Top 50 Most Popular PAW Patrol Characters Of All Time

Paw Petrol Characters


PAW Patrol is a Canadian computer-animated children’s television series that has continued to remain immensely popular among youngsters the world over to this day.


Created by Keith Chapman, the show premiered on Nickelodeon in the United States of America in the second week of August 2013.


It’d be safe to assert that kids who are fans of this animated series just cannot get enough of its adorable characters.


Right after having returned from school, the children preferred to sit on the floor to catch their beloved PAW Patrol characters on the television.


The fact that the series has continues to intrigue the kids speaks volumes about its mammoth popularity.


While their favorite food, toys, and actors may change over time, the show and its characters continue to remain a constant in their lives.


Even though it is difficult for parents to gauge why PAW Patrol continues to be so addictive, one common conclusion is that kids love the show because the characters that it comprises are dogs.


And, since millions of youngsters worldwide are used to having a dog as a pet, they can end up relating to the characters in a big way.


The dogs use rhymes and strive to teach a lot about teamwork through their respective role plays.


Just like how songs are used in schools across the world to help children memorize important subjects and topics, PAW Patrol also has a lot many melodies to help make the desired impact on the minds of the kids who regularly watch the show.


Needless to say, the series and its related creations have gone on to receive a ton of awards and nominations for their merit and success.


They have been recognized by associations such as the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.


So, today, for the children and for those who admire the show, we are mentioning 50 of its finest characters.


Here’s hoping that our readers relish going through the compilation.




1. Chase




Chase is one of the most adorable characters in the series. He is a 7-year-old German Shepherd who has gone on to charm owners of German Shepherds across the globe.


In the series, he works as a credible police and spy hound. He has an amazing sense of smell and sight and his trademark color happens to be royal blue.


However, Chase has a problem: he is allergic to cats and feathers. He also has his style which comes to the fore when you see him riding a royal blue-colored police cruiser.


Needless to say, he carries a lot of swag and is an athletic character who loves to be in charge of most things around him.


That said, we understand that he wants to be in control, given that he was lost and scared as a pup after having been abandoned by his former owners.


The character has been voiced by Tristan Samuel, Max Calinescu, and Justin Paul Kelly throughout the various seasons.


Chase has also been voiced by Iain Armitage in ‘PAW Patrol: The Movie.’




2. Marshall




Marshall is a canine who may initially come across as awkward, but he is a competent 6-year-old Dalmatian who is good at what he does.


It is not surprising then that he is seen serving as a firefighter and paramedic dog in PAW Patrol.


His signature color is red and what is most special about this pup is that he has been featured in the maximum number of episodes and is the most used pup in the show.


He may be seen as a tad clumsy by his peers but it is difficult to deny that he is quite audacious and one of the most faithful members of the PAW Patrol squad.


Over time, we have seen him help Ryder and the other pups in a handful of missions. 


His primary automobile is the red fire truck. Marshall has been voiced by Gage Munroe, Drew Davis, Lukas Engel, and Kingsley Marshall throughout the series.




3. Skye




Skye is yet another delightful character to make it to our story. She might just be a 7-year-old cockapoo, but she does her best to work as the ultimate air rescue pup for her brilliant team.


When it comes to her color, her go-to shade is pink, which makes her character come across as relatable to young girls worldwide.


That said, she can also be seen controlling a grey helicopter that has pink highlights.


Sure, she is the smallest pup in the pack, but one should never commit the crime of underestimating her skills. Not only is she a courageous and skilled acrobat but she is also a competent helicopter pilot.


Tiny as she may be, she loves to take care of animals who are smaller than her and likes to backflip through the air whenever she gets a chance.


The character has been voiced by Kallan Holley from the first season to the fifth, and by Lilly Bartlam from season six onwards.




4. Rocky




Rocky, just like his name suggests, is a truly rocking 6-year-old mixed breed pup who does his best to entertain the fans of the show.


He serves as a recycling and handyman pup and his trademark color happens to be lime green.


Since lime green is his signature color, it is not surprising then that his primary vehicle is also of the same shade.


