Top 30 Best Korean Anime To Watch

Kumari Kriti RajKumari-Updated Sep 19, 2022

Top 30 Best Korean Anime


Korea has given some of the best dramas and films in the past few years but when we talk about anime for all generations then they are not far away from Japan.


Defining its existence through different themes and different genres, Korean anime has given the best of all the time to the audience.


Whether it is related to adventure or related to romance, they serve best in all the categories. So if you are still wondering what to watch and what to follow, we have solved your problem by categorizing the best Korean anime.


So without further waiting let's take a look at the 30 best Korean anime ever made.



30. Ghost Messenger


Ghost Messenger


Released for the first time in 2010, the anime has got an abundance of popularity. It is a science fiction anime with fantasy and supernatural elements in it.


Enhancing its fantasy through Studio Animal, the series was directed for the first time by BongHue Gu. The story is set in the World Of Death that begins with mortal humans who have advanced technology.


Due to this advanced technology, they try to control life as well as the death of all the living beings on Earth.


When everyone became mortal on Earth then some spirits came together to join the ranks of the Dead. Some spirits totally refused to follow all the orders and tried to remain in the physical world.


As a result of all these things, Ghost Messengers came into action. Coming the Ghost Messengers then they are said to be those who are in between the Physical World and the Dead World.


They can travel into these through the help of technology which can capture some spirits and bring them back to the World Of Death.


The protagonist is Kang Lim who is considered one of the powerful ghost messengers. He got trapped into his own device, which captures spirits and ghosts, called a Soul Phone.


A human boy also comes into the story and disrupts the balance between the two worlds.



29. Hammerboy




Hammerboy came for the first time on 4 August 2003. When it came to its worldwide release then it gained popularity on 6 August 2004.


It is directed by Ahn Tae Geun and well written by Ha Yeong Min, Chol Jeong Woon, Ahn Cheol Woo, Kim Min Jo, and Lee Seo Kyeong.


The story of Hammerboy is related to a boy called Mangchi. He is small in height and also by age but when it comes to his possession then he has the biggest treasure called a Magical Hammer.


With the help of this hammer, he can solve all the problems and get any kind of solution. Due to his possession of a Magical Hammer, he is called to be a Hammerboy.


Coming to the setting then the protagonist lives on a small island called Candlestick. The name of this island comes from the places that turn into a wasteland because of some catastrophe.


The story also revolves around Princess Poplar who comes from the kingdom of Jemius. She is being pursued by a henchman, Moonk.


When it comes to Hammerboy then he is ready to use all his powers and his hammer for the sake of the world and to save humankind.




28. Doggy Poo


Doggy Poo


Considered one of the best in the South Korean industry, the series is based on a children's book called Doggy Poo.


This children's book was written by Kwon Jung Saeng and came out for the first time in 1968. Talking about anime, it came out for the first time in 2003 under the direction of Kwon Oh Sung.


Marking its characterization, the anime has great casting like that Anna Desmarlas, Tony Ruse, Flona Stuart, Josh Smith, and Kate Yoon.


The story is related to a dog who was found on the side of a dirty road. Doggy Poo, a sentient pile of feces, was amazed by new surroundings but soon was rejected by Sparrow in disgust.


Coming to the soil then it also ridicules the doggy, in reply doggy said that soil is mean as well as ugly.


The soil was then kept in the cart of the farmer and left on the side of a road.


The soil was waiting for another cart to run over him and kill him for his life. After all these things, the soil lamented the death of some peppers that happened in drought.


A cart then approaches the doggy who, later on, is found to be the cart that has dropped soil on the road.


Autumn came and the doggy was very relieved as well as very grateful for the fortune of soil. It left him nothing but lonely and uncertain related to his purpose.


Coming to the spring the doggy has approached a hen. The series has become popular and has also won the 2003 Tokyo International Anime Fair for the Best Pilot category.


Its success can also be marked by the 2003 Big Apple Anime Fest which has gained the Viewer's Choice Award.




