Top 50 Popular Disney Characters That Start With A

top 50 popular disney characters that start with a


Disney and cartoons are as synonymous with each other as chalk and cheese. One can’t possibly imagine their childhood without the much-loved Aladdin, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Ariel, or even Alice.


That’s just us naming a few of the most iconic characters of all time. And to be honest, if we’d sit to recollect every character, we’d lose track of time and maybe memory too.


So, while Disney’s list of characters is too big to count, our list below is comparatively easier to deal with.


Why, you ask? Well, for starters it consists of the most popular Disney characters and secondly, all the characters start with the letter A.


Thus, without wasting any more time, let’s get started!




1. Aladdin (Aladdin)


aladdin (aladdin)


Aladdin was also known as Prince Ali Ababwa and was a former street rat in the city of Agrabah.


While he’d spent most of his youth scraping for food and hiding from guards along with Abu. Even though very sanguine, having a poor upbringing left him feeling extremely insecure and made him feel worthless and undeserving of the love of Princess Jasmine.


However, he does manage to change things for himself and become a hero with a selfless disposition. This in turn also made him entitled to a magic lamp that concealed a wish-granting genie and together they’d embark on multiple adventures before Aladdin finally ends up winning Jasmine.




2. Abu (Aladdin)


Abu (Aladdin)


Abu was one of the major characters and Aladdin’s pet monkey and partner-in-crime (other than Genie and the Carpet) in Disney’s 1992 animated feature, Aladdin.


Abu was extremely mischievous, had kleptomania, and was small and slender in shape. He wore a red vest and purple-bottomed fez.


Abu is one of Disney’s most loved characters of all time courtesy of the adventures he’d embark on with Aladdin, the Genie, and Carpet.


Abu is sneaky and loves to scheme but is also dangerous. However, despite all his flaws, he is extremely loyal to Aladdin and is willing to sacrifice his life for his best friend and their friends.




3. Alice (Alice in Wonderland)


alice (alice in wonderland)


Alice was the titular protagonist in Disney’s 1951 animated feature, Alice in Wonderland. She’s a young and naïve girl who is seen to seek solace in a surreal imagination to be able to escape her mundane everyday life.


Alice is extremely curious and always yearns for something new and exciting, which is how she gets pulled into the mysterious world of ‘Wonderland.’ It is through her fun travels in the whacky world, that she begins to appreciate the normal life that she had initially rejected and detested.


Alice was a lovely looking pretty girl having shoulder-length blonde hair that shows up as curls and equally beautiful blue eyes.


She’s mostly seen wearing a childish-looking blue Victorian dress. She has a cat named Dinah.




4. Alisha Hawthorne (Lightyear)


Alisha Hawthorne (Lightyear)


Alisha Hawthorne was one of the primary characters and overarching protagonists in Disney + Pixar’s 2022 animated film, Lightyear.


She was Buzz’s best friend, an old colleague, and also a commander. She’s also the grandmother of Izzy Hawthorne, mother to Avery Hawthorne.


Alisha enjoyed teasing Buzz and along with him and their crew of Turnip had become marooned on an unknown alien planet after crashing their aircraft.


She was one of the characters designed for Buzz to hand a good bond and to be there as his ‘friend-like family’ as he didn’t have anyone to call his own.


Although the character is seen posthumously, she has an amazing character, one worth looking up to.



5. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)


Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)


Aurora (also knowns as Briar Rose or Sleeping Beauty) is one of Disney’s original princesses and also the protagonist of the 1959 animated film Sleeping Beauty.


She was an only child and the daughter of King Stefan and Queen Leah. She was an extremely gentle, calm, and loving girl who had been raised by three fairies; Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.


On the day of her christening, she had been cursed to death by an evil witch named Maleficent, for not being invited to the christening.


Maleficent foretells a future where the newborn prince on her sixteenth birthday would accidentally prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die.


However, the efforts of her fairy godmothers ensured that instead of death, she’d go into a deep sleep and that sleep could only be broken by true love’s kiss.


They do so by raising her as a peasant, protecting her till the age of sixteen, till the day the spell is broken by her one true love, Prince Phillip.



