Top 50 Most Popular Cartoon Villains Of All Time

Cartoon Villains


This list is about the best cartoon villains. Here, we have picked popular villains from different animated series to witness their frightening, sinister plans and acts.


Characters in this list are not ranked and they are numbered for the sake of convenience.


So, without further delay let’s dive into the list.




1. Shere Khan


shere khan


One of the most unnerving and intimidating villains in cartoon history is not even human. The Bengal Tiger named Shere Khan certainly lives up to his name. Translated from Hindi, his name means “King of Fear.” 


This Tiger spells ‘stripes’ of trouble for Mowgli whom he sees as a threat to the jungle. While there is deep wisdom behind this villain’s beliefs, Shere Khan also wants to kill the boy as revenge for the problems people directly caused him a few years ago.


George Sanders lent his amazing voice to Shere Khan in 1967 “The Jungle Book” animated feature film. This character soon became one of the most popular – infamous, in fact – names on the roster of toon villains.


Shere Khan is as suave as he is convincing, as deadly as he is cunning, and as scary as he is powerful. In other words, he’s a Tiger being himself. 




2. Scar




When people think Disney and lions, they immediately visualise inspiring, empowering, and heartwarming characters like Simba and Mufasa.


But there’s a darker lion in this universe and he’s the main villain in 1994’s “The Lion King” animated feature film.


The devious, cunning, patient, and surprisingly sophisticated Scar has been setting high villain standards since his arrival.


He was voiced by Jeremy Irons who gave Scar an unmatched ’screen presence,’ outshone only by his brother-character Mufasa.


Scar’s ambition knows no limits, and he is willing to wait for the opportune moment to strike. His songs and schemes add to the ruthless shade of evil he brings to the movie.




3. Jafar




That dramatic name, a larger-than-you-will-ever-be style, and a presence so ominously unique means few will be able to avert their gaze once it falls on the ‘big bad’ vizier of Agrabah.


With his serpentine staff of power and diabolical takeover ambitions, Jafar is no small fry in the 1992 “Aladdin” animated feature film. Suffice to say, this movie may not have turned out half as good if it didn’t have Jafar for a villain.


From his unique expressions to his distinct Middle-Eastern style robe, this villain has captured the admiration of fans all over the world. Jonathan Freeman gave Jafar an unforgettable voiceover.


This bad guy’s limitless greed for power pushes him to send Aladdin into the deadly Cave of Wonders to bring him back a certain magic lamp.


Jafar has sinister plans for the three wishes the Genie in the  lamp promises to bestow, and you can bet this vizier aims to collect.




4. Ursula




One of the most supremely memorable villains in cartoon history is a certain ‘sea witch’ who goes by the name Ursula.


From her portly form to her proud attitude, Ursula is as amusing as she is unnerving in the 1989 “The Little Mermaid” animated feature film.


She was given one of the most unique character voices, thanks to the brilliant Pat Carroll.


This tentacled mama’s booming and unrestrained laughs complement a “body language” that speaks volumes about her nature and ambitions. 


Ursula’s signature rendition of the Disney song ”Poor Unfortunate Souls” further establishes this villain’s repute as a mean bosslady diva who won’t take no for an answer when it comes to claiming power, especially if someone else is convinced into paying the price. 



5. Claude Frollo


claude frollo


For a purported god-fearing man in service to the people, this villain has proven to be the epitome of some real-life politicians and CEOs. 


The main baddie in the 1996 “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” animated feature film, Claude Frollo (voiced by Tony Jay) is one of the most frightfully fantastic villains to grace the cartoon universe.


His selective blindness and unfair vengeance against numerous ordinary citizens, especially the gypsy girl Esmeralda, has made him intensely despicable.


He also has one of the best hypocritical villain songs in the genre, namely “Hellfire.”


That he is human in every way including his choice to be conceited and cruel makes Judge Claude Frollo one of the darkest and most compelling Disney villains ever created.



6. Rasputin




At the heart of the 1997 animated feature film “Anastasia” is a woman determined to find the family and love she lost. In the simmering depths of the same story is a so-called monk called Rasputin who aims to break Anya’s heart. 


The ‘Mad Monk’ quickly became one of the most popular villains in toon history. His dark song verses and the fact that he’s based on an actual historical character named Rasputin have lent this baddie a world of gravitas and realism. 