27. Empress Chung


Empress Chung


Having a unique plot and character, the anime called Empress Chung got its existence in 2005. Getting directed by Nelson Shin and the screenplay was done by Kim Jung Ha, Yoo Kwang Hee, and Shin Jang Hyun, the series is a favorite of all.


After spending almost 8 years on the project, the story is related to the adventures that are based on a Korean folktale.


It is related to the story of a daughter, Chung, who sacrifices her life so that she can restore the eyesight of her blind father.


The name of the father is Shim Hakku who is working for the king and is considered a loyal and very honest man.


His house was set on fire by some minister whom he has rejected to join in a conspiracy. As a result of all these things he lost his eyesight and none of his family members died except his daughter.


He becomes a very poor man and the story goes 14 years further. Coming to Chung then she is the favorite of all in the whole village, who loves her father and is ready to do anything to bring his eyesight back.


And after some time, an opportunity comes when she has to sacrifice herself to the Gods of the sea so that she can get 300 bags of rice to offer to Lord Buddha who can restore the eyesight of her father.


After getting all their courage she went into the depth of the ocean but later on a dog with a turtle and a goose saved her.


The journey of Chung leads her to a Prince too, and later on, becoming an Empress.




26. The Life Is Cool


The Life Is Cool


Life is Cool is an anime that came in 2008 under the theme of romance. The film is influenced by other films called Waking Life as well as A Scanner Darkly.


It is directed by Choi Equan and Choe Seung Win, Choi Equan was also the one who has written the series.


Coming for the first time in 2008, the series revolves around the story of three best friends. One is a heartbroken Romeo and the other one is a hopeless romantic person.


Coming to the third one then he is a goofy playboy. All three characters met in 10 years and things got complicated when they shared the same love interest.


All the three best friends fall in love with a single woman and that is how the troubles started.


The cast and characterization of the series are well defined by the characters and actors like Kim Su Ro as Baek II Kwon, Kang Sung Jin in the role of Kim Tae Yeong, Kim Jin Soo as Seong Hoon, and Park Ye Jin as Kang Yeo Woo.




25. The Legend Of Blue


The Legend Of Blue


The Legend Of Blue is a fantasy as well as a futuristic anime that is set in a futuristic world.


Getting easy access from YouTube, one can watch the whole anime with all episodes. The story is related to a futuristic world where things are controlled by the government.


The government has planned to send mercenaries abroad related to high-tech submarines. The protagonist of the series is a captain whose name is Jang.


Captain Jang along with other crew members of the submarine faces some problems related to the mafia who wanted to control the whole sea.


The reason behind the control remains unknown to the captain as well as to the crew members. Later in the story, Jang and his crew members discovered that everything was not at all true when they discovered the golden ship.


To get this golden ship, they must have to face some enemies who are inside the ship and also outside the ship.




24. Robot Taekwon V


Robot Taekwon V


Directed for the first time by Kim Cheong Gi, the series came for the first time in 1976. After its release, it immediately became popular and inspired a lot of series and movies to run in sequels.


The story is related to Dr. Cops who is an evil scientist. He has one goal and that is to dominate the world by creating an army of robots.


These robots will kidnap world-class athletes and that's how the doctor will be able to conquer the world. In reply to all these, Dr. Kim came into the story and created a robot called Robot Taekwon V.


Kim Hoon is a Taekwondo champion and also the eldest son of Dr. Kim, who leads the robot mechanically and also by physical power.


He decided to merge all the Taekwondo movements into the robot to defeat Dr. Kaff. Coming to another character then Yoon Yeong Hee is the one who is the girlfriend of Kim Hoon.


She is a pilot as well as a taekwondo practitioner who can operate the robot with a button. Coming to production, it is produced by Yun Hyun Mok and is well written by Ji Sang Hak.


It has also got a lot of comic sequels, including films that were released from 1977 to 1990.




23. On The White Planet


On The White Planet


Coming for the first time in 2015, the series carries drama as well as psychological flavor in it. Considered one of the best Korean anime, the series has got its popularity with different characters.


The story is set in a colorless world where everything is pale and desolate. The period is unknown and everybody is getting born with some kind of pale white skin.


