Top 70 Best Sad Movies To Watch In 2024

top 70 best sad movies to watch in 2024


It is true that we love being happy. We might always want to be happy, but in reality, there is this feeling called sadness, that is also part of our lives.


Many of us would not want to be sad most of the time. Yet, sadness and happiness are like two sides of a coin.


Just like being happy, being sad is also what we need sometimes. Remember, there’s always a tiny bit of sadness when you are happy and a tiny bit of happiness when you are sad.


Sometimes all that we need is a good cry. Before we jump into what to watch to get a good cry, let’s see what a good cry could give us.


When you cry, there are high chances that you feel lighter. Sometimes, we might be dwelling on a problem, thinking and overthinking about it.


At that point, when you cry, you’ll feel relieved. There’s also the next step to it.


When you feel relieved about something, you will have the energy to jump out of your bed and do all the things that you wanted to do.


If there’s a word for it, then it is called motivation. Yes, it is true that you feel motivated after watching a sad movie.


Sometimes, some movies make you feel that nothing could be worse and help you face your life.


If you haven’t already watched movies like that, here is a big list of sad movies to help you cry and feel good after that.


Choose your tear-jerking movie and let them all flow out.




1. Cast Away (2000)


cast away (2000)


Entity Detail
Title Cast Away
Release Year 2000
Watch time 143 min
Directors Robert Zemeckis
Cast Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt, Paul Sanchez, Lari White
Domestic Box office $233.63M
IMDb Rating 7.8
Metascore 73
Writers William Broyles Jr.
Music By Alan Silvestri
Cinematography By Don Burgess
Costume By Rick Carter


We all live for somebody, it might be our parents, our family or it could be anybody.


What if you are stuck in a critical situation and it takes a lot to come out of it?


You’ll do it for the person you love the most. But how lost you’ll feel to come back and find them not there?


That’s the exact thing that happens in this movie. Chuck Noland is a FedEx operations executive.


He has been dating Kelly Frears for a long time now. He spends time with her but not as much as anybody could expect.


He’s always busy on business trips but he’s head over heels in love with her.


But that was all about to change on Christmas, just before taking another trip, he proposed to Kelly.


He asks her hand in marriage. When things are settling down, his plane faces a bad situation and crashes.


He lands on an island and is stuck alone. He somehow manages to survive with some baggage that had fallen with him from the plane.


Finally, the day arrives. He is rescued from the Island to return to Kelly. He has just lived for her and has pulled it all off just to live with her.


But things change when he returns. Will he get the love from Kelly or has she moved on?


This movie made me cry for two days straight. It worsens when you imagine your favourite person forgetting you and living peacefully.


This movie shows all the struggles that Chuck faces, but he lives for Kelly till the end.




2. Into the Wild (2007)


Into the wild (2007)


Entity Detail
Title Into the Wild
Release Year 2007
Watch time 148 min
Directors Sean Penn
Cast Emile Hirsch, Vince Vaughn, Catherine Keener, Marcia Gay Harden
Domestic Box office $18.35M
IMDb Rating 8.1
Metascore 73
Writers Sean Penn
Music By Michael Brook Kaki King Eddie Vedder
Cinematography By Eric Gautier
Costume By Derek R. Hill


After graduating, Christopher leaves his home, his rich parents, his car, donates his savings to somebody and destroys every identity of his in the hope to start a new life and explore the world all by himself.


Into the Wild is the lonely voyage of Chris who is set to Alaska where he would find a magic bus to live in.


His voyage into the wild and the people he meets along the way do say volumes about love, life, and God.


He starts realizing the real purpose of life and the true meaning of relationships. On his journey, he experiences the extreme of every emotion.


Apart from all these chapters, it is the end where he realizes that “Happiness is only real once shared” and smiles at the sun that brought me to thought after tears.


The moment he realizes might be too late for him, but for any of us, it is not too late.


Every tear I shed watching this movie every time is dedicated to the creators of this movie.




3. Forrest Gump (1994)


Forrest Gump (1994)


Entity Detail
Title Forrest Gump
Release Year 1994
Watch time 142 min
Directors Robert Zemeckis
Cast Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Sally Field
Domestic Box office $330.25M
IMDb Rating 8.8
Metascore 82
Writers Winston Groom
Music By Alan Silvestri
Cinematography By Don Burgess
Costume By Rick Carter


Let me tell you something interesting. Apart from being a sad film, Forrest Gump is immensely loved across the world.


The quirky humour and the witty storytelling make it merrier. And, with Tom Hanks rocking it again, we have no way but to love his character from all of our hearts.


The film is about an ill-witted man called Forrest Gump and how he is getting along with the world.


Let me make it more simple, according to Forrest, everything ends with happiness. But to us, it only makes it sadder.


Because, how can everything end with happiness? It is so surreal, right? But that’s where the narrative of this story impresses people who watch it.


Also, in this movie, he has a childhood friend and his love for her, Jenny, is just too pure for this world and pure enough to make me sob.


There can be no one on this earth to show that kind of love. It is never toxic or unhealthy.


Forrest Gump has all my heart and is one of my favourite comforters.




4. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)


The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)


Entity Detail
Title The Pursuit of Happyness
Release Year 2006
Watch time 117 min
Directors Gabriele Muccino
Cast Will Smith, Thandiwe Newton, Jaden Smith, Brian Howe
Domestic Box office $163.57M
IMDb Rating 8
Metascore 64
Writers Steve Conrad
Music By Andrea Guerra
Cinematography By Phedon Papamichael
Costume By J. Michael Riva


Here we come, to another movie that I’ve watched a number of times but never have been bored with.


It is not a movie, it is a life lesson I would say. Every single person in this universe deserves to watch a movie like this and take up the lesson.


The storyline is very simple, but the story is very complicated. It is based on true events, from Christopher Gardner’s life.


Christopher has a wife, Linda, and a son. He is unemployed, and he sells a medical equipment that scans bone density, but it is constantly being underrated.


Anyhow he tries to sell them. He has to sell a minimum of three to meet the most basic needs of the family.


He fails, and Linda works harder. When the whole pressure is put on her, she leaves the family.


Left alone with his son, Christopher goes through a lot, a hell lot for even a meal a day.


The rest is about what struggles he undergoes to reach what he wishes for. The father-son roles are played by Will and Jaden who are actually family.


It is so realistic that you will want to cry for Christopher, and you will.


Because everybody knows that he deserves more. This movie is a burst of slight sunshine after the heavy rains.



5. Call Me by Your Name (2017)


Call Me by Your Name (2017)


Entity Detail
Title Call Me by Your Name
Release Year 2017
Watch time 132 min
Directors Luca Guadagnino
Cast Armie Hammer, Timothee Chalamet, Michael Stuhlbarg, Amira Casar
Domestic Box office $18.10M
IMDb Rating 7.9
Metascore 93
Writers James Ivory
Music By Sayombhu Mukdeeprom
Cinematography By Walter Fasano
Costume By Roberta Federico


When it comes to movies that talk about sensitive things, the creators have a hard part where they have to be very careful that neither of its content is offensive.


I loved this movie and it is the first Gay love story that I watched.


Call Me by Your Name is famously known to have made Timothee Chalamet into people’s favourite.


As he now shines with his growing pile of amazing projects, the importance of “Call Me by Your Name” only gets bigger.


He’s a lethargic teen in this movie. And he does his part so perfectly that you would never be able to imagine the real Tim after watching the movie.


The film revolves around Elio, a teenager, who discovers that he is a homosexual and comes to terms with it.


Though the story is simple, the character of the teenager is well-layered and it depicts his existing dilemma and the revelation that helps him out of it.


He falls in love with another man who works closely with his father, Oliver. Oliver also likes him back, they hang out together for some time.


After all this, he still has to realize that his relationship is temporary. And this is where the makers and Timothee Chalamet put us into tears.


I bet, you cannot stop crying while the climax is happening. You would want to tell Elio that he’s going to be fine.


But you will not be able to. Personally, I didn’t want the movie to end that way.



6. Coco (2017)


Coco (2017)


Entity Detail
Title Coco
Release Year 2017
Watch time 105 min
Directors Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina
Cast Anthony Gonzalez, Gael García Bernal, Benjamin Bratt, Alanna Ubach
Domestic Box office $209.73M
IMDb Rating 8.4
Metascore 81
Writers Lee Unkrich
Music By Michael Giacchino
Cinematography By Steve Bloom
Costume By Bert Berry Tim Evatt


This movie definitely has a happy ending. But there are some parts of it that keep you in a depressed state.


You will like it but just that it is unacceptable. This movie is one of my favourites and not just me, but nobody can resist the song, “remember me” from the movie.


This movie is based in Mexico. Miguel, a twelve-year-old boy is the main character of this movie.


He dreams of music all day, he loves to play guitar. But his family is banned from playing or learning music.


This ban has always been a mystery to him. He never tries to solve it but he plays guitar and has a role model for himself.


Also, he is very close to his great-grandmother, Coco. One day, as emotions rise, changes happen.


Miguel is set on a journey of finding truths. Will this anywhere relate to the music ban?


Absolutely yes. The writer surprises you with the connection between Miguel and music. It is not right for me to give any more spoilers.


This animated movie is a definite watch for any person from any age group.



7. Marriage Story (2019)


Marriage Story (2019)


Entity Detail
Title Marriage Story
Release Year 2019
Watch time 137 min
Directors Noah Baumbach
Cast Adam Driver, Scarlett Johansson, Julia Greer, Azhy Robertson
Domestic Box office $2.00M
IMDb Rating 7.9
Metascore 94
Writers Noah Baumbach
Music By Randy Newman
Cinematography By Robbie Ryan
Costume By Jade Healy


Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story is perhaps one of the most satisfying dramas in recent times.


You would never expect a story to be this way. It is unacceptable in some places but it is real.


The master of dialogues doesn’t miss his pitch over this modern classic. The film does gain inspiration from the classic Kramer vs Kramer.


It is all about a couple who are grounded in theatre art deciding to be separated from their marriage.


What is more interesting is that the couple only finds reasons to love each other through the divorce procedures.


Yet, with their unavoidable separation, the couple goes through loads of suffering and so do we.


They are in need of separation but they are not able to find a reason.


Also, there’s a special mention of the performances of Adam Sandler and Scarlett Johansson that are so powerful that I don’t even remember when I started crying.


When you see this movie, you’ll either conclude that you are in a place way too better than theirs or you will relate to them.


This movie is very much beautiful and irresistible.



8. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)


Entity Detail
Title The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Release Year 2008
Watch time 166 min
Directors David Fincher
Cast Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton, Julia Ormond
Domestic Box office $127.51M
IMDb Rating 7.8
Metascore 70
Writers Eric Roth
Music By Alexandre Desplat
Cinematography By Claudio Miranda
Costume By Donald Graham Burt


The curious case of Benjamin Button is directed by David Fincher. It is a film where Benjamin Button is born an old man ageing backward. Now, how do you imagine that?


