Top 50 Most Popular Tim Burton Characters

top 50 most popular tim burton characters


One of the most acclaimed filmmakers of our generation, Tim Burton has made a name for himself by telling stories about quirky, offbeat characters who tend to be outcasts.


While it’s a given that his visual style makes his films stand out, it is also true that he lends a tremendous amount of depth to his distinct characters.


Burton, whose stories comprise themes of unrequited love, revenge, and death, is a versatile director who has tried his hands at horror, sci-fi, fantasy, musical, adventure, and superhero movies, respectively.


The visually striking features helmed by the man can be spotted from a mile away, all thanks to his unique style that is full of dark, gloomy visuals, German expressionist influences, and gothic-inspired storytelling.


It is not surprising then that there has never been a shortage of trick-or-treaters dressing up as Tim Burton characters during Halloween. As a matter of fact, the man is single-handedly responsible for pioneering gothic culture in the American film industry.


Since the filmmaker constructs his world between eerie atmospheres and whimsical fantasies, it makes us want to be a part of it. Needless to say, a large chunk of the regular movie-going audience in America has grown up revering his gothic and fantasy motion pictures.


The director, who is an introvert and even identifies himself as autistic, is pretty much a quirky misfit man who has always wanted to create unique characters. Indeed, if you look closely, some of them are perhaps also a reflection of his own personality.


So, let’s get better acquainted with Burton’s greatest and most memorable characters that continue to be as alluring today as they were when they first appeared on the big screen.




1. Edward Scissorhands (Edward Scissorhands)


edward scissorhands (edward scissorhands)


Not many movie buffs across the globe are aware of the fact that Edward was the first Tim Burton character that actor Johnny Depp portrayed on celluloid. In fact, it was one of the first few roles that allowed him to break free from his teen idol status.


This rather bizarre character is an incomplete humanoid who has scissor blades for hands. While Edward Scissorhands might be the director’s quirkiest full-length feature yet, it is also perhaps his sweetest and one of his deepest projects.


It showcases Depp portraying a pale-skinned man with messy hair and blades for fingers wonderfully. He is a born outsider who wants nothing more than to be treated normally by those around him. He may come off as strange to most people but it is his heart of gold that makes him stand out.


Burton’s romantic tale about forbidden love goes on to convey that, no matter what people say, being different and having a soft heart in a world as cruel and indifferent as ours is not a sign of weakness.




2. Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice)


betelgeuse (beetlejuice)


Trust Michael Keaton to walk the fine line between subtle and wacky to bring to life a character who prides himself in his ability to haunt the living.


Therefore, it wouldn’t exactly be an exaggeration to claim that it’s next to impossible to discuss Tim Burton’s career without the inclusion of Betelgeuse on our list.


Betelgeuse, who thrives on the work of his costume designers and makeup artists, is as absurd as a character can potentially be. He is a notorious ghost who manages to make an impression despite having limited screen time.


If you’ve seen the film, you must have noticed the effects of his manipulation, desperation, and lechery through the sorrow of others.


Credit has to be given to Burton for ensuring that the character never comes across as annoying or superficial. Today, this instantly recognizable character is best remembered for his humorous ramblings and constant jokes.




3. Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


jack skellington (the nightmare before christmas)


Sure, Tim Burton didn’t direct The Nightmare Before Christmas, but he certainly did work on the script and served as a producer on the film.


So, it is fair to say that Jack Skellington is as much a Burton character as it is director Henry Selick’s.


The ultimate antihero has been crowned “Pumpkin King” of spooky Halloween Town and is an undead skeletal man. His black hollow eyes and black pin-striped suit, which he wears over his long skeletal frame, have gone on to cement his place as one of the most favourite Halloween characters of all time.


We catch Jack heading into Christmas Town and falling in love with the pageantry and festivities of Xmas. Unfortunately for him, his newfound infatuation with the merry holiday ends up causing a whole lot of trouble for him and his pals in Halloween Town.


Also, let’s not forget that his charisma manages to sway most members of Halloween Town, barring Sally. That said, it is tough to forget that his selfish decisions led to the near destruction of Xmas and himself.




