Top 50 Best Black Cartoon Characters Of All Time

Black Cartoon Characters


Animated tv shows have a lot of variety when it comes to characters. You can see characters having weird shapes and sizes. Some have an excessively large nose, while some have a very round face.


But in this article, we have listed characters based on their color, which is Black. Black characters give a very unique vibe to the show and help bring diversity to characters.


It’s very important to know some of the best we have got so far. So, let’s begin with our list.




50. Token Black (South Park Archives)


Token Black (South Park Archives)


Token Black is a member of Craig’s gang and is noticeable for being the only black child in the show. (Except for the cameos and his family)His name represents the phrase “token black guy”, a placement to show racial diversity.


He is often portrayed as a calm and level-headed guy who makes rational decisions, also as an intelligent guy he had a strong willingness in standing up for himself and his right as a person who lives in a white-dominated society.


His character represents racial inclusion in the show. The character Token Black was one of the four minorities as of the nineteenth season of the show.




49. Kiki Pizza (Steven Universe)


Kiki Pizza (Steven Universe)


Kiki Pizza is the twin sister of Jenny Pizza and the daughter of the Fish Stew Pizza restaurant. She helps her dad in the restaurant, unlike her sister who doesn’t show much interest in the family business.


She is a classic comical character with a sassy side and is very open to magic in the show. She is a good friend of Steven and he helps her with her nightmares and guides her to the root of the problem to make it stop recurring.


She and her sister Jenny were voiced by the same voice actor Regan Gomez-Preston.




48. Aisha (Winx Club)


Aisha (Winx Club)


The Crown princess of Andros also known as Princess Layla is the Fairy of Waves, she joins the club as the sixth member in the second season of the show.


She is a self-confident and open-minded girl who is extremely opinionated, also is intuitive, and provides practical and logical advice when asked by the members. She is a talented dancer as well as a great swimmer that can speak many languages, in short, a talented ace of the club in real terms.


Her character is portrayed as a caring individual who provides a shoulder to lean on, but also as a sensitive character who is rather stubborn and impatient as her character develops and experiences various incidents.


Aisha is the only Winx member with the most amount of love interests.




47. Jodie Landon (Daria)


Jodie Landon (Daria)


Voiced by Jessica Cyndee Jackson, Jodie was an intellectual girl with a potentially bright future. Her character was introverted and liked to keep her circle close despite the popularity she had.


She’s equally sarcastic as Daria and does not restrain herself yet, she has a great sense of self-control. She also is a mature, and advice-giver to her friends including Daria.


Has a heart for the community and high standards for herself. Though she seems confident and talented most of her activities were forced by her parents as they wanted her college application to look good.


Jodie Landon has five alter egos in the show.



46. Libby Folfax (Jimmy Neutron)


Libby Folfax (Jimmy Neutron)


Liberty Danielle Folfax is a 12-year-old girl who had major character development in the franchise from being a flat character to becoming the most sensible and level-headed character. Her main interest is music and in particular hip-hop, R&B, and funk music, she is so addicted to music that she faints when she has music withdrawal.


She even made her science experiments with music. Libby is completely aware of the relationship between Jimmy and Cindy, and also supports them in being a good friend of Cindy.


As a friend, she always stands by Cindy’s side when she struggles to express her feelings to Jimmy. She is a vegetarian.



45. Cleveland Brown Jr. (The Cleveland Show)


Cleveland Brown Jr. (The Cleveland Show)


One of the main characters of the franchise went from being a hyper child to an obese teenager with glasses and a slow voice. He found it difficult to find friends as he had very low self-esteem due to his obesity.


He was often used for what he does for others and never was an actual friend except for Ernie. He enjoys doing chores and playing the tuba. His character is also academically talented.


Although he seems shy and reserved, he can rap with ease and can also go straight on while threatening to protect someone. He doesn’t believe in God due to his mother Loretta but also does not label himself as an atheist as he has some kind of religious belief.



44. Mushmouth (Fat Albert & the Cosby kids)


Mushmouth (Fat Albert & the Cosby kids)


James Mushmouth Mush is part of the Junkyard Gang and plays a homemade-stiff style guitar. Mush has a very easy-going and friendly personality that makes him sociable. Just like the other members of the gang he is responsible when needed and always lends a hand when the gang doing a project.


