Top 30 Best Anime Like Attack On Titan

Kumari Kriti RajKumari-Posted Jan 31, 2023

Top 30 Anime Like Attack On Titan


Coming with action, suspense, drama, and dark fantasy, Attack On Titan also shares military and survival themes. It was released on 7 April 2013, and since then it has created a new revolution in the world of anime.


The story comes with the existence of humanoid creatures named Titans. Because of these creatures, humans were forced to live under walls as they cannot go with sacrificing themselves for the hunger and pleasure of Titans.


When the protagonist Eren Yeager has witnessed horrific loss at a personal level then he decided to join Survey Corps, a military to deal with the protection of the wall and go against Titans.


The anime carried almost everything that one needed for entertainment. From the characters to the story, everything went from stair to stair with different levels which seem to be dark and personified.


So if you ever wondered to watch any anime of the same level with the same excitement then at least 30 best of them are here for you:



30. World Trigger (2014)


World Trigger (2014)


World Trigger is known for its action, supernatural, and school elements which fit well with science fiction. It was released on 5 October 2014. The series comes with the existence of a sudden gate to Earth, resulting in Mikado City being under the control of Neighbours.


Neighbors are strange creatures that destroy almost the whole city. To deal with this destruction and finish all the anarchy, an organization called Border Defence Agency was made and released a new special weapon called Triggers to tackle all problems.


It's been years since Neighbours have attacked but the situation is still the same. In particular, it goes with Osamu Mikumo and Yuuma Kuha who got tangled in these worlds.



29. Knights of Sidonia (2014)


Knights of Sidonia (2014)


Set in the year 3394, almost thousands of years, when humanity had no existence on Earth as a shape-shifting alien destroyed all the races. The anime has almost the same theme as Attack on Titan, where the world is on attack and a particular character comes to restore everything.


It is Kōbun Shizuno's direction where the story was written by Sadayuki Murai for the 2014 release. Coming to that particular character who decided to change the scenario then it is Nagate Tanikaze.


Nagate is a dweller whose goal is to become a Grade Pilot. He is on a mission to defend Sidonia, a spaceship, from shapeshifting alien creatures named Gauna.



28. Fate/ Apocrypha (2017)


Fate/ Apocrypha (2017)


Based on a novel series written by Yūichirō Higashide, the anime is created by Asai. Sharing the same genre of drama, fantasy, supernatural, and action like Attack on Titan, Fate/Apocrypha fits well in the list.


Moving with the concept of the Holy Grail, an ancient relic granting wishes of the beholder, it is obvious to go with war. Just to get this power, many Masters summoned Heroic Spirits known as Servants to fight against each other, thus calling it a Holy Grail War.


But when the war ended, the Grail went missing till the time it was announced that the Yggdmillennia clan had its possession. This conflict again came into existence and went further with the upgradation of the Great Holy Grail War.



27. Ajin: Demi-Human (2016)


Ajin: Demi-Human (2016)


Ajin, the title, is a mysterious immortal human that was in existence almost 17 years ago in Africa. Instead of going in favor of humanity, it is a threat to them as their powers may turn to evil and destroy things.


That's the reason why Ajin, being found, must be sent under investigation and arrest. We have Kei Nagai, a high school boy, who has always ignored the existence or the study of Ajin, till the time he discovered his identity of being an Ajin.


Finding himself alone in this existence, he soon realized Ajin was closer to him in many ways. Because of its horror, mystery, action, and supernatural themes, it shares a commonality with Attack on Titan.



26. No. 6 (2011)


No. 6 (2011)


Kenji Nagasaki's directorial No. 6 is driven by the dystopian world and also by the theme coming with drama and action like Attack on Titan, however, things differ in adventure.


It is the separate life of Shion and Nezumi and their exploration, that made the story and plot quite strong. The story gains peak when Shion was introduced to Nezumi and forms a strange connection in the post-apocalypse world.


It remains one of the most recommended anime because of its story with no conflict and no problems. The characters were also portrayed as emotionally attached which can be seen in the last episode.



25. Parasyte- The Maxim (2014)


Parasyte- The Maxim (2014)


Finding itself in fantasy and a world that is attacked by a deadly creature, the anime shares similarity with Attack on Titan almost in the same way. The story deals with a sudden attack on the overall population when a strange creature called Parasyte tried to enter the brain of people and control their activities.


With the motive to do so, a parasyte has entered the life of Shinichi, however, things differ when he is not able to reach the brain. The only solution this creature has left was to enter his right arm and later blend with the going chaos.


