Top 50 Best Gay Actors In Hollywood


Homosexuality has been taboo in many cultures and communities. However, it has been a part of society nonetheless.


Gay people have always been ostracized, discriminated and criminalized throughout history. This sad state of affairs would have continued if it was not for the normalization campaigns and inclusion campaigns of human rights activists.


One of the tools of normalization and inclusion has been films, television series, theater, and plays.


Hollywood and its fraternity have played a significant role in this mission. Over the years, we have seen many actors and actresses hide their sexual preferences for fear of discrimination.


At the same time, we have seen just as many actors and actresses who have bravely stepped out and accepted their nature to destigmatize homosexuality.


Nowadays, we see a free and liberal Hollywood where many gay actors are openly accepted by their peers and their fans.


Actors have stepped up to actively publicize their preferences to encourage society at large. They aim to remove the taboo and stigma associated with being different and create equal rights and privileges enjoyed by straight people.


Some gay actors have a flamboyant lifestyle, where they flaunt their preferences and have fun.


Other actors are silently working and leading an everyday life. These silent ones may surprise us and make us realize that there need not be any awkwardness or stigma associated with the gay community.


To appreciate and applaud the efforts of these silent and flamboyant warriors, ENTOIN has prepared a list of great gay actors who have bravely stepped out and included their fans and audience in their lives.


Check out the list of best gay actors who are out in the open and proud of it.


We have not included all the LGBTQIA performers but limited the list to only gay actors.




1. Jim Parsons


Jim Parsons


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 24th March 1973
Place of Birth Houston, Texas, USA
Height 1.86 m
Debut Year 2002
Debut Movie Ed (TV Series)


Jim Parsons is an American actor and producer. He won many awards for his performances on stage and television including, four Primetime Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, a Drama Desk Award, a Tony Award, and more.


From a young age, Parsons was very driven to become an actor. He attended the University of Houston to get his bachelor’s in Arts.


While studying, he worked in several theaters plays at the Stages Repertory Theater and founded the Infernal Bridegroom Productions.


He went on to do his Master’s in Fine Arts at the University of San Diego/Old Globe Theater.


After graduation, he appeared in commercials, plays, television series, and more. His acting credits include Judging Amy, Garden State, School for Scoundrels, The Big Year, Muppets, etc.


His most iconic role as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory came in 2007.


He also appeared in, Wish I Was Here, The Normal Heart, Hidden Figures, The Boys in The Band, etc.




2. Dan Levy


Dan Levy


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 9th August 1983
Place of Birth Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Height 1.8 m
Debut Year 2005
Debut Movie Kelly Clarkson: Behind These Hazel Eyes (Music Video)


Daniel ‘Dan’ Joseph Levy is a Canadian actor, writer, director, and producer. He is the son of actor/ comedian Eugene Levy and Deborah Divine.


He has achieved the unique feat of winning a Primetime Emmy Award in all top categories for the same show in the same year.


Dan Levy started his career as an MTV host and was one of the seven original hosts on MTV Canada.


He co-hosted MTV The After Show alongside Jessi Cruickshank. Dan also hosted The Hills: The After Show and The City: Live After Show.


He appeared on the Canadian TV series Degrassi The Next Generation, Degrassi Goes To Hollywood, CyberStalker, Admission, etc.


His most prominent achievement, thus far, has been the show Schitt’s Creek. He wrote, directed, produced, and acted in the show with his father, Eugene Levy.


His sister also appeared in the series. He won many awards and nominations including, Emmy awards, SAG Awards, etc.




3. Matt Bomer


Matt Bomer


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 11th October 1977
Place of Birth Webster Groves, Missouri, USA
Height 1.8 m
Debut Year 2000
Debut Movie All My Children (TV Series)


Matt Bomer is an American actor. Initially played football on his school football team as a wide receiver and defensive back, but quit it to concentrate on acting.


He was classmates with Lee Pace, and when he joined Carnegie Mellon University to study drama, his classmate was Joe Manganiello.


He started acting in theater and TV as soon as he graduated college. He started with All My Children and appeared in Relic Hunter, Guiding Light.


Tru Calling, Northshore, etc. He also worked in movies including Flightplan and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.


He had recurring roles in TV shows, Travelers and Chuck. In 2009, he landed his breakthrough performance in The White Collar as Neal Caffrey.


His other acting credits include In Time, Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL, Space Station 76, Winter’s Tale, The Nice Guys, Magnificent Seven, Glee, The American Horror Story, The Last Tycoon, Will & Grace, and more.


Matt Bomer came out as gay in 2012 when he thanked his husband and children at an award ceremony. For a lot of individuals who are insecure and don’t feel like opening out to their loved ones, that was a very touching and motivating moment.




4. Jonathan Groff


Jonathan Groff


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 26th March 1985
Place of Birth Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
Height 1.8 m
Debut Year 2007
Debut Movie One Life to Live (TV Series)


Jonathan Groff is an American actor who has worked on stage, film, and television platforms.


He has also won accolades for his performances. He won a Grammy Award and has been nominated for two Tony Awards, two Drama League Awards, an Emmy Award, and a Drama Desk Award.


Jonathan has appeared in highly acclaimed theater performances like Spring Awakening, Hamilton, The Singing Forest, The Bacchae, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, etc.


He has also performed in the television series Boss, Glee, The Good Wife, Mindhunters, Looking, and more.


His film credits include American Sniper,,’ Frozen, Frozen II, Hamilton, Matrix: Resurrection, and more. His upcoming endeavors include the series Molly and the Moon and Lost Ollie.



5. Neil Patrick Harris


neil patrick harris


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 15th June 1973
Place of Birth Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Height 1.83 m
Debut Year 1988
Debut Movie Clara’s Heart


Neil Patrick Harris is an American actor, singer,  film director, producer, TV host, and more.


He came to prominence in his role as a teen prodigy, Doogie Howser MD, in 1989.


He was nominated for a Golden Globe for this role. Throughout his career, Harris received five Golden Globe nominations, 12 Primetime Emmy nominations, a Tony nomination, and a Grammy nomination.