The story may seem complicated. Well, it is complicated. So is the emotion roped around the story.


This world definitely treats people with different disabilities differently but the way Benjamin is treated is way too heartbreaking.


And imagine how tough it would be to start becoming young when everybody around you is becoming old?


There’s another pure character, Ben’s girlfriend, who sticks with him through his challenges and their romance is one for the ages.


It is so beautiful that everybody would want a romance like that. Moreover, you cannot help but feel for Benjamin Button (played by Brad Pitt) as he goes through the physical changes and emotional changes that are mutually exhaustive in nature.


You will really be surprised by his mature way of dealing with life. Actually, you’ll learn a lot.


Do you need a harder cry? Then this movie is a great pick for you.



9. Dead Poets Society (1989)


dead poets society (1989)


“Dead Poets Society” is set in a conservative prep school in 1959 and stars Robin Williams as John Keating, an unconventional English teacher.


In a world that stifles creativity and believes in ideologies like ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’, his teachings do not conform to rules.


Keating’s passionate teaching methods inspire his students, a group of boys yearning for purpose and self-expression, to break from conformity and embrace the philosophy of “carpe diem,” meaning ‘seize the day’.


The film struck a chord with audiences for its themes of individuality, defying societal expectations, and the transformative power of education.


It won an Academy Award for best original screenplay and remains a beloved film due to its inspiring message and Williams’ memorable performance.



10. Anomalisa (2015)


Anomalisa (2015)


Entity Detail
Title Anomalisa
Release Year 2015
Watch time 90 min
Directors Duke Johnson, Charlie Kaufman
Cast David Thewlis, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tom Noonan
Domestic Box office $3.76M
IMDb Rating 7.3
Metascore 88
Writers Charlie Kaufman
Music By Carter Burwell
Cinematography By Joe Passarelli
Costume By John Joyce


Michael Stone is a middle-aged man, He’s an author who writes about business communications.


He’s quite famous in America. But you know what people around him think about him?


They think that he is detached, insensitive, and doesn’t have any emotion. It is hard for anybody to believe that there could be a person without emotions.


But why not? Michael is like this because he finds everybody to be usual. To draw back his emotions, he needs something or somebody who is extraordinary because he is also not ordinary.


That was the exact time when Michael found his old flame, Lisa. Lisa was all that he wanted in life to feel back the emotions.


While things are being fixed up little by little, Michael also grows an attachment with Lisa.


But everything in this world is temporary. So is Lisa to Michael. Will Michael accept the fact and move on?


Spoiler alert, we would want them to be together, but that doesn’t happen and that makes this movie very special.



11. Sorry, We Missed You (2019)


Sorry, We Missed You (2019)


Ricky is the main character of our story. He’s a loving husband and a father of two.


Like any other father, he obviously has the responsibility of taking care of the family.


With already having a lot of financial problems, he finds it hard to take care of the family.


Also, on the other hand, his wife puts her utmost contribution. She is already tired and drained.


One day, a chance comes when Ricky could come out of the worst situation. At that point, not just Ricky but anybody would go for it.


But, what if it is a chance that would draw the family out of control?


With Ricky and his wife going in different directions, the family goes through a lot of transformation and loses control.


Will they ever be out of the mental instability? “Sorry, We Missed You” will make you cry harder as you would relate to a character or a situation at some point in time.



12. Synecdoche, New York (2008)


Synecdoche, New York (2008)


Entity Detail
Title Synecdoche, New York
Release Year 2008
Watch time 124 min
Directors Charlie Kaufman
Cast Philip Seymour Hoffman, Samantha Morton, Michelle Williams, Catherine Keener
Domestic Box office $3.08M
IMDb Rating 7.6
Metascore 67
Writers Charlie Kaufman
Music By Jon Brion
Cinematography By Frederick Elmes
Costume By Mark Friedberg


This movie is not just a random movie, it is a state of mind, you would have been in that state at least at one point of time in your life.


Here’s where we meet Charlie Kaufman again. This time he goes back in time but more forward into his questions about our existential crisis and the purpose of humanity.


Synecdoche New York is perhaps the most religious film to have been made which does not advertise a God.


This movie pushes you hard into reality and shows you the true meaning of religion and what is to be religious.


The one-liner of this story is that a theatre artist is already struggling with his life, he is hopeless and clueless.


Also, there’s a woman in his life who is confusing him further. He decides on doing something big.


What does he do? It is easy for one to lose his or her way while watching this film but when you watch it wholly, the questions that the film asks go deeper into your heart and disturb your thoughts.


It is also among the saddest films that I have ever seen, if not the most.



13. Lost in Translation (2003)


Lost in Translation (2003)


Entity Detail
Title Lost in Translation
Release Year 2003
Watch time 102 min
Directors Sofia Coppola
Cast Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Giovanni Ribisi, Anna Faris
Domestic Box office $44.59M
IMDb Rating 7.7
Metascore 89
Writers Sofia Coppola
Music By Kevin Shields
Cinematography By Lance Acord
Costume By Mayumi Tomita Rika Nakanishi


This movie not just has all the ratings, but it really has my heart. This is one of the “Go-To” movies on my list when I particularly want to be sad and lonely.


But trust me, it is a beautiful film that I often recommend. This movie is about two people who get to explore Tokyo where they have more barriers and language seems to be a smaller one.


The main characters are Bob Harris, an actor, who has come to shoot an advertisement for a Whiskey brand.


On the other hand, we have Charlotte, an American, who has come with her photographer husband who is on a project.


Bob is troubled by his wife in a lot of ways, as well she can be funnily called an e-wife as she follows him everywhere through electronic mediums like fax, phone calls, and everything that has a possibility for communication.


Charlotte also feels lonely and is unable to express it to her beloved husband. The two of them find each other and start to hang out with each other.


Bob being old, gives a lot of suggestions on how Charlotte could change her own destiny while she is also being Bob’s comforter.


But there are a lot of impacts that further affect them both. I do not want to assure any emotions relating to this movie, but I have one thing to assure you, you’ll like it.



14. The Great Gatsby (2013)


The Great Gatsby (2013)


Entity Detail
Title The Great Gatsby
Release Year 2013
Watch time 143 min
Directors Baz Luhrmann
Cast Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Tobey Maguire
Domestic Box office $144.84M
IMDb Rating 7.2
Metascore 55
Writers Baz Luhrmann
Music By Craig Armstrong
Cinematography By Simon Duggan
Costume By Catherine Martin Karen Murphy


The Great Gatsby is a movie adapted from a novel of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Putting it as a disclaimer, this movie particularly saddens you because you are trapped in the illusion of the main characters for some time.


The story starts with Nick Carraway, a midwesterner who has just moved to New York City with a lot of hopes and dreams to grow and enhance.


While he’s settling in the city, he meets his neighbour, Jay Gatsby, who is filthy rich and the owner of a big mansion.


No, that’s not where the story starts. The story starts when Nick is invited to a party organized by the Great Gatsby.


Nick is drawn into obsession, money, and more. Simply, it can be said that he’s drawn into Gatsby and his life.


Things take charge and turn over. Nick is shattered when he learns more about Gatsby.


There are a number of emotions in this movie. And, to be honest, I have seen only rare adaptations that are as good as the original work and this movie is definitely one of them.


Also, the confusing part is, you never know what saddens you.



15. I’m thinking of ending things (2020)


I’m thinking of ending things (2020)


Entity Detail
Title I’m Thinking of Ending Things
Release Year 2020
Watch time 134 min
Directors Charlie Kaufman
Cast Jesse Plemons, Jessie Buckley, Toni Collette, David Thewlis
Domestic Box office
IMDb Rating 6.6
Metascore 78
Writers Charlie Kaufman
Music By Jay Wadley
Cinematography By Lukasz Zal
Costume By Molly Hughes


The latest flick of Charlie Kaufman, I’m thinking of ending things is really one of a kind.


It is the kind that could be made by the great Charlie Kaufman alone. This man really makes me feel sad but in a good way.


Adapted from the book that goes by the same name, the film takes us into trippy areas until we end up not knowing where we are until we don’t care about it.


Either way, the film is wonderful. It brings us to the lonely suffering of Lucy over her imaginary boyfriend and the dinner with his family.


Yes, you heard it right, the main character of our story meets an imaginary person and his family for dinner.


That is all that I could say about this movie. I would just want everybody to fall into the pool and experience the emotions that attach to us through this movie.


Though the film takes its own time through the story, it does catch you by the throat and bursts out your tear-jerking glands.


To watch the film in itself is a unique experience. To feel along with it is a wholly different experience.



16. Full Metal Jacket (1987)


Full Metal Jacket (1987)


Entity Detail
Title Full Metal Jacket
Release Year 1987
Watch time 116 min
Directors Stanley Kubrick
Cast Matthew Modine, R. Lee Ermey, Vincent D’Onofrio, Adam Baldwin
Domestic Box office $46.36M
IMDb Rating 8.3
Metascore 76
Writers Stanley Kubrick
Music By Vivian Kubrick
Cinematography By Douglas Milsome
Costume By Anton Furst


Everybody knows who Stanley Kubrick is. Full Metal Jacket is also a movie by Stanley Kubrick.


It is one of the most hard-hitting war films. Wars are way too worse than we ever think and this movie narrates and makes us understand exactly how things work.


America in the late 20th century did have a keen interest in producing war-based films.


Kubrick did his part twice with two evergreen masterpieces, Paths of Glory and Full Metal Jacket.


This film portrays the duality of man where one side wants peace and the other demands war.


The duality is portrayed throughout the length of the film. Full Metal Jacket is known as people’s favourite out of all his films under lots of arguments.


It is a spoiler but I have to admit that, besides everything, the last scene where the soldiers discover that the sniper that killed their friends was a Vietnamese girl would stand alone as one of the greatest climaxes in Hollywood.


The film left me stuck for some time. I did expect something bad to happen but that climax was unexpected, totally.



17. Dog day afternoon (1975)


Dog day afternoon (1975)


Entity Detail
Title Dog Day Afternoon
Release Year 1975
Watch time 125 min
Directors Sidney Lumet
Cast Al Pacino, John Cazale, Penelope Allen, Sully Boyar
Domestic Box office $50.00M
IMDb Rating 8
Metascore 86
Writers Frank Pierson
Music By Victor J. Kemper
Cinematography By Dede Allen
Costume By Douglas Higgins


By the title, you would have concluded that this movie is about a dog, but it is not.


This movie is just created for us to feel sad. We might cry or we might not, but we all know that the emotion the creator wanted us to feel was felt, by the end of the movie.