The world doesn't have any color except white and that's how the title of the series comes forward, On The White Planet.


The story is related to a boy who was born with yellow skin and everyone treats him like a monster.


Due to this reason, the boy lives in isolation with his mother in the forest. The time when he turned 16, he was depressed by his surroundings, and also his mother was depressed too.


Due to this depression, his mother committed suicide and left him alone in this world. Coming to the boy then he blamed himself for the death of his mother and always dreamt of becoming a normal person with normal skin color.


The story then marks his adventures of becoming a normal person and earning a normal life.




22. The Story of Mr. Sorry


The Story of Mr Sorry


With themes like comedy and fantasy, the anime also carry horror. Coming for the first time in 2009, the anime also carries some drama in it.


The story is related to an unprecedented media show that is on air. This show is on air at a television broadcasting studio.


It is related to a question that asks people whether a spider that has driven an assemblyman insane should be punished or not.


The punishment is related to the execution of that spider. The name of this spider is Je Bul Chal, whose meaning is nothing but 'my mistake'.


He is a young hardworking person who is an ear cleaner. He gets into some kind of memory that is related to a person and his sister and lives his life with these.


To get the results through a television show with the help of polls, the story of Mr. Sorry is related to a spider that was revealed.


Coming to the job then one day in the ear of a legislator, the spider has discovered some shocking memory of the legislator with the sister home he loved and also misses a lot.




21. Dooly The Little Dinosaur


Dooly The Little Dinosaur


It is an anime series related to a dinosaur which is drawn by the cartoonist Kim Soo Jung. The main subject is a dinosaur who is very little and has been created by Kim Soo Jung.


Coming to the dinosaur Dooly is considered one of the most successful characters ever made in South Korean animation.


The animation aired for the first time in 1989 and did its final in 1990. Coming to the main character, Dooly is a baby dinosaur but was kidnapped by aliens.


These aliens experimented with the Dooly with some magical powers and later on, returned him to the Earth. Getting trapped in Glacier, he got affected by the Ice Age.


When the ice broke after 100 million years then he came to Seoul with his oversized head and got the attention of other characters.


Taking a look at the appearance then he has great height and a tail. He has two feet with three toes and has five fingers like a human on each hand.


He also has some characteristics of humans with the habit of eating and playing all the time. Dooly met with the character Younghee who thought the dinosaur was a dog and took him home with her brother.


Coming to her father then he always beats him whenever he gets irritated.




20. Blade Of The Phantom Master


Blade Of The Phantom Master


Blade Of The Phantom Master is an anime, not just South Korean but also an amalgamation of Japan.


The series has been created under the theme of action as well as epic fantasy. It was released for the first time in 2001 under the direction of Joji Shimura and Ahn Tae Kun.


The story is related to a fictional land called Jushin. In the land, a secret government agent used to live who traveled in disguise to the countryside.


The agents were charged by the king for finding as well as punishing some corrupt government officials and giving justice to the citizens of the country.


At the beginning of the series, the fictional land got destroyed and divided into many kingdoms. Most of these kingdoms were ruled by corrupt and tyrant Kings and that's how the mission came and became possible.


It falls in the adventure of Munsu who goes to the countryside and deals with things related to the falling of the fictional land.


The protagonist is Munsu who is considered an anti-heroic in the series and served as a military general. He always carries an inhaler that goes around his neck due to asthma.


When Munsu was reaching his goal, he met with some friends from his past who came into the team of his enemy.




19. Mari Iyagi


Mari Iyagi


Mari Iyagi is considered one of the best South Korean anime that came out in 2002. Its popularity can be seen through the achievement that it has got by winning the 2002 Annecy International anime Film Festival in the category of Best Feature Film.


The story is related to an office worker whose name is Nam Woo. He got a package from his childhood friend whose name is Jun Ho.


The package is related to transferring Nam back to the last summer they enjoyed together. It is related to the time when they were together in the hometown of a small fishing village.


It was just a few days before when Jun Ho left for his boarding school which was located in Seoul, far away from his hometown.


