Top 38 Most Popular King Of The Hill Characters

top 38 most popular king of the hill characters


King Of The Hill is an animated sitcom created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels. It was aired on Fox channel between 1997 and 2009. Later we saw reruns of the show on Hulu and Netflix.


The show ran for 13 seasons and it was successful in capturing and keeping the audience interested. In fact, the audience loved the King of The Hill so much that there was a request to have the show restarted once again.


The creators, Mike Judge and Greg Daniels were in talks with Fox channel, but it fell through. They have started their own company called Bandera Entertainment that plans to bring back this show.


So, you might ask us what’s so great about the show. Why is it this popular? King of The Hill is a series about the Hill family, their neighbors, friends, and relatives.


All the characters are relatable, everyday people, who face everyday problems, and manage them in their reasonably quirky ways. The reason for the success of the show was its relatability, charm, and wit.


The other animated sitcoms that came up during this time had outlandish themes, off-kilter humor, and non-relatable situations. Due to the uniqueness of the show, the audience loved the show and it was listed among the 100 Greatest TV shows by Time magazine in 2007.


ENTOIN is taking a look at all the favorite characters of the King of The Hill that we love.




1. Hank Hill


Hank Hill


Hank Rutherford Hill is the conservative patriarch of the Hill family. He is a man of old values and he believes in honesty, hard work, dedication, loyalty, etc. He has a lot of trouble adjusting to many current-day values like displaying emotions, taking shortcuts, shirking responsibility, essay money, etc.


Hank Hill has trouble saying ‘I Love You’ to his wife and son, yet he is dedicated to his family. Hank may appear like a naive Texan who is enthusiastic about his job and gets uncomfortable at the antics of his friends, mostly because he does not understand them.


Hank Hill is a well-meaning man who has not kept up with the changing times. Hank also believes in pursuing manly endeavors like sports, mostly football, working on his truck, doing lawn work, etc.




2. Boomhauer




Jeffrey Dexter “Jeff” Boomhauer III is simply referred to as Boomhauer, in fact, till season 13, his first name is not disclosed as Jeff. The audience is also not given any indication of Boomhauer’s profession, a vague mention is made that he is an electrical engineer on workers’ compensation.


Boomhauer is a blond and slim womanizer who speaks in a fast-paced incoherent speech. Most of his dialogues are mumblings, but his friends, Hank, Bill, and Dale seem to understand him.


He is also the voice of reason in the group and he is fairly honest when questioned. He confesses his mistakes, but his mumbling cannot be understood. Boomhauer is also a wise, philosophical, and astute man.


He also has a fixation on cars and drives a 1968 Dodge Coronet.




3. Dale Gribble


Dale Gribble


Dale Alvin Gribble, also known as Rusty Shackleford is another friend of Hank Hill apart from Boomhauer and Bill. He is a conspiracy theorist who does not trust his government.


His father, Bug Gribble abandoned him as a child and became a spy. This made Dale pick up the profession as an exterminator called Dale’s Dead-Bug. Dale Gribble is a bit of a coward with extreme ideas and conspiracy theories that drive his friends nuts.


Yet, they support and tolerate him. He is also surprisingly oblivious to what happens around him because his wife is having an affair with John Redcorn, and his son Joseph might be Redcorn’s.


Gribble is a firearms enthusiast and a UFOlogist. Despite his extensive knowledge of weapons, he is a poor marksman. However, he has friends whom he trusts with his life.




4. Bobby Hill


Bobby Hill


Robert Jeffrey “Bobby” Hill is the son of Hank and Peggy Hill. He is a chubby lad of average height with blond hair that is cropped close to his head.


He starts the sitcom as an 11-year-old and ends it as a 13-year-old. Unlike Hank Hill, Bobby is a jovial, ladies-man. Bobby is a kind-hearted, friendly, loving, gentle boy. He does not anger easily and prefers home economics to team sports.


However, Bobby is a good marksman and a professional-level golf player. He’s just not interested in team games. Bobby is also a bit naive and gullible. He gets enamored by slick scamsters like Buck Strickland, Booda Sack, Rad Thibodeaux, etc., and starts to imitate them.


His plans are not well-thought-out and often land him in trouble.



5. Bill Dauterive


Bill Dauterive


Bill Dauterive, whose full name is Sergeant William Fontaine de la Tour Dauterive, is a barber in the US Army. Dauterive often comes across as a loser and a loner, but he once had bright prospects in the army as a tanker but lost out due to his promiscuous wife.


