Top 50 Best Dragon Movies Of All Time

Top Best Dragon Movies Of All Time


The modern cinematic landscape may be monopolized by superheroes but one cannot deny the fact that inserting a fire-breathing behemoth in a well-mounted mainstream project more than doubles its entertainment value even today.


Therefore, dragons that have been demonstrated in film industries across the globe have successfully appealed to people of all age groups.


Besides being mysterious, terrifying, and indomitable, these creatures have also been seen communicating in some prominent titles.


And, since communication paves the way for different perspectives and a deeper level of understanding, even dragons have ended up forming a connection with humans over the years; at least in the numerous cinematic endeavors.


One illustration of the same was recently glimpsed in the blockbuster television series Game of Thrones. The dragons that featured in its storyline became essential to the success of the show itself.


Needless to say, filmmakers cannot afford to develop a dull dragon for their respective credits today; especially not when technology has advanced tremendously in the 21st century.


So what if there is a paucity of great mainstream features that include a dragon among their list of characters, there certainly have been a few noteworthy offerings that merit a place on our list.




1. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)


The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)


There is no denying the fact that J. R. R. Tolkien’s fans are of the opinion that no feature film, no matter how big or popular, could ever do justice to the classic books of the author.


While the aforementioned statement may be true, one has to concede that the spectacular The Lord of the Rings trilogy of motion pictures from the early 2000s revolutionized how fictitious stories were molded for the big screen audience.


The mesmerizing special effects of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers were something to relish on the silver screen.


The legacy of the film was strengthened by the fact that the projection of dragons went on to make an undeniable impact on the minds of the viewers following its theatrical outing.


The movie won awards for Best Sound Editing and Best Visual Effects at the Oscars.




2. Spirited Away (2001)


Spirited Away (2001)


One of the highest-grossing movies in the history of Japanese cinema, Spirited Away is arguably the finest representation of an “Asian” dragon in a mainstream motion picture.


The story of the film follows a ten-year-old Chihiro who ends up at a deserted amusement park along with her parents.


However, the park is full of supernatural beings and before she knows it, her parents are turned into pigs.


Now, Chihiro has no option but to find a way to free her parents. In her daring endeavors, she is aided by an unlikely companion.


Written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, this animated fantasy feature went on to flex its muscles quite handsomely at the box office.


Better still, it was honored with the Best Animated Feature trophy at the 75th Academy Awards; therefore, making it the first and the only non-English-language animated flick to have won in the category to date.




3. How to Train Your Dragon (2010)


How to Train Your Dragon (2010)


Loosely based on Cressida Cowell’s book of the same name, this computer-animated action fantasy film is set in a mythical Viking world.


It was such a huge success at the box office that it went on to spawn an entire franchise of merchandise, television shows, video games, and, most importantly, sequels.


The script traces the journey of a young Viking teenager named Hiccup who yearns to follow his tribe’s age-old tradition of transforming into a man by slaying a dragon.


However, things go for a toss when he ends up befriending the dragon that he was supposed to slay.


This motion picture has more to it than just its commercial value. It is a moving tale of an underappreciated youngster who goes on to win the heart of his community by using his power of kindness and conviction.


Evidently, a lot of thought has been put into the development of some wildly imaginative dragons for the continuation of the franchise.


Touted to be one of the best dragon movies of all time, How to Train Your Dragon was adored for its captivating animation and dramatic depth.




4. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows II (2011)


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows II (2011)


This David Yates directorial venture tracks how the formidable trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione race against time with an aim to annihilate the remaining Horcruxes.


The motion picture also shows loyal students and teachers coming together to protect their beloved Hogwarts against the dreadful Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters.


Even though dragons can be seen appearing briefly in a few films of the franchise, the best one comes to the fore when Harry and his pals attempt a heist from the Gringotts Wizarding Bank and encounter a sightless albino dragon; one that provides them with a getaway.



