Top 50 Most Popular Seven Deadly Sins Characters

top 50 most popular seven deadly sins characters


Released in 2014, The Seven Deadly Sins made it well with adventure and fantasy. Like most of the anime, The Seven Deadly Sins is also based upon a manga of the same name that was directed as well as illustrated by Mitsuru Hongo.


The story is about a band of knights called The Seven Deadly Sins (from where the title was driven) in the land of Britannia.


The members were accused of an act they never committed, that is to plot against the Liones Kingdom. Apart from a unique plot, story, design, and adaptation, the anime is also renowned for its characters.


The diversity in characters has broken all the stereotypes of heroes as well as archaic definitions of villains. Whether it is a major, like Meliodas or Elizabeth, or minors like Denzel and Arden, everyone has an impactful contribution.


So, here are the best The Seven Deadly Sins characters that were seen in anime at their best:




1. Meliodas




As a captain of Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas is a Dragon’s Sin of Wrath and a husband of Elizabeth Liones.


He is also the current King of Liones, the main protagonist of the series, and the father of Tristan.


Being one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas has a sacred treasure of the Demon Sword named Lostvayne and the power of Full Counter.


The best thing about him is the dominant traits and fearlessness that come with frankness. Despite carrying Sin of Wrath, Meliodas appears to be a calm person.


But when it comes to the harm of the people he loves, then intense rages can be seen where he is capable of scaring Holy Knights.


Although he has a good personality overall, there’s no denying that Meliodas is someone who goes far and beyond with his approach from time to time.


And this sentiment is seen particularly when our boy gets in contact with lesser demons. The shift in behaviour is quite something. 




2. Elizabeth Liones


elizabeth liones


A polite, caring, and great person who prefers peace in war is Elizabeth Liones. She is the third adoptive princess of the Kingdom of Liones.


Elizabeth is the lover of Meliodas and the Goddess Elizabeth’s reincarnation. After surviving the destruction of Danafor, Elizabeth was adopted by King Bartra Liones.


Later in the story, she becomes a companion to Seven Deadly Sins and joins a war against the Ten Commandments.


Her calm and warm attitude is very approaching towards other characters. Not just about her loved ones but also her love to help others as can be seen through her way of offering a home to strangers.


She happens to have a sensitive nature overall and that helps her a lot, especially outside the series as people love her cute and innocent side.


However, what separates her from the rest is the fact that this woman is also courageous and strong, making her worthy of respect among fans. 




3. Diane




Diane is one of the Seven Deadly Sins Serpent’s Sins of Envy. She has the sacred treasure of War Hammer called Gideon and the power of creation.


Due to her being a member of the Giant Clan, she appears to be different from her fellows and ordinary people.


Her strength of Diane is very hard to not acknowledge and the same was seen with the King of the Giant Clan named Drole who saved her by sacrificing himself and announcing her as the next successor.


Apart from her strength, she is known for being the wife of the King and the Queen of the Fairy Clan.


Regardless of her abilities, Diane is very confident and friendly to others. Because of her confidence and feeling, she has overcome all her fears.


She happens to have a brave appearance that can let you believe that she is quite stoic at times. However, there’s also a side to her that no one has seen.


And that side is what makes her so special to the audience. The fact that she is even emotional just makes her so much more fun. 




4. Percival




Apart from being one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse, Percival is also known for being the grandson of Varghese and the son of Ironside.


At the early age of his life, Percival was a childish character with child-like body features. He is a very curious person which can be seen through the times whenever he sees everything he does not know.


The only reason behind it is his upbringing which is away from the outside world, in an isolated environment.


Due to the same reason, he appears to be the one who can rely on people very easily and hand over his belongings.


He even tends to follow them wherever those strangers go. Even after having childlike behavior with a bulk of innocence, Percival always maintains the dignity of a Holy Knight by protecting those who were weak and facing those who are evil.



5. King




Also known as Fairy King Harlequin, King was the Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth with Spirit Spear Chastiefol as a Sacred Treasure and power of disaster.


Being the husband of Diane, King is the brother of Elaine. He is also a guardian of the Fountain of Youth.


He was shown first as a person who is willing to kill anyone coming his way. He is a somewhat lazy character but in the past, compassionate nature was there in him.


Even after ruthless behavior, the King is an emotional person who can cry instantly. However, he is very bad at expression which can be seen through his not admitting a soft corner for Diane.


