Top 5 Best Biography TV Shows On Amazon Prime In 2024 [Ranked]

Aakriti MishraAakriti-Posted Jan 23, 2024

top 5 best Biography TV Shows on amazon prime in 2024 [Ranked]


Biographies deal with a person's life, in great detail. A biographical show turns those details into cinematic pieces for viewers to enjoy and take note of. While not all have stuck to historical accuracy and have opted for entertainment, over the years, more and more biographical television shows have come to the fore, some dealing with well-known loved personalities and others often looking into the lives of some of the most notorious people to have lived.


Shows like Crown, Narcos, Tiger King, Dickinson, Julia, Manhunt and more are all testament to the coming together of facts and fiction, churning out a cinematic masterpiece.


With that being said, given below is a list of some of the best biographical television shows to have been made over the years and that can be watched on Amazon Prime.



1. The Great (TV Series 2020–2023)


The Great (TV Series 2020–2023)


Stellar performances define The Great thanks to its talented ensemble cast, including Elle Fanning, Phoebe Fox, and Gwilym Lee. Among them, Phoebe Fox stands out, having earned nominations for Screen Actors Guild Awards (Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series).


Phoebe Fox who portrayed Marial with depth and emotion, helped the show's status as a true masterpiece.


The Great is about Catherine the Great, an aristocratic woman who lived in rural Russia during the 18th century. Her life and situations revolving around it forced her to choose between her own happiness and the happiness and future of Russia when she was made to marry Peter III of Russia.


Available Countries: Canada, and India



2. The Durrells (TV Series 2016–2019)


The Durrells (TV Series 2016–2019)


Milo Parker has secured nominations for Young Artist Awards (Best Performance in a TV Series - Leading Teen Actor) for portraying Gerald Durrell.


The Durrells holds a very high IMDb rating, yet its limited popularity contrasts with its nominations for BAFTA Awards, Young Artist Awards, and TV Times Awards accolades earned during its acclaimed run.


In the 1930s, the Durrell family, Louisa Durrell, a widow with four children: Larry, Leslie, Margo, and Gerry, moved from England to the Greek island of Corfu in search of a better life.


The Durrells' time on Corfu is filled with humorous misadventures as they adapt to their new surroundings and interact with the eccentric inhabitants of the island. The members celebrate the joys and challenges of family life and pursue independence and happiness.


Available Countries: United States



3. Manhunt (TV Series 2017–2020)


Manhunt (TV Series 2017–2020)


With nominations for Young Artist Awards to its name, Manhunt is one of the few titles in the biography-crime to offer a compelling blend of storytelling and performance. The show's exceptional IMDb rating and positive reviews from critics make it a standout in the genre.


Manhunt is set in 1995 when FBI profiler James R. Fitzgerald is brought into the Unabom task force, a team that's looking into the investigations of the bombing and murders that were perpetrated by an unidentified man known merely as a 'Unabomber.' Several of the methods that he uses to identify the perpetrator are new and unverified.


Available Countries: Philippines, and Indonesia



4. Young Rock (TV Series 2021–2023)


Young Rock (TV Series 2021–2023)


With Dwayne Johnson, Joseph Lee Anderson, and Stacey Leilua in leading roles, Young Rock has expanded over 3 years, spanning 3 seasons and 37 episodes. Created by Jeff Chiang, the series embraces a variety of elements.


Set in the early 2030s, the series starts with Johnson running for office in the 2032 United States presidential elections. Each episode looks at Johnson participating in interviews or conversations that have him going through a flashback story from any one of the three periods of his life, with certain episodes showing all three periods simultaneously.


Available Countries: Netherlands



5. The Putin Interviews (TV Series 2017–2017)


The Putin Interviews (TV Series 2017–2017)


This documentary-biography show, The Putin Interviews, is created by Oliver Stone, one of the well-known personalities in the entertainment industry. With Oliver Stone, Vladimir Putin, and Sergei Chudinov in key roles, it has its merits but hasn't garnered a dedicated fanbase over 1 season.


The series follows Oscar-award-winning writer and director Oliver Stone as he interviews Russian President Vladimir Putin over a dozen times within a span of 2 years. Since becoming the Russian President in 2000, Putin has never before given such lengthy interviews to a foreign interviewer.


The series covers all topics, especially the divisive issues revolving around US-Russia relations.


Available Countries: Italy





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