Top 30 Most Popular Anime Elf Characters Of All Time

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Top Anime Elves


Elves are a popular race in literature, fantasy, and anime. Their unique abilities and beautiful designs make them one of the most intriguing races in the genre.


While most elves in anime are relatively common, there are a few notable exceptions. Read on to learn more about these interesting characters.


Also, learn more about the history of elves in anime. If you love whimsical characters, you'll probably be delighted to discover that the Anime Elfs have covered you.


Puck's whimsical character stands out in a world where everything else is dark. So whether you're a teen or an adult, you'll be pleased to discover the variety of Elf-based animation available.


Here are some of my favorite films featuring this unique breed of creatures.



30. Victoria Samanark (Restaurant to Another World)


Victoria Samanark (Restaurant to Another World)


The eldest daughter of the Duke of Samanark, Victoria Samanark, is a half-elf princess. Her ancestor mingled with elves and is outcast by both humans and elves.


She first met the owner of the Nekoya restaurant, Altorius, and helped translate the menu into the Eastern language.


Victoria spends most of her time in seclusion, researching magical abilities. She is a close relative of Elfs but is somewhat colder than they would be.


In the manga, she eats pudding with her siblings, which is unusual for elves. In the anime, she orders a Kid's Meal for them, which consists of various dishes and a Pudding a la Mode.


The manga version omits this but shows that Victoria has a love interest in Pudding a la Mode, which she often eats.


A legend says that she met the legendary hero in the city of Nekoya. Victoria listened to him and translated the menu into her native tongue.


She met Shareef, who is also a regular at Nekoya. She also befriended Victoria and the mysterious Master. A pacifist of the Eastern Continent, Altorius was the first of the Four Heroes to visit Victoria Samanark.



29. Juana (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere)




The world of Juana Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere is filled with many characters, some of which will recur.


One of the most notable characters, Juana, is a woman who is both a Magical Girl Warrior and an assassin.


She vows to use her newfound greed to stop the Apocath. The series is set in a futuristic world, so it is difficult to imagine how a real person might react to the events of this story.




28. Mare Bello Fiore (Overlord)


Mare Bello Fiore (Overlord)


If anime elves are real, then a blonde like Mare Bello Fiore is likely to be on the horizon.


This character is likely to be the protagonist of a fantasy series with ecchi or a harem, as she highlights the beauty and allure of the elf race.


She is a beautiful elf with long golden hair and pointed ears, and she often appears in anime series with her harem.


She has also transformed into a panda or puppy in popular Berserk, and the character has a lot of appeal to fans of the fable.


She has several unique traits, and her powers are unmatched by any other character. In addition, she has strong martial skills, making her an excellent choice for any team.


Mare is an extremely brave and powerful elf, but she does feel nervous around her master. She even refuses to fight in public in front of Aura but is dragged into the battle by her sister.


After defeating the elemental, she returns to Momonga's side.




27. Puck (Berserk)


Puck (Berserk)


Puck is a character who is frequently depicted as a sassy elf. He is the Wind spirit of the utopian elf kingdom of Elfhelm, situated on the Skellig Islands in the Western Sea.


His strengths include secreting powder from his wings to heal wounds, emitting a bright flash to blind enemies, and throwing chestnuts.


His Bloody Needle attack is particularly devastating, and he has an unusual attachment to his female elf partner, Behelit Guts.


The first appearance of Puck in the series was when Guts was transforming a human girl named Jill into an elf.


She is a white elf with golden eyes and braided white hair. The elves have taken her hostage to protect her from the angry mob, but she is still confused about his identity.


Puck is infuriated by Guts' lack of empathy for humans, and he flees for his life. When The Snake Baron is torturing guts and Koka, Puck is one of the elves who are the victim of their cruel rage.


Puck watches the two fight and eventually becomes enamoured with the Beherit in Vargas' possession. Guts and Adolf are executed, and Puck is presented to the Count's daughter Theresia.


He strikes up a small friendship with the Count's daughter Theresia and convinces her to let him go. He vows to repay Guts' kindness to him.




