A Powerful Princess, an Iron Lady, a Troubled Prince & the Queen of all Queens – The Crown Season 4 Promo Photos Are Here

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By Royal Decree

‘Tis the season we’ve all been waiting for, and we do not mean Diwali or Christmas. “The Crown” has given us fine drama with a royal flourish, based on the very real events surrounding the reign of the unmatched Queen Elizabeth II. Where Claire Foy dazzled as the young Queen in 2016, fans of the series praised the entry of the ingenious Olivia Colman, who adopted the ‘slightly older’ role in 2019.

Now we have the most ground-breaking season in the series, mainly because of the powerhouse characters who are going to grace the Netflix screen when the show starts streaming on November 15, 2020.


 Source: Netflix

Who’s Who


All hail the entry of the beautiful and game-changing Princess of Wales, none other than Lady Diana Spencer herself, whose exceptional dresses and ideals will be displayed by the talented Emma Corrin, who won popularity for her role as Esme Winikus in the 2019 TV series “Pennyworth”.

As if this wasn’t enough, we have the outstanding Gillian Anderson (of “The X Files” and “American Gods” fame) slipping into the skin of the legendary Margaret Thatcher, namely the first female Prime Minister of England who’s better known by the moniker that the Russians gave her, ‘The Iron Lady’. We can’t wait to see what Gillian does with this role, especially after watching the genius of Meryl Streep who portrayed Thatcher on the silver screen, a role that earned Streep her third Oscar.

Then there’s Prince Charles, who has been ideally portrayed by the brilliant Josh O’Connor whose acting accolades include roles in series like “Doctor Who” and movies like “Emma” and “Only You”.

Queen Elizabeth II, played by Olivia Colman, is still going to be a stellar performance if the previous seasons are anything to go by. And her sister Princess Margaret will be played by the delightfully chameleon-Esque Helena Bonham Carter (if you haven’t yet seen “Enola Holmes”, we suggest you get on that), who’ll be reprising her role from previous seasons.

Other noteworthy characters, and the actors playing them, include Marion Bailey as the Queen Mother, Tobias Menzies as The Duke of Edinburgh, Emerald Fennell as Camilla Parker Bowles, and Erin Doherty as Princess Anne.

This season just keeps giving and giving!


The Photographs


Set photos have been released showcasing the ‘looks’ of these upcoming characters, and we’re not referring to mere behind-the-scenes snapshots. These are actual scene moments from season four. We are mindblown by how perfectly the showrunners and actors have managed to capture these enormously popular real-life people for “The Crown S04”.


Source: Netflix


Source: Netflix


Source: Netflix


The Storyline


Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going back to the chaos of the late 1970s and early 1980s. The Windsors were not having a good time of it around then, but we are confident that their on-screen representatives will give us all something to anticipate during awards season.

Think about season-4’s killer storyline, for a moment…

It was around this time in recent history when the British royal family was fighting a quiet battle to secure the line of succession. Prince Charles was 30 years old and still unmarried, a point of major contention – especially for bachelors like us who feel sorry for the bloke’s sheer lack of choice in the matter.

Divisive politics came to the fore thanks to Margaret Thatcher’s powerful but also extremely controversial government. Tensions were at an all-time high between Crown and Parliament, more so when Thatcher practically threw the island-nation into what became the Falklands War, which risked the core integrity of the entire Commonwealth.

Then there’s the fairytale romance between Charles and Diana, and the most enchanting wedding of the decade. The dress, the look, the history!

All of this is going to be packed with British efficiency into the upcoming season 4 of “The Crown”. We believe it is only fair to say that you gear up for another industry-shaking ‘Netflix winter’. 


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