Top 50 Best Pink Haired Anime Characters Of All Time


Pink. A colour that signifies youth, good health, and playfulness. However, this colour is mostly associated with females and is also referred to as the “Female Colour” or “Girl’s Colour”.


It’s up to you to decide whether or not that’s true. However, the one thing that we all can agree upon is that pink is a beautiful colour.


The brightness it holds makes our hearts bloom and that’s why it is found in blossoms.


And blossoms aren’t the only place where you can find this colour. Anime characters’ hair is also a place where you can see it.


Therefore, I have created the following article for you. This is the best Pink-Haired Anime Characters list with amazing pink-haired anime girls.


Filled with the goodness of pink and its shades, this list has some of the finest characters in the anime medium who share this colour on their head.


So grab your favourite body pillow, lay down on your bed, and let’s dive deep into this realm of blossoms.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Zero Two (DARLING in the FRANXX)


zero two (darling in the franxx)


Zero Two is one of the most liked Waifu in the entire world.


And her significance in her anime was beyond remarkable. She was one of the main characters in her show and I won’t lie, she made the show amazing for me.


Her delightful yet caring nature and more importantly, her capabilities are one of the reasons why the entire world loves her.


With glossy pink hair and a badass personality, Zero Two stands as one of the most beautiful anime individuals of the time.




2. Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)


hisoka (hunter x hunter)


Within the anime Hunter x Hunter, Hisoka Morow takes centre stage as a character characterized by eccentricity and a self-serving attitude.


Holding the status of a licensed hunter, international criminal, and floor master in Heaven’s Arena, Hisoka gains notoriety for his cruel fighting techniques involving Shu-powered poker cards.


Actively in pursuit of powerful adversaries, he even spares individuals with the potential to become future rivals.


His role transitions between antagonist and supporting character, dependent on the story arc.


The 2011 anime adaptation highlights Hisoka’s flamboyant and unpredictable nature through his distinctive pink hair. 


This unique hair colour plays a pivotal role in making Hisoka easily identifiable in the series.




3. Natsu (Fairy Tail)


natsu (fairy tail)


Natsu Dragoneel is the main character of Fairy Tail.


Have you watched Fairy Tail? No? But I know that you know who Natsu is.


That’s a lot of knowledge. Anyway, seeing him on the third rank doesn’t come as much of a surprise.


He is fun, cheerful, captivating, loved, and heroic. For any Fairy Tail fan, Natsu was the only one who could have pulled off the show as well as he did.


And that’s a good enough reason to respect him. Natsu is fun and can be a source of comical movements in the show. He is one of the most entertaining characters in the series. 




4. Saiki Kusuo (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K)


saiki kusuo (the disastrous life of saiki k)


At the forefront of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., Saiki Kusuo emerges as the protagonist—a high school student born with diverse psychic abilities, including telepathy and psychokinesis.


Despite these extraordinary powers, Kusuo yearns for a commonplace life and employs various means to keep his supernatural abilities concealed.


His signature look, featuring green-tinted glasses and two pink antennas above each ear, plays a pivotal role in making him easily recognizable.


Despite his reserved demeanour, Kusuo’s intelligence and perceptiveness, stemming from his ability to read thoughts, contribute to his standout character status in the series.



5. Itadori Yuuji (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Itadori Yuuji (Jujutsu Kaisen)


Yuji Itadori takes on the role of the main protagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series.


Initially leading an ordinary life as the son of Jin Itadori and grandson of Wasuke Itadori, his destiny takes an unexpected turn when he encounters Megumi and consumes one of Sukuna’s fingers.


This makes Yuji the vessel for Sukuna, leading him to join Tokyo Jujutsu High as a first-year student alongside Megumi and Nobara. With an average height, Yuji may seem slender in loose attire, but he actually possesses a well-built and muscular physique.


His notable features include large light brown eyes and spiky pink hair styled in an undercut fashion. Yuji is characterized by his empathy and genuine concern for his comrades and anyone he perceives as individuals with their own agency. 



6. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)


Yuno Gasai


Well, I think she is one of the most popular pink-haired characters as well if you think about it.