6. Anna (Frozen)


Anna (Frozen)


Anna was the younger sister of Elsa, the daughter of Agnarr and Iduna, and also the current queen of Arendelle.


She shares a very close bond with Elsa but an accident during their childhood leads their parents to separate the sisters from each other and away from the outside world.


Anna is extremely fond of Elsa and tries to spend time with her but is hardly successful. What follows are the sudden deaths of Agnarr and Iduna, thus leading Anna to feel completely alone and isolated, away from any form of family.


However, despite the tragedies she’d endured, Anna is seen to be really hopeful of the future and decides to bring her sister back when she runs away from the kingdom due to the exposure of her ice magic.


The sisters manage to finally heal their broken relationship after Anna shows Elsa the key to controlling her powers.



7. Ariel (The Little Mermaid)


Ariel (The Little Mermaid)


Princess Ariel was a mermaid and the primary protagonist of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. She’s also seen in the film’s prequel television series as well as The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea and The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning.


She was the seventh and youngest daughter of the rulers of the Kingdom of Athena, King Triton, and Queen Athena.


Ariel was a young and passionate mermaid who held a deep admiration for the human world and hoped to someday experience the life that existed on the surface.


Ariel also happens to be Disney’s fourth official member of their princess line-up and was the first Princess to have been developed after Walt Disney’s death during the Disney Renaissance.



8. Auguste Gusteau (Ratatouille)


Auguste Gusteau (Ratatouille)


Auguste Gusteau was one of the major characters in Disney’s animated feature, Ratatouille. He plays the role of an acclaimed chef as well as the owner of Gusteau’s – a five-star restaurant located in Paris, France.


He was also the writer of the bestseller ‘Anyone Can Cook’ and was known for producing intriguing recipes with an unusual flair.


He was also the youngest chef in all of history to obtain 5-stars and was considered among one of the best in the world.


Auguste loses a star to the scathing reviews of food critic Anton Ego, he’s unable to take the insult and dies of a broken heart.


However, an imaginary version of the chef is seen in the mind of Remy, an aspiring rat chef who considered Gusteau to be his inspiration.



9. Andrea (Cars)


Andrea (Cars)


Andrea was a minor character in Disney’s Cars and portrayed the role of a press reporter from Germany. She had studied journalism at one of the country’s most prestigious schools and was trilingual, i.e. – he could speak three languages – fluently!


Andrea is best known for her signature phrase, which was, ‘We have the right to know what’s going on around us, 85 miles per hour, 7 days a week!’ and could say this in three languages.


Andrea was a 2003 Roymack Sender and her license plate read – 3Y7DHK. She was maroon in color, has chrome mirrors, and also had a Press logo printed right next to her clear headlights.



10. Alameda Slim (Home on the Range)


Alameda Slim (Home on the Range)


Alameda Slim was the primary antagonist in Disney’s animated feature film, Home on the Range. He was Grace, Maggie, and Mrs. Calloway’s arch-nemesis.


He was a feared and one of the most wanted cattle rustlers knowns for being able to steal five thousand cattle in just one night!


He could easily enter the cattle through his hypnotic yodeling and then go about his thefts easily. Alameda’s partners in crime include his enforcer Rico and his nephews the Willies who were his assistants and his trusted steed Junior the Buffalo while Mr. Wesley was a trusted client.



11. Audrey Rocio Ramirez (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)


Audrey Rocio Ramirez (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)


In Disney’s 2001 animated film “Atlantis: The Lost Empire,” Audrey Rocio Ramirez takes on a significant role. She is the daughter of a skilled mechanic named Manuel Ramirez. From a young age, Audrey showcased remarkable engineering skills and a keen eye for mechanical precision.


Even as a toddler, at just 18 months old, she astounded her family by effortlessly disassembling and reassembling various clocks in their home. By the age of 3, Audrey’s mother Ana recognized her extraordinary ability to effortlessly unlock any type of lock, leading to a cautious approach when it came to storing sweets.


Within the film, Audrey is often referred to as “The Lady” by another character named Rourke. She also has an older sister named Nena, who possesses contrasting interests and does not share Audrey’s passion for machines.



