Top 25 Most Popular Tokyo Ghoul Female Characters

top 25 most popular tokyo ghoul female characters


The original Tokyo Ghoul series is one of the most popular anime franchises to ever exist. And the success of this franchise boils down to a lot of factors.


Engaging storyline, gruesome art, incredible characters, etc. Although all of these factors play a significant role in the making, today we will be focusing only on the characters of this series.


More specifically, the females in Tokyo Ghoul. You may not realize it but the females in the series affect our overall experience by a significant margin.


And that’s why I created the Best Tokyo Ghoul Females Character list. If you are a hardcore Tokyo Ghoul fan, you will love this one.




1. Kirishima Touka


kirishima touka


Known by many as Rabbit in the series, Kirishima Touka is the main female of the show. She wasn’t a part of the narrative from the start.


However, she was a game-changer when she first emerged in the show. She was looked upon by viewers as the best girl in her show.


And the fact that she aided Kaneki in turning and adapting the Ghoul form, makes her stand out so much.


And this is why Kirishima Touka deserves a spot on this list. She is quite enchanting as a Ghoul but more importantly, her presence in her show is exquisite.


Her behaviour has always been contrasting. She is quite tranquil and calm in her cafe. However, outside her cafe, she is a force to be reckoned with as her combat skills and fighting abilities can’t be compared to anything we have ever seen.




2. Kamishiro Rize


kamishiro rize


She is the main reason why Kaneki did what he did. And that’s what makes Rize a vital character in the show. She was adopted by Matasaka Kamishiro when Rize was just a little girl and she loves her foster father the most. 


She is one of the most powerful Ghouls of her time and it was because of her date with Kaneki that he lost his humanity.


Moreover, during their date, things went spontaneous and both of them ended up almost losing their lives. However, the doctor placed all parts of Rize in Kaneki’s body, essentially making both of them, the same.


It was all thanks to this one woman that our boy became a monster. Throughout the first season, she took over Kaneki’s break countless times and made him realize the harsh reality of this world. And soon enough, everything came together and she achieved what she wanted to. 




3. Fueguchi Hinami


fueguchi hinami


She is known to be a girl whose luck has been very supportive of her. And that’s why she is standing here on our list.


Fueguchi Hinami is one of the ghouls in the show whose parents have been taken care of by the Ghoul investigators.


Luckily, they didn’t have enough info on Hinami and so, they didn’t find her as well. She sought help in the Antique Cafe and was looking forward to a better life.


This girl has had her fair share of incredible moments. And unlike other insane characters in the series, she has a simple and straight-forward demeanour. She just wishes to enjoy a normal life and that’s all that matters to her. 




4. Sen Takatsuki


sen takatsuki


She may not be very enthusiastic on the outside, but on the inside, she is quite notable. Sen Takatsuki isn’t exactly an explicitly shown character in the series.


She is the best-selling author in the show who has been talked about by the characters. Moreover, she is known for being the one who writes excellent horror novels and other forms of media.


If we talk about her design, she has green hair and a standard look that doesn’t exactly seem out of place.


However, once you realize that she is the one-eyed owl in the show, things start to get interesting. Her association with Yoshimura and Ukina make her so fascinating in the series.


Her capabilities far exceed anything we had seen in the anime till that point and the sheer contribution that she holds for the anime is what makes her so special. 



5. Mado Akira


mado akira


She is quite an impressive character. However, what makes her even more interesting is the fact that she is one of the Ghoul investigators.


Mado Akira is one of the unique characters in the series who stands at the second rank in the Ghoul Investigation Team.  And she is part of the CCG in the series. Her name would give you a decent idea about her family.


For example, her name Mado makes her connect to Kureo. And thus, she becomes even more fascinated by her background.


She can foresee what’s about to happen, just like her father. And when you match her skill with the level of her intellect and skill, you get a beast who can take care of anyone and everyone without breaking a sweat. 