Neil Patrick Harris has appeared in movies including Harold & Kumar film series, Starship Troopers, Beastly, Smurfs, Smurfs 2, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Gone Girl, etc.


His television credits include How I Met Your Mother, Stark Raving Mad, Glee, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and more.


He has also hosted award functions for which he won Emmy Awards. He hosted the 65th, 66th, and 67th Tony Awards, 65th Primetime Awards, and the 87th Academy Awards.



6. Luke Evans


Luke Evans


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 15th April 1979 
Place of Birth Pontypool, Wales, UK
Height 1.82 m
Debut Year 2003
Debut Movie Taboo (Video)


Luke Evans is a Welsh actor and singer. You can get a taste of his deep baritone in his role as Gaston in Beauty and The Beast.


He has also displayed his singing talent in West End musicals, Taboo, La Cava, Avenue Q, Miss Saigon, and Rent.


Luke Evans is openly gay, but in a recent interview, he discussed his decision to stop sharing his private life and speak only about his work.


In 2009, Evans debuted in The Clash of the Titans and appeared in films including Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Blitz, Three Muskateers, Robin Hood, Immortals, etc.


In 2012, he was cast in the role of Bard and Girion in the Hobbit trilogy.


He was cast as the villain in the Fast and Furious franchise in the 6th, 7th, and 8th installments.


His most recent works include the Hulu show Nine Perfect Strangers in 2021. Next, he is et to appear as the Coachman in the live-action adaptation of Pinocchio.



7. Andrew Scott


Andrew Scott


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 21st October 1976
Place of Birth Dublin, Ireland
Height 1.73 m
Debut Year 1995
Debut Movie Korea


Andrew Scott is an Irish actor who has worked in theater, film, and television. He completed his secondary schooling at Gonzaga College.


Scott went on to join Trinity College to study drama but quit after six months.


He joined the Abbey Theater to start performing in plays. After moving to London to take up acting as a profession, Andrew appeared in many TV series including, Budgie, The American, Band of Brothers, The Wars of the Roses, King Lear, The Dark Materials, The Pursuit of Love, Blackout, The Hour, etc.


He received many nominations and awards for Sherlock, The Hollow Crown, Fleabag, Black Mirror, etc.


Andrew Scott an internet sensation for his ‘Hot Priest’ role in Fleabag. He also worked in acclaimed films Dead Bodies, Saving Private Ryan, Spectre, Victor Frankenstein, Alice Through the Looking Glass, 1917, Cognition, etc.


His theater works include Design for Living, Present Laughter, Three Kings, Hamlet, Emperor, Galilean, etc.



8. Michael Urie


Michael Urie


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 8th August 1980
Place of Birth Dallas, Texas, USA
Height 1.8 m
Debut Year 2002
Debut Movie Undressed (TV Series)


Michael Urie is an American actor, director, and producer. He has also appeared in many theater performances.


Urie has also performed in other media like podcast soap operas. Michael came out as queer, stating that he liked being with men, although he did not feel odd being with women.


Michael has acting credits that include WTC View, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Such Good People, Swan Song, etc.


He appeared in TV shows including Ugly Betty, Mode After Hours, Partners, The Good Wife, Younger, Almost Family, etc.


Michael Urie worked as a director and executive producer too. He made House of Kai Milla, He’s Way More Famous Than You, and Thank You For Judging.


You can watch him in the recently concluded The Bite, Younger, and Single All The Way.



9. Elliot Page


elliot page


Elliot Page (formerly known as Ellen Page) is a Canadian actor, director, and producer. He is best known for his roles in the films Juno (2007), Inception (2010), X-Men: First Class (2011), and Umbrella Academy (2019–present). He is also a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. 


Page began his acting career in the late 1990s, appearing in minor roles on television shows. He had his breakthrough role in 2007 with his starring role in the comedy-drama film Juno, which earned him a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.


In 2020, Page came out as a transgender man. He has since become a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has spoken out about his own experiences as a transgender man. Page is an inspiration to many people and is sure to continue to make a significant impact on the world.



10. Zachary Quinto


Zachary Quinto


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 2nd June 1977
Place of Birth Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Height 1.85
Debut Year 2000
Debut Movie The Others (TV Series)


Zachary Quinto is an American actor and producer. He came out as gay after learning about a severe case of cyberbullying of Jamey Rodemeyer, which lead to his suicide.


Quinto shared that it was not just important to accept one’s gay life but to openly come out as gay if we want to normalize homosexuality.


Zachary graduated from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama. He appeared in guest roles and side characters in many successful series and movies like CSI, Touched by an Angel, Lizzie Mcguire, Six Feet Under, 24, etc.


In 2006, he was offered the role of the main antagonist Sylar in Heroes, which brought him acclaim.


In 2009, Zachary Quinto was cast as the young Spock in the reboot of the Star Trek series.


He also appeared in drama series NOS4A2, American Horror Story, Margin Call, Hitman: Agent 47, What’s Your Number? etc.



11. Colton Haynes


Colton Haynes


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 13th July 1988
Place of Birth Wichita, Kansas, USA
Height 1.75 m
Debut Year 2007
Debut Movie Transformers


Colton Haynes is a model and actor from Kansas who began his modeling career at the age of 15 years.


Haynes worked with many reputed brands like JCPenney, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren, Kira Plastinina, etc.


While modeling, he also appeared in guest roles and bit parts in films. He appeared in Transformers, CSI: Miami, The Hills, music video of ‘I Don’t Love You’ by Chemical Romance, etc.


But, he got his breakthrough when he was cast in Teen Wolf. The show gave him good visibility and led to many more roles including, Roy Harper/Arsenal in the Arrow.


Talking about how he came out as gay, Colton explained his experience. When he came out at 14 years, his mother was against it, and his father committed suicide.


Colton hid his nature from the public for a long time to protect his career.


This led to alcohol and drug abuse problems for him.



