Top 49 Best Anime Werewolf Of All Time

top 49 best anime werewolf of all time


The animated world in entertainment is fascinating for many audiences because of the clarity they deliver on screen with different characters and personalities.


Whether it is related to the power and ability of any character or any new kind of avatar, they contribute everything to the series or film in anime the same.


One of the unique and fascinating things one can get is the Werewolf characters who have not just the abilities of wolves but also some different powers that represent them.


So here at the best ones presented to you.




1. Sajin Komamura (Bleach)


sajin komamura (bleach)


The one who deserves a lot more attention is definitely Sajin because of all the qualities he possesses as a wolf.


Before serving as the leader himself, he was the captain of the 7th Division. His giant appearance is not a fake one as one can see his heart of gold beyond the bold nature that lies within him as natural.


His serious nature is shown through the times but that doesn’t mean he is cruel or tough towards his division as Sajin prefers to lead them without being partial, however, when flights arrive one can see his ruthless nature.


His presence in the show manages to enhance the experience that each viewer gets as they binge through their favourite episodes of Bleach.


The story is quite fascinating and Sajin adds a layer of impression and excellence that most viewers miss but some appreciate with all their hearts. 




2. Hige (Wolf’s Rain)


hige (wolf's rain)


Hige is one of the sweetest wolves one can ever see because of his carefree attitude and he is quite comfortable around humans.


Keeping his wolf identity hidden, he goes along with the idea of Paradise. At the beginning of the series, shown as carefree and friendly to people but later on, he becomes very sensible and mature due to the events that happened in the series.


His ability is the sense of smell which follows both the trouble and adventure nature. His sensible nature is reflected whenever he uses his intuition in the task he gets, however, his womanizer nature cannot be ignored when Hige is with any female.


Hige is a character who often goes unnoticed in his story by a few viewers. However, what makes him so fascinating is nothing but his personality altogether which gives him an edge when it comes to entertaining the masses.


While some may overlook his presence, most appreciate him altogether. 




3. Yuki (Wolf Children)


yuki (wolf children)


Yuki, one of the main characters of the series, is the daughter of Hana. When she was a child Yuki used to be very energetic, wild, and funky but grown-up quiet, and serious.


A sweet nature with a happy personality is more inculcated in her than the quiet one but soon loses her wild nature.


Her transformation into a wolf is very careful because it may harm her in the future. Her appearance is very sweet because of her red eyes, and brown hair, and wears a blue dress all the time.


Yuki is the driving force in her anime as she continues to leave a lasting impact on the audience with her presence. All the turns that the movie takes are caused by Yuki in some way or another.


And that’s one of the many reasons why Yuki is a character that deserves a lot more love and appreciation. 




4. Setsuna (Redo of Healer)


setsuna (redo of healer)


Also known as Neyuta, Setsuna is a demi-human slave who was brought by Keyaru to Lanarrita and got into his party.


Like most of the other wolf characters shown above, she also has hate toward humans because they were responsible for killing some of her friends and making them slaves by abusing and giving harsh treatment.


Due to her hate toward humans, Setsuna gets pleasure in killing them, especially the knights of the Jioral Kingdom.


But at the same time, she is very kind and caring as she doesn’t want innocent people to suffer from revenge and that is the reason why she is very focused on her target.


This anime isn’t the most friendly when it comes to its characters. And that’s why, people look up to the drama that it has to offer. Setsuna had a hard time trying to maintain her presence in the show.


However, what separates her from the rest is the fact that she was a lot more memorabl.e 



5. Nine Forton (Beware of Villainess!)


nine forton (beware of villainess!)


Apart from being known to serve as the butler of Melissa Podebrat, Nine is also an identical brother of Migen Forton.


His appearance is nothing less than an angel but his identity lies in the wolf. The story of Nine started when he helped a human child and later on got punished by ripping out his teeth and tongue to betray his former friends therefore, decided to live with humans rather than living with brutal wolves.