Known as the Queen of Yandere, we have Yuno Gasai. She is among the lead characters in Future Diary and I don’t think there’s anyone in this anime fandom who would look at her with a straight face.


She is a freak who will kill anyone for the love of her life and that’s what makes her so special.


Yuno is quite pretty on screen but very scary as well. Have you seen a girl murder a ton of people in your life?


No, you haven’t. And that’s why she is standing here on this list. I think she is one of a kind.



7. Yuri Nakamura (Angel Beats)


Yuri Nakamura


Yuri Nakamura, a name that many of you might not be acquainted with. But Yurippe might be a name that many of you might remember.


She is one of the main characters of Angel Beats and wouldn’t you know it, she is amazing.


Her personality is as realistic as you would expect and so, she is so much fun to watch.


With her tsundere appearance and mind-numbing level of humor, she stands as one of the best characters on our list.


Her hair isn’t exactly pink but you know we can make a few compromises right?


Anyway, if you are yet to watch Angel Beats then add it to your list.



8. Mitsuri Kanroji (Demon Slayer)


Mitsuri Kanroji


Mitsuri Kanroji is one of the lead characters in the realm of Demon Slayer. And I think we can all agree that she is quite a hot mess, right?


Her pink hair is just as prominent as we can expect and her personality seems to be very interesting in the show.


The show hasn’t allowed her much screen time. However, she is a stand-out character.


Out of all the screen time she has been blessed with, her character was fleshed out a bit and that’s why she is a bit low on this list.


As of now, she is just a hot character that is waiting for her opportunity to shine in the show.


However, when her time will summon, she is going to be in bliss and you can be certain about it for sure.



9. Sakura Haruno (Naruto)


Sakura Haruno


I think it wouldn’t be incorrect if I said that Sakura is the most popular pink-haired anime character of all time.


After all, when you are part of the main group of a super popular anime, you are bound to be famous as heaven.


Sakura Haruno is one of the main characters in the realm of Naruto. And she is part of the absolute main squad called team 7.


Her presence was approved by fans in the recent installments of the franchise and so people look at her with pride.


And that’s why Sakura Haruno is here on our list. Her popularity is the biggest factor.



10. Minori Kushieda (Toradora)


Minori Kushieda


If you are in the anime medium, there’s a very good chance that you might know about Toradora.


And if you do, you should also know about the one and only, Minori. She is one of the lead characters in the show and I think there’s no other character who is as hilarious as her.


I mean, just by looking at her on-screen, you will know why she is so amazing.


An optimist who knows the reality of life. Don’t mess with me or anything like that.


Just pure fun. However, when you watch the anime enough, you will see why she is so realistic.


I want you to watch her for sure.



11. Crona (Soul Eater)




Have you watched Soul Eater? Yes? Then you know who Crona is. And if you haven’t watched Soul Eater then let’s tell you about this person.


Crona is one of the supporting characters in the world of Soul Eater and he/she is quite an interesting being.


I say he/she because his/her gender hasn’t been revealed yet. However, it doesn’t matter in the long run considering that Crona is a much more layered character than just not having gender.


His looks might give off a lazy vibe but don’t be fooled. Because he contributes so much you wouldn’t even know it.



12. Shouko Nishimiya (A Silent Voice)


shouko nishimiya (a silent voice)


She is the Internet’s must-protect female, Shouko Nishimiya.


She is the main female character in the movie A Silent Voice. And oh boy, isn’t she adorable.


She is one of the characters for whom everyone develops a sympathetic feeling. All those who watch her, sympathize with her, and love her from the depths of their heart.


If you haven’t watched A Silent Voice yet, you need to do so right now.



13. Mei Hatsume (My Hero Academia)


Mei Hatsume


Well, would you look at that? Mei Hatsume is here, ladies and gentlemen. I hope you have your mechanical skills on the table.


But I know they won’t be enough to compete against her. She is one of the lead characters in the My Hero Academia anime and her intelligence is amazing.


After all, she is a genius inventor. Moreover, she is another epitome of a supporting character since she always helps out the main squad.


