Top 60 Best Yuri Manga In 2024

top 60 best yuri manga in 2024


Yuri!. According to Wikipedia, “Yuri is a genre of Japanese media focusing on intimate relationships between female characters.”


But do you know what’s NOT fair enough? The amount of attention Yuri manga gets in our community. I know, my soldiers, this war isn’t in our favour but to give us a boost against the other growing genres, I have collected the best Yuri manga for you guys.


Yup, these are some series that you should check out if you love your girls’ love manga. So without any further delay, here are the Best Yuri Manga. I hope you enjoy it.




1. My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness


my lesbian experience with loneliness


And the best Yuri Manga of all time is, ‘My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness. This is a series that has so much quality in its content and narrative that you just can’t help but love it.


The series is absolutely stunning. Let’s discuss more of it. My Lesbian Experience is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2016.


It is written and illustrated by Nagata Kabi. The manga discusses the life of Kabi Nagata who had been depressed in her life since she dropped out of college.


Her family is pressuring her to be normal, however, her actions aren’t proving anything at all.


Moreover, she develops a disorder concerned with eating that would bring in more trouble. She tries to avoid all this trouble for once but ends up hurting herself.


So at the age of 28, she decides to become an adult for once and gets in contact with a lesbian escort.


And even though things didn’t go as planned, this experience is still going to be a game-changer for Kabi.


Yup, this is based on the true story of the author herself. Thus, this is an autobiographical manga, which is super rare these days.


Moreover, it was first released on Pixiv and then published as a manga. This series won awards like the Harvey Award for Best Manga and Crunchyroll’s Best Manga of 2017.


The story is widely appreciated by critics and admired by fans. The series as a Yuri is incredible.


And for all these reasons, My Lebian Experience With Loneliness Is the best Yuri manga.




2. Strawberry Shake Sweet


strawberry shake sweet


And for runner-up, we have one of the most hilarious Yuri manga series of all time, Strawberry Shake Sweet.


This manga will bring tears to your eyes as you laugh your heart out while reading it.


It’s a mind-blowing manga that needs every manga fan’s attention. Strawberry Shake Sweet is a 2 volume manga series that started back in 2003.


It is written and illustrated by Hayashiya Shizuru. The story tells us about Julia Tachibana, an idol living as a professional all along.


However, soon she is going to recruit a new talent named Ran into her band.


And as soon as she meets her, she falls head over heels for her. Hilarious, funny, and entertaining events would make you shed so many tears of joy.


This is going to be so much fun. There isn’t anything much to say about this manga.


The story is pretty straightforward but the execution is incredible. It throws off all the serious tones and uses its narrative just for entertainment with Yuri going all along.




3. Octave




The next manga on our list is about relationships between idols. I know many of you have got your eyes wide open now that you know what the series is about.


And keep your eyes wide open because you wouldn’t wanna sleep on this at all.


Octave is a 6 volume manga series that started back in 2008. It is written and illustrated by Akiyama Haru.


It talks about the life of a girl named Miyashita Yukino who wishes to be an idol.


She did manage to become one back when she was 15 but her popularity wasn’t nearly as much and so the band flopped.


So when she returned to her home, criticisms were coming from left and right. So now she has decided to do that again and this time, she heads over to the city of Tokyo.


There she meets Iwai Setsuko, a composer who would help make her career. However, this career will not be the only connecting factor between these beauties.


Octave is a relatable and connective story that would warm any aspirant’s heart. Therefore, if you have wished for something or dreamed about it, then this series is for you.


The emotional segments are amazing.




4. Murciélago




No No! It’s not French, my friends. This is the title of a Japanese manga.


Don’t worry about it. We haven’t clickbait you or anything. But yeah, this series is indeed different from the others in terms of narrative.


And let me tell you why it is so. Murcielago is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2013.


It is written and illustrated by Yoshimura Kana. The story talks about the lives of one of the most unreal killers ever, Kuroko Koumori.


She is so dangerous that she has killed over 715 people throughout her life. However, despite such a number, she is able to maintain her sanity and so, she was appointed as an executioner by law.


She is partnered with a cheerful yet another dangerous girl named Hinako who drives cars with no care at all.


Together they are supposed to catch other criminals trying to commit their deeds. And as this unreal couple performs their obligation, a new duty seems to have arrived that involves them yet again.


This manga is a lot darker in its narrative than you might think. It has action, a bit of drama, and also a pinch of horror.


No wonder it has made it so far on this list. A unique combination indeed.



5. Oniisama e…


oniisama e…


Oniisama e…. Is a 3 volume manga series that started way back in 1974. It is written and illustrated by Ikeda Riyoko.


The story talks about the life of Nanako Misonoo, a cheerful 16-year-old who is about to enter high school.


However, trouble starts piling upright upon her entrance to this school. For starters, this school is for elite students.


Only rich and smart students can make it to this school. Unfortunately, Nanako was neither.


Therefore, the students started speculating that she might have paved her way in here using some dirty methods.


Thus, she has been a subject of bullying in her new school. Moreover, she gets involved with the three best students again and again.


Therefore, they mess up with her as well. Overall, her school life is a pure jumble.


However, she documents the days of her life in the form of letters and sends them to her old teacher.


That’s how this manga depicts love. As you can feel, this manga has a very different approach towards the Yuri element.


It’s a lot more sentimental and heartwarming, making it a fabulous read for all fans out there.


If you are one of those who haven’t read it yet, wait no further.



6. Prism




The next manga on our list has a pretty interesting title don’t you think? Prism.


Seems like the series is going to be about introspection or world outlook right? Well, it isn’t.


This manga isn’t about the concept of Yuri being portrayed in society or anything like that.


Instead, it’s about how two individuals can be together very well. Prism is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2010.


It is written and illustrated by Higashiyama Show. The story focuses on Megumi who didn’t have much of an exciting life in her grade school.


Now she wishes to change her fate in high school by getting in a relationship.


Although her love for her past crush Hikaru stays strong, her wish for a sensational life is also strong.


