Top 50 Best Cannibal Movies To Watch

top 50 best cannibal movies to watch


Cannibalism as a genre of horror fiction has its own cult following. It features a specific type of psychological horror and gore that focuses on the consumption of human meat.


The genre of cannibalistic films was mainly popularized by the release of “The Silence of the Lambs” and the creation of the iconic character of Dr. Hannibal Lecter.


However, the 1970s saw a surge in the release of cannibalistic films as well, mostly by Italian directors.


In this list provided below, we have specially picked the best cannibal movies ever released so that you do not miss out on the best.




1. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


the silence of the lambs (1991)


This cannibal classic “Silence of the Lambs” features a young FBI trainee called Clarice Starling who is the top student at her academy.


Inspector Jack Crawford of the FBI wants Clarice to interview Dr. Hannibal Lecter who is not only a brilliant psychiatrist but also a devious murderer and cannibal serving a life sentence behind bars.


Crawford believes that Hannibal’s insight might be valuable for a case he is working on. According to Crawford, the beautiful Clarice might just be the right bait to lure our Lecter.


Thus, begins a series of disturbing interviews as we take a deep dive into the mind of a murderous cannibal.




2. Bone Tomahawk (2015)


bone tomahawk (2015)


A film from 2015, “Bone Tomahawk” takes place in the Western Countryside. It all starts when a local doctor called Samantha is suddenly kidnapped.


The town sheriff along with a group of three men, which included Samantha’s husband, go on a quest to recover Samantha from her kidnappers.


However, the men are unaware that Samantha has not been kidnapped by a regular criminal but by a group of cannibalistic tribesmen.


While on their quest to rescue Samantha, the group is frequently attacked by the tribe of cannibals. These men must be ready to risk everything for the sake of rescuing Samantha.




3. The Misled Romance of Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy (2007)


The Misled Romance of Cannibal Girl and Incest Boy (2007)


This movie is a classic favourite because it provides plenty of gore with all the goodness of slapstick comedy.


It delivers terrible murder and bloody scenes via a veil of childlike innocence. The two main characters of this movie are a gothic girl and her male friend.


The girl is a cannibal and the boy has been birthed out of inbreeding. They are both freaks of nature but find solace in each other.


Most of the movie features the both of them getting together and performing various vile and murderous acts. The movie is positively shocking and its story is unlike any other.




4. Delicatessen (1991)


Delicatessen (1991)


“Delicatessen” is another classic cannibal story that has a cult following even today. The main character of this movie is a murderous butcher named Clapet.


The setting is what seems to be post-apocalyptic France. Clapet lives in an extremely rundown building that constantly requires a handyman.


However, no handyman ever lasts too long and there is a highly disturbing reason behind it. The murderous Clapet kills all these handymen and sells their meat as food.


However, when a handyman called Louison comes to the building, his usual plan is met with a certain problem.


Louison is quite a loveable fellow and Clapet’s daughter ends up falling head over heels in love with him.


Clapet intended to murder Lousion like all the other handymen but his daughter’s affection for him makes Clapet hesitant.



5. The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989)


The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989)


This movie may not be directly related to a cannibal but definitely features cannibalism. It is a brilliant tale of love and betrayal.


It features a cook (Richard Borst), a gangster (Albert Spica), the gangster’s wife (Georgina), and Georgina’s lover (Michael). Spica has quite a bad temper and often causes trouble at Boarst’s restaurant.


His wife, Georgina, manages to carry on an affair with Michael right under Spica’s nose. However, Spica eventually finds out and murders Michael.


When Georgina sees Michael’s dead body, she is utterly devastated. She makes Richard cook Michael’s flesh and forces Spica to eat it.


Finally, she calls him a cannibal before putting an end to his life.



6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)


“The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” is a classic horror tale that has been adapted in many future productions. Who does not know of the terrifying Leatherface and his many violent crimes?


The tragedy begins when a girl named Sally discovers that her grandfather’s grave has been vandalized. Highly unsettled by this, she decides to visit the location to investigate matters further and this becomes one of her gravest mistakes.


Sally and her brother decided to settle in their old family farmhouse completely unaware of the fact that they were living next to a family of dangerous cannibals.


One of the cannibals, Leatherface, begins pursuing them and they must find a way to survive this murderous monster.



7. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)


Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)


“Sweeney Todd” is another brilliant gothic masterpiece by Tim Burton starring two actors whom he loved to cast the most – Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.