Dog day afternoon is another film that is inspired by the real story of a bank robbery.


Surprisingly, the bank robber is the one who melts our hearts out. He sets out with two friends to rob a bank only to learn that there is no money in the bank.


He then tackles the police to escape to another country only to be killed by the cops in the end.


The tragedy of the bank robber reminds us of how temporary all our livelihoods are. He fought for America in Vietnam but ended up unemployed after his return.


It was almost the story of every single person who fought wars and who lived for people.


Hats off to the character played by the amazing Al Pacino, it will always have a place in my heart forever for what it made me feel.


Just watch this movie, even a person who has a heart like a rock would cry to this.



18. Schindler’s List (1993)


Schindler’s list (1993)


Entity Detail
Title Schindler’s List
Release Year 1993
Watch time 195 min
Directors Steven Spielberg
Cast Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley, Caroline Goodall
Domestic Box office $96.90M
IMDb Rating 8.9
Metascore 94
Writers Thomas Keneally
Music By John Williams
Cinematography By Janusz Kaminski
Costume By Allan Starski


Schindler’s List is the film that makes me sad just from the thought of it.


Steven Spielberg’s dream project Schindler’s List is presented in black and white only to enhance the emotions.


The film is about the atrocities of the Nascists over the Jews. Oscar Schindler, a German businessman, who is disturbed by the suffering of the Jews, makes a list of Jews that he demands to be freed in order to support production.


In reality, there are over a million Jews today who benefited from what Schindler did during that period.


The scene where he says, “I didn’t do enough” is one for the ages. It is also one that makes me cry at the very thought of it.



19. Awakenings (1990)


Awakenings (1990)


Entity Detail
Title Awakenings
Release Year 1990
Watch time 121 min
Directors Penny Marshall
Cast Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, Julie Kavner, Ruth Nelson
Domestic Box office $52.10M
IMDb Rating 7.8
Metascore 74
Writers Oliver Sacks
Music By Randy Newman
Cinematography By Miroslav Ondrícek
Costume By George DeTitta Jr.


I personally am a Robert De Niro fan and it looks like there is no end to Robert De Niro making people cry.


Here the one to join him is Robin Williams. I’ll tell you at the beginning itself that this movie is a definite watch if you love sad movies.


You’ll really love this one too. And to admit one thing, despite the story of the film, De Niro’s one gaze was enough to move me.


But it wouldn’t do it for the makers which made them write a beautifully sad story around the characters of Robert De Niro and Robin Williams.


It is about a doctor who treats catatonic patients. They are there as a result of an effect of an epidemic.


He knows every suffering they are into. He finds a medication that could cure them, and they undergo a transition after the new medications.


The rest of the story is all about how their environment changes with them. Though this movie is inspired by true events, Awakenings powerfully renders a technical storyline to it that induces emotion in the story.



20. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)


eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004)


“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” follows Joel (Jim Carrey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet), a couple who love each other a lot but become estranged after a few differences.


Due to their volatile natures, they are both unable to handle the pain of loss and decide to wipe each other out of their memories. However, when they meet again, they fall in love all over again and repeat the same mistakes they made earlier.


If they had retained their memories, would they repeat their mistakes or learn from them?


The film’s success stems from its unique blend of sci-fi premise, poignant romance, and exploration of memory.


It won an Oscar for its inventive screenplay, and critics praised its nonlinear storytelling, visual imagination, and heartfelt performances.


“Eternal Sunshine” is a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant film that explores the enduring power of love and loss.



21. Good Will Hunting (1997)


Good Will Hunting (1997)


Entity Detail
Title Good Will Hunting
Release Year 1997
Watch time 126 min
Directors Gus Van Sant
Cast Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Stellan Skarsgård
Domestic Box office $138.43M
IMDb Rating 8.3
Metascore 70
Writers Matt Damon
Music By Danny Elfman
Cinematography By Jean-Yves Escoffier
Costume By Missy Stewart


Good Will Hunting is a film where a doctor tries to cure a mentally ill person and by the way, makes a friend for himself.


To describe it, I am no Roger Ebert. But the experience of watching a film with the stellar performance of Robin Williams is an emotional roller coaster.


This movie makes you cry so easily. You never know exactly what you feel for or how you feel about it.


Also, the Character of Matt Damon is so well written that I could feel the pain of something that I have never gone through.


I think it is tough for any art industry to create an impact like this.


And it is never expected to be received from a movie. It is a different take on loneliness unlike what Martin Scorsese took in Taxi Driver and The Irishman.


But either way, you can be sure to pack up some tissues. I bet that even a person who watches movies just for entertainment would not be able to escape from this kind of movie.



22. The Irishman (2019)


Irishman (2019)


Entity Detail
Title The Irishman
Release Year 2019
Watch time 209 min
Directors Martin Scorsese
Cast Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel
Domestic Box office $7.00M
IMDb Rating 7.8
Metascore 94
Writers Steven Zaillian
Music By Robbie Robertson
Cinematography By Rodrigo Prieto
Costume By Bob Shaw


Martin Scorsese’s recent flick The Irishman does take part in cleaning our eyes with emotions.


Frank Sheeran(played by Robert De Niro again) is a Hitman and a friend of Jimmy Hoffa (played by Al Pacino)The friendship is really one of a kind.


It turns out that Frank Sheeran is of another kind. He kills Jimmy Hoffa for reasons that are way more political.


What follows is the excellently captured and performed regret of the Hitman. When the film finds its end, two things are assured.


One is the passing of a long 4 hours and the other is the persistent sadness and solitude that Robert De Niro gives us for life.


It is surely hard to smile for one whole day after watching the film.



23. Seven Pounds (2008)


Seven Pounds (2008)


Entity Detail
Title Seven Pounds
Release Year 2008
Watch time 123 min
Directors Gabriele Muccino
Cast Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Woody Harrelson, Michael Ealy
Domestic Box office $69.95M
IMDb Rating 7.6
Metascore 36
Writers Grant Nieporte
Music By Angelo Milli
Cinematography By Philippe Le Sourd
Costume By J. Michael Riva


When actors like Will Smith act in a movie, they make sure that the right emotion reaches the audience.


I really am fascinated by the fact that they make us understand the characters as if we could run and give them a hug for what they went through.


This movie is all about a madman, would you believe it if I say that?


Ben Thomas is the main character of the story, he is traumatized by an accident where he accuses himself of killing seven people including his wife.


Not able to live alone with all that, he decides to dispose of his properties and himself, in the right way, that would bring him peace.


Ben decides to donate his organs and his properties to the right people who deserve them.


How does he find the right people? He breaks into the IRS information with his brother’s ID.


Meanwhile, he falls in love with Emily who is one of the people whom he wants to help.


But he does not change his plans for anything. He picks the right people for the donations and chooses a way to suicide that wouldn’t affect the plan.


He dies, but after that, Ben’s brother and Emily, slowly start finding the true story.


This movie received some controversy just because people didn’t want to see someone like Will Smith do something to themselves like this.


It is heartbreaking and unacceptable.



24. Saving Private Ryan (1998)


Saving Private Ryan (1998)


Entity Detail
Title Saving Private Ryan
Release Year 1998
Watch time 169 min
Directors Steven Spielberg
Cast Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns
Domestic Box office $216.54M
IMDb Rating 8.6
Metascore 91
Writers Robert Rodat
Music By John Williams
Cinematography By Janusz Kaminski
Costume By Thomas E. Sanders


Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan is a film that displayed the terrors of war. Let me tell you a one-liner, a group of soldiers are sent on a mission to inform Private Ryan about his family and then save him.


It doesn’t sound that effective or complicated right? But never judge a movie by its one-liner.


The scene where the legendary Tom Hanks shoots at a tank with a pistol while he lies helpless on the ground is one of the saddest and most inspiring scenes from the movie.


Still, that could be a questionable take. If yes, I understand. How would you pick a favourite scene from a classic?


The story is of a simple quest but the underlying emotions and the portrayal of war are what make it one of the greatest war films of all time.


It will stay with you for some time. You will feel as if great chaos has come to an end at the end of the movie but there will be something itchy about it.



25. Interstellar (2014)


Interstellar (2014)


Entity Detail
Title Interstellar
Release Year 2014
Watch time 169 min
Directors Christopher Nolan
Cast Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Mackenzie Foy
Domestic Box office $188.02M
IMDb Rating 8.6
Metascore 74
Writers Jonathan Nolan
Music By Hans Zimmer
Cinematography By Hoyte Van Hoytema
Costume By Nathan Crowley


Interstellar is perhaps one of the most intelligent films of all time. Some may say, it is all about science.


It does really delve deeper into the theories of Stephen Hawking but the core of the film is the love between a father and his daughter.


The father (played by Matthew McConaughey) shoots himself into space in order to look for an equally capable planet as the planet earth.


When he has to go into the black hole, he does discover the dimension of time which brings him to the past and the future without his will.


Meanwhile, on earth, his daughter picks up the clues of her father. And when he returns after his journey, he has lost the most expensive thing that he could give his family, time, and he cannot reverse it.


While he’s still almost in his mid-age, he finds his daughter to have grown older, she’s 99 years old now.


Beneath these impeccable and jaw-dropping theories, lies the basic emotion of pain that binds the film together.


It is pretty sure that everyone who watched the film should have had tears at least in the far corner of their eyes.



26. Taxi Driver (1976)


Taxi Driver (1976)


Entity Detail
Title Taxi Driver
Release Year 1976
Watch time 114 min
Directors Martin Scorsese
Cast Robert De Niro, Jodie Foster, Cybill Shepherd, Albert Brooks
Domestic Box office $28.26M
IMDb Rating 8.2
Metascore 94
Writers Paul Schrader
Music By Bernard Herrmann
Cinematography By Michael Chapman
Costume By Ruth Morley


Have you ever been lonely? To some people, loneliness is just an emotion but to others, it may be a state of mind.


Talking about loneliness, we have landed with Taxi Driver. If you want me to tell you or talk about one film about sadness, Taxi Driver would be the first to come into my mind.


The film gives us a lonely, unique perspective on modern society and how it isolates one person from another.


Not to spoil more about the film, I would say that it is about how a war hero who is mentally infected by his loneliness turns into a real-life hero.


That is all that I can tell you about this story because I really want you to experience it yourself.  ”I’m god’s own lonely man” could have been the dialogue of the film but wait, we do have another one that blows off the roof, “You’re talking to me?” 


This film has inspired limitless filmmakers across the world. To watch Taxi Driver is to experience a deeply set pain of solitude.


And it makes you realize that sadness need not always make you cry. It’s always enough if it just makes you feel.



