Top 30 Best Anime Like Demon Slayer

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Top 30 Anime Like Demon Slayer


Demon Slayer as an anime is known for its action, fantasy, and historical genres. The action comes the way Tanjirou decided to take revenge and started his journey whereas the fantasy arrived with an unimaginable plot.


This anime remained unforgettable because of its creation, development, and presentation. The story is about Tanjirou whose family was slaughtered by demons. His sister, the only survivor, was transformed into a demon.


Now, it is up to him to save his sister and defy his destiny. If one found this anime as one of the best then the craving for such a genre and theme must have been there.


So to erase the craving, here are the top 30 anime like Demon Slayer that shares almost the same resemblance.



30. Goblin Slayer (2018)


Goblin Slayer (2018)


Just like the Demons Slayer, Goblin Slayer also shares the same genre of action and fantasy. If we look up at the title then the title shares the same resemblance, only differs in the synonyms.


The story is of a 15-year-old named Priestess who is responsible for investigating a group of goblins as these goblins are behind the disappearance of some village women. She met many obstacles that lead her to meet other characters like Dwarf, High Elf, and Lizardman.


Apart from its amazing character and its development, the anime remained one of the best in terms of capturing the adaptation from the manga.



29. D. Gray-Man (2006)


D. Gray-Man (2006)


Getting released on 3 October 2006, it comes with action and comedy which falls under the theme of mythology. The story is set in the 19th century and comes with Allen Walker as the protagonist.


Allen Walker is the one who is going to deal with action as he will join a battle against Millennium Earl. To do so, he has joined a group called the Black Order that will go against the multitude of Akuma's wickedness as he plans to destroy the humanities.


The anime remained quite strong on the surface however, from the root it presented a dull story. But at the same time, characters became the pillar of their development.



28. Soul Eater (2008)


Soul Eater (2008)


Atsushi Ōkubo's crafted story called Soul Eater is apt for this list as it is set in a fantasy world and carries an abundance of action. The story is related to an academy, Death Weapons Meister Academy, where students have unique weapons which give them the ability to transform.


With only one mission to become the Demon Hunter, just like Demon Slayer, the story carries on with protagonist Maka Alburn. It also shares the concept of Death Scythes that are made of human hybrids by consuming 99 souls of evil and one soul of a witch.


Because of its dark fantasy as well as a dark comedy, the anime remained one of the best in its category.



27. Cells At Work! (2018)


Cells At Work! (2018)


Instead of just going with action and fantasy, the anime covers the detailing of science and a bit of morality. Coming to the moral story then it comes with the message that bad days will come to an end for sure.


Medical adventure comes with the concept of cells present in the human body that never takes rest. Busy in fighting against the viruses that have affected the body, the story was presented through Hakkekkyuu U-1146, one of the cells.


The action arrives with the hunting of viruses and discovering the accidental mistakes of different cells. Coming to the similarities from Demon Slayer then it shares with slaughtering viruses instead of slaughtering demons.



26. Akame Ga Kill (2014)


Akame Ga Kill (2014)


Akame ga Kill! follows the story of Tatsumi and his way to becoming the hero and getting back the peace of his Empire. Meeting with powerful weapons and dangerous enemies, he gave values to his morals and ethics.


The story arrives with an assassination branch of The Revolutionary Army called Night Raid. This branch is established to overthrow the Prime Minister and make a strong presence in the world.


It shares a resemblance with Demon Slayer in action and fantasy done by the protagonist and the way he tries to shun evil from the world to create peace.



25. Hoozuki No Reitetsu (2014)


Hoozuki No Reitetsu (2014)


The concept of hell seems like reality but if we go deeper then it is nothing less than a fantasy. The same has happened with this anime as it carries the concept of hell with a bit of comedy.


The story follows the chief deputy of Lord Emma who is known to be the King of Hell. This chief deputy is Hoozuki who is responsible for running the business in health and carrying out diplomatic missions.


With many challenges that came his way, the story metaphorically presents the concept of hell, thus making it a dark comedy, just like Demon Slayer.



24. Inuyasha (2000)


Inuyasha (2000)


The action and fantasy anime that also came with romance and adventure is InuYasha. It was released on 16 October 2000 and tells the story of Kagome Higurashi. The story covers the 15th birthday of the protagonist which became the turning point of his life.


On this particular day, she was forced into a well where the shrine of a family was kept. Everything that is happening to her was because of a jewel that is carried by her unconsciously.


Shikon Jewel is not an ordinary jewel but one that possesses extraordinary power. To get this power in the hand, a battle happened between many creatures that led the jewel to scatter into pieces.


