Top 49 Most Popular Danganronpa Characters

top 49 most popular danganronpa characters


Danganronpa is one of the most popular anime series of all time. And it all started because of a visual novel that happens to be even better than the anime.


The series focuses on Hope’s Peak Academy and a bunch of talented students, who experience murders and mysteries to figure out a way out of this school and eventually, get back home.


However, they are yet to realize that their school is a lot more intimidating than what meets the eye.


And that’s why this entire show is so entertaining. And a part of its excellence goes to its characters.


Therefore, in this article, we are going to list down the Best Danganronpa characters. I hope you enjoy it.




1. Kokichi Ouma


Kokichi Ouma


This kid says that he is the leader of a group that has over 10000 members. And although it may seem unreal at first, things start to change when you realize that this story might hold some actual value to it.


The man is referred to as the Ultimate Supreme Leader. And that tag isn’t just for the sake of it. Instead, it comes with the idea that this man can stay ambiguous and secure from others.


He can pinpoint murders and figure out criminals without breaking into a sweat. And that’s why Kokichi is one of the most popular characters in the entire series.


His intelligence and excellence are more than enough to make fans lose their minds over him.




2. Gundham Tanaka


Gundham Tanaka


If the topic is animal husbandry then this man might be the king. Gundham is known for his appearance and interesting yet capturing behaviour toward animals.


This man can go ahead and save a ton of animals without a care for the world. He is responsible for the death of Nekomaru when he was given the choice between Murder or starvation of Cham-P.


He is so possessive about his animals. He is known for being a winner in a hand-to-hand combat situation with the help of his hamsters.


And that’s why fans appreciate his characterisation so much. This man is just perfect in every which way.




3. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu


Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu


This man is nothing but trouble. After all, he is the successor of a Yakuza. And not just any Yakuza, Fuyuhiko is the successor of the largest Yakuza in Japan too.


Now that’s a position. This man doesn’t stand his face being mocked by anyone. Since he has a childish appearance, he is often ridiculed, much to his annoyance.


However, when someone does that, he threatens them to death with implications of violence all along. This is what makes our man so intimidating and capturing.


And that’s why he is regarded as the Ultimate Yakuza in the series. He is also known as the Super High School Level Gangster.


Tell me what’s more badass than that?




4. Nagito Komaeda


Nagito Komaeda


This man is nothing but an optimist. He couldn’t accept a situation where he is losing and that’s what makes him so amazing in the first place.


The fact that he is going on with his life, despite all the miseries standing right on the horizon is amazing.


And that’s just the beginning of it. He is known as the Ultimate Lucky Student or Super High School Level Good Luck.


And let’s just say that this title was made for him. He is friendly and upbeat during the initial episodes and that’s why he tends to be an interesting character from the get-go.


However, we do see him evolve with time. And he does shape himself according to the realm of Danganronpa.



5. Kyouko Kirigiri


kyouko kirigiri


She is the main heroine of the original game. And that’s why she is one of the most popular characters in the entire franchise.


However, that’s just the beginning of her character. As we dive deep into the franchise, she does appear as the lead female in the original Danganronpa anime.


Her title was mentioned as Ultimate??? Or Super High School Level???. This is because the game kept it ambiguous for the viewers and players.


And that’s why her identity became a great hook for the viewers of this series. We get to know more about her as the story progresses, making her an immersive character.


This character is loved and appreciated by everyone who watches her. And that’s why she is so special. While we might not get a chance to see the story from her perspective, there’s no denying that this series is something that goes way out of its way to make sure that the experience is top-notch. 



6. Ibuki Mioda


Ibuki Mioda


This girl loves to play the guitar. And that’s one of the many reasons why she decided to join an all-female band that creates some really good music.


Not only that but Ibuki has a strong sense of hearing as well. And that’s what makes her so impressive in the first place.


This woman can go on and perform like an absolute expert. And that’s why her presence is so capturing for the audience.


Moreover, her title in the show is Ultimate Musician or Super High School Level Light Music Club Member. And this title is quite befitting for her.


She was the third victim of murder. She was first strangled to death and then hung by Mikan. A brutal way to put an end to someone’s life.