27. Nomadland (2020)


Nomadland (2020)


Entity Detail
Title Nomadland
Release Year 2020
Watch time 107 min
Directors Chloé Zhao
Cast Frances McDormand, David Strathairn, Linda May, Gay DeForest
Domestic Box office
IMDb Rating 7.4
Metascore 93
Writers Chloé Zhao
Music By Ludovico Einaudi
Cinematography By Joshua James Richards
Costume By Elizabeth Godar


A nomad is a homeless person. The title exactly explains what the movie is all about.


Nomadland is a film that intelligently explores the sufferings of homeless people in America. It puts you in awe when you start knowing the actual happenings that relate to the nomads.


Not just the movie and the characters, but the music is also so intense. With its intense music score that immerses you in the movie and layered performances that are perfect and so realistic, Nomadland never fails to induce your worries about homeless people.


It is an interesting exploration of the modern civilization of corporations and its effects on humans.


Apart from that, it also explains the loneliness of these people. It just awakens the sympathetic feeling that has been fast asleep inside you.


Also due to intense sympathy, you automatically get into a sad and depressed state.



28. Room (2015)


Room (2015)


Entity Detail
Title Room
Release Year 2015
Watch time 118 min
Directors Lenny Abrahamson
Cast Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Sean Bridgers, Wendy Crewson
Domestic Box office $14.68M
IMDb Rating 8.1
Metascore 86
Writers Emma Donoghue
Music By Stephen Rennicks
Cinematography By Danny Cohen
Costume By Brian Davie Ethan Tobman


Room is perhaps one of the greatest films of this century to talk about domestic violence.


The movie starts with a mother who has been shut in a room for years and years where she would also bear a child.


She would not have any ideas of escaping. But, she survives every day, every moment of her life inside the room.


The room knows everything. It knows her. She would still not want to leave the place at any moment.


But as time goes by, she changes her mind and decides to leave. And the only reason behind her decision would be that she wants her child to look at the real world.


I see this as an introspective about people who shut themselves into their own worlds and do not miss their chance on exploring the heights of domestic violence.


This movie is a must-watch for people across the world and is also a great tear-jerker.


You can see the world through your own eyes when the child finally looks at the real world.



29. Titanic (1997)


Titanic (1997)


Entity Detail
Title Titanic
Release Year 1997
Watch time 194 min
Directors James Cameron
Cast Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates
Domestic Box office $659.33M
IMDb Rating 7.8
Metascore 75
Writers James Cameron
Music By James Horner
Cinematography By Russell Carpenter
Costume By Peter Lamont


We’ve reached the destination of the most praised, most loved, and most known movie in this world.


The most popular Hollywood of all time has nothing new for us to know about.


The people who haven’t even seen the film will know its story. The story begins with people hurriedly boarding a ship.


And there comes Jack, our hero, at the last moment. He and his friend somehow managed to board the ship at the last moment.


Then there’s Rose, on the ship, who has a rich background. They meet each other.


The romance between Jack and Rose is elegantly developed so that it sticks into our hearts just to break them with what happens in the end.


The ship faces a major tragedy and their lives are put into question. Will the loving couple join hands together? To talk about the movie is to talk about the embedded sadness in love.


To talk about the pain in love is to talk about Titanic.



30. Mary and Max (2009)


Mary and Max (2009)


Entity Detail
Title Mary and Max
Release Year 2009
Watch time 92 min
Directors Adam Elliot
Cast Toni Collette, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Eric Bana, Barry Humphries
Domestic Box office
IMDb Rating 8.1
Writers Adam Elliot
Music By Dale Cornelius
Cinematography By Gerald Thompson
Costume By Adam Elliot


I don’t think anybody today would know what a pen pal is. In this age of social media, quick and easy communication, this one animated movie narrates the beautiful story of pen pals.


Before we jump into the story, let me explain who can be pen pals. Pen pals are two unknown people who write to each other, sharing all that is going on with them.


Our main characters are Mary, an eight-year-old from Australia, and Max, a man in his forties, from New York.


It all starts when Mary decides to choose a person from her directory and write up to that person.


She writes to Max and posts it with a chocolate bar. Max receives it, finds it interesting, and decides to write back to her.


They both start connecting with each other and share literally everything. While this is fun on the floor, there comes a point when both of them have to deal with their own life, overcoming a lot of troubles and insecurities.


Will things actually settle for them? A lot of things in this movie make us swim into sadness, but also the fast-moving animation makes sure that we swim properly.



31. Once upon a time in America (1984)


Once upon a time in America (1984)


Entity Detail
Title Once Upon a Time in America
Release Year 1984
Watch time 229 min
Directors Sergio Leone
Cast Robert De Niro, James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern, Treat Williams
Domestic Box office $5.32M
IMDb Rating 8.4
Writers Harry Grey
Music By Ennio Morricone
Cinematography By Tonino Delli Colli
Costume By Giovanni Natalucci


Once Upon a Time in America or in other words, the dream film of Sergio Leone has come through its own hindrances regarding its time frame.


Finally, when you get to see the final cut, you would know this is nothing less than a masterpiece.


The story of an ambitious gang followed through the life of its head (Robert De Niro) can move even a rock to tears.


The power of nostalgia and the pain of passing time is visible in the eyes of Bob De Niro and the matchless music of the late legend Ennio Morricone.


An interesting story is that Ennio Morricone rendered the themes for Once Upon a Time in America well before the shooting of the film so that Sergio Leone could play his music on the sets of the film just to instil the tone and mood of the story into the cast and crew.


With everything coming to place, Once Upon a Time in America, however underrated, is a film that best extracts the pain of nostalgia and treachery.


Throughout this movie, I promise, you will definitely fall for Robert De Niro’s acting.



32. The Green Mile (1999)


The Green Mile (1999)


Entity Detail
Title The Green Mile
Release Year 1999
Watch time 189 min
Directors Frank Darabont
Cast Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan, David Morse, Bonnie Hunt
Domestic Box office $136.80M
IMDb Rating 8.6
Metascore 61
Writers Stephen King
Music By Thomas Newman
Cinematography By David Tattersall
Costume By Terence Marsh


There are always two sides to any story, and we all know that abuse is the most menacing crime of everything.


Everybody out there would just wish to learn about the victim, but is there really someone who wants to learn about the convict and the reasons behind the actions taken?


The film is a story of a black man who has been falsely accused of the rape and murder of a girl child.


Any suffering is not easy, it is real. It is a step higher when you are falsely accused of something.


You will have the urge to do something about it at the same time you’ll want to leave it alone.


As we come to know about the accused, he gets more dear to the watchers.


The masterful acting of Tom Hanks and the making masterclass come together to render a heartfelt story of love and pain.


In the end, you feel bad about what just happened. And you’ll never know, it will look so real.


This movie takes a lot of time to make us move on.



33. Her (2013)


Her (2013)


Entity Detail
Title Her
Release Year 2013
Watch time 126 min
Directors Spike Jonze
Cast Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, Rooney Mara
Domestic Box office $25.57M
IMDb Rating 8
Metascore 91
Writers Spike Jonze
Music By Arcade Fire
Cinematography By Hoyte Van Hoytema
Costume By K.K. Barrett


Theodore is the main character of our story. His work is to write beautiful and customized letters for people who have no time to write one for their loved ones.


He is on the edge of ending his marriage, a divorce awaits him. Soon after being divorced, he passes time by playing video games.


While life is going on, he comes across an interesting artificial intelligence called the OS-1.


He finds it attractive and doesn’t think before purchasing it. Through OS-1, he is introduced to Samantha who has a beautiful female voice.


Samantha looks like good company to Theodore, who is coping with his divorce. Eventually, both of them get closer and they fall in love with each other.


They know each other well and grow interested in knowing more. But there are problems that arise.


One, Samantha cannot be physical, two, Theodore has no emotional control and at the same time, Samantha’s knowledge grows every day.


Love is love anyway. But, how are the two going to handle this? Her is not just a movie, it’s an emotion that can never be explained.



34. 12 Years a Slave (2013)


years a slave (2013)


Entity Detail
Title 12 Years a Slave
Release Year 2013
Watch time 134 min
Directors Steve McQueen
Cast Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Kenneth Williams, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt
Domestic Box office $56.67M
IMDb Rating 8.1
Metascore 96
Writers John Ridley
Music By Hans Zimmer
Cinematography By Sean Bobbitt
Costume By Adam Stockhausen


Every one of us has a meaning for freedom on today’s date. Nobody but a slave knows how expensive freedom is.


The story starts with Solomon Northup who lives happily in Saratoga Springs with his wife and kids.


He is a black man and this happens in the 1840s, just before the slavery of black people in America.


As life goes on a routine track for Solomon, he is somehow kidnapped and sold as a slave.


He has two masters and no choices except to obey them. While one master is very much cruel, the other one is as kind as an angel.


He not only struggles with cruelty but also strives a lot to maintain his value and dignity.


He’s been a slave for 12 years, always thinking about the perfect life he had, the family he loved and the environment he was grateful for.


At the end of the 12th year, a ray of hope arrives in the form of a Canadian abolitionist who promises him freedom.


Will that happen? Will Solomon reunite with his family? This movie is an adaptation of a set of true incidents.



35. The Iron Giant (1999)


the iron giant (1999)


Released in 1999, “The Iron Giant” tells the story of Hogarth, a curious boy who stumbles upon a giant robot that crash-landed on Earth.


Despite their differences, Hogarth befriends the giant, teaching him about humanity. However, due to the paranoia of the Cold War, there are forces that seek to destroy him.


While the giant alien robot learns humanity, friendship, and loyalty, humans don’t understand these values in the face of fear and prejudice.


Despite strong reviews and positive test screenings, the film underperformed at the box office due to poor marketing by Warner Bros.


The film has the voices of Vin Diesel, Jennifer Aniston, and Harry Connick Jr. However, “The Iron Giant” gained a devoted following through home releases and critical reassessments.


It became a beloved cult classic for its heartwarming story, timeless themes, and stunning animation.



36. The Shape of Water (2017)


Shape of Water (2017)


Entity Detail
Title The Shape of Water
Release Year 2017
Watch time 123 min
Directors Guillermo del Toro
Cast Sally Hawkins, Octavia Spencer, Michael Shannon, Doug Jones
Domestic Box office $63.86M
IMDb Rating 7.3
Metascore 87
Writers Guillermo del Toro
Music By Alexandre Desplat
Cinematography By Dan Laustsen
Costume By Paul D. Austerberry


This movie happens in 1962 in Baltimore. The main character of this movie is Elisa, a muted woman.


Elisa works in a highly confidential government laboratory. She has just two friends there and she works as a cleaner.


One day, Elisa finds a human-fish-like creature and gets attached to it. She falls in love with the creature slowly.


Even though the creature is violent, it has a good amount of understanding with Elisa.


And in a world where people fail to understand Elisa, that creature passed the test.


But things are always not that smooth. The authorities are planning a lot with the creature.