His caring side can be seen through helping the Seven Deadly Sins in the battle that was against the Holy Knights.


But since he is very bad at expressing himself, King claimed it in the name of Diane.



6. Lancelot




Getting lost at the age of 10, Lancelot appeared 6 years later as a mysterious talking Fox called Sin.


He is the son of the Ban who served as a Holy Knight of Liones as well as the Four Knights of the Apocalypse.


At first, Lancelot appeared to be a friendly and cheerful person with an innocent nature. But later in the series, his attitude changed to a somewhat business-like manner.


His ruthless side is somewhere similar to his father’s. As a fox, Lancelot was straightforward and blunt in conversation.


When he was a teen, his combat technique was an adult one where he can kill a strong man with just a single punch.



7. Merlin




Being the Boar’s Sin of Gluttony, Merlin has the sacred treasure of the Morning Star and has infinite power.


With great power and ability, she is considered the greatest Mage in Britannia. Apart from having a great appearance by being tall and beautiful, Merlin appears to be a playful character.


She is a passive woman with a calm nature who never loses her control in any situation. However, she is also someone very mysterious.


Apart from having all the attractive features in herself, Merlin is a kind and cheerful character. Her helpful nature can be seen in those who are not familiar with her.


Her calculative behavior is somewhat appreciable as she knows when to become serious and when to be calm.



8. Hawk




Also known as Mild, Hawk is a pig who can talk. He is responsible for cleaning up the scraps left by customers.


Later in the series, Hawk is revealed to be a spy, having eyes on Meliodas, his companion. Hawk is an annoyed pig who did some perverted things to other characters like Elizabeth.


However, his caring nature towards his friends and family is a different personality. It can be seen through his nature towards mama at times when he cries for help.


Despite having a caring personality, he appears to be the one with big pride and ego. Due to this Hawk always claims to be the one stronger than Deadly Sins.



9. Ban




Apart from being Fox’s Sin of Greed, Ban is also the father of Lancelot, husband of Elaine, and King of Benwick.


Being one of the Seven Deadly Sins, he has a sacred treasure of the Holy Rod and has the power of Snatch.


Ban is somewhat of a passionate man whose actions are based on his wishes. It can be seen through his escape from prison to get the sword of Meliodas just to discover its importance.


Although this man highlights that he is cruel and dark, he does have a sweet side to himself. And often times, you would start to question his actions as he gets a bit out of character.


However, that doesn’t change the fact that this beast is something else. So make sure that you admire him. 



10. Gowther




Gowther is a doll created by the great wizard and one of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is the Goat’s Sin of Lust with the sacred treasure of Twin Bow.


Before being a Seven Deadly Sins, Gowther was also one of the Ten Commandments. Despite having male gender, Gowther appears to be of a feminine face and body, making him appear as such.


Due to his expressionless face, he somewhat appears to be stoic. Even after becoming emotionless, he always cares about others which can be seen through the time when he protects Pelliot from the attack of Armor Giant.



11. Escanor




Escanor, known as The Strongest Holy Knight among the Seven Deadly Sins, bears the esteemed title of Lion’s Sin of Pride.


His reputation stems from his immense strength and prestigious position.


With the power of sunshine at his command and The Divine Axe as his sacred treasure, Escanor manifests extraordinary abilities when bathed in daylight.


However, as the sun descends, a notable shift occurs, transforming him into a meek and considerably weaker individual.


Throughout the series, Escanor’s personality evolves, transitioning from a hot-tempered individual to a more polite and composed character.


Influenced by his Sunshine ability, he exudes arrogance and authority during the day, while adopting contrasting traits during the night.


Despite the fluctuations in his demeanour and prowess, Escanor consistently upholds an unwavering sense of duty and responsibility.


Escanor is one of the most celebrated characters in the entire series. The fact that he is so strong and charismatic with a rather unique personality, makes him a fan-favourite.


There are people who have no idea about The Seven Deadly Sins anime and even they are aware about Escanor. 



12. Gilthunder




Gilthunder, the son of the former Great Holy Knight Zaratras, attained the prestigious rank of Diamond-ranked Holy Knight.


Nevertheless, at the beginning of the story, Gilthunder exhibited a cruel and unfeeling nature, as evidenced by his destructive actions driven by anger, resulting in the destruction of a town.