12. Jesse Tyler Ferguson


Jesse Tyler Ferguson


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 22nd October 1975
Place of Birth Missoula, Montana, USA
Height 1.8 m
Debut Year 2000
Debut Movie Sally Hemings: An American Scandal (TV Series)


Jesse Tyler Ferguson is an American actor known for his theater performance and television roles.


He decided as an eight-year-old that he would be an actor, and he performed in many plays while in school.


He graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. Soon after graduating, Jesse Tyler Ferguson started working in Broadway and Off-Broadway plays.


A few of his credits include The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Little Fish, Hair, Shakespeare in the Park production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Tempest, A Comedy of Errors, Spamalot, etc.


He also worked on television shows including, The Class, Ugly Betty, Do Not Disturb, etc., before he was cast as Mitchell Pritchett in Modern Family.


This role was the most acclaimed performance that earned him several Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy awards and nominations.


He also appeared in Web Therapy, Submissions Only, Hot in Cleveland, etc. Ferguson said, in an interview, that the process of coming out was not easy for anyone. He had to announce it to his father three times at 17 years, 19 years, and 21 years.


Jesse is a very skilled actor. He uses his platform to educate his followers about homophobia in the nation and in people’s everyday lives. 



13. Wentworth Miller


Wentworth Miller


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 2nd June 1972
Place of Birth Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England
Height 1.85 m
Debut Year 1998
Debut Movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Series)


Wentworth Miller is an American-British actor and screenwriter. He was born in Britain but moved back to America when he was a year old and completed his education in the USA.


He graduated from Princeton University with a degree in English. After his graduation, Miller moved to Los Angeles to become an actor.


Wentworth Miller struggled during his initial years as an actor. He appeared in small roles in Human Stain, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dinotopia, Underworld, Time of Your Life, ER, etc.


In 2005, he got his biggest break as Michael Scofield in Prison Break. This show was critically acclaimed and propelled him to stardom.


After Prison Break, he also appeared, as Captain Cold/ Leonard Snart, in The Flash, DC: Legends of Tomorrow, and the Arrowverse.


In 2013, he came out as gay and explained his journey in an interview. He said that there were multiple occasions when he attempted suicide as he could not cope with his homosexuality.



14. Lee Pace


Lee Pace


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 25th March 1979
Place of Birth Chickasha, Oklahoma, USA
Height 1.96 m
Debut Year 2002
Debut Movie Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 


Lee Pace is an American actor who has worked in films, theater, and television with great success.


He started his career with Off-Broadway plays like The Credeaux Canvas and The Fourth Sister.


He also appeared in Broadway shows like The Normal Heart, Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes, and Golden Age.


He appeared in film and television roles that brought him great acclaim and accolades. His roles include Calpernia Addams in A Soldier’s Girl, Ned in Pushing Daisies, King Thranduil in The Hobbit trilogy, Joe MacMillan in Halt, and Catch Fire, Ronan, The Accuser in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Brother Day in Foundation, etc.


Lee Pace was outed gay in a blunder or accident by his co-star Ian McKellan.


While Lee is an extremely private person, his sexual orientation became a topic of discussion and awkwardness after the interview with W magazine.


Promptly, Lee tweeted out a heartfelt message to quelch all misconceptions.



15. Kevin McHale


Kevin McHale


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 14th June 1988
Place of Birth Plano, Texas, USA
Height 1.73 m
Debut Year 2003
Debut Movie All That (TV Series)


Kevin McHale is an American actor, singer, and dancer. He was formerly the lead singer in the boy band NLT.


After the band split, McHale continued to write songs. He collaborated with other musicians to release EPs and singles.


He was also part of the British talent show, X-Factor: Celebrity, where he finished seventh.


Kevin always wanted to be a performer and convinced his parents to move to Los Angeles for his career.


He was part of the band NLT till 2009. He did guest roles in films and TV series during his music days including, The Office, Zoey 101, True Blood, Bratz: The Movie, etc.


In 2009, he was cast as Artie Abrams in the hit series Glee. The show helped to further highlight his singing ability and opened doors to future collaborations in podcasts and radio shows.


After the completion of Glee, he appeared on Virtually Famous, We Bare Bears, Whose Line is it Anyway?, American Horror Story, etc.



16. Ian McKellen


Ian McKellen


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 25th May 1939
Place of Birth Burnley, Lancashire, England, UK
Height 1.83 m
Debut Year 1964
Debut Movie The Indian Tales of Rudyard Kipling (TV Series)


Sir Ian McKellan is an English actor who has worked in all three forms of theater, television, and film.


He was nominated for several accolades including, the 11 Laurence Olivier Awards, five SAG Awards, five Primetime Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe awards, two Tony Awards, and two Academy Awards.


Sir Ian received a knighthood in 1980 for his services to performing arts and was made a Companion of Honour in 2008.


He stepped out of the proverbial closet in 1988 during a BBC 3 Radio interview while discussing a law that could hamper gay rights and alienate homosexuality in society.


He stated that his fellow actors and colleagues were aware of his orientation, but he decided to out himself to throw his weight into the fight for normalization.


Sir Ian McKellan has a prolific career in theater, where he played many Shakespearean plays in Old Vic, West End, Broadway, etc.


He was active in the television and film world as well. His most iconic performances include Gandalf in the LOTR trilogy, Magneto in od and Monsters, King Richard in Richard III, etc.



17. Cheyenne Jackson


Cheyenne Jackson


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 12th July 1975
Place of Birth Newport, Washington, USA
Height 1.93 m
Debut Year 2005
Debut Movie Curiosity (Short)


Cheyenne Jackon is an American actor, singer, and theater performer. He released many studio albums and hit singles.


He also performs in musical broadway shows like All Shook Up, The Agony and The Agony, Xanadu, Damn Yankees, etc.


Cheyenne made his film debut in 2005 with the short film, Curiosity. He received acclaim for his role in the Academy Award-winning docudrama United 93.


He followed it up with other notable performances in Mutual Friends, 30 Rock, Glee, four seasons of American Horror Story, and more.