12. Abel Rivera (Coco)


Abel Rivera (Coco)


Abel Rivera, featured in Disney’s 2017 film “Coco,” portrayed the role of the oldest child in the Rivero family. His parents were Carmen and Berto Rivero, and he had three younger siblings named Rosa, Benny, and Manny Rivera.


Abel was also the nephew of Enrique and Berto Rivera, and the cousin of Miguel and Socorro Rivera. Despite being a minor character, Abel embodied the typical traits of an older brother who delighted in teasing his younger siblings. He possessed a lively and humorous personality and held a deep passion for soccer.


Additionally, Abel showcased exceptional shoemaking skills, although he frequently became easily distracted, resulting in amusing incidents like his shoes getting stuck to the ceiling while buffing them.


In the film, Abel was portrayed as a nineteen-year-old. During a pivotal moment near the film’s conclusion, he captivated the audience by displaying his musical prowess on the accordion and delivering a heartfelt performance of the song “Proud Corazon.”



13. Antonio Madrigal (Encanto)


Antonio Madrigal (Encanto)


Antonio Madrigal was one of the primary characters in Disney’s 2021 animated feature, Encanto. He is seen as the youngest son to Pepa and Felix Madrigal and also the youngest sibling to Dolores and Camilo.


Antonio happens to be the youngest member of the Madrigal family and has a specially gifted power that lets him communicate freely with animals, especially with Parce, Pico, and Chispi with whom he shares a special bond.


When Antonio was born, he didn’t have any special powers but his Abuela Alma never put any undue pressure on his tiny shoulders like the other members of his family.


As he was the youngest in the clan and was born after his uncle Bruno had left the family, Antonio had never met him and thus had no memory of him either.


Before his gifting ceremony, he used to live with his cousin Mirabel, who had never received a gift herself, but they shared a beautiful bond and Antonio considered her to be his big sister.



14. Alistair Krei (Big Hero 6)


Alistair Krei (Big Hero 6)


Alistair Krei was one of the major characters in Disney’s full-length animated feature, Big Hero 6 as well as a recurring antagonist in Big Hero 6: The Animated Series.


He was the CEO and owner of Krei Tech Industries, global technology industry, and was always seen on the hunt for the next ‘big thing’ as well as an occasional ally of Big Hero 6.


When he isn’t being shown as a villain in the film, he was shown to be a malicious and manipulative person, thus making him the series’ biggest and most hated antagonist.


Alistair is a high-profile person coming from a family of generational wealth. HE practiced origami using dollars as there was always plenty around but his father ensured that he folded bills no bigger than $50!



15. Captain Amelia (Treasure Planet)


Captain Amelia (Treasure Planet)


Captain Amelia was a former Terran Royal Navy officer who also captains the RLS Legacy (the ship that was hired by Doctor Delbert Doppler) on its voyage to the Treasure Planet, in Disney’s animated feature of the same name.


Even though she carried the rank of a Captain, it is stated in the Treasure Planet Artbook that she had resigned along with her First Mate Mr. Arrow, as the navy was too bureaucratic.


This shows that maybe she was quite free-spirited than what she was portrayed in the film to be. In the video game sequel called Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon, Amelia gets promoted to the rank of Admiral.


Amelia is seen to be a fast talker, quick-witted, and an absolute force of will. She was extremely proud, strong-willed, business-minded, and hated flattery.


Her speech showed that she was well educated, polite, and courteous, albeit often sarcastic, but showed consistent authority that showed quick dominance over others during conversations.


Going by her accent, it seemed that she was of British origin.



16. King Agnarr (Frozen)


King Agnarr (Frozen)


King Agnarr was a minor character in Disney’s much-loved 2013 animated feature, Frozen as well as its 2019 sequel.


He was the king of Arendelle, having been crowned at a very young age at the sudden demise of his father, King Runeard.


Growing up into a handsome young man, he ends up marrying his childhood friend Iduna and also becomes the father to two beautiful daughters, Elsa and Anna.


His oldest daughter Elsa was born with the power to control snow and ice; a strength neither he nor his wife or other daughter had.