Bill’s wife, Lenore, and his father messed up his head to an extent that he lost all sense of self-worth and behaved like a masochist. He dates all the wrong women who abuse him and harm him more.


This made him an overweight, depressed, pathetic neighbor. However, he was not always like that. In high school, Bill Dauterive was a star footballer. He was nicknamed Billdozer after setting a record for the number of touchdowns.


His best friends may ridicule him, but they all agree that he is an honest, simple, and brave teddy bear.



6. Cotton Hill


Cotton Hill


Colonel Cotton Lyndal Hill is a proud WWII veteran who earned many medals, including a purple heart before he was honorably discharged from the army. Although he claims to have fought in every important WWII battle, it is unclear which of them is true and which is a story.


Cotton Hill is a cantankerous old man who has many flaws. He is also a ladies’ man, and apart from Hank, he has a son with his Japanese lover and a son with his second wife, Didi.


Cotton Hill might come across as a callous man, but he has a softer side that helps Peggy recover from an accident. Cotton Hill is a chauvinistic, violent, abusive, and intolerant man who abused and berated Hank, till the day he died.


He dies in a Japanese Steakhouse in the episode Death Picks Cotton.



7. Kahn Souphanousinphone


Kahn Souphanousinphone


Khong Koy ‘Kahn’ Souphanousinphone is a Laotian immigrant and the main antagonist of the sitcom. He is a rude and arrogant man with a superiority complex. He thinks he is better than everyone else, especially his simple-minded neighbors.


He often refers to them as Rednecks and Hillbillies. Souphanousinphone worked for a defense contractor, but he was fired for leaking company secrets. After a string of bad jobs, he settled in Texas as a systems analyst.


Khan is a proud member of the Asian community and dreams of being the richest man, surpassing Ted Wassanasong. Khan has a love-hate relationship with his neighbors as he regularly seeks their approval in his life but insults them.


It is later revealed that he suffers from bipolar disorder.



8. Luanne Platter


Luanne Platter


Luanne Platter is the daughter of Leanne and Hoyt Platter. She is the niece by the marriage of Hank Hill. Luanne comes to stay with the Hills after her mother stabs her father following a disagreement, and their trailer home is toppled over.


Luanne is a bit of an airhead but is a good mechanic. She is also good with logical reasoning. Luanne Platter joined the beauty school and later the local community college.


Initially, she was promiscuous but later settled down with Lucky. Luanne has a vindictive streak that surfaces when she feels she is wrong. Luanne flushes Hank’s keys in the toilet after he passed her over for a sales job and dyed Peggy’s hair green.



9. Peggy Hill


Peggy Hill


Margaret J. “Peggy” Platter Hill is the wife of Hank Hill and the main character of the show. She shares some positive traits with Hank, like his work ethic and family-oriented love.


She wholeheartedly supports Bobby in all his future aspirations, even the ridiculous ones. However, she has many quirks too. Peggy hates to agree that she is wrong, and there is a vast gap between what she actually thinks and what she sees and understands.


This leads to many comedic situations. She has a high sense of self-worth and considers herself a genius. After getting duped multiple times, she grudgingly accepts her mistake. Throughout the series, Peggy takes up many different jobs, from a substitute teacher to a freelance writer to a sculptor and a real estate agent.



10. Connie Souphanousinphone


Connie Souphanousinphone


Kahn “Connie” Souphanousinphone Jr. is called Connie by her friends, and her parents call her Kahn Jr. She is the daughter of Minh and Kahn Souphanousinphone. Being a good-natured, kind, and intelligent girl, Connie does not have a good relationship with her parents.


Her father wanted a son, and he treats Connie as a replacement. Typical of Asian children, Connie is an overachiever and a straight-A student who hopes to get into a good college.


She also plays the violin proving that she is perfect at everything she does. Unlike her parents, Connie has a good relationship with her neighbors. She is best friends with Bobby and dated him through most of the series.


She is also good friends with Joseph and kissed him once, but it went nowhere. In the sitcom, we see Connie being very patient with everyone but snaps every once in a while.



11. Lucky




Elroy “Lucky” Kleinschmidt is the husband of Luanne Platter. He is a dim-witted, unemployed man who cannot hold a job no matter what. He met with an accident in Costco and sued them to earn a settlement of $53000.


This lucky break got him the nickname, Lucky. Lucky is a typical hillbilly with quirky beliefs that hospitals will kill him. He also has a bit of a scamster mindset, as seen in the episode where he sues Dale for damages when he slips over the stairs.