7. Chihiro Fujisaki


chihiro fujisaki


Although he may look like a girl, he is a boy with insane skills in coding and programming.


However, since he is someone who is always on the computer, this man ends up losing all the social skills he could potentially have.


This guy is known as the Ultimate Programmer or Super High School Level Programmer. And that’s a post that will be assigned to him for the rest of his life.


There’s a point in the story where he ends up getting his head smashed by a dumbbell. And oh boy, isn’t that brutal?


Let’s just say that this guy will shape the anime for the rest of the story. P.S. – he is insane with his computing skills and capabilities.


This specific character caused a lot of havoc, especially when it came to the first season of the anime. And that’s one of the many reasons why he is such a beautiful character to look forward to.


Moreover, if you are someone who is in search for some geniuses then this is the person you should look for. 



8. Junko Enoshima


junko enoshima


The most deceiving Character in the entire series. She first showed up as one of the students who had been caught up in the mess of Hope’s Peak Academy.


However, it is later revealed that she is the one responsible for everything wrong that’s taking place. This woman is evil on a whole different level.


And that’s why Junko is an entertaining being. This girl brought the spice that the anime needed to separate it from the others.


And that’s why she is so unique that you can’t help but fall in love with her. However, beware.


She may seem sweet on the outside but she is too shrewd on the inside. This girl will be the driving force for this anime and its narrative.


Junko is a madman. At least that’s what you will feel the moment you will look at her.


She is insane from every angle and it’s only a matter of time before new viewers will catch up and make themselves realize how beautiful this beast can be. 



9. Naegi Makoto


naegi makoto


He is the lead character of the original story. And that’s more than enough to bring him here.


Naegi is the one who doesn’t have any special characteristics going on for himself. He is often regarded as the most basic student in the entire academy.


However, the key difference here is that Naegi is later on revealed to be the Ultimate Lucky Student or Super High School Level Good Luck.


This is because our boy won admission to Hope’s Peak Academy through a lucky draw. And the chances of that happening are absolutely abysmal.


His optimistic nature and outgoing personality make him an ideal protagonist to enjoy on your first watch of Danganronpa.


However, that’s not all. At times, we are even able to witness his intelligence which allows us to get an idea of why he is the main character of this show.


Not only that, he is also appreciated by fans for his contribution to the overall story progression, making him a remarkable name in the show. 



10. Maki Harukawa


Maki Harukawa


She is the main heroine of Danganronpa V3. Some people may be confused since for them, Kaede Akamatsu was the lead heroine.


However, Kaede was the false protagonist, and instead, she is the main one. And her reign starts from the end of Kaede.


She goes on to be a quiet and cynical girl who doesn’t seem to have any sympathetic feelings toward anyone else.


She is known for being the Ultimate Child Caregiver. And although this title may seem a bit off for her, it does hold some truth to it.


That’s why she is also known as the Super High School Level Nursed School Teacher. Her contribution to the series is absolutely game-changing.



11. Shuichi Saihara


Shuichi Saihara


This man is a beast. And he is regarded as the real main protagonist of the Danganronpa V3 series.


He is often considered the most captivating character in the entire series. And the fact that he is the Ultimate Detective, just like Kyoko Kirigiri is stunning.


He is a soft-spoken boy who doesn’t like to speak too much. However, when he does open his mouth, his words are costly for the entire series.


He claims that he solves cases by chance. However, we get to see him perform like an absolute monster in the story.


And that’s why Danganronpa V3 is a series that fans enjoy to their heart’s content.



12. Togami Byakuya


Togami Byakuya


This man thinks that he is better than everyone else in the academy. And as superficial as it sounds, his thinking does come from an understandable mindset.


He is the successor of a colossal Family Corporation. And with that degree of Wealth and Power, he is bound to be realized as a boy born with a silver spoon.


However, what makes Togami so captivating is the fact that he hates losing. He cannot stand anyone being ahead of him and so, he keeps a cold front for everyone else.


However, with time, he does change his personality and we get to experience more dimensions of his character.


He is known as the Super High School Level Scion or the Ultimate Affluent Progeny.