This concludes that he is a kind and considerate person who cares about the safety of not just his known humans but all mankind in general.


He is someone who would often go unnoticed by fans or won’t be remembered by casual viewers all that much.


But those of you who crave a great werewolf character, you will be having a time of your life as you watch this man unfold his persona on screen. 



6. Lupusregina Beta (Isekai Quartet)


Lupusregina Beta (Isekai Quartet)


Serving as one of the members of Artificial Intelligence, Lupusregina is a mysterious sadistic werewolf with dark skin. Her ability to fly high makes her different from other werewolves who can run faster and travel a lot of distance in seconds.


As a maid, she is very loyal and possesses the ability of regeneration and extreme durability with physically strong characteristics.


Appearing as social and friendly toward humans is the only way of concealing her real nature which is quite brutal and cunning.



7. Fenrir (Mythical Loki Ragnarok)


Fenrir (Mythical Loki Ragnarok)


Fenrir, the son of Loki and a caring brother of Yamino Ryuusuke, is also known as Fenrisulfr. He always pretends to be a cute and polite puppy whenever his father is nearby him but in reality, his bloodthirsty nature makes him vicious that resulted in him as one of the threatening wolves of anime.


Shown as a dog, he can convert himself into a giant wolf as per the need. The wolf transformation is not that easy for him as it changes him into a fierce animal with an abundance of energy who is capable of fighting anyone at his level.



8. Liru (Renkin San Kyuu Magical? Pokaan)


Liru (Renkin San Kyuu Magical? Pokaan)


As a werewolf, the tendency of disliking silver is natural to her apart from her transformation on the full moon. She is a very energetic personality that has different animal traits, like covering a great distance with little effort and little time.


Whenever she transforms into a wolf, Liru looks more like a puppy rather than looking like a wolf because of her cute appearance. Coming to her human nature then a goofy personality is inculcated in her which can be seen through her fashion sense, quite modern and bold.



9. Chain Sumeragi (Kekkai Sensen)


Chain Sumeragi (Kekkai Sensen)


Serving as a member of the Werewolf Bureau, assigned by Libra, Chain is an invisible wolf with a sadistic personality.


Because of her personality, a lot of physical harm was done by other characters in the series with whom she never wants to get along.


Despite having very rigid behavior, Chain shows some protectiveness towards her friends as can be seen when she refused to give her friend’s phone number upon her arrival.


One of the other examples is the time when she saved Leo not just in one but two situations and later on, followed him just to make sure whether Leo is alright or not.



10. Elbia Hanaiman (Outbreak Company)


Elbia Hanaiman (Outbreak Company)


Serving as the supporting character in the Outbreak Company series does not make her less than the leading one. Having a great appearance with a great personality made her recruited by a rival Kingdom to spy on Eldant.


The only thing that makes her strange from others is an apology that comes often due to her falling victim because of her natural animalistic tendencies that cause a lot of problems for other characters. Whenever the full moon arrives, he forgets herself and acts more like a dog than a human.



11. Tsume (Wolf’s Rain)


Tsume (Wolf's Rain)


Tsume is one of the wolves that was introduced in the series as rough and selfish. Tsume is a strong fighter who keeps all his feelings and emotions to himself and that is the reason why his rigid nature is inculcated in him as something natural.


Whenever he gets the company of someone then the only reason behind it is his boredom. Quarreling most of the time with Kiba in the whole series and his journey does not make him different from Kiba because they have the same belief in paradise.


Depicted as a very stereotypical angry loner who abuses a lot and carries a confident, arrogant, distant nature, made him famous.



12. Terry Cloth (Toriko)


Terry Cloth (Toriko)


Getting adopted by the lead character Toriko, Terry also became his animal partner after losing his mother in a tragic event. When he gets the company of Toriko then he sees him as a parental figure who always tries to protect and guide him.


Because of his affectionate nature, Terry has great compassion toward his master and that is the reason why loyalty comes very naturally to him.


But when it comes to his character as well then it is very odd for him to be known as a loner and not as independent as a human.