Voiced by Christopher Lloyd, Rasputin practically gushes evil from every necrotic pore, thus earning his place in the pantheon of cartoon villains.



7. Lady Tremaine


lady tremaine


The main villainess in the 1950 “Cinderella” animated feature film is a woman whose face and voice still haunt most of us.


Tremaine (voicedby Eleanor Audley) plays the role of Cinderella’s stepmother with subtle precision, ruthless flair, and agendas galore.


Aside from her world-wise cunning and penchant for casual cruelty, Lady Tremaine also harbours royal ambitions.


Her suave smarts and looming screen presence have made her quite the ‘baddie favorite’ among cartoon lovers.


She is routinely cruel to Cinderella and far from anything one would call a mother, but that’s precisely what makes her the unforgettable villainess she is. 



8. The Evil Queen


The Evil Queen (old) (disney)


Another enormously popular cartoon character is the Evil Queen, who inspired countless tropes based on her ever since she came on the scene in the animated feature film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (1937).


She was voiced by Lucille La Verne. The Evil Queen – especially in connection with the Magic Mirror – has come to define an entire stereotype.


For a cartoon character created in the late 30s, she proved extraordinarily cruel and heartless. Ironic – and rather symbolic, some would argue – that the one thing she tasked the Huntsman to do was to bring back Snow White’s heart as proof of the kill.



9. Gargamel


Gargamel (villain)


The villain at the heart of the 1981-1989 “The Smurfs” animated series, Gargamel has become an instant favorite purely for his overdramatic, almost Shakespearean, attitude when it comes to cooking up various schemes that will help him gain power or riches, or both.


He was voiced by Paul Winchell. Though Gargamel is hollow and vain, he makes Smurf fans grin and laugh at his various antics and assorted failures in connection to them.


His looks and facial expressions are not necessarily eye-catching, but Gargamel has become one of the most memorable cartoon characters regardless.



10. Skeletor




One of the most instantly recognizable villains in all of cartoon history, Skeletor brings a rare blend of maniacal ruthlessness, casual cruelty, and comic relief to his role in the 1983-1985 animated series “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”.


He was voiced by Alan Oppenheimer. From his signature look to an even more distinct voice and ‘evil cackle’, Skeletor certainly puts the ‘S’ in both ‘Scheming’ and ‘Sinister’.


Many people now know him because of several memes of him floating around on the internet. But he is one of the most iconic villains with a classic scary skull appearance. 



11. Shredder




The villain at the heart of the 1987-1996 “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” animated TV series is a lean mean man intent on grabbing as much power as he can find.


Oroku Saki, aka Shredder, is just one of several villains in the show, but he is certainly the most unforgettable.


He was voiced by James Avery – other voice talents did come on board when needed to enliven Shredder.


This character is associated with the disembodied alien king named Krang and does not shy from scheming to take over Earth.


His HQ is an armored fortress called Technodrome, which adds to his established power in the series.


Shredder also has one of the most instantly recognizable outfits in cartoon history. Aside from a cape and a suit covered in metal blades, he wears a menpō mask that he rarely takes off and a metal kabuto helmet.



12. Madam Mim


Madam Mim (disney)


Rival to Merlin and one of the villains in the 1963 animated feature film “The Sword in the Stone”, Madam Mim is as quirky as she is creepy.


She was voiced by Martha Wentworth. Playing the role of a wicked witch, she desires to attain power and become the best magic-wielder of all, Merlin included.


Her obscure past and morbid mindset have made her a ‘love to hate’ character. She can shape-shift into a dragon, adding to her worth as a spell-user, and has a penchant to break the rules.



13. Lex Luthor


Lex Luthor (villain)


One of the biggest villains in the realm of cartoons and comics, Lex is no stranger to filling the enormous shoes of a full-fledged villain.


From his name to his look, he exudes power, cunning, and corruption in equal measure. He is buff and huge. He is an intimidating character with evil intentions. 


For a human being with no superpowers, he poses quite the hassle for the near-immortal Superman. Lex was voiced by Clancy Brown.



14. Bartok


Bartok (villain)


Rasputin’s pet companion, or rather his slave, the albino bat called Bartok brings adorability and humor to the 1997 animated feature film “Anastasia”.


