Top 50 Most Popular Anime Hairstyles Of All Time



Those who love anime and manga will have no problem recognizing some of the most popular hairstyles from the shows.


Dragonball characters, for example, have ridiculous hairstyles. The Saiyans have more erect hair and go blond as their power level increases.


They are often responsible for bleaching their hair blond in the ’90s and gelling it to kingdom come.


Whether you’re looking for a cute hairstyle or a funky one, these anime characters’ hairstyles will make you feel like a superhero.


Try mixing and matching different hairstyles from your favorite anime series if you’re feeling adventurous.


For instance, you can combine the classic ponytail with an unusual clothe hair tie.


You can also pick an iconic or impossible hairstyle, such as Jessie’s floppy tresses.


And if you’re in the mood for something a little more daring, try a hairstyle like the “Jessie” hairstyle, where the strands are so big and so short that they never move, so the teasing looks like it were made for her.


Here are some of the best anime characters with the best hairstyles.




1. Luffy (One Piece)


Luffy- One Piece 


Getting a Luffy hairstyle is an easy way to transform yourself into a seafaring hero!


You need some creativity and time to pull off a hairstyle worthy of this legendary character!


The infamous Straw Hat is a key feature of the character, which he stole from legendary pirate captain Red-Haired Shanks.


The men made a deal that if Luffy wore the straw hat, he would return it to them the next time they met.


Luffy wears short rolled-up trousers, sandals, and a red vest.


Luffy’s is unique among the many hairstyles worn by the male protagonists of the popular anime series.


This hot-blooded character sports a long straw hat. His hairstyle is similar to that of the male protagonists in Dragon Ball and One Piece, but he wears a different type of straw hat.


Despite the variations in the hairstyles, the main feature remains the straw hat.




2. Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach)


kenpachi zaraki (bleach)


If you want to know what hairstyle of Kenpachi Zaraki Bleach you should imitate, you should consider this anime character.


This samurai was known for his fierce battle style, and he has been credited with some of the best anime hairstyles of all time.


It is one of the most famous hairstyles of Kenpachi.


They are not too difficult to copy, and they all look fantastic.


The first and the most common haircut of Kenpachi Zaraki is short and smooth.


He mainly pairs it with a side part. He can also sport a side-swept bob, a popular look among female mangaka.


In Bleach, his side part is more pronounced than his top half.


A bob with a fringe is also a very popular hairstyle. You can clearly see why his hairstyle is such a heated topic of discussion. 


This single hairstyle can set you apart from the rest. And while most of us won’t be able to pull of something as flashy as this one, there’s no denying that the sharpness that this hairstyle offers is absolutely stunning. 




3. Ritsuko Kunihiro (Shiki)


Ritsuko Kunihiro- Shiki


The actress is responsible for the most iconic anime character hairstyles, and she also appears in the manga series.


The anime series centres on the nurse Ritsuko Kunihiro. She is an innocent nurse at the Ozaki clinic.


Her long, emerald-green hair is adorned with spiral curls at the end.


Ritsuko’s hairstyles are incredibly feminine and graceful, often seen in a long, white skirt and pink pant set.


The manga series stars Ritsuko Kunihiro as the original Shiki.


Although she pretends to be sick to stay out of the sun, her role slowly gains influence throughout the series.


Her back story is incredibly tragic, as her family forced her to eat humans as a child.


This tragic background has been portrayed in many of the series’ hairstyles.


In this manga, Ritsuko Kunihiro’s hairstyles are influenced by the characters she meets.




4. Jessie (Pokemon)


jessie (pokemon)


It is impossible to have more fun with your hairstyle than the main character of a cartoon show or anime series.


In the case of Jessie from Pokemon, she spends far more time styling her hair than preparing for heists.


She probably spends half her day in a wind tunnel to perfect her look. Her iconic twirl hairstyle is awesome. Because of her unique hair, she has become one of the most memorable characters of all time.


Whether she’s working in a wind tunnel or keeping her Poke balls in her hair, she looks like the coolest Pokemon character.


Jessie is the best-known female character in Pokemon. She has been annoying Ash for nearly twenty-five years.


While she’s no Pokemon master or thief, she is comic relief and a creative villain who would cry if she won the title of Pokémon Champion.


And if we ever do get to see her in the big finals, we can imagine what it would be like to win the competition! 


Jessie is a character whose hairstyle has been an absolute staple in her show. She has always had that elegance to her overall appearance and her long hair plays a huge part in that.


And while she isn’t exactly portrayed as an elegant character, her hairstyle does change the game for the audience. 



5. Envy (Fullmetal Alchemist)


envy (fullmetal alchemist)


Envy is a highly expressive character from the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist.


