Top 50 Most Popular Actresses In Their 50s

Top 50 Most Popular Actresses In Their 50s


Actresses have had more opportunities in the film industry in recent years. To prove this point, have a look at the number of hit movies that feature women as central characters.


The more heartening fact here is that women who have crossed their 40s would be considered mostly for supporting roles, but now, they have a chance to be lead actresses.


When we look at the number of great movies that feature women in their 50s, we need to stop and applaud their efforts.


Films like Fences, Being Ricardos, The Eternals, Hidden Figures,  Ocean’s 8, Blue Jasmine, etc.,  have women in strong lead roles.


One more thing that I would like to mention here is the fact that despite their age, these classy and strong women can give most younger actresses a run for their money.


Be it poise, talent, looks, or figure, they are not holding back anything. Let us have a look at ENTOIN’s list of talented and popular actresses in their 50s who can still steal the hearts of audiences.




1. Viola Davis


Viola Davis


Entity Detail
Date of Birth August 11, 1965
Place of Birth South Carolina, USA
Height 1.65 m
Debut year 1996
Debut Movie/ TV series The Substance Of Fire


Viola Davis is an outstanding African American actress. She graduated from Juilliard School and started working in theater plays and on-screen.


Davis is the only black actress who won the triple crown of acting with an Academy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and two Tony awards under her belt.


We all have seen Viola Davis perform in films and TV series like The Help, How to Get Away with Murder, Solaris, Traffic, Syriana, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Suicide Squad, Far From Heaven, Fences, Doubt, Widows, King Hedley II, etc.


Viola Davis made history when she received her fourth Oscar nomination for her role in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.


She is the only woman of color to have four Oscar nominations to her name. We can read about her life in her memoir, Finding Me, released on April 26, 2022.




2. Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman


Entity Detail
Date of Birth June 20, 1967
Place of Birth Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Height 1.8 m
Debut year 1983
Debut Movie/ TV series Bush Christmas


Nicole Kidman is an acclaimed Australian actress. She was born in Hawaii and received the Hawaiian name “Hōkūlani” which means Heavenly Star.


True to her name, Kidman achieved great fame and accolades like an Academy Award, a BAFTA, two Primetime Emmy Awards, six Golden Globes, etc.


Nicole Kidman starred in Being The Ricardos, The Others, Moulin Rouge, The Hours, Rabbit Hole, Cold Mountain, Big Little Lies, The Paperboy, Lion, Hemingway and Gellhorn, Destroyer, etc.


Nicole Kidman was married to the actor Tom Cruise, but they got divorced in 2001. There were many media speculations regarding her divorce.


Some claimed that it was orchestrated by the Church of Scientology, while some blamed a cheating scandal. None were substantiated by either party.




3.  Toni Collette 


Toni Collette


Entity Detail
Date of Birth November 1, 1972
Place of Birth Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Height 1.73 m
Debut year 1990
Debut Movie/ TV series A Country Practice


Toni Collette is an Australian actress known for her versatile performances in film, television, and theater.


Collette gained international recognition for her role as the troubled mother in the critically acclaimed film “The Sixth Sense” (1999).


She received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for this movie.


Collette has starred in a wide range of genres, showcasing her ability to embody diverse characters.


Some of her notable works include “Little Miss Sunshine” (2006), “Knives Out,” ” The Hours,” “Hereditary” (2018), and the television series “United States of Tara” (2009-2011). 


With her remarkable performances and remarkable range, Collette has established herself as one of the most accomplished and respected actresses of her generation.




4. Octavia Spencer


Octavia Spencer


Entity Detail
Date of Birth May 25, 1970
Place of Birth Montgomery, Alabama, USA
Height 1.57 m
Debut year 1996
Debut Movie/ TV series A Time to Kill


Octavia Spencer is a highly esteemed black actress who belongs to a rare club. She is one of the only two women of color to receive three Oscar nominations.


She is also the only woman of color to have two consecutive Oscar nominations. She won the award for her role in The Help.


The film credits of Octavia Spencer include A Time To Kill, Miss Congeniality 2, Never Been Kissed, Luce, Shack, Ma, Raising the Bar, ER, Grounded for Life, The Big Bang Theory, Mom, Halfway House, Ugly Betty, etc.


Spencer is a children’s book author, and she wrote Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective book series. She has two published books titled The Case of the Time-Capsule Bandit and The Sweetest Heist in History.



5. Laura Dern


Laura Dern


Entity Detail
Date of Birth February 10, 1967
Place of Birth Los Angeles County, California, USA
Height 1.79 m
Debut year 1973
Debut Movie/ TV series White Lightning


Laura Dern was born in the Dern family where her father Bruce Dern is a film actor. Her great-grandparents were George Dern, the senator of Utah and a Secretary of War, and Andrew Mcliesh of Carson, Pirie, and Scott stores, etc.


Her mother was the actress and director Diane Ladd. Laura Dern acted with her in Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore at seven years old.


Laura Dern went on to star in many more acclaimed and successful films, including Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Mask, Rambling Rose, the Jurassic Park franchise, Wild, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The Marriage Story, Little Women, etc.


Dern has multiple Academy Award nominations to her credit. However, she has the distinction of being the first mother-daughter pair to be nominated simultaneously at the Oscars.


She and Diana Ladd were simultaneously nominated for Rambling Rose.



