Top 50 Most Popular Virgo Anime Characters

Virgo Anime Characters


Virgo, an astrological sign for humans who were born between 23 August to 22 September.


They have very different personalities from others as they are very analytical and kind with hard work.


They are very practical and quiet in their behavior. And if we talk about the amalgamation of all these things in entertainment then nothing could be better than animation.


So to give you the best of all these behavior of Virgo, we have 50 popular Virgo anime characters listed here for you:




1. Hange Zoe (Attack on Titan)


hange zoe (attack on titan)


The popular one is the one who serves as the 14th and also the commander of the Scout Regiment.


He is the most popular Virgo character presented in the animated world. Hange is very energetic and always uses scientific methods in things.


He carries a very unique way of conducting himself and his work. He uses his brain for the benefit of people and humanity and as a leader, he always keeps his work in front of himself.


He cares about his teammates and shows his concern related to the mission he is going through.


Coming to his appearance then his looks have a lot to define his personality. He has brown eyes and brown hair of medium length.


He carries glasses with him and wears long boots. His determined personality can be seen in his dialogue, ”Do you people know why we the Scouts have shed so much blood?!


To take back our freedom from the Titans! I was willing to sacrifice my own life for that cause!”


Hange is a beloved character from his series and his insane nature has always been a subject of love and appreciation from fans all around the globe.


There’s a reason why people look up to Zoe and his contributions in the anime, far exceed anything we could have expected from him. 




2. Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)


kakashi hatake (naruto)


Also known as Kakashi of the Sharingan, he is a talented ninja who is good at leadership.


From the very beginning of the series, he is shown as independent and self-confident. He has a very different perspective on the situation and it all started with the death of his father.


He became cold towards others after this situation. But when he became an adult, he became more relaxed and carried a bored attitude.


Hatake is solitary and sensitive to particular things. His teamwork is knowledgeable in the series and considers his job the most prominent thing.


He never hesitates to talk about sensitive things that can affect others. He talks about life and the events that give him knowledge.


Kakashi is a master of his craft. And that’s why people look up to him, not only in his anime but also because of his presence as a character.


Therefore, if you are someone who has the legendary Virgo sign and you want a character to represent you then Kakashi is the way to go. 




3. Emma (The Promised Neverland)


emma (the promised neverland)


Serving as the main protagonist of The Promised Neverland, Emma is shown as extroverted. She is a very optimistic girl who has a cheerful personality.


Apart from having all kinds of good abilities, she is also good at athletic things.


She also plays a very good part in being an elder sister among her younger siblings.


Emma is also a quick learner who is also good at making important decisions. She is very honest, and strong, and refuses to give up in difficult situations.


Most of the time she is high-spirited and it can be seen through a lot of events in the series.


She always tries to protect her siblings and her friends. Emma is one of the most beautiful characters in the entire series. And that’s what makes her so special to the audience.


And it is all thanks to her kind and caring nature that the series received such a beautiful conclusion overall. 




4. Chiho Sasaki (Hataraku Maou-sama!)


Chiho Sasaki (Hataraku Maou-sama!)


Being a very enthusiastic girl, Chiho has a very good understanding of other characters. She is a very good employee at work and also has a crush on another character called Maou.


She is one of the famous Virgo characters presented in the anime. It can be seen through her polite and friendly personality that carries a strong will.


She is very quirky and lovely as per her appearance. Apart from having all these kinds of good looks and a good personality, she is also the one who easily gets jealous whenever she sees Emi near Maou.



5. Kyouhei Kadota (Durarara!!)


Kyouhei Kadota (Durarara!!)


Kyouhei was a member of Blue Squares and also of Dollars. Coming to his personality and him being Virgo then it can be seen through one of the dialogues of anime where Erika, another character, defines him as “Dotachin’s a genius when it comes to helping people.


He can’t see someone in trouble and not do something. He’s such a stereotype that way – you don’t even see people like him in manga anymore.


All you have to do is look at how many people here have been touched by his life to see what an old-fashioned, helpful guy he is.”



6. Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon)


Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon)


Serving as one of the popular Virgo anime characters, her personality can be seen through the dialogue, ”I am the Pretty Guardian Who fights for Love and for Intelligence!


I am Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water, and repent!.” She is very shy and never gets friendly easily.


Instead of spending time with friends, she loves to spend her time alone with books.