Cheyenne Jackson has received many nominations for his theater performance. His nominations include Drama League Award, Drama Desk Award, Outer Critics Circle Award, Grammy Award, Daytime Emmy Award, etc.



18. Maulik Pancholy


Maulik Pancholy


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 18th January 1974
Place of Birth Dayton, Ohio, USA
Height 1.73 m
Debut Year 1998
Debut Movie USA High (TV Series)


Maulik Pancholy is an American actor born to Indian parents. He started his education at the Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa and got his bachelor’s degree in theater from Northwestern University.


He attended the Yale School of Drama to get his Master of Fine Arts degree.


Maulik came out as gay in 2013 during his interview with Out magazine. He also introduced his partner of nine years, whom he later married in 2014.


Maulik has appeared in renowned TV shows including Whitney, 30 Rock, Phineas and Ferb, Weeds, Sanjay and Craig, etc.


He also worked in films like Hitch, 27 Dresses, Horrible Bosses, Phineas and Ferb the Movie, etc.



19. Stephen Fry


Stephen Fry


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 24th August, 1957
Place of Birth Hampstead, London, England, UK
Height 1.95 m
Debut Year 1981
Debut Movie Chariots of Fire


Stephen Fry, a gay actor, has had a remarkable career marked by immense success and wide-ranging accomplishments.


Known for his wit, intelligence, and versatility, Fry has made significant contributions to various areas of the entertainment industry.


He gained initial recognition as part of the comedy duo Fry and Laurie alongside Hugh Laurie, with whom he created the acclaimed sketch show “A Bit of Fry & Laurie.”


Fry’s acting prowess shone through in roles such as his portrayal of Oscar Wilde in the biographical film “Wilde” and his iconic performance as Jeeves in the TV series “Jeeves and Wooster.”


Beyond acting, Fry has become a celebrated author, presenter, and intellectual, showcasing his erudition and eloquence.


His openness about his homosexuality has made him an influential figure in the LGBTQ community, championing LGBTQ rights and raising awareness.


Stephen Fry’s career and success serve as a testament to his immense talent and the impact of his voice both within and beyond the entertainment industry.



20. Ben Whishaw


Ben Whishaw


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 14th October 1980
Place of Birth Clifton, Bedfordshire, England, UK
Height 1.75 m
Debut Year 1999
Debut Movie The Trench


Benjamin John Whishaw, or simply Ben Whishaw, is a British actor who has worked in films, theater, and television.


He has won several awards and nominations including, two Emmy Awards, two British Academy Television Awards, a Critic’s Choice Television Award, a Golden Globe Award, an Independent Spirit Award, and more.


Ben Whishaw has always been very tightlipped about his private life, stating that he liked to maintain a level of mystery around himself to persuade his audience to see him only for the roles he plays.


Later, in a 2014 interview, he described his process of coming out as gay as very tense but very liberating and pleasantly lovely.


Ben’s acting credits include films Skyfall, Specter, No Time to Die, Paddington series, Cloud Atlas, etc.


He appeared in television shows Criminal Justice, The Hollow Crown: Richard II, London Spy, A Very English Scandal, etc.



21. Chris Colfer


Chris Colfer


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 27th May 1990
Place of Birth Fresno, California, USA
Height 1.77 m
Debut Year 2000
Debut Movie Russel Fish: The Sausage and Eggs Incident (Short)


Chris Colfer is an American actor, author, and singer. Chris once said that he was born to tell stories, so he either writes them or acts them out.


Since elementary school, he displayed a talent for writing fairy tales and stories. In high school, he wrote a parody of Sweeny Todd, which he also directed and starred in.


Chris Colfer acted in short films and plays after passing out of school. In 2009, he auditioned for the role of Artie in Glee, but the show creator was so impressed with Chris that they created the role of Kurt for him.


For his performance in the show, Chris won a Golden Globe Award, three People Choice Awards, and more.


He also wrote, produced, and starred in Struck by Lightning in 2012. He continued his writing journey with many more bestsellers like the Land of Stories series.



22. Lance Bass


Lance Bass


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 4th May 1979
Place of Birth Laurel, Mississippi, USA
Height 1.75 m
Debut Year 2000
Debut Movie 7th Heaven (TV Series)


Lance Bass is an American singer, musician, actor, dancer, producer, and more. He can be described as a Jack of all trades.


He had a childhood dream of being an astronaut, and he pursued it by training at the StarCity in Russia as he prepared to go to ISS as a member of the crew.


Lance Bass showed a talent for singing from a young age and performed in Mississippi Show Stopper- a statewide music group.


In 1995, he received a call to audition for NSync, and he joined the band to record music in Munich.


Later, after the release of their highly successful albums, he moved on to other roles.


Lance has successfully tried his hand at acting, dance, film and TV production, hosting, and radio shows.


In 2006, Lance Bass came out as gay on the cover of People magazine. A few of his comments about straight-acting gay people who are butch, like sports, and appear straight, caused controversy in the gay community.



23. Kal Penn


Kal Penn


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 23rd April 1977
Place of Birth Montclair, New Jersey, USA
Height 1.78 m
Debut Year 1998
Debut Movie Express: Aisle to Glory (Short)


Kalpen Suresh Modi, famously called Kal Penn, is an American actor, author, academic lecturer, and former White House staff member.


He is an American of Indian origin as his parents migrated from Gujarat to the USA.


He studied film and sociology as a double major at UCLA. Kal Penn worked in several indie movies and projects before he had his breakthrough in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.


He reprised his role as Kumar in two more Harold and Kumar films. He also worked with the Barack Obama administration as the associate director of public engagement in the White House.


Kal Penn also appeared in TV shows House, Designated Survivor, How I Met Your Mother, Sunnyside, and more.


In an interview, Kal opined that he realized his sexual orientation very late compared to others, but he was happy to have found his place.