6. Itori




In the anime, she didn’t have a lot of content to place forward. However, in the manga, she was a lot more impressive and fascinating.


Itori is one of the friends of Uta and Yomo who first appeared once our main cast visited the Health Skelter bar.


Moreover, she is quite well-acquainted with the information on the web used in the underworld.


And this makes her character even more significant. As the show progresses, we get to see her nature which is quite friendly and cheerful.


However, just like most other characters in the show, she also has a negative side that just can’t be ignored.


And that side will change the course of the series for good.



7. Hairu Ihei


Hairu Ihei


She may seem like the most innocent person in the world. However, she is just as deadly as you might expect.


Or rather more than that. Hairu Ihei is one of the significant characters in the show who is a first-class ghoul investigator.


Her skills as a sleuth never come short in the series and this is why her partner Koori Ui also likes to be with her.


She is also the leader of a squad in the show, more specifically, the S1 Squad, making her even more crucial for the storyline in the franchise.


Her capabilities are some of the most notable features of her. The intellect and foresight of this girl are recognized by everyone who watches the show.


And she also has affiliations with Owl Suppression Operation.



8. Yasuhisa Nashiro


yasuhisa nashiro


Yasuhisa Nashiro is one of the twins who took their attempt to hurdle Kaneki as he was going to pursue Madam A.


However, the important thing here is that, unlike her sister, she happens to have white as a recognised colour in her design.


Plus, she happens to have her left eye in the ghoul form. Therefore, she happens to be another artificial one-eyed ghoul in the show.


She will become one with her sister and turn into an absolute monster whose skills are unmatchable.


However, it would be great to see what the sisters bring to the table when they become one.



9. Kaya Irimi


Kaya Irimi


Do you know about Anteiku? Yeah, she is one of the most significant beings from that. And this is why she happens to be a part of this list.


Kaya, also known as Black Dog, is one of the waitresses working in Anteiku and her abilities far exceeded any expectations.


She was a leader of a popular group called the Black Dobers. And this group was known for their noteworthy appearance, with their Doberman-like mask to distinguish them from others.


This is why Kaya Irimi happens to be quite important in the show. She was not only different from what she first appeared in but she was also a woman whose skills and status will shake the story of the show in the long run.



10. Hoito Roma


hoito roma


She is a waitress at Anteiku. However, she is also a founder of an organization that might shock you a bit.


Hoito Roma is one of the lead characters in the show who was known for her impression in the anime as a normal waitress.


However, as the series continues with its narrative, it is communicated that she is the founder of the Pierrot.


And as a character who seemed so nominal at first, Roma has managed to make the best name for herself in the series.


And this is why she deserves a spot on this list. Her personality is also quite intriguing. She may seem like a normal woman on the outside but on the inside, that’s a completely different story.



11. Yasuhisa Kurona


Yasuhisa Kurona


She played a major role in obstructing Kaneki’s plan. And that’s what makes her stand out in the show.


She is one of the artificial one-eyed ghouls in the series who manages to alter the plan and schemes, Ken, as he tries to take care of Madam A in the series.


Moreover, she is known for being a partner with her sister Nashiro. However, the important thing here is that Kurona is no simple being.


Why? Because she is about to do the unthinkable. Soon enough, things will get brutal for her. And in desperation, she will end up ruining her life by merging herself with her sister and becoming a cruel creature who will be called Floppy in the show.



12. Aura Kiyoko


Aura Kiyoko


You know she is impressive when she was the first one in the entire series to receive her rank.


And that’s just a part of her character. Aura Kiyoko is a special-class investigator whose skills are said to be second to none.


People said that she was one of the best of her era. Moreover, in the anime, she was told to take care of the first ward as its Chief.


And this makes it so that she becomes the Chief of Division 1 without breaking a sweat. It is also expressed in the series that she was a classmate of Kasuka Mado.