The film is presented in the form of a musical where characters often break into a song to better express themselves.


The principal character of this movie is a barber named Benjamin Barker who was wrongfully imprisoned by a judge called Turpin.


Turpin secretly coveted Sweeney’s wife and wanted to separate the two. After years when Benjamin finally escapes imprisonment and returns to London, he takes on the name of Sweeney Todd.


When roaming the streets, he gets acquainted with Mrs. Lovett. Because of years of rage and suppressed anger, Sweeney becomes a murderer and starts killing people until he can finally get to Turpin and Mrs. Lovett turns the corpses of his victims into meat pies.



8. The Naked Prey (1965)


The Naked Prey (1965)


In “The Naked Prey” we see the dire consequences of human arrogance and ignorance. It features a group of Europeans who come to the South African tribal lands as a hunting party.


The film takes place during the colonial era when dark-skinned people were highly looked down upon and discriminated against.


The guide warns the hunting party to be respectful to the natives and not cause any trouble but the Europeans do not listen.


One of them even insults them severely by pushing the tribal chief to the ground. Though the group does not suffer any immediate repercussions, they are definitely not spared.


They are hunted down one by one and only the guide is spared. However, he is completely stripped of his clothing and given a head start while the tribe hunts for him.


This “naked prey” must now find a way to survive on his own.



9. Cannibal Cheerleader Camp (2008)


Cannibal Cheerleader Camp (2008)


The movie “Cannibal Cheerleader Camp” starts out on a light note but turns dark really soon. The movie not only brings horror to the table but also plenty of amusement.


The movie features a total of 5 girls, each with distinct personalities who go on a camp together. These girls seem to be quite catty and have sharp replies at the tip of their tongues.


Initially, their discussion is no different than what you would expect from a group of young girls – regular gossip and other forms of trivial discussions involving various events in their lives however, their light-hearted trip turns dark very soon.


Soon, one by one, the girls begin to disappear. What is even more disturbing is the fact that the attacks might not be from a wild animal but something a lot more devious.



10. The Road (2009)


The Road (2009)


“The Road” takes us to a post-apocalyptic future where civilization has ceased to exist. The central characters of the plot are a father-son duo who must survive in an extremely harsh environment.


The setting of this story is America itself but not as we know it. A devastating catastrophe has made the country an uncivilized land frequented by savages.


Amidst such a terrible state, a father and son try their hardest to survive. They both make their way toward the sea in an attempt to escape.


However, their journey is nowhere near easy. There are savages and threats roaming everywhere. If the duo manages to get captured, then they can not only be converted into slaves but can also become victims of cannibalism.



11. Raw (2016)


raw (2016)


Justine, a sheltered vegetarian, plunges into the cutthroat world of veterinary school. Her life veers off-kilter after she is forced to taste raw meat during a hazing ritual. A primal hunger erupts, twisting her vegetarian morals into a craving for human flesh.


As the line between predator and prey blurs, her relationship with her rebellious sister, Alexia, becomes a morbid play of manipulation and shared monstrosity.


Director Julia Ducournau’s “Raw” isn’t just a body horror trip; it’s a coming-of-age nightmare that uses cannibalism as a metaphor for the messy, transformative experience of leaving childhood behind. Expect graphic gore, biting social commentary, and a heroine both repulsive and strangely compelling.



12. Manhunter (1986)


Manhunter (1986)


“Manhunter” is another story related to the story of the classic cannibal character – Dr. Hannibal Lecter. The central character of this movie, however, is not Dr. Lecter himself but well-known FBI profiler Will Graham.


Having worked on the capture of Dr. Lecter took quite a toll on Will and left him scarred, as a result of this he decided to take a break from his work and live in exile.


His exile did not last long though; Will was soon called back by the FBI to investigate a new murderer who was running loose on the streets.


The murderer had been named the “Tooth Fairy”. Will eventually decides to return and work on the case. But his own wits seem insufficient for this case.


He has to do something unimaginable – ask Dr. Lecter for his help in catching this new psychopath who was terrorizing the streets.



13. The Green Butchers (2003)


The Green Butchers (2003)


“The Green Butcher” is a brilliant dark comedy that skillfully combines elements of gore and humour. It tells the tale of an ambitious duo who set out to open their open business.


Their main motivation behind opening a business is their horrible boss whom they could not seem to tolerate anymore.


Thus, both characters, Bjarne and Svend, finally open their own business in the form of a butcher’s shop. However, unfortunately, their business does not do too well until a strange incident occurs.