13. Celestia Ludenberg


celestia ludenberg


This girl believes that adapting to the environment is the only way one can survive in a situation. And that’s why she is ranked here on our list.


After all, her perspective is quite suited to the audience. The girl talks about herself in a Gothic Lolita-style costume.


And although it may not seem all that captured at the start, as the show progresses, people realize that this woman will be a lot stronger in the series than what meets the eye.


While fans had some optimistic assumptions about her, she does show a side of her that no one expected.


And that’s what makes her the Ultimate Gambler or Super High School Level Gambler in the anime.


Honestly, a lot of fans wanted her to last longer in the story. She was one of the characters who gave “VIP Character” vibes. Unfortunately, things didn’t go that route.


And while some may claim that this decision of not continuing with Celestia was inappropriate, there’s no denying that during her presence, she made a massive impact on viewers. 



14. Rantaro Amami


rantaro amami


He is one of the Ultimate??? or Super High School Level??? This man is known for his calm attitude and it is said that he doesn’t have an idea about his talents.


He can talk with Monokuma without any fear. And that’s why he captures the audience’s attention without any issues whatsoever.


However, what makes him even more interesting is the fact that he was hit by Kaede. And the way Kaede did it was by using a shot-put ball.


This is what makes his story so interesting for the audience and the players. Later on, it is revealed that he is the Ultimate Survivor or the Ultimate Adventurer. Now that’s a position that deserves respect.



15. Touko Fukawa


Touko Fukawa


This girl happens to have a split personality going on for her. And that’s why she is so intriguing to the audience.


She is in love with Byakuya. Although, that’s her lethal self. Her shy part is just away from everyone else and acts completely differently than her lethal counterpart.


Moreover, her lethal self is often referred to as Genocide Jack. And this personality uses scissors for the sake of intimidation.


Needless to say, fans assumed this character to be the killer during the initial episodes itself. However, she did stand for quite a long and thus, her character gained a lot more love and recognition from fans and players of the series.



16. Chiaki Nanami


Chiaki Nanami


She is the main heroine of the second game of the franchise. And although she may seem useless at first, wait until the topic of discussion is games.


Then she is an absolute beast. She is a laid-back girl who does nothing but plays games and enjoys the hell out of her life.


However, that’s one of the reasons why she has become a bit weaker in terms of her social skills.


Moreover, she has lost all her cunningness which is useful to thrive in the real world. However, for someone to attain the tag of the Ultimate Gamer or Super High School Level Gamer, this kind of personality is sort of expected.


This is going to be a rough one. And you can’t beat that.



17. Kaede Akamatsu


Kaede Akamatsu


She is the false protagonist of the series we know by the name of Danganronpa V3. And let’s just say that this woman is a lot more intimidating than what meets the eye.


She seems like a cheerful and optimistic girl who is always looking for opportunities to uplift people. Moreover, she is quite hard-working and happens to have an amazing talent for the piano.


After all, she is known as the Ultimate Pianist in the series. However, as the story continues, we realize that this woman will meet a fate she didn’t expect.


And that’s why the entire character captures the audience’s attention and makes the anime even more entertaining to watch for all of us as viewers.



18. Ishimaru Kiyotaka


Ishimaru Kiyotaka


This man holds a grudge against the government. And that’s why he wishes to become the Prime Minister at one point in time.


He is known as the Ultimate Moral Compass or Super High School Level Disciplinarian. And let’s just say that this title is quite appropriate for his personality.


He is an enthusiastic individual who does hold some interesting moral grounds. And he wishes to repent for the failures of his predecessors and make sure that he secures his position appropriately.


This is why Ishimaru Kiyotaka is so entertaining for the audience. This man is just insane with his approach.


And the fact that he refers to Mondo as his brother defines his relationship with him.



19. Sonia Nevermind


Sonia Nevermind


Imagine being a Princess? Well, that’s exactly what Sonia Nevermind is. She is the Princess of Novoselic and she was transferred from her place to Hope’s Peak.


She is referred to as a noble student in the series and her nation happens to have some strong connections with Japan, making her inclined to show up here.