Instead of going differently, Shinichi and Parasyte decided to find the cure together to shun the darkness that was present in the world.



24. X3 Eyes-Legend of the Divine Demon (1995)


X3 Eyes-Legend of the Divine Demon (1995)


3x3 Eyes: Legend of the Divine Demon fits well on the list as it carries fantasy, action, and horror. Apart from it, it is also remarkable for adventure and mythological themes.


After getting hard training and doing a continuous search for 4 years, Yakumo was not able to find the mystery behind Pai's disappearance. However, things changed when he finally got her but in a different situation or position as she lost all her memories.


The only way to return her memory was by visiting the Holy Land which is called to be the birthplace of Sanjiyans, an immortal race.



23. The Promised Neverland (2019)


The Promised Neverland (2019)


Grace Field House Orphanage is a place for orphans where children were kept like a family because of Isabella, the caretaker, and a motherly figure. She always tries to fulfill all the wishes and requirements of orphan children by taking care of them and every possible way.


The only restriction they follow is not to go outside the orphanage until and unless any family comes to adopt them. Everything was going fine till the suspicion arises when adopted children never contacted their friends in the orphanage.


In reality, these children were not kept for humanity but to be served as food for a giant monster in the future. Thus, it brings horror, suspense, and dark fantasy like Attack on Titan.



22. From The New World (2012)


From The New World (2012)


It is a very unique anime related to the coming-of-age story where 12-year-old Saki is known for her psychic powers. She and her other friends Mamoru Itou, Shun Aonuma, and Maria joined Sage Academy to evolve their psychic power.


Saki soon begins to question the things that go around her related to the fate of those who are not able to awaken their powers. It resulted in children getting involved in matters like Tainted Cats, known to kidnap children.


All the characters present go with some dark truth of their society which was followed by drama. It is well appreciated for its complexity getting narrated into simple ideology.



21. Akame ga Kill (2014)


Akame ga Kill (2014)


In Attack of Titan, the action came with violence, however, the story of morality and ethics always remained there in almost every corner. One can see it, especially with the theme of saving the world from danger.


The same can be seen in Akame ga Kill where Tatsumi is in front and becomes a hero while trying to retrieve the piece of his Empire. After dealing with many weapons and violence, Tatsumi always takes with his ethics.


It all started with The Revolutionary Army known as Night Raid which was made with the mission to overthrow the prime minister and gain their hold in the world. However, Tatsumi decided not to let them do so and jumps in between their plans.



20. Deadman Wonderland (2011)


Deadman Wonderland (2011)


Present in the world of destruction, anarchy, post-apocalyptic, and dystopic, this anime also stands well or parallel with Attack on Titan. Instead of going with any monster or strange creature, it went with a natural disaster of the earthquake that destroyed everything in Tokyo.


It has also resulted in half of the city vanishing somewhere in the ocean. The story goes 10 years in the future when Ganta, an ordinary student as well as the survivor of the disaster, was left with almost no memories.


He is not just the survivor of the earthquake but also of an assassination that happened with his classmates. Because of this incident, he was left under suspicion, thus following many trials and ending up in a prison called Deadman Wonderland.



19. Hellsing Ultimate (2006)


Hellsing Ultimate (2006)


Like most of the anime present in the list, it also carries the existence of dark and strange creatures. When an evil beast kept humans and their life in an unfortunate way then an organization called Hellsing was made.


Hellsing is dedicated to shunning these evil forces. The head of this organization is Integra who keeps the power of the military and fighting in his hand. However, his Army becomes quite less advantageous than a vampire called Alucard.


Because of the mixture of vampires and military in one place, it is obvious to go with the action, supernatural, and horror, like Attack on Titan.



18. Blue Exorcist (2011)


Blue Exorcist (2011)


Dealing with two different worlds, one with human existence and the other with demons is always to bring fantasy and the supernatural under one roof. Having many similarities with Attack on Titan, Blue Exorcist also carries its uniqueness with the story and the craft of its characters.


The plot of saving humanity from evil follows two different worlds Assiah (humans) and Gehenna (demons) where a mutual connection is almost impossible. However, Satan, the head of Gehenna does try it for his own sake.


From the human world, Rin Okumura comes who his normal life and was attacked by some demons and decided to save himself and other innocents by going against the definition of the world.



17. Shiki (2010)


Shiki (2010)


Set in a small town called Sotoba, the story follows a psychologically mysterious drama almost like Attack on Titan. Since the town is quite small so, it is very easy to know about everyone's existence and be aware of their activities.