Eventually, they would find out that Elsa’s superpowers were a gift from the spirits belonging to the Enchanted Forest out of gratitude for Iduna’s selfless act of rescuing Agnarr in the days of her youth.


Agnarr was a learned, kind and powerful man who was also an extremely doting father (although many consider what he did to Elsa as cruel – spoilers!) and whenever he would lose his temper, Iduna was always able to calm his nerves.



17. Asha (Wish)


asha (wish)


In Disney’s “Wish,” Asha bursts onto the scene as a vibrant 17-year-old with a fiery and passionate spirit. This sharp-witted and idealistic young woman lives in Rosas, a kingdom renowned for granting wishes.


However, Asha isn’t content with simply waiting for her wish to come true. She yearns to shape her own destiny and challenges the status quo, believing that hard work and determination hold more power than chance.


When her unwavering wish summons a celestial being named Star, Asha embarks on a daring adventure, defying the rules and confronting the powerful King Magnifico to fight for her community and prove that courage and the magic of the stars can create miracles.



18. Archimedes Q. Porter (Tarzan)


Archimedes Q. Porter (Tarzan)


Archimedes Q. Porter was a professor and a primary character in Disney’s animated feature, Tarzan. He’s a very intelligent scientist who hails from England and travels to Africa to study gorillas along with his daughter Jane.


Archimedes is seen to be extremely eccentric but also a well-meaning man who was an extremely loving father as well.


Archimedes was the one who urges Jane to follow her heart and go live with Tarzan after he returned.


He shares a very strong bond with Tarzan although does tend to get paranoid when he assumes Tarzan to be a spy, even though it made no sense for the jungle to have a spy.


In one episode he seems a little sexist, but then otherwise, he portrays the character of a very genuine man.



19. Alberto Scorfano (Luca)


Alberto Scorfano (Luca)


Alberto Scorfano was the deuteragonist of Disney+ Pixar’s Luca franchise and also the animated feature, Luca. He was the main protagonist of its spin-off, Ciao Alberto, as well.


Alberto was a sea monster who would live on Isola del Mare and had no guardians or parental figures around after his father leaves him.


He lived on the island in an abandoned lighthouse and would collect objects that were owned and created by humans while creating tally marks on walls; one for each day that he’d spent living without his father.


Before meeting Luca and becoming best friends, he had a vast interest in items related to humans and would store them carefully in the lighthouse.


The first time he’s seen in the movie, he’s seen to be 14 years old and still an orphan.


Alberto was the one who helps Luca to escape Portorosso and also win the famous Portorosso Cup so that they could both invest in buying a Vespa to travel and see the world together.



20. Audrey (Home on the Range)


Audrey (Home on the Range)


Audrey is a very anxious and nervous red farm hen playing a minor role in Disney’s 2004 animated feature, Home on the Range.


Audrey is very kind and usually gets along well with all the other animals on the farm. However, her biggest flaw is becoming nervous every time someone talks negatively about a situation (as is seen when Jeb talks negatively about a problem).


This causes her immense worry and makes her panic hysterically. Nonetheless, she is also extremely feisty and shows a deep love and care for all her chicks.


Audrey also suffers from a never-ending worry that all the cows once they leave, will never come back.



21. Prince Achmed (Aladdin)


Prince Achmed (Aladdin)


Prince Achmed was a minor antagonist in Disney’s feature film, Aladdin. He was a rich prince and one of Jasmine’s multiple suitors, before the entry of ‘Prince Ali’.


Achmed is seen to be extremely selfish, snobbish, heartless, and unkind with Jasmine herself describing him to be highly overdressed and full of himself.


He didn’t care much about the people around him, especially those that he perceived to be lesser than him in stature.


Even though Achmed was one among the many suitors that had come to ask for Jasmine’s hand at marriage, he seemed to care very less about her personally and was too consumed in trying to show off himself.



22. Angel (Lilo and Stitch)


Angel (Lilo and Stitch)


Angel originally known as Experiment 624 was one of the main characters and Stitch’s female counterpart in Disney’s Lilo and Stitch franchise.


She was an illegal genetic experiment that was initially created by Jumba Jookiba and ends up getting deeply enamored by Stitch and becomes his love interest, referring to him as ‘boojiboo.’ She had initially been designed to turn people and experiments from good to bad through special programming of the musical neuro-linguistic behavioral trigger.