However, soon enough, she realizes that this is not the ideal situation. This character is going to have a rough time.


And with the essence of her title as the Ultimate Princess or Super High School Level Princess, it would be interesting to see where her character will go under these circumstances. That’s what makes her so captivating.



20. Miu Iruma


Miu Iruma


This girl is known for her inventions. After all, she has invented a ton of different gadgets that have helped countless people.


However, when you help someone so much, you tend to get a bit too ahead of yourself. And that’s why Miu Iruma happens to have an interesting personality going for her.


She is a narcissistic girl who is always out there, trying to showcase that her stature is quite high.


Moreover, she doesn’t behave properly as she is always speaking garbage, expressing perverted ideas, and acting rudely to other people.


This behaviour does backfire in the series. And that’s when everything starts to fall apart for him and everyone else around him.



21. Hajime Hinata


Hajime Hinata


Hajime always wanted to be a part of Hope’s Peak Academy. He was aspirational about the series and looked at it as a dream for himself.


He is the protagonist of the second game. And the fact that people always look up to him is fascinating.


Moreover, it is stated that this man was thirsty for talent. He ended up taking part in a project called Izuru Kamakura that focused on a being with every talent known to man.


Moreover, Hope vs Despair was a battle orchestrated by Hajime himself. And that’s one of the many reasons why fans always looked forward to his personality and character in the series.


Let’s just say that this man was way more important than we initially thought.



22. Asahina Aoi


Asahina Aoi


Probably the most beautiful girl in the first season, Asahina Aoi is one of the lead characters in the series.


She was one of the final survivors during the climax of the first season. And let’s just say that this woman will have the time of her life at Hope’s Peak Academy.


She is often referred to as the most humble character in the series as well. And that’s why her personality is so captivating for the audience.


Moreover, we come across the fact that she is the Ultimate Swimming Pro or Super High School Level Swimmer.


Now that’s a talent that will be recognized for ages. And that’s what makes the series as well as the character so interesting for all of us.



23. Kaito Momota


Kaito Momota


My boy wants to go to space. And although he is quite aspirant about it, he is also very functional.


Why? Because this man has already managed his hands on a spaceship and can already be qualified as an astronaut.


His title is the Ultimate Astronaut in the series. Now that’s more like it. However, he hasn’t visited space before the killing game.


Therefore, his character gains a lot of development throughout the show. And we also come across his true intentions as more and more episodes roll by.


This man is something completely different from what he portrays himself to be. Therefore, all of us must keep an eye on him.



24. Korekiyo Shinguji


Korekiyo Shinguji


This man loves to study Humans. And so, he is regarded as the Ultimate Anthropologist. He is a cool guy who seems to have a lot of passion for anthropology.


And so, he is also quite clever in the series. Moreover, we tend to realize that this man wears a zipper around his neck.


And that zipper makes him even more intimidating. This is why he often jokes about himself being a killer.


However, that’s not the vibe that we get as an audience. He also happens to have a split personality.


However, his other half is self-fabricated and so, doesn’t hold a lot of significance in the series.


Moreover, his execution was called Cultural Melting Pot.



25. K1-B0




For him, Professor Iidabashi is a God. And that’s because he is the one who created him. With the technology of artificial intelligence in place, K1-B0 or Keebo is a self-learning robot who is awarded the title of Ultimate Robot in the series.


However, he doesn’t have a strong connection with Kokichi and instead, tends to have disputes with him. Moreover, sarcasm and jokes tend to be hurtful to our boy and that’s why this entire robot is so impressive to the audience.


There’s a reason why K1-B0 is a being that deserves more love and respect in the series. Moreover, he became a playable character in Chapter 6 of the show.



26. Ryota Mitarai


Ryota Mitarai


Our boy was bullied horribly in his childhood. And that’s why this man is known for his standards in this new environment.


He is often referred to as the Former Ultimate Animator or Former Super High School Animator. And that’s why his stature is so focused.


He was taken under the influence of Junko and so, he ended up doing things that he wouldn’t have otherwise.


There’s a reason why people look up to his character. And so, if you haven’t had the privilege to enjoy Ryota’s character then you must give it a go.