And that is what makes her so freaking special. Like wow. It’s rare to see people hold courage in doing the supporting work.


And that’s why Mei is here.



14. Jibril (No Game No Life)


jibril (no game no life)


Let’s talk about the one who wants all the knowledge in the world, Jibril.


She was one of the Flugel race and her appearance is charming, to say the least.


Moreover, her contribution to the show was magnificent as well. Why? Because Jibril helps our main crew so much in the show and whatever they achieve in the process, Jibril has considerable credit for making it happen.


She is an amazing character who portrays her personality incredibly well. And that’s why you need to keep an eye on her. 



15. Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown)


inori yuzuriha (guilty crown)


A protagonist has shown up.


And, now that she is here, let’s discuss her. Inori Yuzuriha is one of the main protagonists in the realm of the Guilty Crown.


She is also known as Egoist Inorin because of her attitude online. Well, that’s just one of the many features this multi-dimensional character holds.


And that’s also one of the reasons why she is here on our list. Inori is great and stands with pride and courage on our list of Pink Haired Characters.


Probably the most beautiful one as well.



16. Gilthunder (Seven Deadly Sins)




His name sounds intimidating, right? Well, to me it certainly does and I think it does to you as well.


However, I think that’s a proper name for someone whom you might remark as a Knight.


Especially, a Holy Knight. Gilthunder is one of the supporting characters in the realm of Seven Deadly Sins.


And he is one of the Holy Knights in the Britannia Kingdom. His strength is unreal and there’s no denying that.


His appearance is quite attractive and also gives off a feeling of courage and determination.


And from someone who is a knight, that’s exactly what I would like.



17. Ringo Tsukiyama (Uta no Prince Sama)


Ringo Tsukiyama


This gorgeous lady right here is a Waifu contender, I must say. And if you thought the same thing then sorry to shatter your dreams.


Why? Because she is not she but he. Yeah, I am also shocked. Ringo Tsukiyama is one of the supporting characters from the Uta no Prince Sama anime series and his personality is fantastic, to say the least.


However, what makes him stand out so much is his character design. I mean, come on!


I bet a million dollars you didn’t look at him and thought he was a guy.


And if you did, then you are trapped in Traps. Probably, she is one of the best ones out there as well.



18. Moka Akashiya (Rosario To Vampire)


moka akashiya (rosario to vampire)


Moka has shown up.


She is one of the main characters in the Rosario To Vampire franchise. And I think we can all agree that she is quite attractive.


Now the thing is, the outer Moka qualifies for this list since she has pink hair.


The inner Moka doesn’t because she has white hair. And that’s why Moka is such an intriguing character as well.


I mean just look at her, her characterization is not only clever but also interesting.


And that’s what makes her so freaking special.



19. Lisbeth (Sword Art Online)


lisbeth (sword art online)


Lisbeth aka Rika Shinozaki is one of the side characters in the anime we know by the name Sword Art Online.


Not sure if you have ever heard about this show or not. But if you have, then let me tell you about Lisbeth specifically.


She was a mace wielder that ran a blacksmith shop in Aincard. And she has made some amazing weapons for everyone including Asuna.


So you know her contribution is magnificent.



20. Nonon Jakuzure (Kill a Kill)


nonon jakuzure (kill a kill)


Kill a Kill also has a lot of kill in it.


And from that kill comes Nonon Jakuzure, one of the best students in the show.


She is one of the supporting characters in the anime and I believe she is the Non-Athletic Committee Chairperson.


Moreover, she is also part of the elite 4 so you can be certain about your defeat against her.


Anyway, as we progress forward in the show, we get to see her amazing performance as a character and that’s why she remains in our memories.


Kill la Kill fans are having a great time remembering her.



21. Mine (Akame Ga Kill)




Don’t be fooled by her appearance, my friend. She is much more dangerous than you are imagining her to be.


And you would be even more certain about that fact when you will realize that she is from the anime we call Akame Ga Kill.


Akame Ga Kill is one of the most popular action anime of all time. And Mine is one of the main characters in that show.