24. Alan Cumming


Alan Cumming


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 27th January 1965
Place of Birth Aberfeldy, Scotland, UK
Height 1.76 m
Debut Year 1984
Debut Movie Travelling Man (TV Series)


Alan Cumming is a Scottish actor of high repute. He graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Dance with a BA in dramatic studies.


He worked in many theater productions, the prominent of which are Hamlet, Accidental Death of an Anarchist, Cabaret, La Bacchae, Bent, Endgame, The Threepenny Opera, Living For Design, etc.


Alan received several accolades, over the years, for his theater performance. He got the Olivier Award, Tony Award, Drama Desk Award, Outer Circle Critics Awards, Emmy Award, etc.


He has appeared in several acclaimed movies and TV shows like Emma, GoldenEye, The Simpsons, Son of The Mask, The Spy Kids Trilogy, Masterpiece Mystery, The Good Wife, Instinct, etc.



25. Sean Hayes


Sean Hayes


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 26th June 1970
Place of Birth Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA
Height 1.8 m
Debut Year 1996
Debut Movie Silk Stalkings (TV Series)


Sean Hayes is an American musician, actor, and producer. He attended Illinois State University to study piano performance, but he left before graduation.


He had become a music director at the Pheasant Run theater. He is a classical pianist and did stand-up comedy at the improv theater.


After moving to Los Angeles, Sean Hayes appeared as an extra in a few television series and movies.


He also acted in commercials and played piano. In 1998, Hayes received his most famous role as Jack McFarland in Will & Grace.


He also worked in the films Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss, Cats & Dogs, Pieces of April, The Cat in the Hat, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!, The Bucket List, The Three Stooges, etc.


You can watch Sean Hayes in the animated TV series Q-Force and the upcoming film Am I OK?


He is also working on the podcast SmartLess with Jason Bateman and Will Arnett.



26. Billy Porter


Billy Porter


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 21st September 1969
Place of Birth Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Height 1.78 m
Debut Year 1964
Debut Movie Another World (TV Series)


Billy Porter is an American actor, singer, and writer. He studied at the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University.


He also earned his certification in screenwriting from UCLA. After his degrees and education, Billy Porter started performing on stage and in theaters.


Some of the popular stage productions he was involved in include many Broadway and off-broadway shows Miss Saigon, Angels in America, White Rabbit Red Rabbit, Kinky Boot, DreamGirls, etc.


He also appeared in television shows Law & Order, So You Think You Can Dance, Pose, American Horror Story, Gossip Girl, Fairfax, etc.


Billy Porter acted in films like The First Wives Club, Anastasia, The Intern, Like a Boss, etc.


He won many nominations and accolades like the Drama Desk Award, Critics Choice Award, Tony Award, Primetime Emmy Award, Golden Globe Awards, etc.



27. RuPaul Charles


RuPaul Charles


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 17th November 1960
Place of Birth San Diego, California, USA
Height 1.93 m
Debut Year 1989
Debut Movie The B-52’s: Love Shack (Music Video)


RuPaul Charles is mononymously called RuPaul. He is an American singer, drag queen, TV Host, actor, and producer.


He studied performing arts in Atlanta and aspired to be a musician. After a period of struggle, he released his album that had his hit single, Supermodel, You Better Work.


After working in nightclubs and bars as a dancer and musician, RuPaul created a persona and name for himself.


He became a vocal activist for gay rights. He worked on radio programs and had his talk show, The RuPaul Show, on VH1.


He also became the face of MAC cosmetics. Apart from his drag shows, music, and activism, Rupaul has acted in movies.


He appeared in Crooklyn, The Brady Bunch Movie, To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, But I’m a Cheerleader, etc.


He also appeared in TV shows, GirlBoss, Broad City, Grace & Frankie, etc. Drag queens are now cherished and revered for their craft because to his wildly successful show.



28. David Burtka


David Burtka


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 29th May 1975
Place of Birth Dearborn, Michigan, USA
Height 1.82 m
Debut Year 1999
Debut Movie 24 Nights


David Burtka is an American actor and chef of Polish descent. His parents are both Polish-born Americans.


Burtka studied at the Interlochen Center for the Arts and obtained his Bachelor of fine arts from the University of Michigan.


He also trained in theater at William Esper Studios. David Burtka appeared in guest roles in shows and films like West Wing, Crossing Jordan, 24 nights, and more.


He also acted in the Broadway play Gypsy, The Play About The Baby, The Opposite of Sex, etc.


His appearance in How I Met Your Mother sparked rumors about his relationship with Neil Patrick Harris.


In 2009, he quit acting and took up culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu. After graduating, he set up his catering business and released cookbooks too.



29. Billy Eichner


Billy Eichner


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 18th September 1978
Place of Birth New York, USA
Height 1.91 m
Debut Year 2008
Debut Movie What Happens in Vegas


Billy Eichner is an American comedian, actor, and producer. He gained notice at the start of his career as a special correspondent on Conan.


He also created video shorts and worked on other successful shows like Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, The Last Call with Carson Daly, The Wendy Williams Show, Fashion Police, etc.


Billy Eichner worked on the TruTV game show Billy on The Street. He also appeared on Parks and Recreations as Craig Middlebrooks.


He also did voice acting for Bob’s Burgers, Penguin of Madagascar, The Lion King, The Angry Birds Movie, etc.


He appeared in many successful television shows and series, Difficult People, Friend from College, American Horror Story: Cult and Apocalypse, etc.



30. Chris Salvatore


Chris Salvatore


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 22nd May 1985
Place of Birth Richboro, Pennsylvania, USA
Height 1.88 m
Debut Year 2007
Debut Movie Misplaced (Video short)


Chris Salvatore is an American actor, singer, songwriter, model, and gay rights activist He comes from a small town where he entertained himself and his family by singing and performing plays.


Chris had already written his first song and performed it by the age of 15.


He studied drama at New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, and after graduating, he worked in short films.


Chris got his breakout role in Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat. After the success of this film, he moved to Los Angeles and did two more sequels of the series.