Being an animator, this man has some insane skills going on for himself.



27. Sakura Ogami


Sakura Ogami


This girl may give you the vibe of a man. However, that’s not the case. She is Sakura Ogami who has an amazing build going on for her.


Looking at her, you might assume that she is a rough and tough guy who is going to kill you if you insult her.


However, that’s not the case. She is quite gentle and humble in her approach and so, her character comes off as a capturing one to the audience.


However, what makes her character even more fascinating is the fact that she is extremely good at fighting and is regarded as the Ultimate Martial Artist or Super High School Level Fighter. Now that’s a statute on its own.



28. Ryoma Hoshi


Ryoma Hoshi


His tennis skills are second to none in the series. However, his killing skills are also a subject of discussion for us.


This man is short in size but huge in his approach as a fighter. And that’s what makes him so captivating in the forest place.


Ryoma Hoshi is a person you wouldn’t wanna mess with. After all, he has defeated entire organizations of Mafias without breaking a sweat.


And there’s a Reason why he was enrolled in the Ultimate Academy of Gifted Juveniles. This man is nothing but a menace.


And his status is Ultimate Tennis Pro in the series. People often call him the Tennis Killer due to his past.



29. Mondo Oowada


Mondo Oowada


Mondo is living his life with guilt. The guilt of losing his brother because of a mistake he made.


And that’s what made him so hot-headed in the first place. Mondo is a character that happens to have a lot going on for him.


For starters, he is quite aggressive which makes him entertaining for the audience and everyone around him but also because he is a bike leader.


He has a strong backstory that touches the hearts of the viewers. And his status as the Ultimate Biker Gang Leader or Super High School Level Biker is what makes him so capturing.


However, the way he was executed was called the Cage Of Death. It was quite painful to watch for sure.



30. Leon Kuwata


Leon Kuwata


He may be a bit rough on the outside. However, the situation changes when things are in his favour.


That’s what makes Leon so impressive in the first place. He is unrealistically good at baseball. People consider him to be one of the finest in the group.


However, he decided that he had had enough of baseball and instead, tried jumping to Punk Music. This is why he goes on to pursue his new career option.


However, what makes him so captivating is the fact that his death was done quite interestingly. And this is what makes him such a menace to all those around him.


He is a character who will leave a lasting impression on you. And you would love to see that.



31. Sayaka Maizono


Sayaka Maizono


This girl is a leader. And although her group is that of Idols, it doesn’t change the fact that she was an impressive character altogether.


She is known for having amazing intuition that makes her look like a psychic. And that’s why her personality manages to capture the heart of the audience.


If you haven’t watched the anime yet, make sure that you do so as soon as possible. After all, this character will be game-changing for your experience.


She is adorable and that’s why her behaviour impacts the audience so well. Sayaka Maizono is someone who wouldn’t have any problem deceiving people.



32. Mukuro Ikusaba


Mukuro Ikusaba


This student is often known as the elusive 16th student. And that’s just one of the many statuses held by this character.


She is known for her expression during the 6th murder. And that’s when people came to know about her.


She held the title of the Ultimate Soldier or Super High School Level Soldier. And that’s why fans noticed her as a menace.


This show is just as engaging as it gets. And there’s a reason why people look up to her personality.


Moreover, it was later revealed that she is Junko’s twin sister and so, she comes off as the Ultimate Fashionista or Super High School Level Gal.



33. Kazuichi Souda


Kazuichi Souda


Souda tends to take things to the next level. This man is known for his skills in mechanics. And that’s why fans look up to his character.


This is what makes him so entertaining in the first place. His personality is a bit meek and although he is quite expressive, he does have a weak attitude toward tough situations.


In other words, he isn’t exactly the most courageous person you can find. However, that doesn’t change the fact that his skills with machines are unreal.


And so, if you haven’t watched him yet, you should give him a go. He is stunning with his moves and patterns.



34. Mahiru Koizumi


Mahiru Koizumi


She is exceptionally good at taking some amazing photos. However, what makes her even better is the fact that Mahiru is the ultimate at what she does.