4. The Joker (Batman)


the joker (batman)


There is no denying the fact that Heath Ledger’s character projection of Joker in The Dark Knight is arguably the finest portrayal of the character on celluloid.


However, Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of the same in Tim Burton’s Batman movie is not far behind, in our humble opinion.


The filmmaker gives the sociopathic criminal an origin story in the movie and shocks the viewers by revealing that he is the guy who murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents.


Joker, with his bleached skin and green-stained hair, acts more like a gangster than a deranged villain. He is an incredibly self-centred individual who cannot tolerate others being the centre of attention, especially when he is around.


The inimitable Nicholson deserves a lot of credit for breathing life into the larger-than-life character by lending his sardonic sense of humour to it.



5. Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


Another resident from Halloween Town to find a well-deserved spot on our list is Sally. She is a rag doll with long red hair, who is the ultimate creation of Doctor Finkelstein.


Even though Sally has been stitched together and stuffed with dead leaves, she happens to have a lot of heart.


While her creator doesn’t allow her freedom and keeps her under lock and key, this doesn’t seem to stop her from sneaking out from time to time.


What is special about her is the fact that she is not only friends with Jack Skellington but she also harbors feelings for him.


The soft-spoken and kind-hearted character does her best to remind us that we don’t have to pretend to be something that we are not.


We feel truly elated when Sally confesses her feelings to Jack and he goes on to reciprocate them in a heartbeat.



6. Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)


Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)


In this day and age, if there is one filmmaker who can successfully walk the line between the whimsical and the gruesome, then it is none other than the daring Tim Burton.


Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is a motion picture that aims to retell the melodramatic Victorian tale of Sweeney Todd.


It thrives on Burton’s distinctive cinematic flair and its enigmatic titular character. The filmmaker introduces Johnny Depp’s Sweeney Todd as the new barber and owner of the barbershop on Fleet Street.


The actor delivers a sensational performance as the cold-hearted, murderous Mr. Todd, who, unsurprisingly, has the signature look of Tim Burton characters.



7. Edward Bloom (Big Fish)


Edward Bloom (Big Fish)


The main protagonist of Tim Burton’s Big Fish, Edward is an adventurer who likes to travel the world and meet different kinds of people.


The plot of the motion picture has been constructed on the tales of adventures that he shares with his son William.


Edward comes across as a character whose true life has been shrouded in enigma. We say so because most of the stories that he narrates come across as mythical.


Our dear director adds his whimsical style to both the narrative and the character, which has been played ably by Ewan McGregor.



8. The Headless Horseman (Sleepy Hollow)


The Headless Horseman (Sleepy Hollow)


The amazing Christopher Walken came on board to portray Tim Burton’s terrifying version of the Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow.


Even though the feature film was partially based on Washington Irving’s gothic story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, the filmmaker ensured to give it an even darker and more gothic feel.


One of the most talked about characters from Burton’s screenplay was The Headless Horseman; someone who haunts the village galloping around decapitating residents late at night.


Even though the character has no proper dialogue in the motion picture, his creepy looks and well-timed appearances are enough to induce a sense of straight-up terror in the audience. A big win!



9. The Penguin (Batman Returns)


The Penguin (Batman Returns)


Right from the start of Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, Oswald Cobblepot’s origin goes on to take a rather dark turn, and, in the process, paves the way for what is to follow.


The child Cobblepot is shown to have been born deformed. In fact, he also seems to be ravenous in nature, which leads his parents to toss him over a bridge and into a creek.


Raised by the creatures living in the sewers under Gotham City, he grows up to be “The Penguin” and is seen running a criminal organization as an adult.


Actor Danny DeVito does complete justice to the character. He thrives on his appearance and maniacal attitude to bring the role to life.


Needless to say, his character sketch suited the bleak, melancholic visual style of Burton’s trademark filmmaking.



10. Willy Wonka (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)


Willy Wonka (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)


Johnny Depp plays the leading role of Willy Wonka in Tim Burton’s popular screen adaptation of Roald Dahl’s novel of the same name.