That said, since Rocky himself is a mixed breed canine, his vehicle can also be termed a cross between a garbage truck and a forklift that can even convert itself into a tugboat.


The character has been voiced by Stuart Ralston, Samuel Faraci, and Jackson Reid throughout the various seasons. 


Rocky was voiced by Callum Shoniker in ‘PAW Patrol: The Movie.’



5. Rubble




What dog lover would not be fond of bulldogs? Meet Rubble; a bulldog who can make you love this breed of dog even more.


He’s 5 years old and serves as a construction pup with all his might. While his signature color is yellow, his bulldozer, which is his main vehicle, is also of the same color.


His bulldozer not only has a crane but also a jackhammer or an excavator on it.


The gruff but adorable Rubble has an affinity for skateboarding and snowboarding. Like most dogs, he loves to get dirty and then jump into a bath to get himself cleaned.


Add to that the fact that he can DJ and may be quite unrecognizable under the name DJ Rubble.


The mesmerizing character has been voiced by Devan Cohen, Keegan Hedley, and Lucien Duncan-Reid throughout the eight seasons of the show.



6. Zuma




Labrador Retrievers are said to be the most familial dogs in the world. Also, they are tipped to be good swimmers.


It is not surprising then that the next character to make it to our list is one from the same breed.


Zuma is 5-year-old chocolate Labrador Retriever who goes on to impress his viewers while working as an aquatic rescue pup in the show.


Since his signature color is orange, his vehicle is of the same color. It is an orange-colored hovercraft that can function as effectively on land as on water.


The character has been voiced by Alex Thorne, Carter Thorne, and Shayle Simons throughout the various seasons.



7. Everest




Everest, as her name indicates, is an 8-year-old purple-hued Siberian Husky who can be found in the snow.


She is a brave character who tries to do her best as a snow rescue pup in situations of emergencies concerning ice, mountains, and snow.


Everest, whose trademark color is teal, was introduced in the second season in the episode “The New Pup.” Her main vehicle is a silver snowcat that has a shade of luminous teal with orange highlights on it.


The character has been voiced by Berkley Silverman and was added to the opening theme in the third season.



8. Tracker




Tracker is our 4-year-old brown-and-white Chihuahua/Potcake who has also managed to make an impression on the minds of the ardent fans of the show.


His signature color is olive and he works as a jungle rescue pup. While his job might be a tough one, he is the youngest pup on the PAW Patrol.


He is introduced to the audience in the third season of the show in the episode “Tracker Joins the Pups.” That said, Tracker can speak in both Spanish and English and his vehicle is a white and olive Jeep in zebra print.


The character has been voiced by both David Lopez and Mateo Carnovale throughout the eight seasons.



9. Ryder




Ryder’s trademark color is red and his signature vehicle is the red ATV. He is the 10-year-old leading character of the PAW Patrol.


What is special about him is the fact that his red ATV can convert into a PWC and snowmobile as and when needed.


The character has been voiced by Owen Mason from the beginning of the first season to the middle of the second.


The voiceover work was taken over by Elijha Hammill from the middle of the second season until the end of the third season.


However, the change in the character’s voice continued to be constant with Jaxon Mercey taking over the job from the end of the third season to the middle of season six.


The character was also voiced by Joey Nijem, Beckett Hipkiss, and Kai Harris in seasons six, seven, and eight, respectively.


That said, Will Brisbin was the one who voiced the character in ‘PAW Patrol: The Movie.’



10. Mayor Humdinger


Mayor Humdinger


Mayor Humdinger is the mayor of a neighboring town called Foggy Bottom. He is arguably one of the more tolerable villains in the animated show.


Quite possibly the biggest adversary of PAW Patrol, he is one of those people who leaves no stone unturned in his schemes to upstage Adventure Bay.


The character even went on to become the Mayor of Adventure City in ‘PAW Patrol: The Movie.’ This was because his name was the only one on the ballot.


Mayor Humdinger, who has been voiced by Ron Pardo, actually turns out to be surprisingly decent towards the end of the “Friendship Day” episode.