Due to this behavior, a lot of her classmates mistook her for arrogance but in reality, she is very sweet, kind, and intelligent.


She is a very loyal girl who is quite insecure about a few things. She loves to study Maths and Science and has little Romance for novels and pop culture.



7. Miyuki Shirogane (Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai)


miyuki shirogane (kaguya-sama wa kokurasetai)


Serving as a male protagonist in the anime, he was shown as a high school student.


He comes from an underprivileged background and that is the reason why he works very hard towards his determination.


He always tries to maintain his perfect image. Just like any other Virgo, he is also a workaholic who loves to do his part-time job.


He puts his health at risk for his work. He is a very grounded character who knows his ability and also his disability.


He has pride in himself and it all comes from his self-confidence. Apart from having all these personalities, he is also one who is selfless and helpful.


Miyuki is an incredible individual and it would be incorrect to say that he is anything short of extra-ordinary in his approach and lifestyle.


However, his way of living and the sheer dedication that this man has is absolutely motivating. And therefore, you need to respect his character. 



8. Dot Pixis (Attack On Titan)


Dot Pixis (Attack On Titan)


Dot was the top officer who was also called “commander” as he has full authority of defense.


He is a very observant character who always shows his calmness. Apart from having a light-hearted personality, he is also the one who works in the middle of chaos.


He is very expert in making strategies and learns situations very carefully. And that is the reason why he is aware of the fact when to take a risk and when to drop it.


Even after carrying this many good characteristics, he calls himself a loser. He is also known as the man of choices who gets success at the end of the anime.



9. Maki Oze (Fire Force)


Maki Oze (Fire Force)


Maki was a Second Generation pyrokinetic who also served as a leader of the Special Fire Force Company 8.


She has a very calm nature but at the same time, is very hopeless romantic.


She respects those who are around him. She has the power of fire and loves to use her ability for her entertainment.


She also gets furious about something and it can be seen when she becomes complex related to her body.


She believes that her body is too muscular and that is the reason why she is not feminine like other characters.


One of the best personalities was shown on the battlefield when she brutally kills her enemies.


She also defends herself from getting hurt and also those who are close to her.



10. Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)


Shikamaru Nara (Naruto)


Being lazy by nature, Nara has a rare intellect. He is an Academy student who spends most of his days sleeping and watching the clouds.


He also loves to play games. The only aim he carries is to free himself from anything, whether it is good or bad.


He describes himself as the “number one coward” but at the same time, he has a strong moral.


He is very dedicated to his friends and wants to spend quality time with them.


He is also shown as the one who has great responsibility and is also selfless.


He gains a very quick maturity after the death of his teacher which changed him totally.


He changed into a man of conviction who protects his village.



11. Isabella (The Promised Neverland)


Isabella (The Promised Neverland)


Also known as Mama, she serves as the main antagonist of the series. In her childhood, she was shown as optimistic and outspoken but soon changed.


She is a sharp girl but ruthless and cold. She is manipulative but at the same time, kind-hearted to her people.


Whenever she put on the persona of Mama, she was shown as motherly and selfless.


One of the greatest characteristics of Isabella is her dominance which is due to her intelligence.


Most of the time, she was shown as the one who takes three steps ahead of another character.



12. Alice Carroll (Aria: The Masterpiece)


Alice Carroll (Aria: The Masterpiece)


Serving as one of the main protagonists of the series, Alice is a teenage girl with an introverted personality.


She is anti-social but shown as the one who progresses a lot in the series.


She is also known for her friendship with another character. For a very long period in the series, she had no confidence in herself and her skills but later on, she gained it.


She ended up enjoying herself and her singing and also not worrying about what others thought of her performance.


She has blue eyes with green hair and seems like a very sweet personality. She always wears white clothes and carries very adorable expressions on her face.



13. Chiaki Ogaki (Laid-Back Camp)


Chiaki Ogaki (Laid-Back Camp)


Chiaki is one of the main characters of the series who has an important role in a lot of events.


She is a young girl and also appeared in many other series. Coming to her appearance then she has brown eyes and purple hair with fair skin.


She always has two ponytails but still, her hair falls from the side. She loves to explore herself and her abilities.


Chiaki is very intelligent and problem-solving. She is a bright girl with a cheerful personality.