Interestingly, during his childhood, Gilthunder possessed a friendly and kind-hearted disposition.


At that time, he held a deep admiration for the Seven Deadly Sins.


However, as the story unfolded, his sentiments towards them underwent a transformation, eventually leading him to harbour a desire for their demise due to their involvement in his father’s murder.


In the story’s climax, it is revealed that Margaret played a pivotal role in influencing Gilthunder’s cruelty.


Margaret, someone he once loved, was held captive and used as a means to manipulate and control him, compelling him to carry out malevolent acts.



13. Zaratras




Before the beginning of the series, Zaratras died almost ten years before the story. He was one of the Great Holy Knights and the strongest of Liones’ Holy Knights.


He is the father of Gilthunder, the Holy Knight, as well as the superior of Seven Deadly Sins. Zaratras is a kind man with a refined personality who uses his abilities to remove evil.


He has belief in Seven Deadly Sins, just like Bartra. Despite having a serious nature, Zaratras is soft, emotional, and silly.


According to Elizabeth, he is a hardworking person with great abilities who does his job well.



14. Howzer




A colleague and partner of Gilthunder, Howzer is one of the Liones’ Great Holy Knights as well as a former subordinate of the Great Holy Knight.


With Gilthunder, he was one of the Three Brats for indulging in trouble. With optimism and self-confidence, Howzer considers the benefits of Holy Knights.


Despite having positive vibes, he is quite naïve. When it comes to fighting and battles, he never fails to get enthusiastic about it.


Even after carrying a great role in fights, Howzer feels shy among women and hates harming them.



15. Griamore




Griamore is known as the son of Dreyfus and as the one who was Holy Knight. He has also served as her bodyguard for Veronica by showing incredible loyalty toward her.


With other characters like Gilthunder and Howzer, he was one of the three brats. Due to their muscular body and ordinary appearance, Griamore had some resemblance with his father.


Just like any other Holy Knight, Griamore was also cruel and heartless, coming to his duty. Despite having a ruthless character, he never let his loyalty to Veronica down.


And that’s why he never displeased himself in front of Veronica as he started serving her at a young age.



16. Jericho




Before becoming a follower of Seven Deadly Sins’s Ban, Jericho was one of the Holy Knights. Her ability is Ice Fang which she got from her brother Gustaf.


Just like her brother, Jericho always wanted to be Holy Knight and prove his brother wrong related to a woman who can never be a Holy Knight.


It can be seen through her words, ”I’m going to defeat the Seven Deadly Sins and make a name for myself, and become a higher-ranked Holy Knight than my brother.” She is a proud individual with a serious personality who is always ready to prove herself.


Even after becoming selfish, sometimes, she never forgets to help those who are in need.



17. Dreyfus




“I am one who rejects dreams and ideals. I crush everything and push forward!! From my will to walk the path to supremacy, I draw my power… Break!! I will not waver nor hesitate in my path to supremacy. I blast away anything that stands before me!!!” Dreyfus is indeed a dignified and diligent character, just like his words above.


Just like Hendrickson, Dreyfus is also a Holy Knight. He is the father of Griamore and the brother of King Zaratras.


He is dedicated to his duties which can be seen even as capturing the king and getting citizens to have military efforts.


Dreyfus always wanted to become a powerful knight to protect the people; however, to do so he killed his brother.



18. Helbram




Helbram, known for being the closest friend of King, is a corrupted character who went against King. Even after getting killed, his soul resided in his helmet which later on allowed King to communicate.


However, the helmet got crashed and left him for nothing. One took Helbram as a serious person because of his human appearance, however, his playful nature in fighting is quite appealing to the audience.


His love for battle can be seen through his taking notes and doing some kind of research on it.


Despite having a few appealing characteristics, Helbram is a ruthless, sadistic, and cruel character, as presented in the anime.



19. Guila




Guila is known in the anime as the daughter of Dale and sister of Zeal, however, her real identity lies in being the Vice Great Knight of Liones.


Her association with the New Generation gave her access to the Demon Clan’s power. Guila is a very faithful and dedicated Knight who killed herself to get Seven Deadly Sins and Elizabeth, who entered the Capital of the Dead.


Her confidence lies in her abilities and strength, including her explosion abilities. However one cannot ignore her insecure nature.


The best of herself can be seen through a calm and sweet personality that can be a disaster for many, including herself, with her impatient behavior.