So you know that she is already being bestowed with a lot of screen time. But apart from that, she is also very attractive in terms of presence and has a very intimidating personality at first.


Moreover, she is a genius sniper so you have to be careful.



22. Mina Ashido (My Hero Academia)


Mina Ashido


I mean come on! In a list of Pink Haired anime characters, I wouldn’t include a Pink girl.


Well, you guys shouldn’t have guessed that. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, we need to put our attention on someone important here.


She is the Queen herself, Hero Pinky aka Mina Ashido. She is one of the main characters in My Hero Academia and her quirk is secreting Acid from her body.


I think we can all agree that her design is pretty impressive. And her entire pink hair and pink aesthetic just add more personality to her.


One of the best girls in the show.



23. Reiju Vinsmoke (One Piece)


Reiju Vinsmoke


Reiju Vinsmoke. A familiar name for anyone who has watched One Piece. However, there is so much more to this character than what meets the eye.


Of course, I won’t spoil you with the details but let’s just get the general view of her.


Reiju is one of the supporting characters in One Piece and her full name is Reiju “Poison Pink” Vinsmoke.


Yup, you now know why she is here on our list, right? Well, I believe that she deserves even more love now.


But at least we can all appreciate that her design is quite Royal and suits her character very well.



24. Lunar Edomae (My Bride Is A Mermaid)


lunar edomae (my bride is a mermaid)


She is from an anime called “My Bride Is A Mermaid”.


And just by reading the title, you know that this show is amazing. And so is Lunar.


She is one of the main characters in the show and acts as a rival for Sun.


With an adorable smile and a charming face, she stands as one of the most beautiful characters in the show as well.


Her eyes seem to have the same color as her hair and so, Lunar stands as one of the most loved characters with the pink aesthetic going on for her.


I hope you have a great time seeing her on-screen.



25. Nurse Joy (Pokemon)


Nurse Joy


If I made a list of anime characters and didn’t include Nurse Joy, I am certain that many of you will get your head hot for it.


Therefore, you have her here. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take a look at the beautiful Nurse who cures every Pokemon in existence without the power of friendship.


She is one of the supporting characters in the entire franchise and probably, she is the closest to being a “supporting” character in ANY anime.


I mean, which anime character do you know who helps the protagonist now and then?


None right? Yup. And that’s why Nurse Joy is here.



26. Shuna (Slime Isekai)




Well well, are you disciplined? If not then our girl Shuna will take care of you for sure.


She is one of the lead characters in the anime we call the Slime Isekai.


And I love Slime Isekai. So naturally, I like Shuna as well. She is an adorable Princess who manages the situation very well.


And in the latest season, we also managed to see her turn into an absolute beast during a fight.


I won’t tell you the details but if you liked Shuna before that fight then you will love her now.


It was THAT good. And if you haven’t watched the Slime Isekai, go and watch it now!


It is amazing.



27. Melascula (The Seven Deadly Sins)


melascula (the seven deadly sins)


With her enigmatic look and alarming appearance, this is none other than Melascula from The Seven Deadly Sins.


The show has a ton of great female characters that we can all enjoy and love.


However, Melascula is a particularly interesting case since she was a warrior of the Demon Clan.


Moreover, she was directly under their leader so that’s another factor. Who is her leader, you may ask?


Well, that’s the Demon King himself. So you know that her presence holds even more value because of it.


And that’s why Melascula is on our list. Any fan of The Seven Deadly Sins mustn’t look over here at all.



28. Uranai Baba (Dragon Ball Z)


Uranai Baba


I mean come on. Baba is one of the OG characters in the realm of Dragon Ball Z.


So you can be certain that she is popular. I mean she was indeed popular back in the day.


But now her greatness seems to be dying. So let’s revive it if we can.


If you guys don’t know, Uranai Baba is one of the main characters in the show we call Dragon Ball Z.


Yeah, she was an amazing being. However, even when she was first introduced, she made some significant contributions to the overall story.


And that’s why she is such a great person. If you are an OG Dragon Ball Fan then you will also admire baba.


Am I right or Am I right?