5. Shrek (2001)


Shrek (2001)


Shrek is a smash-hit animated feature that is credited with presenting dragons in a fresh light. We say so because the audience can find a female dragon applying lipsticks and eyeliners in the flick.


Better still, one can even find her falling head over heels in love with a donkey. Yes, you read that right!


Even though the dragon in the movie initially comes across as a threat, it soon begins to play a part in a rather funny love angle. Therefore, do not be surprised if you catch a glimpse of the donkey-dragon hybrids in the Shrek movies.


The story of the first film follows an ogre, Shrek, who embarks on an adventurous journey with a dim-witted donkey to rescue his lady love Fiona from an unpleasant lord.


The motion picture, which was happily accepted by the viewers upon its theatrical release, thrived on its cutting-edge CGI and comical characters, including that of a dragon.



6. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)


Not a lot of viewers across the globe would have expected to catch an actor as talented as Benedict Cumberbatch portraying a greedy dragon in this commercial and critical blockbuster.


However, the sequences illustrating the dragon’s special effects, coupled with the film’s storytelling, truly made The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug an enthralling watch.


The story of the fantasy adventure drama shows the dangers Bilbo Baggins and his fellow companions face while on their way to Laketown.


After having reached the Lonely Mountain, Bilbo, the hobbit, is shocked to find himself facing a fearsome dragon. Cumberbatch did not only end up voicing the perilous dragon but he also enacted the character in a motion-capture suit.


Needless to say, the actor was able to demonstrate the dragon’s lust for gold and vengeance with remarkable clarity on the big screen.



7. How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)


How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)


Partially based on author Cressida Cowell’s book series of the same name, this Dean DeBlois directorial venture follows the journey of Hiccup and Toothless who are confronted with the threat of a dragon trapper, who is known for capturing and conquering dragons.


However, they appear determined to best him and restore peace and calm on Berk. A worthy sequel to the original, How to Train Your Dragon 2 was lauded for its dark tone, animation, voice acting, and emotional depth.


It went on to win the well-deserved Best Animated Feature Film trophy at the Golden Globe Awards.



8. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)


Ardent fans of the Harry Potter film franchise ensure never to miss out on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, no matter where it streams.


While one of the most important elements of the Triwizard Tournament is the dragon battle, the book, in fact, introduces its readers to a ton of dragons.


The story shows Harry Potter getting selected as the fourth and most popular participant in the inter-school Triwizard Tournament. However, he soon finds himself succumbing to a dark and dangerous conspiracy as the competition progresses.


Even though several creatures and components were responsible for ascertaining that the Goblet of Fire turned out to be as amazing as it was, one cannot deny the fact that the dragon scenes went on to amass a mini-following of their own; thus, adding to the cult status of this particular installment of the franchise.



9. Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings (2021)


shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings (2021)


Released in 2021, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings tells the story of the titular Shang-Chi; a martial artist who happens to be living a quiet life after having left his father and the Ten Rings organisation behind.


However, his past comes haunting him years later and he has no option but to withstand that attack by the aforementioned organisation.


In this very unusual Marvel Cinematic Universe offering, a massive, snake-like Chinese dragon is revealed. We see it swimming through blue-green water.


This very significant water dragon is none other than the Great Protector. An engaging motion picture from start to finish, this project is the close-to-perfect blend of Marvel’s masterful CGI and martial arts.


Even though its second half may be a bit vague in its nature and impact, the amazing fight choreography throughout its runtime tries to make up for it.


That said, watch out for the incredibly fast-paced fight sequence between the dragons, which definitely manages to grab your attention.


While the film certainly does intrigue you for the better part of its runtime, there certainly comes a time when the CGI gets in the way of the storytelling.


Be that as it may, the aesthetics of the movie are well and truly a treat for the eyes.



10. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023)


Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023)


Fun, fantasy, action, and adventure; Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves vows to bring it all to the fans of the role-playing game.


