Top 30 Best Komi Can’t Communicate Characters

top 30 best komi can't communicate characters


Komi-san Can’t Communicate is one of the most popular anime in recent memory. And that’s because the show has been able to push a wholesome and adorable story in an interesting and captivating manner.


People appreciate this show so much that it has an entire fandom going on for it. And this is just the beginning. However, part of the credit for this anime’s success goes to its cast.


Filled with incredibly designed and amazingly written characters, the show manages to give us an experience that we couldn’t have even imagined. Therefore, to appreciate these fantastic characters here’s a list of the Best Characters From Komi-San Can’t Communicate.


I hope you enjoy it.




1. Shouko Komi


shouko komi


Let’s start this list with the obvious choice. This is our gorgeous Komi San. She is a high school student who is known for her exceptional beauty and intelligence, but is also extremely shy and struggles with communication, hence the title “Komi-san can’t communicate.” Despite her social anxiety, Shouko is very kind and compassionate toward others and goes out of her way to help those in need.


She is often described as having long, flowing black hair and big, sparkling eyes that complement her striking features. Although she may appear to be unapproachable at first, those who get to know her, discover that she has a warm and caring personality and a quirky sense of humour.


Komi’s presence in the series and her personality overall is the heart of the anime altogether. And if she were to be out of the screen for a long time, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that things will start to fall off for the anime as a whole. 




2. Najimi Osana


Najimi Osana


Next up on our list is the very beautiful Najimi Osana, a character that managed to take the audience off guard. They are a classmate and close friend of our main character, Shouko Komi.


Najimi is known for their outgoing personality and friendly nature, which often serves as a contrast to Shouko’s shyness. They are depicted as having long, curly brown hair and warm smile that lights up their face.


Najimi is often seen as the life of the party, always eager to make new friends and bring people together. They are an amazing listener who is always there to support all those around them.




3. Hitohito Tadano


hitohito tadano


Next up is our amazing boy Hitohito Tadano. Man, he is absolutely amazing for a contrasting main character in the series. Hitohito is known for having a very basic nature going on for himself.


And that’s what makes him so special to the audience. This man is known for having insane observational skills that allow him to understand the other person’s emotions very well.


Tadano’s realization that Komi san needs new friends, makes him an incredible friend himself. And the fact that this man took the time and effort to support Komi san in her endeavour to find new friends, makes him so special in the first place. 




4. Nene Onemine


nene onemine


This girl is filled with energy. And you can sense that right across the screen in the series. Nene is depicted as a supportive and caring person, often acting as an older sister figure to her friends.


She is shown to be observant and has a close relationship with Shouko. Throughout the series, Nene plays a supportive role and is a friend to the main characters, Komi and Tadano, as well as other members of the class.


She joins the class at the right moment and from that point forward, she goes on to make some remarkable changes to the overall flow of the anime, making her worthy of all the love and respect that she gets. 



5. Otori Kaede


Otori Kaede


She used to be a classmate in our anime. However, things seem to have changed now. Otori is known for having a gentle and lackadaisical attitude toward everything. With her long black hair and greenish tinge, her appearance captures the attention of the audience very well.


She seems to be a daydreamer who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. And that’s what makes her so captivating in the first place. Otori is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her personality as we see in various chapters including chapter 5. And when Otori gets into doing something, she will go on and on.



6. Komi Shousuke


Komi Shousuke


Time to talk about the younger brother, ladies, and gentlemen. This is the story of Komi Shousuke who may look like a hentai protagonist at first but has a very calm nature altogether.


Just like his father and sister, he also chooses to stay quiet most of the time. However, unlike them, he doesn’t have any issues speaking whenever he feels like it.


And that’s what adds a layer of complexity to his character. He seems to be silent, not because he can’t communicate but because he is apathetic. And that’s why exploring his character in this narrative is so much worth it.



7. Ren Yamai


Ren Yamai


She is described as having a perverted obsession with Komi Shouko, her classmate, and acts as a stalker toward her. Despite her cute appearance, Ren has a dark side, as she is a yandere who has been known to stalk Komi and even kidnap Tadano, Komi’s friend.


However, her love for Komi is genuine and she tries to be closer to her, but her perverted behaviour often makes her plans fail. Ren is a leader in the girl’s group in Class-1 and is a member of Shouko’s entourage, whom she calls “Komi-sama”.


Despite her initial scheme against Tadano, she eventually learned to tolerate him and became one of Shouko’s companions. Throughout the story, she has attempted various tactics to get close to Komi, including taking panty shots and touching her.



