Top 50 Best White Haired Anime Characters Of All Time


White. A colour that stands for purity and innocence. It is said that if you mix all the colours, you will get white.


The colour of the Sun is white. And so, we know that this colour is omnipresent.


And anime is no exception. This color is way too prevalent in the medium but a place where it stands out the most is hair.


Yup, the anime medium has a ton of fine characters with white hair and I think it’s time for me to list the best ones from them here.


This is the best White Haired Anime Characters (including boys and girls both) list and I can assure you, that by the time you complete this list, you will be filled with purity and innocence as well.


So grab your favourite colours, lay back on your couch, and let’s dive deep into the ocean of whiteness.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Killua Zoldyck


killua zoldyck


Now we have the man of lightning himself, Killua Zoldyck.


He is one of the main characters in the Hunter x Hunter franchise. And oh boy, isn’t he amazing.


Let’s start with his strength. It’s incredible! Now let’s move on to his looks. It’s amazing.


What about his contribution to the show? It’s magnificent. And backstory? It’s heart-wrenching. Characterization, how’s that for him?


It’s fine. And finally, how is he overall? He is brilliant. With all these doubts cleared out, Killua stands as a boy filled with unrealistic qualities.




2. Kakashi Hatake


kakashi hatake


For this spot, we have the Sensei of the stories, Kakashi Hatake. He is a character that no man can truly hate.


I mean, why would you? Kakashi has lost everything he once had. His father, friend, teacher, lover, everyone.


My man has lived his life in pain and yet, he dares to show up every day with a smiling face.


And that’s what makes him so strong. Kakashi Hatake is not a name, it’s a brand.


A brand that this white-haired man created. And for someone of his Calibre to be on our list, is a matter of pride for us.




3. Kaneki Ken


kaneki ken


Kaneki Ken is the main character of Tokyo Ghoul and let’s just say that he is impactful.


His hair wasn’t White during the start of Tokyo Ghoul. However, when he did end up with his white hair, he became a completely new person.


And that is when he became admired as well. People started to look forward to him and realized that he is a man of quality.


Seeing him in pain and suffering was brutal but when he moved past all of it, that was satisfying.


A satisfying feeling that made him go from good to fantastic.




4. Shouto Todoroki


Shouto Todoroki


Half Hot, Half Cool. Half Red, Half White. That’s how we can describe this man right here, Shouto.


Todoroki is one of the main characters in the My Hero Academia series. And when I said he is hot AND cool, I mean it.


He is not only an attractive man but also a cool guy. His personality is very grounded and realistic but his ambitions are out of this world.


He wishes to be an incredible hero and so, he practices way too hard and that’s why he deserves our respect.


Shoto is a man of quality who works his face off and is also blessed to a certain degree.


And that’s why he is here as well.



5. Nate River


nate river


This guy is Nate aka N. Nate is one of the lead characters in the Death Note series.


However, unlike the main cast, he joins the case after more than half of the show is over.


Nate is one of the finest characters in the show, a boy who knows his limits and strengths.


Therefore, Nate is someone you and I should look forward to in the next part of Death Note.


And that’s why he is so attractive. Many look at him as the next L.



6. Jiraiya




Jiraiya is Jiraiya. Quote that. And I think there’s no one, who has a rational mind to hate this man.


I mean, he is a reason for light for many characters in the show. How can you look at him with a negative eye?


He is one of the main characters in the show and man, isn’t he fantastic.


He is a researcher if I must say, and so, he does his research for the most part.


He is also a Shinobi but that’s just part-time so it’s not all that important.


However, what is important is this man’s character. He is strong, smart, and simplistic. And the best part is that he was a self-made individual.


No Uchiha, no prodigy, nothing! Just hard work and dedication. And that’s why he is here.


He deserves our respect so much more.



7. Norman




Let’s take a look at one of the smartest characters.


Coming from hell’s gate, we have Norman. He is one of the main characters in the Promised Neverland series.


And oh boy, isn’t he a genius. It isn’t me who is saying that he is a genius.


Within the anime, he was looked upon by so many people including the villains of the show.


So you know that he is a man of quality right here. However, apart from that, Norman is a kind being which gives him an advantage over others in the show.


And that’s why this cutie pie is here on this list.



8. Emilia




One of the best Waifu. No questions asked. Ladies and gentlemen, make way, for the one and only, Emilia-tan.