He has a speech impediment and adds “buh” at the end of most words while speaking. Aside from engaging in group conversations for giving his output he is rather reserved and kept to himself contradicting his portrayal of being easy-going.



43. Lashawn (Bébé’s kids)


Lashawn (Bébé’s kids)


Lashawn is one of the three younger cousins of Cindy Butler from her Aunt Bebe. They belong to the 1992 adult animation film Bébé’s. The film is about a man who tries to impress his girlfriend and agrees to take care of her friend’s kids later finding out that they are uncontrollable.


And one among the three is LaShawn – The girl with a face of an attitude and long pretty legs, and the only girl among the three siblings. The film made its theatrical debut two years after the death of comedian and writer Robin Harris who made the main character with his own story.



42. Weird Harold (Fat Albert and the Cosby kids)


Weird Harold (Fat Albert and the Cosby kids)


Old Weird Harold Simmons is also a member of the Junkyard Gang. In the band, he plays the harp made from bedsprings. Weird Harold is a clumsy character and also one of the less intelligent members of the Junkyard Gang.


He is also considered the tallest member of the band and is sometimes the translator to Mushmouth. A straightforward man who always gets right to his point and tends to be more direct than the rest of the gang.


He was normally a background character but later became one of the main characters as the show progressed toward the end.



41. Uncle Ruckus (The Boondocks)


Uncle Ruckus (The Boondocks)


Uncle Ruckus is the main protagonist of the show. He is repellent in his behavior, attitude, and appearance. He has an intense hatred of anything related to black people and makes sure he frees himself from that identity.


Ruckus adores the white society and culture and is the only reason he lives in the Woodcrest neighborhood. His character is extremely loyal to white people and was a complete racist toward his race.


He even preached that black people must hate their blackness and love the white to receive the ticket to heaven or the white heaven as he called it. His character portrayed a classic example of how people of color thought that the white race is superior regardless of ethnicity and that the fairer they are the more valuable they were.


His character was the person who played an unadaptable old mindset person who believes in nothing other than his own beliefs.



40. Carl Carlson Jr. (The Simpsons)


Carl Carlson Jr. (The Simpsons)


Carlton Carl Carlson Jr. is an operations supervisor from sector 7G of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. His character is that of a self-restraint organized employee who holds a master’s degree in nuclear physics.


He is a very reserved person and often doesn’t communicate unless it is necessary. His IQ is 214. He is very straightforward and tends to be precise in what he is expressing not worrying about what effect it would have on others, he has explained that is a reason he doesn’t talk much on one occasion.



39. Sticky Webb (The Proud Family)


Sticky Webb (The Proud Family)


The cool and intelligent guy who is all tech-savvy that appears in every plot and supports the protagonist in all their endeavors, yes that’s our guy Sticky Webb – the male best friend of Penny Proud.


Despite being intelligent he gets stalked and harassed by Dijonay Jones who has a big crush on Sticky, he seems like he doesn’t have much interest in her but then she becomes his girlfriend in the series though their relationship was always on and off.


He is talented in solving any problem that involves technology. He only shows his sensitive emotions when his parents decide on getting a divorce. Sticky Webb’s character has the same role as Cornelius Fillmore in Fillmore and both characters are voiced by Orlando Brown.



38. Little Bill (Little Bill)


Little Bill (Little Bill)


William Farnell “Little Bill” Glover Jr., widely known for being nice to people is an energetic 5-year-old kid who is a very imaginative and fun-loving bright kid – the star of the show.


He is called Little Bill as his father’s name is also Bill, and so is the Jr. in his name too. Being too nice is also not a good advantage in life, so even when he tries to be fair in every game he plays and to do the right thing – he meets kids that teach him a lot of lessons.


He gains comfort from his communication with his family and close friends who understand him and make him feel safe in his own skin.



37. Miranda Killgallen (As told by Ginger)


Miranda Killgallen (As told by Ginger)


Our fierce and mean best friend of Courtney is cold to Ginger mostly because of her loyalty to Courtney and hates her for the same reason. It can also be called possessiveness towards her best friend Courtney because she hates it when someone else steals her attention from herself.