However, his fearless and intelligent mind had never let him hesitate, even at once in a dangerous situation.



13. Ginei Morioka (Rosario + Vampire)


Ginei Morioka (Rosario + Vampire)


Ginei is a perfect wolf with all features and powers at its highest point whenever the full moon arrives. Under the full moon day, his power arises and gives him the proper speed to tackle all his enemies.


By the look, he appears to be a charming fellow but in reality, he is a pervert, always crazy behind girls.


Ginei carries shallow and selfish behavior but that doesn’t mean he can’t care or be friendly with others, however his violent personality cannot be ignored these traits.


Nevertheless, loyalty became very sincere for him as he values these things when it comes to his friends or relatives, more than anything else.



14. Rygar (Monster Rancher)


Rygar (Monster Rancher)


Considered the most fierce and dangerous wolf to come across, he can intimidate humans with his different appearance. “Rygar may be a softie on the inside at times…only around the children. But don’t be fooled by his appearance; he’s tougher than he looks. And smarter than you.”


When Rygar was a kid, he was abused and neglected by humans and that is the reason why decided to take a vow against them.


The time when his friends and whole clan got slaughtered by a monster then he joined a gang to get his enemy and seek revenge.


His ability is very different from others as he can breathe ice from his lips and can shoot lights from his horns, making him one of the deadly wolves present in the animation.



15. Kaburagi Akira (Dance in the Vampire Bund)


Kaburagi Akira (Dance in the Vampire Bund)


Serving as the main male protagonist of the anime, Akira is one of the members of the Earth Clan which is full of wolves who served as the guardians of a family for centuries.


When he was a kid, he encountered Mina, which resulted in a promise to protect her until his last breath. Unaware of the situation that his birth was nothing but a destiny to make him the personal guardian or servant of Mina, he did all he could.


His calm and composed personality can be seen even after getting harsh treatment from Mina. These all resulted in some complications in his life that brought conflict with his human students who started reading him with distrust.


Coming to the strength then he is very good at reflexes and an incredible resistance that helps him defend his body.



16. Taii (Detective Conan)


Taii (Detective Conan)


Taii is the captain and serves as a bodyguard with a stoic and silent nature. Unlike any Major or Lieutenant like Rip Van Winkle, he wears the full uniform in the story which is very much similar to the M42 Greatcoat.


Appearing naturally as a wolf that can be seen through his behavior and appearance, he can transform according to his will and fight either in wolf form or in human form.


Despite not believing in the ideology of Millennium, Taii has the second highest ranking as a member of Millennium.


No one in the anime can match his capability and that is the reason why Taii is always in need of finding someone who can kill him.



17. Shiho Shishido (Jitsu wa Watashi wa)


Shiho Shishido (Jitsu wa Watashi wa)


Apart from having a wolf appearance, Shiho has also the power to transform into any gender she wishes by watching the moon.


Proclaiming herself as a pervert in nature by being flirty and playful, she has no shame when it comes to receiving enjoyment from people.


Her perverted nature never overlapped with her smart behavior which came when she helped Youko and Asahi with their relationship.


It was shown most when she dealt with her mother in a way of surpassing the tag of The Charismatic Female Pervert. Similar to her father, Shiho was born a wolf but inherits the power of a nymph from her mother.


Before making some good friends, she was discriminated against by them because of her special transforming ability and that is the reason why she decided to keep it a secret in her life.



18. Hiroshi Inaba (Cuticle Detective Inaba)


Hiroshi Inaba (Cuticle Detective Inaba)


Made from special genes that have a mixture of human and wolf, he also serves as a private detective.


With a youthful appearance, his personality is very frivolous and extraverted when it comes to his emotions. Most of the time these emotions lead to a comical situation, however, one cannot ignore his hard personality as he is difficult to negotiate when it comes to business.


The only person that can keep him under control is his former police partner named Ogino. Growing up with his little brother, Hiroshi shares a very great relationship with him and can do anything for his protection.