She is one of the main characters in the Re: Zero series. And I think it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Emilia is the purest character in the show.


Her overall appearance is influenced by the white color and her hair is just part of the entire show she has to offer.


But apart from her capturing design, she also offers a heartwarming personality that can make any man lose himself and fall for her.


One of the kindest characters you will see today. And that’s why she is here.



9. Garou




Garou is here. And I don’t think there’s anyone who hates him.


He is one of the main villains in the One Punch Man series. More specifically, he is from the second season of One Punch Man.


And so, Garou is a character that manages to capture the hearts of fans almost immediately.


Therefore, if you haven’t watched One Punch Man yet, give it a try just right now.


He is an amazing individual that adds so much value to the overall show and that’s why he is here.


Make sure that you cherish his presence.



10. Griffith


Griffith (Zankyo No Terror)


Griffith currently leads the reborn Band of the Falcon and serves as the supreme commander of the Midland Regular Army.


Known as the “Falcon of Light,” he has gained fame as a saviour throughout the continent due to his involvement in various battles.


Under his leadership, the original Band of the Falcon successfully ends the long-standing Hundred-Year War, bringing much-needed peace to the kingdom of Midland.


However, when his trusted companion Guts leaves him, Griffith’s impulsive actions lead to imprisonment, torture, and the apparent destruction of his dreams.


Despite being rescued, his burning desire for his own kingdom drives him to sacrifice his comrades during a dark event known as the fifth Eclipse, transforming into Femto, a demonic version of himself.



11. Sanemi Shinuzugawa


Sanemi Shinuzugawa (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba)


Sanemi Shinazugawa plays a significant supporting role in the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series as a member of the Demon Slayer Corps and the Wind Hashira. He is also known as the elder brother of Genya Shinazugawa, a fellow Demon Slayer who fought alongside Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado.


Prior to attaining his Hashira rank, Sanemi, alongside his partner Masachika Kumeno, defeated the former Lower Rank One demon, Ubume, resulting in Masachika’s demise.


Sanemi possesses a tall and muscular physique, characterized by long, spiky white hair and large pale purple eyes.


His body and face bear numerous scars accumulated from years of battling demons. Initially, Sanemi appears fierce and intense, often wearing a crazed expression.


He exhibits abrasive and impulsive behaviour, frequently displaying a hot temper and a quick inclination towards confrontation.



12. Scar




Man, he is amazing. And I am not saying this out of the blue. He is genuinely one of the best characters in the entire show.


And you can’t deny that. Mark my words. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s take a look at Scar.


He is one of the main characters in the show. And in the start, he seemed like a villain.


However, as the show progresses, you will get to see so much more in his personality.


And trust me, you will love it. The life of Scar has been in is painful, to say the least.


And that’s why our boy deserves a spot here. The scar is a brilliant character.



13. InuYasha




InuYasha. For a lot of people, he is the ideal man. And to be honest, I can see where they are coming from.


InuYasha is one of the main characters from InuYasha. And oh boy, he is quite a handsome hunk.


He looks like a dog but his personality is much more captivating than that. When you get close to him, you will realize how human he is and how fine his individuality is.


And trust me, that alone will melt your heart. InuYasha is a man of quality who deserves more love and appreciation in the community.


And that’s why InuYasha is here on our list.



14. Juuzou Suzuya


Juuzou Suzuya


Well, insanity comes in various forms. Juuzou Suzuya is one of them. He is one of the lead characters in Tokyo Ghoul.


And oh boy, isn’t he crazy. Just look at him, his design is creepy. And when I say creepy, I mean super creepy.


However, for a character like him, this look is more than suitable. You might start feeling disturbed right after looking at his neck which is filled with stitches.


Moreover, once you get to know his strength, things will take some new turns for you.


He is a Ghoul investigator. And his skills are just beyond amazing. Don’t believe me?


Take a look at him in the anime.



15. Tobirama Senju


Tobirama Senju


Well, the hot-blooded Hokage is here, ladies and gentlemen. Respect must be bestowed for sure.


So let’s have a closer look. Tobirama is one of the lead characters in the anime we know by the name of Naruto.


Not sure if you know about this series or not but it is fairly good.


Anyway, within the anime, he is known to be the biggest racist of all time.


Because all he wishes in his life is the death of all Uchihas. And he has his reasons but it is funny to see him get angry over just one Uchiha existing.


But for what the Uchihas were planning to do, his acts do make sense. So we must look at him with a positive eye.