He was voiced by Hank Azaria. Bartok is known for his memorable ‘cartoon performance’ on screen as a reluctant assistant to one of the biggest badass villains to ever grace the realm of cartoons.


He might look cute and cuddly but he is as evil as his master. But one cannot deny the fun he brings to the film. He is quite talkative with a great sense of humor. 



15. Ratcliffe


Ratcliffe (disney) (villain)


The main villain in the animated feature film “Pocahontas” (1995), this colonial-minded character can certainly be termed a ‘bad guy’.


Voiced by David Ogden Stiers, Governor Ratcliffe is as ruthless as he is greedy. A pompous attitude and unrelenting love of gold are two of his many defining attributes.


Ratcliffe has a goofy appearance but he is not kind at all. He just wants power and gold and does not care about anyone in the community. 



16. Ruber


Ruber (villain)


A dastardly and aggression-fuelled villain, Ruber plays quite the ‘big bad’ in the animated feature film “Quest for Camelot” (1998).


His political ambitions are as dark as they are deadly. A skilled swordsman and alchemist aside, Ruber is also known to wield dark magic.


He was voiced by Gary Oldman. He has a pet griffin who fulfills the role of an enforcer. Ruber is big and strong but his heart is dark and evil. His mind is very twisted and he is just power-hungry. 



17. Prince John


Prince John (disney) (villain)


Playing the villain in the classic animated feature film “Robin Hood” (1973), the leonine Prince John is as uncompassionate as he is greedy.


He is one of the most popular lion cartoons – the famous “Lion King” came only much later. Prince John was voiced by Peter Ustinov. The character has become something of a ‘cartoon celebrity’ in his own right.


He is also funny, in an imbecilic way, in this timeless cartoon. Prince John is not a good king and does not intend to be one. He just wants to rule over everyone and wanted everything that did not belong to him.



18. Rothbart


Rothbart (disney) (villain)


One of the most recognizable villains in the cartoon realm is Rothbart, a dark sorcerer made infamous for his cruel deeds against Princess Odette in “The Swan Princess” (1994).


His ambitions to take over the kingdom force him to choose the unthinkable, including the idea of the wedding to Odette. He proves a rather treacherous soul in the film, in which he was voiced by Jack Palance.


Rothbart is not a good human overall. He is selfish and never cared about anyone or anything. He just wanted the Kingdom and to get it he has done all the evil things he had to do to achieve his goals. 



19. Chernabog


Chernabog (disney) (villain)


Of all the wonderful characters you’ll find in the hit 1999 animated feature film “Fantasia 2000”, its villain stands apart in his light – or rather, in a cloud of dark intent.


Chernabog is a gigantic winged demon. He featureS in the film’s “Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria” segment.


The animation style captures Disney’s 40s-era excellence. The musical scoring for this segment further enhances Chernabog’s presence in the minds of fans.


His character was based on the God of the Night in Slavic mythology. The segment sees him summoning his demonic minions, who sacrifice themselves to him after a vigorous dance tribute.



20. Anita Dearly


Anita Dearly (disney) (villain)


Roger’s wife and Perdita’s ‘pet parent’, Anita Dearly, and her dog Perdita enter Roger and Pongo’s life after the two humans wed.


Anita once attended school with the movie’s main villain, Cruella. In the animated feature film “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” (1961), Anita brings charm and radiance, grace and poise, to her role.


She was voiced by Lisa Davis. Anita’s known for her devotion, intelligence, and compassion.



21. Cruella De Vil


Cruella De Vil (disney) (villain)


One of the best villains to ever grace the cartoon screen, Cruella De Vil lives up to her name in several regards.


She is a fashion-obsessed heiress who harbors dark intentions for animals with attractive fur. As eccentric as she is infatuated with authentic fur, Cruella soon develops a thirst for Dalmatian spots.


This sets her on a diabolical path in the hit animated feature film “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” (1961).


She is not above kidnap and murder if it means getting what she wants. Betty Lou Gerson gave Cruella one of the most instantly recognizable voices in the realm of cartoons.


Cruella and Anita once went to school together – no surprise who was the ‘mean girl’.


To realize her dreams of a black-and-white spotted coat, Cruella arranges to have one hundred Dalmatians kidnapped and ready to serve her interests.


Along the way, all fifteen of Pongo-Roger and Perdita-Anita’s pups get bagged, adding a total of one hundred and one.