He started the job as a private detective just to find his missing brother with the help of police dogs, showing great determination towards his mission and also his love for family.



19. Ame (Wolf Children)


Ame (Wolf Children)


Ame is one of the main characters of the series and a son of Hana and Wolf Man. He also has a sibling named Yuki. At the beginning of the series Ame was living the life of a human, but later on, chose to live in the jungle like a wolf.


When he was a child then his timid nature left him to stay at home, just close to his mother rather than going around the town. Due to all these natures, Ame felt very lonely at school and that is why his class participation was very low.


Most of the time he skipped his classes or even if he doesn’t then stay behind on the back bench because of the bullying he suffers from, only his sister is there to protect him.


When he grows older, the wolf instinct starts developing to make more adventures in life like chasing prey or going around the forest alone.



20. Moro (Princess Mononoke)


Moro (Princess Mononoke)


Moro is a three-hundred-year-old wolf who is a God and possesses some divine Intelligence and power by being capable of understanding and also speaking human languages.


Considered very smart and wise with a keen nature, Moro is also known for having strong characteristics as she is always aware of the evil intentions of humans.


Apart from serving as the God, she is also the leader of some wolf tribe and a very loving adorable mother of a kid. Moro is a very caring individual who would do anything to save her home and forest spirit along with her kids.


Her hatred toward humans cannot be neglected but definitely can be recognized because of her bravery and fierce nature.



21. Free (Soul Eater)


Free (Soul Eater)


The only wolf in the whole series, Free is not the main character but a supporting one with villainous features.


Most of the time his helpful nature is avoided because the villainous ones get more attention. It can be seen when Free got imprisoned for getting or stealing the eyes of Mabaa, another important character because of being the oldest witch with many heavy powers.


As a werewolf in anime, Free has many abilities in the series, like ice magic, immortality, and illusion magic. His imprisoned life ended when he was released to help Medusa.



22. Noela (Drugstore in Another World)


Noela (Drugstore in Another World)


Looks more like a sweet, pretty, calm, happy, human girl, her personality is like a puppy, rather than a werewolf. She has silver hair, blue eyes, and long-headed ears, all like the fictionalized appearance of the wolf with a tail.


Her transformation into a wolf is unique from others as all her clothes get disappeared in the process except her collar with a bell that remains there even after transformation.


Apart from all these things, including her ravishing looks, she is known for having a good relationship with others like: Reiji whom Noela sees as a good brother, Mina as a sister, and Ejil as a good friend.



23. Holo (Spice and Wolf)


Holo (Spice and Wolf)


A non-human, wolf spirit, lives in wheat, Holo lived for centuries and later ran away from the field after getting declared a wheat goddess.


Carrying a typical goofy nature, smart and confident behavior can’t be avoided, even if we want. Considered manipulative toward Lawrence resulted in his thinking and negotiating skills that at points made him angry.


The only fear through which she goes is fear of being alone but strong affection towards Lawrence vanishes all these things. Her love for alcohol always makes her drunk, if she gets a chance, but that doesn’t mean she lost her intelligence.


Her mischievous and playful behavior, later on, changed into a careful and restricted one with Mayuri.



24. Gen Shishio (Kekkaishi)


Gen Shishio (Kekkaishi)


Apart from being a member of the Night Troop, Gen used to be an Ayakashi Majiri and a werewolf. Carrying a very lonely or solitary nature, he has very little trust in other characters and that is the reason why interaction becomes one of the most anxious things for him.


His being a non-human gave him a lot of trouble understanding the people and their behavior and that is the reason why he spends a lot of time understanding or observing them very carefully.


Later in the series, it was revealed that he doesn’t want to come near humans because of this fear of getting revealed as well or getting a label of being a monster.


Talking about power and abilities then supernatural strength with endurance that gives him the power of regeneration and enhancement of senses makes him higher on a spiritual basis.



25. Zafira Yagami (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)


Zafila Yagami (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)


Before getting introduced in the Innocent spin-off of the series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Zafira was a wolkenritter but later on, became a talkative wolf pet of the Yagami family.


