorable qualities.



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