29. Ram (Re: Zero)




You know she is the one when your name is Jonathan but she calls you Thanajohn.


Ram is one of the main characters in the story of Re: Zero. However, what makes her so special is her presence in the show.


She has been much more vibrant in the anime than her famous little sister. And that’s why she managed to gain a considerable amount of followers as well.


Her tsundere nature goes in contrast with her feminine look and pink hair. And with the skills and abilities, she has shown in the anime and her overall contribution, Ram is just a blessing to us.



30. Lucy (Elfen Lied)




Oh dear, Lucy is here. And I don’t see any surprise in it. After all, it is a list of fantastic characters with Pink hair.


And I believe that Lucy deserves to be on this list so much. She is one of the main characters in Elfen Lied and I think we can all agree that she changed the route of the show, multiple times.


She had some significant contributions to how the overall show was fleshed out and so, we can respect her presence and significance even more.


Plus, with a well-written character like Lucy, love, and admiration are bound to happen. And that’s why she is here.



31. Julis Alexia Von Riessfeld (Asterisk)


Julis Alexia Von Riessfeld


Oh, so you think her current name is very long? Well, wait till you hear her real name.


Won’t make you wait any longer. Her full name is Julia-Alexia Marie Florentia Rebate Van Riessfeld.


Yeah, reconsider the name in the heading as a “long name”. Anyway, she is one of the main characters of Asterisk and she is also a princess.


Who would have guessed? Anyway, she is a princess of the country of Lieseltania. I know many of you guys don’t know this country and I don’t blame you since it is indeed a small country in Europe.


But after reading this article, you at least know about its Pink Haired Princess.



32. Megumi Sakura (Date A Live)


Megumi Sakura


She is a teacher from an anime that is loved by anyone who watches it.


So you can be certain that she holds a lot of value as a character.


Megumi Sakura is one of the lead characters in Date A Live and she is so adorable.


Usually, we have a very stereotypical approach toward female characters in anime. However, when it comes to Megumi, it’s a completely different story.


She is not only cute but also loved by everyone in the show. And although they might ignore her, the love that they hold in their heart is pretty strong.


Don’t believe me? Just watch the show yourself.



33. Princess Euphemia (Code Geass)


Princess Euphemia


Well, would you look at that? This beautiful lady has arrived on our list while wandering around the world wide web.


We should give her a heartwarming welcome, shouldn’t we? Princess Euphemia also known as Euphemia “Euphy, Princess Massacre” Li Britannia is one of the supporting characters in Code Geass.


And I think we can all agree that she is quite a cute mess. Within the series, she had a charming personality that just can’t be compared.


Like other characters in her competition, her Pink hair gave her the advantage that she needed.


And that’s why she is here on our list.



34. Shichimiya Satone (Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions)


Shichimiya Satone


An adorable little girl has made her way to our list, weebs. And I think there’s no denying that she deserves more love and admiration.


Shichimiya Satone is one of the main characters in the anime we call Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions.


Now this anime is amazing on its own. However, with characters like Satone, it takes on a whole new shape.


That’s why people love it so much. And Satone specifically had a charismatic personality with a lot of fun and enjoyment in her eyes.


Her pink hair enhances her joyful behavior and so, you and I should adore her a bit more.



35. Megumi (Pretty Cure)


megumi (pretty cure)


This girl is from the Pretty Cure series. And I know that many of you haven’t watched it yet.


But don’t worry. Because Megumi will motivate you enough to watch it this weekend. She is a cheerful, happy, and joyous girl who always has a smile on her face.


Her entire appearance is influenced by the Pink colour and so, she stands as a fantastic character in her series.


Moreover, with her passion and dedication, watching her on-screen becomes a treat that anyone would love to watch and enjoy.


And the best part is that the narrative that she supports is also great.



36. Kourousagi (Mondaji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?)


kourousagi (mondaji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru sou desu yo?)


Are you a fan of rabbits? If so then this character should be under your consideration.


Ladies and gentlemen, let’s have a look at Kourousagi. Kourousagi is one of the main characters in the anime we call Mondaji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?