Luckily for her, both of her wishes are going to be fulfilled. Because somehow, Hikaru is in the same school as Megumi, he is now she.


And this revelation breaks the ground for Megumi. What happens next is quite a shock for readers.


Prism is a great manga for people who love to know the keen male-female differences in their narratives.


By the way, I just wanted to let you know that the manga is on hiatus for the moment.


However, it is still worth giving it a try.



7. Citrus




If I were to ask what’s the most popular Yuri manga of all time, the answer would be simple.


It’s Citrus. Yup, in case you didn’t know, Citrus is the most popular manga in the Yuri genre and if you haven’t read it yet, let me tell you, you are missing out big time.


Let me introduce you to the series. Citrus is a 10 volume manga series that started back in 2012.


It is written and illustrated by Saburouta. The story focuses on Yuzu Aihara who is a normal girl who loves herself with respect to looks and fashion.


She dresses very well, does make-up, and takes care of herself. However, her lifestyle changes upside down when her mother gets into another marriage and she is now forced to switch to a different school.


However, unlike her previous school, this one is an all-girls school where everything that Yuzu loved is banned!


From makeup to clothing, every aspect that Yuzu admired is thrown out of the window in this school.


However, she isn’t going to give up just YET and so, she decides to dress up and see how it goes.


And just as you would expect, she got arrested by the Student Council President who insulted her in front of the entire school.


The name of the president is Mei Aihara. Yup, she is the sister of Yuzu and she realizes right after she reaches home the same day.


Now Yuzu is kind of annoyed by this but her annoyance go-away when she gets a kiss from Mei while she was claiming something.


And this kiss is going to change the course of their life forever. I don’t think I need to tell you more about it.


It’s already massive in terms of popularity and even has an anime adaptation. Trust me, reader, if you haven’t read this manga, you are missing out so much.



8. Hanjuku Joshi


Hanjuku Joshi


There is quite a few school-based Yuri manga on this list but I have to say, this one is probably one of the finest.


Hanjuku Joshi is a manga that tells you about complex relationships in a thought-provoking way.


Let’s dive deeper into this manga. Hanjuku Joshi is a 2 volume manga series that started back in 2008.


It is written and illustrated by Morishima Akiko. The story talks about two high school girls with distinct personalities.


Firstly, we have the cheerful and lighthearted Chitose Hayami who just so happens to meet someone quite different from her.


Her encounter with Yae Sakura is going to be her life changer. Even though she is shy and frail, Sakura is a kind individual who resembles the appearance of Chitose’s first love.


Therefore, she decides to confess her feelings towards her, and things take a different turn.


Turns out, Sakura also had a crush on a female before meeting Chitose but she got rejected.


Now Sakura hates the fact that she is a girl. However, Chitose clears her sentiments by saying that she appreciates Sakura the way she is.


This is where things start to get interesting and adorable. As said earlier, the series deals with human relationships and nature using its narrative.


You might not feel it just by reading this synopsis but when you read the actual manga, the feeling will be amazing.



9. Gunjou




Prepare yourself for some very dark and crude stories to witness and experience. This is Gunjou, a story about murder, death, and physical abuse.


Things are going to get quite serious as we start discussing this manga. Make sure you read it with all your attention.


Gunjou is a 3 volume manga series that started back in 2007. It is written and illustrated by Nakamura Ching.


The story focuses on the life of a woman who is getting abused daily by her husband.


And there comes a point where she can’t take it anymore. So she decides to go out of her way and mention this problem to her lesbian friend as well.


However, things start to take some interesting turns because when she asks her friend to kill her husband, she does so.


Yup, she killed her friend’s husband at her request and now they are alone. However, can the guilt of murder be overlooked with love?


That’s the question here. Gunjou is a manga that is written on a more serious note than most manga on this list.


And I won’t recommend this to every manga fan out there since it deals with some dark issues.


But if you are fine with that then go ahead, this manga is a banger.



10. Kuchibiru Tameiki Sakurairo


kuchibiru tameiki sakurairo


Tameiki Sakurairo is a 2 volume manga series that started back in 2003.


It is written and illustrated by Morinaga Milk. Morinaga Milk has created the two volumes of this manga with all the stories written all by herself.


This collection of short stories include titles like(Volume 1):


  1. Even if We’re Not Friends
  2. The Summer Closest to Heaven
  3. A Kiss, Love, and a Prince
  4. This Love From I Can’t Remember When
  5. If I Kiss Her Ring Finger
  6. Chocolate Kiss Kiss
  7. Wishing on the Moon  


Whereas the other volume includes titles like:


  1. Secret Girlfriends
  2. Classmates
  3. Before the Storm
  4. Running Away… For Real
  5. Our Story
  6. Cherries For Your Lips
  7. Real Love  


So yeah, it’s a pretty good collection of short yuri stories written by one of the best Yuri manga artists.


Even after all these features and perks that are going on for this manga, if you still can’t decide to read it or not, then take my word and go for it.


It is fantastic.



11. Pietà




Well well. What do we get here? A series about two contrasting girls and their contrasting lives.


Man, I was waiting for them for quite a while now. There’s just a completely different appeal to such narratives that dive so deep into the characters.


I love them and I know so do you so there’s no need to sleep over Pieta.


Pieta is a 2 volume manga series that started back in 1998. It is written and illustrated by Haruno Nanae.


The series talks about 2 characters who became friends over time. These 2 are named Sahoko and Rio and both of them have a very uncommon lifestyle.


While Sahoko has a cheerful life even though she doesn’t get along with her parents really well, Rio is quite different.


Unlike Sahoko, she is depressed and has a lot of issues to take care of.


Not to mention, that she has a self-abusive nature and isn’t loved by her parents and other family members at all.


What would happen when these characters stay in the same boat of academics and sail all the way together?


And how are their lives going to be influenced by it? You got to read it to know it.


Pieta is a josei yuri manga and I know most of you can tell that based on the premise and characters.