8. Nakanaka Omoharu


Nakanaka Omoharu


This character is entertaining on so many different levels. And that’s why things are so engaging for the audience because of her. Nakanaka Omoharu happenes to be in a Chunnibyou phase.


And so, she calls herself “Arsot Les Primavera” and Komi-san “Princess Komilia”. Don’t ask questions about it. While it may seem like she has an offputting nature, a lot of people do like the way she behaves and that’s why she has such a popular name going on for herself.


After all, there’s nothing more entertaining than a girl who does some weird stuff on screen.



9. Rumiko Manbagi


rumiko manbagi


This girl caught the audience’s attention without breaking a sweat. And that’s what makes her so exceptional to the viewers in the first place. She is introduced in the second year of high school and quickly becomes friends with the protagonist, Shouko Komi, and Hitohito Tadano.


Manbagi is a cheerful and energetic girl with a gyaru fashion sense and bleached blonde hair. She is depicted as being somewhat naive and insecure, but also friendly and talkative.


She is a typical tsundere who has developed feelings for Tadano and therefore, she loses her mind at times, when she is in front of him. However, even if we keep Tadano aside, Manbagi’s character goes way beyond your typical tsundere. 



10. Hitomi Tadano


Hitomi Tadano


Hitomi Tadano is the younger sister of Tadano Hitohito and shares a similar appearance, including big beady eyes. Unlike her brother, who is usually timid and passive, Hitomi is energetic and eccentric.


She is well-liked among her peers for her cheery nature and does her best to help others, often using ventriloquism to pretend others are speaking. During the summer, she greets her brother’s friends when they come to study at the Tadano home and is confused by Najimi’s change in gender.


In a maid cafe, she sees her brother in a maid outfit and takes a picture to share with their mother. On Valentine’s Day, she tries to cheer up her brother who received no chocolates and misinterprets Komi for Katai.


When Tadano asks for advice on what to get Komi for White Day, she again misinterprets the situation.



11. Himiko Agari


Himiko Agari


Himiko Agari is a girl to be remembered by everyone. She is a member of the Library Committee and struggles with interpersonal communication, finding solace in toilet stalls. Himiko has green hair and glasses and is more overweight compared to other girls.


She admires Komi Shouko but initially refuses her friendship at the suggestion of Tadano Hitohito. Himiko holds a secret identity as a food reviewer online under the tag “Ramen is my staple food”.


When talking about food, she becomes serious and loses her stuttering. She is popular among boys due to her large breasts that move every time she runs. Her name is a pun on the words “stage fright” and “cowardice”.



12. Makoto Katai


Makoto Katai


He may look like a dangerous man, however, that can’t be far from the truth. He is a tall and muscular young man with swept-back blonde hair, giving him a delinquent-like appearance that intimidates others.


Despite his tough exterior, Makoto is actually a gentle and shy person with social anxiety. He became a delinquent in appearance due to his fear of being bullied and as a way of preventing it.


Makoto’s fear of others finding out about his past makes him nervous, causing him to act scary at times, but with the help of his friends, he has relaxed over time.


He views Shouko as his communication master and Tadano Hitohito as a friend. Despite his rough exterior, Makoto is shown to be a kind and caring individual.



13. Masayoshi Komi


Masayoshi Komi


Masayoshi Komi is the husband of Shuuko Komi and the father of Shouko and Shousuke Komi. He is portrayed as a middle-aged man with a dandy appearance. Masayoshi has social anxiety like his children and struggles to express himself verbally, often appearing mature and stoic.


Despite his quiet demeanour, he is kind, considerate, and supportive. He makes up for his lack of communication with strong actions and is talented in a variety of skills, including baking, woodworking, motorcycle riding, and sandcastle construction.


He has a strong non-verbal communication style and often holds silent conversations with his children, much to Shuuko’s amusement.



14. Komi Shuuko


Komi Shuuko


This beautiful lady can melt your heart with her enthusiasm. And that’s why she is standing here on our list. Komi Shuuko is the lead character in the series who conveys the role of a mother to Shouko Komi and Shousuke Komi.


This is why she is nothing less than fascinating for the audience as her husband is a stoic beast on his own. She looks incredibly young and attractive, making her a subject of appreciation among fans.


She is known for having a friendly and cheerful personality that attracts anyone and everyone who happened to have a conversation with her.



15. Netsuno Chika


Netsuno Chika


Standing as the rival for Komi-san the next character on our list is Netsuno Chika. She is one of the lead characters in the series who happened to have red hair and fire-shaped irises.