Or as the English title says, Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren’t they?


And yeah, the title is pretty long but what else can you expect from an Isekai?


Anyway, Kourousagi has known as the Black Rabbit thanks to her rabbit years and has a very feminine personality.


With her pink hair in place, this personality is complemented even more.



37. Tetora (Log Horizon)




Log Horizon. Without a doubt, it is one of the best shows in the Isekai subgenre.


However, the real question is, why am I mentioning Log Horizon here? Well, that’s, because Tetora from Log Horizon has made it to our list.


She made her first appearance in the second season as a supporting individual. However, her overall contribution to the overall show was much more significant than that.


She has a class of Cleric and a subclass of Idol. And this is easily notable through her joyful appearance.


Quite a fun character for sure and definitely, one of the charming pink-haired girls.



38. Virgo (Fairy Tail)




Virgo is one of the supporting characters in Fairy Tail. And unlike any other character in the show, her role is a bit different.


She isn’t a mage like Natsu or Lucy. She is instead a maid also known as Maid Spirit Virgo.


Therefore, you know that her appearance is very similar to that of a maid. Lucy’s contribution was significant in Virgo’s life and that’s why she gets a sufficient amount of screen time to enjoy.


Therefore, if you are a fan of Fairy Tail, you have to make sure that you pay attention to Virgo.


Because she is a fine character in the overall story.



39. Gowther (Seven Deadly Sins)




Just by looking at him, you can be certain which anime he is from. However, you might have a hard time knowing if he is he or she.


And that’s perfectly understandable. Gowther is the Sin of Lust in the anime we call the Seven Deadly Sins.


And his appearance is considered feminine to say the least. And that’s why I said that you will have a hard time knowing his gender.


But apart from appearance, he is also known for his battle against Dawn Roar. And this goes to show how great of a character, Growther is.


But don’t be fooled. He is still he. Not she.



40. Machi (Hunter X Hunter)




In the realm of amazingness, stands an anime known as Hunter x Hunter. And in this realm of Hunter x Hunter, stands a beautiful character named Machi.


She is one of the supporting characters in her show. And her presence is so remarkable.


She is short in appearance and petite in her build. Her hair is pink but a very attractive shade of it.


Speaking of her hair, they are also messy and long enough to reach her back.


She has a couple of blue eyes and a confident, smug look on her face that makes her personality stand out so much more.


And that’s why she is on our list.



41. Renzou Shima (Blue Exorcist)


Renzou Shima


Blue Exorcist has a ton of hot anime boys up its sleeve. And while the main boy Rin himself is quite a hottie, for this list, we will be looking at the supporting boy Renzou Shima.


He is one of the lead characters in the show who manages to gain appreciation from fans right off the bat.


He is a loyal man. His loyalty is appreciated by almost everyone who watches him being with his childhood friend, Bon.


Moreover, this man is also fairly interested in women which makes him more realistic and attachable.


And that’s why Shima is such a great character.



42. Anya Forger (Spy X Family)


Anya Forger (Spy X Family)


Anya Forger is a significant character in the SPY x FAMILY series, taking on the role of the deuteragonist.


Initially identified as Test Subject “007,” she possesses telepathic abilities acquired through an experiment conducted by an unidentified organization.


Anya attends Eden Academy’s Cecile Hall as a student and is the adopted daughter of Loid and Yor Forger.


Despite her young age, Anya has a short stature, fair complexion, and captivating green eyes.


Described by Loid as appearing no older than four or five years, her eyes are large and oval-shaped, adorned with noticeable eyelashes.


Her shoulder-length, light pink hair forms inward curls, accompanied by a fringe that falls just above her eyes and a small strand of hair called ahoge on top of her head.


As a child, Anya is highly impressionable, easily emulating the behaviour of those around her.



43. Yui (Angel Beats)


yui (angel beats)


Yu is one of the main characters in the world of Angel Beats. And I am sure you would have at least heard the name of this anime.


It is a great show that takes many themes its use including music. And Yui just so happens to be one of the music lovers in the show.


She has a very adorable appearance and her pink hair just adds more character to her overall look.