16. Echidna




Echidna is one of the main female characters in the Re: Zero series. However, the reason why she is so special is the fact that she changed the course of the show.


Re: Zero is an anime filled with a ton of plot points and brilliant characters that shape those plot points.


Therefore, Echidna is a special character that managed to gain so much attention. Because the magnitude of difference that she brings is much higher than what we usually see in the show.



17. Shougo Makishima


Shougo Makishima


Psycho-Pass is incredible! No questions there. However, what makes Psycho-Pass so good? Shougo Makishima. Yeah, this villain is the reason why Psycho-Pass is looked upon by many as an amazing show.


And I know, you are one of those. He is one of the lead characters in the series and I must say, he is quite a hot boy.


But apart from his sizzling appearance, what makes him so special is his intelligence. The way he deals with all the problems and his principles in the realm of Psycho-Pass is what makes him so good.


Therefore, love him as much as you can.



18. Misha Necron


Misha Necron


Coming from a fantastic anime, we have Misha Necron. She is one of the main characters in the anime and I won’t lie, she is quite beautiful.


She was the first friend Anos and stands as Sasha’s sister. Therefore, Misha is an important character in the overall series.


Her design is simplistic on the outside but her contribution to the show is amazing.


In the grand scheme of things, Misha will change the route of the show. And that’s why she is here.


Therefore, if you haven’t watched the anime yet, give it a chance.



19. Izana Kurokawa


izana kurokawa


Within Tokyo Revengers, Izana Kurokawa plays a significant role as the former Tenjiku boss and leader of the Eighth Generation Black Dragon.


A man of mixed Filipino and Japanese heritage, Izana’s distinct appearance includes a light brown complexion and straight short white hair, often confused with bleach blond. This unique hairstyle stands out as a defining feature, contributing to its easy recognizability.


Despite his tough and embittered demeanour, Izana’s character complexity emerges as he engages in delinquency to fulfil personal aspirations.


Behind his harsh exterior lies a portrayal of love for his family, notably Shinichiro, who served as both his caretaker and mentor in the delinquent world.



20. Elizabeth Liones


Elizabeth Liones


I mean, come on! Who doesn’t know her? You? Really? You don’t know the beauty herself.


Fine, let me tell you about her. Elizabeth Liones is one of the lead characters in the anime The Seven Deadly Sins.


However, what makes her so special is her presence in the show. She isn’t any extravagant character with a ton of power or anything like that.


No. She is a simpler Princess who wishes to take back her kingdom with the help of the Sins. She just wants her throne back and does not want to create any mess. 


And the way she handles that is what makes her stand out so much. And obviously, her appearance plays a role as well.



21. Eris




Woah would you look at that? A Goddess has arrived, ladies and gentlemen. And I think we can all respect that.


However, the fact that she uses pads is a turn-off. Eris is one of the side characters in the anime KonoSuba.


And she is the Goddess of the World our main character Kazuma goes into. Therefore, she is looked upon by so many people in the show.


However, the “Goddess” factor in this anime isn’t all that crazy. And that’s why it is hilarious to see her on-screen.


Her design is simple yet adorable and that’s why people love her so much.



22. Shiro




The smartest female on this list. I think we can all agree that a must-protect character has arrived.


And I want Z-level security right here. Anyway, let’s talk about Shiro first. She is one of the main characters from the No Game No Life series.


And she is a genius. Not only in her games but also in real life.


I mean come on, Shiro is so smart with her play tactics. And those are just part of her appeal.


She is not only adorable but also valuable. Her attitude is so capturing and her personality is also friendly.


And that’s why she is here, ladies and gentlemen.



23. Ja’far




Ja’far. Those who love the hell out of the Arabian nights might know of this name.


And those who love Magi will know him as well. However, if you aren’t one of them, then let me introduce you to him.


Ja’far is one of the lead characters in the anime of Magi. And the Magi franchise overall is a pretty huge one.


However, Ja’far still manages to stand out as a character, despite not being the main one and working as a supporting one.


And this is all because of his appearance which is adorable and his presence within the series.


One of the best characters for a lot of us, right?



24. Tomoe




Coming in from a fabulous romance anime, we have Tomoe. He is one of the main characters in the Kamisama Hajimemashita anime series.


And initially, he is a mess. I mean, making him like the main girl was such trouble.


But soon enough, the show takes some interesting turns and those turns are what make this show and this character so fascinating.