But even if you aren’t into Josei anime and manga, still give Pieta a try.


This might be the first manga that would make you realize the potential of the Josei genre.



12. Asumi-chan wa Les Fuuzoku


Asumi-chan wa Les Fuuzoku


Things might get a little out of hand with the next manga we are going to discuss.


You might not be able to figure out why I am saying this right now but the moment you read the English title, your senses would wake up with a loud alarm.


Asumi-chan wa Les Fuuzoku or, in English, “Asumi-chan is interested in Lesbian brothel” is a currently-publishing manga series that started back in 2020.


The manga is written and illustrated by Itsuki Kuro. It isn’t that hard to predict what the story would be once you know the English title.


It revolves around a girl named Azumi who has been quite fascinated with lesbian individuals for quite a while.


And although she tries to safeguard her preferences, situations change when she starts hoping for a different approach.


Now she wants to not only know about but also experience a lesbian brothel. Yup, she wants to experience it straight up?


Don’t question it. However, finding such places isn’t easy in itself. Plus, what happens next is quite a shock you know.


This manga is yet to get the spotlight it deserves within the Yuri-loving community. The comedy and Yuri elements in this manga are way better than many you have read.


Don’t believe me? Well, why not give this a try?



13. Vampeerz




I am assuming that you can get a rough idea about this manga and its story is exactly what you are thinking.


Vampeerz is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2019. It is written and illustrated by Higashiyama Show.


The story focuses on two females. This being Ichika and Aria. Ichika gets in contact with Aria during their meeting at Ichila’s grandmother’s funeral.


She claims that she is Ichika’s grandmother’s friend. However, Ichika is soon going to realize that the friendship that her grandmother held for so long isn’t as straightforward as we might expect.


Just so you know, her grandma’s friend is a Vampire. And what happens next is a scene to witness.


This manga is pretty straightforward with its narrative and title. A story about Vampires and Peers.


Nothing complex, just a simple story with Yuri blended in. No need for you to NOT read this.



14. Yuri Yuri


Yuri Yuri


Well, the title speaks for itself here, right? This is probably the easiest to guess manga series thanks to its name and if being honest, it is worthy of it.


Yuri Yuri is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2008. The manga is written and illustrated by Namori.


This is a collection of Yuri doujinshis written by Namori. These include Sara and Momoka, Senri and Aya, Miwa and Megumi, Asami and Kawaguchi-senpai, Yoshino and Tsukasa, and Yuri Yuri after.


Just like our previous collection-based mangas, this one will also captivate you with its narratives. These mangas are quite frequent on this list right?


Well, can’t help it, they do deserve to be where they are especially in the Yuri genre.



15. Fuzoroi no Renri


Fuzoroi no Renri


Seems like a complex name right? I know it does. However, you would be surprised to know how simple and likeable the story is in reality.


Fuzoroi No Renri is a manga that Yuri fans need to pay attention to. Fuzoroi No Renri is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2019.


It is written and illustrated by Mikanuji. The story talks about a troublesome girl named Iori Tanaka who is working in a company that asks for heaven from their employees.


Not only that but she is also interested in married men which is a call for problems.


One night, her drunk self passed out with an acquaintance, and the next day, BOOM!


They are together naked in bed? What exactly happened? Just as I said, the series is quite a basic one that doesn’t seem to have anything extraordinary.


It is just a well-structured series that Yuri fans should have a look at.



16. Love My Life


Love My Life


The next features a lot more educated people in its narrative than you might expect.


Yuri stories normally don’t have this kind of character so watching these guys get in a relationship is refreshing indeed.


Love My Life is a single-volume manga series that started in 2000. It is written and illustrated by Yamaji Ebine.


The story focuses on Ichiko Izumiya who is a normal student of English with the dream of becoming a translator.


Now on one side, that’s great news because of how settling it is. However, a hurdle shows up out of nowhere when she falls for Eriko, a law student who just so happened to be an acquaintance of Ichiko.


Now she gathers the courage to confess to her and soon things get interesting. The question here is whether Ichiko is actually interested in Girls or Eriko just so happened to be one?


The series revolves around one character falling in love with the other. What’s the best part here, is the use of narratives and their presentation.


No wonder this manga is so high on this list.



17. Onna Doushi toka Arienai desho to Iiharu Onnanoko wo


Onna Doushi toka Arienai desho to Iiharu Onnanoko wo


I know many of you might have been the Gods of Yuri manga and you have watched most of the troupes in this genre.


You are a warrior. However, the narrative of our next series is quite a unique one.


Something that even the best of the bests might have missed out on. Onna Doushi Toka Arienai desho to Iiharu Onnanoko who is currently publishing manga series written by Mikami Teren and illustrated by Kayako.


The story dives into the lives of Marika Sakakibara who has been offered over ¥1 million by Ayu Fuwa.


Why? Well just so they could go out. At the price of 10k per day, Fuwa is essentially hiring Marika so she could go out with her.


She wants to know if the so-called Taboo of a girl going out with one another is actually true.


As you can see, the series takes quite an interesting take on Yuri with its out-of-the-world narrative.


If you want to just relax and enjoy some of those fine mangas then go ahead and read this one.



18. Himitsu no Recipe


Himitsu no Recipe


Upon reading the title, you might think that it’s a series about cooking. And that is correct.


The next manga we are dealing with is a work that is known for its chef-esque elements.


Let’s dive deeper  Himitsu no Recipe is a 2 volume manga series that started back in 2009.


It is written and illustrated by Morinaga Milk. The story talks about the newly admitted girl in the cooking club who has a crush on a certain someone.


However, that certain someone is the president of the club and she is dead serious about the club activities.


So things will be taking some interesting takes on this story as the situation gets complicated every time our main girl tries to perform better.


Will she get thrown out of the club for being a headache or will she get her chance on the president?


Let’s find out! This manga has a little bit of cooking, lots of Yuri, and creativity.


If you wish to enjoy some great Yuri that will give you the food wars type vibe then this manga should be under your radar.