6. Cate Blanchett


Cate Blanchett


Entity Detail
Date of Birth May 14, 1969
Place of Birth Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Height 1.74 m
Debut year 1990
Debut Movie/ TV series Kaboria


Cate Blanchett is an Australian actress and producer. She has portrayed many iconic roles like Lady Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit trilogy, Hela in Thor Ragnarok, Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator, Queen Elizabeth I in Elizabeth and its sequel, etc.


Cate Blanchett also worked in many award-winning films like Notes on a Scandal, I’m Not There, Blue Jasmine, and The Talented Mr. Ripley, Bandits, Carol, Mrs. America, etc.


Cate Blanchett and her husband, Andrew Upton, served as the artistic directors Sydney Theatre Company, and they have performed in several stage plays that earned awards and accolades.


Their plays include A Streetcar Named Desire, Uncle Vanya, Groß und Klein, and The Maids.



7. Helena Bonham Carter


Helena Bonham Carter


Entity Detail
Date of Birth May 26, 1966
Place of Birth London, England, UK
Height 1.57 m
Debut year 1983
Debut Movie/ TV series A Pattern of Roses


Helena Bonham Carter is an English actress, who hails from the powerful family Bonham Carters. She chose to pursue acting as a career and has built a reputation for portraying quirky and eccentric characters with aplomb.


To quote a few examples, she worked in the Harry Potter franchise, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Alice in Wonderland, etc.


Apart from these, Helena Bonham Carter starred in acclaimed films like A Room With a View, The Wings of A Dove, The King’s Speech, Great Expectations, Les Misérables, Ocean’s 8, Howards End, The Fight Club, etc.


Helena Bonham Carter is a frequent collaborator of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. She worked in several of his films like Dark Shadows, Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc.



8. Rachel Weisz


Rachel Weisz


Entity Detail
Date of Birth March 7, 1970
Place of Birth London, England, UK
Height 1.68 m
Debut year 1992
Debut Movie/ TV series The Advocates


Rachel Weisz is a British actress who has won several accolades in films and stage performances. She has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards, BAFTAs, Golden Globes, etc.


Her journey began as a model at the age of fourteen years. She was quickly dubbed the English Rose by the media.


Rachel Weisz enrolled in Trinity Hall Cambridge to study English. After graduation, she starred in several films, including The Constant Gardener, The Favourite, The Deep Blue Sea, and The Disobedience, etc.


Weisz also has a long career in London West End productions. She performed on stage in plays like A Streetcar Named Desire, Design for Living, Betrayal, Plenty, etc.


She won the Laurence Olivier Award for her performance.



9. Taraji P. Henson


Taraji P. Henson


Entity Detail
Date of Birth September 11, 1970
Place of Birth Washington, D.C., USA
Height 1.63 m
Debut year 1997
Debut Movie/ TV series The Parent ‘Hood


Taraji P. Henson is a highly regarded actress and singer. Initially, she wanted to study chemical engineering at a North Carolina university, but midway, she realized that acting and drama were her first love.


She moved to Howard University and studied drama. She also worked at the Pentagon as a secretary to pay for her college tuition.


Henson debuted in 1997 but got her to break in the film Baby Boy in 2001. She continued acting in films like Hustle & Flow, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Date Night, The Karate Kid, Think Like a Man, Hidden Figures, etc.


She also starred in successful TV series like Empire, Person of Interest, Taken from Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story, etc.


In 2014, Taraji P. Henson blamed the police for racially profiling her son and doing an illegal search of his car.


Later, it was proven that her son jumped the signal and gave verbal consent to the investigation. In light of the evidence, Henson apologized on Instagram.



10. Renée Zellweger


Renée Zellweger


Entity Detail
Date of Birth April 25, 1969
Place of Birth Katy, Texas, USA
Height 1.6 m
Debut year 1992
Debut Movie/ TV series A Taste for Killing


Renée Zellweger is one of the few actresses who can successfully manage to play a serious dramatic role, a light romance film, an all-out comedy, etc. with the same ease.


When we watch the range of roles she played over the years, it becomes evident. Zellweger won several accolades, including two Academy Awards for her performances.


Renée Zellweger’s most memorable roles were in Jerry Maguire, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Cold Mountain, Chicago, Nurse Betty, One True Thing, Cinderella Man, Me Myself & Irene, Judy, What/If, The Thing About Pam, etc.


In 2010, Zellweger faced a career crisis as her films started to bomb at the box office, and many critics started to write her off as a 40-year-old actress with an uncertain future.


She took a six-year break to rest and recuperate before making a comeback in 2016 with Bridget Jones’s Baby and Judy.



11. Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts


Entity Detail
Date of Birth October 28, 1967
Place of Birth Smyrna, Georgia, USA
Height 1.73 m
Debut year 1987
Debut Movie/ TV series Crime Story


Julia Roberts is an accomplished actress. She is considered one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars. She is also known for her many romantic comedies like Pretty Woman, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Runaway Bride, Notting Hill, etc.


Roberts has starred in many dramatic roles as well. Some of her dramatic roles include Pelican Brief, Steel Magnolias, Erin Brockovich, August: Osage County, Wonder, Stepmom, Sleeping with the Enemy, Mary Reilly, Michael Collins, etc.


During the filming of the movie, Eat Pray Love, Julia Roberts was introduced to Hinduism and began following the religion.


She said she found peace and spiritual satisfaction.