26. Shera L. Greenwood (Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu)


Shera L. Greenwood (Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu)


Shera Greenwood, from the anime Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu, is a vibrant and spirited character who brings a burst of energy to the screen.


With her striking emerald-green hair and mischievous eyes, she possesses a beauty that is both alluring and playful. As a confident and outgoing elf, Shera radiates a carefree and adventurous spirit, always ready to embark on new escapades.


Her charismatic personality and loyalty make her a cherished friend and ally. Shera Greenwood adds a touch of excitement and charm to the fantastical world of the anime, captivating audiences with her infectious enthusiasm.




25. Licht (Black Clover)


Licht (Black Clover)


The elves were originally called "black clover elves" and are represented by the elf-shaped flower of light. In the original manga, Licht was a human who wanted to reduce disparities between humans and elves and befriend the latter.


His vision fascinated the elves, and he fell in love with his sister, Tetia. They saw their wedding as the perfect opportunity to unite the elves and humans.


However, the humans had other plans for the elves, and Lumiere had no choice but to be trapped in a human's clutches.


In the anime series, Licht is the main antagonist, and he is a powerful mage. He shares his body with William Vangeance, a member of the Golden Dawn squad.


Ultimately, he sacrifices his life to save the Clover Kingdom. However, Licht's manipulation of humans was thwarted when Nozel Silver defeated him and his minions.


Despite his power, Licht remains a major threat, as he is one of the strongest characters in the anime series.




24. Patry (Black Clover)


Patry (Black Clover)


In the fifth volume of the anime series, Patry Black Clover, an elf who possesses Captain Vangeance's body, is reborn as William Vangeance.


Patry is a powerful dark elf who created the Grimoire of Asta 5 centuries ago. Having been denied it, Patry possesses the Grimoire and begins to randomly attack everyone.


Fortunately, Zagred is not yet aware of this, and he leaves him to kill the elves. Patolli is the nemesis of the Black Clover manga and anime series.


He is the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun and the antagonist of the Witches Forest and Attacks the Royal Capital arcs.


While initially acting as Licht, Patolli is ultimately a pawn of a greater evil. In this manga, he also appears in the English dub of the series.


As a result of his reincarnation, he fights his mistresses, Mimosa and Yuno. Later, Zagred reveals that he cast a forbidden spell to resurrect elves.


Luckily, the elves are in hiding. He eventually escapes with the aid of his squad captains, but not before the elves take their revenge.




23. Echidna (Queen's Blade)


Echidna (Queen's Blade)


If you're looking for an anime elf, then the Echidna is a perfect choice. This wild elf from Calibara is proficient with deadly weapons and blades.


But, while strong enough to compete in anime title tournaments, she doesn't want to. Here's why. Echidna has the following traits: Allean and Nowa face off against Irma and Echidna in the tournament.


Irma holds a grudge against her former teacher, Echidna, and feels abandoned by her. Nowa also asks Allean about his past with Echidna.


When they get to the final match, Allean and Nowa team up to defeat the Echidna. As the mother of Medusa, Echidna shares many traits with the snake-like creature.


Her armor is also themed after snakes, and her name reflects her similarity to the Egyptian ruler Menes. The anime Echidna has several controversies.


Even though she has multiple controversies, fans of anime elves should check out the Echidna Queen's Blade for anime elves.




22. Zel (Interspecies Reviewers)


Zel (Interspecies Reviewers)


Zel is an elf who is part of the Interspecies Reviewers. He is a gerontophilic male elf who likes to visit succu-girl joints and hook up with other species.


His hair is blonde and is usually adorned with red clips. He has green eyes and long, pointed ears.


Zel wears a light cream-coloured shirt with blue pants and brown boots. He carries a black and gold dagger strapped on his upper right thigh.


Interspecies Reviewers are a unique kind of anime. They specialize in certain species, like elves, and use backgrounds to show off their different features.


Some of their reviews are very sexual, and they also consider other races' reactions to the various races. This makes it a great choice for anyone who likes to see anime elves in a different light.