Although Edward Elric defeated her, her personality remained undefeated until the final fight.


Fans of anime hairstyles love to copy Envy’s spiky locks and long braids.


These hairstyles are ideal for mysterious Envy. Here are some ideas for Envy-style wigs and hair colours.


While Envy has a dark, sinister character, he can be amusing when around humans and homunculi.


In one scene, he refers to Lust as a “cute” homunculus and reminds him of his ruthless nature.


Envy’s eyes, constantly boiled away by Roy Mustang, are reminiscent of the second level of Dante Alighieri’s “Purgatorio.”


Envy’s character is dark and evil. And that’s why the intimidating hairstyle that this man has is always a subject of discussion among fans. 


Not only that, but Envy is also someone who happens to be very edgy with his things, making his appearance and design details even more appropriate. 



6. Franky (One Piece)


Franky- One Piece


Fans of the popular anime series One Piece can choose from various hairstyles and accessories inspired by Franky.


The character has cool powers, including creating unlimited hairstyles by pressing his nose.


During his time in the Straw Hats, Franky wore a red coat to protect himself against several factors.


This coat was also designed to cover his face and frontal body, covered by his tiger skin rug.


When serious, however, he wore sunglasses to hide his emotions.


The most famous hairstyles of Franky One Piece include a simple bob and a wavy ponytail.



7. Asta (Black Clover)


asta (black clover)


The protagonist of Black Clover is a young orphan named Asta.


His mother left him under the care of the church at a young age.


He is an orphan with lofty ambitions to become the next Wizard King.


However, his lack of magical power hasn’t stopped him from achieving his goals.


Asta joined the Magic Knight squad known as the Black Bulls by increasing his physical strength.


He also acquired a magical artefact, the five-leaf clover grimoire.


The grimoire contains the Anti-Magic devil Liebe. Eventually, he and his friends will face many challenges, including a battle with the evil wizard Gauche.


The character’s hair varies depending on the type of magic he uses.


Although Asta’s hair is normally grey, he may be wearing a black wig in his devil union form.


Nacht explains that the black colour is Asta’s devil power leaking out. Asta’s hairstyle is actually very cool. It won’t be possible to have that hairstyle without any hair product.


However, if the right person pulls it off, that hairstyle can genuinely look like the coolest thing we will see on the internet. 


His hair may be dark in its normal state, but it will become light when using his wind spirit power.



8. Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)


Levi Ackerman- Attack on Titan


The Attack on Titan anime series is a massive hit with its ever-changing characters, including the masked vigilante Levi Ackerman.


The manga was released a few months ago, but the anime won’t air until next year.


However, fans of the anime series are always sharing headcanons and artwork.


One of the most popular of those is Levi’s clay sculpture.


It is said to be life-sized. Levi’s character inspires the hairstyles of Levi Ackerman from the popular anime series in series.


In the series, he has long, wild bangs and a military buzz at the front of his head.


His fringe curls under his chin and falls past his eyebrows.


In the movie, Levi saves a soldier from Titan’s nape.


While his hairstyle is usually cold and dreary, he shows a warm side.



9. Eren Yeager (Attack on Titan)


Eren Yeager- Attack on Titan


The anime and manga series Attack on Titan features an enormous cast of characters.


The story is set in a world where giant humans are called Titans, and the main character, Eren Yeager, joins forces with his childhood friends, Mikasa Ackerman, and other soldiers to fight the Titans.


The characters all have unique hairstyles and clothing that complement their personality and outfits.


A typical Eren Yeager hairstyle featured an undercut and shaved sides.


The top half of her hair is left long, and strands on the sides are shaved, with a polished skin line surrounding it.


This hairstyle has a rough and slightly messy look, with the occasional tuft of hair showing through on top of the head.


Eren’s hair is long enough to match her outfits, including her Attack on Titan jacket.



10. Brook (One Piece)


Brook- One Piece


Brook has the unique design of any character in the One Piece series.


His sexy, long, and wavy hair are a great compliment to his edgy personality.


Brook used to be a talking skeleton before the mysterious Florian Triangle took him over.


While he’s an eccentric and charming character, he’s also a renowned musician with a guitar-like bow and a penchant for skull jokes.



11. Sasuke (Naruto)


Sasuke- Naruto


The Sasuke-Naruto hairstyles are pretty diverse. While Sasuke’s hair usually is long on the sides, choppy, and spiked on the front, it’s short on the back.


It’s a far cry from the long, wavy hairstyle of his rival, Boruto.


It’s more boyish and edgy than Boruto’s sleek and long hair.