19. Moonlight Flowers


Moonlight Flowers


Drama and Yuri go hand in hand in most cases. And one such case is Moonlight flowers, the story featuring heart-melting drama and adorable Yuri elements working in their favor.


What makes this different is the execution of this troupe. Moonlight Flowers is a single-volume manga that started back in 1989.


It is written and illustrated by Tsukumo Mutsumi. The story is a classic Yuri that features the life of a girl who is in a dilemma of her life.


She either has to choose her husband over her old friend or vice-versa. Things would take interesting twists and turns especially when you realize that the past of the old friend wasn’t the brightest.


This manga is quite the popular one mainly because of how short yet engaging it is.


If you are planning to read it, just a little heads up, it contains explicit content.



20. Gurenki




Randomness is quite an interesting concept, isn’t it! The fact that anything happens out of nowhere keeps the element of surprise and uniqueness in the narrative.


And one such series is Gurenki with its funny story. Gurenki is a 3 volume manga series that started back in 2007.


It is written and illustrated by Takewakamaru. The story talks about a girl who was sleeping and having a fun time when suddenly, a red-demon girl showed up in her dream.


Now yeah, we would have just ignored the dream considering it a nightmare but for her, things aren’t going to go that way.


You see, right on the next day, she meets an actual red demon girl who showed up out of nowhere in her class and started calling her, her possession.


The story is going to take a wild route from here on out. This manga is funny, surprising, and yuri-oriented.


I see no reason why you shouldn’t read it.



21. Renai Joshi-ka


Renai Joshi-ka


Are you a working lady? Have you been spending 20 million years of your life staying in the office?


Well, I have some great series for you. This is a series that talks about how office life can lead to something unexpected.


Renai Joshi-ka is a 2 volume manga series that started back in 2009. It is written and illustrated by Morishima Akiko.


The story is about a bunch of girls who are a part of an office.


Now their daily life is quite interesting and worth looking at especially when you realize that romantic relationships are developing between these girls.


And let me tell you, the way this series works will be happy in itself.


The story is quite hilarious. This series is amazing especially if you are a working person who has seen office life.


The amount of relativity and connectivity is what makes this series so special. And it is also the same thing that would make you read it twice and thrice.



22. Seasons




Such an interesting title right? Well, it certainly is and you can relax because the actual contents are just as interesting as you might expect.


Seasons is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2009. It is written and illustrated by Takemiya Jin.


So you are a fan of Jin Takemiya? Well, I have the best news for you because this is the collection of fantastic Yuri stories done by Jim Takemiya.


Now you can relax and enjoy some fine narratives that would help you melt your heart with all the love it portrays.


This collection is a very specific selection for people who like Jin Takemiya. Her performance in the Yuri narrative is quite something and so every one of us needs to give her the attention she deserves.



23. Free Soul


Free Soul


Well yeah. The title might sound like something thought-provoking or mind-bending. And I won’t lie, it is indeed true to a certain extent.


However, the show is a lot more interesting than what you might expect. Free Soul is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2004.


It was written and illustrated by Yamaji Ebine. The story talks about a girl named Keito who leaves her house in the heat of the moment.


She has nowhere to go and live by. However, her luck was great when she helped a stranger and ended up getting a room in her house.


That was the beginning of Keito getting back on track. Generally, she is a manga author creating her manga.


But when she isn’t, she goes to a record store where she meets Niki and gets into a relationship with her.


Initially, they just sleep together and have fun but later Niki claims that she isn’t serious about a true bond.


And even though her heart is broken, Keito is yet to give up on the most important person in her life.


This series needs more attention from manga readers all around the internet. The premise of this series is much more fleshed out that you would have a great read all along.



24. Sweet Little Devil


Sweet Little Devil


Time for yet another group of short stories to lighten up the mold ladies and gentlemen.


These things won’t stop coming and we won’t stop reading, right? Oh Yeah! Sweet Little Devil is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2008.


It is written and illustrated by Nanzaki Iku. The series dives into Yuri’s relationships with its multiple stories.


These stories include titles like Sweet Little Devil, Heart and Soul, Moment Like Fireworks, Love Prep Room, Our Future Plans, Starting Over, One and Only, Girls Don’t Cry, and Another Sweet Field.


All of these mangas will give you a much more fledged perspective on the relationships of women with other women.


These short stories always show up on these lists and it’s great because they are short, sweet, and worth all the time you spend on them.


Hardcore Yuri fans love them.



25. Indigo Blue


Indigo Blue


Colors! Do you like them? Yeah me too! So what’s your favorite one? Yeah, I can’t hear you but you can hear me.


And you should listen to me when I say that Indigo Blue Manga needs your attention  Indigo Blue is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2001.


It is written and illustrated by Yamaji Ebine. The story focuses on a girl named Rutsu who decided to take a certain path in her life.


That is the path of a novelist and wishes to write many stories along with her life.


However, that is all about her professional life. Her private life is in a complex situation.


This situation involves her attraction for her boyfriend AND another woman. Things would get into interesting sides very soon.


This is a manga that would help you understand the problems for people like Rutsu, who have their private life and professional life all messed up.


Moreover, she doesn’t even have a definite preference for her love and which one deserves it.


Seeing that would be the selling point of this manga.



26. Cirque Arachne


Cirque Arachne


Now, this is something unique on our list. Unlike almost all of our previous entries, this one is about a sport for a change.


Interesting right? Well, it certainly is and that’s why you need to read Cirque Arachne.


Cirque Arachne is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2012. It is written and illustrated by Saida Nika.


The series talks about Teti, a normal girl who joins an unconventional sport called Cirque Arachne.


If you guys don’t know, Cirque Arachne is a specific acrobat sport that deals with body movements.


However, Teti is specifically interested in a person involved in the sport. Someone quite special.


Yuri and sports are two genres that might not look like something that would work well together but in the case of Cirque Arachne, it ends up working out very well.



27. Collectors




The next manga that we will be discussing next might seem pretty basic but that’s not the truth.