20. Hendrickson




Just like Dreyfus, Hendrickson was also a Liones Kingdom’s Great Holy Knight. He has hands-on the creation of Reactor-Class Holy Knights who were responsible to threaten the peace.


Apart from these, Hendrickson also served as an antagonist of the Holy Knight. Just like his position with Dreyfus, Hendrickson also shares the same personality of being a serious man.


He is ready to capture the king and get the citizens for the preparation of the Holy War. However, he is less honorable than his friend and fellow Dreyfus.


It is because of his manipulative nature. Despite having a negative role, Hendrickson appears to be clumsy and innocent like a child.



21. Vivian




Regarded as the great mage of the Kingdom of Liones, Vivian used to be Merlin’s apprentice. She was a Holy Knight who served directly under Great Holy Knight Hendrickson.


Vivian is a cunning, calm, and brooding woman who served Hendrickson with great loyalty. Her hatred towards pigs can be seen in many events.


With loyalty, she also has a sense of honor. It can be seen through giving allowance to Elizabeth for her sister Margaret’s release from prison.


However, she, later on, considered it as one of a cowardly nature. Her moody character, especially changing from emotional to clingy, can be seen toward Gilthunder.


She feels sad and emotional about his loss and wants him all to be herself.



22. Golgius




Golgius is again one of the amazing characters from seven deadly sins who served as a Holy Knight. He is related to the infamous Weird Fangs that were stationed at Baste Dungeon.


Appearing first as a polite person, Golgius has shown his true personality with Cruel and cowardly nature. His cruelty can be seen through the incident when he kidnapped the daughter of Dana and forced her to poison Meliodas.


His cowardly nature can be seen through his pretension of surrendering but at the same time throwing blades at enemies.



23. Denzel Liones


Denzel Liones


Denzel Lioness is the Captain of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky as well as the Assistant Great Holy Knight.


Apart from these positions, he is also known for being the brother of King Bartra Liones. Denzel appeared to be a muscular old man with tall body features.


Just like his outer appearance, his inner self is also full of intelligence. His knowledge is of a top-level due to the practice in magical text, just fight it against Demon Clan.


He faced Fraudrin without any fear, defining his strength and confidence. He can be cautious too as can be seen when Gowther was suspected to be Ten Commandments and Denzel eliminated him without delay.



24. Ardbeg




Serving as a Holy Knight under King Arthur, Ardbeg carries great hate for the Demon Clan. This hate comes his way because of the loss of his daughter that happened in the Holy War.


His hatred towards the Demon Clan cannot change his kind-hearted nature, however, trauma and depression made him worse. Ardbeg used to live in a village that was destroyed by Demons.


In the same incident, he lost his daughter which leads to awakening his magic power. During his depression and wandering phase, King Arthur offered to join in the creation of a world for humanity.


Throughout his life, Ardbeg has only carried a mission to bring his daughter back to life.



25. Deathpierce




Serving under the Assistant Grey Holy Knight, Deathpierce is also a member of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky.


He is a Holy Knight known for his polite nature. It can be seen through his request from King Bartra for a battle with Meliodas, just to witness Sin of Wrath’s Strength.


The politeness and calmness vanished with the death of Denzel and he developed anger against the Demon Clan. But these all also got a turn when Ludociel gifted Breath of Bless to him.


In a nutshell, he has many personality changes that always depended on situations and circumstances.



26. Arthur Pendragon


Arthur Pendragon


Arthur Pendragon is the holder of Holy Sword Excalibur and the king of Camelot. Being the host of Chaos, Arthur is also the King of Chaos.


Arthur was shown in anime as a polite young man who had difficulties in accepting the role of king.


However, he did take his responsibilities with seriousness and carried every difficulty with his smile. The best thing about him is his warm nature which comes with a happy personality.


Arthur is one of the positive people in The Seven Deadly Sins. It can be seen through his work towards becoming friends with his brother who tried to kill him once.



27. Mael




Serving as one of the 4 Archangels of the Goddess Clan, Mael is also known as Estarossa. His son and Gowther try to get his memories and others and thus giving him a new kind of identity, being a member of the 10 Commandments.


Mael is somewhat very ruthless towards Demons. His consideration towards those who got killed can be seen through his expressions and innocence over the remembrance of the past.


Even after carrying hate towards demons, Mael never behaved sadistically towards them as he prefers to be gentle and kind rather than revengeful.