She is always shown as the one who gets happy and energetic with little things.


But at the same time, she is very mischievous and pranks others.



14. Gentle Criminal (My Hero Academia)


Gentle Criminal (My Hero Academia)


Also known as Danjuro Tobita, he is a villain in the series and also an internet celebrity.


He is a well-mannered person and polite, one who loves to act villainous. He manipulates the way of crimes and is not afraid of Heroes.


One of the best features he carries is confidence and calmness. Sometimes his manners seem like working over the top for other characters.


Sometimes he lacks hostility and also insight behind his decisions. His actions also speak for him being a Virgo.


He is also known for having almost no interest in money and objects. The only thing he chases is reputation and popularity.


His personality is seen through his own words, “To carve my name in history, for future generations!


So that going forward, someone out there… will give a moment’s thought to the way I lived, and aspire to it.


And this dream is no longer mine alone.”



15. Gilthunder (The Seven Deadly Sins)


Gilthunder (The Seven Deadly Sins)


Serving as one of the most powerful Holy Knights, he is the son of Zaratras, the knight.


He seems to be a very cold and cruel character but his childhood was full of sweet and friendly nature.


He is one of the popular Virgo anime characters. He is a swordsman who gets angry very easily.


Despite carrying all these behaviors, he is very honorable. His work is to hunt and kill the seven deadly sins and with no wonder, he is determined to do it.


He is a trained swordsman who is accused of killing his father but later on, everything becomes clear.


Apart from having good behavior, he is also known for the power of the thunderbolt.


He is very skilled in his lightning magic which makes him offensive and defensive too.



16. Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)


Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)


She is always shown as the one who is very adventurous and determined to learn things.


She is one of the powerful characters who have the ability of water bending. She is a master in a lot of things, especially all elements.


Coming to her determined persona then she is responsible for her group and always takes care of every member.


Being very kind in the story, she is also very practical. Being a Virgo, Katara should be reserved but she is not and it is totally because of her nurturing.


But she does carry one of the greatest traits or characteristics of Virgo and that is loyalty and practicality.



17. Tomoyo Daidouji (Cardcaptor Sakura)


Tomoyo Daidouji (Cardcaptor Sakura)


She is the best friend and also a great personality presented in the Anime. She is very mature for her age if we compare her to another character.


She is known for her selflessness and for being sweet to others. Apart from having a good personality, she is also known for her high intelligence and beauty.


She loves to make costumes and sings at school. She was shown as perfect all the way.


Coming to her communication then she always uses consumption and expressions that make her sentences very attractive.


She always tries to catch every opportunity she gets.



18. Near (Death Note)


Near (Death Note)


Also known as Nate River, Near is created by Tsugumi Ohba. He is one of the successors of L.


His determined and self-believed personality can be seen through his dialogue where he said, “Nobody can tell what is right and what is wrong, what is righteous and what is evil.


Even if there is a god, and I had His teachings before me, I would think it through, and decide if that was right or wrong myself.” He is very intelligent and a child at the same time.


He has an obsession with solving complex problems and gives his opinion on the investigation.


He is a multi-tasker who can maintain and control multiple computer screens at a time.



19. Shion (No. 6)


Shion (No. 6)


Shion means a lilac flower, that blooms in April, but when it comes to the reference to anime then it is the favorite flower of his mother before the reorganization of his City.


He is the main character of the series and is considered gifted. He is very kind and caring and an ideal person.


His IQ level is awesome and it can be proven when he was accepted into the Special Force.


He never hesitates twice to save those who are in danger. He has very good control over his anger and never gets violent with others.


Shion also has a very hidden nature that is quite dark and not revealed to other characters.


He is very insecure about a lot of things, including his Slender Boy. Shion loves his mother and always daydreams about things.



20. Zenitsu Agatsuma (Demon Slayer)


Zenitsu Agatsuma (Demon Slayer)


He is a demon slayer and also a traveling partner of Kamado, one of the characters from anime.


He has a cowardly nature and a fearful personality. Most of the time he likes confidence and self-esteem but always wants to stand to the expectations of others.


His constant fear and crying make him run away from the situation. He tries to live a very modern life but ends up having a bad day.


He wants to make himself useful to someone. He becomes a different person when he fights and shows his determined personality.


He is capable of many things and among them is being very strong in the battles.