Lucky’s attorney gets greedy and plans to sue Strickland through Hank, but Lucky turns it on to his attorney and gets a settlement of $53000. Despite all his flaws, Lucky is a good-natured and loving person.


He loves Luanne and takes full responsibility for her when she gets pregnant. He also tries to get his GED to prove his worth to her.



12. John Redcorn


John Redcorn


John Redcorn is a recurring character of Native American heritage. He works as a new-age healer, masseur, and musician. He is the former lover of Nancy Gribble, with whom he has an ongoing affair, and Joseph Gribble is his biological son.


He has another daughter Kate from a previous affair. John Redcorn is a proud Native American and participates in many civil rights protests for natives. He also won back a plot of land for his tribe but was almost scammed out of it.


Initially, he was a groupie for the metal band Winger, but later, he started his own band called the Big Mountain Fudgecake. John Redcorn tries his best to teach his son, Joseph about his Native American culture, but Joseph is oblivious to his true parentage and ignores the teaching.


Eventually, Redcorn decides to settle with his former lover and become a dedicated family man.



13. Buck Strickland


Buck Strickland


Buck Strickland is the founder and CEO of Strickland Propane, a family business. He is the employer of Hank Hill and a father figure to him. Hank idolizes Buck, and in turn, Buck treats him like a golden goose.


The character of Buck Strickland is modeled after Lyndon B. Johnson, with most of the same quirky habits. Like him, Buck holds most of his ‘impromptu’ meetings in the washroom.


He is an alcoholic, an adulterer, and a gambling addict. However, Strickland has business smarts that led to the success of the company. Later, Hank Hill protects the business from Buck’s gambling losses.



14. Joseph Gribble


Joseph Gribble


Joseph John Gribble is the son of Nancy and Dale Gribble, but his biological father is John Redcorn. Joseph is the best friend of Bobby Hill and has a crush on Connie Souphanousinphone.


Joseph goes through a sudden growth spurt during puberty and grows 6 inches over the summer. Throughout the series, Dale and Joseph are the only people who appear to be unaware of the similarities between Joseph and John Redcorn.


However, he considers Dale his father. Joseph gets creeped out when John Redcorn tries to bond with him and gives him all the ceremonial Native American artifacts. He is a dim-witted boy at the beginning.


However, as the series progresses, Joseph becomes creepy and weird as well. He starts to hang around toxic people and believes in all conspiracies, like his father Dale.



15. Nancy Gribble


Nancy Gribble


Nancy Hicks-Gribble is the wife of Dale Gribble and the mother of Joseph Gribble. She has a 15-year-long affair with John Redcorn which results in Joseph. However, it comes to an end when Dale helps John, and so John decides to respect Dale by ending the affair.


Initially, Nancy has unresolved feelings about John that cause drastic hair loss. But, she decides to wear a wig and stay faithful to Dale. The reason is that Nancy feels Dale makes her a more loveable and softer person.


She says that she needs Dale more than Dale needs her. Nancy Gribble is a former beauty queen, and this title helps her get a job as a weather girl and later becomes an anchor.


Nancy is competitive, ambitious, and backstabbing. Being with Dale keeps her so busy that she is left with no energy to be herself.



16. Leanne Platter


Leanne Platter


Leanne Platter is the mother of Luanne and the wife of Hoyt Platter. Although she does not appear in many episodes, she is often mentioned in the series. Leanne is an alcoholic, violent, and irresponsible person.


During an argument with Hoyt, she gets drunk and stabs him with a fork. This lands her in prison. When she is not drunk, Leanne is a bubbly, fun-loving, party animal.


She worked as an entertainer, which was how she met and married Hoyt. Leanne just wants to have a good time and tells everyone she is Luanne’s sister to start dating Bill Dauterive.


She gets engaged to him, but in the end, escapes with his truck. It is later revealed that she hit on Buckley and Boomhauer as well.



17. Octavio




Octavio is Dale Gribble’s friend and partner-in-crime. He is a Latino version of Dale, as they both believe in weird conspiracies and have similar scamster ideas. Octavio once bashed his car up with a rebar to convince the insurance agents that he was involved in an accident.


The idea was cooked up by Dale. Octavio is a part-time mercenary who does jobs for Dale. He tried to do a hit on a ventriloquist’s dummy but failed. Another time, he broke into Hill’s house to look for Dale’s kidney.


Octavio’s appearance and habits were created around Danny Trejo and were also voiced by him initially.