She’d sing a siren song and that would instantly turn the morality of her victims. However, the effect of the song could also be reversed by chanting the song the other way around.


Angel gets captured by Gantu but also gets rescued by Snafu and after being rescued, she turns into a singing sensation of the intergalactic.


She also becomes Stitch’s one true love, but a demanding career leads her to have a long-distance relationship with Stitch.



23. Queen Arianna (Tangled)


Queen Arianna (Tangled)


Queen Arianna was a minor role in Disney’s 2010 animated feature, Tangled. She was Rapunzel’s birth mother and also the wife of King Frederic along with whom she sits to rule Corona.


Arianna has a striking resemblance with her daughter and they look near identical with bright green eyes and similar facial features as well.


Similar to Rapunzel’s beautiful long flowing hair, queen Arianna too has long hair that reaches up to her waist and is parted in the same way as Rapunzel’s, with the upper layer neatly tied back in the shape of an updo.


She loves both her daughter and husband dearly. She has a lovely personality and is soft and polite throughout her appearances.



24. Apollo (Hercules)


Apollo (Hercules)


Apollo who’s the Olympian god of the Sun was seen in Disney’s 1997 animated feature, Hercules. He stays on Mount Olympus and is seen to have black hair with dark purple skin and prefers to wear a red tunic that has a sun drawn in the center with a red Roman-style helmet and a yellow plume that carries with it white stripes.


Apollo shows the typical powers of the Olympic God, which include immortality, superhuman strengths, omnipresence, metamorphosis as well as teleportation.


Being the God of the Sun, he also has the ability to control the sun with the help of his Solar Chariot.


However, he appears in a very minor role in the film and keeps appearing in minor cameos throughout.



25. Adella (The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning)


Adella (The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning)


Adella was a mermaid and a main character in The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginnings. She was one of Ariel’s six older sisters and was the daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena.


Adella appears as a minor character in The Little Mermaid, The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea. She’s considered a complete boy-crazy girl by her sisters.


Her first appearance is seen as a young mergirl, wherein she’s seen relaxing with her sisters and parents on a cove but is forced to flee when there’s a fierce pirate attack.


Adella’s mother gets killed in this attack and that leaves her family devastated out of this grief, King Triton ends up banning all forms of music and bans Adella and her siblings are raised under the strict leadership of their governess, Miss Marina Del Rey.



26. Arthur Pendragon (The Sword in the Stone)


Arthur Pendragon (The Sword in the Stone)


Arthur Pendragon was the protagonist of Disney’s 1963 animated feature, The Sword in the Stone. He was an orphaned 12-year-old boy who ends up becoming the king of England courtesy of his ability to pull out a legendary sword from a stone.


Arthur was an extremely awkward and gawky boy, while also being extremely friendly and polite. However, he was also known for having a rich imagination and dreamt of becoming a knight while having adventures such as riding white stallions and slaying dragons, man-eating giants, and griffins.


He had a foster brother named Sir Kay. He was also quite forgiving and even though he found the owl Archimedes annoying, he held no anger towards him.



27. Ares (Hercules)


ares (hercules)


A character from the much-loved animated series Hercules, Ares was the Olympian God of war and was also the founder of Sparta.


His sister was Athena and they were enemies for centuries, which is why Ares had done everything in his power to try and destroy her precious city, Athens.


He had the power of sudden disappearances, by going underground with a small explosion. He was a very powerful fighter and war strategist and being the god of war, he also had the authority over every war itself.



28. Aphrodite (Hercules)


Aphrodite (Hercules)


Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, was seen in the animated series, Hercules. She was engaged to Hephaestus for a short while and is known for her pink skin, blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes.


She was the mother of Eros (better known as Cupid) and was responsible for creating Galatea, who was also Hercules’ date for the famous Aphrodesia dance.


She was also a member of the famed Olympic council and engaged in a small and funny rivalry with Artemis, on love.



29. Angus (Brave)


Angus (Brave)


Angus was a shire horse and also Merida’s most faithful companion in the 2012 Disney+Pixar feature, Brave. He was black in color with an ivory muzzle and fetlocks.