The motion picture comprises an able star cast and takes the excitement from the game to adapt it to the big screen in the most entertaining way possible.


One of the most crowd-pleasing moments in this multi-starrer project is the appearance of the red dragon who goes by the name of Themberchaud.


Needless to say, its terrifying portrayal allows the amusing film to check off the boxes of both dungeon and dragon.



11. Fantasia (1940)


Fantasia (1940)


Not a lot of people would have expected to find this classic animated musical anthology feature film from Walt Disney on our list.


Aside from its show-stopping music, some of us have also come to like this bright and highly experimental motion picture for being more than just your usual musical flick.


Believe it or not, a small section of the viewers even see it as a gritty fantasy-style dragon flick, courtesy of a sequence or two.


Needless to say, Fantasia may have been planned to boost Mickey Mouse’s career, but it turned out to be a full-blown feature that carried a lot more than what its summary suggested.



12. The Flight of Dragons (1982)


The Flight of Dragons (1982)


Since it was not always technologically plausible to showcase the beastliness and magic of dragons on celluloid, certain animated features were produced to try to make the dragon movies an all-encompassing experience for the big screen audience.


The Flight of Dragons was one such undertaking. The story of this animated fantasy film follows a young writer from Boston who decides to travel back in time to an era where wizards and dragons reigned supreme, and science, of course, took a back seat.


Dragon movie enthusiasts should not judge this film based merely on its posters for it was produced at a time when technology wasn’t refined.


That said, The Flight of Dragons is still a dramatic and entertaining watch that succeeds big time, courtesy of its intelligent dialogues, diligent voice acting, and authentic feel.



13. Mulan (1998)


Mulan (1998)


Mulan is one of those iconic animated feature films whose plot structure has appealed to both young and mature audiences across the world.


The critically acclaimed film follows the journey of a young girl named Mulan who is upset about her father being coerced to join the army.


To ensure that he continues to remain protected, Mulan disguises herself as her beloved father and ends up enlisting on his behalf.


Fa Mulan is often seen in the company of a fast-talking and thoroughly entertaining Chinese dragon named Mushu; a self-absorbed beast who seems to have appointed himself as her caretaker.



14. The NeverEnding Story (1984)


The NeverEnding Story (1984)


Based on Michael Ende’s book of the same name, The NeverEnding Story comprises a dragon who does not only fly but can also be glimpsed smiling.


Therefore, a major part of this motion picture is about a beaming luck dragon who exudes passion and positive energy.


Helmed by Wolfgang Petersen, the film tells the story of Bastain, who decides to take refuge in an old bookstore to evade the bleak life and relentless bullies at school.


While at the store, he starts reading an ancient story and finds himself getting drawn to the fantastical world of Fantasia.


Even though the large brown eyes and fuzzy fur of the dragon may come across as odd to viewers who may be watching the movie for the first time today, its popularity can never be questioned.


Also, the fact that the dragon goes on to teach a harmless but important lesson to Bastian’s bullies pretty much made him immortal in the eyes of the film’s fans.



15. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019)


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019)


Make way for the third installment of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. Written and directed by Dean DeBlois, the film showcases the efforts taken by Hiccup to unite the Vikings and the dragons to ascertain the possibility of harmony on the island of Berk.


However, before peace is met, Hiccup is faced with the task of deterring the violent Grimmel who has plans in place for the destruction of all dragons.


Much like its predecessors, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World was appreciated for its emotional depth, voice acting, and animation, and was a successful venture at the box office.



16. Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)


Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)


This computer-animated fantasy adventure film tells the story of a warrior named Raya who aims to track down a dragon, Sisu; one that seems to have transported her powers into a magical gem that has been dissipated throughout the kingdom.


This starts to create a rift between the people of the region. Sisu is one of the better-looking dragons that you’ll get to catch on-screen.


And, “better-looking” is not usually a term we associate with dragons. That said, the project was nominated for the Best Animated Feature Film at the 94th Academy Awards.