18. Carlton ‘Carl’ Moss


Carlton ‘Carl’ Moss


Carlton ‘Carl’ Moss is the principal of Tom Landry Middle School. He was once a classmate of Hank Hill and played on the football team alongside Hill. Hank often reminisces on the old days when Carl was a different, better person, to which Carl vaguely replies that all he knows is how to be a principal.


Carl Moss is shown to be an obedient, bureaucratic puppet in the hands of the school board. In his off-time, Carl does not have much of a personal life, and it is also indicated that he is an alcoholic.


Sometimes, we see Carl Moss sleeping in the school because he was evicted from his home and also briefly lived with Bill Dauterive.



19. Minh Souphanousinphone


Minh Souphanousinphone


Minh Souphanousinphone is the wife of Kahn Souphanousinphone and the mother of Connie. She is a Laotian immigrant and the daughter of General Gum. Minh is a typical Asian mother who pushes her daughter to excel at everything.


Minh’s personality and attitude are similar to Kahn’s. She is arrogant, highly competitive, and has a superiority complex. She is a good marksman and joins the shooting club of Dale Gribble.


She is also a competitive crossword puzzler. Growing up in Laos, Minh was the daughter of an army general. It was indicated that she was a big bully and called the ‘peasant’s worst nightmare’ because of this.



20. Didi Hill


Didi Hill


Dierdre “Didi” Hill is the second wife of Cotton Hill. She is the mother of G. H. Hill and the stepmother of Hank Hill. She is a beautiful blonde who worked as a nurse, and a candy striper, at the hospital where Cotton Hill was admitted.


Within a few months of meeting him, Cotton proposed, and Didi accepted to marry him. Didi Hill is a simple-minded, depressed, tired woman who does not appear to have much of a personality.


She puts up with a lot of verbal and emotional abuse from Cotton Hill but remains married to him. After she has her son, she develops Postpartum depression, and Bobby is left to care for the baby.


Cotton and Didi both seem unconcerned with the child, but she takes classes for baby care after Cotton’s death and remarries.



21. Enrique




Enrique is a Mexican dude who works as a truck driver at Strickland Propane. He is the husband of Yolanda and the father of Inez. When Enrique was introduced, he was a silent and reserved employee who never conversed or mingled with other employees.


Hank liked things that way with him. As the seasons go by, Enrique opens up and becomes a loudmouth. He befriends Hank forcibly as he thinks the world of him.


He looks up to Hank and invites him to his daughter’s quinceañera to speak. In many ways, Enrique can be considered the Mexican Hank Hill.



22. Tilly Hill


Tilly Hill


Matilda Mae “Tilly” Garrison or simply Tilly Hill, is the mother of Hank Hill and the first wife of Cotton Hill. She endured years of abusive behavior from Cotton before she finally divorced him.


She worked many odd jobs throughout the years, including working as a taxi driver. After divorcing Cotton, Tilly dated Gary Kasner, who was a womanizer. Initially, Hank was worried about Gary but later learned to trust and love him.


However, in the end, Tilly dated Chuck Garrison and married him. Tilly is a naive and gullible person. Even Hank felt that she was too much of an idiot and worried about her safety constantly.


She has an obsessive collection of glass figurines.



23. M. F. Thatherton


M. F. Thatherton


M. F. Thatherton is short for Milton Farnsworth Thatherton. He is a crooked business without a conscience. He is unscrupulous to the core and shares many of Buck Strickland’s bad habits, although they are more pronounced here.


Thatherton was a one-time employee of Strickland Propane, and he betrayed the company by taking away three of their top accounts. Thatherton sets up Thatherton Fuels across the street from Strickland Propane.


He only believes in making a fast buck and does not have qualms about cheating on his customers. He is a self-serving man and is considered the antithesis of Hank Hill, who is a company man.


Thatherton always dresses up in cowboy fashion with a ten-gallon hat and a walrus mustache.



24. Hoyt Platter


Hoyt Platter


Hoyt Platter is the older brother of Peggy Hill and the father of Luanne Platter. He is constantly referred to in many episodes of the sitcom but appears only in a few episodes.


Hoyt is a questionable character who is rumored to be working on an oil rig far away, but he was, in fact, in prison serving time. Hoyt was stabbed in the back by his wife Leanne, which sent her to prison, but he was no angel himself.


He was supposed to marry a pharmacist, supposedly for free drugs, but ended up marrying Leanne when she entertained him. Hoyt is also an unscrupulous guy who robs a diner as soon as he gets out of prison and implicates Lucky, his son-in-law for it.


He buys drugs and tries to implicate a pregnant Luanne for it.