The first Sasuke-Naruto hairstyle is the most common. It’s very similar to that of Andika Mahesa in the Kangen Band.


The main difference is that Sasuke’s hairstyle is longer than Naruto’s, which allows it to hide his mysterious left eye, also known as the Rinnegan.


In the 2000s, the Messy Bangs Hairstyle was Sasuke’s signature hairstyle.


The messiness of this hairstyle resembles that of Andika Mahesa when he was in the Kangen Band.


Many fans love to cosplay in this era of Sasuke he is one of the most popular characters from the anime. 



12. Jin (Samurai Champloo)




The protagonist of Samurai Champloo is Jin, a bodyguard for Fuu, and Mugen, a former student of kenjutsu.


Jin has become involved with Fuu and Mugen after killing his master in self-defense.


His hairstyles nod to traditional Samurai suits but with a feminine, badass twist.


Jin Samurai Champloo’s sexy hairstyles and wigs are both inspired by the show’s era, but many anime series and movies are influenced by Japanese culture.


Many anime, comics, and manga feature characters with different hairstyles, so it’s not hard to imagine Japanese people have different hairstyles.


While wigs are not necessary, some manga characters have a distinctly Japanese or medieval look to their hair.



13. Yugi Muto (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


Yugi Muto- Yu-Gi-Oh!


Yugi Muto is a high school student in Domino City.


He has never made friends and spends most of his time playing video games.


His grandfather, Solomon Muto, is a retired archaeologist and hobby shop owner.


One day, he gave his grandson a puzzle. Yugi is intrigued and decides to find out who created it.


He soon meets his new friend Akira, and they become fast friends.


The anime series shows a more caring side of Yugi Muto, with his younger self often released from his Millennium Puzzle necklace during duels.


Yugi lives with Grandpa and has never met her parents.


She is also a reincarnation of the ancient spirit Pharoh, Atem.


She is not only a genius in the field of archaeology but also a compassionate person.



14. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)


Spike Spiegel- Cowboy Bebop


Fans of the sci-fi western “Cowboy Bebop” series are excited about the upcoming live-action adaptation of the popular series.


Danielle Pineda, who plays the main character Faye Valentine, recently shared a sneak peek at the iconic hairstyle of the show’s protagonist.


She has a long asymmetrical bob with pointed bangs. Her hair is held back with a headband to keep it straight.


The hairstyle of Spike Spiegel is iconic and has become an icon in the world of anime, and John Cho is sporting it for the live-action remake of the cartoon.


Cho’s hairstyle isn’t as massive as the original cartoon version, but it’s no less recognizable than the one worn by the character in the original.


While the new hairstyle doesn’t look quite as bold as the Spike Spiegel in the cartoon, John Cho makes the most of it by taking the iconic ’80s character and applying it to modern-day life.



15. Saitama (One Punch Man)


saitama (one punch man)


This could appear to be a joke from the get-go.


But, in any case, talking, a bare head is as yet a hairdo of sorts.


Saitama winds up shaking this hair styling in such a manner, or more specifically, his absence of one.


Saitama is one of the most popular characters, and there is a story about how he went bald.


As per him, he’s going bald because of the after-effects of rigorous training that he did.


Saitama’s bare head turns out to be less hilarious when watchers understand that his serious preparation prompted him to lose his hair.


When the One-Punch Man winds up quitting any funny business, nobody has the dauntlessness to snicker at him, particularly his enemies.


Well, there isn’t much to say here. Quite literally. However, that’s exactly why this character and the things that are associated with him, including his design, are something that people can be proud of. 


His presence is more than enough to entertain the masses. 



16. Ichigo Kurasaki (Bleach)


Ichigo Kurasaki- Bleach


For most anime fans, Bleach is a sensitive theme to raise.


It was a progression with immense potential. Unfortunately, it at last wound up bubbling out well before it arrived at its abundantly scorned resolution.


However, its characters live on in fans’ recollections. His white hair renders a feel of a possessed reaper, a familiar source of his power.


The principal character of Bleach is a notorious figure who divides the fanbase into equal parts with regard to their contemplations on him.


Nonetheless, no matter one’s perspective on Ichigo, it’s difficult to reject that his orange hair makes for a striking look that assists him with standing apart from the remainder of the pack.



17. Josuke Higashikata (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)


Josuke Higashikata- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is effectively one of the best anime ever.


The heritage and being a fan of this series are gigantic in the East.


Besides, the fantastic anime transformation has guaranteed that this fame is also arriving worldwide.


The fourth piece of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable, is particularly striking in such a manner because of its incredible plot and cast of characters.


The primary JoJo of this curve is a huge feature in this regard.


