Is Dreamgirls On Netflix?

Charlie StathamCharlie-Updated Feb 27, 2023

Is Dreamgirls on Netflix?


Coming from Dreamworks Pictures, Dreamgirls is a drama-music movie starring Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx, and Eddie Murphy. Directed by Bill Condon, the movie became a box-office success as it gathered $103,365,956 in USA and Canada, whereas it got $155,430,335 worldwide from a budget of $70,000,000.


Effie, Deena, and Lorrell are singers and, together black girls' band who gets founded by Curtis, appointing himself as their manager. After initial roadblocks and setbacks, the group steadily find their footing with their melodious music becoming a household name in America.


It also brings out deep-rooted ruthlessness affecting relationships in the way and chasing rewarding but alienating success. The girls go through their lives and experience all ins and outs of being famous stars.



Is Dreamgirls on Netflix?


Dreamgirls is available on Netflix for streaming in 13 countries. Movies and TV series available on Netflix have region-based accessibility, sometimes to include the content of the native country. The same goes for other OTT platforms too.


Regions, where Dreamgirls can be streamed, are listed below.


  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • France
  • Japan
  • New Zealand



How To Watch Dreamgirls In the United States?


Dreamgirls is streaming on DIRECTV, TNT, TBS, and tru TV in United States. Still, if you want to stick with Netflix then you can try titles such as The Aviator (2004), Still Alice (2014), The Butler (2013), Philomena (2013), and Julie & Julia (2009) which are alike to Dreamgirls.



How To Watch Dreamgirls In Canada?


In Canada, OTT platforms such as Paramount Plus have Dreamgirls available for streaming. Since it’s difficult to have subscriptions for multiple streaming services simultaneously, some of you may like related movies that can be streamed on Netflix.


The Queen (2006), Mystic River (2003), Concussion (2015), Seven Pounds (2008), and Collateral (2004) are thematically similar movies available on Netflix which are equally entertaining.



How To Watch Dreamgirls In Germany?


Since Netflix does not have Dreamgirls in Germany, you need to shift to the other OTT app, such as Cinema of Hearts Amazon Channel, Paramount Plus, and Paramount+ Amazon Channel where Dreamgirls is available.


In case, we recommend Blackfish (2013), Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady (2012), Mystic River (2003), 3:10 to Yuma (2007), and Concussion (2015) which can be streamed on Netflix itself.



How To Watch Dreamgirls In Italy?


Platforms such as Paramount Plus, and Paramount+ Amazon Channel have Dreamgirls in their library. Individuals from Italy who have a subscription to their platform can watch the movie. Else, Netflix users can watch titles such as Elizabeth (1998), Margaret Thatcher: The Iron Lady (2012), Coco Before Chanel (2009), Mystic River (2003), and Collateral (2004) which have similar themes.



How To Watch Dreamgirls In India?


Dreamgirls is not streaming on popular OTT platforms in India. Instead, it can be rented on Apple TV, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Amazon Video at some extra cost. For those who are unwilling to make a switch, Netflix has some interesting titles such as Julie & Julia (2009), Collateral (2004), Bad Boys II (2003), Public Enemies (2009), and The Patriot (2000) which are equally entertaining and similar to Dreamgirls.



Cast Information Of Dreamgirls


  • Beyoncé as Deena Jones
  • Jamie Foxx as Curtis Taylor Jr.
  • Eddie Murphy as James 'Thunder' Early
  • Danny Glover as Marty Madison
  • Jennifer Hudson as Effie White
  • Anika Noni Rose as Lorrell Robinson
  • Keith D. Robinson as C.C. White
  • Sharon Leal as Michelle Morris
  • Hinton Battle as Wayne
  • Mariah Iman Wilson as Magic
  • Yvette Cason as May
  • Ken Page as Max Washington
  • Ralph Louis Harris as M.C.
  • Michael-Leon Wooley as Tiny Joe Dixon
  • Loretta Devine as Jazz Singer
  • John Lithgow as Jerry Harris
  • John Krasinski as Sam Walsh
  • Alexander Folk as Ronald White



Movies Similar To Dreamgirls On Netflix


1. The Aviator (2004)

The Aviator is not the best work of filmmaker Martin Scorsese's career, but it can make up for a decent watch for an average film enthusiast. The movie had a satisfactory run at the box office that amounted to $213,719,942.