Wonka is the eccentric owner of the highly successful Wonka Chocolate Factory. He is seen wearing a red velvet coat, a black top hat, and large round sunglasses.


He also carries a cane to go with his unique look. Even though it was tough to believe that Burton’s gloomy, gothic visual style could be brought to a family-friendly motion picture, the director did manage to succeed rather admirably in doing the needful.


The plot, which revolves around a tour of a chocolate factory, is driven by Willy Wonka’s character. It is easily among the most amusing roles that superstar Johnny Depp has portrayed on celluloid to date.



11. Sparky (Frankenweenie)


Sparky (Frankenweenie)


While Frankenweenie might not be among the most-watched cinematic projects of Tim Burton, it certainly carries one of the most admirable Burton characters in the form of Sparky.


The loyal and playful pet dog shares a deep bond with his owner Victor Frankenstein, and, in the process, helps the filmmaker provide his viewers with a lighthearted take on the popular Frankenstein story.


Even though the feature film revolves mostly around the character of Victor Frankenstein, it is the canine that ends up making a great impression on the audience.


To be fairly honest, Sparky is a reason strong enough for one to sit through this motion picture.



12. Emily (Corpse Bride)


Emily (Corpse Bride)


Corpse Bride’s Emily has gone on to become one of those characters who fans love to dress up as during Halloween.


Emily, who is an undead corpse who Victor accidentally wakes up and proposes to in the forest, cannot feel pain at all.


She is slim and tall with light blue skin and has the ability to teleport anywhere and phase through walls at will.


Even though she strives to pursue happiness by pushing Victor into marrying her, she, ultimately, sacrifices her happiness to allow him and Victoria to live together.


Emily may have failed to find a soulmate in the movie, but she is able to obtain justice for the crime committed against her.



13. Lydia (Beetlejuice)


Lydia (Beetlejuice)


One of the main characters in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice, Lydia is a goth girl who is seen wearing all black and has jet-black hair with long spiky bangs.


Her curiosity about the dark and ghoulish aspects of life and death is what seems to drive her for the major part of the film.


She is not only quick to discover the ghosts of Barbara and Adam but also sympathizes with their plight and does her best to protect them.


That said, Barbara and Adam were shown to be the caring parents that Lydia always longed for. She can also be seen portraying a leading role in the Beetlejuice animated series alongside the titular character.



14. Victor Von Dort (Corpse Bride)


Victor Von Dort (Corpse Bride)


Tim Burton’s filmography has been a testament to the fact that he has an affinity for the Victorian age.


Nowhere is this more apparent than in Corpse Bride, which is one of his several productions set in the said period.


The filmmaker’s favorite Johnny Depp returns to portray his first-ever animated role as Victor Von Dort. He is a young and good-looking gentleman whose parents want him to tie the knot with Victoria.


However, the shy Victor accidentally ends up marrying an undead woman named Emily while practicing his vows in the forest.


Victor stands out from the rest of the characters in the film in the sense that he seems to be the only living being who shares a decent rapport with the citizens of the Land of the Dead.



15. Ed Wood (Ed Wood)


Ed Wood (Ed Wood)


By now, it must be fairly obvious that some of the most memorable characters portrayed by Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp have been designed by Tim Burton.


While most famous Burton characters happen to be fictional, Ed Wood is not. Ed Wood, the movie, which stars Depp as the eponymous cult filmmaker, chronicles the struggles its titular character faced as an independent filmmaker.


Burton’s black-and-white biographical comedy-drama shows its viewers how Wood receives little to no support from the people around him and is, therefore, forced to create opportunities for himself.


All thanks to Tim Burton’s flawless direction and confidence, Depp received a ton of praise for his character projection.



16. Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow)


Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow)


Tim Burton’s frequent collaborator, Johnny Depp, returns to portray the role of the protagonist Ichabod Crane in the gothic supernatural horror film Sleepy Hollow.