Josuke is effectively one of the better heroes in the anime, with his pompadour filling in as the feature of his personality plan.



18. Shoto Todoroki (My hero Academia)


Shoto Todoroki- My hero Academia


Shoto Todoroki from “My Hero Academia” is another excellent example of a nerdy character with a great hairstyle.


This tall, muscular young man with his trademark black hair and a scar on his left cheek has a very laid-back attitude but is also dangerous to anyone who stands in his way.


Besides his great hairstyle, he has a surprisingly vast network of connections.


Despite her stern and aloof attitude at the beginning of the series, Todroki’s personality gradually evolves from a grumpy nerd to a sweeter character in season three.


This is because his love for cute things is so strong.



19. Renji Abarai (Bleach)


Renji Abarai- Bleach


The naughty red-headed boy with a wavy red-blonde mane from the series Bleach is another famous anime character with a unique hairstyle.


This fiery character has long hair with sharp layers and a middle part with a yellow-hued streak at the ends.


His spiky hair covers his eyes and forehead. In addition to his spiky red locks, Renji Abarai also has a crimson headband.


He often wears it in a high ponytail, with the red layers obscuring his face.


He is a determined fighter and could potentially kill anyone who gets in his way.


His tattooed upper body makes him an even more dangerous character.


Renji is a devoted friend of Rukia and a strong lieutenant in the sixth division of Gotei 13.


He has a striking red headband that prevents his hair from falling on his face.


This character also has a hairstyle that resembles a mane wig, which is very fashionable.


This anime character’s hairstyle evokes a sense of style in the viewer and is quite a fashion statement.



20. Eijiro Kirishima (My Hero Academia)


Eijiro Kirishima- My hero Academia


Eijiro Kirishima is also known as Sturdy Hero, Red Riot, and a student in Class 1-A at the U.


A. High School, where he is training to be a Pro Hero.


In addition, he is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series My Hero Academia.


One of Kirishima’s most interesting quirks is the Hardening Quirk.


It makes him extremely powerful against physical attacks and shock waves.


However, this quirk has a limit. Kirishima can absorb only a certain amount of force with his Quirk, so he must use it wisely!


And, of course, Kirishima must be in the best condition to protect himself with this quirk.


Eijiro is boisterous and gregarious, and sports spiked red hair.


He is often seen talking about being brave and strong, but in reality, he is self-conscious and has low self-esteem.


His unhappiness has to do with his low self-esteem, and he is prone to underestimating his abilities.


In addition, he thinks that his hardening quirk is not good, so he feels very insecure and self-conscious.



21. Nico Robin (One Piece)


Nico Robin- One Piece


The “Demon Child”, also known as Nico Robin, is a female anime character with a distinctive black hairstyle.


She is tall and has black hair, a broad nose, and dark eyes.


Her skin tone is quite dark, similar to her mother’s, and her limbs are very long.


Her long limbs and slim build make her an excellent fighter, but she’s not as tall as her mother.


Robin ate the Hana no Mi at a young age, allowing her to voluntarily repeat her body parts (or her whole body) on any surface.


Out of the relative multitude of individuals from the Straw Hat Pirates, Robin is the most peaceful and has seldom been believed to act entertainingly.


She treats Luffy with more regard than the remainder of the crew, in any event, when he acts rashly, to the place where she will giggle at his tricks.


Nico is a crush of many of the viewers and fans also cosplay her as she has a major fan following from the anime. 



22. Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)


Rukia Kuchiki- Bleach


Rukia is a pale reaper with purple eyes. Her black hair is a beauty to withhold.


They are often seen entangled between her eyes. According to Byakuya, Rukia’s hair resembles Hisana Kuchiki.


She wears a white tekk on her left sleeve. Her character wears a standard shihakusho but later switches to a bob.


She also has white tekko on her elbows. Short and modest, Rukia has a fair complexion and purple eyes.


Her hair is dark, with a few strands continuously hanging between her eyes.


At first, naturally introduced to a lower class, Rukia holds her unobtrusiveness from respectability, even as an embraced individual.


She is agile, and “clean” yet decides to converse with conventional individuals.



23. Mikasa (Attack On Titan)


Mikasa- Attack On Titan


One of the most iconic female anime characters with black hair is Mikasa.


This character is half-Asian with black hair, grey eyes, and pale skin.


In the series, her hair is cut short until it reaches the nape of her neck, but it has a long history of varying lengths.


At the start of the series, Mikasa wore her hair long across her shoulders, but her trainer Eren suggested that her long tresses might hinder her training.


So, after many fans’ requests, she finally grew her hair short.


Before Mikasa lived with the Jaeger family, she appeared to be a happy, lively, and kind child in all explanations.