This allows her to portray an athletic and energetic personality, making her an amazing person to look forward to. Her levels of energy are something that you can’t help but appreciate all your viewing experience.


And her energy comes with a sense of competitiveness against her opponents. While she did beat Shouko in her races, her outlook on the situation was filled with a positive and optimistic perspective.



16. Makeru Yadano


Makeru Yadano


Yadano Makeru is a determined and competitive young woman who has set her sights on beating Komi Shouko in various competitions. She has distinctive twin tails and wears a beaded bracelet.


Despite being defeated by Komi repeatedly, Yadano remains optimistic and never gives up on her goal of defeating her rival. She has a small following of mostly male fans who are drawn to her competitiveness.


Yadano takes part in various events and tries to best Komi, but to no avail. Despite this, she remains undeterred and always seeks new opportunities to compete against Komi. She even appears in Komi’s dreams and participates in the sports festival’s baton race.


For the culture festival, Yadano proposes a competition but her suggestion is one of many and not chosen.



17. Nokoko Inaka


Nokoko Inaka


Nokoko Inaka is a student from the countryside with insecurities about her background. She has short black hair, three freckles on each cheek, and wears a longer skirt with her school uniform.


Despite initial worries, Nokoko discovers that her classmates don’t judge her for her accent during a school trip to Kyoto. She aspires to be like Komi Shouko, a friend of hers, and tries to emulate her as the epitome of a “city girl.”


Nokoko has several notable appearances throughout the story, including working as a shrine maiden at a souvenir booth with Shouko, participating in a school trip to Kyoto with classmates Onemine and Otori, and appearing in a fantasy of Shinobino. At the end of the school year, she says goodbye to Shouko before they are split into different classes for the next year.



18. Kometani Chuusaku


Kometani Chuusaku


Kometani Chushaku is a character in the manga who serves as a commentator, providing a unique perspective and commentary on the events in the story. He has short black hair with three tufts sticking out and is described as small and cute.


He wears the standard Itan Private High School uniform and is characterized by his snarky and blunt deadpan personality. Kometani is friends with Naruse and often appears on the edges of the manga panels or in the corners of the screen, serving as a commentator.


He is also talented in snowboarding and gaming. Despite his straightforward personality, Kometani is not malicious and was quick to recognize Naruse as a good person, encouraging Tadano to give him a chance.



19. Naruse Shisuto


Naruse Shisuto


Naruse Shisuto is a supporting character in the manga series “Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu”. He has blue hair styled in gel and wears glasses, frequently adjusting his bangs and wearing earbuds.


Despite considering himself a celebrity and believing that everyone is a fan of his, he feels that others are too intimidated to approach him. He meets Komi after she returns his dropped handkerchief and becomes friends with Tadano through his friend Kometani.


In their second year of high school, Naruse is in the same class as Komi and her friends and begins to spend time with them. During a school trip, he trips and is rescued by lifeguards, leading him to start developing feelings toward Ase, who later confesses to being in a relationship with him.



20. Shinobino Mono


Shinobino Mono


Shinobino Mono is a student in class 1-1. He stands out with his distinctive outfit, consisting of the standard school uniform paired with black accessories such as a face mask, bandana, gloves, and scarf.


He is close with Chiarai and Sonoda, and the trio can be seen considering the dating prospects of the female classmates in Volume 6, Chapters 75 and 77 where they are given a prominent role.



21. Kishi Himeko


Kishi Himeko


Kishi Himeko is a force to be reckoned with. She presents herself as Komi Shouko’s bodyguard and is part of a group of popular girls led by Ren Yamai. Kishi is tall, with a long light blonde (grey in the anime) hair tied in a ponytail, and stands at approximately 172 cm.


She wears the standard school uniform and knight’s armour on her elbows and knees. Despite her association with Ren’s group, Kishi remains somewhat mysterious, with her face often hidden from view.


However, she is known to be proficient in various martial arts, such as kendo, judo, karate, fencing, and horse riding, which she learned at a young age.



22. Sasaki Ayami


Sasaki Ayami


You may have not noticed her all that much. However, she was quite notable at one point. Sasaki Ayami is included in Komi’s group for the first-year field trip and is recognizable by her short hair with a bang falling on the right side of her face and black headband.


Along with Katou Mikuni, Sasaki makes a promise to make the field trip as fun as possible for Komi. During a movie outing, she shows off her yo-yo skills by scaring off some potential kidnappers.


Sasaki is a highly skilled yo-yo master and placed third in the world championship, although she is embarrassed about it and hides the fact from others by pretending to just lounge around at home.