There is also a high chance that they send it to space due to its high capacity.


What will happen to their bond? Will Elisa and the creature join hands? The Shape of Water is another movie that I always recommend.


It makes you cry your heart out but it is also one of the most beautiful movies that I have ever watched.



37. Short term 12 (2013)


Short term 12 (2013)


Entity Detail
Title Short Term 12
Release Year 2013
Watch time 96 min
Directors Destin Daniel Cretton
Cast Brie Larson, Frantz Turner, John Gallagher Jr., Kaitlyn Dever
Domestic Box office $1.01M
IMDb Rating 8
Metascore 82
Writers Destin Daniel Cretton
Music By Joel P West
Cinematography By Brett Pawlak
Costume By Rachel Myers


Traumas and pain are no way less than physical pain. And it is quite difficult to treat them.


This is a story of a residential facility called Short Term 12 and the people residing in it.


Short-term 12 takes care of troubled teenagers. The staff at that place include Grace, Mason, Jesicca, and Nate.


Their everyday life is tragic and dealing with teenagers with unusual family situations is tough.


Also, it requires a lot of energy and patience. All staff there tries their level best to take care of the children while Grace puts in a bit extra effort on her job.


She’s secretly in a relationship with Mason. One day she finds herself pregnant and there’s a new person at the residence, Jaden.


That becomes the starting point of the entire story. Until the arrival of Jaden, Grace had been concealing her past and working on a busy schedule just in need of a diversion.


But Jaden’s life kindles her past and she is put in a situation to deal with her own traumas to help Jaden.


Will she do it for Jaden and for herself? This movie actually made me feel grateful for the life I have.


It is so sad to see someone suffer this much in movies itself but what’s saddening more is that this happens to a lot around us and we might never know.



38. Wall-E (2008)


Wall-E (2008)


Everybody knows that earth is us and by saving the environment we mean saving ourselves.


This movie happens 700 years after humans have dumped waste on Earth and shifted to somewhere else as the Earth is unfit for living.


WALL-E, a robot, is left behind with a cockroach, to clear up the mess and make earth sustainable for living again.


While his days are going on cleaning the mess, another robot EVE arrives, to check and examine the earth’s condition.


WALL-E falls for EVE and they both hang out with each other. One day, all of a sudden, EVE starts to malfunction.


Without knowing what the issue was, WALL-E protects her from the rain and dust. One day, a ship arrives to check up on EVE.


But there are also humans who land on Earth back again after 700 years. The environment starts changing and humans have become way too lazy than anybody could imagine.


WALL-E could not withstand anything going on around him and decided to fight humans and get back to Earth.


Is that possible? This movie, again, is a comforter that you might not miss watching.


It was one of my favourites from childhood.



39. Up (2009)


Up (2009)


Entity Detail
Title Up
Release Year 2009
Watch time 96 min
Directors Pete Docter, Bob Peterson
Cast Edward Asner, Jordan Nagai, John Ratzenberger, Christopher Plummer
Domestic Box office $293.00M
IMDb Rating 8.2
Metascore 88
Writers Pete Docter
Music By Michael Giacchino
Cinematography By Kevin Nolting
Costume By Daniel Lopez Muñoz


Even though animations are not entirely sad, a part of them is always stuck with us.


Unfortunately, they are the saddest part of the movie. This movie is all about a little man called Carl Fredricksen and his lifetime dream.


Carl is a 64-year-old widower. He loves being on adventure trips. Before his wife’s death, they had planned an adventure trip to South America.


While he feels empty without his wife, he also wants to go on that trip to South America.


As per the plan, he constructs a flying house and sets for the trip. On his trip, he feels like a dreamer as he meets his role model Charles Muntz, an adventurer.


Also, he befriends a boy. A lot of things hit him during that trip and in the end, he feels grateful for the life he has.


Sometimes, animations are not just for kids. It is also for adults who are busy and on and off with their lives.


This is one such movie. This movie really makes you sad and at the same time comforts you as much as possible.



40. Manchester By The Sea (2016)


Manchester By Sea (2016)


Entity Detail
Title Manchester by the Sea
Release Year 2016
Watch time 137 min
Directors Kenneth Lonergan
Cast Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler, Lucas Hedges
Domestic Box office $47.70M
IMDb Rating 7.8
Metascore 96
Writers Kenneth Lonergan
Music By Lesley Barber
Cinematography By Jody Lee Lipes
Costume By Ruth De Jong


Lee Chandler lives in Quincy. He works as a janitor in a company. He’s named ruthless and introverted.


While his life is going on and on and on, he is asked to return to his hometown.


The news is that his only family, his brother, is dead. Being shaken by the news, he rushes to see his dead brother and help with the funeral.


Little did he know that a lifestyle change is waiting for him. While Lee is already processing his brother’s death, another piece of news from his brother’s lawyer awaits him.


His brother has mentioned him as the legal guardian of Patrick, his brother’s son. Now, this looks like a nightmare to him.


With a dilemma of what to do there are also other memories of the city that keeps haunting him.


Until then, nobody knew that Lee had a family, a wife, and three children and he was very happy with them.


What made him lose his family and leave the town then? Will he like having Patrick around?


Lee’s tragic past is very much saddening and awful. This movie is one of my favourites and a definite suggestion.



41. The Road (2009)


The Road (2009)


Entity Detail
Title The Road
Release Year 2009
Watch time 111 min
Directors John Hillcoat
Cast Viggo Mortensen, Charlize Theron, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Robert Duvall
Domestic Box office $0.06M
IMDb Rating 7.2
Metascore 64
Writers Joe Penhall
Music By Nick Cave Warren Ellis
Cinematography By Javier Aguirresarobe
Costume By Chris Kennedy


This movie is about a father and his son in a post-apocalyptic world. The father and son set out to find a better world, a better place for them to live in.


Unfortunately, there are just cannibals around them. While they are wishing for a warmer environment, all that they see is cold, dark, and gray.


All they have is the memories of their family before the apocalypse and a gun with two bullets.


They would use it to protect themselves or to lose their lives if that is what fate has for them.


Both of them pass roads and find no way to a warmer place. They come across a lot of struggles and chaos that anybody would wish to grant them happiness if they were a god.


They meet new people on their journey, but that doesn’t change their situation anyway. The situation worsens when the father dies by the seashore all of a sudden.


Will the boy have the life he wished for? It is so tough to come out of a movie like this.


You don’t watch it, you just live it. If you need a good cry, then this movie is the one for you.



42. The Theory of Everything (2014)


The Theory of Everything (2014)


The Theory of Everything is a movie that talks about Stephen Hawking. We all know that Stephen is a scientist, but little do we know the struggle behind it.


Generally, people say that it is tough to balance career and relationships, let’s see how Stephen did it.


The story starts with Stephen meeting Jane during his college. Jane’s a poetry student while Stephen studies cosmology.


They both fall in love with each other. In a little time, Stephen comes to know about his illness and tries to distance himself from Jane.


Jane advises that they both stay together. Soon, they get married and have two kids while Stephen’s illness starts getting worse on the other side.


Now, Jane loses her grip. She starts falling in love with Jonathan, her choir tutor.


While this is happening, Stephen’s work starts getting recognition. But Jane leaves him to join hands with Jonathan.


Nothing changes with Stephen, he proves that he loves Jane just as before by asking her to accompany him while receiving honors from the Queen.


That was one of the most touching stories I’ve ever heard. It just gears up all the emotions we have in us.



43. A Monster Calls (2016)


A Monster Calls (2016)


Entity Detail
Title A Monster Calls
Release Year 2016
Watch time 108 min
Directors J.A. Bayona
Cast Lewis MacDougall, Sigourney Weaver, Felicity Jones, Toby Kebbell
Domestic Box office $3.73M
IMDb Rating 7.5
Metascore 76
Writers Patrick Ness
Music By Fernando Velázquez
Cinematography By Oscar Faura
Costume By Eugenio Caballero


Everybody at some point in time forgets that the mental health of a person or a kid is as important as their physical health.


Mental health problems are the starting point of many crimes, reports say. I see A Monster Calls as a movie that addresses a kid’s mental health and how important it is to look into them.


This movie is about a tree monster. Monsters are portrayed to be bad but this is about a good monster.


Conor is just twelve but the things going on in his life are more than that for a twelve-year-old boy.


His mother Lizzie has a terminal illness and his father is away from them. Conor lives with his strict grandmother.


Also, he has something else to deal with, a school bully. One day, through his nightmares, Conor gets introduced to this tree monster.


The tree monster promises to tell him three truths and in return, he would share what’s bothering him.


This movie melts your heart and makes you feel bad when you listen to Conor talking.


If you have kids at home, then this movie would sound like a wake-up call to you.



44. The Pianist (2002)


The Pianist (2002)


We all know what a war looks like. We all might have an idea about how deserted a war land looks like.


Imagine being stuck alone in Warsaw without any chance of communication with your friends and family.


It’s a nightmare, ain’t it?? This movie is based on an autobiography, “The Pianist: The Extraordinary True Story of One Man’s Survival in Warsaw”.


It’s about a Polish Pianist who plays at the radio station,  Wladyslaw Szpilman. This story happens in the second world war era which was the beginning of the invasion of the Nazis in Polland.


Szpilman, as said before, works at a radio station and is separated from his family as soon as the war begins.


He’s forced into the Warsaw ghetto. The invaders choose Szpilman and his family for deportation.


When this happens, he and his family hide in a comfortable apartment that his friend provides.


But somehow they are found and deported while he’s the only one left behind. From then, he starts running to save himself, hitting different places and hiding.


This movie makes you feel empathetic. It makes you want a good ending.



45. Shutter Island (2010)


Shutter Island (2010)


Entity Detail
Title Shutter Island
Release Year 2010
Watch time 138 min
Directors Martin Scorsese
Cast Leonardo DiCaprio, Emily Mortimer, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley
Domestic Box office $128.01M
IMDb Rating 8.2
Metascore 63
Writers Laeta Kalogridis
Music By Robert Richardson
Cinematography By Thelma Schoonmaker
Costume By Max Biscoe Robert Guerra


U. S Marshal Teddy Daniels and his partner Chuck Aule are assigned to an investigation to find out the happenings behind the disappearance of a murderer.


They both start off their investigation at Ashecliffe Hospital. As a part of the hospital, there’s also an asylum that treats people who have done terrible crimes with insane minds.


Things are not that easy. When Teddy and Chuck get there, they get a sniff of what could have possibly happened.


They also find that they are strongly hidden from something. Teddy’s intuition is true and he now strongly believes that something is going wrong in the asylum.


But when he tries to find that out, he gets the worst migraines and before he’s out of it, Chuck and Teddy find themselves in a trap.


Will Teddy come back to a normal state and help people out? This movie keeps you on your nerves and whenever there’s a point where Teddy rises, the plot just like that pulls him down.