At the beginning of the series, Zafilra was seen having a single name but later on got the title through the family he was the pet of.


He has a very generic personality that goes in the favor of cats who are living nearby him. Zafira also serves as the Guardian of families and stays usually inside or around the old bookshop.


He is like a celebrity in his neighborhood because of his unique personality and appearance. Zafira can turn himself into a human during Brave Dual Games and can have defensive abilities and skills through his transformation.



26. Gabumon (Digimon Adventure)


Gabumon (Digimon Adventure)


Serving in not just one but two consecutive seasons of the series, Gabumon gains the ability to have powerful forms with different names and special attacks.


A little bit of shy and obedient nature is never going to leave him and that is the reason why Gabumon never wants to openly help someone until and unless it is very precious for him.


Being a cartoon wolf with the little feature of this amazing animal, he is exactly high in friendship with great help as can be seen with his amazing relationship with Matt.


His friendship lets him betray others which shows a significant amount of blind faith that is going to harm him in the series.


Talking about the look then he looks a little bit like a rhinoceros and a dragon with the mixture of a wolf who has a horn on his head.



27. Kouga (InuYasha)


Kouga (InuYasha)


Serving as a sidekick in anime, Kouga seeks retribution as his many friends were killed by Kahira, another character.


His ability to run at light speed gives him a kickstart in the series and made him categorized as one of the most powerful wolves presented in the animation.


Talking about the ability to shatter rocks is possible by two pieces of jewelry that is one on his legs.


As an individual, he is very bold and determined and that is the reason why he leads a lot of normal wolves for the same.


Coming to his look then his appearance is quite remarkable because of his hair and unique sword quality.



28. Mashira (Vampire Hunter D)


Mashira (Vampire Hunter D)


Serving as one of the three Barbarois who were hired by Mayerling just to guard the carriage, he is a professional rather than emotional.


Like any other werewolf, he lived for many years, around 500 and more, whose origin is unknown. In the series, he was almost killed by D but somehow escaped and struck the body of Marcus as a host while using his power to gain all his memories, which were lost at the beginning of the series.


In the end, he killed Mayerling, the one who hired him and also killed himself after the battle with D, leaving him for nothing.


Talking about the power and abilities of senses or smell or hearing and touch with supernatural energy lies in him like any other wolf who can control and maintain his transformation that boosts his strength.



29. Kizaia (Kaibutsu Oujo)


Kizaia (Kaibutsu Oujo)


Kaibutsu Oujo, which came out in 2010, is known for a lot of reasons and one of them is for having Kizaia’s character in the story.


As a werewolf, he served Emil but later in the chapter, was killed by Emil who is possessed by the royal blood of Sylvia.


Kizaia smokes cigars and has a lot of scars across his face which shows his fierce nature in battles.


His death was not planned but it all happened when Kizaia jumped in the way to protect Hime and became a victim of Emil who was trying to kill Hime.


In the end, no one, but Liza was the one who honored his death as the father of Liza was a friend with him in war, and respected each other as a warrior.



30. Boma (Heat Guy J)


Boma (HateGuy J)


Boma is a 25-year-old werewolf who can transform into a human and back to the wolf as per his choices.


Being a mysterious and silent refugee who is in search of his sister Usagi or Bunny, has a fierce quality inculcated in him.


A crime that was committed in his past has given him punishment to change into a beast human to make him regret his sins for the rest of his life.


Unlike any other werewolf, he transforms himself with a holographic device rather than changing his avatar on full moon day.


His job is to destroy J, given by Clair, however, ended up leaving the job. Apart from having a dark past, Boma is also known for swordsman skills and having deadly enemies named J and Daisuke.



31. Daddy Wolf (Blood Lad)


Daddy Wolf (Blood Lad)


Also known as Frederick Howl Wolf, is the father of Lucy and Wolf. Being a Wolf, he is not known for this but more for his family nature towards children and wife named Kira and that is the reason why not much is known or heard about him.