11. Cap’n Turbot


Cap'n Turbot


Cap’n Turbot is one of the PAW Patrol’s most frequent callers. He also happens to be an occasional member of the team, especially in the Merpup-themed special episodes.


Even though he is a qualified marine biologist, it just so happens that he seems to be aware of all kinds of facts about animals.


Like several other primary characters on our list, he also has a trademark vehicle for himself; a boat that is called the Flounder.


We would also like to mention that along with Everest, Cap’n Turbot was added to the opening theme in season three.


The character has been voiced by Ron Pardo.



12. Sweetie




Don’t fall for her name or her enticing appearance for Sweetie is as lethal a villain as they come.


She is a terrier who happens to be the dear dog of the Princess of Barkingburg.


She has been voiced efficiently by Anya Cooke. Not only is she a whole lot of fun to watch on the screen but she is also a bit too cool for the rest of the characters on the show.


Also, unlike any other wrongdoer in the series, Sweetie has a goal to fulfill and she does her best to ensure that all her “tasks” are taken care of.



13. Rex




While Mountain Dogs are considered to be ferocious,


Rex is a rather unique Bernese Mountain Dog who proves his expertise as a specialist of sorts on dinosaurs.


He is one of the only few characters in the show that has two trademark colors. They are azure and chartreuse.


Introduced in the season seven in the episode “Dino Rescue: Pups and the Lost Dino Eggs”, Rex has a vehicle that is the azure and chartreuse Dino Patroller.


His ride has a ramp that permits him to both enter and exit the PAW Patrol base when he needs to.


The character has been voiced by Luxton Handspiker for the audience.



14. Robo-Dog




Robo-Dog may not exactly have the meatiest of roles to play on PAW Patrol, but he certainly tries to serve his purpose.


He is a robotic dog who is introduced in “Pups Save Ryder’s Robot.” What distinguishes him from all the other dogs on the show is the fact that unlike them, he is only able to communicate through barks.


Having said that, like all the other dogs and characters in the show, he has a job to do as well.


Robo-Dog serves as the motorist for the PAW Patrol’s larger vehicles and he is super fun to catch on the screen.



15. Tuck




Tuck is another Golden Retriever pup to make it to our story. He is both brave and caring and is one of the Mighty Twins. His twin sister is named Ella.


He is a very caring brother who wants her twin sister to be safe at all times.


In his free time, he likes to play with her, and, sometimes, they can even be seen speaking in unison.


No matter how worrisome the circumstances, both siblings have always got each other’s backs.


Having said that, Tuck tries to do everything in his reach and power to stop Ladybird from stealing things.



16. Ella




Ella is yet another Golden Retriever pup to make it to our list. She is one of the two Mighty Twins.


She has a twin brother named Tuck and is incredibly fond of him. When the Mighty Twins are not working hard, they make sure to spend as much time with each other as possible.


Just like her twin brother, Ella leaves no stone unturned in her attempt to stop Ladybird from continuing to steal things.


Eventually, both siblings ended up becoming enemies of Ladybird after she managed to snatch their pup tags.



17. Wild Cat


Wild Cat


Meet the first feline member of the PAW Patrol. The beloved Wild Cat made his debut appearance in the seventh season in the episode “Moto Pups: Pups vs. the Ruff-Ruff Pack”. And, yes, he does his best to entertain the viewers.


It’s a good thing that a feline character was also sketched keeping cat lovers across the globe in mind.


The most favorite colors for this character happen to be red and white. His primary vehicle is a motorcycle that has retractable claws on its wheels; something that makes it come across as super cool.


However, unlike most cats, Wild Cat is incredibly graceful in his approach and is, shockingly, scared of mice.


The character has been voiced by Tristan Mammitzsch.



18. Ladybird




Ladybird is an intriguing villain in the PAW Patrol television series. And, since she is a wrongdoer, she is both cunning and an experienced thief.


Also, she is quite obsessed with her looks and fancies shiny things. She made her debut appearance in the sixth season in the episode “Mighty Pups, Super Paws: Pups Meet the Mighty Twins.” 