An electrician ends up dying in the freezer somehow and the 2 butchers have this bizarre idea of selling his meat as chicken.


What is even more bizarre is they earn the most profits selling this human meat in the guise of chicken.


When the meat finally runs out, they face a dilemma about how to acquire more to keep their business going.



14. Alive (1993)


Alive (1993)


“Alive” is more of a tragedy than horror. It is not a film full of crazy psychopathic murderers. The movie depicts the horrors faced by a team of rugby players when they become the victims of an unfortunate accident.


The entire Uruguayan rugby team was on a flight together when their plane crashed in the snow-covered Andes. The group was left stranded in the snow with no food or resources.


The group had to brave their harsh environment without any outside help. However, the situation turned dire very soon.


All out of food and any other means of sustenance, the group is forced to make a rather disturbing decision.


They must choose between starving to death or resorting to cannibalism for the sake of survival.



15. Weekend (1967)


Weekend (1967)


“Weekend” is a tale of adultery, human selfishness, murder, and cannibalism. At the centre of this story is a bourgeois couple who are both cheating on each other.


Both husband and wife harbour the thought of murdering each other so that they can peacefully continue their lives with their secret lovers.


However, before that is done, they must attend to another important business. The wife, Corinne, has an old and ailing father who is supposed to live behind a huge inheritance after his death.


The couple, thus, takes a ride to Corinne’s house to claim it for themselves. However, when they do finally reach Corinne’s house, they discover that her father is already dead.


Corinne’s mother is a selfish widow who refuses to share any part of the inheritance so they kill her.


After the deed is done, the couple hit the road to return but are unable to do so. They are captured by a group of hippie cannibals on their way back who eventually cook up and eat the husband.



16. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)


Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)


The second part of the “Wrong Turn” series takes place in the wild. It all begins when a group of people decides to participate in a reality show.


The reality show had promised them a handsome cash prize if they are able to brave their environment and win the survival game designed for them.


All the contestants are left alone in the middle of nature. The rules are simple, they had to survive in the wild on their own for a period of one week.


However, hunting for food and water was not their only concern for the group of reality contestants had something far worse to fear than just wild animals.


Turns out they had caught the attention of a group of inbred cannibals who were planning on hunting them down and eating them.


The contestants must find a way to protect themselves from this unforeseen and devious threat to escape alive.



17. The Hills Have Eyes (1977)


The Hills Have Eyes (1977)


Featuring Susan Lanier, Robert Houston, and John Steadman in the lead, The Hills Have Eyes is a horror-thriller movie that was released in 1977. It comprises a talented team of crew members Wes Craven (director), Wes Craven (screenplay), Eric Saarinen (cinematography), and others.


The motion picture received a score of 6.3 on IMDb, while it received 64 out of 100 on Metacritic. A family on their way to California unintentionally enters a restricted Air Testing range and experiences a car crash, leaving them stranded in a desert.


They soon realize that they are being pursued by a group of individuals who have remained isolated from modern society.



18. Ravenous (1999)


Ravenous (1999)


“Ravenous” was not exactly a commercial hit during the time of its release however, over time, the film has managed to gather quite a cult following.


The story provides a good blend of both mystery and thrill. It all begins with Captain Joh Boyd going to Fort Spencer to investigate a curious case.


He had heard of some mysterious disappearances around the area and wanted to investigate its cause. Upon reaching the place, he received even more disturbing news.


A wounded frontiersman recounted a horrific story in front of the captain. He spoke of a wagon train whose passengers were all murdered by its guide.


The Captain and his regiment decide to look into the matter but things take a dangerous turn when a cannibal starts stalking them.



19. Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat (2002)


Blood Feast 2: All U Can Eat (2002)


This movie gives you a good mix of paranormal and gore and is a must-watch for both horror and psycho-thriller fans.


The main plot of the story centres around a man called Fuad. When Fuad returns to Miami, he focuses on re-starting his grandfather’s catering business.


The town sheriff, however, holds a bad opinion regarding Fuad’s family. Nevertheless. Fuad is called to cater for the sheriff’s wedding by the sheriff’s mother-in-law.


However, after coming across the statue of an old Egyptian goddess, Fuad becomes possessed. Instead of preparing a regular meal, he now decides to prepare a blood feast – a feast made out of the flesh of murdered bridesmaids.