Daddy Woolf is a human but only has a wolf beard and hair with masculine features that go well with his dress of a brown shirt and blue trousers.


Apart from his family man behavior, he is also known for having that weird fashion sense that was not liked by other characters in the series.



32. Shidou Mizuki (Yozakura Quartet)


Shidou Mizuki (Yozakura Quartet)


Along with becoming a guardian of Mina and Kana, Shidou is a werewolf and a member of the Matsudaira police division.


Looking more like a human than a wolf, he has a tall and slim body with beards like a werewolf.


As a person, he is a humble man with a focus on his profession to contribute to the city he loves.


Shidou loves his profession of police because of the nature of protecting his family and friends. That is the reason why he tries his best.


Being a guardian has given Shidou a lot of responsibilities and a sense of community to trust in another person.


Whenever he gets troubled by his boss, a good spirit and politeness toward them without expressing his awkwardness show his gentle nature.



33. Yuliy Jirov (Sirius the Jaeger)


Yuliy Jirov (Sirius the Jaeger)


Yuliy, the main character of the series is a 17-year-old werewolf and also a member of Jaegers. He is one of the remarkable characters and a loving son of Sirius Alexei and Sachi, a human.


Normally seen as calm and composed most of the time does not mean he can’t be ruthless as was seen in the time when he was fighting with vampires.


His battles with Vampire came to the fore when they destroyed his village, Dogville, and killed some of the inhabitants while others shifted somewhere else.


Coming to the appearance, he has black hair with a short ponytail and carries a glow in his eyes most of the time, especially when he fights or when he is happy.



34. Lobo Wildman (Princess Resurrection Site)


Lobo Wildman (Princess Resurrection Site)


Before being known as a Vassal of Hime, Lobo was known for being a brother to Riza. Lobo’s appearance is exactly like a wolf with a big human structure and white fur that goes along with the devil’s expression.


He is a son of a werewolf Warrior whose name was Volg Wildman. Known for having a lot of different characteristics which were unique in him, Lobo gains attention in the story where he was caught in the trap of Duken who blackmailed him to obey his orders of killing a former master.


In the very beginning of the anime, he was seen with a pack of dogs who hunted down Hime and reached a mansion where they all started to fight.


At the end of the series, he was seen with an apology toward Hime for his rudeness and died with honor.



35. Kanna (Demon King Daimao)


Kanna (Demon King Daimao)


With a cute and bubbly expression, Kanna is known for being the treasure of the Student Council. Most of the time she was seen with her friends in the student Council, including the president of the same council and also the vice president.


Her appearance is very sweet and gives a cheerful nature to people. The thing which makes her different from others is not just a transformation into a werewolf but also a magical ability that gives her the strength to slice all the enemies into pieces.


Unlike her short height and cheerful nature, her transformation into a wolf is very giant and destructive.



36. Lyca (Zombie Loan)


Laika (Zombie Loan)


Laika or Lyca or Raika is the perfect example of a werewolf as he lived for many years and years, and saw generations, and deaths of his mates, surrounded by bones, and many more.


He lives in a cave which was surrounded by the bones of his people who died long ago. Making his first appearance in the latter episodes of the series he was seen with mysterious powers that were given by Kuze Shimotsuki to his return to the city and eventually sent to Z loan with the belief that these experiences will be making him stronger.


Coming to the side of Laika then he wants nothing but to become stronger just for the sake of protecting Kuze and that is the reason why he tried to learn human speech to understand them better.



37. Itezuru (Fusé: Memoirs of a Huntress)


Itezuru (Fusé: Memoirs of a Huntress)


Itezuru, a woman of high dignity and a ravishing look, is almost like a stoic persona with the amazing features of a werewolf.


She is known for her yellow blonde hair which is very unique not just in the series but in the whole animation world and that is the reason why she never fails to flaunt it.


Her laugh is something that gives a kind of goosebumps but when it comes to her bold personality then it is one of the most remarkable in the series.