And Ginger seems to take away her attention quite often. She does not just hate Ginger but it goes beyond that, she has a mark on all of Courtney’s associates which is why we can conclude it as the possessiveness of the friendship from her end.


But a smaller part of her is kind and makes her do nice things to people, but seals it well that no one finds out it was her who did the good things to them.


All of her character traits come from being vulnerable due to the relationship between her and her strict parents.



36. Dr. Facilier (The Princess and The Frog)


Dr. Facilier (The Princess and The Frog)


One of the most popular villains in the Disney franchise Shadow Man is Dr. Facilier. The main antagonist of The Princess and the Frog film. His character is built up with the baseline that he grew up poor and so he started growing resentment towards prosperous people.


He is a Witch Doctor also can be known as a Con man who can do Voodoo Magic, cast spells, and has the power of Umbra kinesis and fortune-telling. He allied with Dark Loa and took control over black magic to attain his goal of taking over New Orleans.


He calls the loa as his friends from the other side and yet there is a condition on which he can use them, that he must always remunerate his “friends” failing which he has to pay for it with his soul.


A smooth-talker, polite, and often charming who is an opportunist and formulates plots quite quickly – is a description of what Facilier is, but his greed has driven him to be a scheming bokor – a negative man.


Dr. Facilier is the first black Disney villain and he is said to be the love child of Captain Hook and Cruella De Vil.



35. Valerie Brown (Josie and the Pussycats)


Valerie Brown (Josie and the Pussycats)


Based on the Archie comics, Josie and the pussycats is an adaptation of Archie’s Josie comic. One among the trio, Valerie Brown is the bassist and backup singer of the band and plays tambourines.


She is also the voice of reason in the band and is highly intelligent. She is called the mechanical wizard who and her character was referred to as Valerie Smith in the 1970s later changed to Valerie Brown.


They are a trio of singers that get involved in adventures where ever they get invited to play, they solve the problems and bring justice to the villain. Valerie is the main songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist despite her being only shown to have played tambourines in most episodes.



34. Roberta Tubbs (The Family Guy)


Roberta Tubbs (The Family Guy)


The oldest daughter of Donna Tubbs and Cleveland Brown’s stepdaughter. She is a 15-year-old girl who is the stepsister to Cleveland Brown jr who is known to have an attitude at times and is displayed to straight out be disrespectful to Cleveland for unknown reasons.


But in the end, she warms up with him as a stepfather and helps other characters when they are in need. She regularly tends to neglect or ignore her brother Rallo but shows a caring or more promising relationship with her stepbrother Cleveland Brown Jr., though she ignores and bullies him just like how she acts around Rallo.


Her character is cold but kind, as she never shows that she cares and has accepted them as family.



33. Kelly (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)


Kelly (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)


Kelly, one of Star Butterfly and Pony Head’s friends is a teenage Woolett girl that loves Goblin dogs. She is always shown with her boyfriend Tad, a short hairy creature who hangs in her hair, except during their brief breakup in one of the episodes.


Her character is someone who is quiet and reserved but loves battles and regularly has spars. This is also quoted as due to the culture of her species “Wooletts” who are dedicated to battling.


In the long run of the series, eventually, the on-and-off relationship with Tad ends, and after going through a few adventures she and Marco develop feelings for each other. She helps Star with most of her problems and is a very loyal friend to her.



32. Darren Patterson (As told by Ginger)


Darren Patterson (As told by Ginger)


Darren Patterson a kind and considerate guy who is different from his brother and father. He is the best friend of Ginger Foutley since they were kids and live right next door.


They did date for a short while but then decided to break up then he had two girlfriends. At the end of the show in the epilogue, it is shown that Darren and Ginger got married and have a daughter together.


His character revolves around Ginger for most of the show and they are really good friends who have known each other for long years and have been through thick and thin.



31. Action Hank (Dexter’s Laboratory)


Action Hank (Dexter’s Laboratory)


Action Hank is a crime-fighting heroic character who protects people and puts the safety of others before his own. He is very tough he is compared to a soldier with experience.


He loves danger and battles/ duels, especially ones where he is challenged like being outnumbered. His personality charms the ladies and his amazing beard is one of the attractive charms that win over the hearts of women.