The filmmaker makes sure to not let Depp’s Crane come across as the typical brave hero. Instead, we see the actor enacting a New York City police constable who investigates the crimes in Sleepy Hollow.


While Depp delivers another quirky performance in this Tim Burton directorial venture, what adds beauty to his character is the fact that the director strives to focus on his keen feminine side and fragile nature.



17. Kim Boggs (Edward Scissorhands)


Kim Boggs (Edward Scissorhands)


Tim Burton introduces us to the seemingly typical teenager Kim Boggs, who seems to be living a fairly simple and charming life as a popular and good-looking high school cheerleader.


She has a cool boyfriend and a loving family, but her life undergoes a drastic change when she stumbles upon Edward Scissorhands.


What is special about her is that she doesn’t have the usual feel of a Tim Burton character. She is never seen wearing black nor is she shady or isolated by any means.


In fact, Kim is as graceful as a Burton character can possibly be. While the filmmaker does a praiseworthy job of sketching her gentleness, it is Winona Ryder’s terrific character projection that truly brings the character to life.


Add to that the fact that her love for Edward gives her a ‘Burton-esque’ fairytale quality.



18. Batman (Batman)


Batman (Batman)


While it is true that Michael Keaton’s portrayal of the titular character from 1989’s Batman was amazing, it is also commonly agreed that the real star of the show was director Tim Burton.


The filmmaker is credited with putting his undeniable cinematic skills on display to make the film more atmospheric and aesthetically appealing.


The screenplay of Batman thrives on the titular character’s persona and his detective techniques. While his martial arts comes in handy when he is fighting crime, he prefers to be very economic with his words.


Therefore, we usually find The Caped Crusader’s gadgets and fists speak for him.



19. Miss Alma Peregrine (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children)


Miss Alma Peregrine (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children)


Tim Burton may have found himself a new muse in the form of the scintillating Eva Green, and we can’t say that we are surprised.


The gorgeous actress has the mystique and dark charm to pull off a Burton role and she proved us all right through her believable character projection in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.


Even though fans of the filmmaker were of the opinion that the film’s narrative was a little weak when compared to his previous projects, Eva Green’s spectacular performance as Miss Peregrine more than made up for it.



20. Catwoman (Batman Returns)


Catwoman (Batman Returns)


The first two Batman movies by Tim Burton banked heavily on their commendable mix of comic book visuals and the gothic Batman style to make an impression.


Before Christopher Nolan’s more realistic version of Batman stormed the cinemas across the globe years later, Burton’s Batman and Joker were among the most talked about characters.


However, the filmmaker truly hit the ball out of the park with the inclusion of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman in Batman Returns.


The complex character was played with distinction by the actress who was able to balance Catwoman’s sympathetic and dangerous side wonderfully.



21. Alice (Alice in Wonderland)


Alice (Alice in Wonderland)


This female Tim Burton character might be seen as loving, kind-hearted, trustworthy, and wildly curious, but her true strength lies in the depth of her personality.


Alice, like many central Burton characters, seems to be at a crossroads in her life. Not only does she stand between adolescence and adulthood but must also choose one.


However, what makes her stand out in a motion picture full of delightful Tim Burton signatures is her bravery and quest for independence.


Through Mia Wasikowska’s portrayal of Alice, the filmmaker makes us want to believe that there’s a hint of the character in each one of us.



22. The Red Queen (Alice in Wonderland)


The Red Queen (Alice in Wonderland)


The Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts may have been two different characters in the original novel by Lewis Carroll, but Tim Burton decided to bring them as one in his re-imagining of the tale.


The Red Queen, who is pretty much a spoiled brat in an adult’s body, is one of those female protagonists who manages to grab eyeballs right from when she appears on the big screen.


Played effortlessly by the great Helena Bonham Carter, she is the arrogant and irate queen of Wonderland who loves to enslave animals.


Even though she is tiny in stature, her head is almost three times the size of a normal human head.



23. Vincent (Vincent)


Vincent (Vincent)


The titular character from Tim Burton’s 1982 short feature is possibly the oldest character to be sketched by the filmmaker.