And that’s what makes her connections even stronger. Plus, in CCG, she was one of the most respected female members of the entire organization.



13. Kosaka Yoriko


Kosaka Yoriko


She is a background character who appears a few times in the storyline. However, in the grand scheme, she is just as impressive as you might expect.


Kosaka Yoriko is one of the side characters in the show who is known for her relationship with Touka.


More specifically, she is known for being a friend of Touka as they both study at the same University.


Moreover, it was later revealed that she happened to be a part of a bakery. And oftentimes, Takeomi Kuroiwa visited her bakery.


This connection results in her being included in the storyline and getting involved in one way or another. However, things don’t get out of the board in her life.


Kosaka Yoriko is a wholesome character who just wants to learn cooking and become a chef. 



14. Jiro




She was an opponent at the start. But now, she is a part of the main team. Known for their obscure yet secretive mask, Jiro is one of the notable side characters in the series who was one of the followers of Kazuichi Banjou.


Who is Kazuichi Banjou? Well, he is the former leader of the 11th Ward Ghouls. And Jiro used to serve her.


However, as the show progresses, various things happen and now she is part of Kaneki’s team. Moreover, she is known to be seen with Ichimi and Sante, two other characters who are recognized as a group altogether.


All in all, this group is quite impressive with its presence in the show. However, Jiro is someone you shouldn’t forget as a side character in the series.



15. Ukina




She is a character who had a lot to offer. However, the series just didn’t want her to. Ukina was the lover of Yoshimura who seemed like all normal humans at the start. 


She was the perfect amount of sweet. Her character was always depicted as a naive woman.


However, in reality, she was an investigator who was sent out for the sake of finding the truth about Ghoul Organization V.


She worked as a waitress to hide her identity and also gave birth to Eto during her operations. She managed to get her hands on some crucial information about the organization and its activities as a whole.


However, things changed when she was caught by the organization. With her murder, the secrets didn’t spread and the narrative went differently.



16. Nishino Kimi


Nishino Kimi


Her presence in the show was nominal. However, that doesn’t change the fact that she was quite a notable character in the series.


Nishino Kimi was Nishiki’s girlfriend. And although it may not sound ideal for her since Nishiki was a ghoul, she still decided to be with him because her love was quite strong.


Moreover, it was placed multiple times in the anime that she is a student in the story. More specifically, she is a student in the Medical Department at Kamii University.


And the best part is that she is aware of Nishiki and Kaneki and happens to be discreet about the situation since in the story, helping Ghoul is a bigger offence than helping a human criminal.



17. Nishio Elder Sister


Nishio Elder Sister


Known to be Nishio’s elder sister, she was a ghoul whose capabilities were never placed upfront. In the narrative, she hasn’t been any exceptional character.


She is more of a story than a physical character herself. However, her story leads to a narrative for Nishio herself.


What happened was that Nishio’s sister used to be a worker for a shop. And the worst part was that her death took place in that shop itself.


She was taken down by the shop manager. And that created a situation where she was looked upon as a character whose death wasn’t much impressed either.


But she changed the narrative one way or another. This is why she is here on our list.



18. Big Madam


big madam


Known for her insane hold on the underworld, now we have Big Madam. She is one of the most notable characters in the show intent that she has a strong influence on people within the story.


What I mean by this is that she had a strong grasp on people who are present in the Black Market.


She’s known for being a strong Ghoul whose network is extremely good. And that allows her to get things through in her life.


She just makes things work the way they should. And that’s why she is so important in the story.


Plus, she was the one responsible for Juuzou Suzuya. So that’s why she is even more interesting.



19. Ui Koori


Ui Koori


Her excellence was expressed a few entries back. However, things will get even more interesting soon enough. Koori Ui is one of the notable characters in the show who was known for her presence in the S1 Squad.


She was a special-class ghoul investigator who has exceptional skills when it comes to taking care of ghouls and has a strong sense of justice in her head.