20. Hannibal (2001)


Hannibal (2001)


This movie shows another part of Hannibal’s journey. It mainly focuses on Hannibal’s life during exile after he managed to escape custody somehow.


Nobody knew Hannibal’s location anymore as he could be anywhere in Europe. However, one particular man was bent on finding Hannibal.


This man was Mason Verger. Mason was the cannibal’s last victim and Hannibal had left him horribly disfigured. Mason is now wandering around looking for revenge and he does not plan on giving up his search until he has located Hannibal.


Hannibal is a shrewd man and Mason knew that he needed bait to lure him out. This is where Clarice Sterling comes in, the FBI agent for whom Hannibal had a soft spot.


Mason, therefore, decides on using Clarice to bring Hannibal out of hiding.



21. Bones and All (2022)


bones and all (2022)


Maren, a haunted cannibal teen, crisscrosses 80s America, hunted by her past and the gnawing need to “eat.” But when she collides with Lee, a magnetic drifter with similar urges, a love as raw as their hunger blossoms.


Their road trip becomes a desperate play between desire and survival, moving among different places as a creepy stalker named Sully follows Maren.


Guadagnino’s “Bones and All” isn’t just a gory horror romance; it’s a poignant tale of outsiders searching for belonging, with cannibalism as a metaphor for societal alienation. Expect tender chemistry amidst unsettling feasts, stunning visuals, and a haunting exploration of what it means to be human, even when you crave bone.



22. Eating Raoul (1982)


Eating Raoul (1982)


“Eating Raoul” is positively dark with subtle hints of comedy here and there. The film begins with a prudish couple in a difficult situation.


After the husband loses his job, he is desperate to find a new income. One day, a lecherous swinger starts hitting on the wife, and to save her, the husband hits him on the head with a pan and knocks him dead.


Then they rob his wallet. After killing this swinger, the couple finds a nice and easy way to keep away perverts and also make some money.


However, the main problem is disposing of the bodies; this is where Raoul comes in. Raoul agrees to help them dispose of the bodies in exchange for a price.


But gradually Raoul seems to develop feelings for the wife. The husband manages to kill him but disposing of his body proves to be particularly tricky which forces them to come up with a new solution.



23. Interview with a Cannibal (2007)


Interview with a Cannibal (2007)


“Interview with a Cannibal” is more of a documentary than a movie. It explores the life of famous cannibal Armin Meiwes and focuses on profiling him.


His devious crimes had earned him the nickname “The Cannibal of Rotenburg”. In this movie, the audience gets to witness exclusive footage regarding the cannibal’s past crimes and activities.


The documentary is filmed in prison where Meiwes is serving a life sentence. They delve deep into the traumas of his childhood and all the reasons that fueled his deadly desires.


The film exposes the viewers to numerous exclusive revelations and several of the most defining moments in Meiwes’ life are highlighted.



24. Fresh (2022)


fresh (2022)


“Fresh” follows the story of a young girl named Noa who hasn’t had a particularly fulfilling dating life.


She is tired of scrolling through the endless line of boring men on dating apps and even when she does go on a date with them, it never turns out the way she would like them to.


Therefore, when she comes across a handsome man named Steve in a grocery shop, she decides to give it a shot.


After sharing her number with Steve, they both get to talking and Noa seems to be quite smitten with him.


She even accepts his invitation for a weekend getaway. However, during her time with Steve, she realizes that he is not who he appears to be.


He harbours some dark secrets, especially regarding his unusual appetite.



25. Dumplings (2004)


Dumplings (2004)


The story of “Dumplings” takes place in Hong Kong where a renowned chef named Aunt Mei. Aunt Mei is especially famous for her dumplings which have some brilliant qualities.


These dumplings can rejuvenate anyone and return their youthful glow. This particular quality has made her dumplings famous far and wide but no one seems to know what the secret ingredient for her dumplings are.


One day, an actress comes to her seeking help. She wants her dumplings to regain her youthful beauty so that she can enjoy her husband’s affection again.


It is to this very actress that Aunt Mei confesses that she had performed thousands of abortions during the time she was living in China.


When the actress kept asking for accelerated production of these dumplings, her needs could not be met until a 15-year-old came to Aunt Mei for an abortion.



26. How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman (1971)


How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman (1971)


Another one of the 1970s cannibal classics. The story of “How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman” pursues the story of a misunderstood Frenchman who falls victim to a grave tragedy.


In Brazil, there lives a tribe of Indians who have aligned themselves with the French. This tribe considers the Portuguese as their enemy.