28. Demon King


Demon King


Demon King is the ruler of the Demon Clan and the handpicked of 10 Commandments. He is the father of Zeldris and Meliodas, two of the strongest as well as powerful Demons of the 10 Commandments.


His devotion to the Demon Clan is a serious matter that puts his concern all above rest. Demon King obeys all the rules of the clan and thus punishes those who try to either betray him or disobey some rules.


Due to his higher position, he cannot tolerate deception. A strong and determined nature can be seen through making strict decisions and doing things according to the needs of the Clan.


He has a high level of self-confidence with arrogance and a sarcastic sense of humor.



29. Melascula




Gaining the position of Faith in the Ten Commandments, she was also a Chaos Melascula, empowered by King Arthur.


Later in the anime, Melascula was seen merging with Chaos Galand to become Melagaland, a monster. Melascula is a reserved, mocking as well as calm person.


Whenever she faces some fights, a kind of boredom and sarcasm inculcate in her to show her apathetic side.


Her loyalty can be seen in the presence of the Demon King by following all his orders. It can also be seen by not understanding those who go against the Demon King, thus making her immune to Commandment’s curse.



30. Zeldris




Serving as the leader of the 10 Commandments, Zeldris holds the position of Piety. Being the youngest son of the Demon King, he is also the younger brother of Meliodas, serving as a representative as well as an enforcer.


A calm and collected nature with a lack of anger can be seen in Zeldris. His leadership qualities can be seen through his confident nature.


Due to the same reason, he became quite arrogant toward those who are weaker than him. Coming to the battles then Zeldris has always loved his spirit while enjoying the fight.


It can be seen through giving the taunt to his opponents with his full power, thus leaving them powerless.



31. Fraudrin




Fraudrin, a demon, used the body of the Great Holy Knight Dreyfus as a vessel for 10 years. He is one of the antagonists in the anime of Kingdom Infiltration arc.


Fraudrin is nothing less than a manipulator who loves to play with the emotions and happiness of humans. His plan-making is remarkable as it can be seen through the amalgamation of his patient nature.


It can be seen through his revenge on Meliodas. Getting inside the body of Dreyfus has made him soft for humans, making his fear come true.


It can be seen when he transferred his magical abilities to Dreyfus to protect his son.



32. Derieri




Getting the role of Purity of the Ten Commandments, Derieri is somewhat of a calm person. Her laziness and boredom can be seen throughout the anime.


Despite carrying a stoic nature, Derieri does have a quick temper. It was always said that Derieri was a different woman with a different personality in the past.


It all changed with the death of her sister, turning her silent. After being treated with politeness by humans, Derieri formed a little soft corner for them.


It can be seen through a scene where she and Monspeet killed a bear who was causing disaster to humans.



33. Gowther of Selflessness


Gowther of Selflessness


Serving under the Demon King as the Selflessness of the 10 Commandments, Gowther was an elite member of the Demon Clan.


Because of his position of Selflessness, Gowther got trapped in demon imprisonment for almost 500 years. The reason behind his imprisonment was his refusal to fight and thus became apart from the outside world.


Gowther is a caring and kind person, unlike demons, who have always treated a doll like his son. Gowther has also served as the master of Merlin as he teaches her magic.


Carrying the ability of invasion gives him the power to entrap his enemies in their memories and thus he reads their thoughts.



34. Chandler




One of the highest-ranked demons in the anime is Chandler who belongs to the Demon Clan. He is also a former master of Meliodas.


Apart from all these things, he and Cusack were known as a single entity under the name called an Original Demon.


A true and real side of Chandler can be seen with Meliodas whom he respects a lot. He is somewhat of a good natural old man who cares a lot about other people, especially Meliodas.


When it comes to destroying the enemies then nothing comes in front of him except for the winning situation.


Apart from growing huge muscles, Chandler is also known for his larger stature.



35. Grayroad




Grayroad is a warrior who served under the demon King 10 Commandments under the position of Pacifism. One of the ruthless things that she does is to convert humans into lower demons so that she can get revenge against old relatives.


Grayroad is the youngest member of the 10 Commandments however, she is the most talented one with incredible intelligence.


Her familiarity with the law of time and magic with the importance of power can be seen through many events.


She has a unique ability of darkness which is almost similar to Meliodas. One of the best abilities she has is Shapeshifting where her appearance and voice can change according to her need.