Her honesty allowed her to push fear behind her brain and continue to live happily with her parents, friends, and her family.



24. Koyomi Araragi (Monogatari)


Koyomi Araragi- Monogatari


If you are looking for an araragi-Kun-like female anime character with black hairstyles, there are a couple of choices.


This character has the same hair colour as Kanbaru, but she has a longer hairstyle.


Her hair is also darker and quite fiery. Whether she is a mangaka or an anime character, her hairstyle reflects who she is and what she values most.


Koyomi is a laid-back person. However, before his experience during the previous spring break where he met Tsubasa Hanekawa, he was pretty asocial in secondary school, asserting that having companions would “bring down his uprightness as a human” because of a negative encounter during his first year.



25. Tohsaka Rin (Fate/Stay Night)


Tohsaka Rin- Fate/Stay Night


The anime character Tohsaka Rin has an exciting background. Her parents died when she was young, so she was given to a new family and raised as the successor to her parents’ magecraft.


Her mother, Tokiomi Tohsaka, told her to prioritize sorcery over her studies.


As a result, Rin has a complex personality with different sides to her character.


Rin is a young lady with aqua eyes and long wavy earthy coloured hair in a two-side-up hairdo, which comprises some portion of her being made into twin tails attached with dark stripes, while the more significant part hangs free.


Rin is a keen, genuine, clever, and highly aggressive individual.


However, she is generally respected at school as a prudish honour understudy, and it is a front she sets up to keep others from getting into her life.



26. L (Death Note)


L (Death Note)


L, the enigmatic detective from the anime Death Note, is a fascinating character shrouded in mystery. With his pale complexion, haunting black eyes, and unruly mop of jet-black hair that defies gravity, L exudes an undeniable aura of brilliance.


His unkempt locks seem to mirror his unconventional methods and unconventional thinking. As he delves into the darkest corners of the human mind, L’s distinctive hairstyle becomes an emblem of his intellectual prowess, making him an iconic figure in the world of anime and captivating fans with his unparalleled charm and style.



27. Mikoto Suo (School Rumble)


Mikoto Suo- School Rumble


In School Rumble, Mikoto Suo’s character has red hairstyles in his light novels and anime series.


The surface is a simple and humble man with internal struggles who seeks out an outlet for his power.


His surname, Mikoto, translates to “circumference”, “lap”, or “defense.” The surname is an allusion to his surname, Mikito-san, the Japanese word for “circumference”.


Mikoto Suo is one of the most powerful and prettiest young ladies in school.


Her cordial and kind character makes her a generally excellent companion and an exceptionally famous young lady with the folks because of her magnificence.


Mikoto is a sort and happy, more often than not, who rushes to outrage when irritated and won’t reconsider pounding a person.



28. Kimihito (Monster Musume)


Kimihito- Monster Musume


Monster Musume has several characters with red hair, including the famous tsundere, Miia.


She is a member of the royal Jujo bloodline and is stuck-up and perverted, despite her obvious crush on Kimihito’s lieutenant.


One of her trademark hairstyles is a long, red ponytail.


This gives her character an air of nobility that matches her personality.


Kimihito is a tall young fellow with untidy dark hair.


His eyes are commonly displayed as vacant white circles. However, when he’s not kidding, or when he is, as a rule, incredibly heartfelt, it is shown that he has earthy-coloured irises.


Kimihito is a delicate individual who is magnanimous, frequently making a special effort to fulfil others.



29. Shirayuki (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime)


Shirayuki- Akagami no Shirayuki-hime


Shirayuki from the manga and anime series, Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime, has red hairstyles that resemble apple red.


The red hair is natural for her, and she has had long locks tied in a ponytail halfway down her back.


She later cut her locks short, allowing them to fall around her chin.


Shirayuki stands at an average height of 5’4″ (162 cm) and has emerald green eyes.


She saw her father drinking at a pub when she was a child and has been cautious of new surroundings ever since.



30. Yoko Littner (Gurren Lagann)


Yoko Littner- Gurren Lagann


While the red hair of Yoko is a very distinct characteristic of anime characters, she is not the only one sporting a bright shade of red.


Other famous anime characters with red hairstyles include Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, and even the favourite X-Men.


Of course, these characters have wildly contrasting hairstyles, but one thing is sure: Yoko has red hair!


One of the most striking characteristics of Yoko’s character is her wild, red hair.


She is a highly emotional and trigger-happy individual but has a more innocent side.


Although she is sometimes teased for her naive nature, her loyal and tolerant personality shines through.



31. Asuka (Evangelion)


Asuka- Evangelion


Many anime characters with red hair are drawn as dangerous or frightening.