His character is friendly and warm, unlike his tough and solid appearance. He loves his fans and willingly helps them out. He enjoys the attention and love from fans that he runs his fan club.


A guy with a no-nonsense attitude who gets the job done.



30. Fillmore (Fillmore)


Fillmore (Fillmore)


Cornelius Fillmore – popularly known as Fillmore; the main protagonist of the series is a seventh-grade student. He serves as a safety patrol officer. A guy with a heart of gold often goes with the “end justifies the means” statement which leads him in breaking school property most of the time.


Fillmore has a lot of skills up his sleeve, Chinese Finger trap mastery, Mini-golf, and Kung fu are a few to name that help in solving the uncanny encounters he faces in school while serving as the patrol officer.


He is also known to have a large appetite, a reigning champion in his middle school.



29. Vince LaSalle (Recess)


Vince LaSalle (Recess)


Vincent Pierre “Vince” LaSalle is one of the main characters of the six members of the Recess gang. He is the most athletic among the others. His superior athletic ability makes him egoistic most of the time.


But his personality is not entirely arrogant, he values the importance of friendship and how important his friends are to him. He is very competitive given his athletic nature and often competes with Lawson and his gang.


In the recess gang, he along with Spinelli is considered the right-hand man of T. J. They both are also the only two to have black-colored hair in the recess gang.


Vince also has appeared in every episode of the show. He was also included in the Lilo & Stitch crossover.



28. Dorothy Dottie McStuffins (Doc McStuffins)


Dorothy Dottie McStuffins (Doc McStuffins)


Dorothy Dottie McStuffins, also known as Doc McStuffins is the main protagonist of the show with the same title. She also appears in the Doc Files show. She takes care of her toys and acts as a doctor when her toys are sick or injured, with the help of assistants who are the toys that aren’t sick at the moment to aid her during the needs of the hour.


She is a kind-hearted girl and shares fine respect for the toys she owns, she also fixes broken toys. She also cares for the toys of her brother and sister.


Her character is shown as someone with care and is friendly to the toys that are scared or shy. Apart from her toys, she is a loving daughter to her parents and also cares for her family and takes care of her siblings and friends the same way she cares for the toys.


She is a huge fan of Winne and the Pooh and the stories of the Hundred Acre Woods.



27. Bumblebee (Teen Titans Go!)


Bumblebee (Teen Titans Go!)


Bumblebee is also the former leader of Titans East and a superheroine of the Teen Titans Go franchise. Her real name is Karen Beecher she left both titans to go work as a solo hero.


She is a positive, enthusiastic, and happy person who is very optimistic and loves seeing the positivity in others as well. This is why she loves Starfire who is bright and optimistic all the time.


Bumblebee is hyped to be able to join the titans and also the only person to state her own opinions as the rest usually get interrupted by Robin. Although she seems nice, her weakness is that she cannot control her rage.


If something works her up she bursts out with rage and no one can handle her in the aftermath.



26. Keesha Franklin (Magic School Bus)


Keesha Franklin (Magic School Bus)


Keesha Franklin is one of the main students in Frizzle’s class. She has other names – Scarlet Scorch/ Weatherwoman (superhero names), and Commander Keesha. She is a level-headed and realistic pupil in the class and is the fact-checker, she hates going off-topic and wants things to be delivered in facts.


She is known to be ambitious but stops her pursuit if she feels that it is in the wrong direction or is something that would bring danger to the people around her.


Keesha is bossy, controlling, and realistic – this might be a better description of her personality, and gets into arguments with Ralphie who generally has his imagination on most things.


All these arguments led her to develop feelings for Ralphie, also the first character to have a crush on him in the franchise.



25. Cleveland Brown Jr. (Family Guy/Cleveland Show)


Cleveland Brown Jr. (Family Guy/Cleveland Show)


Cleveland Orenthal Brown Jr. is the son of Cleveland and Loretta Brown. He was a hyperactive boy who had a short attention span and spoke very fast. As he grew, he changed completely from how he used to be, by the time he portrayed a 14-year-old boy in the Cleveland show he became obese, started wearing glasses, and spoke in a slow and deep voice like his father.


He has a fear of toasters and the one at his home haunts him, he has a good relationship with Donna (his stepmother) and treats her as his mother, and never argues or treats her badly.