21. Mr. Sakano (Gravitation)


Mr. Sakano (Gravitation)


Sakano is a very hardworking plus stressed worker who always tries to become a perfect businessman and that’s the reason why he seeks and takes every opportunity that comes in front.


Not being as convinced as Claude K, another character of Gravitation, he always panics often and that is the reason why he seems like a nervous salaryman.


He takes his bad luck very seriously as he falls into it often. He always tries to secure his success and it can be seen in a lot of events where he wants to become like no one else.


He is a very preserved and quiet character in the whole series.



22. Orihime Inoue (Bleach)


Orihime Inoue (Bleach)


Orihime was a student of well-known Karakura High School who is married to Ichigo and they together have a son named Kazui.


Being a very independent, friendly, and optimistic character, she is also a sensitive and caring persona.


She is also kind but at the same time very clueless about things. She has one of the typical Virgo characteristics in her and that is to study hard so that she can keep her top position.


She is very good at the imagination and that is the reason why she gets carried away in different scenarios.


One of the scenarios is related to the futuristic world and highly destructive robots.



23. Ryo Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


Ryo Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


He is just known as Bakura, his last name, because of the Japanese tradition. Unlike any other character who is known for being friendly, he is known for being unfriendly and the one who carries a separate mind.


Most of the time, he is socially awkward but very polite. He has an interest in games, especially Monster World.


Bakura cares about his friends and tries to help them in difficult situations. He is also considered mysterious by other characters and the one who is least changed in the whole seasons of the series.


He acts very awkwardly around those girls who have a crush on him.



24. Boa Hancock (One Piece)


Boa Hancock (One Piece)


Also known as Pirate Empress, she serves as the captain of Kuja Pirates. She is the only female Warlord of the Sea and is also known as Snake Princess.


Apart from being beautiful, she is also a complex woman who appears very selfish and spoiled.


She always goes her way and acts very arrogantly and cruelly. She tries to do anything and always thinks that she can go away because the world will forgive her for her beauty.


Apart from her beauty, she is also known for her strength and falls instantly in love.


She loves the protagonist of One Piece, Luffy. She was also shown as a vulnerable and rather sensitive woman.



25. Sosuke Yamazaki (Free! Eternal Summer)


Sosuke Yamazaki (Free! Eternal Summer)


He is a great swimmer in the Free series. Like other Virgo characteristics, he is also stoic, quiet, intimidating, and reserved.


Sosuke always tries to do hard work in his swimming and it can be seen whenever he takes the hard position in swimming towards those who are around him.


He takes an active interest in training and cares about his progress. He is also protective of other characters, especially friends and relatives.


He is very much dedicated to his family and it can be seen through the time whenever he takes to participate in his family restaurant.



26. Roswaal L Mathers (Re:Zero)


Roswaal L Mathers (Re:Zero)


Roswaal was possessed by the soul of his ancestor in series since the time he was just 14.


He is one of the main supporting characters of the series who has a very odd appearance.


He knows how to read other people and their behavior. He doesn’t want to have any close relationships with others, especially his staff.


But it does not mean that he is selfish because he sacrifices himself for those who are close to him.


Roswaal is a very bright but at the same time very proud character and it can be seen through many events.


He mimics other people and other characters describe him as one who is “a little too earnest”.



27. Tenya Iida (My Hero Academia)


tenya iida (my hero academia)


Being a representative of Class 1 A at high school, he is trying to become a Pro Hero.


He is one of the protagonists of the series who is always unfriendly and very straightforward.


He is intelligent as well as sophisticated with disciplined characteristics and is also a noble person.


He always carries intense behavior and that is the reason why he takes everything very seriously.


He is very dedicated to his studies and always wants to learn new things.


He takes responsibility for his safety and guidance and also for his classmates whenever the time is not good and dangerous. Tenya Iida is someone who expresses the Virgo persona very well.


His quiet and professional nature is something that can be seen in a lot of Virgos in real life. And his tendency to battle his own dilemmas is something that we see around us every single day. 



28. Shotaro Kaneda (Akira)


Shotaro Kaneda (Akira)


Shotaro is the main character of a film called Akira where he was presented as the leader of The Capsules and a friend to Tetsuo.


He was thrown as the main symbol of defiance against all the traditional forms. He is also known for acting the things before thinking about them and that is the reason why he gets himself into trouble.