She managed to steal Tuck and Ella’s pup tags to add to her rich collection of glossy objects; a collection that she refers to as the Reflection Collection.


A rather loud character, Ladybird also tends to get a tad reckless with her superpowers from time to time.



19. Liberty




Liberty, who is a canine of the dachshund breed, makes her appearance for the first time in ‘PAW Patrol: The Movie.’ Voiced efficiently for the viewers by Marsai Martin, she is a delightful little character who tries her best to do make her presence felt.


Even though Dachshund is not exactly the most popular dog breed in the world, Liberty’s mannerisms and appearance do manage to make an impression.


Having said that, she has two trademark colors – coral pink and blue. So, yes, her primary vehicle, a scooter, is covered in shades of the two colors.



20. Mayor Goodway


Mayor Goodway


Mayor Goodway is one of the enigmatic characters to make it to our list. Since she is a mayor, she is expected to be calm and composed and in control of everything.


However, on the contrary, she comes across as panicky. It can be understood though given the fact that her job comes with a ton of responsibilities.


The mayor of Adventure Bay is a character that has been voiced by two artists, namely Deann Degruijter and Kim Roberts.


Also, the character lives at the City Hall and strives to serve her purpose from there.



21. Chickaletta




Those who love chickens are going to like them even more after we introduce the next character in our piece.


Meet Chickaletta; arguably the most famous chicken in the whole wide world and a deputy of sorts to Mayor Goodway, in more ways than one.


The panicky mayor has Chickaletta as her pet and she carries her around in her purse.


Chickaletta has a solid gold statue dedicated to her, and she does not have to work as hard as the other animals in the show.


Our readers should go through the episode “Pups Save an Ace” to see just how funny and daring can she can tend to get from time to time.



22. Francois Turbot


Francois Turbot


Francois Turbot, aside from being Cap’n Turbot’s cousin, also happens to be his research partner.


He has a charming personality that is noticeable right from the very first time his character hits the screen.


He lives with his cousin in the Seal Island lighthouse. There, he is busy indulging himself in projects related to art, zoology, and nature photography.


He has a thick French accent that gives his persona a distinctive edge. Voiced convincingly for the audience by Peter Cugno, Turbot’s character is often seen using French phrases in place of English words; perhaps to make the sketch even more believable.



23. Katie




Katie is a 10-year-old girl who is capable of taking care of the Adventure Baby pet parlor all by herself.


This is interesting given the fact that she is way too young to carry the duty.


Even though she does not have a lot of screen time in PAW Patrol, her smart, sweet, and kind-hearted persona is enough to win hearts.


The compassionate character has been voiced by Katherine Forrester. Having said that, Katie has a pet cat who she has named Cali, and she is usually seen to be in her company only.



24. Mr. Porter


Mr. Porter


Mr. Porter may be an admired character on the show but his grandson, Alex Porter, does not carry traits worth admiring.


Mr. Porter comes across as an aged man who may have worked all his life to take care of his family and friends.


He does his best to run both a restaurant and a shop in Adventure Bay. However, his annoying grandson is not exactly be liked by the people in the city.


Mr. Porter has been voiced credibly by Blair Williams.



25. Alex Porter


Alex Porter


Alex Porter, who, as we mentioned, is the grandson of Mr. Porter. In comparison to his grandfather, he comes across as a bit too impatient to the viewers.


He lives in Adventure Bay and is the leader of the Mini Patrol; a group that has been inspired by PAW Patrol.


Aside from Alex, the group is full of pet animals. Be that as it may, they are seldom successful in their undertakings.


The character has been voiced by Christian Distefano and Wyatt White throughout the various seasons.



26. Jake




The fans of PAW Patrol did have an issue or two with the makers; one of which was that Jake does not appear too often.


A place that is called Adventure Bay needs to have someone efficient at snowboarding. Thankfully, Jake is that character!


He handles the snowboarding resort properly and also happens to be the caretaker of Everest.


However, the fact that the audience wished to see more of Jake speaks volumes about his popularity.


He has been voiced by Scott McCord.



27. Farmer Yumi


Farmer Yumi


Any place in the world requires vegetation to sustain its population and the case is no different with the adventurous Adventure Bay.