36. Galand




Serving as Truth to Ten Commandments under Demon King, Galand was an elite warrior until the time he got defeated.


His death came under the hands of Estarossa and Escanor. However, he was resurrected by King Arthur and got the name Chaos Galand.


Galand is a battle-crazed character with a sadistic nature. His love for battle against new enemies can be seen in many events despite his magical power getting drained.


His love for alcohol cannot be avoided and the same goes for his hatred toward mages.



37. Supreme Deity


Supreme Deity


Being the creator and ruler of the Goddess Clan, the Supreme Deity is also an ancestor of the Celestial Clan.


She is also the one who grants the Graces to Four Archangels. As the mother of Elizabeth, another character, is also her reincarnation.


The Supreme Deity is someone who is devoted to her duty as Clan, like the Demon King. Due to her position, a strict responsibility came into her life by punishing those who never obey laws.


We know Supreme as the rival of the Demon King but in the past, they both worked together when they punished Elizabeth and Meliodas for falling in love.


All the above, she is stoic, unforgiving, strict, and not so good.



38. Drole




Also known as Balor to humans, Drole is known as the founder of the Giant Clan. Later in the series, he gets affected by a warrior of the Demon Clan and thus starts serving under the commands of the Demon King with the position of Patience.


However, he did return to his previous Clan after leaving the 10 Commandments. As a character, his calm and quiet nature is always maintained in the series but whenever he speaks, he speaks very politely.


Putting everything in battle makes him a great warrior and that’s what is noted in him by being a giant who is shameful to flee from the field.


Despite having a stone nature, Drole does carry a humorous side which makes other characters burst into a laugh.



39. Original Demon


Original Demon


A demon created by the Demon King in ancient times is known as the Original Demon. His division into body and soul happened when he failed to attempt the throne of the Demon King and became Chandler and Cusack.


The original personality of the Original Demon was a confident one with strength. His guilt over past experiences is an action that made him call himself a sinner.


Always shows himself as an ignorant and arrogant person, the Original Demon used to mock Escanor for being inferior.


Coming to the abilities then he has the power to rule the Underworld given by the Demon King. However, his rebellion against the king made him divided into two.



40. Gloxinia




Before becoming the Ten Commandments’ Repose, Gloxinia had the position of Fairy King’s Forests’ first king. However, with time, he left the position and returned to the Fairy Clan.


Gloxinia’s past was somewhat happy. She used to be a caring and outgoing person who loved playing childish games.


It all changed with an incident that happened 3000 years ago which made him headstrong. Almost at the end of the anime, he returned for the betterment of his committed and caring nature.


The transformation from sadistic to comedy happened after the Great Fight Festival where his outgoing personality emerged confidently.



41. Lady of the Lake


Lady of the Lake


Currently living in Lake Salisbury, the Lady of the Lake is wrought with chaos. Her appearance is unknown but she looks like a woman with long hair.


Lady of the Lake remains one of the mysterious characters of The Seven Deadly Sins. Nothing much is known about her except for the fact that she is intelligent and calm.


She is an emotionless person, however, at certain times, she shows fear and shock upon seeing Cath. One of the best parts in the anime related to her can be seen through the revival of Arthur as a King of Chaos at the hands of the Lady of the Lake.



42. Hawk’s Mother


Hawk's Mother


Hawk Mama is known because of her remarkably large green pig body and being the mother of Hawk. Coming to the real name, it remained unknown till the end of the anime.


Hawk Mama is a loyal friend of Meliodas because she helped carry the Boring Bar on her neck. Known in the anime as a trustworthy person, her identity lies in the essence of chaos.


Due to the same reason, Mama is known as the Mother of Chaos and Great Oshiro. According to the legends, Hawk Mama was there in the battle that happened in the Sky Temple around 3000 years ago.


Her saving the Goddess Clan became the highlight of her journey however, she remained as a minor character.



43. Oslo




Oslo, a pet of the King, is a ruthless character who hunts down his enemy till they die. It is said that he is the reincarnation of Rou from 3000 years back.


The appearance of Oslo is like a monster with green fur covered with scars, his personality is somewhat violent. However, his polite nature can be seen in front of the King where he acts like a normal puppy.


His love for the King can be seen when Oslo sacrifices his life to save the King from Mael.