If you want to be sad even after the movie ends, then this is the right pick for you.



46. Big Fish (2003)


Big Fish (2003)


Entity Detail
Title Big Fish
Release Year 2003
Watch time 125 min
Directors Tim Burton
Cast Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange
Domestic Box office $66.26M
IMDb Rating 8
Metascore 58
Writers Daniel Wallace
Music By Danny Elfman
Cinematography By Philippe Rousselot
Costume By Nancy Haigh


This movie is a true connection between the father and the son, but not at the beginning.


Will Bloom, the son in the story, is a Journalist at United Press International, and he’s married to Josephine Bloom, a freelance Photojournalist.


The couple is expecting a baby soon. While all this is going on, news breaks out that Will’s dad is sick.


Before we see what Will does, let me explain the relationship between Will and his dad, Edward.


Edward used to tell stories that are unbelievable to Will, during his childhood. At a point, Will stopped believing him and has grown less attached to Edward.


Now, when he hears the news that Edward has Cancer, Will decides to visit him and stay with him.


When Will goes there, he is irritated to know that his father has not even changed a bit.


Edward just continued to tell his stories. Suddenly, Will decides to investigate and find out if whatever Edward said was true or not.


When the truth unfolds, Edward’s life goes away, revealing every story he said. Will gets connected to Edward so much.


Will is happy as well as sad about what happened. This movie makes you cry and laugh at the same time.


It is one of the high recommendations.



47. Still Alice (2014)


Still Alice (2014)


Entity Detail
Title Still Alice
Release Year 2014
Watch time 101 min
Directors Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland
Cast Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin, Kristen Stewart, Kate Bosworth
Domestic Box office $18.75M
IMDb Rating 7.5
Metascore 72
Writers Richard Glatzer
Music By Ilan Eshkeri
Cinematography By Denis Lenoir
Costume By Tommaso Ortino


Have you ever seen a person with Alzheimer’s? When somebody has that disease, it is very much difficult to identify who is hurting the most, the person with the disease or the people around them.


Because the world’s toughest thing is to see a person whom you love start forgetting everything around them.


At a crucial time like that, what would you choose to do, try to heal from the disease, or just accept the truth and live the rest of the time happily?


Let’s see what Alice has chosen. Alice is a linguistics professor and a mother of three grown-ups.


She is perfect, happy, and moves every day peacefully. But that starts to get destroyed when she is identified with Alzheimer’s.


Alzheimer’s is not the big problem here, but how people around her take it is the main problem.


Alice’s children and her husband, John, are finding it really difficult to see her this way.


Also, she is the major decision-maker in the family. So far, she has made the best decisions which have not gone wrong at all.


How the family is going to handle this and how peaceful they are going to make the rest of the story.


Any emotion that is at its peak leaves you crying. This movie touches every one of them.



48. Milk (2008)


Milk (2008)


Entity Detail
Title Milk
Release Year 2008
Watch time 128 min
Directors Gus Van Sant
Cast Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Emile Hirsch, Diego Luna
Domestic Box office $31.84M
IMDb Rating 7.5
Metascore 83
Writers Dustin Lance Black
Music By Danny Elfman
Cinematography By Harris Savides
Costume By Bill Groom


Today, we have recognized LGBTQ communities and we consider them as one among us, but there were times when that did not happen.


Milk is a movie that explains how difficult it had been when people didn’t even intend to understand what it could be.


This movie traces back to Harvey Milk’s career life right from the age of 40, to the end.


Harvey Milk is a gay activist who moved to Castro District, San Francisco. As a gay activist, everything doesn’t go fine and Harvey decides to be more powerful.


So, in the process of saving and helping the gay community, he turns into a political activist.


The movie starts in 1972 and with all struggles of Harvey trying to get a city or a state assembly seat for the good of gay people.


He’s officially the first activist to run in elections. It has not been easy for him, there were so many losses before he won that Supervisor of San Francisco Seat.


The journey doesn’t stop there. The story of real struggle starts when he has to face his battlefronts who are anti-gay and a socially conservative colleague.


This movie makes you feel bad and at a point, you start feeling weird about why people have been behaving like this to people from the gay communities.


It is a must-watch on the list.



49. It’s Such A Beautiful Day (2012)


It’s Such A Beautiful Day (2012)


Entity Detail
Title It’s Such a Beautiful Day
Release Year 2012
Watch time 62 min
Directors Don Hertzfeldt
Domestic Box office
IMDb Rating 8.3
Metascore 90
Writers Don Hertzfeldt
Music By Don Hertzfeldt
Cinematography By Don Hertzfeldt
Costume By


I would really really say, the creators of this movie are genius. Because, I would never imagine a stickman movie to be about death, or maybe this was the first movie that I saw.


When I was just thinking about it that way, I realized that the movie is not just about death, but it is majorly about the life we live.


Bill is the major character in this movie. Bill, in the movie, keeps waiting for death every day of his life.


It is not weird, because there are so many people who just sit there and think about death or dying all day.


This movie revolves around Bill and how he’s taking up his life while waiting for death.


I wouldn’t want to reveal more about the story as it is a one-time experience to watch it without having any clue.


Bill is expecting death but in the end, he realizes the truth about the moment.


This movie is one of those good movies that you wouldn’t want to watch again.


It will hit you harder than a big rock but you’ll not regret it. It is one of the must-watch sad movies and my favourite too.



50. Terms of Endearment (1983)


Terms of Endearment (1983)


Entity Detail
Title Terms of Endearment
Release Year 1983
Watch time 132 min
Directors James L. Brooks
Cast Shirley MacLaine, Debra Winger, Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito
Domestic Box office $108.42M
IMDb Rating 7.4
Metascore 79
Writers Larry McMurtry
Music By Michael Gore
Cinematography By Andrzej Bartkowiak
Costume By Polly Platt


Terms of Endearment is such a beautiful movie that explains the relationship between a mother and a daughter.


Aurora is Emma’s mother, she is so tough and caring towards Emma, which means, she is protective and loving at the same time.


Sometimes, she makes decisions for Emma that Emma doesn’t like. After Emma’s dad, Rudyard died, the bond between the two of them starts to weaken.


Also, Emma starts to fall in love with Flap and wants to marry him, but Aurora is not positive about that marriage.


But still, Emma marries him and has kids with him. One day, things turn upside down.


Emma’s marriage fails as Flap is not able to take care of the family.



51. The Vow (2012)


The Vow (2012)


Entity Detail
Title The Vow
Release Year 2012
Watch time 104 min
Directors Michael Sucsy
Cast Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Sam Neill, Jessica Lange
Domestic Box office $125.01M
IMDb Rating 6.8
Metascore 43
Writers Abby Kohn
Music By Michael Brook Rachel Portman
Cinematography By Rogier Stoffers
Costume By Kalina Ivanov


Again, this is another heartfelt love story that would leave you in tears. Leo and Paige are a newly married couple.


They love each other so much and they are living so happily. While everything is so smooth, Paige meets with an accident.


This accident brings a twist to their life. Paige becomes unconscious and when she wakes up, she loses her memory and forgets who Leo is.


Her parents, who haven’t visited her in a long time, come to see her. When they find out all the truth, they decide to take Paige with them.


But Paige trusts Leo and goes with him. When she couldn’t manage to be with Leo and all her memory loss stuff, she runs back to her parents and stays with them.


Leo couldn’t do anything but start from the beginning. Yes, he tries hard and wins her heart again.


This movie is so heartfelt and it will never fail to prove how much a person can do for the person they love.


At the end of the day, efforts matter.



52. P.S. I Love You (2007)


P.S. I Love You (2007)


Entity Detail
Title P.S. I Love You
Release Year 2007
Watch time 126 min
Directors Richard LaGravenese
Cast Hilary Swank, Gerard Butler, Harry Connick Jr., Lisa Kudrow
Domestic Box office $53.70M
IMDb Rating 7
Metascore 39
Writers Richard LaGravenese
Music By John Powell
Cinematography By Terry Stacey
Costume By Susie Cullen


Holly and Gerry are married and look beautiful together. Their life goes really well until the news about Gerry’s illness outbreak.


This shatters the family and before anybody could think, Gerry dies. Imagine losing the only person who understands you so much, looks like a nightmare, ain’t it?


That’s what happens to Holly. Now Holly has grown pale and she has no motivation in life.


The only person who could help her out of it is Gerry and he’s not there.


But Gerry knew this earlier and there’s something he has done to bring Holly out of this.


He has written letters, love letters, in fact, that would help her to know the person she is and move on.


Every letter has a task to complete and every time Holly does that, she is mindful.


Her parents and people around her think that she is stuck up on Gerry, but in her mind, she’s slowly moving on and accepting the fact that he is no more.


Every letter ends with P. S. I Love You. She receives her first letter on her 30th birthday.


Gerry, being present even in his absence, makes Holly understand that she’s young and she has a far way to go in life.


This movie is an adaptation of the book P. S. I Love You. It is a beautiful movie where you’ll cry and live with Holly, you’ll grieve for her.


It is a must-watch if you want to be motivated in life too.



53. Marley and Me (2008)


Marley and Me (2008)


Entity Detail
Title Marley & Me
Release Year 2008
Watch time 115 min
Directors David Frankel
Cast Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Eric Dane, Kathleen Turner
Domestic Box office $143.15M
IMDb Rating 7.1
Metascore 53
Writers Scott Frank
Music By Theodore Shapiro
Cinematography By Florian Ballhaus
Costume By Stuart Wurtzel


Jenny and John are married and have recently moved to Florida. They are writers and both have secured a job in different newspapers.


Jenny gets to write important and prime stories while John has only obituaries. While this is on, Jenny and John are about to build their family but before that, their friends suggest adopting a dog as a trial before the expansion.


They take in the suggestion and adopt a beautiful labrador retriever dog and name him Marley.


Marley is naughty but loved by all. As he grows up, he becomes more uncontrollable and this becomes a problem for Jenny.


But John after all these times gets a chance to write something for the newspaper and that is when he chooses to write about Marley’s misadventures.


On the other hand, Jenny gets pregnant and a miscarriage happens. Marley’s behavior worsens. Also, Jenny gets pregnant and gives birth to Patrick.


Things start going worse with Marley and they even think about sending him away. Everything starts racing, Jenny gives birth to another baby and the family expands.


When everything is smooth, Marley’s health worsens. Will he survive? This movie absolutely keeps you in awe throughout and you will love it.



54. The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019)


The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019)


Entity Detail
Title The Last Black Man in San Francisco
Release Year 2019
Watch time 121 min
Directors Joe Talbot
Cast Jimmie Fails, Jonathan Majors, Rob Morgan, Tichina Arnold
Domestic Box office $4.52M
IMDb Rating 7.3
Metascore 83
Writers Jimmie Fails
Music By Emile Mosseri
Cinematography By Adam Newport-Berra
Costume By

Jona Tochet


Have you ever dreamt of being sent out of the place you live in all of a sudden?