Thankfully for the residents of Adventure Bay, they have a competent farmer in Yumi. However, unlike what our readers would expect, Yumi is a female.


She has an amazingly caring attitude towards her animals. While two of her animals are named Bettina and Garbie, she also has a lot many chickens to look after.


Farmer Yumi has been voiced by Hiromi Okuyama and Stephany Seki throughout the various seasons.



28. Farmer Al


Farmer Al


While Farmer Al may not be the most significant of characters to have been sketched for the show, his importance lies in the fact that he is a farmer who, like millions of farmers worldwide, tries to provide for the residents of Adventure Bay.


In his beautiful endeavor of ensuring that everyone in Adventure Bay has enough food to sustain their families, he is supported by his beloved farmer wife, Yumi.


He majorly serves as the farmer of Moo Juice Dairy Farm in Adventure Bay, and has been voiced by Ron Pardo.



29. Carlos




While we have already introduced the leader of the PAW Patrol team, it is now time to get acquainted with Carlos.


Carlos is the caretaker of Tracker and a good pen pal to Ryder.


However, what distinguishes his character sketch from the rest of the characters in the series is that he resides in the jungle.


The enigmatic character has been voiced by artists such as Lucius Hoyos, Jaiden Cannatelli, and Diego Rieger – in that order – throughout the numerous seasons of the show.



30. Danny




This amazingly sketched 10-year-old character made its debut appearance in “Pups Save Daring Danny X.”


Danny always aspired to become a daredevil and considers himself to be too cool to go to school.


No sport is too scary or extreme for daring Danny, who has been voiced by Daniel DeSanto and Jonathan Malen throughout the series.



31. The Kitten Catastrophe Crew


The Kitten Catastrophe Crew


If there is a pack of dogs that are devoting their time, sweat, and energy towards the betterment of their society, there is also a crew that is trying its very best to thwart their magnanimous attempts to accomplish their goals.


The crew is called The Kitten Catastrophe Crew. They are the villainous feline counterparts of the PAW Patrol who often go out of their way to assist Mayor Humdinger in his wicked endeavors.


Usually, they are seen thriving under the guidance of Humdinger, but they can even turn out to be stubborn and disobedient at times.



32. Sid Swashbuckle


Sid Swashbuckle


How can a place as adventurous as Adventure Bay not have a pirate to make things even more interesting for the fans of PAW Patrol?


Put on your seat belts and allow us to introduce you to the swashbuckling Sid; a pirate who is in command of the Swashbuckle Sloop.


He is unsurprisingly good at what he does. He has been voiced entertainingly by Charles Vandervaart.


Also, Sid Swashbuckle has a pirate dog named Arrby, who is his first mate. He, in turn, has been voiced by Meesha Conteras.



33. Duke of Flappington


Duke of Flappington


The Duke of Flappington is a recurring character on the show. His importance can be gauged from the fact that he was the central antagonist of the special episode “Jet to the Rescue.” 


A cousin to the Princess of Barkingburg, the Duke of Flappington also went on to become one of the co-antagonists of the “Rescue Knights” sub-series as the show progressed.


The character has been voiced by Ashton Frank for the viewers of PAW Patrol.



34. Arrby




While we have already partially introduced Arrby as Sid Swashbuckle the Pirate’s pet dog and first mate, we would like to elaborate a bit more on his personality.


The male Dachshund made his debut appearance on the show “Sea Patrol: Pups Save Puplantis”, along with his darling owner Sid.


While he may not be a wrongdoer with malice in his geart, he certainly does his best in assisting his owner in stealing things; thus, proving his unquestionable loyalty.


Arrby has dark brown fur and tan fur on his paws and the shape of his head resembles that of Zuma’s.



35. Harold Humdinger


Harold Humdinger


While Mayor Humdinger is a villain who tries to come up with new plans to topple how things work in Adventure Bay, his nephew, Harold Humdinger, has his own style as an antagonist.


Just so it happens, Harold has technopathy. He stumbled upon it after having come in contact with a bizarre meteorite; something that turned him into the antagonist of the “Mighty Pups, Super Paws” episodes.