However, in the end, he gets his memory back of his previous life in the time when his soul was enchanted by Mael.



44. Cain Barzad


Cain Barzad


Having survived the destruction of the Kingdom of Danafor, Cain Barzad also served as one of the knights of the kingdom.


In his disguised appearance as an older man, he is on a mission to guide Deadly Sins to the Vaizel Fight Festival.


A person with short height, grey hair, and a long mustache is generally considered as preserved, which Cain is, however, friendly nature is also there in him.


He is an elder man with a mysterious aura. His loyalty can be seen through the Kingdom of Danafor even after its destruction.


Cain’s passionate and sensitive nature was shown in many events in flashbacks and present. To deny all archaic definitions of an elder person, Cain is more enthusiastic.


He is ready to stand and do anything just to get what his mission demands.



45. Elaine




Elaine, a fairy warrior, is responsible for the Fountain of Youth’s Holy Maiden. After getting killed by a demon, Elaine got resurrected by Melascula; however, dies for the second time by fighting in the Holy War.


Eventually, she finally got resurrected again but this time by the Ban. Apart from her two-time life and death situation, Elaine was shown having hate for a human who tries to steal the water of the Fountain of Youth.


The behavior change could be seen when she met Ban and started trusting him, resulting in the development of feelings.


Just like Elizabeth, another character, Elaine also has a harmonic, open-minded, and curious nature and she notices many differences very well.


In a nutshell, Elaine is a kind, caring, well-mannered person, who works for others rather than herself.



46. Ludociel




Ludociel is the leader of Stigma as well as the Four Archangels of the Goddess Clan. He is a polite and loving person who welcomes humans into his world.


The best thing about him is his grounded nature which can be seen through his treating the inferior and superior goddesses as the same.


Despite having a caring and kind nature, he becomes ruthless when it comes to Demon Clans. According to Nerobasta, Ludociel has lost his family and friends just to get the goal of Stigma.


This makes him do everything to get what he wants. The change in his behavior can be seen through his stoic nature towards others which became more sadistic and malignant.



47. Cath




Also known as Cath Palug, Cath was a mysterious pet of Arthur Pendragon. He is a small cat-like creature with a yellow nose and white fur.


At the beginning of the anime, Cath appears to be a silent animal who prefers to be on the side of Arthur.


Unlike any other animal, Cath can talk and express his happiness. When Arthur became the King of Chaos, the real identity of Cath came front as an evil and greedy monster.


The only reason to keep the company of Arthur is to bring mass destruction. His sadistic nature can be seen through his mocking Camelot’s destruction.


From being the only hope and love of Arthur, he has become the only hatred of Arthur by making him lose all hope, Cath was all that he could.



48. Zaneri




Already serving as a member of the Goddess Clan, Zaneri also served as one of the heads of Druids with her sister Jenna.


Apart from her attractive appearance, Zaneri is known for her dull and serious nature. Unlike her sister Jenna, Zaneri is quite strict about her job being the head of Druids.


Due to the same reason, a smile appears to be lacking on her face. Despite her caring and very calm, composed, and quiet nature, Zaneri does get annoyed if someone tries to disobey her.


It can be seen through her scolding Elizabeth for not keeping her focus on the trial. Even after carrying not-so-stereotypical nature, Zaneri does have a caring side for others, especially Meliodas.



49. Matrona




Before becoming the mentor to Dolores and Diane, Matrona was a warrior chief of the Eastern Giant Clan. Her appearance is larger than a human because of her muscular body and feminine shape.


She is a giant who loves to fight for humans as long as they pay well. Her ruthless nature can be seen in front of enemies but at the same time, she respects them if the battle goes according to her expectation.


According to Matrona, defeat in battle is worse than losing one and that’s why she wanted to be strong.


She has inculcated the same potential into her students, Dolores and Diane.



50. Zhivago




Considered one of the best werewolf characters existing in the animated world is Zhivago of The Seven Deadly Sins.


Being a Prisoner at Aberdeen Prison, he simultaneously raised Ban and taught him how to steal. A soft and carrying nature in him can be seen through Ban.


It can be seen through Zhivago sharing his food without even knowing the identity of Ban. Apart from his caring personality, his morality and kindness are also appreciable.


The only thing that became his demerit is to differentiate between Ban and his real son. It can be seen through the example where Zhivago decided to save his blood rather than save Ban from the knights.



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