While he seemed balky and stubborn at times, he was fiercely protective and loyal to Merida. They had a loving and strong bond as Merida would easily coax him into an array of adventures.


He also liked being pampered by Merida and allowed no one in the castle except her to look after him.



30. Al McWhiggin (Toy Story 2)


Al McWhiggin (Toy Story 2)


Al was one of the two antagonists (the other being Stinky Pete) in Disney’s Toy Story 2. He was a greedy toy collector who was obsessed with collecting rare toys in exchange for considerable amounts of money.


He comes across as a funny guy but also someone who’s really intelligent and ensures that the toys he collects never break or lie around broken and neglected.


He’s obsessed with money and all other materialistic things and goes to any and every length to get his hands on the same, even if it means committing petty crimes.



31. Anastasia Tremaine (Cinderella)


Anastasia Tremaine (Cinderella)


Anastasia was one of Cinderella’s two evil stepsisters and appeared as the secondary antagonist in the 1950 animated feature, Cinderella.


After the death of Cinderella’s father, Anastasia, her older sister Drizella and their mother Lady Tremaine forced her into servitude within the confines of her own home.


Anastasia is extremely selfish, spoiled, and greedy. She’s also really jealous of Cinderella’s beauty and overall personality. Sequels of this movie saw Anastasia mellow down considerably, making her somewhat tolerable.



32. Anton Ego (Ratatouille)


Anton Ego (Ratatouille)


Anton Ego was the secondary antagonist of Disney’s 2007 hit animated feature, Ratatouille. He was seen to be an extremely cut-throat food critic who was known for his scathing reviews and stone-cold exterior (thus being called the Grim Eater as well).


Being extremely passionate about food, his knowledge of food was huge and extremely well-detailed. However, despite the negative criticism he gave and got, he wasn’t really a genuinely villainous man and was also known to be one of the most acclaimed food connoisseurs in all of Paris.



33. Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone)


Archimedes (The Sword in the Stone)


Archimedes was the tritagonist in Disney’s 1963 animated feature The Sword in the Stone. He was Merlin’s pet owl, who was extremely well educated and possessed a lot of practical knowledge, and had a special ability to communicate like humans.


While not much is known about his past, we do know that similar to Merlin he too had a past with Madam Mim which was why he was terrified of her.


He is seen as a grouchy and sarcastic little owl but also extremely forthright, often pointing out Merlin’s faults without holding back much.


However, he is also seen to be fiercely loyal to Merlin.



34. Atta (A Bug’s Life)


Atta (A Bug’s Life)


Atta was the princess (eventually a queen) of the ant colony in the 1998 film, A Bug’s Life. She was the primary female character and also the deuteragonist.


She was the eldest daughter of the ant Queen and heir to the throne of Ant Island. Her character throughout the film is seen to be quite nervous, especially since she’s set to inherit the crown and has a lot of added responsibilities on her shoulder.


She’s often seen worrying about what the rest of the colony thinks of her and is quite timid by nature.



35. Art (Monster University)


Art (Monster University)


Art is one of the tritagonists from Disney’s 2013 animated film Monster University. He is a furry purple-colored monster having an arch shape and blue stripes, all throughout his body.


Art is one of the students at Monster University and also a member of the Oozma Kappa fraternity. Art is doing a major in New Age Philosophy and has also been to jail before.


He has no last name (or maybe he has one but it hasn’t been mentioned). He’s the typical college guy about whom one doesn’t know much and who doesn’t seem sure about what he’s doing in college, who he is, or what he should be.



36. Anger (Inside Out)


Anger (Inside Out)


Anger was one of the protagonists in the 2015 Disney animation film Inside Out. He was one of the five emotions that exist inside the mind of Riley Anderson, thus making her feel angry whenever she needs to.


He is brick-shaped and is also the shortest emotion. He’s red in color and that matches his eye color.


He is seen wearing a white collared shirt, with rolled sleeves and a red-grey necktie with a zigzag pattern.


His head often bursts out into flames when provoked, which is also why he has no hair. Anger feels extremely passionate about ensuring everything is fair for Riley.