What meets the eye is not always the truth and that is more specifically true for collectors.


Collectors is a 2 volume manga that started back in 2009. It is written and illustrated by Nishi Uko.


This is the story of two women who get along very well. They enjoy each other’s company and have a fun time together.


Their relationship is quite something you know. However, the one thing that these two don’t like about each other is their insane spending habit.


They wish to put a stop to them and will try to do all they can to do so.


Will they be able to perform this tedious task and continue their relationship? Collectors is a fun series that is mainly focused on older women.


Although it isn’t very specific and the story is quite entertaining so even if you don’t hit the mark, you would still have a fun time.



28. Gokujou Drops


Gokujou Drops


Time to take a fun turn ladies and gentlemen, don’t you think? The next series we are going to discuss talks about some interesting high school stuff blended with school life.


Gokujou Drops is a 3 volume manga series that started back in 2008. It is written and illustrated by Mikuni Hajime.


The manga focuses on the life of Komari, who is a freshman trying to look for a place to stay and relax.


However, her fate twists weirdly when she gets to stay in the best dorm that is.


But the reality is often painful and that is certainly true for Komari when the reason she managed to make it in such a high-class hotel is that she became a servant to Himemiya Yukio.


Things will take an interesting turn as the events of the series unfold. Prepare yourself for some fine and lovely Yuri manga.



29. Shibuya Ku Maruyama Cho


Shibuya ku Maruyama cho


Well, this is a different case than the rest. The manga we are going to discuss next is quite a sweet one.


It isn’t exactly a collection of stories like the others but instead an actual story divided into 2 parts.


Shibuyaku Maruyamachou is a currently serializing manga series that started in 2003. It is written and illustrated by Okazaki Mari.


The story dives into the lives of Itoi who is confused about her relationship with a girl.


She got hit on and doesn’t know how to react to it. Later on, both of them go on a bit of shopping together.


However, this shopping is the opportunity for Itoi to tell her what she actually feels about her and what their relationship is actually all about.


The story talks about the relationships that people cherish within themselves. And I believe you would love to see such a story with the Yuri genre added to it right?



30. Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu


Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu


Now we are entering a new segment in our list and there’s no better way to start this segment without mentioning Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu.


A series that will make your love for Yuri go from 0 to 10, real quick.


Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2003. It is written by Eiki Eiki and illustrated by Tsuda Mikiyo.


The story is a collection of short stories. These short stories include titles such as Expressions of Love, She-wolf, Little Red Riding Hood Strikes Back, Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, and Her.


These might seem a lot but with 1 chapter for each of these stories. This manga reaches a new level of entertainment very easily.


These short stories are a lot more fun than you might expect. If you have been ignoring them as boring stuff then try starting out with this one.



31. Sweet Guilty Love Bites


Sweet Guilty Love Bites


I can guess what kind of vibes you are getting from this series. And I don’t blame you, pal, the title does seem quite attractive.


I mean it just screams Yuri and girl’s love and luckily for us, it is!


Sweet Guilty Love Bites is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2010. It is written and illustrated by Amano Shuninta.


The story dives into the lives of 4 women. These women have come together and started a communication thanks to the Club Rose that they are a part of.


However, as time passes by, their relationship takes different turns that might be surprising for you, the reader.


These girls are going to have a bit of a fun time together. The story in this manga is mostly created for the sake of a mature audience.


However, the blend of drama and comedy is just good enough for anyone to have a fun time reading this.



32. Kyoumei Suru Echo


Kyoumei suru Echo


The name sounds a bit iffy, right? I know, I felt the same. However, don’t judge the book by its cover or in this case, the anime by its title.


This series is a lot more entertaining than you might have expected. Kyoumei Suru Echo is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2009.


It is written and illustrated by Kigi Tatsumi. The manga is another collection of multiple entertaining short stories written by the same author.


The titles include Runner’s High, Unbalance, Asymmetry, Lonesome Echo. Just by looking at these titles, you can be sure that this is going to be a lot more engaging manga than what you might expect.


Well, you can’t help it after all since these collection stories are always fun to read.



33. Pie wo Agemasho


Pie wo Agemasho


You were waiting for these, right? I mean it’s been so many entries and they weren’t there yet.


But for us, that’s not the case anymore. Enter Pie Wo Agemasho, a manga that is all about various stories by the same author.


Pie Wo Agemasho is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2010. It is written and illustrated by Sakamoto Mano.


The story is a collection of multiple short stories that will keep you engaged all along.


The titles include My Unique Day, I Will Bring You Mille-Feuille, A Space Voyage with Suwako-san, and I Won’t Say I Love You Anymore.


These cute and engaging short stories would be a lot more entertaining than you might expect.


And most importantly, you will have your Yuri love filled in them. I know there are many short story collections on this list but I can’t help it.


When we talk about worthy yuri mangas, these collections always show up. And truth be told, they are indeed great.



34. Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou


Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou


This manga is a blessing for someone who enjoys both fantasy and yuri as their story.


Because this series dives deeper into the other world. It is going to be fun.


Tokimeki Mononoke Jogakkou is a 2 volume manga series that started back in 2006. It is written and illustrated by Nangoku Banana.


The story focuses on Arare is a rain fairy who knows that her mother isn’t an actual human.


Later on, she meets some of the weirdest and creepiest beings in her high school life.


And these things revolve from being the ogres to mists, anything and everything in-between. This is the biggest trump card for this anime as it uses its fantasy-based narrative to have fun and make the series enjoyable.


If you read this manga, prepare yourself for some good comedy and lighthearted content. These things would lighten your mood and also have your thirst for Yuri quenched.



35. Kimi Koi Limit


Kimi Koi Limit


This manga title would remind you of another popular movie, right? And to be honest, it does have a few elements of love from that movie you are thinking, this manga is much different than that.


Kimi Koi Limit is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2010. It is written and illustrated by Momono Moto.


The story talks about a Hiriko Yagami who confessed her feelings towards her friend, Sono Ikeda.