When a Frenchman is caught by this tribe, they believe him to be Portuguese despite his repeated protests. He is eventually captured and kept in captivity.


Later, he uses some explosive powder left behind by the Portuguese to attack and defeats the enemy. Instead of praising his efforts, the cannibalistic Indians decide to repay him in a much more devious and malevolent way.



27. Porcile (1969)


Porcile (1969)


“Porcile” explores a set of two disturbing stories, unlike any other films on this list. These two stories give us an estimate of the human capacity for barbarism.


In the first film, we see a man abandoned on a volcanic terrain. Wandering alone, he gradually develops into a cannibal.


He loses his sense of reason and sanity and finds self-acceptance within it. In the second story, we see a disturbing portrayal of bestiality.


A son of a wealthy German industrialist is dissatisfied with his current life. He does not feel satisfied with his fiancé.


He eventually leaves her to pursue his true passion – which is his disturbing love for pigs.



28. We’re Going to Eat You (1980)


We’re Going to Eat You (1980)


“We’re Going to Eat You” is another classic cannibal story filled with thrill and horror. It explores the journey of a secret agent who ends up in a deadly situation unlike any he has experienced before.


The secret agent, with the code 999, was in pursuit of a thief named Rolex. In his pursuit, he ended up following Rolex’s trail to a village.


However, unknown to Agent 999, this was no ordinary village; all the villagers were cannibals. They followed a devious cannibalistic ritual of capturing any wandering visitors and eating them.


Agent 999 almost fell prey to these cannibalistic monsters but was saved in the nick of time by Rolex.


Finally, the agent did manage to escape, and not just by himself, he had a lovely lady by his side too.



29. Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal (2012)


Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal (2012)


This movie tells the peculiar story of an artist whose art specifically requires a violent form of inspiration. A renowned artist named Lars Olafsson is slowly losing his popularity in the art world.


Even his art dealer Ronnie is in a desperate state with no new pieces to sell. However, no matter how much Ronnie pleads, Lars refuses to paint.


This is because the cost of his art is way too high. Lars has a peculiar condition where he can only find inspiration from horrifying things such as blood and gore.


Ronnie finally gets Lars a job as an art teacher in a small Canadian town. Lars almost had a shot at a normal life there until he encountered Eddie.


Eddie is a vicious sleepwalking cannibal who becomes Lars’ next muse.



30. Cannibal (2013)


cannibal (2013)


Cannibal is a movie that brings a pleasant modern twist to the classical cannibal narrative.


It shows the life of a man leading a double life who finds himself changing in the face of love.


The main protagonist of this movie is a tailor named Carlos. However, Carlos is not just any tailor, he is the most prestigious tailor in Granada.


Despite his successful life, Carlos harbours a dark secret that he cannot share with anyone; he is a murderer and cannibal who feeds off human flesh.


Carlos had never felt any guilt or remorse for his actions but that was soon about to change. With the entry of Nina into his life, Carlos’ dark world became brighter with the light of love.


Under Nina’s influence and due to his newfound feelings of love Carlos begins to change.



31. Death Line (1972)


Death Line (1972)


It all begins when a young couple discovers a fainted man on the stairway of the underground subway in London.


They rushed to inform a guard but the fainted man had disappeared when they returned. Initially reluctant to believe them, the guard finally realizes the graveness of their story and takes them to the police station where the case is taken over by an MI-5 agent.


It gradually comes to light that this was not the first case of disappearance that had happened in the London underground; multiple people have been going missing in the same way.


As the film goes on the audience is met with the shocking revelation that it was all the work of a cannibal who was living in London’s underground.


It is this cannibal who has been kidnapping people to not only feed on them but also to find some companionship.



32. Trouble Everyday (2001)


Trouble Everyday (2001)


The movie “Trouble Everyday” is not only horrific but also quite heartbreaking. It shows two people who find themselves to be a victim of their nature and as a result, feel isolated even from their closest ones.


Initially, we see a loving couple Shane and June who travel to Paris to enjoy a romantic honeymoon together.


However, Shane has other plans. His primary reason for visiting Paris is not to spend time with June but to seek out a woman named Core who shares his strange affliction.


Both Core and Shane face sudden urges of violence and a desire to consume human flesh. The movie focuses not only on the relationship between these two people but also on their respective relationships with their loved ones.


We see two individuals trying to find a way to survive with their unique hunger.