She is the Ultimate Photographer or Super High School Level Photographer. And that’s why her presence is so capturing to the audience.


However, the show goes on to express a feeling about her that seems a bit off. She isn’t interested in men.


She sort of hates them. And that’s why this girl happens to entertain the audience in rather interesting ways.


If you haven’t watched her yet then give it a go. She is stunning. Although, her death was quite quick in the series.



35. Mikan Tsumiki


Mikan Tsumiki


She is a nurse. And that’s why she is so sought after in the series. Mikan is one of the most captivating characters in the series.


And that’s because of her status. She is the Ultimate Nurse or Super High School Health Committee Member. And this status is what differentiates her from the rest.


She realizes the despair disease and experiences them firsthand. And that experience is what defines her character in the series.


Moreover, her childhood was filled with Misery and horror. A lot of abuse was bestowed upon her. And that’s why Mikan is a character that you can’t help but appreciate.


However, her actions do hold a lot more significance than what meets the eye.



36. Monokuma




Monokuma is the mascot of the series. And so, his appearance makes a whole lot more sense than anyone else.


People love his personality and the spice that he brings in. Let’s just say that he is probably the scariest bear in the anime world.


After all, messing with him can lead you to death. However, his design is quite fascinating as well. Looking at his dual mood theme, one can realize that he is bound to be an amazing character for the audience.


The fact that he can be cute and cruel at the same time brings more character to himself. And that’s why Monokuma is one of the most sought-after characters in the entire show. It is insane how many people love him.



37. Peko Pekoyama


Peko Pekoyama


Peko is a name that will be remembered by fans all around the globe. Why? Because she is quiet.


She doesn’t speak too much and that draws attention to her automatically. The fact that she is an expert in Kendo and always carries a sword, goes on to show that she is quite passionate about her craft.


Moreover, she has also served the Kuzuryu family. And it seems that she had connections with Fuyuhiko, even before this series.


This is why I believe that everyone should focus on Peko and her excellence. Plus, she has been directly involved with a murder so that’s another plus for us.



38. Gonta Gokuhara


Gonta Gokuhara


He is an Entomologist. Yup, the Ultimate Entomologist. And although it may seem a bit off at first, the moment you know about his story, things start to make more sense.


The fact that he can communicate with animals is insane. And what’s more insane is the fact that he was raised by wolves during his childhood.


Now that’s rare. However, this allowed him to have an edge over animals and the way they live their lives.


Ginta is always looking for a passive solution and doesn’t seek violence in any form whatsoever. He is always against it and tries to exclude himself from anything along those lines.


That’s why people love his character so much. He isn’t interested in killing the game at all.



39. Himiko Yumeno


Himiko Yumeno


She may seem a bit lazy at first. However, she does have a strong skill going on for her.


After all, how often have you felt like a young magician? Well, that’s exactly what she is. Himiko is the Ultimate Magician.


However, she likes the title of Ultimate Mage. Tenko happens to fall in love with her during the Killing Game.


And that’s where her character started to take more shape and personality into it. There’s a reason why people look up to her character.


She is someone who doesn’t express herself too much. And that’s why Tenko advises her to focus on herself and express herself.



40. Yasuhiro Hagakure


Yasuhiro Hagakure


This man will tell you what your future looks like. And he is pretty good at it. He is considered to be one of the best in the fortune-telling community.


And that’s why people look up to his character. He is the oldest person in the group. And that’s because of him being held back for years.


He managed to escape the academy and became a member of the Future Foundation. However, what’s more, important to note here is that he is exceptional in his efforts as a person.


He is a bit dimwitted and cosy but that’s alright because his skills make up for his laid-back attitude. This is insane on its own.



41. Kirumi Tojo


Kirumi Tojo


She is someone who prefers her duty over herself. And let’s just say that this attitude makes a lot of sense, considering her status.


She is the Ultimate Maid. And that’s why she always prefers to do her work over anything else. She takes care of her chores and other students in the series.


And all of this takes place in the New Killing School Life. It is also claimed that she is the de facto Prime Minister of Japan.


And she wanted to make sure that people in her country are safe. Therefore, she decided to kill and escape the school.