12. Winona Ryder


Winona Ryder


Entity Detail
Date of Birth October 29, 1971
Place of Birth Winona, Minnesota, USA
Height 1.61 m
Debut year 1986
Debut Movie/ TV series Lucas


Winona Ryder is an acclaimed actress, who is known for her quirky and unconventional roles. She is a regular collaborator of Tim Burton.


She has starred in films like Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Corpse Bride, etc. She also starred in award-winning films like The Age of Innocence, Reality Bites, How to Make an American Quilt, The Crucible, Girl, Interrupted, Black Swan, etc.


In 2001, Winona Ryder was arrested on charges of shoplifting. The police were called at Saks Fifth Avenue to apprehend a shoplifter who stole clothes, jewelry, and accessories worth $5500.


The news caused a major media frenzy.



13. Tina Fey


Tina Fey


Entity Detail
Date of Birth May 18, 1970
Place of Birth Pennsylvania, USA
Height 1.64 m
Debut year 1999
Debut Movie/ TV series Upright Citizens Brigade


Tina Fey is an actress, writer, comedian, and filmmaker. She, along with Amy Poehler, hosted the SNL Weekend update show that established her as a comedy writer extraordinaire.


She also co-hosted the 2013 Golden Globes ceremony, which recorded a 17% jump in viewership that year. Apart from acting, Tina Fey has created, written, and produced many hit TV series.


Some of them are SNL, 30 Rock, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Mean Girls, Baby Mama, Date Night, etc. While working on SNL, Fey wrote sketch comedy skits like Sally Jessy Raphael’s satire, parodies of The View, Sarah Palin’s sketch, etc.



14. Amy Poehler


Amy Poehler


Entity Detail
Date of Birth September 16, 1971
Place of Birth Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
Height 1.57 m
Debut year 1996
Debut Movie/ TV series Escape from It’s a Wonderful Life


Amy Poehler is an actress, writer, comedian, and filmmaker. She was born into a family with very liberal-thinking parents who encouraged her to be a feminist.


They encouraged her to express herself artistically, and Poehler founded The Upright Citizens Brigade theater group with her friends.


Amy Poehler was discovered by the producers of Saturday Night Live, where she worked as a writer and actor.


She presented the SNL Weekend Updates and later went on to create and star in Parks and Recreation, Welcome to Sweden, Difficult People, Horton Hears a Who!, Inside Out, The Mighty B!, etc.


Poehler and Tina Fey worked together during their SNL days and became fast friends. They hosted the 2013 Golden Globe Awards ceremony.



15. Salma Hayek


Salma Hayek


Entity Detail
Date of Birth September 2, 1966
Place of Birth Veracruz, Mexico
Height 1.57 m
Debut year 1988
Debut Movie/ TV series Un nuevo amanecer


Salma Hayek is a Mexican American actress of high regard. She has starred in dramas, comedies, action flicks, and more.


For her performance as the artist Frida Kahlo, she was nominated for an Academy Award. She was the first Mexican actress to be nominated for an Oscar.


The film career of Salma Hayek has many hits and successful films like Desperado, From Dusk till Dawn, Dogma, Frida, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, After the Sunset, Bandidas, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Grown-Ups, Tale of Tales, House of Gucci, etc.


Salma Hayek is often listed among the world’s most beautiful/ sexiest women by magazines like People, Maxim, FHM, etc.



16. Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock


Entity Detail
Date of Birth July 26, 1964
Place of Birth Arlington, Virginia, USA
Height 1.71 m
Debut year 1987
Debut Movie/ TV series Hangmen


Sandra Bullock is an actress and producer. Her father is in the US Army, and as a result, she spent a substantial part of her childhood in Europe.


She grew up in Germany, Vienna, and Salzberg till she was 12 years. Bullock’s mother was an opera singer, and as a result, she grew up close to arts and music.


She earned her. BFA degree from East Carolina University Sandra Bullock was noticed for her role in The Demolition Man.


She followed it up with Speed, which was a huge box office hit. The other roles of Bullock include Hope Floats, The Net, Miss Congeniality, Two Weeks Notice, The Proposal, Ocean’s 8, Bird Box, The Blide Side, Gravity, etc.


She became a producer in 2005 and made Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, All About Steve, George Lopez, etc.



17. Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez


Entity Detail
Date of Birth July 24, 1969
Place of Birth The Bronx, New York, USA
Height 1.64 m
Debut year 1986
Debut Movie/ TV series My Little Girl


Jennifer Lopez is a singer, actress, and dancer. Lopez was born in the Bronx and grew up in a strict Latina family.


She diligently trained in dance and singing from a young age and gained proficiency in jazz, tap dance, flamenco, and ballet.


She quit college to pursue a career in dance. Her decision angered her family, and she moved out to stay in her dance studio while working odd jobs.


She got roles in Living Colors and got cast in the film Selena. It was her big break, and films like Anaconda, Out of Sight, The Wedding Planner, The Cell, Gigli, Shall We Dance? etc. followed.


Jennifer Lopez also had a flourishing music career as one of the top Latina singers. She was a triple threat for her singing, acting, and dancing skills.



18. Regina King


Regina King


Entity Detail
Date of Birth January 15, 1971
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Height 1.6 m
Debut year 1985
Debut Movie/ TV series 227


Regina King is an African American actress with the maximum number of Primetime Emmy wins for a black actress.