Plus, Yui loves to play guitar which is a great trait for someone who is into music.


And that’s why she is here on our list.



44. Morganite (Land Of The Lustrous)




You might not be aware of this character. And that’s because she is from an anime that isn’t all that popular.


However, I won’t lie, you need to watch this anime nonetheless. Morganite is one of the supporting characters in the realm of the Land Of The Lustrous.


Moreover, her physical appearance and the character design are so much more notable than any of you would have seen by this point.


If you are a keen watcher, you would know that Land Of The Lustrous is a great anime, not just in terms of story but also presentation.


That’s why Morganite’s design is so good. And I don’t think there’s anyone who can deny that.



45. Meredy (Fairy Tail)


meredy (fairy tail)


This character isn’t called Meredy because she is Melodious. Yeah, I know you thought she was.


But let’s just say that she is much more of a personality than you might think.


Meredy is a supporting character from the realm of Fairy Tail. However, she is said to have 2 personalities.


One of them is a calm, serene, and seemingly emotionless self that she often has on her face.


The second is a childish, and playful self that she shows a bit in the show.


And you know the deal right? If one of the characters has such a beautiful presentation, you know she is worth your time.



46. Yachiru Kusajishi (Bleach)


yachiru kusajishi (bleach)


Bleach is an anime with such amazing designs that we can’t help but end up finding gems from it.


Let’s have a deeper look into the subject we are dealing with at the moment.


Yachiru Kusajishi. She is one of the lead characters in the world of Bleach. And wouldn’t you know it, she is quite a cutie.


She has red eyes, bright pink hair, and an adorable smile. If you ask me, that’s a recipe for an adorable baby.


So if you haven’t watched Bleach yet, now you have another reason.



47. Shihou Kimizuki (Owari No Seraph)


Shihou Kimizuki


This hot boy is here to make your heart melt. However, he won’t be fast like others.


Instead, he will be slow and steady. Shihou Kimizuki is one of the main characters in the anime we call Owari No Seraph.


Now I have talked about Owari No Seraph before regarding its sequel. However, what I haven’t talked about yet is this man right here.


His personality is a bit on the anger side of things. And that’s why he seems so aggressive.


But don’t be fazed, he is just as clever in bringing the opponent down as you might expect.


Without a doubt, a boy you would like to have as your husband.



48. Mirai Kuriyama (Beyond The Boundary)


Mirai Kuriyama


Mirai is the main character of the anime we call Beyond The Boundary. And as the show progresses, she gets so much more personality and character being put into her.


A lot more writing and precision goes into making characters like her. And with the ongoing situation, her individuality stands even stronger than others.


Add that up with the fact that she is beautiful and has a very kind nature and you will find yourself in front of a brilliant girl.


Mirai is someone all of us can look up to. And that’s why she is here on our list.


If you haven’t watched Beyond The Boundary, make sure you do so.



49. Kisumi Shigino (Free)


kisumi shigino (free)


Well, this boy is a hot mess. And I am not the one who is saying it.


It’s the girls in the show that say that. Don’t believe me. Take a look for yourself.


He is Kisumi Shigino, the handsome hunk from Free. Kisumi is one of the supporting characters in the world of Free.


However, despite not being on the front lines, he still manages to capture a lot of hearts.


And that’s why he is often known as an incredible warrior. Plus, with his amazing physical presence, bluish eyes, and pink hair, this man can take down anyone with his adorable appearance.


If you want some cute anime boys for body pillows, you have him as a recommendation.



50. Vanessa Enoteca (Black Clover)


vanessa enoteca (black clover)


Woah, we have a high-voltage hottie, weebs. The fearless model from the realm of Black Clover.


She is Vanessa Enoteca. Vanessa is one of the lead characters in her realm and I won’t lie, she is quite a mess.


I mean just look at her. Her witch-like appearance and her pink hair just add so much character and personality to her presentation.


She is a member of the Black Bull Brigade which explains why she is so impressive in terms of skills and abilities.


There is no reason for you to look at her without appreciation. And if you do, then just throw that reason out of the window.



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