17. Jason and the Argonauts (1963)


Jason and the Argonauts (1963)


Helmed for the screen by Don Chaffey, this Anglo-American independent mythological fantasy adventure film is credited with developing one of the most impressive monsters during the early years of mainstream cinema.


The film tracks the journey of a young man, Jason, who is pursuing the magical Golden Fleece. For his pursuit, he goes on a voyage after having teamed up with some of Greece’s best warriors.


During the course of their journey, the squad is forced to face a hydra, a few harpies, and a skeleton army.


Although the film failed to mint money at the box office, it is considered to be a cult classic today.



18. Willow (1988)


Willow (1988)


A lot of viewers give credit to this Ron Howard directorial venture for being one of the first fantasy feature films to have introduced a dragon to them.


Therefore, it is not surprising that they may have ended up relishing the project, courtesy of its inclusion of an archaic two-headed dragon.


The story tracks the journey of a farmer named Willow, who is given the task of delivering Princess Elora to the humans for her own safety.


However, he faces a lot of obstacles while trying to complete his task. There is a sequence in the motion picture that shows Willow kicking a hatching two-headed dragon into a moat.


However, to the surprise of the viewers, the dragon is soon seen growing rapidly and devouring humans. Indeed, a sight for sore eyes for those who love to catch dragons on the screen.



19. Wish Dragon (2021)


Wish Dragon (2021)


This computer-animated fantasy comedy feature film has been written and directed by Chris Appelhans. The story follows Din, who decides to reunite with his childhood friend Li Na after having met an enigmatic old man.


In his endeavors, Din is helped by a wish-granting dragon; one that appears out of the teapot that was offered to him by the same old man.


Despite the fact that its humor may come across as juvenile to viewers of contemporary cinema, Wish Dragon is still an enjoyable and heartwarming cinematic ride that can and should be given a try by ardent dragon fans.



20. Sleeping Beauty (1959)


Sleeping Beauty (1959)


This iconic feature film traces the journey of a newborn princess who has been cursed to perish on her 16th birthday.


However, the curse is altered by a fairy who helps the princess survive by allowing her to go into a deep slumber; that is unless she is awoken by the kiss of a true lover.


The motion picture shows the cruel sorceress Maleficent transforming into a well-designed dragon when Prince Philip comes to the rescue of the precious Sleeping Beauty.


Needless to mention, Maleficent, the dragon, went on to become one of Disney’s most eye-catchy and, yet, intimidating creations of all time.



21. The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958)


The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958)


This Nathan Juran directorial venture traces the journey of Sinbad and his crew who, after having lost their way, stumble upon the island of Colossa.


However, sooner than later, Sinbad is attacked by a giant called Cyclops. While battling the colossal being, he is assisted by a magician named Sokurah.


The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, which was the first of the three Sinbad feature films from Columbia Pictures, did not focus as much on the seventh voyage as it did on the third and the fifth.


A full-color widescreen stop-motion animation technique was used to bring this story to life on celluloid.



22. Enchanted (2007)


Enchanted (2007)


Director Kevin Lima’s fantasy drama Enchanted also showcases a rather ravishing dragon. The motion picture shows the character of Queen Narissa, the chief antagonist of the film, transforming herself into an incredible blue dragon in one of the sequences.


The story traces the journey of Princess Giselle, who is banished from her kingdom by the evil stepmother of her lover.


Sooner than later, she finds herself getting transported to the real world where she stumbles upon a lawyer and develops a liking for him.


This live-action/animated musical fantasy romantic comedy is headlined by the talented Amy Adams.



23. Maleficent (2014)


Maleficent (2014)


While 2014’s Maleficent is popular for having shown Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie playing the titular antagonist in the most refreshing manner, dragon enthusiasts would be pleased to learn that her character in the film was also accompanied by a dragon.


The story of the film follows a kind-hearted fairy, Maleficent, who is betrayed by her lover, Stefan. However, Maleficent is not the kind who would sit back and repent her yore.