Available Countries: United States, Denmark, Finland, and Norway


2. Still Alice (2014)

Still Alice is one of the popular drama films which is worth giving a try. This narrative of Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland, and Lisa Genova stars Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin, and Kristen Stewart in the primary role.


The movie has received mixed reviews from critics and a score of 7.5 from users on IMDb.


Available Countries: United States, France, and Poland


3. The Butler (2013)

The Butler cemented Lee Daniels as one of the best filmmakers in the year 2013. Lee Daniels's direction is so good that you will love this movie for 2 hours 12 min runtime.


The movie excelled at the box office and brought great fortune to the production company. It grossed around $177,313,795 worldwide.


Available Countries: United States


4. Philomena (2013)

If it’s a movie to take your mind off everything you’re looking for, look no further than Philomena. Stephen Frears joined hands with Steve Coogan, and Jeff Pope( Screenplay), Robbie Ryan(Cinematographer), and lead cast Judi Dench, Steve Coogan, and Sophie Kennedy Clark to assist him in making the movie.


Philomena is one of the good biography-comedy movies that came out in 2013, with a score of 7.6 on IMDb. The movie earned around $100,129,872 at the box office.


Available Countries: United States, and New Zealand


5. Julie & Julia (2009)

This movie by Nora Ephron is a balanced approach of elements to keep the audience engaged while allowing enough room for the subject matter. Julie & Julia received mixed reviews from critics and users, and if you love biography-drama movies, you can try it.


Available Countries: United States, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan


6. August: Osage County (2013)

Meryl Streep, Dermot Mulroney, and Julia Roberts have given stellar performances in the movie August: Osage County. Thanks to them the film was able to gather various nominations and wins that included AARP Movies for Grownups Awards, BAFTA/LA Britannia Awards, and Capri, Hollywood.


Available Countries: United States, and United Kingdom


7. Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Brokeback Mountain is your typical drama-romance movie brought to the screen by the filmmaker Ang Lee that heavily relies on CGI to create a striking visual effect. Critics appreciated the movie for its visual effect, and the movie received Academy Awards, USA, BAFTA Awards, and AFI Awards, USA and nominations such as Academy Awards, USA, BAFTA Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards.


Available Countries: United States


8. Heavy (1995)

Featuring Pruitt Taylor Vince, Liv Tyler, and Shelley Winters in the lead, Heavy is a drama-romance movie that came out in 1995. Heavy has a talented team of crew members involving James Mangold (director), James Mangold (screenplay), Michael F. Barrow (cinematography), Thurston Moore (music), Sara Jane Slotnick (costume), and many others. Heavy received a score of 6.8 on IMDb, while it got 75 out of 100 on Metacritic.


Available Countries: United States


9. Seven Pounds (2008)

Seven Pounds is a drama movie featuring Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, and Woody Harrelson that premiered in the theatres in 2008. The film was produced by Columbia Pictures under the direction of filmmaker Gabriele Muccino.


The movie had a budget of $55,000,000 with which it was able to collect $169,748,929 worldwide and won awards in various categories of ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, BET Awards, and Image Awards (NAACP).


Available Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France


10. Bad Boys II (2003)

Coming from Columbia Pictures, Bad Boys II is an action-comedy movie starring Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, and Gabrielle Union. Directed by Michael Bay, the movie became a box-office success as it gathered $138,608,444 in USA and Canada, whereas it got $273,339,556 worldwide from a budget of $130,000,000.


Available Countries: United States, United Kingdom, India, Philippines, and Indonesia




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