Unfortunately, she is not as skilful as you might expect.



42. Angie Yonaga


Angie Yonaga


She is quite a religious person. And the fact that she is known as the Ultimate Artist adds another dimension to her character.


She is also known as a Super High School Level Art Club Member. She always looks at herself as a vessel.


And that’s because she deeply believes in the Island God Arya. This is why Angie has an amazing life for herself.


However, what makes her even more interesting is the fact that she goes on to take this sentiment to the next level.


And that’s how she creates content for the viewers of the series and players of the game. Moreover, she is the Third Murder Victim in the series and that’s what makes her so special.



43. Monaca Towa


Monaca Towa


This mage is bound by a wheelchair. However, that doesn’t change the fact that she is crucial to the success of this series.


This girl goes on to make the most captivating experiences for us. And that’s why she is placed here.


The fact that she is one of the warriors of Hope, is nothing but fascinating for all of us.


And that’s why Monaca is someone you should look up to. This girl will change the way everyone looks at this anime.


And this is why Monaca Towa is someone you should always seek for. However, the situation leads her to become a NEET.


And that’s where her character starts to fumble a bit.



44. Tsumugi Shirogane


Tsumugi Shirogane


She is the one responsible for all the troubles in the series. And that’s why she is placed here on our list.


Tsumugi Shirogane is one of the most captured characters in the series. And the fact that she is the main antagonist of the show just adds more layers to the series.


She is the Ultimate Cosplayer in the anime and that’s why her character is noteworthy to us. Her execution was named the Ultimate Annihilation.


And that’s quite intimidating on its own. However, that’s nothing compared to what other characters had received. Therefore, if you haven’t watched Tsumugi yet then give her a go.



45. Teruteru Hanamura


Teruteru Hanamura


Hanamura will annoy you from the start. The fact that he is a bisexual pervert makes his character more and more fascinating for us.


However, what’s more, important to note here is that this monster is nothing but wild in his cooking. The fact that he is known as the Ultimate Chef or Super High School Level Chef in the series is what makes things so interesting for us.


Teruteru is someone you can’t ignore. And although he does seem off-putting at times, there’s a reason why he is standing here on our list as a fine character from the show.



46. Nekomaru Nidai


Nekomaru Nidai


Nidai happens to suffer from a notable disorder called Dyspepsia. And that’s why he ends up in the spotlight of the characters.


He is known for his skills as a manager. And that’s why he is ranked as the Ultimate Team Manager in the anime.


And more than that, he is more inclined to look at others as potential winners. And that’s why Nidai is also called the Super High School Level Coach.


This character is worthy of all the love and appreciation that you could think of. And That’s why Nekomaru Nidai is someone you should look up to in the series. He is absolutely worth it.



47. Akane Owari


Akane Owari


This character is often regarded as the Ultimate Gymnast or Super High School Level Gymnast in the series. Moreover, he is a dimwitted student whose athleticism is off the charts.


However, his diet is a bit different since our boy enjoys food like none other. There’s a reason why he entertains the audience so much.


He is someone who doesn’t know how to talk properly with other people. And that’s what makes this person so captivating in the first place.


Therefore, one must look forward to Akane and his personality in the anime.



48. Yamada Hifumi


Yamada Hifumi


He is an obese guy who seems to be quite interested in comics and stuff. Moreover, the fact that he is a doujin artist, goes on to show that his creativity is on a whole new level.


This is why Yamada Hifumi is someone you can’t help but appreciate for yourself. The fact that he is only interested in the world of Manga is what makes him even more captivating to the audience.


And although he is a bit unattractive, his humble and sweet nature makes up for it. And that’s why his presence is quite fascinating for the viewers of the show.



49. Ultimate Imposter


Ultimate Imposter


This man can imitate anyone. And that’s why his presence is so unique to the audience. The fact that no one knows his Ultimate Title and his real name is just engrossing.


And as the show progresses, his character gains more and more appreciation from fans all around the globe. This is why the Ultimate Imposter is someone that people always want to know about.


He can become anyone he wishes to, and that’s something which allows him to do some crazy stuff in the anime.


There’s a reason why people always look up to his character.



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