She also won the Academy Award for her role in the film If Beale Street Could Talk. Regina King began her acting journey with films like Boyz n the Hood, Poetic Justice, Higher Learning, etc.


She worked in a right mix of serious dramas and comedy films. She also worked in the television series Scandal, This Is Us, Watchmen, etc.



19. Kylie Minogue


Kylie Minogue


Entity Detail
Date of Birth May 28, 1968
Place of Birth Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Height 1.52 m
Debut year 1980
Debut Movie/ TV series Skyways


Kylie Minogue is one of the greatest pop stars in Australia and Europe. The European media gave her the title of Princess of Pop.


However, Minogue’s entertainment industry journey began with acting and not music. When she attended an audition with her younger sister, Kylie Minogue was offered a role.


She went on to work in The Sullivans, Skyways, The Henderson Kids, etc. After that, she took a break and began her music career.


While her music and acting career flourished, Kylie Minogue suffered a health setback. She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2005.


She used the situation to raise health awareness for cancer detection.



20. Naomi Watts


Naomi Watts


Entity Detail
Date of Birth September 28, 1968
Place of Birth Kent, England, UK
Height 1.64 m
Debut year 1986
Debut Movie/ TV series Return to Eden


Naomi Watts is a British Australian actress who delivered many strong performances. She grew up all over England till she was fourteen.


Then, she moved to Sydney to finish high school and enrolled in acting classes. During her classes and auditions in Sydney, she befriended Nicole Kidman, and they became fast friends.


Naomi struggled through her initial years in Hollywood, and her films did not garner her the necessary fame. All that changed with Mulholland Drive in 2001.


The movie was her breakthrough performance. She followed it up with The Shaft, The Ring, I Heart Huckabees, 21 Grams, Eastern Promises, KingKong, The Divergent franchise, The Glass Castle, Twin Peaks, etc.



21.  Tracee Ellis Ross 


Tracee Ellis Ross


Entity Detail
Date of Birth October 29, 1972
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Height 1.70 m
Debut year 1996
Debut Movie/ TV series Far Harbor


Tracee Ellis Ross is an American actress, model, and television host. Born on October 29, 1972, in Los Angeles, California, she is the daughter of music legend Diana Ross.


Ross rose to prominence for her role as Joan Clayton in the television series “Girlfriends” (2000-2008), where she showcased her comedic timing and relatable portrayal of a successful lawyer navigating relationships.


She gained widespread acclaim for her lead role as Dr. Rainbow Johnson in the sitcom “Black-ish” (2014-present), for which she received several awards, including a Golden Globe.


Ross is celebrated for her talent, style, and advocacy for diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry. She continues to be a prominent figure in television and a role model for many aspiring actors and women of color.



22. Sofía Vergara


Sofía Vergara


Entity Detail
Date of Birth July 10, 1972
Place of Birth Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia
Height 1.7 m
Debut year 1995
Debut Movie/ TV series Acapulco, cuerpo y alma


Sofía Vergara is a Colombian-American actress and model. She was born in Columbia and was studying Dentistry when she started to get offers to model.


She appeared in a few TV commercials. However, when her brother died in a failed kidnapping attempt, she decided to immigrate to the USA and concentrate on her acting and modeling career.


Sofía Vergara appeared in Spanish telenovelas and also hosted a few Latin shows. In 2003, she got her first English-speaking role with Chasing Papi, and she went on to act in films like Meet the Browns, Madea Goes to Jail, Modern Family, Chef, Hot Pursuit, etc.


She also appeared as a judge on America’s Got Talent. She has been the highest-paid actress on TV from 2013 to 2020.



23. Melissa McCarthy


Melissa McCarthy


Entity Detail
Date of Birth August 26, 1970
Place of Birth Plainfield, Illinois, USA
Height 1.57 m
Debut year 1997
Debut Movie/ TV series The Jenny McCarthy Show


Melissa Ann McCarthy is a comedian, producer, writer, and actress. She started as a stand-up comic and did improv comedy and sketch comedy with The Groundlings comedy troupe.


She debuted with her cousin Jenny on The Jenny McCarthy Show and worked in supporting roles in many hit films.


She founded the production company On The Day Productions with her husband and produced many films like Superintelligence, Thunder Force, The Happytime Murders, etc.


Melissa McCarthy made memorable appearances in Samantha Who?, Mike and Molly, Saturday Night Live, Bridesmaids, Spy, St. Vincent, The Heat, Can You Ever Forgive Me? etc.



24. Queen Latifah


Queen Latifah


Entity Detail
Date of Birth March 18, 1970
Place of Birth Newark, New Jersey, USA
Height 1.78 m
Debut year 1991
Debut Movie/ TV series Jungle Fever


Queen Latifah was born Dana Elaine Owens, who became a female rapper of high esteem. She rapped about contemporary issues of the youth, raised awareness, and encouraged solidarity.


She had a successful career as a rapper, but her forte was in acting. In 1991, Queen Latifah starred in Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever, Barbershop, etc. to establish herself as an actress.


She followed it up with roles in Set it Out, Hoodlum, Sphere, Chicago, Living out Loud, Bringing Down the House, Taxi, Beautyshop,  etc.


She did voice acting in the Ice Age franchise as Ellie, the woolly mammoth. This role was also incredibly successful.


She also hosts a talk show titled The Queen Latifah Show.



25. Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston


Entity Detail
Date of Birth February 11, 1969
Place of Birth Sherman Oaks, California, USA
Height 1.64 m
Debut year 1988
Debut Movie/ TV series Mac and Me


Jennifer Aniston is the biggest star to come from the TV sitcom Friends, where she played Rachel reen. She was the daughter of the actor couple John Aniston and Nancy Dow.


Apart from her comedy and acting, her fashion sense, hairstyles, and makeup were all quite popular too. Based on her comedy image, Aniston continued to be offered romcoms and comedy films like  The Breakup,  Marley & Me, Just Go With It, Horrible Bosses, We’re The Millers, The Good Girl, Dumplin’, etc.


Jennifer Aniston had a highly publicized marriage to Brad Pitt and an equally publicized divorce after the cheating scandal.


Later, she married Justin Theroux, but they divorced as well in 2017.



26. Kate Beckinsale


kate beckinsale


Kate Beckinsale, a celebrated English actress, has captivated audiences with her versatility and memorable performances across various genres. Her journey to stardom began in 1993 with Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” 


This marked her transition from the stage to the silver screen, paving the way for her subsequent success. Beckinsale’s breakthrough came with her portrayal of Selene in the “Underworld” film series, establishing her as a formidable action heroine.


Beyond action, Beckinsale has demonstrated remarkable versatility, showcasing her comedic timing in films like “Serendipity” and “Click.” She has also delved into dramatic roles, earning critical acclaim for her performances in “Snow Angels” and “Nothing but the Truth.”



27. Sandra Oh


Sandra Oh


Entity Detail
Date of Birth July 20, 1971
Place of Birth Nepean, Ontario, Canada
Height 1.65 m
Debut year 1989
Debut Movie/ TV series Denim Blues


Sandra Oh is a Canadian American actress of South Korean ancestry. She loved theater, and when she was offered a scholarship to study journalism at Carleton University, she chose to study drama at the National Theater School of Canada.


She also trained in improv comedy before taking up on-screen roles. Sandra Oh was noticed for her performance in Double Happiness as an Asian woman who manages her parents’ wishes and her dreams.


She followed it up with Big Fat Liar, Under The Tuscan Sun, Waking The Dead, etc. The roles that earned Sandra Oh high acclaim were in Grey’s Anatomy as Cristina Yang, Rita Wu in Arliss, Eve Polastri in Killing Eve, Raya and the Last Dragon, etc.



28. Halle Berry


Halle Berry


Entity Detail
Date of Birth August 14, 1966
Place of Birth Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Height 1.65 m
Debut year 1989
Debut Movie/ TV series Living Dolls


Halle Berry is an actress, model, and beauty queen. She is the only black woman to win the Academy Award for best actress for her role in Monster’s Ball.


Halle Berry’s journey began when she won the Miss Ohio contest and became the first runner-up at the Miss USA pageant.


She went on to participate in the Miss World contest and became the sixth runner-up in 1986. In 1989, Berry decided to pursue acting and debuted in Living Dolls as a model.


She found her break in Jungle Fever and followed it up with Boomerang, Losing Isaiah, Executive Decision, Bulworth, Die Another Day, the X-Men franchise, John Wick 3, etc.



29. Marisa Tomei


Marisa Tomei


Entity Detail
Date of Birth December 4, 1964
Place of Birth Brooklyn, New York, USA
Height 1.61 m
Debut year 1984
Debut Movie/ TV series The Toxic Avenger


Marisa Tomei is an actress of great caliber but often underestimated. Her 1992 role in the comedy My Cousin Vinny earned her an Academy Award.


However, a rumor started circulating that the award was given by mistake. Although hurt by such comments, she made up for it with great performances.


Tomei acquired her love for theater from her parents, who often took her to Broadway shows during her childhood.


As she grew up, she started performing in stage plays and debuted on-screen in TV shows like A Different World, As The World Turns, etc.


Marisa Tomei’s talent can be viewed in films like What Women Want, Anger Management, In The Bedroom, The Wrestler, Ides of March, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Only You, etc.



30. Gillian Anderson


gillian anderson


Entity Detail
Date of Birth August 9, 1968
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Height 1.6 m
Debut year 1986
Debut Movie/ TV series Three at Once


Gillian Anderson is an actress, who is better known as FBI Special Agent Dana Scully from X-Files. She has played many more iconic roles like Margaret Thatcher in The Crown, DSU Stella Gibson in The Fall, Lily Bart in The House of Mirth, etc.


Gillian Anderson was born in the USA but grew up in the UK for a long time. She mentioned in an interview that she feels at home in London.


When Anderson returned to the USA, she was picked for her British accent. So she created her midwestern accent to overcome it.


Gillian Anderson is currently residing in the UK, and her major projects include The Crown, Sex Education, The Great, The First Lady, Robin, Robin, etc.



31. Christina Applegate


christina applegate


Christina Applegate, an American actress, has garnered acclaim for her comedic and dramatic performances spanning over four decades. Her career took off in the 1980s with her breakout role in the iconic sitcom “Married… with Children.” Applegate’s portrayal of the rebellious teenager cemented her status as a pop culture icon.


Venturing beyond sitcoms, Applegate showcased her versatility with roles in films like “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” and “The Big Hit.” She also returned to television, starring in the critically acclaimed series “Samantha Who?” and “Dead to Me,” earning Emmy nominations for her performances.