His step-siblings Rallo and Roberta help him express his emotions behind the divorce of his parents that he repressed. The three of them accepted each other as one family. He has a hard time finding friends due to his low self-esteem because of his obesity.


He grows up to marry Cecilia who is the niece of Choni.



24. Numbuh 5 (Codename: Kids Next Door)


Numbuh 5 (Codename: Kids Next Door)


Abigail “Abby” Gilligan Lincoln – our Numbuh 5 is the intelligent and cool girl of the KND gang. She is the second-in-command in Sector V. She was trained by her older sister Cree (Numbuh 11) and later joined Sector V with her other sisters.


Numbuh 5 is laid-back, calm, responsible, the smart agent, and the only one with true common sense. She takes her mission seriously and does it with perfection. She was also an honor student in her school.


She is arguably not as skilled as Numbuh 1 and 4 but she is also a fierce opponent who should be feared. Unlike her other girl teammate Numbuh 3, she is very tomboyish and doesn’t have much interest in things that are considered girly, and has an even lesser interest in boys/men.


But she did have a crush on Numbuh 9 ever since she was younger. Her code name Numbuh 5 comes from her surname Lincoln, and Abraham Lincoln is on the $5.00 bill.



23. Susie Carmichael (Rugrats)


Susie Carmichael (Rugrats)


Susie Carmichael is a regular member of the series Rugrats. She has the kind of wisdom that can be acquired with experience and unlike her age (3 years). She is bright, energetic, and optimistic and offers friendly advice along with reassurance to support Rugrats at all times.


But she is also a small kid so even a small mistake/failure can make her throw tantrums. She loves adventures and has a very active imagination compared to the others.


Also, a supportive child and tries to help the other friends of the Rugrats gang. She and Angelica have a love-hate relationship where they are friends sometimes and enemies otherwise.


The show hinted that Chuckie has a crush on Susie and she might return it. She is an African-American descendant.



22. Suga Mama (The Proud Family)


Suga Mama (The Proud Family)


Henrietta “Suga Mama” Proud, is Penny, BeBe, and CeCe’s grandmother and also Spice’s younger sister. She is the mother of Penny’s father Oscar Proud. She is a hip, wrestling-loving grandma who practices Tae-Bo martial arts.


She is very sassy just like her appearance and matches her spirit with hip culture. A straightforward woman who insults and discourages Oscar to motivate him behaves harshly on the outside but loves him deep down.


She is a peppy and cool grandma that children would love to show off to their friends and considers herself to be in her youthful prime. She is very active despite her age and always puts her family first no matter what.



21. Gerald Johanssen (Hey Arnold!)


Gerald Johanssen (Hey Arnold!)


Gerald Martin Johanssen is the tritagonist of the series Hey Arnold! – the best friend of Arnold and boyfriend to Phoebe. He is a cool, easy-going, and friendly kid who is very loyal and caring as a friend.


He is the class president and considers himself very cool and so do his friends. His character seems to get jealous if he thinks others are trying to steal his spotlight and loves that attention.


This is due to his upbringing as he is the middle child and often is stolen the spotlight by the oldest and youngest most of the time. He has often been represented as the voice of the group of his fourth-grade friends and a realistic balance to Arnold’s optimistic attitude.


Gerald has a weaker sense of morality and is not very open to helping others as he doubts and is spiteful of everyone. His hair is similar to that of the Marge Simpsons of The Simpsons show.



20. Donna Tubbs- Brown (The Family Guy/ Cleveland Show)


Donna Tubbs- Brown (The Family Guy/ Cleveland Show)


Donna Lou Retten Tubbs-Brown is the wife of Cleveland Brown and works as a principal’s assistant. Donna and Cleveland were initially best friends in high school although Cleveland had romantic feelings toward her.


As she was oblivious of his feelings, she dated Robert who was an unofficial rival of Cleveland. She is very patient and understanding than Cleveland’s first wife and is more attentive toward him and her family.


She is often seen slapping Cleveland but that is only to toughen him up. She has a shaky relationship with her biological kids, but Cleveland Jr. has a more stable relationship with her and treats her nicely.