Instead, she goes on to place a curse on Stefan’s daughter in order to exact revenge. Since a subplot surrounding a dragon was injected into the screenplay, it was only obvious that there had to be a spectacular battle sequence and a fair amount of magic surrounding the same.


This dark fantasy adventure film was praised for Jolie’s performance, its visuals, and costumes, and, therefore, emerged as an emphatic success at the ticket windows.



24. I Am Dragon (2015)


I Am Dragon (2015)


This Russian 3D romantic fantasy adventure film has been written and directed by Indar Dzhendubaev. It attempts to tell the story of a princess who is captured and whisked away to a secluded island by a dragon while in the middle of her wedding ceremony.


Partially based on Marina and Sergey Dyachenko’s fantasy novel The Ritual, the motion picture underperformed at the domestic box office but was appreciated by the viewers following its theatrical release in China, where it emerged as a success.


I Am Dragon was appreciated for its striking computer animation and 3D graphics.



25. The Reluctant Dragon (1941)


The Reluctant Dragon (1941)


Backed by Walt Disney, The Reluctant Dragon is one of the most unique dragon-themed movies of all time. While the first twenty minutes of the film are in black-and-white, the remainder of it is in Technicolor.


The motion picture traces the journey of a comic who discovers the progressive animation process at Walt Disney Studios.


Soon after, he gets hell-bent on finding the great man himself to pitch him an idea about the development of a cartoon comprising a shy dragon.


Even though it was released in 1941, The Reluctant Dragon is one of the most refreshing titles to make it to our piece.



26. Pete’s Dragon (2016)


Pete's Dragon (2016)


A remake of Disney’s 1977 musical film of the same name, this David Lowery-helmed motion picture traces the journey of an orphan named Pete Healy; a young boy who travels with a ranger named Grace to search for his dragon friend who seems to have vanished from the woods.


As promised, Pete’s Dragon provided the cine-goers with an experience worth enjoying on the big screen. While it was a commercial success, the critics also praised it for being a commendable update on the original.


This dragon-themed motion picture managed to successfully retain the charm of its source material while elevating its storytelling using modern-day techniques.



27. Dragons II: The Metal Ages (2005)


Dragons II: The Metal Ages (2005)


Dragons II: The Metal Ages gives you a free passage into a medieval world where one can find the commanding armies clashing against each other and the beastly dragons demonstrating their unabashed monopoly over the limitless blue skies.


This television animated adventure film, which is a direct sequel to the 2004 film Dragons: Fire and Ice, is apparently based on the Mega Bloks toy line.


It follows the many adventures of Princess Kyra and Prince Dev as they embark on a voyage to resist the sorceress Scylla of Odaku.



28. Dragonslayer (1981)


Dragonslayer (1981)


Dragonslayer thrives on its dark themes and the typical “saving the damsel in distress” subplot to make the desired impact.


Helmed by Matthew Robbins, the film strives to show how, according to a pact, a dragon is seen sparing the king’s people only after being provided with sacrificial virgins.


Sooner than later, an old wizard’s daughter is the next in line to be sacrificed. Accompanied by volunteers, the wizard tries his best to save his daughter.


Since Dragonslayer hit the cinemas in 1981, there is a strong possibility that viewers would find its special effects to be tacky today.


That being said, not a lot of titles at the time of its release were credited with showing dragons in the way that this motion picture did on the big screen.



29. Dragon Hunters (2008)


Dragon Hunters (2008)


This French-German-Luxembourgish 3D computer-animated feature film has been helmed for the screen by the director duo of Guillaume Ivernel and Arthur Qwak.


It traces the journey of a fantasy kingdom that comes under the threat of a dragon every two decades.


However, two dragon hunters are entrusted with the task of rescuing the kingdom this time around. But, will they be able to topple a fiery dragon after all?