Vincent Malloy seems to have been a product of many of Burton’s early cinematic influences; from 1920s German Expressionist features to horror movie star Vincent Price, who also happens to be idolized by the character.


It is only fitting then that the actor went on to narrate this stop-motion short horror film. Even though he is young, Vincent comes across as pessimistic.


He thinks of himself as a troubled artist and relates more to Edgar Allan Poe’s writing than to his own reality.


He not only carries obvious ‘Burton-esque’ features but also acts as a “mad scientist” who probably likes to do experiments on his pet dog.



24. Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street)


Mrs. Lovett (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street)


Helena Bonham Carter has received enough opportunities to enact a Tim Burton character for the silver screen, and Mrs. Lovett seems to be her most memorable one, yet.


Besides being a baker and owner of an unsuccessful meat pie shop, Mrs. Lovett is also the business partner and accomplice of serial killer Sweeney Todd.


Even though Burton’s version of the character allows her affection for Todd to come to the fore, the director never lets go of her dark and gloomy side to keep her interesting.


Infamous for selling the “worst pies in London”, Mrs. Lovett has pale, white skin and dark eye bags. And, yes, even her bathing suits are adored with gothic Burton stripes.



25. Peg Boggs (Edward Scissorhands)


Pegg Boggs (Edward Scissorhands)


Portrayed by Dianne Wiest, Peg Boggs is the local Avon lady who finds Edward alone in the mansion and decides to take him in without hesitation.


She can be seen driving around her neighborhood in a purple suit and matching hat. The kind and good-natured woman sells lipsticks and nail polish to the women of suburbia. Also, she is the exact opposite of the neighbourhood she lives in.


As a viewer, you can relate to her as she feels alienated from her community; perhaps one reason why the Tim Burton outcast thought of adopting the “scissorhanded” lad.


Pegg may be seen as an outsider among the other housewives, but she is no less than a mother figure in Edward Scissorhands.



26. Karl the Giant (Big Fish)


Karl the Giant (Big Fish)


Karl the Giant, who, besides being one of the many people in Edward’s stories, is also another admired Tim Burton character from Big Fish.


As his name suggests, Karl is a giant who eats the livestock of the town’s farms. Since the residents of the town are afraid of him, they end up sending Edward as a human sacrifice to appease him.


However, Karl is deeply misunderstood and has no desire to eat Edward, or anyone else for that matter. He soon decides to leave town for good.


Burton ascertained that actor Matthew McGrory’s portrayal of the character resonated with viewers of the critically acclaimed motion picture.



27. The Martians (Mars Attacks!)


The Martians (Mars Attacks!)


Even though Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks! was considered a box office failure, it did make rounds on television and, subsequently, went on to garner a cult status for its aesthetic value and dark humor.


The motion picture banked heavily on its homunculus-like aliens with oversized brains to make an impression on the minds of its viewers.


Needless to mention, the Martians went on to become a nightmare of sorts for children of the ’90s who happened to sit through the entire film.


Even though any one particular Martian character wasn’t the center of attention here, the whole lot of them are remembered for their sinister pursuit of humanity’s destruction.



28. Weird Girl (Frankenweenie)


Weird Girl (Frankenweenie)


This supporting character from Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie happens to be one of Victor Frankenstein’s classmates. Infamous for her eerie gaze and peculiar personality, the 12-year-old girl doesn’t fit in well with the other kids around her.


However, one can’t help but start biting their nails when she starts to deliver ominous pronouncements in a monotone voice with an unnerving stare.


Her only constant companion seems to be her fluffy white cat, Mr. Whiskers, whose unblinking gaze matches the intensity of her stare.



29. Barnabas Collins (Dark Shadows)


Barnabas Collins (Dark Shadows)


Developed by Tim Burton for Dark Shadows, Barnabas Collins is a sleek and humorous character who is a vampire. Needless to say, he has the standard Burton gothic look about him.


A vamp from the 18th century who fell into a deep slumber, he wakes up only after a crew at a McDonald’s construction site ends up disturbing his tomb.


