Is Precious On Netflix?

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Is Precious On Netflix?


With a budget of $10,000,000, this blockbuster film raked in an impressive $63,649,529 at the box office. Directed by Lee Daniels and featuring a star-studded cast including Gabourey Sidibe, Mo'Nique, and Paula Patton, this movie is a must-watch for all movie fans.


Sixteen-year-old Precious has all odds stacked against her. She lives with her physically and verbally abusive mother, Mary, who is unemployed and takes all her welfare funds. When Precious finds out about her second pregnancy, she enrols in a special school program where she meets other girls facing similar unfortunate experiences.


Her baby gets delivered, but Mary learns about the program Precious is attending. Enraged, she attacks Precious and her baby, making Precious flee to save their lives.




Is Precious On Netflix?


Precious is not available to stream on Netflix. Despite its vast library, there are many titles to which Netflix can not provide access.


However, there are several other streaming service providers where you can watch Precious. It may happen that the movie is available on an OTT app but it's not streaming in your region.




How To Watch Precious In The United States?


Precious is streaming on Max Amazon Channel, and Max in the United States. Still, if you want to stick with Netflix then you can try titles such as Ray (2004), Carol (2015), Up in the Air (2009), Call Me by Your Name (2017), and It's Complicated (2009) which are alike to Precious.




How To Watch Precious In The United Kingdom?


In the United Kingdom, OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime Video have Precious available for streaming. Since it’s difficult to have subscriptions for multiple streaming services simultaneously, some of you may like related movies that can be streamed on Netflix.


Ali (2001), Traffic (2000), Blackfish (2013), Hell or High Water (2016), and Up in the Air (2009) are thematically similar movies available on Netflix which are equally entertaining.



How To Watch Precious In Canada?


Precious is not streaming on popular OTT platforms in Canada. Instead, it can be rented on Apple TV, Google Play Movies, Cineplex, Microsoft Store, and YouTube at some extra cost.


For those who are unwilling to make a switch, Netflix has some interesting titles such as The Kids Are All Right (2010), Mystic River (2003), The Reader (2008), Dreamgirls (2006), and Crash (2004) which are equally entertaining and similar to Precious.



How To Watch Precious In Australia?


Since Netflix does not have Precious in Australia, you need to shift to the other OTT app, such as BINGE, Foxtel Now, and Stan where Precious is available.


In case, we recommend Julie & Julia (2009), Carol (2015), True Grit (2010), The Client (1994), and Moonlight (2016) which can be streamed on Netflix itself.



How To Watch Precious In Germany?


Platforms such as Joyn Plus, Home of Horror, Filmtastic, and ArthouseCNMA have Precious in their library. Individuals from Germany who have a subscription to their platform can watch the movie.


Else, Netflix users can watch titles such as Mystic River (2003), Blue Jasmine (2013), Blackfish (2013), Out of the Furnace (2013), and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) which have similar themes.



Official Trailer Of Precious




Cast Information Of Precious


  • Gabourey Sidibe as Precious
  • Mo'Nique as Mary
  • Paula Patton as Ms. Rain
  • Mariah Carey as Ms. Weiss
  • Sherri Shepherd as Cornrows
  • Lenny Kravitz as Nurse John
  • Stephanie Andujar as Rita
  • Chyna Layne as Rhonda
  • Amina Robinson as Jermaine
  • Xosha Roquemore as Joann
  • Angelic Zambrana as Consuelo
  • Aunt Dot as Toosie
  • Nealla Gordon as Mrs. Lichtenstein
  • Grace Hightower as Socialworker
  • Barret Helms as Tom Cruise
  • Kimberly Russell as Katherine
  • Bill Sage as Mr. Wicher
  • Susan Taylor as Fairy Godmother


Movies Similar To Precious On Netflix


1. Ray (2004)

Following the real-life story and career trajectory of the legendary musician Ray Charles. At 7, Charles lost his eyesight while mourning the loss of his younger brother. He recorded his first hit with Atlantic Records and got married.


His wife discovers Ray's hidden heroin stash and asks him to stop taking them, but Ray doesn't leave his addiction until very later in his life. His music continues to be a hit among the masses leading to a prolific career.


Available Countries: United States


2. Carol (2015)

In 1952 Manhattan, Therese Belivet, an aspiring photographer working at Frankenberg's department store, meets Carol Aird, a glamorous woman searching for a Christmas gift for her daughter. When Carol accidentally leaves her gloves behind, Therese mails them to her, sparking a connection that leads to a road trip and a passionate romance.


But their love is threatened by Carol's bitter divorce and custody battle, and they must navigate societal expectations and personal sacrifices to be together.


Available Countries: United States, Australia, and New Zealand


3. Up in the Air (2009)

Up in the Air premiered in theatres in 2009. Directed by Jason Reitman, this movie features George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, and Anna Kendrick in the lead. If you have a particular liking for comedy-drama movies, then you can try this title.


Up in the Air received a score of 7.4 on IMDb and 83 on Metacritic.


Available Countries: United States, and the United Kingdom


4. Call Me by Your Name (2017)

Call Me by Your Name is a drama-romance film that has been helmed for the screen by Luca Guadagnino. It features actors Timothée Chalamet, Armie Hammer, and Michael Stuhlbarg in pivotal roles. The motion picture was released in 2017 with a 2 hours and 12 min runtime.


Available Countries: United States, France, Italy, India, and the Philippines


5. It's Complicated (2009)

Starring Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, and Alec Baldwin, It's Complicated tells a familiar story with a competent script and direction. While not a standout in any particular area, it provides a solid movie-going experience.


Available Countries: United States, Australia, and New Zealand


6. Phantom Thread (2017)

Phantom Thread is not your typical drama-romance movie; we firmly believe that it's one of the best in the genre. This Paul Thomas Anderson directorial venture thrives on a cast and crew of accomplished performers, who come together to deliver a motion picture that exceeds everyone's expectations.


Some notable crew members involve Paul Thomas Anderson (screenwriter), and Paul Thomas Anderson (cinematographer).


Phantom Thread bettered several credits in the genre and earned praises from fans and critics alike. Additionally, it went on to win various accolades, including Academy Awards, USA, BAFTA Awards, and Awards Circuit Community Awards.


Available Countries: United States


7. Heavy (1995)

Heavy premiered in theatres in 1995. Directed by James Mangold, this movie features Pruitt Taylor Vince, Liv Tyler, and Shelley Winters in the lead. If you have a particular liking for drama-romance movies, then you can try this title.


Heavy received a score of 6.8 on IMDb and 75 on Metacritic.


Available Countries: United States


8. Ali (2001)

Bankrolled by Columbia Pictures and helmed by Michael Mann, Ali is a biography-drama that hit the screens in 2001.


Available Countries: United Kingdom, Italy, and Poland


9. Traffic (2000)

This story delves into the almost unending war on drugs in the United States of America. A former conservative judge is apparently part of the uncontrollable drug business.


Posing a challenge to him is his daughter, who is addicted to heroin. A pair of DEA agents are on the case and hope to put the judge behind bars. More problems come from the wife of a drug kingpin, who is currently in prison.


Before long, a Mexican police officer smells something fishy with his boss and starts questioning things, revealing an extensive and chaotic web of lies.


Available Countries: United Kingdom


10. Blackfish (2013)

Bankrolled by CNN Films and helmed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Blackfish is a documentary that hit the screens in 2013.


Available Countries: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, and Switzerland





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