The main drama started when a young girl dies unknowingly by getting affected by her secret disease. After investigation, the town doctor named Toshio Ozaki declared it to be not a normal disease but some kind of supernatural occurrence happening in the town.


To reveal things behind this mysterious disease, Toshio himself started an investigation with some other young characters.



16. Elfen Lied (2004)


Elfen Lied (2004)


Elfen Lied is a story of one world but of different existing creatures or races present in it. One is a normal human race that we are aware of and the other is a humanoid with strange horns.


Because of this strange appearance, all the humanoids became the subject of experiments followed by heartbreaking torture. One of the humanoids with strange horns is Lucy, the central character. In fear to become part of the experiment, she runs away and ended up at sea shore.


Lucy was, later on, found by two boys who decided to name her after the only word she can utter, which is Nyu. Now, the problem does not go with Lucy but also with the two boys who decided to help as the military started their investigation on all these characters.



15. Claymore (2007)


Claymore (2007)


Sharing almost the same kind of genre and theme, Claymore is loved by viewers for its superpowers and fantasy, blending well with adventure. We have Youma known to be a shape-shifting demon destroying the village and the family of the protagonist named Raki.


After witnessing the death of family members and villagers, Raki had nothing to live for. But things soon turned when he got support or a Claymore named Clare. They both joined hands together and decided to go for Youma's head, whom Clare took target for revenge.



14. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)


As the name suggests Fullmetal Alchemist is sure to go with the concept of Alchemy, coming under superpowers and fantasy. Unlike Attack of Titan which is going with saving humanity, here the two protagonists named Edward and Alphonse went to save or revive their mother.


Many commonalities can be yet seen between these two anime with the plotting of story and genre. When the mother of Edward and Alphonse, the brothers, died then they both decided to get her back in life with the help of Alchemy.


It can only be a possibility by achieving the Philosophers' Stone. Thus, they decided to join the army and start their journey for the ultimate mission.



13. Seraph of the End (2015)


Seraph of the End (2015)


When a human-made virus has almost finished the whole population of the world then the rest of the population had no choice but to remain in the slavery of vampires by fulfilling their wishes.


In specific, it deals with Yūichirō, a 12-year-old boy, and his way of dealing with vampires and their rule. It all started when he and the other characters decided to escape from the place followed by a sudden attack by some vampires that changed everything in their life.


It results in Yūichirō's sacrifice but things differ when he decides to go with the Japanese Imperial Demon Army.



12. Blood Blockade Battlefront (2015)


Blood Blockade Battlefront (2015)


With action, supernatural, and fantasy it also comes with vampire and superpower themes. Having its base in the concept of a gateway that connected Earth from beyond the world, it also deals with coexistence.


When all the creatures of different dimensions started living together, many unbalance things also followed. To manage everything, an organization called Libra was made to keep things out of chaos.


In particular, the story deals with Leonardo Watch. His life changed with the arrival of mysterious power leading to some misadventures among his comrades.



11. Mushibugyo (2013)


Mushibugyo (2013)


When a huge insect or monster destroyed the land of Edo then no one dare to stand against him. The only solution left was with a group of warriors called Insect Magistrates who are made with specialization in combat styles and some secret arts.


With the help of their power, the group of warriors summons a master swordsman named Genjuurou Tsukishima. When Tsukishima was unable to answer the call then he sent his son named Jinbee.


The story, later on, carries Jinbee trying to become a Samurai and get rid of the insect.



10. Gantz (2004)


Ganz (2004)


Falling in the spring of 2004, the anime came with 13 episodes. Just like Attack on Titan where the theme of survival was kept as a base, this anime also goes with the same flavor of psychology.


The deals with action and science fiction in the same way as drama and supernatural. We have Kei Kurono who is killed and got up in a game to test his morals and skills.


Now his life is not in his hand and the same goes with his death which was disturbed many times by different characters. It later goes with the category of many ugliness and violence present in real society.



9. Goblin Slayer (2018)


Goblin Slayer (2018)


One can guess from the title that it is related to Goblin which must be followed by some fantasy and action. In particular, it goes with a 15-year-old character named Priestess and his duty to investigate goblins.


When many women from the village were getting disappeared then the only suspicion was getting over goblins. To complete the investigation, Priestess dealt with many obstacles however, meeting new characters like Elf, Dwarf, High, and Lizardman was definitely fun.


Being remarkable for its story and plot, the anime serves well in the category of design and characters. All the characters were well crafted as got blended into the story quite well.



8. Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)


Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)


Like Attack on Titan, this anime also follows apocalyptic and drama in it. It is a supernatural anime released on 4 October 1995 where Hideaki Anno serves on the seat of the director.


The story goes with a teenager named Shinji Ikari who was chosen by his father for an organization. This organization called Nerv is quite shadowy where Shinji carries a mission to become a pilot.


Coming to the title called Evangelion, a bio-machine, is the main base for completing the mission of the protagonist by fighting several evil Angels present in the world, thus bringing a kind of survival theme to the story.



7. Berserk (2016)


Berserk (2016)


Berserk shares a similar action and theme to Attack on Titan. It can be seen through many events present in the name where protagonist Guts is set to change his destiny.


Like Eren of Attack on Titan, Guts of Berserk carries the theme of saving himself with the rest of the characters by demons. Thus, he started his journey to defy his fate with the help of a dangerous weapon called the dragon slayer.


The journey was later on followed by many other characters which include Isidro and Puck who joined Guts in his mission and thus face many dangers together.



6. Highschool Of The Dead (2010)


Highschool Of The Dead (2010)


The story pushes forward when death started rising in Japan which left the world in chaos. When some monster decided to keep Japan under threat the central protagonist Takashi Kimuro was left with nothing but to kill his best friend.


To get rid of his guilt, Takashi decided to protect Rei, the girlfriend of the man he just killed. Soon these two characters came together and went to find their family.


At the same time, they have also started the journey to investigate the pandemic and find the solution to it. Apart from these two, Kouta Hirano, Saeko, Saya, and Shizuka join the story and come together as a force.



5. God Eater (2015)


God Eater (2015)


It is either a hit or a miss anime series as it goes with all kinds of entertainment falling under the category of action and fantasy. It also shares a commonality with Attack on Titan related to the military theme.


The anime was released on 12 July 2015 with the setting of 2071. Like the Titans of Attack on Titan, it has a man-eating monster named Aramagi. Because of this monster, humanity is almost endangered.


But an organization called Fenrir puts a whole effort into saving humanity. This can only be done with the help of God Eaters, some special humans coming with Oracle cells.


Among them is Lenka Utsugi who needs to master God's Arc to protect the world.



4. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress (2016)


Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress (2016)


Getting mixed feelings because of the plot and not-so-developed characters, the anime comes with industrialization. The story is related to a mysterious virus that made a strange creature called Kabane.


As Kabane is creating a lot of destruction then the only solution left is to destroy his heart however, it is again impossible as it is protected by hardcore steel.


Almost every civilization got destroyed by the creature except for an island called Hinomoto. But now, Kabane is approaching to destroy them; however, Ikoma is ready with some new weapons to protect citizens.


These tasks are not easy as it deals with many unknown dangers and darkness.



3. Black Bullet (2014)


Black Bullet (2014)


Just like Attack on Titan where humanity was protecting themselves with the help of a wall, this anime also follows the same with a wall called Monolith to protect themselves from a virus called Gastrea.


To protect themselves from this virus, a team of female children possessing some superhuman abilities called Cursed Children came together with Promoters. These two groups went on a mission to fight against the virus and bring the piece back to Tokyo.


It also shares commonality with Attack on Titan in terms of action and mystery. The anime got released on 8 April 2014 with 13 episodes. It is one of the most recommendable anime, however, gained mixed feelings from fans and critics.



2. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007)


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007)


Kazuki's craft Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann shares a bulk of entertainment as it revolves around fantasy. It is about two characters named Simon and Kamina in their teenage life. While living in a subterranean village, these two always wanted to experience life on the surface.


Their wish soon got completed as they reached the surface but at the wrong time. The fight between Lordgenome and humans was at its peak when they both entered a new world.


All the humanities were left under the attack of Gunmen. So, instead of seeing or witnessing these things, Kamina and Simon took responsibility and protected their lives.



1. Tokyo Ghoul (2014)


Tokyo Ghoul (2014)


Getting the number one position, Tokyo Ghoul deserves it with the commonality of horror, thriller, supernatural, and action. The main focus of the story is Ghouls and their human-like appearance.


Despite having the human appearance, they differ in their features or characteristics. In particular, goes with Kaneki who never gave much attention to the existence of Ghouls, however, things changed when he met one such under the name of Rize.


When Rize, a ghoul, left him for nothing then the only solution was left to trade his organs, making Kaneki a half-ghoul. Now the story revolves around his struggle to keep both lives in balance and also keep himself away from government agents.




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