Burton’s sense of humor comes to the fore through the witty one-liners of Barnabas Collins. While some critics hold the opinion that Barnabas lacks personality and doesn’t hold up to other popular Tim Burton characters, he continues to remain popular among fans of the director.



30. Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland)


Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland)


Tim Burton’s interpretation of The Hatter from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is as wild and whimsical as it could have cinematically been.


The director does his best to bring out his human side by focusing on his relationship with Alice. Mad Hatter, who is seen leading the resistance against the tyrant Red Queen, becomes more than just a one-note madman in this Tim Burton project.


While he has pale white skin and striking orange hair, Hatter’s clothes, hair, and accent seem to change as the screenplay progresses.



31. Angelique (Dark Shadows)


Angelique (Dark Shadows)


Tim Burton has never fallen short of sketching some of the most good-looking villains to have graced the silver screen.


While Dark Shadows made headlines for Johnny Depp’s portrayal of a vampire, it was Eva Green’s Angelique who managed to steal the scene in more instances than one.


The actress used her incredible beauty and smile to breathe life into the complex character. As the story progresses, we catch the girl using all her powers to transform him into a vampire.


As the story progresses, we see her being both successful and fierce in her own right, and it only adds to the overall charm of her character.



32. Carolyn Stoddard (Dark Shadows)


Carolyn Stoddard (Dark Shadows)


There has never been a paucity of supernatural characters in titles helmed by Tim Burton, and Dark Shadows is no exception.


We are introduced to the reclusive and rebellious Carolyn Stoddard, who might appear as another 15-year-old to her mother, but is certainly much more than that.


The perpetually sleepy girl carries a big secret: she was bitten and turned into a werewolf when she was only just a baby.


The character has been provided a witty dark side by its creator and bears no relation to her counterpart in the original 1960s series.


The difficult-to-impress Carolyn has an affinity for music and is eager to discover what New York city might have in store for her.



33. Veruca Salt (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)


Veruca Salt (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)


Not all memorable characters created by Tim Burton are central protagonists in his films. Some have been able to make their presence felt despite having limited screen time as well.


One such character is Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. While some of you might recognize her as one of the ‘lucky’ golden ticket winners to have won a tour of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, others remember her for her large manic smile which reminded them of the iconic villain Joker.


Even though Veruca comes across as someone who is often cool and collected, it is difficult to ignore that there’s something sinister about her.


Burton made sure to give her a repugnant personality in his story; one that is manipulative and snobbish without being boisterous.



34. Lord Barkis Bittern (Corpse Bride)


Lord Barkis Bittern (Corpse Bride)


Lord Barkiss Bittern has got to be arguably the most underrated of all Tim Burton villains. The antagonist of Corpse Bride is as insatiable as they come.


He is able to become an aristocrat by manipulating rich women and stealing their money. One of his victims happens to be Emily.


We see Bittern tricking her to elope with him and then killing her mercilessly in the forest soon after.


The slimy, large-chinned con man pops up wherever he wishes to and always seems to be ready to make his move.


He can be seen wearing a black coat with tails at the back and an upturned collar to bring out his snobby demeanor.



35. Doctor Finkelstein (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


Doctor Finkelstein (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


One of the main characters in The Nightmare Before Christmas, Doctor Finkelstein is pale, thin, and bound to a wheelchair.


He is the resident scientist of Halloween Town who has both the talent and appetite for creating enchanted ragdolls like Sally. However, as her creator, he is often seen denying Sally freedom by trying to keep her locked; thus, turning himself into a minor antagonist in the story.


The overprotective “mad scientist” is pretty much Tim Burton’s nod to horror movies that he grew up watching.


Also, it is imperative to mention that Doctor Finkelstein helps Jack realize his ultimate dream of taking over Christmas.



36. Oompa Loompas (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)


Oompa Loompas (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)


Those who have seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory must remember the dark-haired Oompa-Loompas. They were seen wearing shiny red suits with black and white stripy socks and wristbands.