Nothing much related to her werewolf avatar or personality is known but it is confirmed that she is one of those types.



38. Shino (Fuse: Memoirs of the Hunter Girl)


Shino (Fuse: Memoirs of the Hunter Girl)


Shino is one of the leading characters of the series and also the last remaining member who is famous for becoming a theatre actor.


When it comes to his personality behind the curtains then he secretly attacked a hunter to avenge his dead friend.


There are only a few characters in the series who are aware of his real personality as a werewolf, apart from Hamaji, the lead, and that is the reason why Shino is urged to eat her human essence most of the time.


Coming to the looks of him then he is a human but wears the mask of a cat for acting.


He wears a bonnet and a muffler that generally helps him hide his identity but one can easily see the red eyes which are not so common in the human world but werewolves.



39. Lou Lupus (Final Fantasy)


Lou Lupus (Final Fantasy)


Serving as one of the minor characters, her impact is way more than her size through time in the series.


As per her race, Lou is the werewolf but unlike another wolf of Earth, she can transform not just at full moons but also on another day.


She can transform by a unique technique of looking into the eyes of her members of the same race or getting herself a mirror for it.


Talking about her look then she is more like a human than a wolf, it’s just her hair that serves somewhere near it, otherwise, she is like any other person on the planet.


At the beginning of the series, she lived among her homeworld but later on, she migrated into the human world after her homeworld was destroyed by Omega.



40. Wolfgang von Kraftman (Hataage! Kemono Michi)


Wolfgang von Kraftman (Hataage! Kemonomichi)


Most of the above characters were that werewolf who has a human body but some characteristics transform them partly into a werewolf.


But when it comes to Wolfgang then his appearance is more like a wolf than a human, apart from him wearing pants and shoes.


A grey body full of fur and a tail with sharp nails gives him the full perception of a Wolf.


He is a beast man who considers Misha, another character, as his sister. The only rival we have seen against him is Genzo who has tried to kill him by getting the attention of Misha.


His personality of being cunning and kind comes well with his loving gesture towards his people but an aggressive person when it comes to fighting.



41. Tommy Fujioka (Hyper Police)


Tommy Fujioka (Hyper Police)


Tommy is the cousin of Batanen Fujioka but unlike him, he is an anthropomorphic wolf. He is somewhat naive but honest, kind, and skilled with the special feature of collecting information quickly.


Being good at computer skills and systems, he can get the solution to all problems as he possesses a large knowledge of different subjects.


Later in the story, his interest in the human spirit bought a love life for him and that’s how he became strong.


His caring nature toward others is remarkable as can be seen when he brought scarlet slippers for Peau and said: “please take these as a gesture of my feeling and step all over me!”



42. Zhivago (Nanatsu No Taizai)


Zhivago (Nantsu no Taizai)


Zhivago, a werefox, was shown as a prisoner in Aberdeen Prison who raised Ban, another character in his youth, and taught him about crimes, like stealing things. Despite his criminal personality, he is caring and it can be seen when he shares his food with Ban.


Zhivago being in prison does not define his whole personality because great morality and kindness lie in him like a natural characteristic.


He easily gets pleased or touched by a small gesture by some people which can be seen through the event when his adopted son, Ban, told him how he trusts him.


At the end of the series, Zhivago, however, differentiated between Ban and his son and went to save the real son from the hands of knights.



43. Batanen Fujioka (Hyper Police)


Batanen Fujioka (Hyper Police)


Carrying an occupation of being a bounty hunter, Batanen serves in the ward of Shinjuku. Working for the Grey Company, he also worked for the Police Company as a werewolf.


Batanen is a 39-year-old who treats Natsuki, another character in the series, as his sister but is also in love with her.


His love life is quite complicated as he always hesitates to make the first move toward her in fear of losing their present relationship status.


Talking about his best ability comes from his wolf characteristic then it is the regeneration power as he can come back to life after death. His looks are more like the amalgamation of both human and wolf rather than possessing just one.