The characters in Zel Interspecies Reviewers are both funny and real. The plot is simple enough, but the characters make the comic stand out.


In addition, the series features a host of other fantasy creatures, including standard elves, demons, fire spirits, golems, and fae.


There's even an episode devoted to the egg-laying fetish!




21. Muller (Isekai Cheat Magician)


Muller (Isekai Cheat Magician)


One of the primary characters in Isekai Cheat Magician, Muller, is the "Brilliant Swordswoman" and talented in fire and earth sorcery.


She turns out to be a speedy companion with cherished companions Taichi Nishimura and Rin Azuma when they are magically transported to dreamland with strong capacities out of nowhere.


Taichi can call essential spirits and utilize their power, while Rin can utilize earth, fire, water, and wind magic.


With their overwhelmed sorcery, the two get an experience's society together with their extraordinary supernatural capacities to figure out how to get back home.




20. Vegan Eldriel (Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time)


Vegan Eldriel (Peter Grill and The Philosopher’s Time)


A pleased and vain elf minister with a self-resolution streak who wants to have a youngster with the most grounded hero on the planet, Peter Grill.


She is not alone. In this wish-satisfaction series, Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time, Peter is a strong Hero who generally has a wide range of young ladies that need to convey his kid favour with his capacities.


Peter makes an honest effort to ward off the ladies. He just needs to accompany one young lady, his adoration, Luvelia Sanctos.


Be that as it may, Vegan and other dream races won't surrender with such ease, and Peter doesn't know he can hold off their advances until the end of time.




19. Dearia (Dragon Goes House-Hunting)


Dearia (Dragon Goes House-Hunting)


Occurring inside an RPG dreamland, Dearia is a 1000-year-old mythical person and a realtor. He additionally makes some part-memories work as a devil ruler, yet entirely that is not significant.


In Dragon Goes-House Hunting, Dearia observes a weak red mythical serpent named Letty, removed from his parent's home in the wake of neglecting to safeguard their eggs.


He goes along with him on his home-hunting mission to track down another home that makes them make dependable companions and undesirable foes.



18. Erina Tulle (DanMachi)


Eina Tulle (DanMachi)


Eina Tulle, a character from the anime DanMachi, is a captivating presence in the fantastical world of Orario. As a devoted and diligent supporter of adventurers, Eina possesses an air of elegance and wisdom.


Her lustrous chestnut hair cascades gracefully, framing her gentle and caring eyes. With her librarian attire and bookish charm, Eina exudes intelligence and a strong sense of duty.


Her unwavering dedication to her role as a mentor and guide adds a touch of warmth to the bustling city of Orario. Eina Tulle is a beloved character, both admired and respected by adventurers and viewers alike.



17. Ren (Yousei Hime Ren)


Ren (Yousei Hime Ren)


From Elf Princess Rane, Rane of a similar name is a little elf looking for the four fortunes of Heart when she meets Gou Takarada, a human who loves investigating and chasing down unbelievable fortunes.


Notwithstanding his cherished, lifelong companion Mari's dissent, he genuinely promised to track down the strange fortune of Salamander, and Rane chooses to go along with him.


Both become involved with a mystery project associated with Mari's dad and Salamander.



16. Luna Heela (The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter)


Luna Heela (The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter)


One of the primary characters in The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter is a half-elf minister who can decontaminate curses, however, at the expense of shortening her life expectancy.


Her difficulties are lifted when she meets classmates Noir and Emma. Despite being at the jug of the social stepping stool, aristocrats Noir Starga has an exceptional capacity to talk with the Great Sage about his reality and permits him to track down a mysterious prison with a wonderful lady tied up inside.


Noir turns into an understudy at Hero Academy to figure out how to free the lady.



15. Tsukiyohime (Himawari!)


Tsukiyohime (Himawari!)


A customary yet lovely elf lady that lives up in the mountains utilizes her dreams to the organization of the principal character of Himawari!


Since the time a strange man saved her life, Himawari Hinata generally longed to be a ninja. Her fantasy works out when she turns into an understudy at Ninja Academy.