Tim Burton’s version of the characters is quite a departure from how they appear in Roald Dahl’s story. We say so because not only does he get them to wear different flashy costumes throughout the movie but he also ends up giving them a black dye job.


Needless to say, goth and Burton cannot be separated, and for the right reasons.



37. Knave of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)


Knave of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)


Tim Burton allows his creativity to take center stage and provide a dark, gothic look to The Knave of Hearts.


The Red Queen’s untrustworthy assassin features more prominently in the filmmaker’s version of Alice in Wonderland than he does in the original Lewis Carroll books.


How typical of the director to give him a heart-shaped eye patch, which is covering the scarred left side of his face.


Knave is the only person who can calm the Red Queen down when she loses her cool. Even though she believes them to be lovers, the assassin secretly despises her.


The Knave of Hearts might be sinister at heart, but he is also oddly amusing.



38. Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


The chief antagonist in The Nightmare Before Christmas and a reference to the age-old Bogeyman, Oogie Boogie can be seen making his presence felt as a mascot in most Disney theme parks.


The evil creature, who has a bug-filled burlap sack for a body, is as mean, envious, and deceitful as one can be.


He not only sees the ambitious Jack Skellington as his arch-rival but he also wishes to take over Halloween.


However, he seems to possess the ceaseless desire of turning Halloween into “Crawloween”, which would basically be a holiday for bugs.



39. Zero (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


Zero (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


You, dear reader, would be delighted and perhaps even a tad surprised to learn that the adorable Sparky isn’t the only beloved pet on our list of popular Tim Burton characters.


We ask you to make way for Zero, who is the loyal ghost dog companion of Jack Skellington. The pet’s glowing red nose not only provides him with a distinctive look but also helps him guide his master through the fog.


We need to give extra Burton points to Zero for having a nose that somehow resembles a small pumpkin. A weird creation that manages to make its presence felt.



40. The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)


The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)


The Cheshire Cat is one of the most impactful characters in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. While he may be adored by many for his mischievous and rather unpredictable personality, he is often described as someone who serves as a guiding spirit for Alice.


Soon into the movie, we catch him leading Alice toward the March Hare’s house, the mad tea party, and, eventually, to the garden’s final destination.


While the outstanding character has shades of grey and is sarcastic, he can also resort to coming across as creepy when he wants to.



41. Bela Lugosi (Ed Wood)


Bela Lugosi (Ed Wood)


History has it that Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi, who is best remembered for playing Dracula, frequently worked with B-Movie director Ed Wood towards the end of his eventful life.


In order to do justice to Tim Burton’s representation of the horror movie actor, Martin Landau was made to wear heavy and unnaturally white makeup, with the aim to resemble Lugosi as accurately as possible.


Tim Burton has to be given due credit for being able to depict the friendship between Ed Wood and Bela Lugosi through his well-received biographical comedy-drama feature.



42. Mayor of Halloween Town (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


Mayor of Halloween Town (The Nightmare Before Christmas)


The fact that the Mayor of Halloween Town resembles a giant candy corn in a large top hat is not the only reason we are adding him to our list. Although, it can be a reason strong enough for us to.


This rather distinct character likes nothing more than to enjoy celebrating the success of the town’s Halloween exploits. Also, he likes traveling the place in his hearse-like Mayor-mobile.


While the viewers can barely catch him taking decisions by himself, what they can, however, see is that he has two interchangeable faces: one delighted and one anxious.


Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to assert that he is Tim Burton’s manifestation of the ongoing exploration of the theme of duality.


Moreover, the Mayor can also serve as a cheeky nod to the phrase ‘two-faced politician’, if you know what we mean.



43. Miss Spider (James and the Giant Peach)


Miss Spider (James and the Giant Peach)


Even though James and the Giant Peach was only produced by Tim Burton, his touch is more than evident when it comes to Miss Spider’s character.


She is one of the many oversized insects who decides to join James in his giant peach bound for New York City.


Thanks to Burton and director Henry Selick, the character has been made much colder and feistier than the one in Roald Dahl’s novel.


Not only is she seen wearing knee-high boots and sexy gothic make-up but she also sports a beret and a French accent.