Jun Ho met with marble and also an abandoned lighthouse. These things have the power to transport him into a world of fantasy.


He met a mysterious girl whose name is Mari. The girl has the power of flying and that's how the story progresses well with these two characters.



18. The Haunted House: The Secret Of The Ghost Ball


The Haunted House: The Secret Of The Ghost Ball


Coming for the first time in 2016, The Haunted House: The Secret Of The Ghost Ball falls under the theme of horror and mystery.


The anime also carries the theme of comedy as well as adventure. The story is related to the 102-year-old Goblin.


It is also related to two siblings who live in an apartment building. The only relation that goes between the goblin and the two siblings is the apartment building.


The old Goblin lives under The Haunted apartment building and when it comes to siblings then they deal with all the ghosts and try to solve the mysteries.


One can watch this anime on Netflix. When it comes to the characters and cast then it carries great names with great characterization.


Anna Cummer is there as Shinbi, Megan Baldrey is as Mom, Natasha Strickey as Hari Koo, Brianna Johnston as Ballerina Girl, Anna Barker as The Black Pearl Ghost, Nikki Rae Hallow as Drowned Bluewater Ghost, and Nathan Hunt as Boy 14B.



17. Pororo, The Racing Adventure


Pororo, The Racing Adventure


Also known as The Little Penguin: Pororo's Racing Adventure, the series came for the first time in 2013. Along with South Korean anime films, the series also falls under the origin of China.


It is based on a television series in Korea named Pororo the Little Penguin. The story is related to Pororo and his friends who dream of becoming a champion by watching a white tiger win the Super Sleigh Championship.


To follow this dream they built a sleigh so that Proro could drive but he and his friends decided to go with a handmade sleigh.


He put a lollipop in the sleigh that made it fly up above the sky and crash into a plane.


The plane made an emergency landing with the pilot Toto and Mango. After seeing the medal of Toto, Pororo thought of him as a champion.


To get the benefits from the situation, Toto also lies about him being a champion. The story then follows the craziness of Pororo becoming a sleigh champion.


Related to succeeding in doing so, Mango and Toto celebrate their success. Coming to the cast then there are a lot of characters that get involved in the anime with the help of different voice artists like Pororo has the voice of Sun Lee, Crong has Mi Ja Lee, Poby has Hwan Chin Kim, Eddy has the voice of Su Jung Ham, and more.



16. Underdog




Underdog is an anime that came out in July 2018. It has been directed by Oh Sung Yoon as well as Lee Chun Baek and stars big names like Do Kyung, Park So Dam, and Park Chul Min.


Coming to the popularity of the series then it can be seen through its opening at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival where tickets got sold in just 9 seconds.


The story is related to stray dogs who got abandoned by humans. They try to find a place where there would not be any humans.


In search of a search place, they find meaning as well as freedom in their life. They form their own identity and existence with self-independence from humans and things.


The protagonist of this anime is Moongchi who got its voice from Doh Kyung Soo. Other characters are like that of Bami, a wild dog who got its voice from Park So Dam, Jjangah has got a voice from Park Chul Min, and Hunter from Lee Jun Hyuk.



15. Green Days: Dinosaur And I


Green Days: Dinosaur And I


Also known as Dream Of A Precious Day, Green Days: Dinosaur And I came for the first time in 2011.


Without the help of any computer program, the anime was done by hand drawings. The story is related to the 1970s in a rural town.


It is a nostalgic coming-of-age film related to a high school girl. The girl struggles to find meaning in her life and learns to face her biggest fears.


While doing all these things she fell in love for the first time. The story is about Yi Rang who fails in a race and decides never to complete it again.


A new student came to the school named Soo Min and all the boys started following her as she was quite pretty.


Yi Rang was quite restless as can be seen through her coming out of the movie theatre and crying hard in the restroom.


Her former teammate tries to persuade her to come back to the team but she refuses again. And new characters enter the story, Cheol Soo, whose nickname was Charles and the relationship between these two characters develops into friendship.