Not just that, Himawari will meet her legend, Hayato Madenokoji, the new exchange educator! Nonetheless, discovers that Hayato is only a typical man with devastating obligation and promises to safeguard her instructor to reimburse her obligation to him.



14. Misanaria "Mia" Bolenan (Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody)


Misanaria "Mia" Bolenan (Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody)


A 130-year-old elf that seems to be a little kid talented in soul enchantment is a piece of a gathering that follows Satou Pendragon.


He was once Ichirou Suzuki, a 29-year-old software engineer who awakened in an RPG dreamland. With his details maximized, Satou starts to investigate this new dreamland and gains a female array of mistresses.


It truly seems as though he's inside a fantasy.



13. Ranah "Elwyn" Sylphis (Shining)


Ranah "Elwyn" Sylphis (Shining)


An elf princess with a courageous yet infantile nature outfitted with her #1 bow and bolt that moves with the principal character, Souma Akizuki, in Shining Tears X Wind.


Six understudies read a puzzling book called "End Earth" and get magically transported into the dreamland. Souma is invited by the Guardian of End Earth, who depend on Souma to safeguard the world.


He and his other companions need to return home, yet End Earth is taking steps to break into war, and Souma can't break his guarantee to safeguard the world.



12. Halkara (Slime Taoshite 300 Nen)


Halkara (Slime Taoshite 300 Nen)


Although she's most popular for her ungainliness and blonde adorableness, this 200-year-old mythical person is thriving. She is a dear companion to Azusa Aizawa's principal character in the I've Been Killing Slime for quite some time and Maxed Out My Level series.


Azusa was a corporate lady that died from depletion in her past life. In eternity, a goddess gives her eternality in her next life.


Azusa appreciates harmony, calm, and killing powerless ooze beasts for a long time in her new fantasy world and life.


This makes her level arrive at max, and, with that, her incredible ability is spread, and individuals start to come to her to battle or request help. So much for the harmony and calm.



11. Tiffania Westwood (The Familiar of Zero)


Tiffania Westwood (The Familiar of Zero)


Tiffania Westwood is a well-endowed half-elf who saves Saito from death in episode 2 of season two. She learned a memory-wiping spell after accessing Joseph de Gallia's music box while it was still in Albion.


Tiffania is the daughter of Archduke de Albion and his half-elf companion, Tifa. She lives in a secluded cottage.


Tiffania is a fashion icon who is also a fashion designer. Despite her celebrity status, her style is often overlooked.


She has a stunning figure, resulting in numerous sexy outfits. Her clothing line is full of high-quality pieces, which are not always affordable.



10. Kokkoro Natsume (Princess Connect Re: Dive)


Kokkoro Natsume (Princess Connect Re: Dive)


An 11-year-old mythical person goes about as a manual for the principal character Yuuki in Princess Connect! Re: Dive. He drops out of the sky and terrains into a dreamland known with no memory.


With Kokkoro's assistance, Yuuki can investigate her reality and fight beasts. Yuuki and Kokkoro choose to join a society for cash and meet the effervescent and beguiling Pecorine and Karyl, a feline young lady talented in sorcery.


The four make a society together and go on to experience, investigate the world, and start to gain proficiency with the reality of Yuuki's lost recollections.



9. Celecia (Rune Soldier)


Celecia (Rune Soldier)


From Rune Soldier, Celecia is a young elf lady that stays inside a woodland, safeguarding the soul of nature.


She meets Louie and his adventuring party and requests their assistance, notwithstanding their doubts about her. An understudy of the mage's society, Louie experiences difficulty joining a gathering because of his idiocy, threatening muscles, and touchiness, yet he can track down a group with three young ladies.


Together, they search ruins, battle beasts, and find an insidious plot occurring inside their realm.



8. Riannon (Aquaplus)


Riannon (Aquaplus)


A relative of Elf King Pywll, even though she doesn't have pointed ears, she has a quiet nature. She is her clan's soothsayer, and Priestess seized toward the start of the Tears to Tiara series and presented as a penance to the evil spirit lord, Arawn.