23. Isagi Kiyoko


Isagi Kiyoko


Next up on our list, we have Isagi Kiyoko. She is a classmate of Shouko and has taken over the role of student council president from Ichou Setoka. Isagi is known for her short, wavy black hair and her signature black glasses.


She is of average height at 155.5 cm and weighs 50.2 kg. She developed a phobia of germs and dirt in middle school and as a result, avoids physical contact with others.


This phobia was triggered by an incident involving a dirty cloth. Despite her best efforts to avoid contact, a friend of hers, Ase Shibuki, greeted her by tapping her shoulder, causing Isagi to react harshly and call her friend “filthy”. This caused Isagi to feel guilty for hurting Ase’s confidence.



24. Ase Shibuki


Ase Shibuki


Another classmate of Shouko whom you might have forgotten. However, she did play her role very well. She is a friend and classmate of Shouko, who is described as friendly but also anxious and insecure due to her chronic sweating problem.


Despite this, Ase possesses a talent for snowboarding and gradually becomes more confident and forms close relationships with her classmates, including Isagi Kiyoko. Ase was introduced in the manga when she arrives at school covered in sweat, and she uses antiperspirant spray to alleviate the issue.


Over time, she grows closer to Kiyoko and assists her in her campaign for student council president.



25. Hiki Komorebi


Hiki Komorebi


She may seem like an obscure character at first, but her presence does capture attention. Her first appearance is in chapter 275, and she is characterized by her black hair, pale skin, angular eyes, and towering height of 181.2cm.


In her initial appearance, Komorebi is depicted as intimidating due to her large overcoat. In chapter 326, she is shown as a student at Itan Private High School, wearing the school uniform, including tights like the main character, Komi Shouko.


Despite her daunting appearance, Komorebi is actually very timid and self-deprecating, but as Komi learns about her background, she begins to see the struggles and emotions they both share.



26. Onigashima Akako


Onigashima Akako


Let’s take a closer look at one of our beloved characters Onigashima Akako. She has distinctive features such as short hair with a standout strand and a fang on the left side of her mouth and is often seen in the Itan Private High School uniform.


Akako’s hair spikes up when she becomes angry. She was originally part of Yamai Ren’s friend group and made her first appearance in Chapter 19. In Chapter 121, Akako is portrayed as being easygoing but can become irritated by small nuisances.


Komi helps her with her tangled headphones and Akako takes Komi and her friends to a batting centre to show her impressive batting skills as a way of saying thank you.



27. Emoyama Yuragi


Emoyama Yuragi


Emoyama Yuragi is a student in her third year at Itan Private High School. Yuragi has long dark hair that covers her eyes and reaches down to her mid-back, tied back with a bow that has “E=mc2” written on it.


She wears the Itan High School uniform, which consists of a sweater with long sleeves, a knee-length skirt, and knee-high stockings. Yuragi is introduced in Chapter 216, where she strolls around the school halls observing her classmates and saying “Emo” whenever something moves her emotionally.


She knows the history of all her classmates and is shown to be easily overwhelmed by emotions.



28. Maeda Jukujosuki Hoshio


Maeda Jukujosuki Hoshio


This man seems to be just as expressionless as you can imagine. And that is what makes him so attractive to all of us. Jukujosuki is a member of the Social and Cultural Research Club and appears in the manga along with fellow club members, Amami Satou and Eiko Ushiroda.


He is often seen working on club projects and participating in club activities. Not much is known about his background or personality.



29. Katai Ai


Katai Ai


This tough girl will win your heart without breaking a sweat. And that’s why she deserves to be here on our list. Ai is known for her appearance as a bosozoku biker and is perceived as a tough and strong-willed individual.


Despite her rough exterior, Ai is a romantic person, who is easily moved by appeals to her feminine side and has a soft spot for cute things. She values her femininity and has strong feelings for Komi Shousuke, showing a tsundere attitude.


Ai is first introduced in Chapter 94 and her character is developed in Chapter 198, where she makes a boxed lunch for Shousuke and goes on an outing with him and the other characters.



30. Satou Amami


Satou Amami


This humble and generous girl needs your recognition. After all, how else can we appreciate her presence? Satou Amami is known for her helpful and kind personality, and her tendency to eagerly agree to any request from her classmates, even before they have asked.


She has distinctive short hair with longer sides and a protruding back and is frequently seen wearing the school uniform. Satou arrives at class early every day to clean and once asked Komi, Tadano, and Najimi to assist her in cleaning up before school.


Despite her willingness to accept any request, she is a compassionate and generous person.



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