Coming to the cast and character then creates a huge remark among the fans. It is Park Shin Hye who has given voice to the leading girl called Yi Rang.


Song Chang Eul has given voice to the character Kim Cheol Soo, and Oh Yeon Seo voiced the character Han Soo Min.



14. The Nut Job


The Nut Job


It is a computer-anime comedy film that came in 2014. It came under the direction of Peter Lepeniotis and is based upon the story of Surly squirrel written by Peter.


This anime is created by South Korea under the co-production of the United States. The story is set in 1959 in a fictional town called Oakton city.


A squirrel named Surly gains the protagonist role along with his rat partner named Buddy. They together have found a nut shop which is later on revealed as a hideout used by some criminals named Lucky and Fingers who were released from jail.


They plan to break the wall and get all the cash from the bank with nuts. The story goes around the gang and some other characters apart from the protagonist who tries to stop the criminal and the activity done by Lucky and Fingers.


In the series, other characters like Raccoon and Cardinal were also seen plotting revenge. They were shown stuck in the ocean surrounded by sharks who tried to eat them.


The casting is done through characters like Surly, under the voice of Will Arnett, Grayson had the voice of Brendan Fraser, Jimmy had Gabriel Iglesias' voice, Mole had Jeff Dunham, and many more!



13. Pucca




Pucca is a South Korean anime that is related to the title character Pucca who is the niece of three Korean men.


They try to run a Chinese restaurant named Goh Rong which is located in a small village, Sooga, under the mountain.


Coming for the first time in 2000, it also focuses on the point of good business and has gained popularity not just in Korea but in other parts of Asia and other countries.


The story is related to an 11-year-old girl named Pucca who is a noodle delivery girl. Without speaking even a single word, she works in a local restaurant that was owned by her uncles.


She also has a love interest in a 13-year-old ninja whose name is Garu. He is a trained Ninja and always values those who remain silent.


Coming to another character, Ching is an 11-year-old swordsman. The story also goes around Ring Ring who is a 12-year-old fashion star and has also a love interest in the Ninja boy.


She, later on, is revealed as the daughter of a Dong King. The series also has a love story around another character called Abyo who is 14 years old and has an interest in Kung Fu.



12. Element Hunters


Element Hunters


Coming for the first time in 2009, Element Hunters is a Korean as well as Japanese anime series. It has science fiction as well as adventure that goes around chemistry and other fields of Sciences.


The story is set in 2089 and is based on a manga series of the same name. It started in 2029 when chemical elements like oxygen, cobalt, carbon, gold, and molybdenum started disappearing from the Earth.


Due to this, the environment started getting disturbed and resulting in the destruction of a lot of people being homeless and destroyed cities within the whole country.


After a lot of research, it was discovered that those elements went to a planet called Nega Earth. The story then comes in 2089 when elements started getting dematerialized very fastly.


So to save the Earth, 3 kids were hired by the government and formed Element Hunters. Their job is to transport themselves to Nega Earth and battle all the monsters and get all those elements back on the earth.


The story ends when they take the help of Professor Carr and Juno and save the planet by getting all the elements back.



11. Seoul Station


Seoul Station


Coming for the first time on 18 August 2016, the anime came under the direction of Yeon Sang Ho.


It is a horror anime and has been awarded as the Best-anime Feature Film in the Asian Pacific Screen Awards.


It is considered a prequel to the live-action film called Train to Busan. The anime is related to the zombie attack in South Korea taking place around the station.


It is about a young woman who tries to survive in a world full of Zombies. It goes along with the three main characters named, Hye Sun, Suk Gyu, and Ki Woog.


Suk Gyu is the father who is trying to research his runaway daughter named Hye Sun. He, later on, found his daughter with the help of her boyfriend named Ki Woong, alive but became a prostitute.


When the father was about to reunite with his daughter, a zombie epidemic came to the capital of South Korea and they all tried to survive in the world.


The anime is written by Yeon Sang-Ho who also serves as one of the producers of the film.