He is a very tough character from the exterior and at other times very empathetic.


He always cares about his members and looks for their safety. He becomes anxious whenever he loses his friends.


He values loyalty more than taking revenge and it hurts him whenever his trust is broken.



29. Sayaka Miki (Madoka Magica)


Sayaka Miki (Madoka Magica)


Sayaka’s personality can be seen through her dialogue where she said: “Is this really so bad? I mean, really? We don’t have to kill anyone, we just keep working together and having fun.”She is a heroic character and cares about her friends.


He is a tomboy character who shows her interest in romance and also in classical music.


Her vision of love is very unrealistic. The best part and also her worst part is that she doesn’t think twice before saying something or acting something and that is the reason why she comes into conflict.


She is a character who is mixed with kindness and courage and that is the reason why she becomes careless sometimes.



30. Kakeru Naruse (Orange)


Kakeru Naruse (Orange)


Being the protagonist of Orange, the whole series is set around him and his faith.


It also deals with his effort toward his friends. He is a very quiet and reserved personality at the beginning of the series but later on, he started believing in being emotionally open.


He loves to play video games and always keeps himself happy around his friends and family.


Kakeru never tries to show his true feeling and emotion because he is depressed with the fact of his mother’s suicide.


He always blames himself for losing his mother but finally, he gains consciousness. Due to all these things he never wants to worry others or be a burden upon others and that is the reason why he kept himself reserved.



31. Kaworu Nagisa (Evangelion)


Kaworu Nagisa (Evangelion)


Also known as Tabris, Kaworu is the 17th Angel and also Fifth Child. He is classified as an Angel but has the body of a human.


Even after having a human body, he never considered himself human. He always appeared as a person who is very comfortable in his identity and behaves very warmly with others.


He is very emotionally open to others but at the same time, he shows his detachment toward human protocols.


Coming to his appearance then he has pale skin and grey hair with the soul of Adam.


He is a very great persona and it can be seen through his bonding with others.



32. Kozo Fuyutsuki (Evangelion)


Kozo Fuyutsuki (Evangelion)


He is a Deputy Commander of NERV who takes the commands whenever Gendo, another character from the series, is away.


He is a very disciplined character who remains stoic in most situations. His relationship with the Academy is quite unknown and he wants to keep things secret.


Kozo always tries to maintain his friendship and loyalty toward another character which can be seen in a lot of events.


He also has a love interest but he is dedicated more to his work. With all these characteristics, one can guess that he must be hard working and indeed is.



33. Doraemon (Doraemon)


Doraemon (Doraemon)


The most loved character in the anime is none other than Doraemon. He is the protagonist of the whole series and is known for his magical and robotic abilities that lie in his pocket.


Coming to his personality then he is very caring and it can be seen whenever his best friend Nobita falls in danger.


He always tries to help other characters through his gadgets and loves to have the company of others.


He is that one character who cares more about others than himself and that is the reason why he faces a lot of trouble.


He gets easily infatuated by other cats whether it is living or mechanical. Most of the time he played the role of the peacekeeper who comes in between the argument and solves everything.



34. Mimosa Vermillion (Black Clover)


Mimosa Vermillion (Black Clover)


Mimosa is the supporting character of the series who grew up with her cousin. She has the power of healing magic and comes to a personality then she is very quiet and polite.


Unlike most of the characters in the series, she is very sweet and noble. She always tries to be kind to others and portrays herself as intentionally blunt.


She respects others and works very hard, especially for her cousins. Coming to her other characteristics then she has a selfless love for her crush named Asta.


She loves him because of his strength and selflessness, like her.



35. Zakuro Fujiwara (Tokyo Mew Mew)


Zakuro Fujiwara (Tokyo Mew Mew)


She is one of the main characters of Tokyo Mew Mew. Her DNA is mixed with the wolf and that’s why she carries some of its characteristics.


In the whole series, she was presented as a self-confident and independent character who is very mature.


Her maturity can be seen in her younger sister whom she was seen giving the device.


She loves to work alone and refuses to join any group. Her personality is really smart and that is the reason why she tries to hide knowledge related to a lot of things.


She always tries to stand out at any party and presents herself as a calm person.



36. Hikaru Usada (Di Gi Charat)


Hikaru Usada (Di Gi Charat)


Also known as Rabi or Rose, she is a very goofy girl. Being a friendly character, she always cares for others and also for herself.