He has a very strong and fiery spirit and often ends up exploding (literally) when things don’t go according to plan.


He’s also quite quick to overreact and has very little patience for all the imperfections of life.



37. Anita Radcliffe (101 Dalmatians)


Anita Radcliffe (101 Dalmatians)


Anita Radcliffe (also known as Anita Caroline Campbell-Green Dearly in the live-action and television series) was a fashion designer, wife of Roger Radcliffe (owner of Pongo), and also the loving owner of Perdita in 101 Dalmatians.


She was an extremely kind and sweet woman who was equally loving and attentive towards Pongo and the Dalmatian puppies.


Anita was also a schoolfellow of Cruella de Vil and even though the two were friends at one point, they grew distant after Anita began to grow tired of Cruella’s meetings and eccentricities.



38. Alma Madrigal (Encanto)


Alma Madrigal (Encanto)


Alma Madrigal who is often referred to as Abuela was the deuteragonist of the Disney animated feature film Encanto.


She was an extremely kind- and soft-hearted woman who would worship the Miracle Candle as it was responsible for blessing the Madrigals with powerful magical gifts.


Alma aka Abuela was the family matriarch of the Madrigals and mother of Julieta, Bruno and Pepa and grandmother of Dolores, Isabela, Luisa, Mirabel, Camilo and Antonio. She was also the head of the Encanto village.



39. Abigail and Amelia Gabble (The Aristocrats)


Abigail and Amelia Gabble (The Aristocrats)


Abigail and Amelia Gable were a pair of British geese who were also twin sisters and nieces to Uncle Waldo in the animated film The Aristocrats.


As they look exactly the same, they could only be differentiated on the basis of their bonnets (Abigail wore a blue one and Amelia wore a pink one).


Even though they were minor characters, these two geese were responsible for saving Thomas O’Malley from drowning, after mistakenly assuming that he was learning to swim instead of accidentally falling into the river.


The sisters are seen to be quite goofy and light-hearted and even though they have small roles, they leave an impact.



40. Acer (Cars 2)


Acer (Cars 2)


Acer was one of the antagonists in Cars 2. He was working in collaboration with Professor Z and was hoping to destroy the World Grand Prix and turn his make and model into the most powerful car in the world.


Acer is always treated as an outcast in the car world and the old beat-up AMC Pacer decides to join hands with fellow ‘lemon’ cars to hunt down American and British secret agents that are responsible for stealing crucial information about ruining the Grand Prix.


Acer tries really hard to be a tough guy and become the main villain but his over-eager nature shadows him in front of his more serious and resourceful partner Grem.



41. Alpha (Up)


Alpha (Up)


Alpha was the second antagonist in Pixar’s animated feature film Up and also the main antagonist in the short Dug’s Special Mission.


He was a blue and ochre Doberman Pinscher who was owned by Charles Muntz and was the leader of the Dog pack, mostly found with his sidekicks, Beta and Gamma.


Similar to the other pup in the movie named Dug, Alpha too wore a collar that would let him talk but a small malfunction in it ends up giving him a squeaky voice.


Alpha was seen as a condescending and proud dog, mostly seen looking down upon the other dogs of his pack.



42. Aliens (Toy Story 2)


Aliens (Toy Story 2)


Aliens were a group of identical rubber toys (often referred to as Little Green Men) that were kept as prizes in a skill-based game at the Pizza Planet Restaurant in Toy Story 2.


Each of these cute little toys believed that the ‘Claw’ (from the clawing machine game) would pick them and then they’d be transferred to a better place.


However, they’re saved by Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead and end up becoming loyal to them for the rest of their lives!



43. Abby Park (Turning Red)


Abby Park (Turning Red)


Abby Park was one of the main characters in Disney Pixar’s 2022 animated movie Turning Red. She was one of Mei’s best friends.


She’s a tiny, fun-loving, super hyper, aggressive, and chaotic preteen who is always supportive of Mei and their gang.


Even though she’s not the brightest of the lot, she’s extremely loyal, lovable, and fiercely protective, which is seen when she’s willing to give up her 4*Town concert ticket because Mei won’t be able to make it.