These characters often wear black clothes to hide their colour, creating an unsettling, threatening atmosphere.


Asuka Soryu Langley, one of the most famous anime redheads, is a highly competitive character who always speaks her mind, often to the detriment of others.


Despite her competitive temper and insecurities, Asuka is still considered a tsundere character, even though she displays moments of tenderness and warmth toward the protagonist, Shinji.


Asuka is exceptionally pleased, particularly in her steering, and goes over to others as glad and solid, with a higher high assessment of her appearance and ability as an Eva pilot.


However, she is obstinate and finds it hard to communicate her actual sentiments to other people.



32. Angel Sorano (Fairy Tail)


Angel Sorano- Fairy Tail


One of the most famous characters in the Dragon Ball Z anime series is the angel Sorano.


She is a prominent member of Orcaion Seis, the team that protects the Earth from the evil forces of Zeref.


However, the character is cruel and selfish, and her white hairstyle is the last thing viewers should expect from her.


Her hairstyles vary in length in the anime series, from long to short, depending on the style.


Sorano is a young lady of somewhat little height with fair skin, earthy-coloured eyes, and short, brilliant hair, with bangs covering her brow.


As indicated by Yukino, Sorano was at first a caring young lady and was continuously supporting her younger sibling when their folks were admonishing her.



33. Kaname Tosen (Bleach)


Kaname Tosen- Bleach


In the anime series Bleach, the blind captain Kaname Tosen has many hairstyles.


While his hair is mostly black, he can have different shades of blonde or white.


His hairstyle is often braided and long. You can dye your hair white and then use a wig to recreate his look.


If you do not want to use a wig, you can dye it black.


Tosen had his white hairstyle because he wanted to redeem himself before the soul society.


Although his life with Aizen was a mistake, he still wanted to pay for the lives he had lost fighting in the army of Aizen.


However, his desire to seek forgiveness for his past mistakes has caused him to quest for the White Key.


Gin can help Tosen get the forgiveness he needs from the Soul Society.



34. Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy tail)


Lucy heartfilia- Fairy tail


Lucy Heartfilia is the main female protagonist of the Fairy Tail manga series, and her style has been perhaps the most conspicuous female anime haircut.


Lucy is known for her mid-length light hair that is typically integrated by strips in an assortment of varieties, or now and then is likewise found in a bit of pigtail that is put to the right half of her head, while the remainder of the hair is kept free.


Her hair is long, and she is, for the most part, famous for her uneven pigtail.



35. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)


Erza Scarlet- Fairy tail


Erza Scarlet is regarded as one of the most-rated magicians from Team Natsu, an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild.


The Guild is known for her painstakingly styled long and straight hair spread in burgundy tints.


In addition, the bangs that trim across her face and crash and burn are likewise probably the primary motivation for why we love her hair.


The whole hairstyling consolidates well with her sharp highlights, and along these lines, every one of the straight-haired women can go through just a little testing.



36.  Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)


Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer)


Tanjiro Kamado, the determined protagonist of Demon Slayer, embodies unwavering determination and unwavering kindness. With his warm, cocoa-coloured hair that gently frames his face, Tanjiro’s hairstyle mirrors his gentle nature and empathetic spirit.


His hair, reminiscent of the earthy hues of nature, is a testament to his deep connection with the world around him. It adds a touch of softness to his determined gaze, symbolizing his resilience and unwavering resolve in the face of unimaginable challenges.


Tanjiro’s hair is not only a visual delight but also an embodiment of his inner strength and unwavering compassion.



37. Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)


Ken Kaneki- Tokyo Ghoul


There are many theories about why Ken Kaneki has white hair and later turns black.


This phenomenon has plagued Kaneki fans for years. Here are 3 of them.


Is Kaneki a transgender man? Or is it a normal transition?


Whatever the reason, these theories do not reflect Kaneki’s actual personality.


Let’s discuss them one by one. You may be surprised!


The anime and manga series contains episodes about white-haired characters.


One character is the black-haired Kaneki. He is a typical bookworm.


He falls in love with the beautiful Rize Kamishiro. Unfortunately, she is a ghoul who feeds on human flesh.


As a result, he becomes a ghoul, trying to hide his identity from everyone.


As he struggles to protect his newfound power, he finds work at a restaurant.



38. Afro (Afro Samurai)


Afro- Afro Samurai


Afro is the hero of the Afro Samurai anime series.


His long hair is tied into a messy ponytail over his forehead.


While his hair is messy and not exactly round, it gives him the lousy look he wants.


This Samurai anime character with long hair is a popular choice among fans.


Listed below are some of our favourite long hairstyles for Samurai anime characters.