In the series and its all-season, she was shown as a normal girl who can transform by using a dice into a bunny girl.


She wears pink and white with a red dress and has large ears like a rabbit.


She dreams of becoming an idol, which is why her parents left her at an early age to live on her own.


Due to these surroundings, she became very independent and analyzed the character of others. She is also very competitive and tries to be smart.



37. Reiji Andou (Prison School)


Reiji Andou (Prison School)


Serving as a supporting character in Prison School, he is also a student who has a love interest for Meiko Shiraki.


He is very calm by nature and cares deeply for all his friends.


Just like any Virgo character in anime, he also puts his relatives or friends first.


He always treats everyone special and it can be seen in a lot of scenes of the series.


His behavior is quite admirable for visual stimulation. He is very determined and his characters develop throughout the series in a more sadistic manner and it can be seen through his behavior toward his love interest.


He referred to her, Meiko, as “investment upon return”.



38. Guren Ichinose (Seraph of the End)


Guren Ichinose (Seraph of the End)


Serving as a tritagonist, he is a Lieutenant Colonel of the Imperial Demon Army. He is also a leader of the Moon Demon Company.


After holding this much of a position, he is a wise leader. He is the one who is determined and cooperative with his friends and co-workers.


He is very lovely and has great honor but at the same time keeps his emotions aside.


He is very hardworking, a pure Virgo, as can be seen through battles. He generally avoids fighting and loves to joke about others.


He generally speaks with misinformation whenever he is asked questions related to his life and battles.



39. Hinata Tachibana (Tokyo Revengers)


Hinata Tachibana (Tokyo Revengers)


Takemichi Hanagaki’s girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, serves as his main source of inspiration to rewrite the past. With her outgoing and lively personality, Hinata exudes optimism and possesses a remarkable ability to transform undesirable situations into more favourable ones.


Her strength of character remains unwavering, even in the face of demoralization, as she continually pushes others forward. Hinata’s determination knows no bounds, driving her to take drastic measures for the sake of protecting her loved ones.


However, her determination can sometimes cloud her judgment, as evidenced by her misdirected slap towards Mikey during their initial encounter. Fortunately, this action had minimal consequences but served as a valuable lesson regarding the potential repercussions of impulsive behaviour.



40. Andromeda Shaun (Saint Seiya)


Andromeda Shaun (Saint Seiya)


Being a bronze knight of the constellation, Andromeda is quite fascinating but she was abandoned by her parents at a very young age.


She is known for her technique Nebula Chain. Being a warrior she is always dedicated to peace and justice for the people.


She always refers and gives value to the preservation of life and that is the reason why she never goes in the favour of violence.


But when it comes to war or any battle then she is very ruthless and dangerous.


She holds nothing to defend life. Knowing the fact that she is the strongest she is also known for her playful personality.



41. Obanai Iguro (Demon Slayer)


Obanai Iguro (Demon Slayer)


He is a 21-year-old male Demons Slayer and snake pillar. He is a very young man with a pale complexion who has black hair of different lengths.


He was wearing a Demons Slayer uniform but in navy blue with black and white haori.


He is always shown with snakes and his different eyes make him look scary. He is a very powerful character but most of the time quiet.


His whole look is wrapped up in a bandage like that of his legs and calves.


He also has bandages around his mouth and feet.



42. Reiji Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)


Reiji Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)


Reiji Sakamaki, the second eldest son of the Sakamaki household, is characterized by his tall and slender frame. His hair, depicted differently across various portrayals, is typically a dark plum purple with lighter blond tips near his face and neck.


Reiji’s eyes captivate with their pale magenta hue, and he enhances his appearance with rectangular glasses featuring silver frames. Known for his refined manners and polished way of speaking, often likened to that of a butler, Reiji’s words can carry a sharp edge.


He upholds the importance of following rules, regardless of their eccentricity, while also possessing a dry sense of humour. In the anime, Reiji is depicted as serious, yet his game sprites often showcase a grinning expression.


He is considered intelligent, albeit with a pessimistic outlook.



43. Hanako Koyanagi (Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii)


Hanako Koyanagi (Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii)


Hanako is a true example of virgo character as she was born on 28 August and handles a lot of tolerance.