22. The Ringmaster


The Ringmaster (old) (villain)


Boisterous presence and vociferous vocals have made the Ringmaster a super-popular character in the “Dumbo” animated feature film (1941).


Playing the head honcho of a major circus can prove stressful, but this ringmaster is certainly no pushover.


He is not unkind or villainous, just a man single-mindedly focused on keeping his circus running ship-shape.


He was voiced by Herman Bing. The ringmaster in this movie inspired a stereotype that still prevails to this day.



23. Gaston


Gaston (villain) (disney)


The main villain in the animated feature film “Beauty and the Beast” (1991), Gaston is one of the most recognizable bad guys in cartoon history.


The muscled bully has his eyes on the one girl he can never have, namely Belle.


His scheming to claim her hand proves quite disgusting, and credible in so many ways.


His character remains un-redeemed, all the way until he plunges to his death while attempting to kill the Beast whom he saw as standing in his way to winning Belle’s heart.


Richard White lent his voice to the character. Gaston is as treacherous as he is ruthless and annoyingly self-centered and egotistic.


Boisterous presence and vociferous vocals have made the Ringmaster a super-popular character in the “Dumbo” animated feature film (1941).


Playing the head honcho of a major circus can prove stressful, but this ringmaster is certainly no pushover.


He is not unkind or villainous, just a man single-mindedly focused on keeping his circus running ship-shape.


He was voiced by Herman Bing. The ringmaster in this movie inspired a stereotype that still prevails to this day.



24. LeFou


LeFou (villain) (disney)


Playing second fiddle to Gaston’s villainies in the “Beauty and the Beast” (1991) animated feature film is LeFou. As cowardly as he is snide and prone to accidents galore, LeFou brings good comic relief to the movie.


He was voiced by Jesse Corti. Often LeFou encourages, even exacerbates, Gaston’s already swollen sense of self-worth and superiority.


This makes LeFou a remarkably dedicated supporting character. His bubbly personality and evil intentions make him a great character for entertainment and bring waves of laughter to the viewers. 



25. Clayton


Clayton (disney) (villain)


The main villain in the “Tarzan” (1999) animated feature film is a trigger-happy British hunter who sees animals and drools at the profits they will make him once he sells their fur (and other parts) on the black market.


As ruthless as he is single-minded, Clayton delivers a superbly ‘dark’ performance, one that still haunts plenty of cartoon lovers to this day.


He was voiced by Brian Blessed. Clayton also desires to call Jane his own, adding to his aggressive hate for Tarzan who wins her love and respect.



26. Sabor


Sabor (disney) (villain)


The bestial villain who haunts several prominent scenes in the 1999 animated feature film “Tarzan”, this ferocious leopard only does what’s in her nature to do.


That said, as a frightening specter of death, her inclusion in the movie has made it so much better.


From her signature big-cat sounds to those sinuous stealth-attack movements, the vibrant image of Sabor has stuck in the minds and nightmares of cartoon lovers all over the world.



27. Elmer Fudd


Elmer Fudd


The despondent hunter with his aim set on Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd brings an element of sad charm to his character in the “Merrie Melodies” (1990-1993) animated series.


He was voiced by Jeff Bergman. His old-fashioned hunting costume and dopey nature have made Elmer easily recognizable.


He also tends to mispronounce certain words, which only ends up making him appear even funnier.


Being one of Bugs Bunny’s perennial villains has lent Elmer Fudd a humorous sort of notoriety.



28. Iago


Iago (disney) (villain)


Sly, loud-talking, boisterous, vociferous, and scheming, Iago is Jafar’s ‘assistant’, so to speak, in the “Aladdin” (1992) animated feature film.


As talking parrots go, Iago is one of the most memorable. He was voiced by Gilbert Gottfried.


As a cartoon character, this short-tempered and rather sarcastic health-obsessed parrot has a penchant for mimicry, is multi-lingual, is capable of flight, and has a remarkable understanding of magic.


He proves as invaluable to Jafar as Abu does to Aladdin.



29. Maleficent


Maleficent (disney) (villain) (old)


One of the most intimidating villains in the realm of cartoons, Maleficent poses a grave threat to the kingdom when she executes a scheme that flings Aurora into a magical conundrum that threatens her very life.