44. Roujo (Otogi-Jushi Akazukin)


Roujo (Otogi-Jushi Akazukin)


Roujo is an old woman but coming to her abilities then her capability is more than any youth. Talking about her appearance, she has brown hair from Japan and always carries a gentle smile on her face, exactly like her behavior, soft and sweet.


She is one of the werewolf characters who is not known for her wolf characteristics but more for human nature.


Nothing more is counted in the series about her as the avatar of an animal, her love for gardening and flowers defines her more like a human.



45. Shira Etoh (Tokimeki Tonight)


Shira Etoh (Tokimeki Tonight)


Also known as Shiira or Shiela, Shira is the wife of Mohri and a mother of two kids. One of the most unique features of her as a werewolf is a temper that changes during the time of the full moon, once a month.


Never having a single interest in humans, she always improved or not allowed her daughter who has a bit of interest in humans but appreciates the qualities of Shun.


Talking about abilities then she can create wind, snow, and lightning storms through the features that come naturally to her, especially in fights.



46. Jed (Hunter x Hunter)


Jed (Hunter x Hunter)


Serving as the main villain of the series, he also appeared in the movie The Last Mission as the leader of the Shadow. Apart from his great look which naturally comes like a Werewolf, he is one of the strong characters in the series.


After watching a lot of deaths of his people at the hands of hunters and many hardships on earth that happened because of hunters, he developed hate toward the Hunters whom he thinks Evil.


His hatred is so strong that it gives him the power to revive after his death at the hands of Netero. Due to all of the above characteristics, it doesn’t mean he is not caring or kind as can be seen through his love towards Comrades.


It can be seen when he cried to his strength after seeing the death of his favorite people and decided not to let anything go in vain.



47. Francis Drake (Fate Series)


Francis Drake (Type-Moon)


Francis, a rider class servant of Shinji Matou, was seen in Fate/EXTRA where she was summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru. Known for her capability which is more than men, Matou is quite selfish and greedy, however, serves as a devil in a battle.


Attraction to gold and silver has definitely given a new kind of identity to her but she prefers more of those treasures that explode like a firework and quickly goes the way.


Anything that matters to her is the inevitable crash at the end of everything. Talking about her Werewolf’s character then a heroic spirit is there in her but a little bit of desire for human existence till her death.


Her relationship with other characters is not so good because of her nature in anything she behaves.



48. Koga (InuYasha)


Koga (InuYasha)


Kōga, a young leader from the Eastern Yōkai Wolf Tribe, initially encountered Inuyasha as a formidable opponent but later formed an uneasy alliance. Throughout the series, he harboured a strong rivalry with Inuyasha, fueled by their shared goal of defeating Naraku and Kōga’s persistent pursuit of Kagome’s affection.


Initially, Kōga possessed three Shikon shards, with two in his legs and one in his arm. However, he lost the arm shard during a confrontation with the leader of the Birds of Paradise.


Undeterred, he pressed on with the remaining leg shards in his relentless quest to confront Naraku. Kōga’s character was characterized by his directness and simplicity, lacking the shadow of Magatsuhi.


At first, he lacked human emotions such as empathy or concern for the weak, as evidenced by his wolves’ attack on a village harbouring a treacherous wolf demon.



49.  Lugh Beowulf (Mahou Tsukai no Yoru)


Lugh Beowulf (Mahou Tsukai no Yoru)


Beo, an ancient being known as an Elemental and Phantasmal Beast, descended upon the werewolf village in the eighteenth century.


Unearthed within a cave, he was warmly embraced by the werewolf community, who believed he held the key to revitalizing their dwindling species.


Originating from a golden werewolf ancestor, Beo was regarded as a symbol of hope and was thus named “Lugh” after a sun deity.


Renowned for his undefeated track record in battles and his imperviousness to magecraft, Beo developed an overbearing ego and a tendency to underestimate his adversaries.


However, his complacency was swiftly shattered when he was effortlessly defeated by Soujuurou in a mere two strikes.



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