This motion picture was an entertaining ride that was appreciated for its themes of teamwork and friendship; the two most important elements that help us combat a plethora of issues in life.



30. Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964)


Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964)


Helmed for the screen by Ishirō Honda, Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster is the fifth feature film in the Japanese Godzilla franchise.


The film depicts how Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra are compelled to team up in order to save the human civilization from the deadliest beast of them all – a fire-breathing space monster.


The film was basically the big screen debut of the infamous Three-Headed Monster, King Ghidorah. It managed to get fair reviews from both seasoned and contemporary movie critics.


It was followed by the release of Invasion of Astro-Monster in 1965.



31. Dragonheart (1996)


Dragonheart (1996)


This Rob Cohen directorial venture tells the story of a dragon named Draco and a disillusioned knight. After having gotten tired of a tyrannical immortal ruler, the duo decides to take matters into their own hands.


Dragonheart, which ends on a bittersweet note, was praised for its visuals and aesthetic value. However, the critics were not too pleased with its flat storyline that did not have a lot of depth to offer.


A box office success nevertheless, this fantasy action-adventure drama was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and spawned two sequels.



32. Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991)


Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991)


This Japanese kaiju film has been written and directed by Kazuki Ōmori. Its selling points are the fictional monsters Godzilla and King Ghidorah.


The story traces the journey of time travelers who make the effort to prevent a dinosaur’s mutation. However, not everything goes as planned and the process ends up creating a terrorizing three-headed dragon; one that intends to wreak havoc on Japan.


Even though a moderate success at the ticket windows, the feature film was criticized outside of Japan for being too nationalistic.



33. Tales From Earthsea (2006)


Tales From Earthsea (2006)


This Goro Miyazaki directorial venture traces the journey of a powerful wizard and a young prince; two brave individuals who take the onus on themselves to scrutinize everything inexplicable that seems to be happening around them.


While this Japanese anime epic fantasy feature film looks beautiful for the better part of its run time, a lot of people did criticize it for its penchant for physical violence and for not being too loyal to its source material.


Having said that, Tales From Earthsea is, indeed, one of the most distinct movies to feature a dragon.



34. Beowulf (2007)


Beowulf (2007)


Helmed by Robert Zemeckis, this British-American 3D computer-animated fantasy action film traces the journey of a fierce warrior named Beowulf; someone who safeguards the Danes from an appalling monster Grendel by wounding him terribly.


However, after the monster’s mother learns of this, she vows to take revenge. Beowulf is a slightly underrated fantasy feature that was appreciated for its CGI visual effects, performances, and interpretation of the poem from which it was inspired.


Even though the motion picture featured popular names, it turned out to be a box office disappointment since it was barely able to recover its production cost.



35. Pete’s Dragon (1977)


Pete's Dragon (1977)


Bankrolled by Disney, this live-action/animated musical fantasy feature film has been helmed by Don Chaffey. It strives to tell the endearing story of an orphan boy and his magical dragon, who are urged to come to town due to the abusive behavior of the boy’s adoptive parents.


Pete’s Dragon is one of those rare motion pictures which shows a beastly dragon in a light manner. While the film opened to mixed reviews, it was a modest hit at the box office.


Also, it was nominated for its musical score and original song at the 50th Academy Awards.



36. The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (1962)


The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (1962)


This fantasy feature film is basically the fanciful biography of the German fairytale collectors that comprises reenactments of their stories.


Filmed using the Cinerama process, the motion picture starred a few prominent film faces and was a commercially successful venture at the box office.


Helmed by Henry Levin and George Pal, The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm was lauded for its spellbinding visuals and enchanting storytelling.


Also, it is not a feature that a lot of viewers are familiar with which is why it is even more interesting to have it on our list.



37. Reign of Fire (2002)


Reign of Fire (2002)


Since dragons are mythical creatures that appear in the folklore of many cultures the world over, director Rob Bowman’s futuristic Reign of Fire tries to fit the same narrative.