25. Dusty Hill


dusty hill


Dusty Hill, the bassist of the iconic rock band ZZ Top. He portrays a guest role in the animated TV series King of the Hill as Hank Hill’s distant cousin. His father and Cotton Hill are brothers, and this makes him Cotton’s nephew.


His introduction in the season 11 episode “Hank Gets Dusted” serves as a humorous contrast to Hank’s traditional and reserved personality. Dusty’s flamboyant rock star persona and penchant for pranks often clash with Hank’s conservative values. 


Dusty appears to have pranked Hank on various occasions along with his bandmates, thus creating comedic tension between the two characters. Despite their differences, a sense of kinship emerges, revealing a deeper connection beneath the surface.



26. Jenny Medina


Jenny Medina


Jenny Medina is a popular but minor character in King of The Hill. She was voiced by Lindsay Lohan and appeared briefly for 5 episodes. Jenny Medina is the first client of Bobby Hill for his peer counseling practice.


When Bobby sees her, he wants to date her, but he is informed that it was against the rules. However, Jenny and Bobby have weekend outings that she may or may not call dates.


Jenny had a problem with what happened at a slumber party, so she asked Bobby Hill for advice, and she later made up her mind to inform people about it anyway.


She befriends Bobby because problems do not take weekends off, and she can always speak to him outside their peer counseling sessions.



27. Reverend Karen Stroup


Reverend Karen Stroup


Reverend Karen Stroup is the first female minister of Arlen First Methodist Church. She is brought in as the minister after Reverend Thomason starts his online ministry. She comes from Minnesota and declares herself to be an ardent Minnesota Vikings fan.


This earns her the approval and respect of Hank Hill. Karen Stroup and Bill Dauterive flirt and date throughout the series between seasons 3 to 11. At one point, Karen moves in with Bill, but they break up soon after.


This leads to them having no more contact after that. Karen Stroup is responsible for all mass, prayers, and Sunday schools in the church. She is shown to be a helpful and diligent minister.


Hank sometimes asks for her help to guide Bobby and Luanne in their spiritual quests, to which she gladly obliges.



28. Chuck Mangione


chuck mangione


Chuck Mangione is a minor character who has a running gag throughout the series. He is the spokesperson of Mega-lo-Mart, but he misreads the contract, so he ends up having to inaugurate every Mega-lo-Mart that the brand opened in the area.


Mangione ends up staying in the store permanently due to the number of store openings he has to do. He lives inside the toilet paper shelf and escapes detection by chewing on the wires of security cameras.


Chuck Mangione is an American flugelhorn player. Mangione’s role in the series serves as a running gag and a commentary on the blandness of suburban life. His presence juxtaposed against the mundane reality of Arlen highlights the town’s lack of cultural sophistication and its inhabitants’ fascination with celebrity figures.



29. Rad Thibodeaux


Rad Thibodeaux


Rad Thibodeaux is a minor character who appeared in only one episode. He is a concert promoter who lives the fast-paced high life of celebrities. He briefly dated Luanne and managed to piss her off at the end of it.


Rad Thibodeaux is an arrogant, self-aggrandizing man. While he seemed cool and spoke suavely, both Luanne and Bobby vied for his attention. He was aware of the effect he had on people and used it to promote himself.


Due to his brash and reckless attitude, he slighted Boomhauer and hosted a party at his house without informing him. This incensed Luanne, and she broke up with him. Matthew McConaughey voiced this character.



30. Stuart Dooley


Stuart Dooley


Stuart Dooley is a classmate of Bobby Hill, and he studies at Tom Landry Middle School. He is a person of few words, but whatever he says it is to put down the opposite person.


He has a very cynical viewpoint and aims to pull down anyone trying to do better. Dooley once saw Bill Dauterive enjoying himself at a party and said to him, ‘Your wife divorced you.’ He went to a fashion show of plus-size models and threw donuts at them.


He is a low-key bully and hangs out with other bullies most of the time. Despite having a seemingly happy and normal family and house, he turns out to be a cynical, mean-spirited youth who enjoys others’ misery.



31. Joe Jack


Joe Jack


Joe Jack is a co-worker and friend of Hank Hill. He is a truck driver and later, a salesperson at Strickland Propane. Joe Jack is an overweight alcoholic who does not seem to get drunk.


His weight problem is attributed to his alcoholism. He is a compulsive gambler and can’t help himself, as seen on a few occasions with the Propanics. Jack has been caricatured around Orville Jones of Ink Spots.