He has been listed #41 among gay and bisexual men by the website AfterElton’s annual list of male celebrities from the LGBT community.


He also released two studio albums and eleven singles, featured on the OST for Eating Out 3.



31. Scott Evans


Scott Evans


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 21st September 1983
Place of Birth Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA
Height 1.83 m
Debut Year 2008
Debut Movie Guiding Light (TV Series)


Scott Evans is an American actor. He is the younger brother of Chris Evans, and Scott came out as gay at 19 years.


He has been openly gay ever since. Scott studied theater at New York University. Scott Evans made his debut in the television series Guiding Light.


That same year he appeared in the soap opera One Life to Live, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and Fringe.


He followed it up with TV and film appearances in The Lovely Bones, Law & Order, Rubicon, Confessions of a Shopaholic, etc.


His most prominent roles have been in the TV series White Collar, Daytime Divas, Grace & Frankie, etc.


He also appeared in films Before We Go and Playing it Cool.



32. Rupert Everett


Rupert Everett


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 29 May 1959
Place of Birth Burnham Deepdale, Norfolk, UK
Height 1.93 m
Debut Year 1982
Debut Movie Strangers (TV Series)


Rupert Everett is a British actor, writer, and director. He was born in a military family, where his father was a major in the British army.


Everett’s maternal grandfather was the Vice-Admiral of the Royal Navy, and his uncle was the recipient of the Victoria Cross medal.


However, from childhood, Rupert was a rebel, and he was expelled from school for unruly behavior.


Rupert came out as gay in 1989. Later, he claimed that this could have damaged his career prospects.


Rupert felt that he made a mistake by opening himself to public scrutiny. He said that he should have been more discreet about his life.


Rupert Everett has acted in successful and award-winning movies like A Shocking Accident, Dance With A Stranger, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Next Best Thing, Shakespeare In Love, An Ideal Husband, etc.



33. Guillermo Diaz


Guillermo Diaz


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 22nd March 1975
Place of Birth New Jersey, USA
Height 1.78 m
Debut Year 1990
Debut Movie The Lost Platoon


Guillermo Diaz is an American actor born to Cuban parents. He grew up in a tough neighborhood where he did not want to stand out as a homosexual.


He had to constantly hide his true nature, and Diaz attributes his acting talent to this part of his life.


In an interview, he claimed that constantly pretending to be someone else at all times was his training in acting.


Guillermo got his break when he was cast in a speaking role in Fresh. Next, he played guest roles in Law & Order, ER, Touched by an Angel, Third Watch, and more.


He also appeared in Half Baked, 200 Cigarettes, Stonewall, The Terminal, Cop Out, etc. He got recurring roles in shows like Chappelle’s Show, Mercy, No Ordinary Family, Weeds, Scandal, Law & Order: Organized Crime, United We Fall, etc.



34. Robin Lord Taylor


Robin Lord Taylor


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 4 June 1978
Place of Birth Iowa, USA
Height 1.68 m
Debut Year 2005
Debut Movie Jesus Children of America (Short)


Robin Lord Taylor is an American film and television actor. He has also tried his hand at direction.


Robin studied Bachelor of Arts at Northwestern University, where his roommate was Billy Eichner. Taylor graduated from college and took up an agent to start acting straight away.


He has appeared in many small and big roles on television and in movies. Some of his prominent roles were in Accepted, Step Up 3D, Another Earth, Would You Rather, Cold Comes The Night, John Wick 3: The Parabellum, The Mandela Effect, etc.


His television roles include Law & Order, Person of Interest, The Good Wife, The Walking Dead, Gotham, etc.


You can watch him in his recent roles in Kevin can F*** Himself, Law & Order: Organized Crime, etc.


Robin Lord Taylor is a very private person. Despite coming out as gay and informing us about his marriage, he has never shared more information.



35. Gavin Creel


Gavin Creel


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 18th April 1976
Place of Birth Findlay, Ohio, USA
Height 1.85 m
Debut Year 2003
Debut Movie The Wonderful World of Disney (TV Series)


Gavin Creel is an American actor, singer, and songwriter. He is a prominent personality on stage with many notable performances and accolades to his credit.


Creel has won the Laurence Olivier Award for his role in the West End production of Book of Mormon.


He also has three Tony nominations, a Drama Desk Award, and more. Gavin Creel did his schooling in Findley, Ohio, and completed his Bachelor in Fine Arts at the University of Michigan School of music, theater, and dance.


He has performed in many successful and highly applauded plays like Thoroughly Modern Millie, Hair, Book of Mormon, Hello, Dolly!, etc.


Although he is a theater personality, he also has many TV shows to his credit including, American Horror Show, Eloise at The Plaza, Eloise at Christmastime, Central Park, etc.



36. Andrew Rannells


Andrew Rannells


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 23rd August 1978
Place of Birth Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Height 1.88 m
Debut Year 1993
Debut Movie Tama of Third Street: Have You Seen My Tama? (TV Series)


Andrew Rannells is an American actor who has worked extensively in theater, film, and television shows.


He is also a voice actor, in fact, he started his career as a voice actor on Tama of Third Street.


Andrew has been nominated for multiple awards and won them. He has two Tony nominations, a Grammy nomination, two Critics Choice Television nominations, etc.


Andrew Rannells appeared on stage in theater productions Hairspray, Falsettos, Jersey Boys, The Boys in The Band, etc.


His most prominent role was the originating role of Elder Price in the Book of Mormon.


He earned his Tony nomination for this role and got his second nomination for Falsettos.


Andrew’s film credits include The Intern, A Simple Favor, The Boys in the Band, etc.


On TV, he acted in Girls, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Will & Grace,  Black Monday, etc.



37. Ben Platt


Ben Platt


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 24th September 1993
Place of Birth Los Angeles County, California, USA
Height 1.75 m
Debut Year 2006
Debut Movie Red Riding Hood


Ben Platt is an American actor, singer, and songwriter. He has a highly acclaimed career on stage and has won multiple awards including, Tony Award, Emmy Award, Grammy Award, Lucille Lortel Awards, etc.