Applegate’s career has been marked by her ability to connect with audiences through her relatable humour, emotional depth, and captivating screen presence. She continues to remain a sought-after actress, demonstrating her resilience and dedication to her craft.



32. Mariska Hargitay


Mariska Hargitay


Entity Detail
Date of Birth January 23, 1964
Place of Birth Santa Monica, California, U.S.
Height 1.72 m
Debut year 1985
Debut Movie/ TV series Ghoulies


Mariska Hargitay is an actress who is famous for her long-running role in the police drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.


She has been working in this TV series since 1999, portraying Olivia Benson, who rose from Detective to Sergeant Lieutenant and is now a Captain.


Hargitay is the daughter of Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay and hoped to become a beauty queen herself. She won Miss Beverly Hills and participated in the Miss California contest, where she finished as the fourth runner-up.


Mariska Hargitay founded the Joyful Heart Foundation. Through this, she offers support to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse.



33. Lucy Liu


Lucy Liu


Entity Detail
Date of Birth December 2, 1968
Place of Birth Queens, New York City, U.S.
Height 1.6 m
Debut year 1991
Debut Movie/ TV series Beverly Hills, 90210


Lucy Liu is an actress of Chinese ancestry. She became interested in drama while studying Asian languages and cultures at the University of Michigan.


She worked at Basement Arts, a student-run theater company. She worked in Miss Saigon and Fairy Bones with theater director Tina Chen.


Lucy Liu debuted with the Hong Kong film Rhythm of Destiny. She followed it up with various television roles till she was cast in Ally McBeal as Ling Woo.


Lucy Liu also starred in Charlie’s Angels, its sequel, Payback, Shanghai Noon, Chicago, Kill Bill: Volume 1, Lucky Number Slevin, The Man with the Iron Fists, Set It Up, etc.



34. Diane Lane


diane lane


Entity Detail
Date of Birth January 22, 1965
Place of Birth New York City, USA
Height 1.7 m
Debut year 1979
Debut Movie/ TV series A Little Romance


Diane Lane was the daughter of a drama coach and a nightclub singer. After her parents separated, Lane’s mother gave up her custody to the father.


As a result, Diane Lane grew up with her drama coach father, who drove a taxi cab all day long.


She had a free-thinking childhood and decided to quit her studies and run away to Los Angeles. Later, Diane Lane returned to finish her schooling and earned her degree.


She became an actress and starred in The Lonesome Dove, A Walk On The Moon, The Perfect Storm, Under The Tuscan Sun, Unfaithful, Must Love Dogs, etc.


Her other prominent roles include Man of Steel, Serenity, Y: The Last Man, Let Him Go, etc.



35. Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey


Entity Detail
Date of Birth March 27, 1969
Place of Birth Huntington, New York, U.S.
Height 1.73 m
Debut year 1999
Debut Movie/ TV series The Bachelor


Mariah Carey is the daughter of Patricia Hickey, a former opera singer and voice coach, and Alfred Roy Carey, a black aeronautical engineer.


As they were a bi-racial family, the Carey household faced severe backlash and ostracization from the community and extended family.


Carey picked up her singing talent from her mother by imitating her operatic singing style. She made her music debut in 1990 with a self-titled debut album.


She went on to create many more successful albums and hit singles. Mariah Carey made her acting debut in 1999, but her film Glitter caused a big upset at the box office.


Later, she appeared in Tennessee, Don’t Mess with the Zohans, Precious, The Butler, The Lego Batman movie, etc.



36. Jennifer Garner


Jennifer Garner


Entity Detail
Date of Birth April 17, 1972
Place of Birth Houston, Texas, U.S.
Height 1.73 m
Debut year 1995
Debut Movie/ TV series Danielle Steel’s Zoya


Jennifer Garner is an actress who has worked extensively in television and films. She was raised in a strictly conservative family and joked that her family was practically Amish.


Once she joined Denison University for a degree in Chemistry, she shifted her major to theater. After graduating, Garner worked at the Roundhouse theater company, Summer Stock theater, etc.


She debuted on-screen in 1995 and appeared in supporting and guest roles in many TV series and films. She worked in films like Mr. Magoo, Deconstructing Harry, Pearl Harbor, etc.


Her breakthrough role came as Sydney Bristow in Alias. She followed it up with more TV shows and films like 13 Going on 30, Electra, Daredevil, Juno, The Invention of Lying, Dallas Buyers Club, etc.



37. Courteney Cox


Courteney Cox


Entity Detail
Date of Birth June 15, 1964
Place of Birth Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Height 1.65 m
Debut year 1984
Debut Movie/ TV series As the World Turns


Courteney Cox is a name that instantly reminds us of two iconic roles that she has done. One was as Monica Geller in Friends, and the other was as Gale Weathers in the Scream franchise.


Courteney Cox quit her architectural design course in college to pursue modeling and acting. She was cast in the Bruce Springsteen song, Dancing in the Dark, in 1984.


She also appeared in TV sitcoms like Family Ties, Misfits of Science, etc. Courteney Cox’s most notable works have been Dirt, Web Therapy, TalHotBlond, Just Before I Go, Cougar Town, The Longest Yard, Mothers, and Daughters, etc.