Maleficent was voiced by Eleanor Audley. Her shape-shifting abilities prove quite diabolical in the 1959 animated feature film “Sleeping Beauty”.


That Maleficent can transform herself into a fire-breathing dragon only adds to her power and nefarious popularity.


There’s little surprise why this evil fairy is considered an incarnation of pure evil.



30. Kronk


Kronk (villain) (disney)


One of the villains in the year-2000 animated feature film “The Emperor’s New Groove” is the rather imbecilic and narcissistic Kronk.


He was voiced by Patrick Warburton. Kronk brings great comedic value to the movie, and it has made him an instant favorite among cartoon enthusiasts.


His attempts to live up to his mistress Yzma’s expectations only prove how bad a henchman he is.


Deep down, Kronk cannot technically be termed a ‘villain’, because he is remarkably friendly and good-hearted.



31. Yzma


Yzma (villain) (disney)


The real villain in “The Emperor’s New Groove” (2000) animated feature film is Yzma, whose political ambitions know no end.


Voiced by the amazing Eartha Kitt, Yzma also brings an unforgettable screen presence. She is also quite funny, which has inspired several jokes and memes, making her one of the most genuinely popular villains in cartoon history.


Her appearance is something every kid remembers and she is a fashion inspiration for a lot of Disney fans. One can see this during Halloween as many kids and adults love to dress up as her. 



32. Shan Yu


Shan Yu (disney) (villain)


The main villain of the “Mulan” (1998) animated feature film, Shan Yu brings a powerful screen presence and a supremely scheming mindset to his role.


One of the most recognizable villains simply by appearance, the cruel and unrelenting leader of the Hun Army also boasts dark ambition and drive.


He was voiced by Miguel Ferrer. Audiences often see Shan Yu as an unstoppable force, which only makes Mulan’s victory over him (and his army of Huns) that much more heroic.



33. Sid




One of the most notorious and sadistic villains in the world of animated movies, Sid is the main antagonist of the first Toy Story film. He is a young boy who enjoys torturing and destroying toys for fun. He is voiced by Erik von Detten. Sid has no superpowers, but he uses his creativity and resources to create horrifying mutant toys out of parts from different toys.


He also has a rocket that he plans to use to blow up Woody, the protagonist’s favourite toy. He is a scrawny and pale kid with braces and a black skull T-shirt. He also has a dog named Scud, who helps him chase and capture toys.


Sid is a malicious and twisted villain, who shows no remorse for his actions. He is also oblivious to the fact that toys are alive and can feel pain. He is eventually scared away by Woody and the other toys, who reveal their sentience to him. Sid is a memorable and frightening villain, who represents the worst nightmare for any toy lover.



34. Pain & Panic


Pain & Panic (disney) (villain)


Two evil little peas in a dark little pod. This best describes the next two popular cartoon characters who, in their own right, have gained not just fame but also notoriety.


Serving Hades as hench-demons in his many schemes to keep Hercules from tasting victory, Pain (voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait) and Panic (voiced by Matt Frewer) prove to be funny, weird, and determined to at least try and complete Hades’ demands.


Their distinct appearances and hilarious aptitudes in the 1997 animated feature film “Hercules” have made these characters instantly recognizable.



35. Frieza 




One of the most iconic and formidable villains in the Dragon Ball franchise, Frieza is a ruthless and powerful galactic tyrant who seeks to conquer the universe. He was voiced by Ryūsei Nakao in the original Japanese version and by various actors in the English dubs.


Frieza’s ability to manipulate energy and transform it into different forms has made him a fearsome opponent for Goku and his allies. He is also responsible for destroying Planet Vegeta, the homeworld of the Saiyans, and killing most of their race.


He is obsessed with obtaining the Dragon Balls, which can grant any wish, and has clashed with the heroes on several occasions, most notably on Planet Namek. He is also the archenemy of Goku, who eventually defeats him after becoming a Super Saiyan.


Frieza is easily recognizable by his purple and white skin, his tail, and his armour. He also wears a scouter, a device that measures power levels, until he realizes that it is useless against the Z Fighters.



36. Mad Hatter


Mad Hatter (disney) (villain)


Before the name was associated with a major Batman villain, it belonged exclusively to the Mad Hatter from the 1951 animated feature film “Alice in Wonderland”.