If you look at his design, you will realize that he is influenced by foxes. He has sharp features and straight white hair. 


And that complements his personality so well. Tomoe is fantastic, and you can’t beat that.



25. Neferpitou




More commonly known by his name, Pitou, Neferpitou is an amazing character himself. He is one of the lead characters in the series.


However, his gender hasn’t been revealed yet. But we will go with him for now.


This character from Hunter x Hunter managed to gain a massive following for himself, all thanks to his appearance and his performance in the show.


And I believe those are some great metrics to judge the quality of the show.


Therefore, if you haven’t seen Hunter x Hunter, I request you to go and watch it.



26. Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)


Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)


Deadman Wonderland is a wonderful anime that needs your attention. Oh, so you already watched it?


That’s great for sure. However, what about you? You haven’t watched it? Well, let me try and fetch you in with Shiro.


She is one of the lead female characters in the anime. And oh boy, isn’t she hot.


I mean, I won’t lie. She is quite a mess with her white hair and the entire white aesthetic going on with her design.


Now that I think about it, her white appearance is what makes her so enigmatic.


And I believe that’s why people like to watch this anime as well. It is all for some spice.



27. Aru Akise


Aru Akise


Capturing you with his purple eyes, we have Aru Akise. He is one of the side characters in Mirai Nikki.


And oh boy, isn’t he attractive. He has the appearance of a boy at first.


However, soon he gets better and better with himself. Later on, he gets so attractive that people can’t help but notice him.


And in the narrative of Mirai Nikki, this man holds some major contributions. Therefore, if you are yet to watch Mirai Nikki, I think you should now.


Because you will get to experience an amazing character like Aru. And later, you will congratulate me for telling you about him.



28. Komugi




For many of us, she is an inspiration. And there’s no denying that. Komugi is one of the side characters in the anime, Hunter x Hunter.


And I can tell you one thing, she is quite adorable. She is a prodigy in an activity called Gung-gi.


And do you know what’s the worst part here? It’s that she is blind. Yeah, she is a prodigy in a game even though she isn’t blessed with eyesight.


And that’s why I said she was an inspiration. Her skills are just so good that you can’t help but have respect for her.


And with her adorable design, she stands as one of the best characters in her show.



29. Nao Tomori


Nao Tomori


People who have watched Charlotte cannot ignore her. And I can bet a million on that one.


She is one of the lead characters in the anime and oh my, she is such a cutie.


Even within the show, her personality was quite grounded and simple. Therefore, she managed to gain a ton of fans who are ready to Waifu her.


And that’s why she is here as well. However, what makes her even more significant is her contribution to the overall story.


The show takes some interesting turns within its tenure and most of them are thanks to Nao Tomori’s actions, one way or another.


They, she is quite a qualitative being as well.



30. Byakuya Ishigami


Byakuya Ishigami


A man who deserves our love and respect. Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s take a look at Byakuya Ishigami.


He is one of the supporting characters in the anime Dr. Stone. And as some of you might be able to tell, he looks just like the main character Senku.


While I want you to realize his relationship with Senku yourself, I also want all of you to know how much of a generous man he is in the series.


He is Senku’s father, in a way, and the way he raised him is what makes the show as good as it is.


Therefore, Byakuya Ishigami is a man of quality and value.



31. Noelle Silva


Noelle Silva


The most loved Waifu of Black Clover has also made it to the list, weebs.


And I think we can all agree that this Tsundere is just so gorgeous, we can’t even ignore her for a second.


She is one of the main females in the show. And her contributions are even more significant considering that she is from the Silva family.


As the show progresses, there are multiple instances when her family issues show up. However, the way she deals with them and shuts them down, makes her look so mature and strong.


And that’s a great feeling if you ask me. Therefore, Noelle is strong.



32. Black Hanekawa


Black Hanekawa


The Monogatari series is filled with a ton of beautiful female characters that can make our hearts blossom like a flower.


And I believe that Hanekawa is just one of them. However, things start to get very interesting when Black Hanekawa shows up.


Because then, things will get so, so much more hot and adorable. Black Hanekawa is just a form of Hanekawa herself.


She is one of the lead females in the show. However, when she gets into her black form, her hair gets white and she takes on a completely new personality.


Which is quite attractive according to a lot of fans.



33. Isaac Netero


Isaac Netero


This man has gained the respect of almost every Hunter x Hunter fan out there.