10. Sky Blue


Sky Blue


Having a different name called Wonderful Days, it was released for the first time in July 2003. It came under the direction of Kim Moon Saeng who also served as one of the writers with Park Jun Yong.


The anime is set in 2142. It is related to environmental pollution that has led to the breakdown of humans and their civilization.


A city called Ecoban which is a technologically advanced city was built and gets all the energy from a system called DELOS.


This system uses all the pollution in a crystallized way to generate power. The carbonite extraction was carried out by the people who used to live outside the advanced city in the area called wasteland.


Among those citizens was a young man named Shua. He fell in love with his childhood friend called Jay.


The love becomes a triangle when a new character comes in. Apart from dealing with environmental destruction and pollution, it also deals with class struggle.



9. Aachi & Ssipak


Aachi & Ssipak


Aachi & Ssipak is a 2006 Korean anime fictional film. It is a comic science that has been directed for the first time by Jo Beom Jin, who also serves as one of the writers.


The story is set somewhere in the future when mankind has used all their energy as well as their fuel sources.


To replace energy and fuel, they have engineered a new kind of way to use human excrement as energy and as fuel.


To limit the control of the excrement, the government went to extremes and it has resulted in them facing constipation.


Coming to the title character, that is, Aachi & Ssipak then they struggle to survive in these worlds. They met with a porn director and porn star whose name is Beautiful.


Beautiful somehow to get a pink ring inside her but that has resulted in an exceptional kind of constipation.


Due to these reasons, she became wanted by the police and other characters in the story. To gain all the energy as a resource, people have started building a new city with their excrements.


They also try to generate and control this energy by installing a chip in each citizen. This chip will generate a limited kind of excrement that will be helping in the energy.



8. The Kings of Pigs


The Kings of Pigs


The Kings of Pigs is an adult anime psychological drama that was directed by Yeon Sang-Ho, also a writer.


Coming for the first time in October 2011, it also deals with bullying and violence with systemic poverty. Its popularity can be seen through getting three awards at the 2011 Busan International Film Festival.


The story is related to Kyung Min who is a 30-year-old businessman who goes bankrupt. He kills his wife and seeks a middle school classmate named Jong Suk.


Jong Suk works as a ghostwriter and writes an autobiography but at the same time, Jong Suk wants to become a great novelist.


They met for the first time in 15 years and avoided their current situation by talking about their time in Middle School.


When they were in middle school, they were full of wealth as well as status with grades. They were called Pigs and always got bullied by the ruling class named Dogs.


When they were called Pigs, they get frustrated about it but could not do anything against the ruling class.


By remembering all the moments and situations, these two tried to disclose a shocking truth that happened 15 years ago related to Chul.



7. Leafie, A Hen Into The World


Leafie, A Hen Into The World


Leafie, A Hen Into The World came for the first time in July 2011. It is also known as Daisy, A Hen Into The Wild.


The story of this anime is related to freedom as well as motherly love. A hen mother adopts and raises a duckling and that's how the story covers.


The story is of a chicken farm where a lot of eggs of hens are kept in cages. Coming to Daisy or Leafie, then she always dreams of becoming a mother but cannot lay eggs.


Always dreaming of having a young baby, she tries to escape. In trying to escape from the farm, she fainted which caused the farmer to think of her as dead.


The farmer kept her in the cage of dead hens but soon she woke up and got saved by a duck.


At last, the mother leaves the farm and goes into the woods. Finding an egg of a duck, she decided to protect the duckling and become a successful mother.


She accepted the duckling as her son and named him Greenie or Chorok Head. Leafie gets new happiness in her life and watches her son growing up.


The duckling learned to swim and enlisted to help a bat and an owl. The story then goes on with a lot of obstacles that come in their life and how they together try to solve all these things.



6. Noblesse




Coming for the first time on 30 December 2007, the anime deals with dark fantasy themes. It is written by Son Je Ho and illustrated by Lee Kwangsu.


Coming to the plot then Noblesse is about a powerful noble whose name is Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. This noble person slept for around 820 years with no knowledge of the development of mankind.