His famous tea parties that celebrate ‘unbirthdays’ and the sheer madness he brings to Alice’s time in Wonderland hold much entertainment value.


He was voiced by Ed Wynn. There’s even a strong scientific reason why he is called the Mad Hatter – it has to do with unhealthy hat-making processes prevalent in the early industrial era.



37. Magneto


Magneto (villain)


Another popular super-villain to grace the franchise, Magneto brings a world of ‘bad guy’ influences to the “X-Men: The Animated Series” (1992-1997).


He was voiced by David Hemblen. Magneto’s ability to wield anything metal has lent him an almost god-like presence in the series.


He has, on occasion, helped the X-Men, but only if their efforts aligned with his interests. He makes for quite the calculating and ruthless villain in the show, and the comics that inspired it.


He’s also one of the most instantly recognizable villains, given his cape and cleverly designed anti-psychic helmet, which was originally made to keep Professor Charles (his former best friend) out of his head.


Magneto, in fact, originally helped Charles engineer Cerebro.



38. Mr. Sinister


Mr. Sinister (villain)


A supervillain known for his sliced cape and bold outfit, Mr. Sinister (real name Nathaniel Essex) poses a huge threat and challenge to the do-gooders in the 1992-1997 “X-Men: The Animated Series”.


He was voiced by Chris Britton. Mr. Sinister is known for his superhuman strength and shape-shifting abilities. 


Many 90s kids still remember him and all his evilness as he has a very significant role in the X-Men: Animated Series. His voice and his outfit are enough to make one aware that he is up to no good. 



39. Captain Hook


Captain Hook (disney) (villain)


The main villain in the “Peter Pan” (1953) animated feature film, Captain Hook brings a good amount of ruthless scheming and comical charm to his role.


He was voiced by Hans Conreid. From his constant inability to capture Peter Pan to his conniving attitude when it comes to using Peter’s friends against him, Hook certainly does not make it easy to like him.


His signature outfit and sheer terror at the mere mention of a certain ‘ticking’ crocodile balance out his character, and has made him a fan favorite over the years.



40. Lucifer


Lucifer (disney) (villain)


One of the evilest cats in the cartoon lexicon is the chonky, sinister, and sadistic Lucifer.


The black kitty – Lady Tremaine’s pet companion – isn’t just funny in the “Cinderella” (1950) animated feature film, he also reflects his mistress’s ruthless streak in his feline ways.


He often poses a chubby and deadly obstacle to Cinderella’s animal friends, especially Jaq and Gus.


He also tends to get Cinderella’s bloodhound dog, Bruno, into trouble. Lucifer certainly lives up to his name by bringing a pampered and rather devilish slice of feline cunning to the story.



41. Bane


Bane (villain)


Bringing strength and unrelenting force to his role, Bane lives up to his name in “Batman: The Animated Series” (1992-1995).


He was voiced by Henry Silva. A deep voice and muscular body aren’t the only things about Bane that set him apart.


His determination and focus make him a grave threat to Batman every time this villain goes up against him in the series.


His real name is Eduardo Dorrance. Thanks to his complex back-story, layered character arc, comic-book accomplishments, and antics, Bane has veritably earned his place on fan-favorite lists all over the world.



42. Scarecrow


Scarecrow (villain)


A truly frightening villain, Scarecrow has become both a horror and cartoon icon in the 1992-1995 “Batman: The Animated Series”.


He was voiced by Henry Polic II. Dr. Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow, uses his scientific knowledge of toxins and chemicals to create ‘fear gases’ and other similar concoctions to strike fear in the heart of Gotham.


He comes quite close to destroying Batman himself, using his past fears against him. Scarecrow’s name and look have come to define his presence in the realm of cartoons ten times over.



43. Riddler


Riddler (villain)


Another ultra-popular villain in the Bat-verse, Riddler truly lives up to his name in “Batman: The Animated Series” (1992-1995).


From cruel schemes to riddle-perfect villainy, Edward Nigma (aka The Riddler) poses a major obstacle to Batman.


He was voiced by John Glover. A signature MO paints this character in his unique light in the show, as well as in the movies and comic books in which he is heavily featured.


There are times when Riddler’s entry in the cartoon series spells game-changing trouble for the characters involved in that episode.