The anime is known for its characters and action with fighting scenes but at the same time, the anime became quite over because of its alliterative joke.



23. Ushio and Tora (2015)


Ushio and Tora (2015)


Considered to be one of the classic fantasy anime, Ushio & Tora comes with the theme of mythology and the genre of comedy with adventure. The story is of a school student named Ushio Aotsuki who is the son of a priest.


One day while he was going to the temple of his father, Ushio discovered a beast named Tora in its basement. Tora is well known for its dangerous power and was captivated for almost 500 years.


The story further goes with these two characters as they started their journey into the spiritual realm. Ushio will soon find the reality of the supernatural world and its threat, beyond his imagination.



22. Fairy Gone (2019)


Fairy Gone (2019)


The story comes with action and fantasy related to the character Mariya. The story takes place 9 years after the war happened and left Soldiers devastated. Mariya has joined an organization called Dorothea that looks after some fairy-related crimes.


Because of the political situation going on a roller coaster, criminals with wars started emerging and thus a new beginning of terrorism started. The story further on carries Fairy Soldiers that will fight for justice in the world of war.


Because of its unique plot, it is remarkable in many ways. One of them is the way characters were kept in precision and the story flowed like water.



21. Ghost (2009)


Ghost (2009)


07-Ghost is again one of the best action and fantasy anime that comes with the slaughter of demons or evils and portrays the protagonist as a Hero. The protagonist Young was forced to join an army that destroyed the kingdom of his father.


After finding the truth, he found his shelter in the church where Young eventually discovered demons. These demons are planning to take control of the world and destroy humanity. To take revenge and stop demons from affecting the world, the anime came with almost the same plot line as Demon Slayer, however, it varied in the development of characters and the pace of the story.



20. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress (2016)


Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress (2016)


Coming with the concept of industrialization, a mysterious virus gives birth to horrific creatures named Kabane. The only way to destroy this horrific creature is to destroy its heart which is protected by steel.


The only civilization that remained protected from Kabane is only an island called Hinomoto. But now it is their turn to meet with destruction as these horrific creatures decided to invade.


However, the protagonist Ikoma is all set with a new weapon and fights against them to protect the citizens. But at the same time, Ikoma is not at all aware of the danger that Kabane is going to bring.


The anime has gained mixed feelings because of its plot, story, underdeveloped characters, and sound.



19. Tokyo Ghoul (2014)


Tokyo Ghoul (2014)


Coming with dark fantasy and supernatural thriller, the anime was directed by Shuhei Morita. Tokyo Ghoul is one of the best on the list as it carries almost the same genre and story structure.


The story is from a fantasy world where a harmful creature with the appearance of a human being has affected the world. These creatures are known as Ghouls whose survival is based on human flesh.


Ghouls living between humans are definitely dangerous for humanity; however, things changed because of a college student named Ken Kaneki. Kaneki himself was transformed into a ghoul and started his journey between the conflict between the monster and the government.



18. Tales of Zestiria The X (2016)


Tales of Zestiria The X (2016)


Tales of Zestiria the X is about Sorey who is young and grows up among a different creature called seraphim. Seraphim are spiritual beings that remain invisible from a human.


To unravel this mystery of seraphim, Sorey started his journey to make the world a better place where humans can also see seraphim. The story later progresses with his transformation into a shepherd because of pulling a sword from the rock.


Starting to find a coexistence between seraphim and the human world, Sorey made this anime fall into one of the best for fantasy.



17. Ninja Scroll (2003)


Ninja Scroll (2003)


Released on 14 April 2003, the anime was directed by Tatsuo Satō and written by Toshiki Inoue. The story is set in Japan and covers the adventure of a leading character named Jubei Kibagami.


Jubei is a mercenary Ninja who is on a machine to guard Dragon Stone, a fabled relic. Jubei is also responsible for protecting the bearer of the Dragons' Stone called Shigure from the forces of a clan called Kimon and Hiruko.


The story also covers a government spy called Dalian and a mountain thief named Tsubute. Because of his fantasy story, as one can see with Dragon Stone, the anime had a great resemblance to Demon Slayer.



16. Sirius: The Jaeger (2018)


Sirius: The Jaeger (2018)


Set in the year 1930, the anime covers the story of vampires that has started destroying the citizens of Tokyo. Soon authorities decided to hire a strange group of people with a specific task to hunt down all the vampires.


This group known as Jaegers remained in a strange identity and battled against vampires brutally. Yuliy is the protagonist and one of the most skilled warriors in the group. When the vampire destroyed his village, he was the only one who survived and decided to take revenge.