33. Cannibal Holocaust (1980)


Cannibal Holocaust (1980)


This movie tells the story of a curious group of researchers conducting a study on the numerous cannibalistic tribes hiding in the heart of the Amazon.


The initial group of researchers who conducted this study and taped vicious proof of the same went completely missing.


To recover these missing tapes and find the lost group of researchers, an anthropologist named Harold Monroe comes to the Amazon along with his group of seasoned guides.


Here in the Amazon, Monroe comes across the tapes recorded by the previous group of researchers. During their search in the heart of the wild Amazon, Harold and his group end up catching the attention of a cannibalistic group who are unlike anything a white man has laid eyes on before.


The rest of the story focuses on Harold’s discovery of the tapes and his desire to learn the truth despite the danger he is surrounded by.



34. Tenderness of the Wolves (1973)


Tenderness of the Wolves (1973)


The film “Tenderness of the Wolves” has been inspired by the true story of Fritz Harmann, also known as the Vampire of Hanover.


This German serial killer is not exactly a cannibal himself but makes unsuspecting people consume the flesh of other human beings.


This is somewhat similar to the narrative of “Sweeney Todd” and “Motel Hell”. Fritz is a police informant and makes smart use of his position to perform his killings.


Fritz was active during the disturbing times between wars. He would usually prey on young men and boys during a period filled with crisis and turmoil.


He had a unique way of disposing of the bodies of those he killed. He would cut up the corpses of his victims and sell large chunks of the meat to various restaurants and dump anything remaining out of sight.



35. Eater (2007)


Eater (2007)


“Eater” is among one of the lesser-known cannibal movies of the last decade. However, its thrilling plot and nerve-wracking air of mystery have given it a glorious spot on our list.


It centres around the fear and havoc caused by a cannibalistic murderer who somehow managed to escape prison. The primary character of this movie is a policeman named Bannerman.


Bannerman is only a rookie cop whose financial condition is nothing to brag about. To make ends meet, he takes the graveyard shift working late at night for the NYPD.


During his late-night shifts, Officer Bannerman constantly feels a devious presence around him. He feels like someone is stalking him.


This was happening around the time when there were ongoing rumours about a notorious cannibal having escaped prison.



36. Cannibal Girls (1973)


Cannibal Girls (1973)


“Cannibal Girls” is a classic Canadian horror story that centres around the existence of a cannibalistic urban legend about three women who lure unsuspecting men back to their place to eat them.


The main story of the film focuses on the unfortunate events that take place in the life of a couple who simply wanted to enjoy their honeymoon.


During their honeymoon trip to a remote place, this couple decided to spend a night at a bed and breakfast.


This bed and breakfast is run by a trio of ladies who are not what they seem to be.


As the unsuspecting couple decides to spend a quiet night together, the trio of women plots of having them as their next meal.


Faced with such an abnormal situation, the couple is often found wondering whether they are indeed facing reality or if it’s all a dream.



37. The Cannibal Man (1972)


The Cannibal Man (1972)


The story of this movie focuses on the unfortunate events that occur in the life of a man named Marcos that slowly turns him into a killer.


At the beginning of the movie, we see Marcos as a poor and humble man. He lives deplorably and works at the local slaughterhouse but never seems to complain about the perilous state of his life.


He even has a girlfriend name Paula but their relationship had to be kept secret because Paula’s father wouldn’t approve of him.


One night, while travelling with Paula in a Taxi, Marcos gets into a fight with a taxi driver and kills him; that was his first kill.


Later, when Paula was going to confess the crime to the police, Marcos had to strangle her too so that he could avoid getting arrested.


To hide his crimes, he now had to keep committing multiple murders. However, with the bodies piling up, Marcos must find a smart way to dispose of them.



38. Wrong Turn (2003)


Wrong Turn (2003)


“Wrong Turn” tells the story of a group of friends who were travelling together but end up being hunted by cannibals due to some unfortunate turn of events.


A group of 5 friends was going on a drive together when their car suddenly broke down right in the middle of the woods.


A few moments later a motorist named Chris came and crashed into this already broken-down car. Now the group of 5 friends found themselves stranded in the middle of the deep woods with no help in sight.


The situation turns even more grave when they discover that they are being watched and followed by a group of backwoods cannibals.


These cannibals seem like hungry savages waiting to ruthlessly hunt them down. The only way for Chris and his group of 5 pals to escape this situation is to find a way to outsmart these savages.