She loves hugging fluffy things which is why she adores Mei whenever she turns into the red panda.



44. Andy Davis (Toy Story)


Andy Davis (Toy Story)


Andy was one of the main characters of the Toy Story franchise and also the original owner of Woody and Buzz.


He was known for being a polite and kind boy, who took good care of all his toys. He’s seen to be quite attached to all his toys and although as he grows up, he stops playing with them, has a hard time letting them go when he decides to move away for college.


It is in the third installment of Toy Story; that he ends up giving away his toys to Bonnie Anderson.



45. Anchor (Finding Nemo)


Anchor (Finding Nemo)


Finding Nemo has a lot of unique names for each of the fishes and Anchor was no different. We see him and his friends when Marlin and Dory set out in the ocean in search of Nemo.


He was a frustrated hammerhead vegetarian shark who along with two of his vegetarian shark friends was a part of a Fish Friendly Shark support group called ‘Fish Are Friends, Not Food.’


He was one of the protagonists of the movie and along with his support group members believed that fishes were meant to be friends with each other instead of being their meals.



46. Achilles (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)


Achilles (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)


Achilles was Captain Phoebius’ horse in The Hunchback of Notre Dame and its sequel as well. He is seen to be quite snarky in the sequel, always answering Phoebius’ countless rhetorical counting questions with a repeated tapping of his hoof.


In fact, his name too which was based on the Greek god is incorporated along with the joke – ‘Achilles, heel’ due to his tapping nature and also the god Achilles’ weakness.


Achilles is extremely loyal to his master and obeys every command of his (as is seen in the final fight when Phoebus commands ‘Achilles, sit’ and he comically sits on the head of the enemy soldier).


As adorable as the horse may be, he was initially left unnamed in the original movie and it is only in the Disney version that he is given a name.



47. Arlo (The Good Dinosaur)


Arlo (The Good Dinosaur)


Arlo is the protagonist of the animated film The Good Dinosaur. He’s a young Apatosaurus that lives with his parents and older siblings.


He was the last to hatch amongst all his siblings and being an 11-year-old is yet to make a mark on the family farm.


He’s an eager little fellow, always looking for ways to help with chores but being pampered and sheltered, is too fearful of getting anything done.


The story traces his friendship with a human named Spot after being accidentally swept away miles away from home.


While Arlo is forced to grow up and make the difficult journey back home, in an unknown world, Spot helps him realize why he’s much more capable than he thinks himself to be.



48. Abigail (The Fox and the Hound)


Abigail (The Fox and the Hound)


Abigail was one of the minor protagonists in the 1981 animated drama film The Fox and the Hound. She was the pet cow of Widow Tweed.


She is tall and brown and provides Widow Tweed with milk to sell at the town markets to help her earn some money to get by.


She’s often seen being pestered by Tod and mooing in annoyance at him. However, she is also one of Widow Tweed’s most loved pets and is mostly seen patiently chewing hay when not being milked or being bothered by Tod.



49. Abby (Chicken Little)


Abby (Chicken Little)


Abby Mallard is the adorable orange beak, buck teeth, and orange feet female duck from Disney’s animated feature film Chicken Little.


She’s always seen wearing a purple tee with a motif decorated with pink flowers and has her hair in two tied in two ponies.


She’s extremely helpful, friendly, intelligent, and lovable and one of Chicken Little’s best friends, has a secret crush on him as well.


However, Abby is also an extremely positive yet sarcastic little duck and is often mocked by others for her unlikely appearance.



50. Alan Ripple (Elemental)


alan ripple (elemental)


Alan Ripple appears in the 2023 Pixar film “Elemental,” but he’s not a central character. He is the brother of Wade Ripple, the protagonist.


He is one of Wade’s brothers, alongside Lake. He’s also married to Eddy Ripple. Alan is a water elemental, just like the rest of his family, and lives in a luxurious home in Element City.


Despite the general prejudice against Fire Elementals, Alan is friendly and welcoming towards Ember Lumens. Matt Yang King provides his voice.


Overall, Alan Ripple serves as a background character who helps enrich the world of “Elemental” by showcasing the life and support system surrounding Wade.



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