However, that isn’t the only thing going on for him. Isaac is one of the lead characters in the Hunter x Hunter franchise.


And apart from looking like an absolute hot mess, he is also quite a monster.


His skills are so good that people look at him as one of the strongest characters in the entire show.


And that’s why people respect him so much. Moreover, with his macho appearance, people had no choice but to appreciate his character even more.


And that’s why he is here.



34. Eri




She is one of the side characters in the anime, My Hero Academia. And I must say, she is adorable as heaven.


She had a traumatic past and so, she is still a bit fazed by it.


However, right now, she is much more human and effective. And that’s what makes her even more adorable than she already is.


If you are one of those men who look at Eri and think she isn’t cute, I think you need some reconsideration.



35. Yukichi Fukuzawa


Yukichi Fukuzawa


Known by those around him as the Silver Wolf, the next man on our list is Yukichi Fukuzawa.


He is one of the supporting characters in the anime and his capabilities are unreal.


He has the power to control others subtly. And that gives him a massive advantage over anyone else.


Yukichi is a monster who looks calm on the outside but can cause some major harm from the inside.


Moreover, his old presentation gives us a sense of experience and wisdom from him. Which in turn, makes him look even more attractive.



36. Licht




He is dominating. And I mean it. Even if you haven’t watched a single episode of Black Clover, if you are a part of the anime community, you will know how much of a monster he is.


And how much of a threat his existence is. Licht is one of the main characters in the anime we know by the name Black Clover.


And just look at him. He has such a holy appearance that we just can’t help but feel respect for him.


But apart from that, he is the leader of the White Night Eye faction. And that ensures that his strength is unreal for sure.


Therefore, beware of this character at all costs.



37. Tōshirō Hitsugaya


Tōshirō Hitsugaya


Without a doubt, one of the hottest characters in his anime. And just by looking at his design, you can realize which anime he is from.


But in case you didn’t, let me tell you about him. Toshiro Hitsugaya is one of the supporting characters in the Bleach franchise.


And oh boy, he is quite a mess. Don’t mistake him for a kid. He has the strength and capability to destroy anything and everything in his path.


And I mean that. So make sure that you have your salutes in place when dealing with him.


Because this guy is a beast.



38. Daki




Daki takes serves as a primary antagonist in the Entertainment District Arc.


As a member of the Twelve Kizuki under Muzan Kibutsuji, Daki embodies qualities of pride, cruelty, and arrogance.


Her enjoyment in manipulating victims and zero tolerance for failure highlight her ruthless demeanour.


A key feature that defines her recognizable character design is her long, dishevelled white hair, often misconstrued as a pale blonde.


Of significance, Daki’s hair undergoes a transformation from black to pale white with lime green tips, harkening back to her original human hair colour when her obi sashes return.



39. Yaichi




This man right here might not click any bells for you. But I don’t blame him at all.


He is an amazing individual who was present in a rather unknown anime. He is Yaichi.


He is one of the main characters in the anime House Of The Five Leaves.


And in fact, he is the leader of the Five Leaves. So you can tell, he is a man of value.


Not only that but he is a mysterious person who doesn’t tell anyone about his past and so, his enigmatic personality surfaces so well.


He may look old on the outside but on the inside, he is a man of values and experience.


Both of which are precious.



40. Jūshirō Ukitake


Jūshirō Ukitake


I have been saying this in all the character articles I have been writing. And that’s that Bleach has a ton of fine character designs.


Like seriously, Bleach just never runs out of amazing characters who look cool as fish.


And Ukitake is just one of the men. He is one of the supporting characters in the show.


And he is the captain of the 13th Division of Gotei 13. So yeah, he is quite a contributing individual.


But what’s even more important is that he is respected by a ton of other people.


Even within the anime, he is looked upon by his comrades with admiration and that’s what makes him such a cool character.



41. Altair




For many of you, this is going to be an unknown name, right? But don’t you worry, ladies and gentlemen, because I am here to help you out with her.


Altair is one of the main characters of the anime we call ReCreators. And oh boy, isn’t she a monster.


Yes, she is. Don’t question it. And apart from her masculine and dominant personality, she is also a qualitative character within ReCreators.


And that’s why I decided to put her here. Initially, she seems like an enigmatic personality.


But soon enough, we get to see her true self.