Ben Platt started performing on stage in 2002 with a role in Music Man. He appeared on stage multiple times including, the Broadway shows Book of Mormon and Dear Evan Hansen, Alice By Heart, Parade, etc.


He also appeared on television shows Will & Grace, The Politician, The Simpsons, The Premise, etc.


He is famous for his films Pitch Perfect series, Run This Town, Ricki, and The Flash, the film adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen, Father of the Bride part 3(ish), etc.



38. Charlie Carver


charlie carver


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 31st July 1988
Place of Birth San Francisco, California, USA
Height 1.78 m
Debut Year 2008
Debut Movie Desperate Housewives (TV Series)


Charlie Carver is an American actor who came out on Instagram in 2016. Carver attended the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan and graduated from the University of Southern California.


He studied drama at the American Conservatory Theater. Charlie and his twin brother, Max, are famous for their roles in the shows Teen Wolf, Ratched, Desperate Housewives, Leftovers, etc.


They have often acted together as twins in most of their roles. He has guest-starred on Hawaii-Five-O, The League, etc.


Some of Charlie’s roles as a gay artist include his role in When We Rise, the play The Boys in the Band, and its 2020 film adaptation.



39. Wilson Cruz


Wilson Cruz


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 27th December 1973
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York, USA
Height 1.74 m
Debut Year 1994
Debut Movie My So-Called Life (TV Series)


Wilson Cruz was born Wilson Echevarria in America to Puerto Rican parents. He spent his youth and did his education in America.


When Cruz came out as gay, his parents were shocked and did not take the news well.


Later he reconciled with them. This experience prompted Wilson to work for gay rights, counseling and advocating for the youth.


As an actor, Wilson has appeared in many prominent and memorable roles. He was the first openly gay actor to play a gay man in a lead role in the series My So-Called Life.


He also appeared in Oliver Stone’s Nixon as J. Edgar Hoover’s servant. He acted in movies, Joyride, Supernova, He’s Just Not That into You, etc.


His television roles include Great Scot!, Sister Sister, Noah’s Arc, ER, West Wing, Ally McBeal, etc.


You can watch him in the show, 25 Words or Less.



40. Brandon Flynn


brandon flynn


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 11th October 1993
Place of Birth Miami, Florida, USA
Height 1.78 m
Debut Year 2016
Debut Movie BrainDead (TV Series)


Brandon Flynn is an American actor from Florida. He graduated in 2016 from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.


He developed an interest in acting after participating in the play Peter Pan. After graduating, he was offered the role of Mike, the intern in the political satire, Braindead.


The following year, he appeared in the Off-Broadway production of the musical Kid Victory. He was cast in other plays, commercials, and TV shows too.


Brandon Flynn’s most significant role has been in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. He also appeared in a recurring role in True Detective.



41.   John Early


John Early


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 21st January, 1988
Place of Birth Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Height 1.78 m
Debut Year 2011
Debut Movie Skindergarten


John Early, a talented actor, has experienced a remarkable rise to fame with his unique blend of charisma, wit, and vulnerability.


Early has captivated audiences and garnered critical acclaim through his standout comedic performances in web series like “The Characters” and “555.”


Early’s talent for comedy and his ability to effortlessly embody a range of eccentric characters set him apart.


He further showcased his skills on the critically acclaimed television show “Search Party,” where he delivered a memorable performance.


As an openly gay actor, Early has also been an advocate for LGBTQ representation and has used his platform to address important social issues.


With his undeniable talent and magnetic presence, John Early continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, solidifying his status as a rising star.



42. Keiynan Lonsdale


Keiynan Lonsdale


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 19th December 1991
Place of Birth Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Height 1.83 m
Debut Year 2007
Debut Movie Razzle Dazzle


Keiynan Lonsdale is an Australian actor, dancer, and singer-songwriter. He released six singles between 2015 till 2019 and went on to release the studio album Rainbow Boy.


He released his music on iTunes  Keiynan was a dance enthusiast, and it led to his role in the mockumentary Razzle Dazzle and the Australian teen drama Dance Academy.


He also worked as an MTV VJ for a period of two and half years which increased his exposure to music.


Keiynan is famous for his role as Wally West/ Kid Flash in the CW dramas The Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.


He recently appeared in Love, Simon as Bram. He said that the show helped him come to terms with his own sexuality and refused to label himself but accepted that he liked boys too.



43. Matt Dallas


Matt Dallas


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 21st October 1982
Place of Birth Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Height 1.8 m
Debut Year 2005
Debut Movie Way of the Vampire


Matt Dallas is an American actor. He has always been open about his homosexuality. He married his boyfriend of five years in a ceremony in 2015.


Growing up in Arizona, Matt developed an interest in acting after watching The Ugly Duckling.


Matt Dallas has appeared in many independent films, short films, and TV movies. Some of his roles include Camp Slaughter, The Indian, As Good As Dead, The Beauty, and The Briefcase, Wyatt Earp’s Revenge, etc.


He gained popularity with his television roles. He appeared in the shows like Entourage, Kyle XY, Eastwick, and more.


He also performed in music videos of stars like James Blunt, Katy Perry, Fan_3, etc.



44. Conrad Ricamora


Conrad Ricamora


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 17th February 1979
Place of Birth Santa Maria, California, USA
Height 1.83 m
Debut Year 2003
Debut Movie Nightmare at the Fear Factory


Conrad Ricamore is an American actor of Filipino and German-Irish descent. He has performed many Broadway and Off-Broadway shows and musicals. 


He is renowned for his devotion to his art and excellence at it. He impresses the audience with his talents and is incredible.


His performance in musical theater plays has received Grammy nominations on two occasions.


Conrad Ricamore has appeared in prominent roles in television shows How To Get Away With Murder and The Resident.


His most famous works in theater include The King and I, Soft Power, and Here Lies Love.


Ricamore has been openly gay since a young age. He was also an active tennis player in Florida.


He used his visibility to work for human rights campaigns and had been honored with their Visibility Award.