Riannon is saved by her sibling, Arthur. Arawn assumes the type of a man and joins their clan while concealing his personality.


Together, they battle against the Empire and the dim privileged insights of their reality.



7. Fardania (Isekai Shokudo)


Fardania (Isakai Shokudo)


An unadulterated blooded wood elf in Restaurant to Another World whose most loved dishes are tofu or anything vegetarian.


Western Restaurant Nekoya is famous in Tokyo. However, when they close on Saturdays, they make their way for individuals of different universes and concoct their #1 dishes to have them returned each Saturday.


Fardania has such awesome powers. She can heal any wound and is a great archer. She literally has the power of forests and nature. 



6. Filimøs Harrifenas (So I’m a Spider So What?)


Filimøs Harrifenas (So I’m a Spider So What?)


In So I'm A Spider, So What? she was previously a homeroom educator named Kanami Okazaki. She and her whole class were killed in a quake and resurrected into a dreamland where she is the main beneficiary of a fictional people's leader, where she scans the world for her resurrected understudies.


The hardest to find is one of her young lady understudies that was resurrected as a prison insect not entirely set in stone to get by.


She is a great person and always wanted to be a teacher. Even after her death and reincarnation, she is still trying to look after her beloved students. 



5. High Elf Archer (Goblin Slayer)


High Elf Archer (Goblin Slayer)


She is a 2000-year-old elf exceptionally gifted with a bow and bolt and a dependable Goblin Slayer party part.


However, being viewed as a youthful mythical person, she is known to be irascible and has a low liquor resilience.


At the point when the 15-year-old Priestess' gathering is trapped and killed by trolls, she is prepared to go along with them as well yet is saved by the concealed Goblin Slayer.


She can go along with him and his party to eradicate every troll.



4. Aura Shurifon (Tenchi Muyo)


Aura Shurifon (Tenchi Muyo)


A dark elf princess and an individual from the watchman in Tenchi Muyo! Her character particularly changes, relying upon the hour of the day.


Toward the beginning of the day, she is sweet and silly and more genuine and direct around evening time.


Then, seized and brought to a different universe, 15-year-old Kenshi Masaki can return home, assuming he assists his hijackers with killing the new sovereign.


He fizzles and winds up turning into her new worker. She shows him how to guide a mecha called a Sacred Mechanoid and carries him to an institute to level up his ability, yet Kenshi reveals a vile plot inside the foundation that could cause an overall conflict.



3. Regan or Li Gan (Log Horizon)


Regan or Li Gan (Log Horizon)


A 28-year-old elf and Sage of Mirror Lake and enchantment scientist in Log Horizon. He is straightforward, effectively sensitive, and loves to learn new information.


He is a piece of the Elder Tale, a well-known MMORPG that unexpectedly traps 30,000 gamers. One of them is a contemplative person undergrad, Shiroe.


As a veteran of the game, Shiroe concludes by making the best out of his new ordinary by investigating the world, the framework, and quick bypasses.



2. Sylphiette (Mushoku Tensei)


Sylphiette (Mushoku Tensei)


A little kid who is part human, mythical person, and monster, which gives her an extraordinary look of green hair, elf ears, and rosy orange eyes.


Her green hair commits others to error her for an evil presence and gets steadily tormented for it; however, she is a sweet and intelligent young lady.


She is Rudeus Greyrat's most memorable companion. He was an overweight 34-year-old NEET that was hit by a truck and resurrected into a dreamland.



1. Satella (Re: Zero)


Satella (Re: Zero)


The Witch of Envy is half-human, half-elf, and the person who caused the Great Calamity 400-quite a while back formed the universe of Re: Zero ~Starting Life in Another World~.


Her thought processes are covered in secret. Her association with Subaru Natsuki as the person who gave him Return by Death, the capacity secondary school dropout Subaru acquires when he is out of nowhere magically transported to a different universe.


She can use magic and can be a lot of evil with it. And the most dangerous thing about her is that she is immortal. She cannot be killed by any outer force. 


But that doesn't mean she cannot be hurt. It's just she won't die from that injury. She has many other abilities that are yet to be revealed. 




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