Being alienated from the advancement and scientific research with its success, Rai wakes up in an abandoned building. He tries very hard to cooperate with the modern world and goes to a school where he meets his loyal servant whose name is Frankenstein.


With the help of his servant Rai enrolls in one of the high schools and becomes friends with an athletic teenager named Shinwoo.


He also becomes friends with Yuna and a few others and forms a group with dangerous adventures. The story also deals with a secret organization that is trying to uncover the past of Rai.



5. A Day Before Us


A Day Before Us


Coming for the first time on 10 May 2018, the anime shares the theme of romance and slice of life.


It is considered one of the best Korean anime ever made in terms of romance and sweet life. The story is related to the four leading characters who are in their school life.


Their past seems to be drawn in dark and old. It also shows how pure and fresh were the days of school with friends.


The story deals with the character Wook. Wook along with Yeo Rum is there and they together grow up in the High School.


They also introduce new characters, Ha Eun and Yeon Woo. The plot goes around the two couples, the first couple that meets with each other for the first time has different thoughts and perspectives toward each other.


The second couple then started their relationship with friendship and blossomed into a happy relationship.



4. Tower of God


Tower of God


Tower of God came for the first time on 30 June 2010. It is written by S. I. U. who also illustrated it.


The story is related to a boy whose name is 25th Bam. The meaning of bam is related to night or it is related to chestnut.


Coming to his personal life then he has spent most of his life being captivated in a mysterious Tower.


He was not all alone in the tower but had the company of his friend whose name is Rachel.


When Rachel entered his life and also in the tower then Bam got devastated by her presence. One day Bam managed to open the door of that mysterious tower and went to see his friend Rachel.


It doesn't matter to him whether he will die to see Rachel, he just wants to meet his friend.


To see Rachel, he enters the tower and gets help from a lot of allies who will manage him to get up the tower.


The tower is a mysterious structure in a unique environment. Every floor has three layers that serve either as a residential area or the area where people are tested.



3. Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox


Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox


Coming for the first time in 2007, the anime Yobi, the Five-Tailed Fox is based on some Korean folktales.


Carrying some supernatural themes, the anime was directed by Lee Sung Gang. The story is set around 100 years ago when aliens landed on a mountain.


In that mountain, white foxes used to live. After being stuck on the Earth for around 100 years, they try to return home but their test fails.


One of the aliens ran away from the mountain and later on got the company of students. The teacher whose name is Kang used to train students to fit in a regular school.


To save the alien, the five-tailed fox transforms into a human girl and joins the school under a name called Yobi.


After getting admission to school, she gets close to the human world, and later on, she gets exposed to a hunter.


Her soul was captivated but later on, she got released and became human.



2. Oseam




Oseam is an anime that is based on a religious Korean theme. Getting Direct for the first time by Sung Baek Yeop, it released on 25 April 2003.


The story is related to two orphans whose names are Gami and her brother Gilson. Coming to Gami then she is a very gentle as well as a reserved girl but blind.


And when it comes to Gilson then he is a mischief character. By having refugees in a Buddhist temple, they try to help each other with chores.


They try to overcome the loss of their mother as well as their home that happened due to a fire accident.


Due to this fire accident, Gami lost her eyesight. Brother Gilson being very young to understand the situation, still believes that they would find their mother someday.


The brother gives company to a Monk who meditates in mountains and tries to find a cure for the blindness to Gami.



1. The Fake


The Fake


Consider one of the best Korean anime, The Fake came for the first time in September 2013. Being directed as well as written by Yeong Sang Ho, it has got all its achievements by winning several awards.


The story is related to the character Choi Gyeong Seok. When the municipality constructed a new dam then they tried to shift the people of the village to a new place.


The fate of all these people lies in the protagonist as he told villages that a new Church and new housing would get developed.


He also says that all the people would go to heaven and the church can secure their spot in heaven.


Behind all these religious representatives, Choi is actually destroying and defrauding the villagers for their resettlement. The only obstacle he is facing in his aim is a skeptical character called Kim Min Chul.


Kim comes into the story and tries very hard to find a solution against the Church institution.




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