45. Noah Galvin


Noah Galvin


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 6th May 1994
Place of Birth Katonah, New York, U.S.A
Height 1.68 m
Debut Year 2013
Debut Movie Promised Land


Noah Galvin is an American actor and singer. He is very active in Off-Broadway shows as he performs in many stage plays and productions. He is a master in his area and consistently astounds the audience with his flawless performances.


Galvin is famous for playing the lead role in Dear Evan Hansen since 2017. He had replaced Ben Platt temporarily and co-incidentally started dating him in 2020.


Noah Galvin has worked in multiple stage productions like Les Misérables, Ace, Our Town, Treasure Island, What I Did Last Summer, Waitress, etc.


He actively performs in Broadway and Off-Broadway productions and played his biggest role as the eponymous Dear Evan Hansen.


Noah Galvin is currently busy playing the role of Dr. Asher Wolke in The Good Doctor.


He has appeared in many TV shows The Real O’Neals, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, The Other Two, etc.



46. Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman


Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 21st October 1984
Place of Birth Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Height 1.91 m
Debut Year 2004
Debut Movie 969 (TV Series)


Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman is a Canadian model and actor. He started modeling at the age of 15 years after his friends and teachers encouraged him to try out.


He moved out of his hometown and traveled around the world doing advertorials and campaigns for American Apparel and Levi jeans.


Jeffrey gained popularity when he appeared in the gay-themed film Shock to The System. He was listed among Canada’s Coolest by Out Magazine and was also mentioned by Mwinda magazine in The 10 Most Beautiful Africans In Entertainment.


Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman has portrayed prominent roles in TV shows like UnReal, American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Doogie Kameāloha, M.D., etc. He also acted in films like The Skinny, The Breakup Artist, Dear Mr. Gacy, etc. He was set to be a permanent judge on Canada’s Drag Race, but he left after the first season.



47.   Joel Kim Booster


Joel Kim Booster


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 29th February, 1988
Place of Birth Jeju Island, South Korea
Height 1.76 m
Debut Year 2013
Debut Movie And They Call It Puppy Love


Joel Kim Booster, a talented comedian, has experienced a significant rise to fame in the comedy scene. His unique perspective, sharp wit, and relatable storytelling have endeared him to audiences around the world.


Booster first gained attention with his stand-up performances, tackling topics such as his Korean-American identity, queerness, and personal experiences with humour and authenticity.


He has appeared on various late-night shows, including “Conan” and “The Tonight Show,” showcasing his comedic prowess and winning over viewers. In addition to stand-up, Booster has written for popular television shows, adding to his creative repertoire.


As an openly gay comedian, he has been an advocate for LGBTQ representation and has fearlessly explored queer themes in his work.


With his distinct voice and comedic talent, Joel Kim Booster continues to make waves in the comedy industry, cementing his status as a rising star and an important voice in LGBTQ comedy.



48. George Takei


George Takei


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 20th April 1937
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Height 1.68 m
Debut Year 1955
Debut Movie Godzilla Raids Again


George Takei is an American actor of Japanese descent. He was born in Los Angeles and sent to the internment camps as soon as the war broke out.


Although he studied architecture in college, he transferred to arts and theater. George Takei worked alongside great actors like Frank Sinatra, Richard Burton, Alec Guinness, Cary Grant, etc.


The most iconic part that George Takei played was that of Hikaru Sulu on the USS Enterprise in Star Trek.


It made him a household name. It was during his time working in Star Trek that he met his future husband Brad Altman, and they soon started dating.


As homosexuality was frowned upon in those days, Takei kept his relationship a secret. In October 2005, as soon as California made gay marriages legal, George Takei came out and accepted that he was a closeted gay man.


He introduced his husband and partner to the world. Takei lamented that despite being an outspoken person, he was forced to keep his relationship a secret for fear of his career.



49. BD Wong


BD Wong


Entity Detail
Date of Birth 24th October 1960
Place of Birth San Francisco, California, U.S.A
Height 1.64 m
Debut Year 1983
Debut Movie No Big Deal (TV Movie)


Bradley Darryl Wong is an American actor of Chinese descent. He has been openly gay since the start of his career, yet when he married his boyfriend of eight years, Richert Schnorr, the LGBTQ community was surprised to realize that he was gay.


Wong was one of those silently gay people who did not flaunt his private life but did not hide it either.


BD Wong made his TV debut in 1983, with a small part in the telefilm No Big Deal, but the role that got him recognized was on the theater stage.


In 1988, he played Song Liling in the play M. Butterfly. Wong won A Tony Award, Clarence Derwent Award, Outer Critics Circle Award, Drama Desk Award, and Theatre World Award for that role.


This was a feat that no one had managed till now. Apart from this, he also appeared in other memorable roles like Dr.


George Huang in Law & Order: SVU, Father Ray Mukada in Oz, Dr. John Lee in Awake, etc.


He also appeared in other notable roles in Seven Years in Tibet, Mulan, the Jurassic Park franchise, Executive Decision, All American Girls, Mr. Robot, Gotham, and more.



50. Olly Alexander


olly alexander


Olly Alexander is an English singer, songwriter, and actor. He is best known as the lead singer of the band Years & Years and for his role as Ritchie Tozer in the Channel 4 drama series It’s a Sin.


Alexander formed Years & Years in 2010 and released their debut album, Communion, in 2015, which reached number one on the UK Albums Chart. They have since released two more albums both of which also topped the UK Albums Chart. Years & Years have won numerous awards, including two Brit Awards and a Grammy Award.


In 2021, Alexander starred in the Channel 4 drama series It’s a Sin, which follows a group of friends living in London during the AIDS epidemic. Alexander’s performance was praised by critics and he was nominated for a BAFTA Award for Best Actor.


Alexander is also a vocal LGBTQ+ activist. He has spoken out about his own experiences as a gay man and has campaigned for LGBTQ+ rights. He is a role model for many young people and is admired for his talent, creativity, and authenticity.



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