19. AJ (Fairly Odd Parents)


AJ (Fairly Odd Parents)


A. J. is one of Timmy’s two best friends – a smart, rich kid who is not very good at social skills, as a result, is considered not a popular kid like his other two best friends.


He is considered a genius guy by his friends and is the only student who ever passes Mr. Crocker’s class. He wins in the school science fair as well. His family is very wealthy and they live in a big house located near Chester’s Trailer.


Sometimes frictions arise between him and his less intelligent friends because he is smarter than them as he flaunts it with arrogance. He is smart, and he has the potential to be at ivy-leagues university at the age of ten but stays in the same grade as Timmy.



18. Fat Albert (Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids)


Fat Albert (Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids)


Fat Albert is the main protagonist and the heart and soul of the Junkyard Gang. Civic-minded and wise beyond his years, Albert maintains integrity within the gang as well as with the others.


He is a person who never hesitates to help people in need and always knows when to ask for advice from adults in his life. Albert is also the lead singer of the Junkyard Band and plays a bagpipe accordion, occasionally playing a bedspring harp.


The character Fat Albert was inspired by Albert Robertson who is a childhood friend of Bill Cosby (creator).



17. Oscar Proud (The Proud Family)


Oscar Proud (The Proud Family)


Oscar Jackson Proud is the overprotective father of Penny, BeBe, and CeCe. He is often considered a loser by people but is a loving husband and father. He is the owner of Proud Snacks which makes everybody sick except Peabo, who is the only person who likes them.


Penny is often said that she takes after her dad by Suga Mama. Even though he loves his family so much, he has a weakness for beautiful women and often finds himself in situations where he has an opportunity to cheat on his wife but is always caught by a furious wife before anything happens.


He has a rivalry with Wizard Kelly, but despite this, he does enjoy visiting his stores and restaurants for his amusement. Oscar causes trouble, gets into trouble and people always complain about his snack that is the role he plays in the show, the troublemaker comedian.



16. Rallo Tubbs-Brown (The family guy/ Cleveland Show)


Rallo Tubbs-Brown (The family guy/ Cleveland Show)


Montclair Rallo Tubbs is one of the main characters in the Cleveland show and is the biological son of Donna and Robert. His best friends are Julius and Walt. Rallo is a 5-year-old kid, who acts like his father Robert despite his age and the fact that he was absent most of his life.


Initially, he was very reluctant to accept the Cleveland’s like a family by insulting them every chance available. However, he later accepts and warms up to them. He is a kid who does anything he wants, like breaking his leg (literally), and sometimes acts like an articulate thug which shows the traits of his father Robert.


This also shows in the way he greets people; he usually insults people which is how he addresses people and does not have any malicious intent. Rallo is very fond of his pets and has a good knowledge of adult situations & other areas that are not usually known by kids his age.


He likes kickball and super sugar crisps.



15. Dr. Hibbert (The Simpsons)


Dr. Hibbert (The Simpsons)


Dr. Julius Michael Hibbert, M. D., better known as Dr. Hibbert is a prominent and competent doctor of Springfield. Hibbert is very good-natured and is famous for finding reasons to laugh at every situation.


He is recognized by his deep and bombastic voice and signature jovial chuckle, usually at inappropriate times. He shows ambiguity in his medical practices which is displayed when he constantly assures if his patient is well-funded or not.


His medical practices are usually told by the citizens of Springfield as he is one of the very few licensed and experienced doctors in the town. He has a wife and 5 kids – three sons and two daughters.


Dr. Hibbert has an IQ of 155.



14. Franklin (Peanuts/ The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show)


Franklin (Peanuts/ The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show)


Franklin Armstrong is a supporting male character in the Peanuts tv show, he is a quiet and confident boy who is a good friend of Charlie. He is also the only character to never say anything rude to Charlie.


His character is someone smart that gets As and Bs in school grades. He has an interest in hockey and also plays the center field. He and Charlie are quite close and have similar personality traits, they tend to quote their grandfathers to one another in everyday situations.


He is also one of the many characters to have appeared in Snoopy’s street video game.



13. Cleveland Brown (Family Guy/ The Cleveland Show)


Cleveland Brown (Family Guy/ The Cleveland Show)


Cleveland Orenthal Brown Sr. is the main protagonist of the Cleveland Show and also one of the main characters of Family Guy. He was married to Loretta but separated after she had an affair and then remarried his high school crush, Donna Tubbs.