I bet it would definitely be a nightmare for anybody to be sent from the place they’ve lived all this time.


Jimmie Fails is a Black person in San Francisco. He is the third generation in his family to live in San Francisco.


He lives with his friend in a very small space with his blind grandfather. Mont is also poor as Jimmie.


While all this is still there, both of them see Black people being disenfranchised from San Francisco.


This means, people are disowned and restricted from voting. Jimmie sees his whole family being disenfranchised and this brings him to a sudden realization.


He comes to the conclusion that he has rights over the city as anybody else does.


He sees that his home’s value is being increased and is occupied by white people.


Even though he knows he cannot afford that much and even if he can, people are not willing to move on, so he decides to fight for his house.


This movie keenly exhibits the struggle of Black people and it is so heart-touching.



55. Inside Out (2015)


Inside Out (2015)


Entity Detail
Title Inside Out
Release Year 2015
Watch time 95 min
Directors Pete Docter, Ronnie Del Carmen
Cast Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling
Domestic Box office $356.46M
IMDb Rating 8.1
Metascore 94
Writers Pete Docter
Music By Michael Giacchino
Cinematography By Kevin Nolting
Costume By Bert Berry


No movies could make sense as animated movies do. Inside Out is a beautiful and emotional movie about emotions.


It’ll surely make kids understand what roles emotion plays in their lives while they grow up.


The story starts with Riley shifting from a midwest life to San Francisco due to her father’s job shift.


She needs time to adapt to a whole new life. The city makes her feel weird as well.


This movie is all about the emotions and confusion that take place in Riley’s brain.


To help Riley through everyday life, there are emotions in her brain to guide her.


These emotions live in the headquarters of the control center. The five major emotions are Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, and Joy.


While everyday life is becoming tough, only Joy tries to be positive and help Riley survive.


The other emotions are a bit negative and to add up to all these things there’s a conflict between them.


This shows how confused Riley is. Her decisions depend on these emotions. Things take a toll on Joy and she is having a tough time trying to restore Riley’s memories and help her through the shift.


Will Riley’s energy goes up and will she return to normal is the big question here.



56. A Walk to Remember (2002)


A Walk to Remember (2002)


Entity Detail
Title A Walk to Remember
Release Year 2002
Watch time 101 min
Directors Adam Shankman
Cast Mandy Moore, Shane West, Peter Coyote, Daryl Hannah
Domestic Box office $41.23M
IMDb Rating 7.3
Metascore 35
Writers Nicholas Sparks
Music By Mervyn Warren
Cinematography By Julio Macat
Costume By Doug Hall


A Walk to Remember starts with irresponsible Landon Carter playing a prank that goes wrong.


This becomes an issue and as a punishment, he is asked to attend after-school activities.


A part of his punishment is a play where he plays one of the lead roles.


Initially, he is frustrated because he is not that good as an actor. Now here comes the other main character Jaime.


Jaime is also part of the play. Even though she’s good at what she does, she is always teased by Landon and his friends for being quiet.


But now, Jaime is Landon’s only hope to act well in the play. He takes her help and in that process, he slowly falls in love with her.


He decides to do anything and everything for her. In fact, he helps her to fulfil her wishlist.


But there’s something he needs to know. It’s a matter of life and death. Sometimes, some truths might not be good for anybody, and one such truth is revealed to Landon.


A Walk to Remember is an adaptation of the book by Nicholas Spark. If this movie doesn’t make you cry then no movie could.



57. Beaches (1988)


Beaches (1998)


Entity Detail
Title Beaches
Release Year 1988
Watch time 123 min
Directors Garry Marshall
Cast Bette Midler, Barbara Hershey, John Heard, Spalding Gray
Domestic Box office $57.04M
IMDb Rating 7
Metascore 46
Writers Iris Rainer
Music By Georges Delerue
Cinematography By Dante Spinotti
Costume By Albert Brenner


Everybody has friends but there will be only a few who have seen you from the beginning to the end.


They would have walked with you through all types of roads and dead ends. The movie Beaches is one such story.


Two girls, CC Bloom and Hillary meet in a resort in San Francisco. They two get to know each other very well and become good friends.


But both are not at the same end of the line. In fact, they stand very far from each other.


CC Bloom is a child artist, struggling to come up in life. Also, she is very poor.


On the other hand, Hillary is very rich and has everything that she desires. Both stay in touch by writing to each other and finally the day comes.


Hillary becomes a lawyer while CC Bloom is still a struggling artist. Hillary comes to stay with Bloom and their friendship grows stronger.


Hillary is there for CC Bloom in all her highs and lows. This movie is a perfect friendship movie.


It makes you cry harder than you could think. Also, it perfectly shows the relationship between two girls and how deep it could be.



58. Remember Me (2010)


Remember Me (2010)


Entity Detail
Title Remember Me
Release Year 2010
Watch time 113 min
Directors Allen Coulter
Cast Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Caitlyn Rund, Moises Acevedo
Domestic Box office $19.07M
IMDb Rating 7.1
Metascore 40
Writers Will Fetters
Music By Marcelo Zarvos
Cinematography By Jonathan Freeman
Costume By Scott P. Murphy


It is generally rare to find people who understand you completely. The main characters of our story find each other.


They are the only ones in their own life to understand themselves. Remember Me is a story about two people, Tyler and Ally.


Both of them are depressed and are facing problems in their family and they are just lookout for somebody who understands them.


Tyler’s father doesn’t give his children the attention they need. He is upset with the suicide of his brother and is angry that his father is a bit irresponsible.


Tyler also has a younger sister to be taken care of. While Tyler has this much on his plate, his friend gives him ideas to cope with his loss and come out of it.


And that is exactly when he meets Ally. Ally lost her mother when she was eleven.


They shot her mother just in front of her eyes and she is still not out of the trauma caused by that incident.


To add up to this, her father is overprotective all the time. The two of them get along well, but some secrets are revealed.


These things are more than capable of spoiling their peace. Will they sustain? Be ready with a box of tissues to know what happens.



59. My Sister’s Keeper (2009)


My Sister’s Keeper (2009)


Entity Detail
Title My Sister’s Keeper
Release Year 2009
Watch time 109 min
Directors Nick Cassavetes
Cast Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin, Alec Baldwin, Walter Raney
Domestic Box office $49.20M
IMDb Rating 7.3
Metascore 51
Writers Jeremy Leven
Music By Aaron Zigman
Cinematography By Caleb Deschanel
Costume By Jon Hutman


This movie is adapted from a book by Jodi Pilocut and is directed by the director of “The Notebook.” This movie is about Sara Fitzgerald’s family.


Sara lives with her husband and two daughters, Kate and Anna. Kate suffers from Leukemia and Anna, with all the new technology, was created to save her sister and keep her warm all the time.


When Anna grows up, she eventually realizes that she has a life too. Now, there’s a big decision ahead of Anna as she has to donate one of her kidneys to Kate.


Things cross the boundaries and Anna looks for medical emancipation. Anna doesn’t want to live only for Kate but she also wants to live for herself.


This doesn’t mean that she loves her sister any less, she just wants to be loved too.


To obtain emancipation, Anna seeks the help of the lawyer Alexander Campbell. Sara is against this and she is ready to fight against Anna to save Kate.


What does Kate think all about this? What is going on in her mind? The big question is, how all this chaos is going to end?


Will Kate live long and happy? This movie for sure will make you laugh and cry at the same time.



60. I am Sam (2001)


I am Sam (2001)


Entity Detail
Title I Am Sam
Release Year 2001
Watch time 132 min
Directors Jessie Nelson
Cast Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dakota Fanning, Dianne Wiest
Domestic Box office $40.31M
IMDb Rating 7.6
Metascore 28
Writers Kristine Johnson
Music By John Powell
Cinematography By Elliot Davis
Costume By Aaron Osborne


Everybody loves their parents and sometimes we need nobody but our parents to be with us.


This movie beautifully explains the relationship between a father and a daughter. The main characters of this movie are Sam and his adopted daughter, Lucy.


Sam is Lucy’s non-biological father and he is a seven-year-old mentally. Sam works at Starbucks and is quite popular among customers.


Also, Lucy is left with Annie, Sam’s neighbour, when Sam is busy. As Lucy grows up, she understands that her father is not like other fathers but she accepts him with all her heart.


But her environment takes a toll on Lucy, her friends at school call her dad “retarded” and Lucy defends him.


One leads to another and this issue ends up big. It’s so big that a social worker visits them and separates Lucy from Sam.


Sam’s friends suggest that he hires a lawyer and deals with this case legally. That is where the actual story starts.


Hiring a lawyer and winning Lucy is not that easy too for a person like Sam.


Will he be able to pull it off? This movie teaches how acceptance works and how important love is.


The relationship between Sam and Lucy is so beautiful that we might not want the movie to end.



61. The Sixth Sense (1999)


The Sixth Sense (1999)


Entity Detail
Title The Sixth Sense
Release Year 1999
Watch time 107 min
Directors M. Night Shyamalan
Cast Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment, Toni Collette, Olivia Williams
Domestic Box office $293.51M
IMDb Rating 8.1
Metascore 64
Writers M. Night Shyamalan
Music By James Newton Howard
Cinematography By Tak Fujimoto
Costume By Larry Fulton


The story starts with Dr. Malcm Crowe, a child psychologist, receiving an award for his service.


That night, while he’s talking to his wife, somebody bumps in and Malcolm recognizes him as his old patient Vincent.


Vincent carries a gun and accuses Malcolm of not curing his illness. He shoots him in the lower abdomen right before shooting himself.


Malcolm wakes up and finds himself to be normal and healing a kid called Cole.


Cole says that he’s able to see the souls of dead people which Malcolm refuses to believe initially.


But when he finds out what Cole told is true, he helps Cole to cope.


He asks him to communicate with the ghosts and help them with whatever they want.


Cole also does whatever Malcolm says. Meanwhile, in Malcolm’s life, things are not going right.


His dedication to his work has slowly destroyed his marriage. But Malcolm has identified that Cole has the same illness that Vincent had and is satisfied that at least he can help Cole.


Also, Cole advises Malcolm to fix his life and asks him to talk to his wife when she’s asleep.


Malcolm tries to talk with his wife when she’s asleep and that is exactly when he finds that he himself is not human but a ghost.


Things are unbelievable to Malcolm. How tough is it to find out that you are no more when you are willing to live long and happy?



62. Toy Story 3 (2010)


Toy Story 3


It’s not every day that a movie as captivating as Toy Story 3 comes along. This critically acclaimed film, produced by Darla K. Anderson, John Lasseter, and Nicole Paradis Grindle and brought to life by Lee Unkrich, has captured the hearts of audiences all around the world.