This amusing post-apocalyptic motion picture showcases the human race endangered in the most unusual way possible. Its storyline follows a group of fire-breathing dragons that are hell-bent on destroying the planet.


However, a band of survivors teams up with the military to annihilate the beasts in order to protect the planet.


Even though the feature film was criticized for its lackluster execution, the visuals of war against terrifying dragons made up for its tepid plot.


Moreover, Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, and Gerard Butler do their best to uplift the movie.



38. Quest for Camelot (1998)


Quest for Camelot (1998)


This Frederik Du Chau directorial venture is an animated fantasy musical drama that traces the journey of an ambitious girl named Kayley; someone who aspires to be a knight like her father, Sir Lionel.


Soon into the film, the girl is shown teaming up with a blind hermit, his falcon, and a two-headed dragon, with the sole aim to procure King Arthur’s lost sword, Excalibur.


Loosely based on Vera Chapman’s novel The King’s Damosel, the film opened to mixed reviews at the box office.


However, its playful imagery can make you sit through its run time without any hassle.



39. 47 Ronin (2013)


Ronin (2013)


Helmed by Carl Rinsch in his directorial debut, this fantasy action motion picture has dragons, rampaging beasts, spiders, foxes, and so many other elements that aim to please its audience.


Headlined by Hollywood star Keanu Reeves, 47 Ronin tells the story of a band of samurai that sets out to penalize a ruthless shogun after he ends up insulting and killing their esteemed master.


While the movie has it all when it comes to visual effects, it is better known for its climax which shows a witch transforming into a dangerous dragon.


Needles to say, the dragon in the climactic showdown looked both cool and violent at the same time.



40. The Pagemaster (1994)


The Pagemaster (1994)


While one may remember Macaulay Culkin as the kid from the 1990 global hit Home Alone, they would certainly not be aware of the fact that he also headlined a live-action/animated fantasy film just a few years later.


The Pagemaster is a dragon film that traces the journey of a young boy who takes shelter in a library due to the raging storm outside.


While in the library, he somehow ends up transforming into an animated illustration and, therefore, has to work hard to get back into the real world.


As exciting as its plot may sound, the project opened to unfavorable reviews and failed to mint money at the ticket counters.



41. Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)


Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)


Godzilla: King of the Monsters is a big-screen action extravaganza that opened to highly polarizing feedback from the cinematic universe.


While the film pundits criticized it for being too boisterous, fans of the Godzilla franchise termed it a fair popcorn entertainer.


Be that as it may, the main antagonist of the motion picture, King Ghidorah, is just as threatening as its titular character.


It qualifies as a dragon in the sense that it strives to induce terror among the viewers by breathing lightning; an act that is exclusive to dragons.


While the feature film was lauded for its action sequences and visual effects, it was criticized for its paper-thin plot, pacing, and uninteresting characters.



42. The Great Wall (2016)


The Great Wall (2016)


Actor Matt Damon can be seen playing the character of a Chinese warrior who battles dragons in this Yi-Mou Zhang directorial venture.


The fantasy action monster movie tells the story of a mercenary, William Garrin, who has been imprisoned. While held captive, he figures out a way to save the Great Wall from ruthless monsters.


He soon joins several others warriors with the aim to safeguard the region. Even though the film thrives on its appealing action sequences, it was criticized for its plot structure and for showing its main lead as a Chinese warrior.



43. Wrath of the Titans (2012)


Wrath of the Titans (2012)


Directed by Jonathan Liebesman, Wrath of the Titans is a fantasy action drama feature headlined by well-known faces such as Liam Neeson, Rosamund Pike, Ralph Fiennes, and Sam Worthington.


It tracks the journey of a demigod named Perseus who has to rescue his father Zeus, who has been captured by Ares and Hades.


However, the path to freedom is seldom easy and the case is no different for Perseus and his father.


Not only does he have to fight his brother and uncle but also the Titans to liberate his father without any harm done to his well-being.