However, these feelings don’t go through well enough and Hiriko ends up being betrayed. Years later, Hiriko started living with her new girlfriend.


However, their life isn’t on track and soon they end up breaking up. This is so bad to the point that she gets thrown up by her new girlfriend.


Being broke and heartbroken that she was, Hiriko goes under a bridge when she meets a familiar face.


A face that would help her get on her feet. This is a manga that deals with some upsetting and unsettling topics with its narrative.


If you want to enjoy some heartwarming Yuri manga then look no further.



36. Kawaii Anata


Kawaii Anata


I know you have been missing these right? Yup, you guessed it correctly, this is another collection of short stories to enjoy in your free time.


And the best part is that it’s written by the same author. Kawaii Anata is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2007.


It is written and illustrated by Otsu Hiyori. This is another group of distinct narratives that will help you cure your Yuri love.


These stories include Maple Love, Love Letter, Cycling Under a Starlit Sky, Kawaii Anata, Winter-tinged Thoughts, and A Lunch Made with Love.


Again, these are nothing new at this point. I mean yeah, the stories are indeed new and so are their impressions.


But just like previous entries, they are some fabulous content that you should enjoy the moment you get the chance to.



37. Renai Idenshi XX


Renai Idenshi XX


The name might seem a bit striking at first but the story is quite an unexpected one.


The love in this series is a moment to witness with all the love for Yuri Manga that you have.


Renai Idenshi XX is a 2 volume manga series that started back in 2009. It is written by Eiki Eiki and illustrated by Tsuda Mikiyo.


The series is set in the future when males on earth have gone extinct. Yup, there are no males and only females are prevailing at the moment.


These females are divided into two groups, Adam and Eve. Both of them have set rules to live their lives and abide by.


However, when our main character, Adam, enters an academy for education, the rule starts to bend.


Even though relationships within Adams are not allowed. This won’t stop our main character to do her thing.


And let’s hope it goes well. A sci-fi Yuri series is all that you guys want right?


Some tech-savvy stuff along with your favorite love troupe. Sounds like a treat to me.



38. Kotonoha no Miko to Kotodama no Mahou to


Kotonoha no Miko to Kotodama no Mahou to


The next manga is a breath of fresh air from all our previous entries since this one is all about the love between a Witch and Miko.


Kotonoha no Miko to Kotodama no Mahou is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2004.


It is written and illustrated by Fujieda Miyabi. The story is about a loved one between Miko and a Witch.


It starts out with a playful relationship between the two. However, soon they realized that this bond that they have developed together isn’t something so simple.


Instead, it is a relationship that stands on love between them and would love to preserve them as time passed on.


This manga is an actual story and not a collection. So if you want to experience something different than our previous entries then this is your way to go.



39. The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn’t a Guy at All


the guy she was interested in wasn't a guy at all


The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn’t a Guy at All is a compelling manga series delving into the themes of identity, romance, and the influence of music.


The storyline follows Aya Oosawa, a high school gyaru, who finds herself infatuated with a mysterious clerk at a small record store.


This enigmatic clerk, always clad in a hoodie and face mask, is none other than Mitsuki Koga, a studious female classmate.


Oblivious to the clerk’s true persona, Aya assumes her crush is a young man. As their shared passion for rock music draws them closer, the plot thickens.


The series beautifully captures the intricacies of adolescent love and the unifying power of music in forming unexpected connections.


It’s an endearing narrative that will undoubtedly resonate with readers who appreciate stories blending romance and music.



40. If That’s Love, Break It.


if that's love, break it.


“If That’s Love, Break It” is a fascinating manga that navigates the intricate challenges of adolescence and societal pressures.


The story revolves around Kurumi Yoshizawa, a model student and student council president, celebrated for her outstanding grades and impeccable manners.


However, beneath this facade of perfection, she grapples with the overwhelming expectations imposed by her mother and teachers.


A turning point occurs when she’s entrusted with the care of her classmate, Naoi, who seems to penetrate her veneer of pretence.


As Yoshizawa teeters on the edge of a breakdown, a shoplifting incident narrowly averted is captured on video by Naoi.


This manga presents a poignant coming-of-age narrative that delves into the struggles of two individuals confronting the harsh realities of everyday life, with no apparent escape.


It’s a raw and intense exploration of the human psyche.



41. Love Flicker


Love Flicker


This is yet another manga that has multiple short stories that will help you satisfy your Yuri thirst.


This time, it’s titled, Love Flicker. Love Flicker is a single-volume manga series that started in 2010.


It is written and illustrated by Takemiya Jin. Love Flicker is a collection of multiple One-shot titles.


These titles include Adorable to Me, Delicious Time, Spike Girls, All My Love, and Lies, Always, Sweet Sweet Sweet, and Worrying.


All of these are fine Yuri series that will suit your taste buds and have the same author.


This is yet another collection that has stories for you to enjoy. Even if you feel that they are not exactly to your taste, just give them a try.


They might end up being your cup of tea.



42. Renai Joshi File


Renai Joshi File


Now at first glance, this might seem like some mystery series with 2 detectives getting in love or something along those lines.


However, the reality is quite different. Instead, it is about cute high school relationship development between two students.


Moreover, there are others to help them. Renai Joshi Files is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2012.


It is written and illustrated by Morishima Akiko. The series talks about one girl falling in love with her high school upper classmate.


Now she tries to gather the courage to confess to her and successfully does it. However, her upperclassmen reject her saying that both of them are girls.


And both of them being in a relationship would be weird. Now being disheartened, our main girl returns.


However, a female couple decides to help her out with her love confession. Thus begins the love story of 2 girls who might end up together with the help of two girls who ARE already together.


This manga focuses a lot on its character relationships and portrays the “weird” aspect of Yuri in a subtle yet entertaining way.


For anyone who loves his/her Yuri, this manga is a treat.



43. Kurogane Pukapuka-tai


Kurogane Pukapuka-tai


The next series we are going to discuss is a bit different than what you would expect.