Afro’s clothing comprises the number two headband, a white Japanese Kimono, blue erupted pants with vigorously frayed sews by the lower legs, a couple of Japanese geta, and his blade, passed to him when his dad Rokutaro kicked the bucket.



39. Minato Namikaze (Naruto)


Minato Namikaze- Naruto


The character is named Minato Namikaze, which means “spearhead” in German.


His hairstyle is reminiscent of his character’s own. The character wears his hair down to his side and keeps part of it untucked.


The rest is tied into a headband. Minato was one of the most powerful shinobi in the world, even before he was fully developed.


His performance at the Academy was hailed as being the highest in history.


Only Itachi Uchiha would match it. Minato’s greatness earned him the title of the legendary ninja.


In addition, he once saved Kushina Uzumaki from the Kumo ninjas.


While many people would consider it an unusual choice, Minato Namikaze was a genius and had a lot of potentials.


He entered the academy intending to become the Hokage. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, he used his Sage Mode to defeat Madara Uchiha.


The character’s long hairstyles were also quite different from what we’d expect from a shinobi.



40. Revy (Black Lagoon)


Revy- Black Lagoon


If you’re looking for a badass female mercenary, you may want to check out Revy from Black Lagoon.


She’s a ruthless mercenary who kills people without hesitation. Her short, ponytail hairstyle falls over her forehead and gives her a badass look.


Revy has a unique look that will make you want to try it yourself!


Revy is a Chinese-American, really tan-wiped clean female of approximately common tallness in her mid to past-due twenties with burgundy hair (earthy colored hair withinside the manga) that she, by and large, continues in a low unfastened braid with large bangs falling onto her forehead on one of the alternative sides.



41. Vegeta (Dragon Ball)


Vegeta- Dragon Ball


Vegeta is one of the most iconic anime characters. This character is known for his speed and his golden hair.


Although his hair is relatively short and needs to be cut regularly, his golden hairstyle is easily replicable.


However, it’s important to note that this hairstyle is fairly high maintenance.


The best way to get this hairstyle is by undergoing a makeover at your local hair salon.


Vegeta first sports a golden, short hairstyle during his childhood.


He is often seen wearing a purple hat. It is straightforward to spot Vegeta in this episode.


The short bob and slick bob give him the perfect anime hairstyle.


Vegeta had a similar hairstyle during his youth, but he was much more dramatic.


His blonde hair is the epitome of cool.



42. Inuyasha (Inuyasha)


Inuyasha- Inuyasha


If you’re into the look of a demon with a mane, you’ll love Inuyasha’s hairstyle.


The half-dog protagonist’s silver-white hair is mane-like, and his bangs frame his face.


The silver-white color also blends well with his furry ears, which disappear when he’s disguised as a human.


Yugi Muto’s multi-colored messy hairstyle is another popular style from the anime series.


Inuyasha is of average stature, remaining at 168 cm, with a lean, wiry casing that misrepresents his monstrous strength.


Like his relative Sesshōmaru, he has a thick mane of midriff length silver-white hair with short bangs; brilliant eyes cut like students, paws on every digit, and sharp teeth in his mouth.


The dark hair idea originates from when he transforms into an utterly blooded human for an evening on another moon.


It happens to every half-evil presence.



43. Goku (Dragon Ball)


Goku- Dragon Ball


If you love anime characters, you’ll probably be interested in Goku’s black spiked hair.


The iconic hairstyle of Goku in Dragon Ball has been a source of many debates and questions among fans.


While the Saiyan race and their level of power have long been at the forefront of the discussion, one aspect of the Dragon Ball series that has fueled much controversy is the hairstyle of Goku.


In recent years, director Akira Toriyama has attempted to explain this in several interviews.


Goku appears his dad has a similar spiky dark haircut, dim-hued eyes, and facial highlights.


He has milder eyes, a caring disposition, and a lighter-fair skin colouring from his mom.


Goku’s most distinctive actual trademark is his hair. He has three bangs hanging to the right of his brow and two bangs hanging to the left.


His hair stands up in the front with four spikes and three charges toward the back.



44. Mr. Satan (Dragon Ball)


Mr Satan- Dragon Ball


You may have seen the screenshot of Majin Buu and Mr. Satan from Dragon Ball Z.


However, the characters seem pretty similar. While Majin Buu’s hairstyle is much longer than Mr. Satan’s, they share the same height.


Their hairstyles are identical, but the latter has black pointy hair and grey eyes.


The picture shows that the two characters have similar personalities and are not competing for strength.



45. Byakuya (Bleach)


Byakuya- Bleach


Byakuya is the grandson of the most rated and legendary 6th Division captain.