The character has been voiced by Chance Hurtsfield with great efficiency. Even though he is not too frequent in the show, his antics in the “Mighty Pups, Super Paws” episodes get the job done.



36. The Copycat


The Copycat


The Copycat, also known as Mr. Nibbles, is Hailey Daily’s domesticated cat. He made his debut as an antagonist in “Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups vs. the Copycat.”


Before gaining unbelievable superpowers, such as being able to copy people’s voices, he was a pretty ordinary cat.


However, he managed to attain some superpowers from a meteor. He does not hide his disliking towards the PAW Patrol squad and is always looking out to seek his owner’s undying attention.


The character has been voiced by Callum Shoniker.



37. The Princess of Barkingburg


The Princess of Barkingburg


The Princess of Barkingburg may be a young girl for now, but she will certainly end up being the queen of Barkingburg in the near future.


A significant protagonist of the Mission PAW sub-series, she happens to be the owner of Sweetie; a clever pup who harbors some tricky thoughts in her tiny heart.


Ambitious as it may sound, Sweetie intends to seize the crown to become the queen herself.


That said, The Princess of Barkingburg is often seen with the Earl of Barkingburg in the show.



38. The Earl of Barkingburg


The Earl of Barkingburg


The Earl of Barkingburg is an elderly man who comes across as someone kind and compassionate.


Otherwise an unnamed man, he serves as the earl of the kingdom of Barkingburg and is usually seen with the Princess of Barkingburg.


There is a possibility that he may well be the princess’ chief advisor. Be that as it may, it does not negate the fact that he ends up getting surprisingly frantic when things go haywire.


However, what is likable about The Earl of Barkingburg is the fact that he likes to keep things organized at all times.



39. The Ruff-Ruff Pack


The Ruff-Ruff Pack


The Ruff-Ruff Pack is a faction of cycle-riding dogs who make their debut appearance in the seventh season of the show in the episode “Moto Pups: Pups vs. the Ruff-Ruff Pack”.


The biker gang are formidable rivals ofWild Cat, who happened to be the first cat member of the PAW Patrol.


Their rivalry with Wild Cat makes things superbly entertaining and interesting for the fans of the show and leaves them asking for more.


That said, the members of this gang come across as strays because they are mostly seen wearing dirty clothes.



40. Hubcap




Hubcap is a French bulldog and the leader of the Ruff-Ruff Pack. He has been voiced by Julain Crispo.


The leader of the Ruff-Ruff Pack excels at causing a whole lot of trouble and going fast while riding his beloved bike.


While he may not be as good at driving as the other members in his group, they are usually seen taking orders from him every now and then to cause as much ruckus as they possibly can.


That said, Hubcap happens to be a bit too overconfident and snobbish for his own good.



41. Dwayne




Dwayne is one of three members of the Ruff-Ruff Pack. He is a male Great Dane like no other.


He made his debut appearance on the show “Moto Pups: Pups vs. the Ruff-Ruff Pack.” He is quite adept at making his team steal stuff every now and then and is often a collaborator in all the “wheel games” that they undertake together.


Even though not a lot has been revealed about his other skills, we do know for a fact that he can handle a motorbike well.


However, when the pack is not busy causing trouble, one can find Dwayne smiling and hanging out with his two other pack buddies.



42. Garbie




Garbie, who is Farmer Yumi’s pet goat, has her own ways of dealing with things despite being of a very young age.


While she is determined, she can also afford to come across as adamant and problematic whenever she tends to get a tad temperamental.


However, this does not negate the fact that she is an incredibly adorable character. Also, unlike most goats, Garbie seems to care a little less about what she eats.


Nowhere is this more apparent than when she consumes Ryder’s Pup-Pad in “Pups Save Ryder”. Also, we know that she has an affinity for eating; especially watermelon and pizza dough.



43. Claw




Claw is arrogant and sneaky in equal measure. He is a male Doberman pinscher and ex-knight of Barkingburg.