39. Hannibal Rising (2007)


Hannibal Rising (2007)


Multiple films and adaptations have been made of the famous classical cannibal character called Hannibal Lecter. This film focuses on a certain aspect of Hannibal’s journey.


While he is indeed a cannibal, his hunt for people in this movie has a deeper and greater aim.


Young Hannibal had lost his parents during the notorious Second World War. After losing his parents, he decided to move in with another family member – his beautiful aunt.


However, Hannibal was not planning on living a quiet life at his aunt’s house, he had revenge on his mind.


Hannibal spent his days plotting revenge against the gang of barbaric villains who were responsible for the death of his dear sister.



40. Slave of the Cannibal God (1972)


Slave of the Cannibal God (1972)


The 70s saw a lot of good Italian cannibal movies. The movie “Slave of the Cannibal God” stood out in its own way even amongst the plethora of cannibal movies released during the time.


The movie features two American actors as its main characters. This is another cannibal movie that focuses on brutalities committed in the wild.


The main plot of the story centres around the disappearance of a certain man and the train of events that it leads to.


A young woman along with her brother decided to fly to New Guinea one day. The cause of this trip was the mysterious disappearance of the woman’s husband.


However, upon further investigation, the siblings uncover a truth far more disturbing than they could have imagined; the woman’s husband had been kidnapped by cannibals.



41. Hop-o’-My-Thumb (2011)


Hop-o'-My-Thumb (2011)


While we consider cannibalistic films to be more of an adult genre, we forget that children’s fairy tales have spared no horrors.


The story of “Hop-o’-My-Thumb” is quite similar to the tale of “Hansel and Gretel” by the brothers Grimm. The plot of this movie is fantastical and follows a fairy-tale-like structure with all the thrilling horrors of a good cannibal movie.


This story does not have a large adult cast and mainly features children who must find a way to survive in the face of grave danger.


The main character of this story is a young boy named Hop. Hop and his brothers are suddenly abandoned by their parents one day.


Alone and desperate, they take shelter in the cottage of a strange woman. However, it is hardly a safe space.


The woman soon warns them that her husband is a cannibalistic ogre who loves the taste of human flesh.



42. The Woman (2011)


The Woman (2011)


The movie “The Woman” will make it hard for you to pick a side. While we are usually prone to hate cannibals and stand in defence of humans, this movie shows how both can be equally bad.


At the beginning of the movie, we see a strange woman walking alone on the northeast coast with her child and pet wolf.


She is shown to be the last remaining survivor of a cannibalistic tribe that roamed those lands. We see her and her pet wolf engaged in some sort of ritualistic practice surrounding her baby.


However, the scene soon gets cut to a bbq restaurant where a lawyer and his family are enjoying themselves.


This lawyer eventually comes across this cannibalistic woman when she is taking a bath and carefully places a net to capture her.


He brings her home to start a sort of a project where he and the rest of the members of his family will participate in trying to civilize this savage woman.


The woman is kept locked and frequently mistreated by the various members of the family. However, once she is set free, she has her revenge.



43. Jungle Holocaust (1977)


Jungle Holocaust (1977)


This movie is another rare find that focuses mainly on the cannibalistic tendencies in the wild. However, unlike “The Green Inferno”, the victims of this movie did not end up in the jungle of their own accord.


The tragedy primarily began with a plane crash. One of the survivors of the plane crash finds himself separated from the rest of his group and stranded in the middle of the deadly wild.


He ventures out to find a way out of the jungle. However, in his search for a way out, he is noticed by a dangerous, cannibalistic tribe and captured by them for the sake of consumption.


After he somehow manages to escape the tribe’s clutches, he must venture out into the wild once again. The movie shows his desperate search for his comrades and his crashed plane so that he is finally able to escape the malevolent wild.



44. Motel Hell (1980)


Motel Hell (1980)


The movie “Motel Hell” features the villainous deeds of a deadly sibling duo who are using a different kind of meat to boost their sausage sales.


Vincent and his sister Ida own a rural hotel but this is not their primary source of income. They also own a food stall that attracts a large crowd who come to taste their renowned and delicious meat.


The sibling duo has a brother, Sheriff Bruce, who soon begins to doubt that Vincent and Ida were doing something highly suspicious to boost their meat business.


In keeping with Bruce’s suspicions, the sibling duo was indeed using a different kind of meat than one would expect to find at a food stall.


Turns out, they were somehow killing and chopping up the bodies of their unsuspecting patrons and turning that meat into the sausages they sell at their food stand.