42. Mirajane Strauss


Mirajane Strauss


Fairy Tail is an amazing series for those who are just getting into anime. With a ton of fun characters and storyline comes the white-haired beauty, Mirajane Strauss.


She is one of the supporting characters in the show and I must say, she is one of the most beautiful ones as well.


Her overall appearance is not only attractive but also captivating. And with her presence in the anime, she has become a character of quality and value.


That’s why Mirajane Strauss deserves more love and respect. And if you haven’t found your Waifu yet, I think I have a great recommendation for you here.



43. Kishō Arima


Kishō Arima


You know he is incredible when he is known as undefeated. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to tell you about the man himself, Kisho Arima.


He is one of the lead characters in the anime we know by the name of Tokyo Ghoul.


And oh boy, isn’t he strong. He is known as The Undefeated Ghoul Inspector and has a record of solving all the cases he has been a part of.


His deduction skills and fighting prowess makes him an exceptional individual and soon enough, you will get to see him become an absolute beast.


But wait for him in the show.



44. Ban




The Seven Deadly Sins has a ton of fans going on for itself. And I believe that a great part of those fans come in thanks to Ban.


Ban is one of the main characters in the series and oh boy, isn’t he hot.


His physical appearance consists of him wearing a red jacket with a smile on his face and a vampire-like look.


I like it, not gonna lie. And that’s why he is here as well. With his white hair and his “sin” quality going on for him, Ban is an amazing individual within the series and that’s why people like him so much.


After all, he is known for his friends with Meliodas. And I want such a friendship as well.



45. Yamato




One Piece fans, I hope you have your guard up. Why? Because Yamato is here.


She is one of the supporting characters in the anime and oh boy, isn’t she amazing.


It will fall under the spoiler territory if I express what she did in the show.


However, I will say this for sure. She is going to change the track of the show for sure.


And her appearance is quite attractive, I must say. Her design matches the typical One Piece style.


However, her extra features like horns and white hair make her stand out so much more.


And that’s why she is so captivating.



46. Atsushi Nakajima


Atsushi Nakajima


I don’t think this man needs any introduction. After all, he is from an amazingly popular anime.


Atsushi is one of the lead characters in the anime Bungo Stray Dogs. And let me tell you a fact about him.


His name comes from a Japanese author and this goes to show how important he is as a character.


Within the anime, you might feel that he gets overshadowed because of characters like Dazai, etc.


However, in reality, his contribution is far more than just being overshadowed. And if you doubt that, then take your time to watch the anime.


You will enjoy it so much.



47. Evans




Evans. A name that all Soul Eater fans will remember. And that’s all because of his contribution to the series.


He is one of the main characters in the Soul Eater franchise and his full name is Soul Eater Evans.


So you can rest assured, he is quite an important person. Moreover, when you look at him, he has a smug look going on for himself.


That is why people love him even more. I believe that even if you haven’t watched Soul Eater, you would still know him considering that he is literally on the poster of the show.


All the time! So yeah, Evans is amazing. No doubt about it.



48. Gin Ichimaru


Gin Ichimaru


He might not look like it at first but I must say, Gin is quite a mess in the medium.


He is one of the supporting characters in the Bleach anime series. And oh boy, he is quite a hottie.


His entire appearance is heavily influenced by the color white. For example, his coat is white and so is his hair.


So yeah if you are a fan of white color then this man must be under your eyes.


Anyway, he is often called Kitsune by Ichigo in the show. And what does Kitsune mean?


It’s “Fox Faced”. As you will watch the show, you will know why he is known by that name.



49. Kanade Tachibana


Kanade Tachibana


I am an absolute FAN of the Angel Beats series and I believe that everyone and their mothers should watch this anime.


Why? Because of how qualitative it is. And with characters like Kanade, the show becomes even better.


Kanade Tachibana is one of the main characters in the Angel Beats series. She is the main villain of the show.


However, as the show progresses, you will get to know more about the world and soon enough, you will start falling in love with this villain.


And trust me when I say this, your hate will turn into tears by the end of the series.


And you can’t beat that.



50. Hatsuharu Sohma


hatsuharu sohma


Hatsuharu Sohma is one of the supporting characters in the Fruits Basket series and if you know the premise, you will know how important animals are in the show.


More specifically, animals from the Chinese Zodiac. And this man happens to be the Ox from it.


Therefore, you can rest assured that this white-haired hottie is a strong individual on his own.


And I guess that’s one of the biggest reasons why he is here on our list.



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