38. Jennifer Connelly


Jennifer Connelly


Entity Detail
Date of Birth December 12, 1970
Place of Birth Catskill Mountains, New York, USA
Height 1.69 m
Debut year 1984
Debut Movie/ TV series Once Upon a Time in America


Jennifer Connelly was 10 years old when she was introduced to the world of modeling at Ford Modeling Agency.


She was immediately selected and appeared in many print ads, on the covers of Seventeen magazine, and more. Connelly became the face of Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton.


While modeling, Jennifer Connelly was offered supporting roles in films and slowly transitioned to movies. She starred in Phenomena, Labyrinth, Career Opportunities, Dark City, Requiem For a Dream, A Beautiful Mind, Blood Diamond, Alita: Battle Angel, Noah, etc.


In an interview, Connelly admitted that she never made a conscious decision to act, things worked out that way, and she carried on.


According to her, she was a nerdy student who spent all her time in the library at Yale University.



39. Catherine Zeta-Jones


Catherine Zeta-Jones


Entity Detail
Date of Birth September 25, 1969
Place of Birth Swansea, Wales, UK
Height 1.71 m
Debut year 1990
Debut Movie/ TV series Les 1001 nuits


Catherine Zeta-Jones is a Welsh actress, who is known for her popular Hollywood films like Chicago, Mask of Zorro, etc.


However, before she joined Hollywood, Zeta-Jones had a long career on the West End stage. As a child, she was overactive, and to control her, her mother sent her to learn drama.


This ignited a passion for stage and theater. She starred in many West End productions like Annie, Bugsy Malone, 42nd Street, etc.


After moving to Hollywood, she acted in films like Traffic, Intolerable Cruelty,  The Terminal, No Reservations, Feud: Bette & Joan, Side Effects, Red 2, etc.



40. Uma Thurman


Uma Thurman


Entity Detail
Date of Birth April 29, 1970
Place of Birth Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Height 1.81 m
Debut year 1984
Debut Movie/ TV series Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind


Uma Thurman is the daughter of the fashion model Nena von Schlebrügge and Robert Thurman, a professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist studies.


As a result, she had a Buddhist upbringing and was named Uma Karuna Thurman. Thurman followed in her parent’s footsteps, and became a fashion model, and appeared on the cover of British Vogue magazine, Glamour magazine, etc.


Later, she chose to become an actress. She was the muse of Quentin Tarantino and starred in Pulp Fiction, The Kill Bill series, etc.


Her other notable roles were in Dangerous Liaisons, Gattaca, Batman, and Robin, The House That Jack Built, Paycheck, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Hysterical Billionaires, etc.



41. Elizabeth Hurley


Elizabeth Hurley


Entity Detail
Date of Birth June 10, 1965
Place of Birth Basingstoke, Hampshire, England
Height 1.73 m
Debut year 1987
Debut Movie/ TV series Aria


Elizabeth Hurley is a British actress and model. She is best known for her black Versace dress held together with gold safety pins, which she wore to the premier of Four Weddings and a Funeral.


That dress catapulted her to international fame as a fashion icon. Hurley began acting in 1987 and worked in lighthearted movies and television series like Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Bedazzled, The Royals, Runaways, Passenger 57, etc.


Hurley became the face of the cosmetic company Estée Lauder at the age of 29 and remained so till 2001.


She also founded her beachwear company, Elizabeth Hurley Beachwear.



42. Bridget Moynahan


Bridget Moynahan


Entity Detail
Date of Birth April 28, 1971
Place of Birth Binghamton, New York, U.S.
Height 1.78 m
Debut year 1999
Debut Movie/ TV series Sex and the City


Bridget Moynahan is an actress and model of Irish ancestry. After high school, she began to model for department stores and clothing stores.


Soon, Moynahan started appearing in fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue, Vogue Paris, etc. She also bagged television commercials and then decided to take acting lessons.


Bridget Moynahan debuted in the sitcom Sex and the City in a recurring role. She soon moved on to work in film roles like Coyote Ugly, The Sum of All Fears, The Recruit, I, Robot, Lord of War, Grey Matters, Ramona and Beezus, the John Wick franchise, etc.


Her most famous role has been in the television police drama Blue Bloods as the Assistant District Attorney.



43. Monica Bellucci


Monica Bellucci


Entity Detail
Date of Birth September 30, 1964
Place of Birth Città di Castello, Umbria, Italy
Height 1.71 m
Debut year 1991
Debut Movie/ TV series Vita coi figli


Monica Bellucci is an Italian model and actress who has worked in multiple Italian, French, and American films. However, she started her career as a model at the age of 13.


She modeled for Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and magazines like Elle, Esquire, Maxim, Men’s Health, etc. Bellucci debuted in the Italian film La Riffa and went on to act in Malena, Passion of Christ, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Irréversible, Spectre, The Matrix Reloaded, L’Appartement, The Whistleblower, The Wonders, etc.


Monica Bellucci is Italian but learned French and English for the love of her job. She stays frequently in France and spent her lockdown period on France’s Basque coast so that her children can be close to her ex-husband Vincent Cassel.



44. Ellen Pompeo


Ellen Pompeo


Entity Detail
Date of Birth November 10, 1969
Place of Birth Everett, Massachusetts, USA
Height 1.7 m
Debut year 1995
Debut Movie/ TV series Do You Have the Time


Ellen Pompeo is an actress known for her role as Dr. Meredith Grey in the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, a role that she has been portraying since 2005.