It talks about History (don’t yuck just yet) and infuses it into its narrative to give us the manga we know today.


That’s what Kurogane Pukapuka-tai is all about. Kurogane Pukapuka-Tai is a currently publishing manga series that started back in 2006.


It is written and illustrated by Kurihashi Shinsuke. The story is set in world war 2 where the ships are traveling with ONLY girls.


Now, you might expect it to be some war-oriented story that dives into two females’ lives but it isn’t.


It tells us about the life of the ship crew in a hilarious and fun-to-watch format.


Moreover, rather than giving you history lectures, the story instead focuses on its characters, and the resemblance isn’t taken into consideration.


If you wish to just lay back, relax, laugh, and read some of your fantastic Yuri mangas then go ahead, I see no better option for you.



44. Junsui Adolescence


Junsui Adolescence


There are some relationships that just happen out of nowhere and don’t have any definite explanation behind their happenings.


One such story is Junsui Adolescence, a story that talks about some rather unconventional bonds.


Jusei Adolescence is a single-volume manga series that started in 2006. It is written and illustrated by Kazuma Kowo.


The story talks about a girl in the health committee and the nurse of the school and how both of them end up loving each other.


The best part is that, unlike other series, this one doesn’t have any explicit content within itself.


They are about the thoughts, lifestyle, and emotions of the characters involved. This makes it an interesting read.


If you read some of the manga on the previous ranks and you want a breath of fresh air for now then this is the manga for you.


Look no further.



45. Knife Edge Girl


Knife Edge Girl


The name seems pretty cool, right? Well, it does because the series is a short story collection of cute and cool narratives that can make your heart bloom with its Yuri content.


Knife Edge Girl is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2009. It is written and illustrated by Furutsuji Kikka.


Just like our previous entries, this manga is also a collection of stories that focus on girls’ love elements with its narrative.


With the inclusion of every such entry on our list, they get better each time.


The title that these short stories have include: Knife Edge Girl, Graffiti, Tourteau Fromage, and the last one is a surprise.


Find it out yourself! From what I can see, these are some fine short mangas that you can invest your time in.


All the ones mentioned before and this one are stories that will melt your little heart.


Go for them.



46. Kanamemo




Yet another cute and lovable manga is making its way to the list, weebs. This is a motivating story of a girl who lost precious someone yet looked forward in her life.


Kanamemo is a 6 volume manga that started in 2007. It is written and illustrated by Shouko Iwami.


The story talks about a girl named Nakamachi Kana who lost her grandmother due to an unfortunate incident.


Now she is all on her own and has to try her best to survive in this new world.


So she decides to join a newspaper stall and become a seller. Things started to get on track but a massive development in her life was on its way.


She started having conversations with her fellow workers who lived next door to her. Things are going to get really out of hand real quick.


This is yet another manga series that starts out cute and takes the shape very quickly.


It takes the manga elements of Yuri and blends them beautifully into the narrative.



47. Plica-chan




As cute as the name sounds, so is the actual story. Plica-chan is a bit more of a creative manga that needs to reach your houses as soon as possible.


Plica-chan is a 4 strip panel manga that started back in 1996. It is written and illustrated by Amamiya Sae.


The manga talks about the life of Plica who happens to be a lesbian and wishes to seek love in the hustling and bustling modern cities of Japan.


Her love story is rather bittersweet yet has a sense of realism in them. Moreover, this is created in the 4-strip panel format which makes it even more memorable as a work.


If you wish to enjoy some cute and heart-touching stories in the manga then Plica-chan can be a good start.



48. Rakuen no Jouken


Rakuen no Jouken


Ok, on the surface, this might seem like the previous two entries. However, in reality, it isn’t.


In fact, if you like Morishima Akiko’s works then Rakuen No Jouken is a blessing for you.


Rakuen no Jouken is a story collection that started back in 2007. It is written and illustrated by Morishima Akiko.


The following manga consists of the following stories: Rakuen no Jouken (The Conditions for Paradise), Hoshi no Mukougawa (Beyond the Stars), Bathed in Sunlight Filtering Through the Trees, 20-Musumex30-Otome, The Opposite of “Seme” is “Protector”, We’re Aiming For Love Now, Momo no Aji (Peach Taste), Sakurahime Hanafubuki (Princess Sakura, Showered With Blossoms ), Extra: Getting Cozy.


Yeah, that’s a lot! And that’s why it’s going to be a great read for you.


This manga, unlike the others, is written by the same author. Therefore, if you enjoyed any one of the stories on the list, then there’s a pretty good chance that you would like the other stories as well.



49. Yurikan Feuille


Yurikan Feuille


Woah, this time we have to deal with a Yuri anthology instead of One-shots. Might seem like a massive change but trust me, the enjoyment is the same.


Yurikan Feuille is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2011. It is written by multiple authors for multiple chapters.


This is a Yuri anthology created by various artists who are enthusiastic about writing girls’ love content.


The stories include love between two haters and love between the basketball player and her manager.


These narratives are short, simple, and sweet. They don’t require much time and every time have something new to offer.


If you are a busy person looking for some short and quick-to-read mangas then I can suggest Yurikan Feuille, to satisfy your thirst.



50. Yuri Hime Wildrose


Yuri Hime Wildrose


Well, would you look at that, the next manga is a work for someone who wants to enjoy some unique chapters every time.


This is Yuri Hime Wildrose. Yuri Hime Wildrose is an 8 volume manga series that started back in 2007.


It is written by multiple authors for multiple stories. This manga consists of many sizzling Yuri one-shots that would give you the love-filled vibes that you desire.


These chapters are as fantastic in the story as any other and provide you with variety as well.


With all these perks going on, I see no reason why you shouldn’t indulge your Yuri love in this manga.



51. Othello




Well well. Let’s look at some cute series that may not show up in lists until and unless it reaches the top-selling ranks.


Othello is a 2 chapter manga series that started back in 2011. It is written and illustrated by Otsu, Hiyori.  The story talks about Miku who is a casual friend of Toono.