She was also placed in charge of one of the wards in the centre. More specifically, the third ward.


And her presence as the Investigation Commander of Division 1, gave her the definitive credibility that made her one of a kind.


There’s a reason why people within the anime looked up to her. And that’s why she deserves a strong spot on this list.



20. Harima Touko


Harima Touko


She may not be extremely popular at first. However, she was somewhat important to the story. She was one of the members of the CCG academy.


And her presence in the academy clashed with the presence of Kotarou Amon in that same academy. She shared her year of learning with Kotarou Amon.


She was the one who gave Amon a momento. And that moment is none other than The Quinque Doujima ½ wielded by Amon.


More importantly, she was influential to Amon and made her life a bit more complex. And because of all of this, she managed to leave a mark on the story with her character.


She may not be the most remarkable character in the series. But she is someone who deserves to be on the list.



21. Ryouko Fueguchi


Ryouko Fueguchi


The surname will resemble the connection. And so, the character will remind you about her. Ryouko Fueguchi, just as you would expect, is the Mother of Hinami Fueguchi.


Moreover, she was also Asaki Fueguchi’s wife which made her part of the Fueguchi family. Hinami was known as a suspect in the books of CCG.


Therefore, Ryouko’s connection with her did play out in a negative format. And just as you would expect, things didn’t go all that great for her.


Soon enough, Ryouko was taken down by Kureo Mado. And he is known for being an incredible investigator yet merciless in his actions.


This is how Ryouko’s character came to a finite conclusion.



22. Kaneki’s Mother


Kaneki's Mother


Although we haven’t heard her name in the series yet, she is known for a lot of other attributes.


Kaneki’s Mother is one of the background characters in the series who doesn’t appear on the face. However, her flashbacks influence the series a lot one way or another.


In fact, in the original anime, it was because of the principles embedded by Kaneki’s Mother that he was so focused on not becoming a Ghoul and losing his humanity.


She raised Kaneki to be a fine young gentleman. Someone who could make her proud with his kindness and humility.


Unfortunately, in the world of Tokyo Ghoul, those two qualities are not what you should be going for. And that’s why she is no more.



23. Abe Maiko


Abe Maiko


She is one of the notable members of the Ghoul Restaurant whose acquaintance with Madam A is what gives her some screen time in the show.


Abe Maiko is one of the side characters in the show who has a very intriguing appearance. She is one of those characters who are designed by the artists to look sketchy and out of shape so they can resemble some improper connection and features.


Moreover, her figure was slender yet felt a bit odd in its way. Regardless, she had a decent way of self-presentation and that allowed her to become a bit more likeable in the main storyline.


This is what Maiko Abe is known for in the series. She is just a nominal character overall.



24. Hogi Ayumu


Hogi Ayumu


She may just look like a 10-year-old girl. However, in reality, she is an exceptional being. Hogi Ayumu is one of the most interesting characters in the show who is known for being a first-class investigator from the CCG.


Moreover, she also has the position of Vice Chief of the Chuu Hachikawa squad which makes her even more remarkable as a character in the show.


To add more to her portfolio, she was also part of the Anteiku raid. More specifically, she was part of the 3rd Squad.


And that allowed her to gain even more screen time. She looks like a child on the outside. But on the inside, she is a skilled female who manages to entertain the masses and make the best out of the situation for herself.



25. Hikari Kirishima


hikari kirishima


A surname that will ring a lot of bells. Hikari Kirishima is one of the notable characters in the series whose resemblance with one main character is what makes her stand out in the show.


If you guys still can’t remember, let me tell you. Hikari is Touka and Ayato’s mother. And that’s why she is so significant in the show.


She is also Arata Kirishima’s wife and seems to be closely affiliated with Renji Yomo as well. More specifically, she is claimed to be the elder sister.


To put an end to her character, Hikari was taken down by Kishou Arima. And this misery took place right after Ayato and Touka were born.



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