With its stellar cast, led by Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Joan Cusack, and its impressive production values, it’s no wonder that this movie has become a cultural phenomenon. Andy is soon leaving for college and not needing his toys anymore to play with them; he packs them in a box to be kept in the attic, except for Woody, who would be going with Andy.


However, the box mistakenly gets send-off to be donated to a daycare. The group meets Lotso and his gang, posing difficulties by turning the daycare into a toy prison. It’s time for a new chapter in Woody and his friends’ life.



63. Beasts of No Nation (2015)


Beasts of No Nation (2015)


Entity Detail
Title Beasts of No Nation
Release Year 2015
Watch time 137 min
Directors Cary Joji Fukunaga
Cast Abraham Attah, Emmanuel Affadzi, Ricky Adelayitor, Andrew Adote
Domestic Box office $0.08M
IMDb Rating 7.7
Metascore 79
Writers Cary Joji Fukunaga
Music By Dan Romer
Cinematography By Cary Joji Fukunaga
Costume By Inbal Weinberg


Beasts of No Nation is a movie about a small boy called Agu who lives in Africa.


There’s war all over the country and the military is attacking Agu’s village. Agu is stuck up and unfortunately, he loses his father and his elder brother in the war that is going on.


Finally, when Agu flees from the village with his mother, he joins a forest military force out of a compulsive environment.


He handles guns like they were pens and he goes to actual wars for survival.


He doesn’t like it, but he fights anyway. This movie provides a great perspective on war and how it affects the mental health of a child.


And the director has slapped us right into our faces to make us understand how important childhood is.


The climax of the movie is so touching that even a rock would need a box of tissues and a shoulder to cry on.


If you are adding this movie to your list, then it’s a great choice.



64. The Notebook (2004)


The Notebook (2004)


The success of The Notebook at the box office is a testament to its brilliance. With a staggering $118,230,644 gross, this movie is a must-see for all movie lovers. Directed by Nick Cassavetes and featuring an incredible cast led by Gena Rowlands, James Garner, and Rachel McAdams, it is no surprise that it was so well-received by audiences.


Duke, a kind octogenarian religiously reads a romantic story from his notebook to Ms Hamilton, a fellow inmate who’s been struck by Alzheimer’s. The story is always the same; about a young couple from different social standings, falling in love only to get separated by situations and those around them.


With fate bringing them face-to-face again years later; how will life unfold for them now?



65. Dancer in the Dark (2000)


Dancer in the Dark (2000)


Entity Detail
Title Dancer in the Dark
Release Year 2000
Watch time 140 min
Directors Lars von Trier
Cast Bjork, Catherine Deneuve, David Morse, Peter Stormare
Domestic Box office $4.18M
IMDb Rating 8
Metascore 61
Writers Lars von Trier
Music By Björk
Cinematography By Robby Müller
Costume By Karl Júlíusson


This movie was released in the year 2000 but in the movie, it is still 1964.


Selma is a Chekezlovakian immigrant who has recently moved to the US and has found a job for herself in an American tool company.


She stays with her son Gene in a rented place. Apart from the house owners, Selma has a few friends and Kathy is one among them.


In fact, she is the closest among all of her friends. There’s a secret about Selma which is that she likes musicals and loves attending them.


She escapes from reality when she listens to the musicals. Apart from working in the Tool factory, Selma does anything she could to save up money.


When Kathy questions why she does so much, Selma finally reveals to Kathy that Selma has a disease that slowly takes away her eyesight.


The sad part is that her son needs to go through surgery because he has the same genetic problem.


She saves money for her son’s eyesight. Kathy finds Selma very strong and brave. Also, she takes her to the musicals that she loves to listen to.


When Selma’s life is this tragic already, there’s another tragedy that comes her way and takes a big toll on her.


Will she be able to survive this tragedy? Also, keep the tissues and hand towels handy for this movie is going to make you cry nonstop.



66. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)


Entity Detail
Title Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Release Year 2015
Watch time 105 min
Directors Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Cast Thomas Mann, RJ Cyler, Olivia Cooke, Nick Offerman
Domestic Box office $6.74M
IMDb Rating 7.7
Metascore 74
Writers Jesse Andrews
Music By Brian Eno
Cinematography By Chung-hoon Chung
Costume By Diana Stoughton


If you are wondering who the “me” in the title refers to, it refers to our hero Greg.


Greg is introverted. He doesn’t talk to anybody at school and he has only one friend in his whole life and that is Earl.


Both Earl and Greg mostly hang out together. So far, Greg has been a part of every social club without actually being a part of it.


I mean, he takes part in every club but doesn’t make friends there. How does that sound?


One day, Greg sees all his anonymity coming to an end. That’s the day when his mom introduces him to Rachel and asks him to be friends with her.


Also, they both go to the same school. Greg, not able to escape his mother’s request, includes Rachel with him.


Rachel is suffering from leukemia and Greg knows it. With a lot of doubts about how things are gonna be with Rachel, Greg starts getting along with her.


To his surprise, he finds Rachel to be a great person who matches his vibes.


He doesn’t regret befriending her. But things start changing when Rachel’s life is in danger.


Her disease has taken a toll on her and will she be back for Greg?


This movie is very gripping and makes you cry unknowingly.



67. Two Lovers (2008)


Two Lovers (2008)


Entity Detail
Title Two Lovers
Release Year 2008
Watch time 110 min
Directors James Gray
Cast Joaquin Phoenix, Gwyneth Paltrow, Vinessa Shaw, Anne Joyce
Domestic Box office $3.15M
IMDb Rating 7
Metascore 74
Writers James Gray
Music By Joaquín Baca-Asay
Cinematography By John Axelrad
Costume By Marc Benacerraf


Leonard is a person who is struggling with a lot of things on his mind.


He’s mentally unstable and that state hasn’t changed even after meeting a psychologist. To the worst, he’s also suicidal.


At this point in life, one thing a person needs is love. His parents and friends are less attentive to him and he has nobody to listen to him.


That is exactly when he meets two beautiful girls. He meets Sandra, the daughter of his father’s partner, and Michelle who is his new neighbor.


He starts to hang out with the two of them and gets to know them.


Now comes the main part. Sandra deeply loves Leonard while Leonard is attracted to Michelle.


But on the other hand, Michelle is still thinking about her man who’s married and doesn’t want to leave his wife and kids.


Will Leonard choose Sandra or will he choose Michelle? How is everybody going to manage and who is going to be the one that is destroyed by love is the rest of the movie.


Love is tricky and tragic here. This movie assures you a good cry at the end.



68. The Lighthouse (2019)


The Lighthouse (2019)


Entity Detail
Title The Lighthouse
Release Year 2019
Watch time 109 min
Directors Robert Eggers
Cast Robert Pattinson, Willem Dafoe, Valeriia Karaman, Logan Hawkes
Domestic Box office $0.43M
IMDb Rating 7.5
Metascore 83
Writers Robert Eggers
Music By Mark Korven
Cinematography By Jarin Blaschke
Costume By Craig Lathrop


This movie might come under the category of scary movies but deep down, it is a sad and depressing story.


So, this movie takes place in the 1980s in New England and it is all about two people in the company of themselves.


The movie begins with Ephraim Winslow coming to an island for a four-week work where he meets a very weird person called Thomas Wake.


Initially, both of them knew nothing about each other but as the story moves, the two of them are the ones that are going to coexist.


As far as Winslow notices, there’s something mysterious about Wake. He sees him every night, on top of the lighthouse without clothes.


Meanwhile, there’s a seagull that is always around Winslow. Also, he encounters a woman that happens to be a mermaid on the seashore.


After all this, the two of them plan to get to know each other and go for a drink.


Wake warns Winslow not to kill the Seagull as it is like an ancestor and killing it would bring a bad omen.


The time comes when Winslow has to leave, but there’s a delay in his departure.


Both of them are stuck up with each other. This is the time when the story takes major twists and a lot of things are revealed.


People say that the end of the movie is so saddening but horrifying too. Also, this movie makes you think a lot deeper.


It is a perfect watch for alone time.



69. Soul (2020)


Soul (2020)


Entity Detail
Title Soul
Release Year 2020
Watch time 100 min
Directors Pete Docter, Kemp Powers
Cast Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Graham Norton, Rachel House
Domestic Box office
IMDb Rating 8.1
Metascore 83
Writers Pete Docter
Music By Trent Reznor
Cinematography By Matt Aspbury
Costume By Steve Pilcher


Joe Gardner teaches music in middle school. It would be less if we say Joe loves Jazz because he breathes Jazz.


He wishes to achieve something in Jazz, but his mother is not satisfied with his decision.


While this is going on, one day, suddenly, Joe finds himself separated from his body.


Is it a dream? No. Joe has fallen into a manhole and his soul is out of his body.


Now Joe realizes that he’s heading to the Great Beyond but he accidentally heads to the Great Before where souls are trained before they are born.


There, he meets 22, a girl soul, who mistakes Joe for a trainer. Souls that are yet to be born need badges to be born.


So, in order to go back to his body, Joe decides to train 22 and take her badge.


Also, 22 doesn’t want to go to earth. In this process, both souls accidentally come to the earth and see a lot of things.


They experience a lot and meet a lot of people. After a point, you wouldn’t be able to control your tears because you’ll relate to something or the other.


This movie tells you why exactly you should love what you have and be happy about the little things in your life.



70. About Time (2013)


About Time (2013)


Entity Detail
Title About Time
Release Year 2013
Watch time 123 min
Directors Richard Curtis
Cast Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy, Lydia Wilson
Domestic Box office $15.32M
IMDb Rating 7.8
Metascore 55
Writers Richard Curtis
Music By Nick Laird-Clowes
Cinematography By John Guleserian
Costume By John Paul Kelly


Some people say that what will happen will happen. They are strong believers in destiny.


If you are one of those believers, then this movie is definitely for you. About time is actually about a guy who can travel in time.


Tim Lake, the main character of our story, finds out that he can travel through time when he turns 21.


His father confirms that he cannot change his history but this unique power can help him control what happens.


Basically, he can travel through time with a memory from the future and change the incidents.


Tim tries to get lucky by changing the incidents in his life. The first thing he wanted was a girlfriend.


He achieves this after several attempts of meeting the same person, Mary, and trying to impress her.


Finally, he does that and they fall in love. When that’s a success, he goes on and on and on trying to change other unfortunate events that are happening in his life.


He tries to help his friend from losing his job. Also, he tries his best to get his pregnant wife peacefully to the hospital.


But, what has to happen happens. The point is that, in the end, Tim realizes it after exhausting himself fully.


This movie hits you into reality and helps you accept it as it is.



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