He is also the co-antagonist of the “Rescue Knights” sub-series. Voiced by Kit Rakusen, he can be seen working with the Duke of Flappington and Jean-Claude.


Claw made his debut appearance in “Rescue Knights: Quest for the Dragon’s Tooth.” He tends to get upset a bit too easily and can even come across as clumsy at times.


He is brown and black in color and has blue-green eyes, a black nose, and pointy ears; each of which gives him a distinctive look.


Also, he can be seen wearing a grey knight helmet and purple and grey armor suit when he is in his Rescue Knights getup.



44. The Whoosh


The Whoosh


The Whoosh made his maiden appearance on the show in “Ready Race Rescue”. Hs is a race car driver who is known for his generosity, as well as his superb racing skills.


However, after he ends up spraining his arm terribly, he has no option but to request Marshall to race in his place in the Adventure Bay 500.


He has an endearing and inspiring personality. While he is patient at all times, he can also be seen encouraging his admirers to take care of their health.


Moreover, he even went on to coach Marshall to race on his behalf and never lost faith in him; even though the latter was seen doubting himself.



45. The Cheetah


The Cheetah


The Cheetah is a female human character who made her debut appearance on the show in the special episode “Ready Race Rescue.”


Since she is the cousin of Mayor Humdinger, she does have a knack for cheating during competitions and using dirty tricks to win her races.


Being competitive means that one uses productive means to get the better of their opponents.


However, winning does not come to The Cheetah until she has found a way to deceive her rivals in whatever way possible.


The proud and selfish character has been voiced by Addison Holley.



46. Cat Marshall


Cat Marshall


Cat Marshall is one of the most important members of Mayor Humdinger’s Kitten Catastrophe Crew. He made his debut appearance in “Pups and the Mischievous Kittens”.


The character is supposed to be a direct replica of Marshall of the much-admired PAW Patrol squad.


He was introduced as the “evil twin” of the PAW Patrol and is indicated to be an opposite version of Marshall.


This is primarily because he wastes his water by spraying it on innocent pups solely for his wicked entertainment.


Even though Cat Marshall may come across as identical to the actual Marshall when it comes to his fur color and spots, he has brown eyes as opposed to the latter’s blue.



47. Meow-Meow




Meow-Meow is a robotic cat that has been created by Mayor Humdinger in the hope that it’d help him win the much sought-after Adventure Bay cat show.


It is a counterpart of Robo-Dog and makes its debut appearance in “Pups Save the Cat Show.” Since Meow-Meow is a robot, it has no feelings or emotions.


It just goes about doing things that its master orders it to do.


However, it can also be indulging in mischievous activities, such as driving a bus through Adventure Bay and damaging just about everything that it can come across.



48. Bettina




Bettina is a beautiful white cow with black patches. She has a pink muzzle, pink udders, and off-white horns. She lives comfortably on Farmer Yumi’s farm.


Like most domesticated cows on a farm, she also has a sound cowbell with a red strap wrapped around her healthy neck.


However, the viewers can see her wearing two pink bows on each of her ears in “Pups Save a Sleepover.”


She is seen giving birth to a calf in the episode “Pups Save a Cow.”



49. Gasket




This female Siberian Husky is one of three members of the dreadful Ruff-Ruff Pack. Gasket makes her debut appearance on the show in “Moto Pups: Pups vs. the Ruff-Ruff Pack.” 


A loyal teammate to Dwayne and Hubcap, she happens to be quite creative with what she does.


One can go on to term her an amateur inventor of sorts.


That said, she does relish stealing, causing problems, and getting herself involved in several wheel-related puns.


Be that as it may, Gasket is not exactly the bravest member of the Ruff-Ruff Pack.



50. Jean Claude


Jean Claude


If we have included the inimitable Duke of Flappington in our piece, how can we think of ending it without including his villainous pet eagle in it?


Jean Claude is one of the central antagonists along with the Duke of Flappington in “Jet to the Rescue”. He seems to be of golden color.


In the eighth season of the show, he can be seen joining hands with Claw.


In addition, he has been the co-antagonist of the Rescue Knights sub-theme, and has certainly played his part in the series quite well.



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