She is very rare at alcohol or smoking and that’s what makes her quite different.


She loves drama, stage, theatre, and even 3D to watch. She is a quiet character who loves wifely characters.


She admires those people who have the same similarity as her. She was shown as 27 years old in the anime.


She is very passionate about cosplaying and loves to buy magazines related to it. She is very professional, that is the reason why she is a strict and hard-working woman.



44. Yami Sukehiro (Black Clover)


Yami Sukehiro (Black Clover)


Yami is a very muscular man who is the captain of Black Bull, a squad of magic knights.


He is very tall with medium length and has grey eyes. In the whole series, he was shown as reckless and hypocritical.


He is very known for giving death threats to others. He is a very powerful character but at the same time very straight.


According to him, action speaks more than words and that is the reason why he was shown most of the time as hot-headed.


Small matters can give him great anger. He gives very dangerous missions to his subordinates and believes that the best way is to overcome the limits and grow stronger.



45. Kondou Isao (Gintama)


Kondou Isao (Gintama)


Also known as Gorilla, he was seen as a former commander of Shinsengumi. He is a muscular and tall man with tan skin and brown hair.


Coming to his personality then he is a very kind-hearted and interesting person, like Virgo.


Most of his team members are very loyal to him because of his pure and nice attitude.


This pure nice attitude is also his weakness because he never notices the negative points of others.


He is very honest and good at his skills. He is the best among all average humans as he can keep his enemy away with his strength.



46. Daiki Aomine (Kuroko no Basuke)


Daiki Aomine (Kuroko no Basuke)


Daiki was an ace player of Generation of Miracles and was also seen as a former partner of Kuroko.


He is known for his friendliness and friendly nature toward others. He loves playing basketball and kept his training very strong.


He tries to crush opponents completely while playing basketball and always searches for an equal opponent on the court.


According to him the only one who can beat him is himself and it can be seen in a lot of events in the series.


Apart from his great strength, he is also known for having a short temper. He is very protective of his teammates as he trusts them the most.



47. Tatsumi Oga (Beelzebub)


Tatsumi Oga (Beelzebub)


Tatsumi is the protagonist of the series Beelzebub who is also a first-year student at a high school.


He is an accrued character who has very few friends and never wants to start a fight with anyone.


He takes pleasure while giving pain to his opponents and uses a very different method to punish them.


He is described as the strongest who cares about no one but only his fellow man.


He never carried any kind of sense of appeal to the opposition. At the end of the whole series, he learns how to keep his pride away from him and follow the order according to the situation.



48. Gin Ichimaru (Bleach)


Gin Ichimaru (Bleach)


Gin Ichimaru served as the captain of the 3rd Division till the time he betrayed Soul Society.


He also served as lieutenant of the 5th Division under Shinji and Sosuke. He is a mysterious man who always smiles and keeps his eyes still and uses a heavy amount of sarcasm and mocks others with politeness.


Due to all these characteristics, it becomes quite hard for other characters to learn or observe his thoughts.


There are only a few characters who trust him before the time he was revealed as a traitor.


He always played with the emotions of other people for his pleasure. He is very analytical and perspective and tries to manipulate others with his emotions.



49. Naoyasu Kuguri (Haikyuu!!)


Naoyasu Kuguri (Haikyuu!!)


Naoyasu is a student in his first year in an academy. He is an athlete as he plays volleyball as a wing spiker.


He is a light character whose eyes are down-turned. Coming to his personality then he is active and lethargic.


He is very much impossible to read, according to his teammates, because of his behavior.


Most people don’t like his behavior of being disinterested and emotionless. Even after getting all these lazy characteristics, he has a lot of potential and talents.


He is a value receiver and makes several tricky saves. His spiking is the best and strongest in the series that has given tough times to others.



50. Meiko Honma (Anohana)


Meiko Honma (Anohana)


Also known as Menma, she is the protagonist of Anohana. She is a childish girl and died in an accident.


Her ghost appears to Jinta Yadomi because of the wish she asked for. Coming to her appearance, she is a 5-year-old girl with silver hair and blue eyes.


She is a very kind and cheerful character but worries about others rather than worrying about herself.


She was surrounded by her friends in the whole series but still gets lonely and upset.


She is a very quiet character like any other Virgo and communicates with others with the help of a notebook.


She is also known as the “Beast of Summer”.



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