The immense success of the show has made her the highest-paid actress on television, and she has maintained her spot in the top ten of Forbes’ highest-paid actresses list.


Pompeo has appeared in many other TV roles and films since then. Some of her memorable roles were in Station 19, Old School, Daredevil, Law and Order, Art Heist, Life of The Party, Stranger With Candy, Strong Medicine, Moonlight Mile, etc.


Ellen Pompeo endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Race. She appeared in an ad along with Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating.



45. Sarah Jessica Parker


Sarah Jessica Parker


Entity Detail
Date of Birth March 25, 1965
Place of Birth Nelsonville, Ohio, USA
Height 1.6 m
Debut year 1974
Debut Movie/ TV series The Little Match Girl


Sarah Jessica Parker began her journey into the entertainment industry with Broadway shows. She was a child actress before she got her big break on television as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City.


There were follow-up movies based on the series and established Parker as a fashion icon. Talking about her beginnings on the stage, Parker starred in the Broadway revival of The Innocents, followed by Annie, The Sound of Music, etc.


She moved to films and starred in Footloose, Firstborn, Hocus Pocus, The First Wives Club, The Family Stone, New Year’s Eve, etc.


Sarah Jessica Parker became a fashion icon based on her Sex and the City role. She signed a $38 million contract with GAP to promote their clothes.


She also endorsed Garnier, Lovely, a perfume she helped to create, etc.



46. Lauren Graham


lauren graham


Entity Detail
Date of Birth March 16, 1967
Place of Birth Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Height 1.75 m
Debut year 1995
Debut Movie/ TV series Caroline in the City


Lauren Graham is an actress and book author. She finished her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and master’s degree in Fine Arts before she began her acting career.


Graham worked several odd jobs as SAT tutor at The Princeton Review, in television commercials, waitress, etc. In 1995 she started to play guest roles in several TV sitcoms, some of which are Caroline in The City, NewsRadio, Law & Order, and more.


She got her big break with the new sitcom The Gilmore Girls, where she played Lorelai Gilmore. This role made her a household name and earned her substantial popularity.


She has now started writing novels. She wrote Someday, Someday, Maybe, Talking as Fast as I Can, and In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It.



47. Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz


Entity Detail
Date of Birth August 30, 1972
Place of Birth San Diego, California, U.S.
Height 1.74 m
Debut year 1994
Debut Movie/ TV series The Mask


Cameron Diaz is an American model, actress, and author. She started modeling at the age of sixteen when she was in high school.


With her slim physique, blue eyes, and blond hair, she made a classic model who appeared in ads for Calvin Klein, Coca-Cola, etc.


At the age of 21, she became an actress and appeared in Mask alongside Jim Carrey. As an actress, she is known as a sex symbol and a comedy actress.


Some of her comedy films were My Best Friend’s Wedding, There’s Something About Mary, Being John Malkovich, etc. Her most famous role has been as Fiona in the animated film franchise Shrek.


Apart from acting, Diaz is a climate activist who follows Al Gore’s foundation for Climate Change. She also wrote two health books that became bestsellers; The Body Book and The Longevity Book.



48. Judy Reyes


judy reyes


Entity Detail
Date of Birth November 5, 1967
Place of Birth The Bronx, New York, U.S.
Height 1.59 m
Debut year 1992
Debut Movie/ TV series Law & Order


Judy Reyes is an American actress, model, and producer of Dominican ancestry. She began her career in the early part of the 1990s and appeared in guest roles in TV series like Law & Order, NYPD Blue, The Sopranos, etc.


Although she had work, they were not substantial roles. All that changed when Judy Reyes was offered a recurring role in the drama Oz about an American prison unit.


The role that got Judy Reyes noticed and brought her the big break was in Scrubs, as Nurse Carla Espinosa.



49. Lisa Bonet


lisa bonet


Entity Detail
Date of Birth November 16, 1967
Place of Birth San Francisco, California, U.S.
Height 1.57 m
Debut year 1983
Debut Movie/ TV series St. Elsewhere


Lisa Bonet is an American actress who rose to fame with her role in The Cosby Show. She portrayed Denise Huxtable, a character that earned her many awards and nominations.


She also reprised that role in the spin-off series A Different World. Bonet completed high school and studied acting at the Celluloid Actor’s Studio in North Hollywood before she debuted in the TV series.


Bonet is the sister of singer Khadija Bonet Bonet starred in many Music videos, TV series, and films throughout her career.


Her other roles have been in the TV series Ray Donovan, New Girl, etc., back in 2015.



50. Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow


Entity Detail
Date of Birth September 27, 1972
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Height 1.75 m
Debut year 1991
Debut Movie/ TV series Shout


Gwyneth Paltrow is an American actress and businesswoman who hit the big 50 this year. She comes from the illustrious Paltrow family where her parents, brother, cousins, uncles, and aunties are all in the entertainment industry.


Gwyneth Paltrow made her debut in her father’s movie in 1989 and steadily worked her way up the ladder.


Gwyneth Paltrow got her big break in the David Fincher film, Se7en. She followed it up with Emma, Shakespeare in Love, Talented Mr. Ripley, The Royal Tenenbaums, the Iron Man franchise, etc.


As much fame, as she garnered, she also garnered infamy for her lifestyle company Goop. She has been criticized for promoting pseudoscience and potentially harmful treatments like vaginal steaming, coffee enemas, etc.



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