However, Toono looks at Miku with an eye filled with love. Even though they have considerable differences, they end up being good friends although it doesn’t seem to go that way.


Now, all we have to do is wait for Miku to either say yes or no.


And Toono clearly states that if Miku rejects her, she is done for. Things won’t be the same at all.


So to avoid this friendship break, they decide to take things with a kiss. And let’s just say that kiss was the best feeling they ever had.


As you can read, the story is focusing on two females who start as friends but gradually develop a different relationship.


But this development was rather unconventional. Seems interesting, right?



52. Shoujo Holic


Shoujo Holic


Let’s start our list with a rather simple and sweet Manga series. This is Shoujo Holic, a short and surreal story of love.


Shoujo Holic is a single-volume manga series that started back in 2010. It is written and illustrated by Aoi Hana  The story talks about a girl whose father just had a transfer.


However, right before that transfer, she meets a boy she falls head over heels for.


Therefore she decides to stay where she is. Later on, it is decided that she would leave for her Grandma’s house and study where her mother did.


This school is filled with Nun and has a very peculiar girl, a part of it.


What happens next is rather surprising. This is a simple binge-read manga that wouldn’t take you more than an hour to read.


So if you wish to read some quick Yuri stuff then look no further.



53. Soul Drifters


Soul Drifters


Soul Drifters focuses on an interesting story that has Claire Clayton and her wife Sheryl Goss at the center.


The story revolves around the human race and how it has finally managed to develop immortality or life beyond natural death.


Claire is employed by Eternal Life Corporation and she spearheads projects similar to this as a principal researcher while Sheryl holds a very high position in the same company.


They seem to have the perfect life with a stable job and an ever-loving partner, but unknown to Claire is an important puzzle that needs to be solved, and no one but she can do it.


However, there are consequences to this. For starters, once she begins to unveil the mystery of it, her murky past might come to the front and that might not bode well for the lovers.


So, what does she do?



54. The Third Party


The Third Party


The Third Party is about three absolutely gorgeous women and a booming love triangle between them! While the first is a rich and beautiful girl who also happens to be the heiress of the GSB broadcasting center.


The second is a really good-looking ambitious news anchor who’s looking to advance in her career and the third is a backstage producer.


However, there seems to be some sort of mystery in the backstage producer. So, what happens when this mysterious woman gets entangled in a love triangle with the pretty heiress and hot news anchor?


Sparks fly! In fact, if you’re looking for a story that has passion, power, secrets, love, ambition, and money, then this is the manga for you.



55. Girl Friends


Girl Friends


Mariko “Mari” Kumakura has always excelled academically, yet her reserved and timid demeanour has kept her isolated from her peers.


However, the lively and popular Akiko “Akko” Oohashi is determined to change that by becoming Mari’s closest friend.


Through Akko’s relentless optimism and unwavering persistence, the two girls, accompanied by their friends Satoko Sugiyama and Tamami Sekine, navigate the challenges of school and the complexities of teenage life.


As they spend more time together, Mari and Akko find their affection for each other growing.


This leads them to question the nature of their relationship and the impact these newfound feelings will have on their friendship.



56. Blooming Sequence


Blooming Sequence


Blooming Sequence is about Seowoo, a young and bright girl, who’s also the president of the film club. One day, as she’s standing out in the rain, a girl with orange hair stumbles into her arms.


Once the girl stabilizes a little, she starts to sing ‘Dancing in the Rain’ while actually dancing in the rain!


Even though it’s just a minute encounter, Seowoo can’t seem to get over that split moment as it reminds her of some of the best romances, she’s seen in some of the greatest movies.


So, what happens when Hayoung ends up joining the film club? Well for starters, Seowoo who’s still unsure of what she feels, finds her heart skip a beat!



57. Ring My Bell


Ring My Bell


Ring My Bell is about a writer named Mai Sohn who’s had a famous publisher approach her to write a webcomic focussing on relationships.


However, poor Mai is heartbroken herself because her girlfriend of three years chooses to randomly dump her. It’s difficult writing about relationships, especially when you’ve recently come out of one, which is why she’s lacking some serious inspiration, but somehow manages to find it rather quickly too.


However, she’s struggling with a likely homophobic neighbor who seems really cool with Mai one minute and the very next second can’t seem to stand the sight of her.



58. Transfer Student


Transfer Student


Transfer Student is about two friends, Minsu and Nare. The two seem to have an extremely strong friendship, that isn’t liable to breakage, come what may.


However, what happens when a beautiful-looking new student marks her arrival? Nare and Minsu are honest and open to each other.


This is why, when the new student arrives, it becomes more than obvious that Nare is absolutely smitten by her.


And even though Misu realizes this, she’s still confused about how she feels and makes no effort to prevent or stop her friend from falling for the pretty new stranger.



59. Fluttering Feelings


Fluttering Feelings


Fluttering Feelings is about two Business University students – Kim No-Rae and Baek Seol-A and their family and friends.


While Kim is a little immature, Baek is extremely beautiful and captivating. With a Slice of Life theme, the show primarily focuses on their daily struggles and how they slowly manage to build their friendship, which starts off after a brief encounter.


Over time, both the women end up becoming close to each other and then have to struggle with defining their relationship and what it truly means.



60. Otherside Picnic


Otherside Picnic


Otherside Picnic is about a university student named Sorawo Kamikoshi who looks to explore the doors leading to the Other Side, which happens to open up to multiple parallel worlds where urban legends and creepypastas seem to come to life.


Kamikoshi manages to almost get killed in one of these worlds when she comes face to face with a creepypasta monster but manages to get saved by Toriko Nishina, a young woman who knows how to handle guns and is out looking for a lost friend.


After escaping, Toriko and Sorawo go back to the Other Side with help from another woman called Kozakura and bring with them artefacts that would help to defeat the monsters.


However, the two end up getting influenced by the conditions of those other worlds and start to meet others like them and realize how they both affect each other, a lot.



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