He often offers deep insight that the other characters cannot see. Loretta took the house and when Cleveland and his son were in search of a new home comes across Donna who offers them to stay at their house which results in rekindling the relationship and ending up in marriage.


He has a hard time understanding his son and tries to make him act mature. He also has a strained relationship with his stepchildren. He loves baseball and was a player on his high school team, his jersey number was nine.



12. Trixie Carter (American Dragon: Jake Long)


Trixie Carter (American Dragon: Jake Long)


Trixie Carter, one of Jake Long’s closest companions, is among the four non-magical individuals who are aware of his identity as the American Dragon. With her sassy, vibrant, and somewhat tomboyish personality, she initially felt annoyed by Jake’s prolonged secrecy.


Trixie displays unwavering support for Jake and Spud while also showing a strong sense of guardianship toward the magical community. Although initially mistrusted by Jake’s grandfather, she proves herself to be a dependable friend.


While her demeanour may sometimes come off as brusque and thoughtless, Trixie ultimately demonstrates her loyalty and the significance she places on her friendships. She frequently uses the term “baby” in her speech.



11. Zack Underwood (Milo Murphy’s Law)


Zack Underwood (Milo Murphy’s Law)


Zack Underwood is both the best friend of Milo Murphy and the object of affection for Melissa Chase. As the new kid in town, Zack serves as the voice of reason amidst their adventures.


While accompanying Milo on his escapades, Zack strives to have a good time without facing utter destruction. Despite participating in various daring exploits, he remains conscious of his past involvement with The Lumberzacks, a music band.


Additionally, Zack harbours a fear of fish, which adds an interesting layer to his character.



10. Craig Williams (Craig of the Creek)


Craig Williams (Craig of the Creek)


Craig Williams is the protagonist of Craig of the Creek, a ten-year-old African-American boy that lives with his parents, brother, and sister. He has two best friends and has impeccable math skills.


He is a guy with a very imaginative mind but makes sure he remains grounded so that reality does not hurt anybody around him. His character can be seen as narrow-minded and impatient occasionally but he stays persistent until he achieves his goal.


After the completion of his set target, he realizes the surroundings and tends to apologize or make up for his behaviors. He is also crafty and can sometimes act bossy too.


His Harry Potter house is Ravenclaw.



9. Sokka (Avatar: The Last Airbender)


Sokka (Avatar: The Last Airbender)


Sokka – The Water Tribe warrior of the Southern Water Tribe, who was like a family to Aang. In his initial encounters with Aang, he disliked him and always disagreed with the decisions Aang made to make himself look like a leader but ends up failing when Aang comes to the rescue.


He learns a lot during the travel with Aang in the later period, but the animated series focused on the younger versions of the trio of Sokka, Aang, and Sokka’s sister Katara.


As shown in the cartoons his character is skeptical, immature, and abrasive towards others, whereas his sister often disciplines him despite being younger than him. But he was a trustworthy friend to Aang and would always protect them against all the dangers of putting himself out.


His sarcasm is often referred to as “Sok-casm”.



8. Valerie Gray (Danny Phantom)


Valerie Gray (Danny Phantom)


Valerie Gray is a ghost hunter and frenemy of Danny Phantom. She initially was a cruel and self – mean-spirited girl who then turned into a nicer version of herself and began being less egotistical to people around her.


She is extremely stubborn and hot-tempered as well as persistent which makes her dangerous and that makes her dedication to catching ghosts a job she does out of control where no one can stop her from taking revenge on the ghosts.


She holds grudges and that is shown clearly when it was revealed that she has not forgiven Danny Phantom for ruining her life. Danny and his friends see her as an enemy but according to her, she is a hero or more precisely an anti-hero.


After all the hate towards each other, she and Danny grow closer to each other after joining forces a few times and they date for a while. But before it could become stable Valerie breaks up to focus on ghost hunting, but always has feelings and care for Danny Phantom.


She likes Danny Fenton but hates Danny Phantom which is in contrast to Paulina who likes the latter.