45. Doghouse (2009)


Doghouse (2009)


The movie “Doghouse” is a classic example of the British slapstick comedy genre. It tells the tale of a simple boys’ weekend that went horribly wrong.


One of the main characters, Vince, is very upset over his recent divorce. In order to cheer him up, Vince’s friends plan a boys’ trip to a remote village.


However, upon arriving at this place they notice something strange – there are hardly any women there. They were almost about to leave when they saw a little girl being confronted by a soldier.


One of the guys rushes to the girl’s aid but the girl stabs him instead. Later, the gang discovers that the women of this village have been infected by a strange disease.


The soldier they had met earlier tells them that the women of this village have fallen prey to a deadly biological agent that has turned them into man-hating cannibals.



46. Parents (1989)


Parents (1989)


The movie “Parents” introduces something unique that you will not find in most cannibalistic movies – comedy. This comic horror tale is filled with thrill and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


It all begins with a young boy’s suspicions. Young Michael, who is only ten years old, starts to doubt whether his parents really are who they seem to be.


On the surface, his mom is the perfect house and his father is just a working man dedicating his time to his job at the mortuary.


However, Michael can’t seem to shake the feeling that something is very wrong with his parents. When his father brings home exceptionally large cuts of meat, he can’t help but wonder where he might have gotten them from.


Michael shares these concerns with his school counselor who decides to come over to his house to investigate the matter further.



47. The Green Inferno (2013)


The Green Inferno (2013)


While we have come across villainous cannibalistic individuals, families, and even viruses, most of these cannibal films do not focus on the jungle scene.


The existence of cannibalistic tribes in the wild is no myth. Time and again researchers have confirmed that consumption of human flesh is not uncommon amongst some barbaric tribes.


In the movie “The Green Inferno” we come across such a tribe. It all begins when two naïve environmentalists trespass into dangerous territory and end up on the dinner menu for a man-eating tribe.


The main plot of the story revolves around 2 characters – Justine and Alejandro. Justine is a lawyer’s daughter who is smitten by Alejandro’s dedication to preserving the Amazon.


Highly impressed, Justine decides to join him in this cause. However, both of them are met with a terrible and unforeseen situation in the wild jungles.



48. We Are What We Are (2010)


We Are What We Are (2010)


In most cannibal movies, we see the cannibals as the villainous antagonists however, the movie “We Are What We Are” brings a fun new twist to this classic narrative.


In this movie, the cannibals aren’t some villainous antagonists but the protagonists of the movie. We are introduced to a somewhat strange family with peculiar diet requirements.


Their main problem begins after the death of the principal male or the father figure of the family. This is because he was the one responsible for securing their food.


The family now must find ways to sustain their diets themselves. They begin by kidnapping random people from the local towns; sometimes the hunt is a success and sometimes it is not.


The police eventually get wind of these strange happenings and indulge in their pursuit. Overall, the series is dark and intense with a cast of main characters who are not easy to sympathize with.



49. Cannibal Apocalypse (1980)


Cannibal Apocalypse (1980)


This particular movie serves both war and gore. It has been somewhat inspired by the classic movie on the Vietnam War called “Apocalypse Now”.


Even though quite ludicrous, this movie quickly became a cult favourite. Just like its name, the movie depicts an apocalyptic situation that is similar to the Zombie apocalypse movies that you might have seen.


The only difference is, instead of zombies, this movie serves Cannibals. It all begins when two war veterans return from war infected by a strange virus.


This virus can turn any walking, breathing man into a cannibal. Just like in the case of zombies, it spreads through bites.


After these 2 return, the streets of Atlanta are engulfed in chaos and mayhem. Bloodthirsty cannibals cause havoc on the streets as the deadly virus continues to spread.



50. Anthropophagus: The Grim Reaper (1980)


Anthropophagus: The Grim Reaper (1980)


“Anthropophagus” is a delicious mix of mystery and terror. When a group of tourists decided they wanted to take a boat ride to a particular remote island, none of them could have predicted the horrors that await them there.


Upon reaching the island, the tourist group noticed that most of the residents there were missing. Moreover, they also felt the sinister presence of someone stalking them.


Eventually, their journey leads them to a mysterious diary containing clues regarding the island’s disturbing occurrences. The group must decipher the clues and find a way to escape the monster trailing them.


Their stalker is far from an ordinary person but is a disfigured murderer with a taste for the human flesh.



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