The story has a powerful grip on the audience and that's the reason why it remained one of the most popular in action and fantasy. Development in characters, whether it is the protagonist or supporting, can be easily seen.



15. Fate/Stay Night (2006)


Fate/Stay Night (2006)


It is very obvious for fans of Demon Slayer to go with Fate/Stay Night as it shares almost the same theme and genre. The story is related to the battle that goes around 7 masters competing for a common thing of wish granting grail.


These seven masters summon and also control servants who can fight or represent them in the battle. The story covers the leading character named Shirou Emiya and his journey. Shirou further goes on in different ways and confronts many other characters, eventually leading to war.


Apart from the story and character, the visuals of anime were quite remarkable, like Demon Slayer.



14. Claymore (2007)


Claymore (2007)


The story covers a world where a deadly creature named Youma came into existence. It tells the story of a character named Clare who is a young woman with silver eyes, working for an organization.


This organization trains female deadly creatures into great warriors. These trained creatures are not fully Youma but share the half characteristics of it. Due to the same reason, it became quite easy to train them against Youma and destroy them from their roots.


In the whole anime, Clare was assigned different missions, and every mission covered danger. Because of all this dark depiction of the story, the anime remained one of the cruel and rare in its category.



13. Fairy Tail (2009)


Fairy Tail (2009)


Hiro Mashima's creation Fairy Tail is known for its action and adventure. It is also a fantasy anime as it covers a story that is hard to believe and can only happen in the imagination.


It is the story of Lucy, the protagonist, who is a young girl carrying the dream of becoming a Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail is a wizard guild in the continent and has many members.


Natsu, another character, being a member of Fairy Tail meets Lucy which allows her to enroll herself. The story later carries the adventures done by Lucy in the world of dark magic.


It has a great story coming with development which kept the audience out of any surmise.



12. Bleach (2004)


Bleach (2004)


Bleach is one of the common anime that fits in almost every type of category. And if one talks specifically related to action and fantasy then it is best in this term.


Ichigo Kurosaki is the one whose story has been portrayed through Bleach. The story carries from the time when his family was attacked by Hollow, an evil spirit. Just to protect his family, Ichigo decided to become a Soul Reaper and carries this journey with Rukia.


But soon things changed when Rukia was not able to go through the journey and now Ichigo had to complete it alone. However, he was later joined by a group of friends named: Orihime Inoue, Uryuu Ishida, and Yasutora Sado.



11. Blue Exorcist (2011)


Blue Exorcist (2011)


Demon Slayer and Blue Exorcist have a lot of things in common and one of the things that became the highlight is the storyline. They both carry the storyline of protecting innocence from the eyes of evil by slaying demons.


Assiah is the human world and Gehenna, the evil world, has a different existence. Gehenna is way more dangerous than Assiah as Satan is the only leader of it with the desire of entering Assiah.


Rin Okumura, the protagonist, is from the Assiah world and was attacked by the devil and decided to go against them. Thus, a new kind of action was carried in the story where the concept of evil vs hero comes into line.



10. Dragon Ball Z (1989)


Dragon Ball Z (1989)


Instead of going with just one generation or just one character, Dragon Ball Z has covered the story of the main character and also his son. The story of Goku who is a warrior and was continued by his son.


At first, Goku was sent to earth to destroy the land but eventually, he forgot. Later on, his brother named Raditz was sent to find his brother and kill him.


But the story goes in the cycle of Karma as Raditz himself was killed by a friend of Goku whose name is Piccolo. The real story arrives when  Raditz, before dying, confirms the arrival of two aliens that will destroy the Earth.


To protect themselves from these dangerous happenings, the characters started preparing for battle, especially Goku who trained for Kaio-ken, a secret technique.



9. Fire Force (2019)


Fire Force (2019)


The audience enters the realm of fantasy and action, like Demon Slayer, through a leading character named Shinra Kusakabe. The story is set in a fictional world where Spontaneous Human Combustion, a strange phenomenon, came into focus.


Coming to the phenomenon, SHC, then it is about a happening where humanity went under suffering from the plague. The plague came to an end, however, a cure was needed to prevent it.


Thus a force called Special Fire Force was made where the leading one named Shinra remains one of the main members. Shinra carries just one mission and that is to bring peace and save humanity.


But it was never an easy task as it went with many ups and downs.



8. Yu Yu Hakusho (1992)


Yu Yu Hakusho (1992)


Sharing the bulk of action since 10 October 1992, the anime comes in a fantasy with a supernatural theme. The story covers the life of Yuusuke, a 14-year-old boy. It started with Yuusuke saving a boy coming directly in front of a moving car that may lead to an accident, he eventually ended up dying.