It is one of those few films featuring a dragon that can transport you to the world of Greek mythology.



44. George and the Dragon (2004)


George and the Dragon (2004)


This Tom Reeve directorial venture traces the journey of Knight George, who, after having witnessed a lot of gore and blood, decides to abandon warfare and start his journey towards salvation.


However, things do not go as planned and he is pushed to return to what he does best to save King Edgar’s beloved daughter.


Best suited to the younger lot, George and the Dragon can be appreciated if the viewers don’t stream it with sky-high expectations.


It is, at the end of the day, a popcorn entertainer whose primary selling point is the dragon itself.



45. Seventh Son (2014)


Seventh Son (2014)


Helmed by Sergei Bodrov, Seventh Son is an action-adventure fantasy film that is based on Joseph Delaney’s novel The Spook’s Apprentice.


The story follows an aging master wizard, John, who is in the need of an apprentice after a hostile witch manages to elude him.


However, after a long and tedious search, he comes across a man named Thomas and hopes that he can learn the art and assist the locals.


Seventh Son was an ambitious project that was not able to do full justice to its cast and the numerous cinematic resources used in its storytelling.



46. Dragonworld (1994)


Dragonworld (1994)


This Ted Nicolaou directorial venture is a direct-to-video family fantasy film that traces the journey of a young man who is willing to risk his life to save the life of his fire-breathing friend, who is treated rather unfairly by the owner of an amusement park.


While Dragonworld may not be as visually appealing as most mainstream motion pictures on our list, it certainly is a sweet and pleasant drama that can be enjoyed by a young audience that hasn’t already succumbed to the crude humor and action figures of modern-day features.


Better still, one can catch this film with their family.



47. Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire (2017)


Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire (2017)


Directed by Patrik Syversen, Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire is the second direct-to-video prequel of the comparatively popular 1996 dragon film Dragonheart.


The motion picture shows how after the demise of King Gareth, his grandchildren try their best to utilize the special powers that they have inherited from Drago.


Their sole purpose is to battle each other in pursuit of the throne. However, things go haywire after the very source of Drago’s power gets stolen.


Needless to say, it endangers the entire kingdom and sets in motion a series of amusing events for the viewers to behold.



48. Dragonheart Vengeance (2020)


Dragonheart Vengeance (2020)


This fantasy adventure feature film has been directed by Ivan Silvestrini. It aims to trace the journey of a young farmer named Lukas, who, with the help of a dragon and a mercenary, decides to look for and penalize the raiders who are responsible for the death of his family members.


The third direct-to-video prequel of the 1996 motion picture Dragonheart, Dragonheart Vengeance was not exactly a memorable experience for the hardcore fans of the franchise.


However, those who like to watch and admire the undaunted spirit of fire-breathing dragons may still end up liking it.



49. Dragons: Fire and Ice (2004)


Dragons: Fire and Ice (2004)


Director Keith Ingham’s Dragons: Fire and Ice is a television movie that tracks the seemingly stormy relationship between the kingdoms of Draigar and Norvagen.


Both the kingdoms get indulged in a petty blame game after the Great Dragons, who were entrusted with the task of keeping the peace, go missing without a trace.


This computer-animated CGI adventure flick is not too lengthy, which is perhaps why it may be able to keep dragon enthusiasts glued to their screens.


In addition, it comprises a variety of dragons; a plus point that justifies its position in our story.



50. Monster Hunter (2020)


Monster Hunter (2020)


Written, directed, and produced for the screen by Paul W. S. Anderson, Monster Hunter is based on the Capcom video game series of the same name.


The story follows Captain Artemis and her group of soldiers who are dragged into a world where merciless monsters and humans co-exist.


Together, the group tries its best to grapple with the dangers of the world and, ultimately, escape. Headlined by Milla Jovovich, this monster film opened to strictly average reviews at the ticket windows.


However, its musical score, visuals, and lead performances did find appreciation among a section of audience.



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