He is always been shown wearing a captain uniform with a white headpiece called a kenseikan.


This symbol symbolizes his noble status as head of the Kuchiki family.


The scarf is made from silver-white windflower light silk and can be used to construct ten houses.


Byakuya’s hairstyle is typically short and straight and is usually a pixie cut.


The other popular Byakuya character with long white hair is Tomoe, a fox yokai from Kamisama Kiss.


Tomoe’s hair is typically concise on the front, but the back is long, revealing his dark face.


The blonde hair makes him appear like a mysterious and cold character.


Although he is the head of the Kuchiki clan, Tomoe is beautiful.



46. Shiba Tatsuya (Mahouka koukou no rettousei)


Shiba Tatsuya- Mahouka koukou no rettousei


One of Shiba Tatsuya’s trademarks is his dark black hair.


In the anime, it reaches his clear blue eyes. However, in the light novel, it is only a few strands of hair that are visible.


His looks are quite different from his sister, who is known for her beauty.


As a result, her hairstyles are always quite different as well.


Despite her popularity in the manga series, she was not the first person to sport long hairstyles.


This was a popular idea amongst fans of the manga series, so many Japanese characters have a resemblance to Tatsuya.


Tatsuya’s hairstyles are often based on the Hindu goddess Parvati.


Parvati is considered the most beautiful and powerful goddess in Hinduism and is the wife of the god Shiva.


Her husband Shiva thought her his greatest love, and her names also carry the “snow” character and translate into Snow Mountain Goddess and Celestial Snow Maiden.



47. Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)


Kakashi Hatake- Naruto


Inspired by the manga anime series Naruto, Kakashi Hatake’s hairstyle is famous to many men.


You can achieve Kakashi’s look at home by following simple steps.


First, bleach your hair to reach the spiked top. Once your hair is bleached, trim it starting from the back of your head where the curve of your head starts.


You can also choose how thick you want the spikes to be and how long you want them to be.


Once you have the right style, you can shape them with a hair spray.


While Kakashi’s hairstyle varies depending on his mood, it is almost always short and messy.


Kakashi has one eye, so he has been using his Sharingan for most of his life.


He is also a genius in many other ways, such as solving puzzles or resolving conflict.


In the anime series, Kakashi and Obito are the only people who can use the Sharingan, but it doesn’t have to be this way.



48. Kirito (Sword Art Online)


Kirito - Sword Art Online


The main character of Sword Art Online’s manga and anime series, known as Kirito, has a unique hairstyle that makes him stand out from the crowd.


His hair is long and flowing on the front, with three piercings in his left ear and a crescent moon on his forehead.


Although he is the most intimidating demon in the series, he is also beautiful.


His black hair and attractive features make him a popular choice among fans of the series.


One of the most popular hairstyles among fans is that of the Samurai in Anime.


This style is both unique and incredibly cool, so you’ll want to copy it if you can get your hands on it.


These styles are also perfect for thick hair. To make it even more unique, you can experiment with blue, purple, and white streaks in your hair with a product you’ve been meaning to use.


You can even top your long hairstyle with a bandana or a favorite hat.



49. Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)


Edward Elric- Fullmetal Alchemist


Fullmetal Alchemist has one of the most memorable characters, and Edward Elric’s blonde hair is no exception.


The talented fighter and genius are characterized by long, blonde hair tied into a braid or a ponytail.


It is long enough to fall below the shoulders but not too short that it’s unmanageable.


In some episodes, Edward wears his hair like antennae. Sanji also has a distinctive blond hairstyle, which makes him stand out from the rest of the cast.


Another notable anime character hairstyle is the ahoge that appears on the forehead of Van Hohenheim.


The ahoge hairstyle also resembles that of Edward Elric’s father, Shishou.


However, this hairstyle is not permanent, and it may be temporary.


While the ahoge hairstyle is generally considered a symbol of change, it’s not a good indicator of the character’s personality.



50. Ichinose Tokiya (Uta no prince-sama)


Ichinose Tokiya- Uta no prince-sama


If you’re wondering why Ichinose Tokiya’s crazy hairstyle is, read this.


Tokiya has one of the most memorable hairstyles in anime and manga.


His long locks make him look incredibly hot. The sailor boy’s spiky, black hair is also very striking.


In the anime and manga, he wears his hair down.


As the protagonist of Shining Saotome, Ichinose Tokiya is a character who has a rather wacky hairstyle.


In the manga, he won the graduation audition. Unfortunately, he soon realized he was in a frame and asked Haruka for help.


After a few days, Haruka agreed to help him reform.


He even changed his hairstyle to suit him.



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