44. The Inventor (Edward Scissorhands)


The Inventor (Edward Scissorhands)


How many of you are aware of the fact that Tim Burton wrote the part of the Inventor, especially for his horror film hero and friend Vincent Price?


The actor plays the gifted inventor, who is working on his final and most complex project yet. We see the Inventor’s home adorned with elaborate and interesting gadgets.


In his most ambitious project, we see him putting together a humanlike boy. However, the project is tragically left unfinished when the Inventor dies.


Consequently, this leaves his creation with scissors in place of his hands.



45. Juno (Beetlejuice)


Juno (Beetlejuice)


The no-nonsense Juno, who always seems to be occupied working the case of the recently deceased, can be recognized by her husky voice and pearls.


A chain-smoker, she is based in the Neitherworld and can be seen spending most of her time instructing her clients to read their respective death handbooks.


Furthermore, one can even find her asking her clients to stay away from her former assistant Betelgeuse. Filmmaker Tim Burton does not shy away from allowing his dark humor to take precedence for the character gives away her cause of death when smoke emerges from the terribly large slit in her throat.



46. Joyce (Edward Scissorhands)


Joyce (Edward Scissorhands)


Joyce is one of the bored residents and lonely housewives in the neighborhood created by Tim Burton for his acclaimed motion picture, Edward Scissorhands.


She thrives on her alpha female attitude and can often been seen inviting the workmen to fix problems that barely exist.


Add to that the fact that she is known to lead the “social movements” carried on by women in her locality.


The fact that Joyce has a bright, color-clashing wardrobe and a brazen attitude speaks volumes about the director’s contribution to her character development.


Needless to say, Tim successfully creates an image of conventional suburbia full of rather conventional people in the movie.



47. Norther Winslow (Big Fish)


Norther Winslow (Big Fish)


Portrayed by actor Steve Buscemi in Big Fish, Norther Winslow may not be a character that a lot many Tim Burton fans would be able to recall, but this small-town poet from Ashton just about manages to make it to our story.


Winslow, who is believed to have traveled to France to pursue his career, is never really able to make it beyond the idyllic town of Spectre.


Also, if you are of the opinion that his poetry works wonders (“The grass so green. Skies so blue. Spectre is really great!”), all we can say is that you perhaps need to read better poets and books to get a sense of what it truly is about.



48. Ping and Jing (Big Fish)


Ping and Jing (Big Fish)


Korean Siamese twin sisters, Ping and Jing, from Big Fish are known to specialize in performing a cabaret act singing “Twice the Love.” 


The sisters happen to be true-blue romantics, and it becomes very apparent when they agree to help out an American soldier during the Second World War after having heard his emotional story about the love of his life.


Ping and Jing owe their striking look to director Tim Burton’s long-standing partnership with collaborator and costume designer Colleen Artwood.



49. Miss Argentina (Beetlejuice)


Miss Argentina (Beetlejuice)


Aside from being a receptionist in the Neitherworld, Miss Argentina was also an assistant to Juno; an overworked caseworker for the deceased.


She is tasked with watching over the recently deceased in the Neitherworld waiting room; especially the ones who haven’t read their manuals.


Burton’s touch to the character was visible as Miss Argentina was seen sporting a curly undo and curvy spiked cape; both of which have been trademarks in his character designs.


Known for her curt and snippy attitude, she appears to be quite bored with her job.



50. Lord Finis Everglot (Corpse Bride)


Lord Finis Everglot (Corpse Bride)


Have you ever come across a character who is so grumpy that he can barely ever smile? If not, allow us to introduce you to the short but very wide Lord Finis Everglot from Corpse Bride.


Finis Everglot’s instant reaction when upset is to call for his musket. In the movie, he is shown to be united with his wife, who seems to be the exact opposite of him physically.


He and his beloved spouse can be seen loathing one another and mourning over marrying their daughter off to a fish merchant’s son.


Believe it or not, Everglot is that rare Tim Burton creation who has to withstand a tremendous amount of pain when he wishes to smile.



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