44. Penguin


Penguin (villain)


A bizarre character whose back story has made most fans sympathize with him, Oswald Cobblepot (aka the Penguin) is a remarkable addition to the 1992-1995 “Batman: The Animated Series”.


At once ambitious and cunning, he wants more money and power if only to prove that he can be more than his appearance indicates.


He has derided his looks since he was young. He was voiced by Paul Williams. A relatable and empathetic villain, it will have been difficult for fans not to add Penguin to their favorite lists.


But don’t get us wrong, he is certainly a challenging figure in Batman’s life. The Penguin’s exploits and ambitions lead to some of the biggest troubles and prospects faced by Batman and Gotham alike.



45. Two-Face


Two-Face (villain)


Another prominent addition to Batman’s ‘rogues gallery’ is a man who used to be Bruce Wayne’s friend, namely Harvey Dent.


Gotham District Attorney turned super-villain, Two-Face is as maniacal as he is methodical. He was voiced by Richard Moll.


Two-Face brings a sense of immediate danger to nearly all his scenes in “Batman: The Animated Series” (1992-1995) owing in large part to his unpredictability.


Once a symbol of change and justice, he now seeks justice for his change. His split personality adds to Batman’s woes and guilt on more than a few occasions.


Guilt, because Batman feels he could’ve done something to save his friend from the acid attack that changed the man’s core psyche.



46. Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy (villain)


One of Batman’s most unpredictable and dangerous villains is ‘doctor gone dark’ Pamela Isley, aka Poison Ivy.


She was voiced by Diane Pershing in the 1992-1995 “Batman: The Animated Series”. What Poison Ivy brings to her role can best be described as smooth, seductive, and sinister.


Her eco-conscious goals are wrapped in a dark and deadly cover of schemes and plans that make it hard for Batman to fully treat her like a villain.


But that only ends up serving Ivy’s cause. She is also one of a handful of cartoon villains to come close to successfully ending Batman’s life.



47. Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn (villain)


Fulfilling the role of Joker’s side-kick and romantic interest, Harley Quinn (real name, Dr. Harleen Quinzel) started her character arc as Joker’s psychologist only to end up falling for him.


Her crime assistance and spree along with her ‘puddin’ serve up ruthless and bombastic entertainment value in “Batman: The Animated Series” (1992-1995).


She was voiced by Arleen Sorkin. Harley brings fun-funny elements to her role, and some surprisingly deep and emotional ones as well.


She is a villain with whom fans empathize. Harley is loved purely because she is so unashamedly herself.



48. Joker


Joker (villain)


A singularly captivating, uniquely diabolical, and simultaneously entertaining villain, the Joker brings many powerful and indelible elements to his role in the 1992-1995 “Batman: The Animated Series”.


He was voiced by the multi-talented Mark Hamill. As bad guys go, the Joker’s back story and intricate psychological layers have made him a fan favorite.


He is also one of Batman’s most lingering and deadly ‘rogues gallery’ villains. There have been several significant moments in the series as well as comics when the Joker’s actions led to jaw-dropping changes in Batman’s life.


This character is capable of defining the Dark Knight’s future, and he proves as much in not only movies and graphics novels but also in “Batman: The Animated Series”.



49. Ra’s al Ghul


Ra's al Ghul (villain)


A near-immortal force of darkness and power who is as politically well-connected as he is enigmatic and ruthless, Ra’s al Ghul played a life-changing role in the 1992-1995 “Batman: The Animated Series”.


He was voiced by David Warner. His daughter Talia gradually falls in love with Batman and the two even have a son, Damian.


Family connections aside, Ra’s al Ghul’s occult leanings and lust for power have more than defined Batman’s heroic nature in the show, as well as in comics and movies.


This character’s name and origins are just two of his many fan-favorite attributes.



50. Shenzi, Banzai & Ed


Shenzi, Banzai & Ed (disney) (villain)


These three hyenas bring comic relief, sinister glee, and delightful performances to the “The Lion King” (1994) animated feature film.


Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed were voiced by Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin, and Jim Cummings, respectively.


Each of them imbued their hyena characters with a distinct personality. They are instrumental in Scar’s Pride-takeover plans.


Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed are as naïve about the long game as they are ferocious when assigned deadly duties by their nefarious future king.


These three are also the only most immediately recognizable hyenas in all of cartoon history.



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