When it comes to his judgment day, the spirit realm thought of an exception and decided to revive Yuusuke because of his morals. To do so, the head of the spiritual realm, that is Koenma, decided to arrange some tasks for him in which Yuusuke would be revived.



7. Rising Of The Shield Hero (2019)


Rising Of The Shield Hero (2019)


Coming with dark fantasy, the anime was written by Keigo Koyanagi with the original run of 9 January 2019. Just like the Demon Slayer, it shares a stereotypical setting of the fantasy world.


Instead of going with a strong and bulky character, the makers decided to go with a typical character coming with almost no capabilities. This character is Naofumi who became a cursed Shield Hero and has only a shield as a weapon.


Due to his incapabilities, Naofumi was mocked by other fellow heroes as well as the people of the kingdom. The only person who decided to give him company was Melromar who, later on, accused him of taking advantage.


However, the story ends with his strength and great reputation.



6. Rurouni Kenshin (1996)


Rurouni Kenshin (1996)


Rurouni Kenshin is a Kazuhiro Furuhashi directorial that was released on 10 January 1996. The story is set in Tokyo and carries adventure and action with a martial arts theme.


Himura Kenshin is the protagonist who is attacked by a woman called Kamiya. Instead of believing him, Kamiya believed in a man pretending to be Himura. As soon the reality came front, both characters united to defeat the fake character and somewhere leading to romance.


Coming to the common factor between Demon Slayer and Rurouni Kenshin then it is action and the way the protagonist of both anime is portrayed as a hero category, in stagnant development.



5. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (2009)


Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (2009)


Coming with the concept of Alchemy, naturally makes this anime fall into the category of fantasy. And due to some action going in the way of the story, it covers the same as Demon Slayer.


The story comes with two brothers also serving as the two leading characters named Edward and Alphonse. They both have lost their mother but tried their best to revive her through Alchemy.


If anything is lacking in their purpose to revive their mother then it is Philosopher's Stone. And that's the reason why both the brothers started their journey to get the Philosopher's Stone which, later on, carried many different realities of the world.



4. Jujutsu Kaisen (2020)


Jujutsu Kaisen (2020)


Jujutsu means Sorcery, which somewhere shows the concept of fantasy. And if this fantasy comes in anime then it is sure to bring the action. With the theme of the supernatural, the anime took Yuuji Itadori as a leading character.


Yuuji is a high school student who cares for his bedridden grandmother. In his ongoing life, he was not at all aware of evil things present but later on, found the negatives.


This evil or negative is nothing but a cursed item, that is a finger of a devil named Sukuma Ryoumen. Him being the king of the curse has tried to finish humanity however, Yuuji jumps in between and decides to protect the world and gains the title of Jujutsu Kaisen.



3. Natsume's Book Of Friends (2008)


Natsume's Book Of Friends (2008)


Getting released on 8 July 2008, the anime has a slice of life and drama with supernatural themes. It carries the mythological story with the title character named Natsume. Natsume has a strange power to see creatures called youkai and that's the reason why he never found his place among common people.


The story changes when he accidentally breaks the barrier which frees a spirit in the form of a cat called Madara. Madara soon notices the resemblance of Natsume with his grandmother who is famous for creating the book of friends.


The story, later on, carries when Natsume decided to protect the book and free those characters that were captivated by his grandmother.



2. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)


Coming with the setting of 1869, the story covers George and his only son Jonathan. When George and Jonathan were in danger then it was Dario who protected them but for their property.


Without knowing the intention of Dario, George and Jonathan kept themselves indebted. The debt was overcome when Dario died and George adopted his son Dio whose eyes were also on the property of George.


With his means, Dio has divided George and Jonathan without letting his intention known to either one of them. The story then carries on with adventure and drama under the blend of fantasy and supernatural.



1. Attack On Titan (2013)


Attack On Titan (2013)


Attack on Titan is one of the best anime that comes in a similar category to Demon Slayer. Because of its action and dark fantasy genre, the anime also covers the same plotline, storyline as well as action sequence as Demon Slayer.


The story follows Eren Jaeger as a leading character with his friends named Armin and Mikasa. It was the time when Titans destroyed the city of Eren, leading Eren to join the Survey Corps.


Survey Corps is a group of soldiers who have one mission and that is to fight against Titans and at the same time investigate their origin. The anime remained one of the best and was known for its powerful yet unsettling story and characters.


It has a mixture of gothic and intellectual perspectives.




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