He speaks in a similar voice and calls everyone Honey, irrespective of their gender or relationship. It is not clear if he has a family, but Hank once mentions that Joe Jack avoids paying alimony indicating that he had a wife.



32. Buckley




Buckley was an ex-boyfriend of Luanne. He was a remarkably unintelligent person who did not seem to care about anything. He hardly has any reaction to what happens around him and does not seem to care about Luanne either.


The only thing that freaked him out was when Leanne hit on him. Buckley is a careless person who likes to abuse his authority. When he was in the propane section at Mega-lo-mart, he ignored and insulted Hank.


He disregards Hank’s safety warning and drags the propane tank by its valve. This causes a leak, and Buckley dies in the accident. In a later episode, he comes back as an angel to play on his trampoline and helps Luanne.



33. Junichiro




Junichiro is the half-brother of Hank Hill and the illegitimate son of Cotton Hill. He was born to Cotton and a Japanese nurse Michiko at the end of World War II.


Michiko was a nurse that helped treat Cotton Hill’s legs when his shins were blown off. Junichiro and the Hills do not meet till he is 52, and he does not seem happy to meet Hank or Cotton.


When Cotton hears this, he decides to go to Japan and spit on the emperor, so Hank and Junichiro decide to work together to stop him. Both brothers realize they are much similar in habits and health problems.


They both have the same attitude and work culture.



34. Ted Wassanasong


Ted Wassanasong


Ted Wassanasong is a wealthy Laotian-American businessman. He is married to Cindy Wassanasong and has a son Chane who also studies at Tom Landry Middle School. Ted Wassanasong is a wealthy businessman who amassed wealth and political backing in the community.


He is well-known in the Asian community, and the Souphanousinphone family admires and envies them. They always try to ingratiate themselves with the Wassanasong family, but Ted looks down on them and insults them.


In an episode, Ted Wassanasong uses all his wealth to fund a coup in his home country to overthrow the communist government with the help of rebels.



35. Tid Pao Souphanousinphone


Tid Pao Souphanousinphone


Tid Pao Souphanousinphone is the cousin of Connie and the niece of Kahn and Minh Souphanousinphone. She is from Los Angeles and is forced to live with her uncle due to her bad grades in school.


Tid Pao Souphanousinphone is a teenage delinquent. Tid Pao starts to pick on the neighbors, especially the Hills as soon as she moves into the neighborhood. Initially, Bobby Hill is enamored by her and chooses to do his school science project with her.


Tid Pao made Bobby commit felonies in the name of the science project, which ends up with cooking meth in the lab. She implicates Bobby in the crime, and he almost gets caught before Connie rescues him and exposes the true criminal as Tid Pao Souphanousinphone.



36. Roger “Booda” Sack


Roger "Booda" Sack


Roger “Booda” Sack is a stand-up comedian who takes up a job as the traffic school instructor. Chris Rock voiced the role. He makes many offensive jokes that rub Hank and the traffic school boss the wrong way.


He gets fired for not teaching up to standard. Later, Bobby attempts to start a career as a stand-up comic and makes racist and offensive jokes at the club. This riles up all the audience members, but Roger Sack stands up to support Bobby as his right to free speech and dissipates the situation.


This earns him Hank Hill’s respect, and in turn, Hank helps him get a job at Strickland Propane.



37. G.H. Hill


G.H. Hill


Good Hank Hill, born to Cotton and Didi Hill, is an infant who strongly resembles his half-nephew, Bobby. His birth took place while Bobby was visiting, and he ended up assisting Didi during labor as Cotton was at a strip club.


The family faced numerous challenges, including Peggy’s skydiving accident and Didi’s postpartum depression, leading to tension.


Bobby took on the responsibility of caring for Good Hank, as others were unable or unwilling. Over time, family issues were resolved, with Peggy finding solace in comforting the baby despite her own injuries.


Good Hank’s presence had a transformative effect on Cotton, and despite his struggles, Cotton formed a bond with his grandson.



38. Chuck Garrison


Chuck Garrison


Charles Raymond Garrison, known as Chuck, married Tilly Garrison and became Hank’s stepfather.


He shared a Jewish heritage with Tilly’s ex-boyfriend Gary and mentioned his bar mitzvah to Bobby. Despite being the opposite of Tilly in temperament, Chuck gained Hank’s acceptance and filled the void left by Hank’s biological father.


Chuck and Tilly initially lived in Phoenix, Arizona, but later sold their condo to travel the world in an RV. At one juncture, Tilly abruptly left with the RV, leaving Chuck behind.



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