7. Penny Proud (The Proud Family)


Penny Proud (The Proud Family)


Penelope Marie “Penny” Proud, is the lead protagonist of Disney’s animated series The Proud Family. She is a 14-year-old girl living in Wizard Ville, California. Her character is that of a typical teenager who wants to live her dreams but her parents do not allow her to date boys.


She loves her family and often finds herself in situations where she is embarrassed by her father’s actions. Her grandma Suga Mama is someone she always turns to when she feels that her parents are being unreasonable.


She is a grounded and confident individual who also is courteous to her parents but also respects them a lot, just the peer pressure. She is an extrovert and has a knack for excellent social skills where she somehow related to almost everyone she talks to.


In American Dragon, Jake Long mentions Penny as his close childhood friend.



6. Monique (Kim Possible)


Monique (Kim Possible)


Monique is Kim’s closest female friend and confidante. She has a no-nonsense attitude and a very good eye for fashion has a kind heart. She also serves as the conversation friend for Possible in subjects that Ron is not interested in.


Monique is a down-to-earth, responsible, and fashionable individual that is very loyal to her friends Kim and Ron. She is an example of a good friend as she even helped them address their personality flaws.


And of course, the fashionista also loves shopping.



5. Agent J (Men in Black)


Agent J (Men in Black)


Agent J called Jay (originally James Darrell Edwards III) is one of the two protagonists of the animated series Men in Black. Agent J was originally an NYPD officer who then officially became a member of the MIB following in the footsteps of his father.


His character is the comedic balance in the duo who is like the opposite of Agent K. In the comics, Agent J was originally blond-haired and blue-eyed, a Caucasian, but later became an African-American in the live-action because of Will Smith’s ethnicity and later was adopted into the animated series as well.



4. Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!)


Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!)


Victor Stone – the Cyborg is a member of the Teen Titans and one of the five main protagonists of the show. Cyborg is a laid-back, half-teen half-robot who is more invested in playing video games and eating pizzas than fighting crimes.


He and Beast boy often react nonchalantly which pisses Robin off most of the time. Although he constantly gets on the nerves of other members, he comes and serves as the clutch to the team in moments of danger.


His technological intellect is invaluable to the team and he provides all kinds of help from his end to support the team. He is the primary source of fun in the team, always starting parties and living the life of his dreams with the team members.


As annoying as he is, is often looked up to as an older brother by the other four.



3. Storm (X-men: the animated series)


Storm (X-men: the animated series)


Storm is the mutant with the ability to control the weather and is a member of the X-men. She does not have much screen time in X-men the series as the show concentrated more on Wolverine’s story.


She is a brave and very capable member of the X-men, often using her ability to get others out of danger. She never loses hope and has a will that even most main characters of the franchise lack.


In her comic book version of Strom, she was worshipped as a goddess by the Kenyan tribe.



2. Frozone (The Incredibles)


Frozone (The Incredibles)


Lucius Best is a major character and a friend of Mr. Incredible in the Incredible franchise. He can create ice and freeze surfaces by manipulating moisture. Frozone maintains his cool when the action heats up and puts the villains on ice without breaking a sweat with his style.


He had once tried to represent the United States in the winter Olympics but was rejected on account of his Super abilities. He often helps the Incredible family as a friend and as a hero on accounts of danger, the best pal of Bob Parr, and the cool and funny uncle of Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack.


He can create ice like Elsa from frozen.



1. Princess Tiana (The Princess and The Frog)


Princess Tiana (The Princess and The Frog)


Princess Tiana, the first African-American Princess in the Disney Princess franchise and the ninth official princess. She is a 19-year-old girl with light brown eyes, who is a kind, fun-loving, and diligent woman.


Her character was originally named Maddy but sounded similar to an African-American offensive caricature and was changed. She is so far the possible princess who lives in recent times compared to the timeline of other princesses, probably set in the 20th century.


She was also the first Disney princess to have her mother alive and her father dead. Also, the last Disney princess to be made by 2D animation. Disney made a lot of careful alterations to avoid accidental racial stereotypes while representing the race.


These are the few black cartoon characters that had made an impact in their shows/series, racial inclusion is important in any subject and these are examples of people thinking of racial inclusion in shows that are shown to children around the world, which acts as the primary source of knowing the world.


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